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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY

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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records were typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
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Abbot Inez Henrietta   June 22, 1867 2y 10m 9d Frank B. & Orlena A.  New Berlin, NY 252 Water St.   2nd St. Cem
Abbott Inez Henrietta   June 1867 2y 9m Frank B. & Oralina Chenango Co. 260 Water St.   2nd St. Cem & moved 
Abbott Olive L. widow Nov. 26, 1870 78y 5m Richard Holdrige U. S. 22 Hudson   Woodlawn
Abbott infant male June 17, 1872 2d Charles & Francis Elmira, NY Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Abbott Faye  married/male Mar. 5, 1874 81y Otho & Betsey Abbott Elmira, NY 112 Gray St. Carver Woodlawn
Abbott Frank E.   Mar. 5, 1876 4m 27d Fred & Emma Elmira, NY 144 West Water   Woodlawn
Abbott Franklin B. married April 11, 1876 46y ? & Sophronia Cobleskill, NY  231 West Water Physician Woodlawn
Abbott, . Charles B. married Aug. 15, 1873 51y 5m J. & Olive New York 22 Hudson Coach Trimmer Woodlawn
Abt  Alice Elizabeth   July 7, 1878 15y 3m 8d Joseph & Elizabeth   603 Dickinson St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Abt . Josephine B.   July 5, 1878 10y  Joseph & Elizabeth Elmira, NY 702 Dickinson St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Ackerson Sarah married June 6, 1876 70y 7m 11d Amos & Rebecca Hayte Warwick, Orange Co.,NY 1319 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Ackerson  Charles W.   July 8, 1874 10m 8d John H. & Hannah U. S. Norton St.   Woodlawn
Ackerson  William K. single Mar. 3, 1875 31y 6m 18d Abram & Sarah U. S. 1319 Lake St. Farmer Woodlawn
Adams Katharine   Mar. 28, 1874 5m 24d William & Elizabeth A.? Elmira, NY Railroad Av.   Woodlawn
Adams John G. married Feb. 15, 1876 77y 3m 4d Cillck? & Anna U. S. 918 College Av. Farmer Woodlawn
Adams Ann married Dec. 13, 1878 57y ? Goldrick Ireland 408 DeWitt St. Housewife S.S.Peter & Paul
Adams infant  black/female Aug. 15, 1880 3d Jacob & Alma P. Elmira, NY 413 Madison Av.   Woodlawn
Adams  Mary   Aug. 17, 1872 16d Edward & Charlotte Elmira, NY 75 Main   Woodlawn
Adams Sarah married/black Dec. 7, 1876 17y 11m 21d William & Saria Johnson Fredericksburg, Va. 708 Baldwin Domestic Woodlawn
Adams  Mary Grey widow May 13, 1880 73 y 1m 23d Jared H. & Lydia Taylor Sullivan Co., NY 604 Beech   Woodlawn
Adams . Oscar H. married July 29, 1878 44y 9m Aron & Unknown Mt. Morris, Livingston Co.NY 405 East Second St. Physician Woodlawn
Addis Abigail black Aug. 15, 1874 87y   U. S. 4 Dickinson   Woodlawn
Addison Francis black Oct. 31, 1876 1m 4d Washington & Sarah Elmira, NY Dickinson St.   Woodlawn
Ahern James    June 16, 1880 8m 16d James & Elizabeth Elmira, NY 407 W. Hudson   S.S.Peter & Paul
Alabaster Harriet L.   Jan. 31, 1872 7y 10m 27d John & Harriett A. Southport, NY 212 Church St. 2nd St. Cem.
Albers John Wilhelm   Aug. 3, 1874 10m 8d John August & Josephine Albers U. S. 750 Church St.   Woodlawn
Alberts Henry   Aug. 12, 1876 1y 7d John & Josephine Elmira, NY 607 Magee St.   Woodlawn
Albertson  Charles W. single Apr. 22, 1878 23y George & Melinde Elmira, NY Erin, NY Photographer 2nd St. Cem
Albro Harry Sutton   July 19, 1876 1m 29d William B. & Adda F. Elmira, NY 805 Market St.   Woodlawn
Albro Adda married Aug. 11, 1876 29y A.N. & Caroline Sutton Elmira, NY 805 Market St. Housewife Woodlawn
Aldinon, Elizabeth married Mar. 21, 1873 46y Joseph Taylor England North St. Housewife Woodlawn
Alexander May   Mar. 12, 1881 3y 5m 24d M & Louisa Town of Southport Southport   Woodlawn
Alfred Fredrick H. black Oct. 10, 1877 1y 8m 9d James & Mary Horseheads, NY 1 Benjamin St.   Woodlawn
Alfred James Smith black Oct. 29, 1877 51y 5m unknown Hendersonville, Ky. 1 Benjamin St. Laborer Woodlawn
Allen Addis  female July 12, 1876 4m 9d George C.& Adelia Allen Elmira, NY Orphans Home   5th Ward Cem.
Allen Blanche Nellie   Nov. 25, 1878 4y 4m adopted dau. of J.L.Allen New York State 215 DeWitt St.   Woodlawn
Allen Lucy single Jan. 7, 1880 23y Joseph & Bridget Elmira, NY Southport   S.S.Peter & Paul
Allen H.H. male June 18, 1881 3y 1m 28d Robert & Lucy Windam, Pa 1308 Hall St.   Woodlawn
Allen Fred M.   June 30, 1881 10m 5d Robert & Lucy State Line, NY 1308 Hall St.   Woodlawn
Allerton Freddie P.   Aug. 11, 1875 5m 6d Frank H. & Allie L. U. S. 319 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Allgerer Francis H.   Nov. 22, 1879 8d William & Josephine Elmira, NY Orchard St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Allington Jonathan married Mar. 15, 1869 65y John Allington Orange Co.,NY Town of Elmira farmer Woodlawn
Alton (Frank) Caroline married May 7, 1868 31y Calvin & Polly Stewart Erie Co., NY Walnut St. housekeeper Woodlawn
Alton,  Frankie   Mar. 15, 1873 4m 4d Cyrus & Francis Elmira, NY Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Amarus Catharine   April 1, 1870 1m 20d Michael & Mary Elmira, NY College Av.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Amberg Augustus   Mar. 12, 1868 6m Frederick & Elizabeth Elmira, NY Dickinson   unknown
Amberg Katie   Oct. 5, 1874 1m  Frederich & Elizabeth U. S. 601 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Ambrosa Bridget   Sept. 9, 1868 2m 8d Michael & Mary Elmira, NY 52 Clinton   S.S.Peter & Paul
Ambrose Catharine   Aug. 12, 1868 4y 6m Michael & Mary Elmira, NY College Av.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Ambrose Michael   Aug. 25, 1876 2y Michael & Mary Elmira, NY Cor College and Roe   S.S.Peter & Paul
Ambrose, Jolanna female Mar. 28, 1873 6y Michael & Mary Elmira, NY 52 College Av.   S. S. Peter & Paul
Amburg Elizabeth  married Dec. 23, 1867 30y John Kuff Germany 5 Dickinson St.    Greenwood 
Amerg Heinrich married Oct. 6, 1871 44y Clemens & Sophia Germany Caton farmer ( killed by fallen tree) Woodlawn
Amerman  Abby   Aug. 28, 1872 1y 5d Jacob & Eliza Elmira, NY 13 Gregg   Woodlawn
Ammerman Margaret married Dec.11, 1869 45y 8m George Gardner Southport, NY Southport housekeeper 5th Ward, Southport
Andrew Sarah widow Mar. 8, 1869 75y 6m Emanuel & Elizabeth Vestey England Railroad Av.   Woodlawn
Andrus George Pearcy   April, 12, 1876 3m George F. & Emma B. Elmira, NY 301 West Gray   Woodlawn
Andrus Lucy Mary   Dec. 10, 1881 6m 18d Leroy M. & Ruth A. Elmira, NY 316 W. Center St.   Woodlawn
Andrus William W. single May 5, 1881 25y 5m George & L.D. Andrus U. S. 529 W. Water St.   Woodlawn
Andrus Susan L. single June 14, 1881 21y George & L.D. Andrus U. S. 529 W. Water St.   Woodlawn
Andrus George  widower Aug. 30, 1881 60y   unknown 529 W. Water St.   Woodlawn
Andrus  Willis J.   Mar. 14, 1878 6m 23d Lemual M. & Ruth R. Elmira, NY 316 W. Center St.   Woodlawn
Anfalt Esther married Jan.18, 1873 62y Julies & Toldsman? Prussia 35 High St.   Southport Cem.
Angleski  infant male b.& d Oct. 21, 1870   Marcus & Betsey Elmira, NY 15 Railroad Av.   5th Ward, Southport
Appelton Minnie   Apr. 17, 1879 27d Charles & Hattie Elmira, NY 68 E. Water St.   Woodlawn
Appelton Mary   May 1, 1879 1m 5d Charles & Hattie Elmira, NY 468 E. Water   Woodlawn
Appelton Hattie married May. 11, 1879 43y ?Murphy U. S. 468 E. Water Housewife Woodlawn
Appelton  Flora married April 29, 1877 19y 3m Smith & Mary Greek unknown Howard St.   Woodlawn
Appelton  Charles   Jan. 5, 1878 3m Charles & Hattie Elmira, NY 852 Factory St.   Woodlawn
Appleton Lorinda married Jan. 31,1874 39y Jacob Garr Seneca Falls, NY Sullivan & Carpenter Housewife Woodlawn
Appleton Marie M.   Aug. 22, 1874 7m 15d William & Lucinda U. S. 1325 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Appleton Frank   June 2, 1875 2m  Frank Appleton U. S. 11 Fifth St.   Woodlawn
Appleton  Marian E.   Mar. 31, 1870 2y 10m William & Lucinda Elmira, NY 51 Dickinson   Woodlawn
Archubut Silas   July 25, 1868 7m Ovila & Cilena Archubut Elmira, NY 3 East St.   Woodlawn
Argtsinger  Peter married June 3, 1878 49y 1m 16d   Sullivan, Tioga Co., Pa West Clinton Painter Woodlawn
Armstrong  Loisa C. single May 24, 1869 20y 3m 1d Jo. M. & Mary (adopted parents) England East Union   2nd St. Cem
Armstrong  Joshua married Oct. 3, 1876 30y 3m 5d Francis & Marinda Wells, Pa 460 South Av.   Wells, Pa
Armstrong  Mary married Jan. 11, 1880 67y John & Merniva Thompson Otsego Co., NY 154 Fourth St. Housewife 2nd St. Cem
Armstrong  Jacob married Apr. 1, 1880 25y William & Mary Albany, Pa 600 Baldwin St. Laborer Woodlawn
Arnold  Phillip Marcey   Oct. 26, 1867 1y 1d unknown Elmira, NY Church St.   Woodlawn?
Arnot John married Nov. 17, 1873 80y 1m 23d Peter & Mary Scotland 63 Lake St.  Banker Woodlawn
Arnot Aurelia C. single Dec. 11, 1874 46y John & Harriet Arnot U. S. 235 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Aspinwall Nathaniel P. married Mar. 3, 1879 73y 1m 19d Nahaniel & Eadocia U. S. 361 First St.   2nd St. Cem.
Atkins Christopher C. married Dec. 14, 1871 31y Chris C. & Martha Elmira, NY Water St. Cigar Maker 2nd St. Cem
Atkins Christopher C.  married Aug. 27, 1876 67y William Atkins America 358 Water St. Tailor Woodlawn
Atkins  William P. married June 19, 1878 28y 13d Christopher & Martha Elmira, NY Baldwin St. Cigar Maker Woodlawn
Atkinson infant male April 6, 1869 infant Frank H. & Helen M.   90 Market    2nd St. Cem
Ausee Lizzie   April, 24, 1872 10y 2m Henry & Bridget Ausee Elmira, NY 21 Jay St.   5th Ward, Southport
Austin Sally C. widow Aug. 8, 1875 76y 4m 15d Edward & Lydia Purple U. S. 611 West Gray St.   Woodlawn
Austin Laura L.   Feb. 19, 1881 2y 4m 24d Louis & Florence Town of Southport Southport   S.S.Peter & Paul
Ayers Florence C.   May 2, 1878 1y 1m Allen H. & Cornellia D. Elmira, NY 110 West South Water   Woodlawn
Ayers  Emily   Mar. 21, 1872 7y 8m Ellison & Nancy Horseheads, NY Schuyler Co.   Woodlawn
Ayers  Allen H.   May 2, 1878 3m Allen H. & Cornellia D. Elmira, NY 110 West South Water   Woodlawn
Ayres Alfred E   July 31, 1878 1y 3m John G. & Mary Ann Elmira, NY 619 Church St.   Woodlawn
Ayres  Mary widow Nov. 26, 1869 65y Joseph & Sarah Halfpenny England Judson & Church housekeeper Woodlawn


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