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Glass Factory Cemetery, Covington Township, Tioga County, PA
A.K.A. Old Settlers Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery -  2007
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Nov 2007
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Name of Cemetery: Old Settlers Cemetery, aka Glass Factory Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, Deeded as Wilson Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: November.2007.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
GPS 41.73470 -77.07825
Location: Covington Twp, Tioga Co., PA - Located on old Rte 15 south of Covington
Other Comments: Missing a lot of stones. Other than being mowed, no maintenance is being done on stones. Some are thrown out of the Cemetery
Page 01 02 03 04 Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Evens Charlotte   7/10/1847 1y3m  c/o John & Ann
Evens Elizabeth   10/28/1848 1y2m On marker w/Charlotte
Lewis Martha    9/10/1847 1y4m d/o John & Mary
Bowen Thomas   8/23/1840 58y5m  
Bowen Margaret   10/8/1846 9y9m d/o John & Mary
Farrer Wm.  1789 2/5/1883 94 yr Parish of Warcop, England
Farrer Elizabeth   4/1/1850 2y6m12d d/o Wm. & Elizabeth
Farrer Mary    8/2/1849 1m21d d/o Thomas & Margaret
Murray Joseph A.   11/27/1830 30 yr  
Field  Mary Olive   11/29/1854 2y3m19d d/o Rev. Plotus A. & Hannah
Clemons Hattie A.       d/o A.E. - Stone mostly unreadable
Marvin Charlie N.   12/10/1879 8y11m8d s/o Levi * Tena A.
Marvin Rebecca Ann   6/1/1880 59y5m18d w/o Richard S.
Marvin Harriet C.   10/1/1850 1m28d c/o Richard & Rebecca
Marvin Willmot   3/1/1858 4m10d c/o Richard & Rebecca
Marvin Orlando D.   9/9/1858 5y3m9d c/o Richard & Rebecca-All on one stone
Williams John   6/10/1847 15y10m s/o Wm. M. & Mary
Morgan Jenkin   8/5/1848 37y9m26d  
Nelson Claus J. 4/3/1892 7/8/1960   Pvt. Co. D II, Machine Gun B.N. -WW 1
Nelson John S. 1860 1937    
Nelson Ernest L. 1891 1919   Sgt.
Nelson Caroline J. 1858 1936   w/o John S.
Laird Thomas M.   9/15/1848 38y6m20d  
Kendrick Clara 1854 1928    
Kendrick John 1847 1917    
Douglass Josephine   5/21/1845 5y11m3d d/o David & Roxey
Taylor Phlena   10/9/1816 26y9m19d w/o Orin W.
Levalley Emeline   11/17/1846 26y10m8d w/o Leonard
Dike Desire M.   4/11/1836 16y1m9d d/o Asa & Jane
Dike Reuben   1/10/1849 72y9m8d  
Dike Elizabeth   2/27/1849 76y9m5d w/o Reuben
Knox George   3/10/1834 76y5m17d  
Gaylord Love   11/20/1846 15y3m20d d/o Elijah & Sarah
Gaylord Barney H.   12/12/1856 28y6m11d s/o Elijah & Sarah
Whitman Jane   9/16/1856 55y6m9d w/o Jacob
Whitman Nicholas C.   9/11/1850 1y7m26d s/o Jacob & Jane
Whitman Sarah    2/13/18?? 1y3 d/o Jacob & Jane
Richter Mary   3/19/1848 3 yr d/o George & Jane
Richter James Peter   2/3/1847 1y7m6d  
Sykes Samuel       Rest of stone unreadable
Sykes Joseph   3/9/1852 56y6m Of New Jersey
Barber Albert   4/29/1869 3y11m s/o John & Eliza J.
Schu???er John W.   5/1/1854 3y1m24d (Schuger/Schusler/Scheiler????)
Schu???er Mary J.   9/23/1853 9m23d c/o E.W. & Mary - Both on same stone
Butler Phoebe Jane 1844 1921    
Sprague Julia Ann 1839     Nothing else readable
Forguson Levi 12/19/1815 2/7/1886    
Forguson Amy 2/12/1815 5/21/1897   On marker w/Levi
Forguson Monroe   4/23/1881 25y6m26d s/o Levi & Amy
Olney James    7/9/1862 20y8m26d s/o Nathaniel & Mary
Graves H.    2/12/1841 3 mo  
Snover Rachel E.     1y11m  d/o L.S. & Jane E.
Clemens Wm.    11/28/1878 68 yr  
  Lillie D.       Nothing else readable
Youmans John   1/26/1859 47y2m6d  
Youmans Sarah    12/28/1863 49y5m15d  
Hagenbough Fannie   9/22/1851 1y2m18d d/o J. & M.O.
Hagenbough Charles E.   3/12/1849 21 da s/o J. & M.O.
Hagenbough Hiram P.   2/10/1858 15y1m28d s/o Joseph & Betsey
Hagenbough Eola   10/7/1861 8y10m18d d/o Joseph & M.O.
Hagenbough Joseph   5/15/1899 85y22d  
Hagenbough Ophelia   1/12/1885 72y w/o Joseph
Harrison Martha    12/4/1843 48y2d  
Welton James    4/10/1871 84y11m Rev.
Welton Susannah Chase       Rest of stone unreadable-On w/Rev. James
Welton Susannah    5/6/1853 67y8m w/o Elder James
Welton Elias S.   1842 22y s/o Elder James & Susannah-On w/above
Barber Rhoda   9/2/1846 25y9m10d w/o Alonzo
Butts Anna S. 4/18/1851 6/5/1881   w/o J.J. & d/o D.S. & Margaret Ireland
Butts Hattie E. 3/7/1881 5/31/1881   d/o J.S. & Anna S.I.-On same marker
Johnson Lucretia   4/19/1861 71y10m10d w/o Jacob A. L.
Mudge Hephzebah   7/26/1843 33y8m23d w/o Nelson -d/o A. & M. Harrison
Videan Thomas   1859 32y9m Stone broken & hard to read
Videan Thomas   8/25/1854 2y11m s/o Thomas & Sarah
Videan Alice   11/23/1848 4 da d/o Thomas & Sarah
Videan Edward   3/15/1850 2 da s/o Thomas & Sarah
Graves William Locey   4/6/1847 4y20d s/o Henry W. & Martha A.
Marvin Thankful   4/3/1843 47 yr w/o Nathan
Marvin Charles E.   9/18/1862 9y9m2d s/o Chas. & Olive
Marvin Cynthia   5/18/1862 10m2d d/o H.J. & Mary
Baker Agnes   18?? 6 yr d/o J.H. & Ruth-Stone in bad shape
Baker Herbert   ?/27/1878 5 yr Nothing else readable
Nichols Joseph   8/9/1845 17d C/o Samuel & Lydia A.
Nichols Josephine   8/9/1845 17d c/o Samuel & Lydia A.--Same marker
Miller Sarah    12/23/1849 17y4m21d d/o Theobald & Harriet
Hindson Robert   2/12/1850 73 yr  
Hindson Isabella   11/17/1849 66 yr w/o Robert - Same marker
Lagrange Mary   11/7/1870 1m28d d/o Lafayette & Eliza
      4/18/1850 2m8d Rest unreadable
Adams Sarah T.   4/6/1861 4y9m27d  
Ames Joseph   6/25/1862 9y2m s/o H.H. & Hannah
Knight Frank B.   10/26/1871 22y3m21d s/o John & Margaret
Knight Eliza   9/20/1865 12y6m8d d/o J. & M. 
Knight Jane   10/10/1862 19y5m10d d/o J. & M.
Knight Margaret   12/5/1908 88y9m w/o John 
Knight Alice G.   12/16/1917 60 yr  
Knight John, Jr. 11/19/1863 41y8m12d  
Knight George P.   11/25/1852 1y10m  
Burr Mary 1835 1870   w/o H. F.
Roberts Edward D.   2/17/1872 27y1m21d  
Roberts Infant   12/25/1870   d/o Edward & Susan
Ireland Alice M.   4/22/1865 8 hours c/o David S. & Margaret Ireland-Same stone
Ireland Lydia D.   7/21/1838 10 hrs c/o David S. & Margaret Ireland-Same stone
Ireland Margaret J.   4/7/1843 10m26d c/o David S. & Margaret Ireland-Same stone
Ireland Ephoram B.C.   9/6/1841 1y5m21d c/o David S. & Margaret Ireland-Same stone
Bicby Joseph   4/25/1881 4y1m3d s/o T.J. & I. E.

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