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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
 Photo of Oakwood Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice
August 2005
This is the section where the relocations were added.
This photo shows the section of Oakwood Cemetery where the small cemeteries displaced by the Hammond Dam Project were relocated (above road in this photo). The cemeteries are intact by row and are listed below on this page. 
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Hammond Dam Cemetery Relocations - Section 5 Clark Lambs Creek Cochran Shaw Niles/Adams/Dailey
The two photos above show the Clark Cemetery at Lambs Creek before the relocation to Oakwood. Thanks to Debora ENDERLE Clark for these
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Clark Oscar   1867 31y11m3d  
Clark William E.   Jan.22.1887 74y3m10d  
Clark Homer B.   Sep.23.1848 3m18d s/o Wm. E & Mary
Clark Infant    Jul.21.1851   Infant daughter of Wm. & Mary
Clark Myron V.   Mar.15.1870 10 mo s/o Ira B. & Lucy
        10 da Lower 1/2 of stone
      Jul.25.1853 3y11m3d Lower 1/2 of stone
Clark Leland     8 mo s/o O.W. & J. B.
Clark Leonard M. 1890 1945   WW 1 Vet. U.S. Army 1918-1919
Clark Oscar W. 1868 1946    
Clark J. Hildren 1903 1955    
Clark Phyllis Ann Oct.11.1930 Jan.6.1933    
Clark Henry L. Apr.14.1910 Apr.3.1966   Pvt. WW 2 General Hospital
Clark Dicky B. Jun.21.1932 Jun.21.1932    
Clark Sandy Nov.11.1934 Jun.19.1962   On marker w/Dicky B.
Lamb Fred 1828 1917    
Lamb Phidelia 1830 1869   On marker w/Fred
Clark Hanna 1800 1881    
Clark Elijah   Jan.5.1861 80y8m  
Clark Lydia   1833 50 yr w/o Elijan - On same marker
Clark Martin V. 1834 1869    
Clark Lydia 1834 1920   On marker w/Martin V.
Clark Wilon V.   Jun.10.1877   s/o V. & L.
Lamb Frances C. May.12.1866 19(uncut)   Died 1956 - see obituary on site 
Lamb Leah 1890 1893   Her daughter - On marker w/Frances C.
  Jennie   1872 8 yr  
  Mary E.       Stone broken off
Clark VanBuren   Apr.30.1869 34y11m17d  
Clark Fred 1830 1869    
Obits for Lambs Creek Cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          Was on Johnson Property off Rte. 15
Lamb Daniel B. 1822 1919    
Lamb Clara E. 1834 1908   On marker w/Daniel
Flower Lucius   Mar.28.1869 61y1m15d  
Flower Clara R.   Nov.28.1882 62 yr On marker w/Lucius
Cooper David Heaton Apr.16.1830 Feb.27.1884    
Cooper Bertrand   Feb.3.1892 16y4m s/o D.H. & Sarah
Lamb G. A. Jan.20.1820 Feb.21.1901    
Lamb Hannah M. Jan.4.1825 Oct.10.1885   On marker w/G. A.
Lamb Howard M. Oct.13.1853 Jan.1.1870   On marker w/G. A.
Lamb D. Emerson Sep.1.1858 Jun.9.1887   On marker w/G. A.
Lamb Eugene D.   Aug.4.1877 34y2m7d Top 1/2 of stone gone-only age is left
Lamb Leonidas H.   Jul.4.1865 19y2m1d s/o E.D. & Maria - Member of Co. F.H.P. Cav.
Lamb Gad Nov.20.1744 Apr.5.1824   Rev. War Vet.
Lamb Jerusha May.23.1756 May.9.1838   w/o Gad - On same marker
Lamb Daniel  Jan.15.1780 Dec.18.1866   On marker w/Gad & Jerusha
Lamb Clarissa May.16.1793 May.10.1881   w/o Daniel - On same marker
Cochran Cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Cochran Leonora   Oct.23.1875 32y7m13d d/o Solomon & M.L.
Cochran Lee   May.10.1863 10y4m13d s/o Solomon & M.L.
Cochran Lewis   Sep.6.1825 3y6m22d s/o John & Betsey
          Totally unreadable stone
          Base only
Shaw Cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Shaw Cynthia E.   Jan.3.1880 26y8m7d  
Shaw Julia E.   May.27.1876 54y9m13d On marker w/Cynthia
Shaw Vardis   Mar.24.1863 64y7m23d  
Shaw Eleanor   Apr.22.1859 56y7m8d w/o Vardis - On same marker
Shaw Joshua   May.24.1842 78y1m  
Shaw Sally   Mar.13.1850 82y2m5d w/o Joshua (This stone not found 2005 reading)
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          All same cemetery- was near Millcreek Inn
Brady J. J. Jun.18.1840 Oct.7.1890    
          Base-No stone
Utley Phebe   Dec.6.1874 68 yr w/o Amos
Keeney Hellen   Jul.27.1841 2y9m29d d/o Abram & Ann L.
Keeney Sally Ann   May.1834 8y5m d/o Abram & Ann L.
Adams Mariah   Feb.19.1841 (?1811) 8m19d  
Adams Capt. L.   Jun.27.1847 72y2m15d  
Parker John   Feb.25.1880 62y2m25d  
Parker Glenn   Sep.24.1883 5y2m22d s/o Andrew & Ette - On marker w/John
Niles Augustus   Oct.27.1841 49y9m21d  
Niles Nathan 1755 1839    
Niles Irena 1755 1848   On marker w/Nathan
Dailey Josephos C.   Sep.4.1840 3y3m s/o ??? & Susan
Utley Amos   Oct.13.1844 42 yr  
Utley Wells   Feb.6.1864   38 y--No longer readable
Mann Mercy Brady   Mar.11.1891 24 yr Rest of stone gone
Pittsley Jennie M.   Mar.22.1866 19 yr w/o G.H.
Taylor Rachel ??       d/o W. H. & Hannah ????
Keeney Nathan W.   Jan.7.1842 3y4m18d s/o Jessie & Mary Ann
  Deidomia 1831 1919    
Keeney Francis E.   Aug.3.1841 1y6m21d s/o Jessie & Mary Ann
O'Donnell John 1892      
O'Donnell Ethel D. 1900 1966   On marker w/John
John Mary J.   Mar.23.1859 4m5d d/o W. & M.S.
Ellison Frank H.   Aug.8.1865 4y4m4d s/o G.F. & Mary
Bennett Hannah 1813 1901    
Woodword Thomas B. 1832 1907    
Woodword Mary S. 1828 1880   On marker w/Thomas B.
Briggs Alfred 1819 1900    
Briggs Lucinda 1819 1903   On marker w/Alfred
Briggs James Ferris 1855 1855   On marker w/Alfred
Farr June A.   Jul.25.1852 29 yr  
Adriance Joseph  Oct.9.1833 Jan.23.1913    
Adriance Cordelia Jun.7.1843 Feb.14.1912    
Bryant James  1799 1857    
Bryant Mary 1806 1889   On marker w/James
Keeney Jesse Oct.24.1813 Jan.6.1882    
Keeney Mary Ann Jan.22.1816 May.22.1902   On marker w/Jesse
Keeney Jesse   Jun.18.1834   Just a Base-May belong to Jesse Keeney
Keeney Catherine   Aug.13.1848 67y11m w/o Jesse
Keeney Sarah M. Jul.4.1823 Jun.6.1897    
King Henry E.   Apr.7.1852 7y1m s/o Cyrus & ???
Keeney Abram S.   Aug.15.1889 78 yr  
Keeney Anna L.   Apr.18.1856 42y3m w/o Abram
Dutcher John H. 1860 1956    
Dutcher Mary K. 1861 1929    
Adams W.E.   Mar.30.1873 27y3m6d  
Adams William Mar.24.1816 Aug.11.1895    
Adams Ruth A.   Jul.21.1868 46y6m12d w/o Wm.
Dailey Daniel   Jul.1.1860 18 yr  
Dailey Nathan   Jun.28.1850 35 yr  
Dailey Josphus B.   Aug.4.1849 (?40) 3y7m s/o Nathan & Susan
Brady Clinton   Apr.6.1850 39y6m22d  
Delong Malissa   Jun.15.1898 53y1m w/o Henry
Brace Frank K. 1862 1915    
Brace Clara B. 1861 1924   On marker w/Frank K.
Brace Leon 1885 1885   On marker w/Frank K.
Brace Glenn 1891 1891   On marker w/Frank K.
Brace Lewis M. 1893 1893   On marker w/Frank K.
Stevens Cortland 1829 1903    
Stevens Emily J. 1835 1906   On marker w/Cortland
Kelly Levi 1827 1911    
Kelly Amy 1821 1910   On marker w/Levi
Keley Rachel ?? Nov.25.1851 35 yr w/o Samuel B.
Dailey Martin V. Nov.12.1831 Jun.22.1920    
Dailey Mary S.   Jun.10.1911 69 yr  
Dailey John   Nov.28.1882 91y1m11d  
Mantor Mahitable   Feb.17.1849 54 yr w/o Tho.
Mantor Olive L.   Jul.6.1901 80 yr  
Mantor Samuel S.   1885 75 yr On marker w/Olive
Mantor Thomas C.   Jun.29.1877 87 yr On marker w/Olive L.
          Following stones on old list,not found 2005 reading.
          Old list had been added to & corrected by someone 
          so is not the true list from the Dam Project.
Adams Sophia   May.9.1852 49y2m21d d/o Lyman & Sophia
Adams Sophia   Jul.1.1868 86y2m10d w/o Capt. L.
Dailey Violetta   Sept. 1895   w/o John
Keeney Jesse   Jun.18.1834 35y8m20d  
Niles Willie M. 1870 1935    
Niles Henry C. 1859 1913    
          Following people were reburied in Evergreen Cem. Tioga Co.
Guernsey Delia   Sep.11.1881   Children of B.I. & M.D.
Guernsey Emma   Sep.2.1875   Children of B.I. & M.D.
Guernsey Peter B. Aug.20.1812 Nov.22.1852    
Guernsey Joseph W. Oct.5.1799 Jul.18.1849    
Guernsey Sarah G. Sep.6.1841 Feb.23.1878    
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