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West Branch  Cemetery, Delmar Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1970s
by Joyce M. Tice
November 2008

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The following list is part of the Rhoda Ladd series of Cemeteries of Tioga County PA – Volume 2.

Note from Joyce - There are a number of errors in this 1970s listing AND it is VERY incomplete. A newer listing is in preparation 2008.  See obituary pages for this cemetery for some of the correct information - particularly on Stone and Stermer names. See West Branch 2008 Reading with 1600 listed burials
Taylor Leroy, B. 1869- 1954- B1 G1: Buried with Mary A. Taylor
Taylor Mary, A. 1883- 1946- B1 G1: Buried with Leroy B. Taylor
Taylor R. Bruce 1905- B1 G1: Buried with Ruth M. Taylor
Taylor Ruth 1906- B1 G1: Buried with R. Bruce Taylor
Taylor Edward, L. B1 G1
Taylor Melvina, M. B1 G1
Lyon Ralph, A. 1871- 1933- B1 G2:
Lyon Mary, E. 1878- 1949- B1 G2: Wife of Ralph A. Lyon
Lyon P. G. Jun. 7, 1831 Apr. 4, 1901 B1 G2: "Father"
Lyon Harriett 1849- 1922- B1 G2: "Mother" Wife of P. G. Lyon
Dyke Mary, E. 1863- 1907- B1 G3: WIfe of Asa R. Dyke
Dyke Elroy, W. 1888- 1906- B1 G3: Son of Asa & Mary Dyke
Willard Joseph, U. 1849- Mar. 20, 1907 58Y 7M 9D B1 G3: NOTE: Written on Opposite of Dyke Stone
Willard Errisa 1852- B1 G3: Wife of J. U. Willard
Willard Delbert 1870- 1907- B1 G3: Son of J. U. & Errisa Willard
Vandergrift William, C. 1859- 1902- B1 G4:
Gleason Carrie 1865- 1914- B1 G5:
Wales D. W. 1833- 1913- B1 G6:
Wales Drusilla Oct., 14, 1835 Dec. 19, 1900 B1 G6: Wife of D. W. Wales
Wales B. H. 1860- 1938- B1 G6: Bertie, Son of D. W. and Drusilla
Wales 1877- 1917- B1 G6: "Mother" NOTE: On a Small Stone
Borden Addie, L. 1860- 1932- B1 G6: Lister's Note: A small marked in the Wales' Area
Simmons Chester, E. 1861- 1943- B1 G7: LISTER'S NOTE: Flag Here, no Marker
Simmons M. VINA 1867- 1954- B1 G7: Buried with Chester E. Simmons
Reed Vicktor, L. 1854- 1914- B1 G8: 
Reed Sarah, E. 1857- 1933- B1 G8: Wife of Vicktor L. Reed
Lloyd E. B. 1938- 1918- B1 G8: 
Lloyd Sarah, J. 1838- 1914- B1 G8: Wife of E. B. Lloyd
Butler Callie, S. 1907- B1 G9
Butler Henry, C. 1887- 19-- B1 G9: Buried with Cora Belle Butler
Butler Cora Belle 1889- 1954- B1 G9: Buried with Henry C. Butler
Honghton Charles Jan. 30, 1839 24-May-1909 B1 G9: Lister's Note: GAR
Honghton Nancy PHIDELIA Apr. 19, 1842 Jan. 13, 1909 B1 G9: Wife of Charles Honghton
Dort Oren, A. 1853- 1920- B1 G10:
Dort Ida, R. 1853- 1918- B1 G10: Wife of Oren A. Dort
Dort Andrew, J. Apr. 21, 1884 Oct. 26, 1966 B1 G10: Buried with Nina L. Dort
Dort Nina, L. May 13, 1884 Mar. 7, 1956 B1 G10: Buried with Andrew J. Dort
Dort William, J. 1850- 1910- B1 G10: "Father"
Dort Frances, A. 1862- 1952- B1 G10: "Mother"
Kilbourn Charles Laroy 1845- 1925- B1 G11:Lister's Note: GAR Flag
Kilbourn Eliza R. 1857- 1939- B1 G11: Buried with Charles Laroy Kilbourn
Whitehead Janette KILBOURN 1890- 1918- B1 G11:
Kilbourn Rena, A. 1917- 1945- B1 G11:
Kilbourn Jeffery, K. 1949- 1949- B1 G11:
Plumley Myrtle, S. 1885- 1918- B1 G12:
Plumley Elihu 1877- 1944- B1 G12:
Plumley Daniel, L. 1850- 1923- B1 G12:
Plumley Jeanette 1859- 1939- B1 G12: Wife of Daniel L. Plumley
Olmsted Jacob, R. 1855- 1926- B1 G13:
Olmsted Olive, E. 1867- 1923- B1 G13: Wife of Jacob R. Olmsted
Olmsted Cleoria, J. 1892- 1923- B1 G13:
Olmsted Francis, H. 1857- 1919- B1 G13:
Lyon Orra, E. 1877- 1963- B1 G14: Lister's Note: I. O. O. F.. Flag and Holder
Lyon Abbie, K. 1885- 1944- B1 G14: Buried with Orra E. Lyon
Knowlton Eugene, F. 1854- 1938- B1 G15: Buried with Laura Wilcox
Wilcox Laura 1852- 1933- B1 G15: Buried with Eugene F. Knowlton
Knowlton George 1846- 1922- B1 G15:
Knowlton Sarah 1850- 1923- B1 G15: Wife of George Knowlton
Knowlton Ray, W. 1878- 1950- B1 G15: Buried with Tacey M. Knowlton
Knowlton Tacey, M. 1881- 1933- B1 G15: Buried with Ray W. Knowlton
Root Ida, H. 1894- B1 G16:
Root Blanche, S. 1891- 1952- B1 G16:
Root Ruth, F. 1908- B1 G16:
Horton Ervin, S. 1878- 1957- B1 G17: Buried with Minnie A. Horton
Horton Minnie, A. 1885- 1932- B1 G17: Buried with Ervin S. Horton
Horton "Baby" 1931- B1 G17:
Horton Gene 1934- 1935- B1 G17: Son of C. E. & Lucille Horton
Horton Cleave, E. 1906- B1 G17:
Horton Lucille, W. 1906- 1961- B1 G17: Wife of Cleave E. Horton
Root Leon, L. 1887- 1962- B1 G18: Buried with Agnes L. Root
Root Agnes, L. 1889- 1961- B1 G18: Buried with Leon L. Root
Nobles Lorin, W. 1892- 1947- B1 G19: Lister's Note: W. W. I Flag
Wallis Robert, H., K. 1897- 1966- B1 G20: Buried with Marion L. Wallis
Wallis Marion, L. 1895- 1952- B1 G20: Buried with Robert H. K. Wallis
Wilcox William, D. 1872- 1955- B1 G21: Buried with Kate E. Wilcox
Wilcox Kate, E. 1873- 1964- B1 G21: Buried with William D. Wilcox
Berg Charles, O. 1894- 1965- B1 G22: Buried with Edith M. Berg
Berg Edith, M. 1905- 19-- B1 G22: Buried with Charles O. Berg
Cole Leroy, T. 1915- B1 G23: Buried with Marian R. Cole
Cole Marian, R. 1917- 1967- B1 G23: Buried with Leroy T. Cole
Hastings John, G. 1902- 1963- B1 G24: Buried with Rachel B. Hastings
Hastings Rachel, B. 1908- B1 G24: Buried with John G. Hastings
Brant Nattie 19-May-1958 B1 G25:
Nobles Harvey, R. 1894_ 1957- B1 G26: "Pct. Co. B. 315 Inf. W. W. I PH
Nobles Florence, C. 1903- B1 G26: Buried with Harvey R. Nobles
Brown Alvin, M. 1897- B1 G27: "Father" Lister's Note: Married 8-11-1920
Brown Lucy, E. 1899- 1962- B1 G27: "Mother"
Kennedy Walter, B. 1904- 19--- B1 G28: Buried with Anna E. Kennedy
Kennedy Anna, E. 1906- 1966- B1 G28: Buried with Walter B. Kennedy
Goodreau Mar. 4, 1958 B1 G29: Infant Son of Lyle Goodreau, Jr.
Butler John, W. 1951- 1966- B1 G30: 
Anderson Michael, L. Jul. 25, 1966 B1 G31: "Our Baby"
Burton John, W. May 19, 1911- 23-May-1960 B1 G32:
Wilson Verne, A. 1894- 1963- B1 G33: "Father"
Wilson Della, G. 1901- 19--- B1 G33: "Mother" Wife of Verne A. Wilson
Roby Sandra Kay Jan. 18, 1957 Feb. 25, 1957 B1 G34: "Our Baby"
Heinrich Susan P. PUTNAM Mar. 10, 1883 B1 G35:
Dennis Dorothy Emily Mar. 16, 1916 26-May-1963 B1 G36: N. Y. PHM 3 U. S. N. R. W. W. 2
Day Ralph, E. 1899- 1967- B1 G37: "Happy"
Losinger Linda Lee May 23, 1947- Sep. 3, 1960 B1 G38:
Burton Bernard, M. 1912- 1965- B1 G39: Buried with Marguerite E. Burton
Burton Marguerite, E. 1918- B1 G39: Buried with Bernard E. Burton
Burton Charles 1880- 1959- B1 G39: Buried with Hattie I. Burton
Burton Hattie, I. 1884- 1963- B1 G39: Buried with Charles Burton
Smith Patrick 1848- 1934- Outside G1: Buried with Florence Smith
Smith Florence 1865- 1922- Outside G1: Buried with Patrick Smith
Smith Nov. 13, 1925 Outside G1: Baby Son of E. B. & Dollie Smith
Butler Sadie 1897- 1962- Outside G2: 
Butler Kenneth Richard 1930- 1931- Outside G2:
Butler Harold Jesse 1918- Outside G2:
Gitchell Alvin, A. 1914- 1932- Outside G3: Son of G. W. & Millice Gitchell
Gitchell Gordon, W. 1888- 1960- Outside G3:
Gitchell Millice, L. 1891- 1933- Outside G3: Wife of Gordon W. Gitchell
Gitchell Myrtle 1911- 1925- Outside G3: Dau of G. W. & Millice Gitchell
Gitchell Leon, L. Oct. 27, 1918 1919- Outside G3: Son of G. W. & Millice Gitchell
Torpey Frida, M. 1856- 1926- Outside G4: "Mother" Wife of Albert H. Torpey
Torpey Albert, H. 1846- 1931- Outside G4: "Father"
Stratton Minor, A. 1890- 1934- Outside G5:
Stratton Ella, M. 1885- 1969- Outside G5: Wife of Minor A. Stratton
Stratton Tracy Jan. 19, 1913 Aug. 6, 1918 Outside G5: Son of M. A. & Ella Stratton
Van Gorder Maude 1886- 1916- Outside G6: Wife of Aden Van Gorder
Townsend Jacob, E. 1883- 1945- Outside G7: Pvt., Co. B. 329th Bat. Tank Corps W. W. 1
Ogden Marshall, S. Oct. 9, 1854 Dec. 9, 1901 Outside G8:
Ogden Hannah, M. Sep. 1, 1861 Jun. 16, 1930 Outside G8: Wife of Marshall S. Ogden
Beauvier Cornelius 1865- 1949- Outside G9: Lister's Note: Brother of Henrietta Beste Wilson
Beauvier Lena 1879- 1958- Outside G9: Wife of Cornelius Beauvier
Beauvier Stella, M. May 4, 1900- 1900- Outside G9: Dau of C.H. & Lena Beauvier
Gross Samual, L. 1888- 1915- Outside G10:
Gross Nora DARTT 1890- 1926- Outside G10: Wife of Samuel L. Gross
Beauter William, E. 1895- 1961- Outside G12: "Father"
Hastings Lewis, P. 1833- 1902- Outside G13:
Hastings Anna, A. 1839- 1914- Outside G13: Wife of Lewis P. Hastings
Masker Donna, J. 1933- Outside G14: Dau of V. E. & Elva Masker
Symonds Nellie, M. 1875- 1925- Outside G15: Wife of Benj. Symonds
Parsons Earl 1884- 1962- Outside G16: Rev. "Dad"
Gleason Henry 1872- 1928- Outside G17: "Father"
Gleason Lena 1878- 1963- Outside G18: "Mother" Wife of Henry Gleason
Gleason Charles Jul. 8, 1845- Mar. 7, 1904 Outside G18: "Father"
Gleason Harriett 1872- 1915- Outside G18: Wife of Charles Gleason
Reed Stella, D. 1864- 1947- Outside G19:
West George, W. Dec. 12, 1818 May 9, 1896 Outside G20:
West Abigail Oct. 30, 1826 Jul. 14, 1909 Outside G20: Wife of George W. West
West Wilber, F. 1860- 1933- Outside G20:
West Nellie, E. 1860- 1913- Outside G20: Wife of Wilber F. West
West Clinton 1857- 1911- Outside G20: Buried with Eloise West
West Eloise 1865- 1949- Outside G20: Buried with Clinton West
Dartt Harris Dec. 28, 1895 65Y 10M 14D Outside G21: "Father" Co. A. 187 Reg Pa. Vol. GAR Flag
Dartt Mary, E. Apr. 19, 1839 Outside G21: Wife of Harris Dartt
Dartt John 1863- 1930- Outside G21:
Dartt Lillian M. WILCOX 1870- 1923- Outside G21: Wife of John Dartt
Dartt Harvey 1891- 1940- Outside G21:
Wilcox Clarence, A. Jul. 29, 1853 May 2, 1898 Outside G22:Buried with E. Jeanette WHEELER Wilcox Gentry
Gentry E. Jeanette WHEELER Dec. 3, 1857 Dec. 19, 1927 Outside G22: Buried with Clarence A. Wilcox
Darling Kenneth Apr. 8, 1905 Sep. 16, 1905 Oldpart G1: 
Wilcox Mary, L. Apr. 25, 1886 53Y 10M 21D Oldpart G2:Wife of B. G. Wilcox
Wilson John Feb. 7, 1892 78Y 7D Oldpart G3:
Wilson Hannah Mar. 27, 1854 38Y 1M Oldpart G3: Wife of John Wilson
Wilcox Simon, G. 1858- 1935- Oldpart G4:
Wilcox Nettie 1859- 1926- Oldpart G4: Wife of Simon G. Wilcox
Wilcox Victor 1882- 1910- Oldpart G4: Son of S. G. & Nettie Wilcox
Wilcox Olivia Sep. 21, 1874 Apr. 29, 1898 Oldpart G4: Wife of E. H. Wilcox
Wilcox Edwin Feb. 7, 1862 Oct. 22, 1907 Oldpart G4:
Wilcox Madge, D. May 15, 1866- Dec. 2, 1889 Oldpart G4: Wife of Edwin H. Wilcox
Halstead Edwin, H. 1845- 1937- Oldpart G5: Buried with Phebe C. Halstead
Halstead Phebe, C. 1846- 1926- Oldpart G5: Buried with Edwin H. Halstead
Wilson Politus May 7, 1883 62Y 4M 5D Oldpart G6: 
Wilson Alvira Sep. 2, 1823 Mar. 25, 1901 Oldpart G6: Wife of Politus Wilson
Miller Bert Sep. 5, 1901 29Y 5M 28D Oldpart G7:
Miller Elsie Jul. 24, 1901 23Y 11M 11D Oldpart G7: Wife of Bert Miller
Miller Lorenzo 1847- 1915- Oldpart G7:
Beste G. W. Oct. 11, 1827 May 8, 1897 Oldpart G8:
Beste Henrietta Nov. 22, 1831 Oldpart G8: Wife of G. W. Beste
Ludington Amander Feb. 1, 1828 Jan. 7, 1896 Oldpart G9:
Ludington Matilda Dec. 9, 1834 Dec. 8, 1917 Oldpart G9: Wife of Amander Ludington
Brown Mildred Nov. 11, 1903 Oldpart G10: Dau. of G. A. & Effie M. Brown
Wilcox Harold Nov. 12, 1896 1899- Oldpart G11: Son of E. H. & Oliva Wilcox
Wilcox J. Dennis May 3, 1884 Jul. 18, 1941 Oldpart G11: Buried with Lillian Wilcox
Wilcox Lillian Oct. 10, 1878 Mar. 27, 1845 Oldpart G11: Wife of Jessie Wilcox, Buried with J. Dennis Wilcox
Remington Mary Alice Mar. 26, 1870 3Y 1M Oldpart G12: Dau of Rev. G. W. & Carrie Remington
Borden Sarah, M. Apr. 17, 1867 37Y 5M 6D Oldpart G13: Wife of D. P. Borden
Borden Cora, L. Jun. 2, 1866 2M Oldpart G13: Dau of D. P. & S. M. Borden
Borden Emery, B. Jun. 5, 1871 10Y 7M 2D Oldpart G13: Son of D. P. & S. M. Borden
Borden Orsa Sep. 11, 1878 4M Oldpart G13: Son of D. P. & J. S. Borden
Hunsinger Olive Aug. 1, 1809 Apr. 9, 1868 Oldpart G14: Wife of A. B. Hunsinger
Webster James, D. 1834- 1901- Oldpart G15: 
Webster Permilia 1837- 1906- Oldpart G15: Wife of James D. Webster
Putman Chester, L. 1853- 1925- Oldpart G16:
Putman Sarah, A. 1853- 1910- Oldpart G16: Wife of Chester L. Putman
Warriner Ira, M. 1837- 1919- Oldpart G17: Co. G., 7th. Pa. Cav.
Warriner Hepsie, E. 1845- 1918- Oldpart G17: Wife of Ira M. Warriner
Townsend George 1879- 1905- Oldpart G18: Son of D. E. and Jennie Townsend
Townsend Harry, E. Sep. 29, 1910 5M Oldpart G18: Son of H. N. & A. E. Townsend
Townsend Hugh, E. 1927- 1936- Oldpart G18: Grandson of Harry & Anna Townsend
Townsend Harry, N. 1868- 1938- Oldpart G18: 
Townsend Anna, E. 1878- 1960- Oldpart G18: Wife of Harry N. Townsend
Townsend Edgar 1844- 1919- Oldpart G18: 
Townsend Jennie 1848- 1925- Oldpart G18: Wife of Edgar Townsend
Williams Hannah, L. Oct. 19, 1829 Aug. 6, 1899 Oldpart G19:
Campbell Eli 1845- 1921- Oldpart G20: Co. B. 6th. Pa. Cav.??????????????????????
Campbell Bessie 1871- 1930- Oldpart G20: Wife of Eli Campbell
Campbell Elizabeth ?????? ????? Oldpart G20: Wife of Jermiah Campbell
Campbell Harold 1919- Oldpart G20:
Raish George, F. 1857- 1923- Oldpart G21: "Father"
Raish Amelia 1858- 1927- Oldpart G21: "Mother" Wife of George F. Raish
Raish Ivan, C. Aug. 29, 1887 Oct. 17, 1950 Oldpart G21:
Raish Charles, L. Jan. 18, 1882 1909- Oldpart G21: Son of G. F. & Amelia Raish
Butler Mary, E. Jun. 30, 1843 Sep. 20, 1893 Oldpart G22: Wife of Ira F. Butler
Dort Elihu, J. 1832- 1904- Oldpart G23: Buried with Aurilla S. Dartt
Dartt Aurilla, S. 1839- 1929- Oldpart G23: Buried wth Elihu J. Dort
Dartt Porter, J. 1863- 1947- Oldpart G23: 
Dartt Verna,  Mar. 20, 1893 18Y 6M 20D Oldpart G23: Wife of P. J. Dartt
Navil Orrin, J. 1861- 1932- Oldpart G24: Buried with Mary G. Navil 
Navil Laura 1867- 1936- Oldpart G24: Buried with Orrin J. Navil
Warriner Orin 1861- Oldpart G25:
Warriner Laura 1867- Oldpart G25: Wife of Orin Warriner
Impson Robert Feb. 27, 1885 97Y 6M Oldpart G26: Lister's Note: GAR Flag & Holder
Impson Era 1873- 1924- Oldpart G26: 
Impson Sarah Mar. 11, 1869 67Y Oldpart G26: Wife of Robert Impson
Impson Elmer 1879- 1889- Oldpart G26:
Impson Sep. 13 & 15 1871- Oldpart G26: "Our Babies"
Impson R. J. 1889- Oldpart G26:
Impson Myra 1849- 1920- Oldpart G26: Wife of R. J. Impson
Impson Mary Alice May 6, 1829 Aug. 4, 1872 Oldpart G26: "Dau. of ....Lister's Note: Rest is illegible
Horton Isaac 1800- 1860- Oldpart G27:
Horton 1804- 1883- Oldpart G27: Wife of Isaac C. Horton
Horton William Apr. 4, 1829 Mar. 25, 1904 Oldpart G28: Lister's Note: Large Shaft Like Monument
Horton Alice, B. May 13, 1843 Nov. 29, 1927 Oldpart G28: Wife of William Horton
Horton Harry Jun. 2, 1866 2M Oldpart G28: Son of W. F. & Alice Horton
Horton Laura 1902- 1928- Oldpart G28: Wife of Donald B. Horton
Horton Lina Nov. 25, 1872 Apr. 9, 1890 Oldpart G28: Wife of G. B. Horton
Webster Judd, L. 1862- 1944- Oldpart G29:
Webster Clara, M. 1874- 1944- Oldpart G29:
Webster Glen, D. 1894- 1919- Oldpart G29: Son J. L. & Clara, d.France, Vol 15 Balloon, WW1
Webster Lue, J. 1896- 1899- Oldpart G29: Dau of J. L. and Clara M. Webster
Heise John Nov. 30, 1833 Oct. 6, 1897 Oldpart G30:
Heise Rhoda, M. Mar. 28, 1842 OCt. 4, 1901 Oldpart G30: Wife of John Heise
Heise Clayton 1870- 1926- Oldpart G30:
Heise Henry, E. Sep. 3, 1872 Aug. 7, 1892 Oldpart G30: Son of J. F. and R. M. Heise
Gillett Horace, B. Dec. 5, 1860 Nov. 24, 1891 Oldpart G31:
Churchill Irene Jan. 22, 1833 Oct. 9, 1910 Oldpart G31: Lister's Note: On Opposite of Gillett Stone
Wilson Edwin Taylor 1865- 1931- Oldpart G32: Buried with Emma Taylor
Wilson Emma 1871- 1945- Oldpart G32: Buried with Eugene Edwin Taylor
Plumley Mary Ann Mar. 12, 1827 Mar. 8, 1892 Oldpart G33: Wife of L. Plumley
Scanlon Thomas, A. 1868- 1923- Oldpart G34: Lister's Note:Spanish American Flag
Osborn Anna 1872- 1951- Oldpart G35: Wife of Ray Osborn
Osborn Henry Oldpart G35: 
Osborn Clayton Oldpart G35:
Townsend Charles 1841- 1920- Oldpart G36:
Townsend Mary 1846- 1919- Oldpart G36: Wife of Charles Townsend
Townsend Myron Feb. 7, 1887 Jan. 8, 1889 Oldpart G36: Son of C. H. & M. E. Townsend
Russell Mary, E. Mar. 15, 1852 1852- Oldpart G37: Dau. of S. A. & Sarah J. Russell
Youngs Louisa Jul. 3, 1861 17Y Oldpart G38: Wife of Walter S. Youngs
Shelley Sarah, J. Feb. 24, 1844 Nov. 27, 1891 Oldpart G39:
Johnson Mary, E. Dec. 13, 1869 11Y Oldpart G40: Dau. of James E. & Eliz Johnson
Navil Samuel 1831- 1905- Oldpart G41:
Navil Anna, E. 1832- 1909- Oldpart G42:Wife of Samuel Navil
Torpy Ralph, A. 1877- 1952- Oldpart G43: Buried with Katie E. Torpy
Torpy Katie, E. 1881- 1963- Oldpart G43: Buried with Ralph A. Torpy
Torpy Zelma, L. Feb. 19, 1904 Mar. 22, 1917 Oldpart G44: Dau of R. A. & Katie E. Torpy
Torpy Leona, J. May 13, 1908- 15-May-1908 Oldpart G44: Dau of R. A. & Katie E. Torpy
Baker James, E. 42Y Oldpart G45:
Kennedy Leota Apr. 24, 1911 Mar. 25, 1912 Oldpart G46: Dau. of R. C. & Maria Kennedy
Putnam George, M. 1848- 1929- Oldpart G47: Lister's Note: GAR FLAG
Putnam Alice, A. 1854- 1939- Oldpart G47: Wife of George M. Putnam
Torpy Augustin, S. Jun. 9, 1835 Jun. 17, 1890 Oldpart G48: "He was Kind & Affectionate Husband, ...Friend to All
Torpy Artie 1886- 1914- Oldpart G48:
Torpy A. S. Oldpart G48: "Our Babies"
Torpy P. J. Oldpart G48: "Our Babies"
Torpy George, A Aug. 9, 1877 13Y 1M 12D Oldpart G48: Son of A. S. & P. J. Torpy
Warringer James, M. 1835- 1903- Oldpart G49: Lister's Note: GAR Flag
Warringer Adeline, L. 1822- 1898- Oldpart G49: Wife of James N. Warriner
Warringer Clarence, B. Nov. 10, 1858 Mar. 5, 1889 Oldpart G49: 
Warringer Bertha, L. May 10, 1885 22Y 2M Oldpart G49: Dau. of J. N. & A. L. Warriner
Wilcox Edwin Oct. 3, 1837 Apr. 14, 1893 Oldpart G50: Lister's Note: GAR Flag
Wilcox A. C. Sep. 30, 1843 Sep. 20, 1919 Oldpart G50: Wife of Edwin Wilcox
Wilcox Edward Oct. 3, 1837 Nov. 26, 1900 Oldpart G50: Lister's Note: Twin of Edwin.)
Wilcox Louis, E. Jun. 11, 1882 May 4, 1883 Oldpart G51:Son of E & A. C. Wilcox
Wilcox Anna Oldpart G51: Lister's Note: A Footstone - Rest is Illegible
Symonds Aaron Aug 5, 1842 50Y 1m 5D Oldpart G52: 
Symonds Phebe May 9, 1860 57Y 11M 3D Oldpart G52: Wife of Aaron Symonds
Symonds Caroline May 11, 1852 15Y Oldpart G52: Dau of A. & P. Symonds
Symonds J. W. Oct. 20, 1825 Sep. 2, 1898 Oldpart G52: 
Symonds George Oldpart G52: Lister's Note: GAR Flag, No Dates
Sherman Elmer 1894- 1895- Oldpart G53:
Sherman Arthur, L. 1859- 1931- Oldpart G53: Buried with Emma A. Sherman
Sherman Emma, A. 1866- 1957- Oldpart G53: Buried with Arthur L. Sherman
Scanlin Daniel 1880- 1922- Oldpart G54:
Scanlin Patrick 1832- 1907- Oldpart G54: "Father"
Scanlin Ellen, A. 1843- 1913- Oldpart G54: "Mother" Wife of Patrick Scanlin
Scanlin John Mar. 17, 1895 15Y 1M 19D Oldpart G54: Son of P. H. & Ellen Scanlin
Buckley Peter Nov. 8, 1856 46Y 11M 13D Oldpart G55: 
Buckley Ruth Ann 1817- 1906- Oldpart G55: Wife of Peter Buckley
Buckley Byron C. Oldpart G55: Son of Peter & Ruth A. Buckley
Buckley Huldah A. Feb. 20, 1851 2Y 3M Oldpart G55: Dau. of Peter & Ruth A. Buckley
Berry George, L. 1861- 1933- Oldpart G56: "Father" Buried with Fannie S. Berry
Berry Fannie, S. 1863- 1938- Oldpart G56: "Mother" Buried with George L. Berry
Berry Sep. 9, 1891 Oldpart G56: Infant Dau of G. L. & F. Berry
King Oldpart G57: Infant Dau of L. & L. King
Wilcox George, H. Sep. 28, 1884 5M Oldpart G58: Son of G. S. & I. M. Wilcox
Ludington William, A. 1870- 1950- Oldpart G59: Buried with C. Louisa Ludington
Ludington C. Louisa 1874- 1951- Oldpart G59: Buried with William A. Ludington
Wilcox Abigail HORTON Oct. 10, 1899 77Y 9M 13D Oldpart G60: Wife of Daniel B. Wilcox
Wilcox Mary, E. Aug. 17, 1874 28D Oldpart G60: Dau of D. B. & Abigail Wilcox
Wilcox Daniel, B. Jun 13, 1855 34Y 8M 10D Oldpart G60: 
Wilcox Simon, G. Jun 12, 1851 72Y 9M 9D Oldpart G60: 
Wilcox Phebe Jul. 18, 1849 59Y 4M 14D Oldpart G60: Wife of Simon Wilcox
Wilcox Nancy Jane Aug. 20, 1880 54Y 5M 20D Oldpart G60: Wife of Benjamin Wilcox
Wilcox Benjamin, C. Feb. 28, 1897 74Y 1M 25D Oldpart G60:
Wilcox Simon Nov. 22, 1849 19Y 11M 4D Oldpart G60: Son of Job & Asanath Wilcox
Wilcox George Oldpart G60:
Wilcox Job May 31, 1874 67Y 1M 5D Oldpart G60:
Wilcox Asenath Mar. 31, 1878 72Y 2M 24D Oldpart G60: Wife of Job Wilcox
Ford Sarah, A. Mar. 15, 1882 51Y ?M 17D Oldpart G61: Wife of Darius B. Ford
Ford Darius, B. Nov. 7, 1889 62Y 3M 29D Oldpart G61: Lister's Note: Four Illegible Stones & a GAR Flag
Ford Bleur??, J. 1882- 1938- Oldpart G61: 
Ford Addie, J. 1850- 1941- Oldpart G61: Wife of Bluer????. Ford
Cole Ephraim 1880- 1913- Oldpart G62: Buried with Emma Cole Wetherbee
Wetherbee Emma COLE 1883- 1939- Oldpart G62: Buried with Ephraim Cole
Jones Samuel 1806- 1889- Oldpart G63: 
Jones Hannah 1808- 1890- Oldpart G63: Wife of Samuel Jones
Jones Hiram, E. 1848- 1905- Oldpart G53: 
Jones Harry, E. 1891- 1896- Oldpart G53: Son of H. E. & Clarinda Jones
Jones Clara 1891- 1891- Oldpart G53: Dau of H. E. & Clarinda Jones
Kriner Andrew, J. Jan. 19, 1834 Oldpart G54: "Father"
Kriner Esther, M. Mar. 26, 1850 May 9, 1889 Oldpart G54: "Mother" Wife of Andrew J. Kriner
Webster Alvan, N. 1829- 1899- Oldpart G55:
Webster Esther, M 1832- 1916- Oldpart G55: Wife of Alvan N. Webster
Stratton Mabel Mar. 27, 1886 May 3, 1886 Oldpart G56: Dau. of A. W. & C. M. Stratton
Stratton Tracey 1889- 1900- Oldpart G56: 
Stratton Arthur 1863- 1940- Oldpart G56:
Stratton Carrie 1863- 1947- Oldpart G56: Wife of Arthur W. Stratton
Stratton "Baby" 1892- Oldpart G56: "Baby"
Walbridge R. S. 1832- 1914- Oldpart G57:
Walbridge Mary, G. Jan. 1, 1842 Jan. 21, 1889 Oldpart G57: Wife of R. S. Walbridge
Sherman Grant, E. 1884- 1967- Oldpart G58: Buried with Katie H. Sherman
Sherman Katie, H. 1891- Oldpart G58: Buried with Grant E. Sherman
Clark Jane Ann Apr. 6, 1884 26Y 11M ?D Oldpart G59: Wife of Oliver Clark
Clark John 1887- 1961- Oldpart G59: Buried with Louise Clark
Clark Louise 1892- Oldpart G59: Buried with John Clark
Clark John, A. 1914- 1932- Oldpart G59:
Clark Vera, M 1921- Oldpart G59:
Boatman Emeline May 11, 1837 Mar. 16, 1883 Oldpart G60: Co. E. 1st Rifles
Boatman William, S. 1838- 1905- Oldpart G60: Wife of W. S. Boatman
Boatman Emma, J. Dec. 19, 1861 Jul. 11, 1953 Oldpart G60: Lister's Note: 2 Stones Marked - C. W. F. & A. J. F. 
Kilbourne Hiram, H. Mar. 2, 1869 51Y 2M 22D Oldpart G61: Buried with Sally Ann Kilbourne
Kilbourne Sally Ann Jan. 23, 1824 Dec. 25, 1886 Oldpart G61: Buried with Hiram H. Kilbourne
Frost Julius 1838- 1880- Oldpart G62:
Frost Mary, J. KILBOURNE 1846- 1919- Oldpart G62: Wife of Julius Frost
Wilcox Chauncey, H. Feb. 3, 1855 4Y ?M Oldpart G63:Son of N. F. & Eliza Wilcox
Wilcox Maria Ann 1846- 1919- Oldpart G63: Dau of John D. & Aurilla Wilcox
Wilcox Aurilla Aug. 23, 1818 2M 3D Oldpart G63:
Wilcox Simon, W. ??Jun, 1853? 1Y Oldpart G63: Son of Benj & Nancy Wilcox
Wilcox Harlow Apr. 6, 1850 3Y 10M Oldpart G63: Son of Benj & Nancy Wilcox
Wilcox Orilla Mar. 17, 1868 42Y 6M 11D Oldpart G63: Wife of John D. Wilcox
Wilcox Orlando, R. 1859- 1931- Oldpart G64:
Miller Ellis, L. 1837- 1863- Oldpart G65: Co. A. 149 Regt. Pa. Vol.
Miller Juliette 1843- 1910- Oldpart G65: Wife of Ellis L. Miller
Miller George, E. 1862- 1864- Oldpart G65: Son of Ellis L. & Juliette H. Miller
Miller Mary, A. 1863- 1933- Oldpart G65: Dau of Ellis L. & Juliette H. Miller
Holt Grieg Mar. 28, 1901 9D Oldpart G66: Son of Henry & Ada Holt
Furman Wilkason Sep. 21, 1821 Sep. 27, 1900 Oldpart G67:
Furman Caroline Sep. 11, 1824 OCt. 23, 1908 Oldpart G67: Wife of Wilkason Furman
Berry Lee, M. 1881- 1930- Oldpart G68: "Father" Buried with Lina Berry Kiernan
Berry Lina Berry KIERNAN 1887- 1941- Oldpart G68: "Mother" Buried with Lee M. Berry
Copestick Charles 1848- 1937- Oldpart G69: Buried with Jerusha Copestick
Copestick Jerusha 1853- 1931- Oldpart G69: Buried with Charles Copestick
Horton Thomas, H. 1841- 1918- Oldpart G70: 
Horton Mary, J. 1848- 1935- Oldpart G70: Wife of Thomas H. Horton
Horton Hiram 1810- 1887- Oldpart G71: 
Horton Lucy, A. 1809- 1901- Oldpart G71: Wife of Hiram Horton
Kerr James, S. 1868- 1944- Oldpart G72:
Kerr Ethel, M. Oct. 19, 1900 1911- Oldpart G72: Dau. of James S. & Elva Kerr
Borden Irvin, D. 1871- 1950- Oldpart G73: Buried with Nina B. Borden
Borden Nina 1878- 1940- Oldpart G73: Buried with Irvin D. Borden
Borden Ransford, D. 1908- 1926- Oldpart G73:
Borden Cleo, E. Dec. 14, 1896 1911- Oldpart G73: Son of I. & Belle Borden
Horton Daniel, S. 1847- 1930- Oldpart G74: Buried with Hannah E. Horton
Horton Hannah, E. 1852- 1935- Oldpart G74: Buried with Daniel S. Horton
Buckley Charles, A. Jun. 8, 1851 Jun. 18, 1930 Oldpart G75:
Buckley Sarah, A. Jun. 3, 1851 Oct. 20, 1888 Oldpart G75: Wife of C. A. Buckley; "She was a Kind & Affection...
Buckley Eva Aug. 8, 1877 Apr. 12, 1967 Oldpart G75: Dau of Charles A. and Sarah A. Buckley
Van Vliet A. Jun. 6, 1852 Mar. 9, 1931 Oldpart G76
Van Vliet Nancy, J. Jun. 21, 1857 Apr. 10, 1900 Oldpart G76: Wife of A. Van Vliet
Van Vliet Clarinda Feb. 25, 1858 07-May-1909 Oldpart G76: WIfe of A. Van Vliet
Van Vliet Clara Oldpart G76:
Taylor Estella Oct. 2, 1878 Feb. 22, 1901 Oldpart G77: Wife of A. H. Taylor
Mosso Helen 1908- 1913- Oldpart G78:
Mosso Betty 1926- 1929- Oldpart G78:
Mosso Grace Oldpart G78:
Goodreau Lu Ann Jul. 22, 1968 Dec. 20, 1968 Newpart G1: "Our Daughter"
Huck Hulon, E. 1915- 1969- Newpart G2: Buried with Ethel A. Huck
Huck Ethel, A. 1917- Newpart G2: Buried with Hulon A. Huck
Faulkner DeRoy 1901- 1968- Newpart G3: Buried with DeRoy Faulkner
Faulkner Ernestive, A. 1917- Newpart G3: Buried with Ernestine A. Faulkner
Wetherbee Walter, C. 1919- 1969- Newpart G3.5: Buried with Mina H. Wetherbee
Wetherbee Mina, H. 1923- Newpart G3.5: Buried with Walter C. Wetherbee
Willcox Simon Newpart G4: Lister's Note - Old Marker, entirely buried
Vandergrist John, A. 1854- 1924- Newpart G5:
Vandergrist Mary 1859- 1936- Newpart G5: Wife of John A. Vandergrist
Vandergrist Jesse, R. 1877- 1878- Newpart G5: Son of John A. & Mary Vandergrist
Vandergrist Mabel 1879- 1884- Newpart G5: Dau of John A. & Mary Vandergrist
Bartle Jacob, C. Jun. 29, 1825 Oct. 16, 1903 Newpart G6: Lister's Note - Large Ornate Monument
Bartle Clara, J. Aug. 2, 1851 Apr. 9, 1890 Newpart G6: 
Bartle Eunice BACON Jan. 15, 1828 Sep. 7, 1890 Newpart G6: Wife of J. C. Bartle
McCarter Elisha Jul. 19, 1838 Dec. 13, 1915 Newpart G7: Co. K. 207 Reg. Pa. Vol. Lister's Note - Flag
McCarter Mary, J. Jan. 11, 1886 43Y 6M 29D Newpart G7: Wife of Elisha McCarter
Putnam Deroy 1850- 1924- Newpart G8: 
Putnam Emma, J. 1857- 1936- Newpart G8: Wife of Deroy Putnam
Putnam John, L. Jun. 7, 1878 Nov. 20, 1882 Newpart G8: Son of Deroy & Emma Putnam
Putnam Sybel, E. Sep. 4, 1892 Jan. 20, 1893 Newpart G8: Dau. of Deroy & Emma Putnam
Olmstead S. L. Nov. 13, 1818 Nov. 4, 1889 Newpart G9:
Olmstead Welthy, J. Apr. 10, 1826 May 9, 1891 Newpart G9: Wife of S. L. Olmstead
Olmstead James, B. 1843- 1920- Newpart G9: Co. E. 43rd. Reg. Pa. Bucktails
Campbell L. A. 1826- 1888- Newpart G10:
Campbell Mary, E. 1829- 1909- Newpart G10: Wife of L. A. Campbell
Morgan Diana 1805- 1888- Newpart G11:
Hastings E. S. 1828- 1881- Newpart G12:
Hastings Lucy, M. 1837- 1893- Newpart G12: Wife of E. S. Hastings
Hastings Arthur, J. 1862- 1922- Newpart G12:
Hastings Charles Jan. 13, 1876 Apr. 28, 1902 Newpart G12:
Frost Fanny Jun. 23, 1873 1Y Newpart G13: Dau of J. S. & M. J. Frost
Frost James, J. Jan 23, 1873 12D Newpart G13: Son of Benj. & Alice Frost
Ogden William Oct. 3, 1880 3M Newpart G14: Son of H. H. & M. E. Ogden
Townsend Jacob Apr. 27, 1809 Sep. 30, 1900 Newpart G15:
Townsend Clarrissa May 16, 1812 Jun. 29, 1873 Newpart G15: Wife of Jacob Townsend (Listing B Year = 1912
Lawton Warren Oct. 31, 1844 Jan. 7, 1918 Newpart G16: Co. I, 45th Pa. Vol. Inf.
Lawton Clarrissa Feb. 3, 1847 Apr. 22, 1892 Newpart G16: Wife of Warren Lawton
Lawton Noyes Feb. 11, 1870 Jan. 2, 1954 Newpart G16: 
Lawton Clara Jul. 2, 1873 Aug. 7, 1930 Newpart G16: Wife of Noyes Lawton
Lawton Harry Feb. 16, 1884 72Y 8M 1D Newpart G16:
Lawton Crety, P 1829- 1897- Newpart G16: Wife of Harry Lawton
Lawton Amy, E. 1853- 1894- Newpart G16: Dau. of H & Crety P. Lawton
Lawton Harry, P. 1860- 1918- Newpart G16:
Sherman David 1832- 1889- Newpart G17: Lister's Note - GAR, Flag
Sherman Amy, M. 1835- 1908- Newpart G17: Wife of David Sherman
Sherman Fannie Jun. 11, 1881 18Y Newpart G17: Dau of D. S. & A. M. Sherman
Sherman Ray, L. 1882- 1946- Newpart G17: "Rev."
Sherman Nellie, B. 1884- 1961- Newpart G17: Wife of Rev. Ray L. Sherman
Sherman Ruth, E. 1910- 1927- Newpart G17: Dau of Ray and Nellie Sherman
Sherman Anna Mary 1948_ 1948- Newpart G17: 
Jearles Amelia Aug. 26, 1830 Feb. 6, 1886 Newpart G18: Wife of Lanson A. Jearles; "A Sorrowing Sister Rests
Osborn Lida 1871- 1930- Newpart G19:
Osborn Robin Feb. 20, 1881 7M Newpart G19: Son of Albert & Amanda Osborn
Osborn Albert 1836- 1908- Newpart G19:
Osborn Amanda Nov. 18, 1849 Feb. 27, 1890 Newpart G19: Wife of Albert Osborn
Fletcher Charles, E. 1890- 1935- Newpart G20:
Moreland Alma Lydia Dec. 30, 1911 Dec. 9, 1956 Newpart G21:
Sherman Euguen, E. 1857- 1945- Newpart G22: Buried with M. Stella Sherman
Sherman M. Stella 1859- 1922- Newpart G22: Buried with Eugene E. Sherman
Lawton Gilderoy 1843- 1911- Newpart G23: Co. A. 149th Pa. Vol.; Buried w/ Lydia M. Lawton
Lawton Lydia, M. 1842- 1923- Newpart G23: Buried with Gilderoy Lawton
Moore Wilbern, T. 1867- 1941- Newpart G24: Buried with Huldah Devoll Moore
Moore Huldah DEVOLL 1871- 1951- Newpart G24: Buried with Wilbern T. Moore
Walbridge Alfred, G. Newpart G25: Lister's Note: Long Epitaph to Marion Moore
Walbridge Marion MOORE Jun. 3, 1871 May 3, 1892 Newpart G25: Wife of Alfred Walbridge
Moore Mary, D. Jul. 21, 1877 67Y 10M Newpart G26: Wife of Sylvanus Moore, Jr.
Moore Herman, S. Jun. 9, 1849 Feb. 16, 1907 Newpart G26: 
Moore Eleanor, J. May 21, 1886 37Y 7M 20D Newpart G26: Wife of C. A. Moore
Moore Ida, R. Mar. 15, 1856 Dec. 11, 1899 Newpart G26: Wife of C. A. Moore
Moore Grace, J. Sep. 28, 1880 8Y 4M 7D Newpart G26: Dau. of C. A. and E. J. Moore
Moore James, T. Sep. 23, 1880 3Y Newpart G26: Son of C. A. and E. J. Moore
Moore Fred Jul. 11, 1870 11-May-1901 Newpart G27: Lister's Note - Masonic & F. L. T. Emblems
Burton Christopher 1873- 1943- Newpart G28: Buried with Edna Burton
Burton Edna 1882- 1911- Newpart G28: Buried with Christopher Burton
Ogden Hiram, H. 1856- 1931- Newpart G29: 
Ogden Mary, E. 1850- 1916- Newpart G29: Wife of Hiram H. Ogden
Ogden William 1880- 1880- Newpart G29: Son of Hiram & Mary Ogden
Ogden Edna 1882- 1911- Newpart G29: Dau. of Hiram & Mary Ogden
Ogden Jacob, L. 1813- 1888- Newpart G29: Buried with Mary S. Ogden
Ogden Mary, S. 1832- 1881- Newpart G29: Buried with Jacob L. Ogden
Wilcox Elam, E. Jun. 22, 1851 Aug. 17, 1884 Newpart G30: 
Kennedy Lela ENGLISH 1905- 1924- Newpart G31:
Phillips Elijah Feb. 28, 1817 May 18, 1892 Newpart G32: 
Phillips Philura, J. Oct. 23, 1885 59Y 7M 9D Newpart G32: Wife of Elijah Phillips
Phillips Oliver, W. Jun. 23, 1844 1864- Newpart G32: Lister's Note - d. Florence, S. C.; GAR Flag
Wilcox Sanford, D. 1864- 1935- Newpart G33: "Father"
Wilcox Minnie, J. 1866- 1935- Newpart G33: "Mother;" Wife of Sanford D. Wilcox
Dudley Mary WILCOX 1887- 1939- Newpart G33: Dau. of Sanford D. & Minnie J. Wilcox
Hotchkiss Lyman, H. 1829- 1899- Newpart G34: Sgt, 7th Pa. Cav.; GAR Flag
Campbell Mark 1881- 1917- Newpart G35: "Rev."
Campbell Flossie 1890- Newpart G35: Wife of Rev. Mark Campbell
Campbell Ralph, J. 1912- 1933- Newpart G35: 
Kelim Beecher, D. 1908- 1933- Newpart G35:
Olmstead James, B. Nov. 1843 1920- Newpart G36:See James B. Olmstead, Previous Entry, Lister's Note
Hotchkiss Lyman, H. 1825- 1899- Newpart G37:
Hotchkiss Eveline 1832- 1903- Newpart G37: Wife of Lyman H. Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss Ransome 1807- 1888- Newpart G37:
Hotchkiss Roxy 1805- 1884- Newpart G37: Wife of Ransome Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss Cora 4Y Newpart G37: Dau. of L. H. & E. Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss Charles 1857- 1935- Newpart G37: 
Hotchkiss Frankie, A. 1857- 1933- Newpart G37: Wife of Charles M. Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss Aug. 17, 1884 Newpart G37: Infant Son of C. M. & F. A. Hotchkiss
Temblem F. L. Newpart G38: Lister's Note - Large Separate Headstone
Olmstead???? Sarah, J. Oct. 13, 1837 Jan. 8, 1913 Newpart G38: Lister's Note - Separate Headstone "Our Children"
Olmstead Bertha, E. Aug. 27, 1869 Jun. 28, 1900 Newpart G38: 
Olmstead Charles Sep. 17, 1860 Mar. 1, 1942 Newpart G38:
Olmstead Nettie, A. May 3, 1882 Newpart G38
Olmstead Bernard Mar. 22, 1925 Jan. 7, 1945 Newpart G38: Killed in Action; 17th Airborne, U. S., World War II
Wilcox Edith Dec. 15, 1883 13Y 7M 27D Newpart G39: Dau. of G. B. & A. G. Wilcox
Wilcox A. W. Newpart G39:
Dibble W. A. Newpart G40: Government Marker; Co. A. 149th Pa. Inf.
Dibble C. D. Newpart G40: Lister's Note - Footstone
Dibble M. D. Newpart G40: Lister's Note - Footstone
Burnett John 1821- 1898- Newpart G41:
Burnett Delia, A. 1829- 1893- Newpart G41: Wife of John Burnett
Burnett Frank 1848- 1911- Newpart G41:
Dibble Calvin 1823- 1903- Newpart G42: Monument with Dibble one side; Tombs on Other
Dibble Maryette 1828- 1909- Newpart G42: Wife of Calvin Dibble
Dibble Walter, A. Newpart G42:
Dibble Edith, A. Aug. 1, 1863 7Y Newpart G42: Dau. of Calvin & Maryette Dibble
Dibble Anice, S. Newpart G42: Lister's Note - Footstone
Tombs Myra, A. Jun. 3, 1863 Jan. 21, 1884 Newpart G42: Wife of Robert L. Tombs

  Subj:  West Branch Cemetery
Date:  03/06/2004 9:00:06 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (DJ West)

Ms. Tice,

I have recently found your website for the Tri-County area and it's very interesting.  I do have a concern about some names listed from the West Branch Cemetery.  Below are two of my relatives, Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother.  Their last names are spelled Putman and are listed as such on their headstones.  There are several other Putmans listed as "Putnam".

Is this not a problem for those who are doing geneologic research or is accuracy moot?

David J. West

Putnam George, M. 1848- 1929-  Oldpart G47: Lister's Note: GAR FLAG
Putnam Alice, A. 1854- 1939-  Oldpart G47: Wife of George M. Putnam

Published on Tri-Counties  25 DEc 1997
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