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1880 Census Records for  Tioga County PA 
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1880 Elk Township and Leetonia Village Census
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Transcribed by Carlton Wolfe
Formatted by  Joyce M. Tice
I don't know where the above photo was taken, but it is an appropriate illustration for a township where logging was a major industry. There are no longer logs of this size in this area. Photo from Audrey CAMPBELL Watkins 
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1 1 1 Wilcox Geo. S. 28 M hus laborer PA NY PA
        Ida N. 24 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA
        Adde 3 F dau   PA PA PA
    2 Brown Oscar K. 49 M hus laborer NY NY NY
        Hannah 33 F wife housekeeper PA NY NJ
        Sharlot D. 7 F dau   PA NY PA
        Carrie R. 18 F dau   PA NY PA
        Martha G. 16 F dau   PA NY PA
        Charles F. 11 M son   PA NY PA
        Lee D. 11m M son   PA NY PA
    3 Wilson George B. 26 M hus laborer PA    
        Mary E. 28 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
        Grace B. 1 F dau   PA PA PA
  2 4 Shaffer Leonard 64 M hus shoemaker PA    
        Susen 64 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
  3 5 Steele Nathen 41 M hus farmer PA PA PA
        Lois A. 34 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
        Stilman S. 9 M son   PA PA PA
      Neiger Peter 18 M   laborer NY    
  4 6 Gilbert James 50 M hus tannery formn PA PA PA
        Susana 51 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
        Mary  18 F dau   PA PA PA
        Lidia 14 F dau   PA PA PA
        James 7 M gr. son   PA PA PA
  5 6 Thompson James S. 32 M hus tannery formn Scotld Scotld Scotld
        Alice R. 22 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
  6 7 Ten Brrock H. H. 23 M hus store clerk NY NY NY
        Ella C. 22 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
        Jessie M. 3m F dau   PA NY PA
      Dailey John H. 32 M   laborer NY Ireld Ireld
      Gallagher James E. 31 M   laborer MA Ireld Ireld
  7 8 Spigle John D. 23 M hus laborer PA Germ Germ
        Sarah C. 19 F wife housekeeper PA Ireld PA
        Lara 9m F dau   PA PA PA
  8 9 Malaby Oliver 32 M   lumberman PA Ireld PA
    10 Eldridge Charles  24 M   teamster PA PA PA
    11 Taylor John 27 M hus laborer NY CT NY
        Addie 27 F wife housekeeper PA    
        Maud 9m F dau   NY NY PA
    12 Bryan James W. 25 M   barber PA PA PA
  9 13 Shiller George H. 33 M hus shoemaker PA PA NY
        Mary E. 24 F wife housekeeper PA    
  10 14 Kipel Samuel H. 46 M hus hotel keeper PA PA PA
        Rebeca A. 46 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
        Jerome M. 22 M son teamster PA PA PA
      Luce William G. 22 M   butcher NY NY NY
      Warner Kate J. 18 F   servant PA    
      Campbill Lidia E. 19 F   servant PA PA PA
1     McCoocy John 21 M   wks.tannery NY Ireld Ireld

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/01/2001
By Joyce M. Tice