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1880 Elk Township and Leetonia Village Census
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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
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I don't know where the above photo was taken, but it is an appropriate illustration for a township where logging was a major industry. There are no longer logs of this size in this area. Photo from Audrey CAMPBELL Watkins 
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Elk Township
8   84 Anderson Phoeba 9 F dau   PA PA PA
        William 4 M son   PA PA PA
        Albert 2 M son   PA PA PA
        George 26 M broth-in-lw farmer PA Wurtnbg Wurtnbg
    85 Rumsey Wm. R. 41 M hus farmer PA    
        Belinda D. 48 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
      Dewey Lee 9 M nephew   PA PA PA
    86 Maynard Abigal 66 F widow   NH NH NH
        Mag 22 F dau   PA Eng NH
    87 Maynard John C. 44 M hus farmer MA Eng NH
        Dell F. 29 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Walter 10 M son   PA MA NY
        Guy 7m M son   PA MA NY
    89 Maynard Reubin G. 29 M hus   PA Eng NH
        Ettie P. 26 F wife   PA PA PA
        Eda K. 3 F dau   PA PA PA
        Walis 2 M son   PA PA PA
        Loyd 1 M son   PA PA PA
        Floyd 1 M son   PA PA PA
    90 Trobridge Carrie 27 F widow   PA Eng NH
        Edward 8 M son   PA PA PA
      Purken John 25 M servant farmer PA PA PA
    91 Grimm George 60 M widower farmer France France France
        Mary A. 80 F mother widow France France France
        Emil 26 M son   France France France
        Josephine 23 F dau   France France France
        Joseph  19 M son   PA France France
        Laura 17 F dau   PA France France
        George Jr. 15 M son   PA France France
        Myra 13 F dau   PA France France
    92 Purken Dorothy 50 F widower farm overseer Hessen    
        Frank 21 M son farmer PA Hessen Hessen
        Austan 18 M son   PA Hessen Hessen
        Annie 15 F dau   PA Hessen Hessen
        George 13 M son   PA Hessen Hessen
        Lewis 6 M son   PA Hessen Hessen
    93 Wolpers Carl 53 M hus farmer Brunswick Hanover Hanover
        Elisabeth 42 F wife housekeeper Baden Baden Baden
        Elisabeth D. 19 F dau   NJ Brunswick Baden
    94 Colegrove H. L. 49 M hus farmer NY RI NY
        Ellen J. 42 F wife housekeeper NY CT CT
        J. C. F. 23 M son   PA NY NY
        Ellen J. 19 F dau   PA NY NY
        Florence A. 13 F dau   PA NY NY
        Trinn Ann 75 F mother widow NY CT CT
    95 Jaro Edward 39 M hus farmer VT Can Can
        Evaline 43 F wife housekeeper MA MA MA
      Dutcher Edward 21 M step-son   NY VT MA
      Jaro Sarah E. 10 F dau   MA VT MA
8       Luther 8 M son   PA VT MA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/01/2001
By Joyce M. Tice