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Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War) 
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Surname First Name Deathdate State Inscrip/notes(Rank,Co,Rgt/Bat,Type)
IKNER Ward 11/18/64 NC G,51st
INGRAM David B. 01/28/65 GA D,12th
INMAN William P. 02/06/65 VA A,4th
IRBY P. S. 09/27/64 LA A,9th
IRWIN Freeman 02/07/65 FL Jones Co. 1 Res.
IRWIN W.J. 08/28/64 SC B,Hampton's Legion
ISRAEL John 09/06/64 NC E,51st
ISRAEL Joseph 03/22/65 AL C,61st
JACKSON Curtis A. 01/02/65 GA C,24th
JACKSON Henry A. 12/04/64 NC B,68th
JACKSON Isaac 01/25/65 VA B,42nd
JACKSON J.G. 08/12/64 SC E,4th,Cav.
JACKSON J.W. 10/06/64 KY L,3rd
JACKSON John 02/27/65 NC K,1st
JACKSON Joseph C. 11/12/64 NC C,11th
JACKSON N. H. 02/11/65 NC A,36th
JACKSON R. 05/19/65 VA E,2nd,Art.
JACKSON William M. 07/15/64 GA C,53rd
JACOBS A. J. 11/01/64 SC A,21st
JACOBS Jason 05/16/65 NC F,1st
JAMES Henry L. 09/21/64 NC G,43rd
JAMES J. C. 03/16/65 TN B,1st,H.Art.
JAMES John B. 02/10/65 VA I,11th
JAMES Marshall E. 11/22/64 NC E,2nd 
JAMES William J. 10/01/64 GA B,12th
JARRATT R.G. 10/01/64 VA G,42nd
JEFFERS George W. 03/27/65 TN C,31st,H.Art.
JEFFRIES John 03/10/65 NC Cor,E,35th
JENKINS E. H. 03/21/65 TN I,14th
JENKINS Henry 03/13/65 NC K,5th
JENKINS R.O. 04/21/65 SC G,18th
JENNINGS C.M. 05/30/65 VA F,29th
JERNEGAN G.W. 02/12/65 NC Cor,E,20th
JERNIGAN E. A. 10/06/64 NC H,50th
JERNIGAN Lewis M. 12/28/64 NC H,20th
JESSUP William F. 07/09/65 GA I,61st
JOB Jesse R. 01/13/65 NC H,1st
JOB Jonathan F. 04/08/65 NC H,1st
JOHNS Decatur 09/09/64 VA F,25th
JOHNS Enoch 12/27/64 FL Jones Co. 1 Res.
JOHNSON A. D. 03/30/65 VA I,5th,Cav.
JOHNSON A.G. 04/13/65 AL E,5th,Res
JOHNSON Amos 04/10/65 NC B,36th
JOHNSON Anderson 10/21/64 SC C,22nd
JOHNSON Edward 09/12/64 NC Sgt.,G,5th
JOHNSON H. A. 12/09/64 AL B,59th
JOHNSON H. H. 03/13/65 VA H,50th
JOHNSON J. 05/21/65 VA B,50th,Art.
JOHNSON J.J. 12/16/64 SC G,55th
JOHNSON J. L. 12/13/64 LA G,Powers Rgt.
JOHNSON J.W. 02/13/65 VA Carter's Battery
JOHNSON Larry 02/26/65 NC F,10th
JOHNSON M.P. 03/23/65 SC I,25th
JOHNSON Richard M. 02/20/65 NC C,36th
JOHNSON Robert F. 01/19/65 GA F,9th
JOHNSON S. A. 02/23/65 NC C,36th
JOHNSON W. H. 02/16/65 GA B,11th
JOHNSON William M. H. 01/18/65 NC K,52nd
JOINCE B. 03/04/65 Smn.,Str.Arrow,Navy
JOINER A. 07/15/64 VA C,13th
JOINER J. R. 05/07/65 NC K,1st
JOLLY James R. 10/06/64 VA H,60th
JONAS Daniel 01/17/65 NC D,1st
JONES A. H. 01/22/65 NC I,1st
JONES A.J. 07/11/65 NC K,56th
JONES A. W. 11/17/64 NC I,1st
JONES Alexander 03/29/65 NC F,18th
JONES B. B. 01/17/65 GA Cor.E,7th,Cav.
JONES B. P. 04/01/65 NC Sgt.,B,40th
JONES C. A. 04/27/65 NC I,6th
JONES D.M. 10/10/64 SC H,7th,Bat.
JONES David 12/23/64 VA A,42nd
JONES David W. 12/02/64 VA H,5th
JONES George W. 09/07/64 VA C,Alexander's Battery,Art.
JONES J.A. 02/26/65 SC L,21st
JONES J.B. 02/20/65 AL C,1st,Bat,Art.
JONES James M. 11/29/64 AL Sgt.,F,1st Bat,Art.
JONES John B. 05/10/65 VA Sgt.,D,50th
JONES John L. 09/01/64 AL B,61st
JONES R. 07/15/65 NC C,1st 
JONES W.H. 03/28/65 NC G,1st
JONES W.S. 03/10/65 AL I,7th,Cav.
JONES William 10/28/64 NC C,51st
JONES William A. 03/27/65 VA I,53rd
JONES Williarn A. 07/15/64 VA D,22nd
JONES William T. 11/23/64 NC H,5th
JORDAN A. 10/23/64 GA G,7th,Cav.
JORDAN A. C. 02/13/65 GA Cor,A,24th
JORDAN J. A. 03/07/65 NC I,32nd
JORDAN J.W. 09/22/64 SC Cor.,F,6th,Cav.
JORDAN James M. 02/26/65 GA A,27th
JORDAN John J. 12/04/64 VA Sgt.,F,44th
JORDAN Kinyon 03/10/65 NC F,10th,S.T.
JORDAN T. W. 02/15/65 GA A,24th
JORDAN William H. H. 05/16/65 GA K,12th
JORDAN William K. 09/16/64 SC I,21st
JOYNER John F. 04/03/65 NC I,3rd,Cav.
JOYNER Samuel 02/28/65 NC Sgt.,E,36th(2Art),S.T.
JUDKINS Joseph G. 10/11/64 VA B,Hood's Bat.,Rgt.
JUSTICE Sparral 01/19/65 VA B,42nd
KALLAM John N. 12/01/64 VA F,46th
KAMP J. A. 02/15/65 NC Cor.,E,3rd
KANAN James 03/27/65 AL B,1st,Art.
KAYLOR John 03/27/65 NC B,35th
KEANE Edward 01/05/65 AL Drmr.,A,21st
KEATON Madison 12/20/64 VA I,24th
KEELER J. 01/05/65 GA H,24th
KEEN Moses H. 08/19/64 FL B,5th
KELLER Noah 02/12/65 NC A,7th
KELLEY E. 10/25/64 VA Sgt.,5th
KELLEY J. M.. 02/13/65 SC H,25th
KELLEY James 02/06/65 SC Sgt.,B,25th
KELLIHER Dennis 12/24/64 VA B,Baxton,Art.
KELLUM Reddin 11/24/64 NC B,24th
KELLY J. C. 03/20/65 SC H,25th
KELLY Simon 02/16/65 SC C,21st
KEMP Edward 03/17/65 AL E,1st,Art
KEMP W. H. 09/02/64 SC C,22nd
KEMP W. N. 02/14/65 GA M,Phillips' Legion
KENDALL Samuel 12/13/64 NC K,42nd
KENDRICK W. P. 02/01/65 VA H,42nd
KENEDY Thomas 03/02/65 GA F,8th
KENNEDY A. J. 03/06/65 VA I,26th,Bat
KENNEDY Levi B. 02/06/65 NC K,10th(1Art.)S.T.
KENNEDY Lorenzo P. 02/02/65 GA E,16th
KENNEDY William A. 04/12/65 NC A,32nd
KENT Richard 02/14/65 TX B,3rd
KERNEZAY Wesley 04/27/65 NC Cor.,G,40th
KERR Milton 02/13/65 NC A,51st
KEY D. S. 10/19/64 VA H,34th
KEY David 04/01/65 SC H,14th
KEY R. R. 05/28/65 SC Cor.,I,12th
KEYS Isaac 09/28/64 VA A,26th
KIDD Fields A. 09/13/64 VA K,44th
KIDD James M. 04/20/65 GA C,35th
KILBY William 05/03/65 NC F,37tH
KILGORE James 09/14/64 GA C,9th
KILLINGSWORTH James G. 03/20/65 GA Sgt.,I,51st
KIMBRO William 09/29/64 GA F,24th
KINEMORE M. 09/29/64 SC D,18th
KING A. 03/29/65 NC I,3rd
KING A. 10/21/64 NC D,8th
KING B. S. 02/24/65 NC F,10th(1 Art),S.T.
KING C. 04/18/65 VA I,50th
KING C. B. 01/30/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
KING Caswell 03/06/65 NC C,30th
KING E. P. 05/07/65 GA H,13th
KING Henry W. 01/15/65 VA B,29th
KING Hiram 12/05/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
KING Hubard 03/26/65 NC G,45th
KING James 03/02/65 NC G,36th(2Art),S.T.
KING Josiah 09/12/64 SC I,1st
KING P. 03/16/65 LA Citizen of LA
KING Rufus 02/01/65 AL F,15th
KING W. 06/03/65 SC E,25th
KING William 03/12/65 VA K,50th
KING William T. 01/13/65 FL A,1st,Res.
KINGSLOVER A. F. 01/14/65 VA I,48th
KINLAW Benjamin 04/16/65 NC K,40th(3 Art),S.T.
KINLAW Neil 02/20/65 NC K,40th(3 Art),S.T.
KINNEY Clingman 10/21/64 NC I,8th
KIRBY Dixon 04/13/65 NC K,10th
KIRBY James H. 09/12/64 VA A,26th
KIRBY James W. 10/10/64 LA B,7th
KIRBY William H. 08/07/64 NC Sgt.,C,14th
KIRETT F. 03/16/65 SC M,22nd
KIRK  Joseph P. 09/15/64 VA B,59th
KIRKLAND J. William 12/08/64 LA B,Paine's, Cav.
KISER George M. 03/27/65 NC H,5th
KITCHIN Thomas W. 04/12/65 VA B,Hood's Bat.
KITNER John F. 09/19/64 NC A,52nd
KNIGHT A. N. 09/15/64 GA Sgt.,7th,Cav
KNIGHT J.A. 02/22/65 GA D,18th
KNIGHT John 01/24/65 GA C,64th
KNIGHT John 04/15/65 NC C,3rd Bat.,Art
KNIGHT W.M. 11/16/64 AL I,5th
KNODE George W. 09/12/64 VA C,2nd,Cav.
KNOTT John H. 05/26/65 NC B,12th
KNOWLES John A. 05/21/65 NC E,36th
KNOX Gardner 02/28/65 NC C,2nd 
KNUCKLES J.F. 09/21/64 VA F,50th
KOLWICK A.D. 12/17/64 TN A,1st,Art.
KUESNER John 02/14/65 VA K,40th
KYLE James 11/20/64 NC K,11th
LADD F.M. 03/14/65 SC F,Holcombe Legion
LADD G.W. 01/03/65 VA G,55th
LAFFLOON G.  11/02/64 NC B,2nd
LA(U?)FFMAN William 11/29/64 NC F,37th
LAIL Cicero 01/04/65 NC C,25th
LAMAR F.M. 01/25/65 VA Cor.,E,48th
LAMB James 02/19/65 NC F,10th(1 Art),S.T.
LAMBERT Green 12/28/64 GA B,27th
LAMBERT S. 03/04/65 NC E,45th
LAMBERTON Eli 03/07/65 NC H,36th
LANCE Daniel 09/29/64 VA H,25th
LANE A.J. 02/25/65 NC D,32nd
LANE Henry 02/12/65 NC A,1st
LANE Robert J. 02/21/65 VA B,44th
LANGFORD J.A. 02/06/65 AL Cor.F,15th
LANGLEY Charles W. 10/02/64 VA B,10th
LANGLEY J.R. 02/25/65 GA H,16th
LANIER David 08/29/64 NC B,51st
LANIER Francis M. 12/09/64 FL E,5th
LANIER Levi 01/13/65 NC D,3rd
LANSDON A.J. 02/20/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
LARBIN Willis 03/18/65 NC H,36th
LARMAN Joseph 02/18/65 NC E,2nd
LARRICK Joseph 10/01/64 TN G,63rd
LASHLEY Lemuel 03/23/65 AL G,3rd
LAVANDER Hy. L. 09/20/64 VA A,4th
LAVANDER Robert 02/08/65 VA D,4th,Cav.
LAWHON James 04/11/65 NC A,36th
LAWRENCE A. 09/06/64 NC G,1st
LAWRENCE James M. 04/23/65 NC F,36th
LAWRENCE John W. 12/03/64 VA A,6th,Cav
LAWRENCE W.B. 03/04/65 NC G,1st
LAWSON J.W. 03/13/65 GA Macon,L.Art.
LAWSON William 02/20/65 NC K,10th,Art.
LAXTON Thomas W. 03/07/65 NC B,1st
LEACH Hugh 03/30/65 NC K,10th(1 Art)
LEACH W. 07/20/65 SC E,17th
LEAR William W. 02/06/65 TN D,1st,Art.
LEATHERS William L. 10/31/64 LA G,15th
LEE Cyrus 04/23/65 VA B,18th,Cav.
LEE David L. 09/20/64 NC E,51st
LEE Harry 01/10/65 NC C,5th
LEE John H. 12/07/64 NC E,24th
LEE L. D. 05/15/65 AL A,1st
LEE R. S. 02/26/65 VA B,Hood's Bat.
LEE S. W. 07/15/64 NC K,8th
LEE William A. 09/20/64 GA Cor.,D,61st
LEE Z. N. 02/04/65 NC G,55th
LEMMONS James A 05/20/65 NC K,10th
LEMON Williarn H. 01/08/65 LA  C,3rd,Cav.
LENTZ John D. 02/18/65 NC C,42nd
LENTZ M. 09/18/64 NC C,18th
LEONARD L. D. 03/07/65 NC B,45th
LE QUEUX William B. 09/06/64 SC I,27th
LESLIE E.P. 02/24/65 NC K,1st
LEWALLEN B. F. 09/01/64 SC I,8th
LEWALLEN G.M. 12/19/64 TN A,1st,Art.
LEWIS Charles E. 08/25/64 GA F,61st
LEWIS D. 07/31/64 NC G,22nd
LEWIS D. W. 03/18/65 SC A,2nd
LEWIS Edward S. 09/15/64 NC Sgt.,A,31st
LEWIS G. 03/13/65 GA G,7th,Cav.
LEWIS G.N. 02/06/65 AL G,9th
LEWIS J.H. 10/19/64 NC H,38th
LEWIS Nathan 09/24/64 NC E,18th
LEWIS R. E. 03/16/65 GA D,12th
LEWIS Willard 08/30/64 VA B,Hood's Bat.
LEWIS William H. 09/06/64 NC G,22nd
LIFARGE F.M. 04/03/65 SC Sgt.,K,25th
LIGHTNER Thomas K. 12/05/64 VA I,52nd
LILES H. H. 09/30/64 GA G,7th,Cav.
LILLARD Richard 09/27/64 NC G,45th
LILLEY Joseph L. 11/24/64 NC F,31st
LIME William 03/31/65 NC I,36th
LINBECKER C.M. 01/02/65 TX E,12th,Cav
LINDSAY E.H. 05/08/65 NC Navy
LINDSEY Augustus 10/30/64 GA O,Phillips' Legion
LINEBERGER A. P. 09/21/64 NC C,28th
LINSAY John W. 10/12/64 NC F,56th
LITCHFIELD Joseph 04/29/65 NC B,8th
LITTLE Robert E. 03/20/65 NC D,13th Battery
LITTLE William P. 02/05/65 NC I,53rd
LITTLEJOHN S.  12/15/64 SC I,6th
LIVELY G.J. 08/30/64 SC K,Holcombe Legion
LOBLANE Dosite 01/20/65 LA  C,4th,Cav.
LOCKAMORE R.O. 08/21/64 GA E,51st
LOCKENNA R. 03/13/65 NC D,36th
LOCKETT James H. 11/15/64 VA B,Hood's Bat.
LOCKRANA D. 04/29/65 NC D,36th
LOFTON J.H. 03/30/65 NC G,40th
LOGAN F. 03/03/65 SC F,Holcombe Legion
LOMAS William 03/28/65 SC C,7th
LONG A. 04/22/65 NC E,35th
LONG Ezra 09/08/64 NC I,14th
LONG John J. 03/22/65 NC C,18th
LONG Joseph 03/02/65 NC K,18th
LONG Joseph S. 12/09/64 NC H,33rd
LONG Robert 04/22/65 VA B,10th
LONG S. P. 04/06/65 NC G,2nd
LONG Samuel 11/24/64 TN H,63rd
LONG Virgil 08/05/64 VA F,4th
LONG W. E. 10/03/64 NC C,18th
LONGEST John T. 01/05/65 VA I,26th
LORING Joseph T. 03/12/65 VA D,23rd
LOUGHRY Edward 03/15/65 LA I,8th
LOVE H. S. 12/16/64 NC A,18th
LOVELACE William F. 11/25/64 NC G,22nd
LOVETT J.M. 09/01/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
LOVITT H. 04/13/65 NC D,18th
LOWE James A. 03/11/65 GA F,12th
LOWE John D. 05/03/65 GA E,Cobb's Legion
LOWE William 09/05/64 NC D,24th
LOWRY Calvin 08/30/64 SC Cor.,K,6th
LOYD B. 10/20/64 NC G,28th
LOYD James 12/30/64 NC I,1st
LUCAS J. F. 04/11/65 NC F,10th
LUCAS John H. 05/30/65 VA Cor.,D,5th
LUCKEY David 02/28/65 NC G,52nd
LUMLEY William 10/11/64 NC G,7th
LUMPSFORD Joseph A. 01/23/65 NC Cor.,H,24th
LYLE Henry H. 10/03/64 NC F,43rd
LYLE James 12/10/64 SC D,17th
LYNCH Elijah 09/11/64 NC K,1st
LYNCH G. W. 09/16/64 SC I,26th
LYNN F. C. 12/12/64 AL BD,1st Bat,Art.
LYNN James W. 10/16/64 VA G,12th,Cav.
LYONS C. T. 03/02/65 GA G,7th,Cav.
Joyce, in addition to my gggrandfather JJ (John James) Johnson , grave  #2210 WNC , mislabeled as d. 12/16/64 , SC G,55th(should be : d.
16Feb1865, SC I, 25th)
Re: George Farr email 14Mar2005, I see two other  errors in your online Elmira burials. Richburg, R. D. should be Richburg, B. D., and there was no Tobias, John S. in I, 25th SC. It is probably either  Tobias, J. W. or Tobias, J. Henry, both of whom were in I, 25th SC and captured and sent to Elmira. I am related to both  Richburg and Tobias. Memoirs of the War of Secession by Brig Gen  Johnson Hagood CSA has complete roster of Hagood's Brigade. Both The  21st and 25th Regiments were captured in total on the evening of 15Jan1865 at Fort Fisher, Wilmington, NC. and sent to Elmira.
Is there a roster of Elmira prisoners who survived and were sent back home at the end of the war? Based on my research thus far, I believe my ggrandfather's two brothers Johnson, Daniel and Johnson, FM(Francis Marion) were also in Elmira and survived as well as Anderson, William who later married my gggrandfather's widow. I go to NH every year to beat the heat down here in the low country (Pawleys Island SC) and would like to stop off in Elmira to look at such records -if they  exist. Also, if my gggrandfather's marker is in fact mislabeled, who do  I contact to get it corrected?
yours truly, Virgil A. Johnson
May 2006
Hi there....I wanted to email you and let you know that on your death listings for the prison camp the entry above should be William LUFFMAN 11/29/64 from NC.  He was my 4 g g-pa and I knew he died there in the prison camp, but didn't have the date.  Thanks for all the folks that may have participated in the project to create this website.  It's wonderful!

Annette (Leffman) Spaulding

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