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Shumway Hill Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2001
Photos by Joyce M. Tice Aug. 2001
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Name of Cemetery:    Shumway Hill Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice & Joshua Criss
Audited By Anna Belle Rice, Pat SMITH Raymond & Brittany Rightmire
Date Read:   July. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Charleston Township, Tioga County, PA - From Route 6, turn on road where Broad Acres is. Proceed several miles up hill. Cemetery is on curve in road to right.
Other comments:
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Rice Frank H. 1904 1975    
Rice Ruth A. 1908     On stone w/Frank
Porter George F. 1908 1990   Married Mar.27, 1931
Porter Mary L. 1913     On stone w/George F.
Mattison Keith A. May 9.1958 Aug.13.1978   s/o Clair & Joyce
Clark Leon H. 1914      
Clark Edith M. 1918 1979   On stone w/Leon
Clark Robert 1920 2000   Fireman flag/Marker WW II
Clark Marie 1920 1998   On stone w/Robert
Clark Irvin G. 1926    
Clark Vivian A. 1927 1979   On stone w/Irvin
Clark Florence 1920      
Clark Jesse 1916     On stone w/Florence
Burton Rodney L. 1954 1980   My Beloved Son
Burton Timothy J. 1958 1980   My Beloved Son
Brostrom Evald W. Aug.23.1921 Apr.21.1985   Fireman flag/Marker WW II
Brostrom Geraldine D. 1920     US Army - On stone w/Evald
Higley Albert J. 1916 2000   Married May 10, 1940
Higley Mariam E. 1921 1995   On stone w/Albert
Smith Kenneth E. Jan.21.1898 Dec.6.1972   Together Forever
Smith Myrtle E. Oct. 3.1897 Apr.2.1992   On stone w/Kenneth E.
Dawson Jerome Jan.1.1919 Aug.16.1973   PA PFC US Army WW II
Parton Pauline 1926 1978    
Copp Stuart E. 1904 1978    
Copp Eleanor E. 1905 1991   On stone w/Stuart
Copp John E. Jul.8.1928 Mar.30.1993   PFC US Army--Korea
Day Cecil W. 1909 1991   WW II Flag holder
Day Dorothy H. 1912 2000   On stone w/ Cecil
Peer Gertie V. 1925      
Peer M. Max 1918 1978   On stone w/Gertie V.
Mann Kenneth M. 1903 1992    
Mann Cora S. 1910 1987   On stone w/Kenneth
Repard Hugh L. 1893 1972   FATHER - Married may 16, 1917
Repard Ella E. 1897 1982   MOTHER - On stone w/Hugh L.
Hansen Charles J. 1891 1967    
Hansen Margaret E. 1899 1977   On stone w/Charles
Maynard Homer J. Jan.18.1896 Nov.29.1965   Cpl. Co.F 304 Supply Train - WW I Marker
Maynard Ida D. 1901 1989   On stone w/Homer
Boyce William F. 1909 1967    
Boyce Onalee M. 1925     On stone w/William F.
Brewer George N. Feb.1.1892 Dec.10.1965   WW I Marker
Brewer Leah M. Apr.1.1895 Feb.21.1984   On stone w/George N.
Ellison D. William 1926 1967   WW II Marker & Flag
Ellison Helen M. 1926     Married Mar.27.1944//On stone w/D. William
Ellison Gertrude 1931     Married 1949
Ellison Raymond 1913 1992   WW II Marker & Flag - On stone w/Gertrude
Young Francis 1907 1985    
Young Margaret E. 1907 1979    
Neal Wilbur E. 1909 1979   Married June 11, 1938-On stone w/Grace
Neal Grace H. 1911 1994   "One Chapter in the Book Completed"
VanOrder Elmer May14.1902 Dec.15.1981    
VanOrder Emma H. Mar.25.1901 Jun.14.1970   On stone w/Elmer
Torpy D. Bruce Mar.17.1919     American Ex Prisoner of War-WW II Marker & flag
Torpy Marguerite V. Feb.24.1923 Oct.3.1994    
Stebbins Delores D. 1924      
Stebbins Glen M. 1923      
Bellinger Merle H. 1909 1988   FATHER - "In Loving Memory"-On stone w/Virginia
Bellinger Virginia L. 1910 1979   MOTHER
Monument         In Loving Memory Of Merle & Virginia Bellinger We Love You Always, Walter & Jean
Huggler Walter J. 1936      
Huggler Jean M. 1937 1998   On stone w/Walter J.
Carpenter Monroe N. 1912 1975   S. Sgt. US Army WW II
Johnson Arthur H. 1897 1976    
Johnson Evva E. 1898 1977   On stone w/Arthur
          Flag Post-No Stone
Crossen Clark David Apr.1.1967 Jul.14.1968   "Son"
Borson C. Richard 1931 1987    
Borson Jeannette C. 1932     On stone w/C. Richard
Baker William W. 1931 1973   On stone w/Jeannette C.
Baker Jeannette C. 1932     (She had 2 Husbands - Borson & Baker)
Boyce Stephen L. 1918 1987   WW 2 Marker
Boyce James D. 1937     On stone w/Stephen
Boyce Stephen H. 1897 1969    
Boyce Mildred L. 1899 1973   On stone w/Stephen
Bliss Brenda J. 1939     Beloved wife of Glen/d/o Ellie B. & Jean Buffard
Bliss M. Evelyn 1926 1983 d/o Luke R. Kennedy & Rose W. Kennedy
Bliss Glenn L. 1925     Beloved FATHER -On stone w/M. Evelyn
Bliss         s/o Lewis J. & Annie S. Bliss--On stone w/M.Evelyn
Boyce Rosemary B. Jun.24.1932      
Boyce Donald Mar.21.1927     On stone w/Rosemary B.
Boyce Lucy J. Jul.1.1962 Apr.27.1965    
Boyce Thomas M. Jul.6.1960 Apr.27.1965    
Boyce Bruce C. Jun.11.1958 Apr.27.1965    
Boyce Gary D. Jan.29.1957 Apr.27.1965    
Boyce Nancy L. Feb.7.1955 Apr.27.1965    
Ellison Jesse R. 1890 1963   FATHER
Ellison Lenora E. 1896 1971   MOTHER - On stone w/Jesse R.
Sargent William J. 1906 1965   FATHER -In My Fathers House Are Many Mansions
Sargent Lillian E. 1911     MOTHER-Our Children,Robert, Joyce,LeRoy,Gloria
Sargent LeRoy E. 1936      

Published on Tri-Counties  09 APR 2005
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