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Civil War Prison Camp, Elmira, Chemung County, New York
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Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War) 
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Surname First Name Deathdate State Inscrip/notes(Rank,Co,Rgt/Bat,Type)
CADE Bonger 10/29/64 VA B,15th
CAIN Joshua 04/20/65 NC I,36th
CAIN N. 07/15/64 VA Pegram's,Batt'y
CALDWELL David 02/27/65 VA E,45th
CALDWELL William T. 12/29/64 AL A,21st
CALHOUN Hugh C. 02/08/65 NC F,18th
CALHOUN N. 09/14/64 SC F,Holcombe Legion
CALL James H. 12/10/64 NC L,13th
CALLAWAY J.C. 04/08/65 NC I,52nd
CALLEHAN C. 07/17/64 C,10th,Cav.
CALLIHAN William J. 03/14/65 NC B,36th,2 Art.
CALVIN John 12/17/64 GA F,23rd
CAMERON R.F. 12/23/64 SC B,4th,Cav.
CAMERON William R. 03/12/65 AL B,6th
CAMPBELL A.P. 03/22/65 NC H,30th
CAMPBELL Allen J. 01/03/65 AL F,1st,Art.
CAMPBELL C.E. 02/19/65 NC B,36th 
CAMPBELL Colin 03/02/65 NC G,40th
CAMPBELL D.D. 03/09/65 NC B,36th
CAMPBELL Eugene 01/10/65 LA F,1st,Cav.
CAMPBELL George  12/07/64 TN A,14th
CAMPBELL James 10/05/64 GA B,44th
CAMPBELL John 07/15/64 LA I,3rd
CAMPBELL John N. 08/29/65 NC K,25th
CAMPBELL Leonard 03/28/65 NC B,18th
CAMPBELL Thomas 01/04/65 NC G,53rd
CAMPBELL W.A. 01/05/65 NC G,24th
CANNON James 04/10/65 NC G,40th
CANNON R.J. 03/09/65 NC K,25th
CANTRELL George W. 12/12/64 NC E,45th
CANUP Miles A. 11/02/64 NC K,8th
CAPE Enoch A. 02/09/65 GA A,24th
CAPPS Charles 06/30/65 NC E,1st
CAPPS John M. 01/01/65 NC E,1st
CAPPS W.C. 01/27/65 AL L,3rd
CARDWELL James 09/05/64 VA G,26th
CARDWELL Joseph B. 10/20/64 VA C,26th
CARLISLE Dennis 09/29/64 NC D,51st
CARLTON G.W. 02/06/65 NC G,18th
CARLTON J.B. 09/18/64 GA F,16th
CARMAN John 02/05/65 AL E,12th
CARMICHAEL J.D. 03/30/65 SC L,21st
CARMONCHE Alcide 12/12/64 LA K,2nd,Cav.
CARNES Jonas 04/17/65 SC E,22nd
CARNEY Matthew V. 12/18/64 MO Cor.,F,1st,Cav.
CARPENTER Jonas 10/18/64 NC D,1st,Bat.
CARPENTER Levi 03/01/65 NC Cor.,I,37th
CARPENTER Peter H. 03/03/65 NC D,12th
CARRAWAY J.H. 11/24/64 SC K,23rd
CARROLL Haywood 03/25/65 NC G,36th
CARROLL Henry W. 02/07/65 VA D,Hood'S,Bat.
CARROLL J.A. 05/16/65 NC G,36th
CARROLL James 03/09/65 NC K,40th 
CARROLL Joel G. 03/10/65 NC G,36th
CARROLL L.W. 05/09/65 NC E,45th
CARROLL S. 03/23/65 VA C,15th,Cav.
CARROLL W.J. 01/29/65 VA I,15th,Cav.
CARSON Henry  03/18/65 NC H,23rd
CARSON James L. 02/21/65 SC B,1st.H.Art.
CARSON John M. 09/02/64 NC K,25th
CARTER C.L. 08/12/64 NC F,5th
CARTER James M. 10/11/64 FL K,5th
CARTER Joseph R.P. 10/17/64 SC F,14th
CARTER Richard 01/23/65 NC C,42nd
CARTER Samuel 01/26/65 VA B,49th
CARTER Thomas P. 04/12/65 VA F,50th
CARY J.W. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
CASEY Benjamin D. 02/28/65 NC G,40th
CASEY James A. 10/11/64 VA B,48th
CASH Green 12/18/64 NC A,24th
CASHWELL N. 03/06/65 NC H,13th
CASON Henry 12/19/64 LA B,3rd,Cav.
CASTNER J.P. 09/22/64 NC G,32nd
CATON Elijah 02/26/65 NC D,53rd
CAUTHORN W.J. 02/26/65 NC I,15th 
CAVANAUGH John 12/05/64 VA Sgt.,E,51st
CECIL James L. 09/23/64 VA F,29th
CENTER C.O. 07/15/65 NC H,52nd
CHAMBERS James M. 02/22/65 TX E,7th
CHAMBERS Pleasant 12/10/64 TN I,44th
CHAMBLISS David 02/18/65 AL E,1st,Art.
CHANCY S. 09/28/64 SC I,27th
CHANDLER George H. 10/06/64 NC H,24th
CHAPMAN A.A. 04/18/65 SC I,18th
CHAPMAN George W. 06/09/65 AL B,1st,Bat.,Art.
CHAPMAN Israel 10/24/64 VA H,23rd
CHAPMAN P.H. 02/27/65 VA D,42nd
CHAPMAN R. 09/29/64 NC H,34th
CHAPMAN Thomas 04/26/65 NC F,8th
CHAPMAN W.S 12/08/64 AL G,8th
CHARLES Andrew 09/09/64 NC F,3rd
CHATHAM F.M 03/24/65 GA C,7th,Cav.
CHEEK Nathaniel W. 12/01/64 NC B,1st
CHERRY Oliver 08/23/65 NC Sgt.,B,32nd
CHEWING J.S.M. 12/12/64 VA D,26th
CHRISTIAN Merry 03/13/65 GA H,8th
CHURCH Calvin 12/09/64 NC G,20th
CHURCH T.G 03/19/65 NC K,5th,Art.
CHURCH Thomas A. 12/23/64 TN A,1st,Art.
CLAMPS W.C.C. 03/20/65 NC E,1st,Art.
CLANCY Patrick 09/26/64 LA B,14th
CLANTON D.C. 01/21/65 GA H,7th,Cav.
CLANTON Francis 05/24/65 NC B,37th
CLAPP John 12/05/64 NC E,1st 
CLARK Archibald 09/12/64 NC A,48th
CLARK B.C. 03/08/65 NC I,31st
CLARK Benjamin  10/08/64 NC F,31st
CLARK Henry C. 09/30/64 VA B,20th
CLARK John A. 04/19/65 NC K,8th
CLARK John E. 11/07/64 VA K,26th
CLARK W. 09/02/64 SC H,18th
CLARKE Jasper N. 04/11/65 GA E,Cobb's Legion
CLAYTON C.M. 10/06/64 NC D,8th
CLAYTON F.R. 03/23/65 SC F,25th
CLAYTON J.W. 12/31/64 AL I,7th,Cav.
CLAYTON William T. 01/08/65 FL Goodwin's Co.,Mil.
CLEGG Franklin 09/30/64 VA H,26th
CLEGHORN W.R. 05/19/65 GA D,16th
CLEM James 10/10/64 VA H,Imboden's, Sgl Gd.
CLEMENTS B.B. 03/08/65 VA F,38th
CLEPPER Henry 11/11/64 TN A,14th
CLIFFORD W.G. 05/12/98 NC G,5th
CLIFTON Riley 03/21/65 VA K,48th
CLIMBELL John F. 03/16/65 VA H,26th
CLINE Henry B. 05/28/65 NC E,4th,Cav.
CLODFELTER Henry 10/24/64 NC H,14th
CLOWER Joseph G. 09/18/64 GA E,64th
CLOWER Noah L. 08/08/64 AL G,61st
COATES Cornelius R. 03/10/65 VA B,26th
COBB C.H. 03/26/65 NC D,1st
COBB Stephen C. 04/09/65 MS K,12th
COCHRAN A.W. 03/08/65 SC I,25th
COCHRAN Elijah P. 03/01/65 NC F,26th,2Art.,S.T.
COCHRAN John 09/22/64 NC A,28th
COCHRAN Robert J. 03/01/65 NC F,36th,2Art.,S.T.
COFFEE James 10/14/64 VA I,50th
COGGIN J.J. 07/05/65 NC H,36th
COGGIN James W. 01/17/65 NC H,32nd
COGHILL M.T. 09/02/64 NC D,8th
COKER Asa 09/25/64 SC I,1st,Art.
COKER J.S.  12/10/64 SC I,4th,Cav.
COKER William B. 02/13/65 NC E,31st
COLE E.W. 09/19/64 SC I,Holcombe Legion
COLEMAN Daniel 12/10/64 NC D,33rd
COLEMAN Issac M. 11/12/64 SC C,22nd
COLEMAN J.D. 04/21/65 NC E,36th
COLEMAN Jacob 12/24/64 TN F,63rd
COLEMAN Thomas 01/27/65 GA G,3rd
COLES C.W. 09/28/64 VA Cor.,H,5th,Cav
COLEY George 08/01/64 NC C,42nd
COLEY I. A. 03/13/65 NC C,42nd
COLEY J.M. 04/07/65 NC I,8th
COLEY W.M. 03/05/65 NC D,5th
COLEY Wesley 06/10/65 NC I,43rd
COLLET William 02/18/65 NC G,5th
COLLINS C. 08/07/64 NC I,53rd
COLLINS Dallas 01/20/65 NC G,1st
COLLINS Jasper N. 09/24/64 NC I,53rd
COLLINS John R. 11/19/64 VA F,5th
COLLINS P.A. 04/11/65 SC C,4th
COLLINS R. H. 02/09/65 SC L,22nd
COLLINS S. I. 09/18/64 GA I,14th
COLLINS W.S. 03/22/65 TX E,Waller's Bat.,13 Cav.
COLTON A. S. 03/31/65 NC Citizen of NC
CALVIN John 01/19/65 GA A,53rd
CONE John T. 06/04/65 NC C,1st
CONLON J. 09/22/64 SC K,27th
CONNELL  J.W. 03/03/65 GA A,7th,Cav.
CONNELLY William C. 02/16/65 NC F,18th
CONNOR Nathan F. 09/21/64 VA B,42nd
COOK Henry C. 04/26/65 NC A,5th
COOK J.W. 01/04/65 GA F,12th Bat.,Lt.Art.
COOK James C. 04/06/65 TN K,63rd
COOK Jesse 11/20/64 GA H,64th
COOK Joel R. 03/30/65 VA L,4th
COOK W.D. 03/29/65 SC C,25th
COOK W. S. 08/30/64 NC Sgt.,I,7th
COOK Young H. 08/20/64 NC I,25th
COONEY Thomas 09/07/64 AL I,61st
COOPER C. H. 03/19/65 NC C,36th
COOPER Franklin 10/28/64 NC C,42nd
COOPER H. B. 07/25/65 NC D,36th
COOPER J. R. 09/02/64 GA I,7th,Cav.
COOPER M.W. 02/22/65 AL E,9th
COOPER Reuben H. W. 02/16/65 GA C,9th
COOPER W.J. 11/05/64 SC G,7th
COPELAND Barnabas 09/20/64 TN D,25th
CORBIN Edward 05/23/65 SC D,11th
CORBIN Philip 03/24/65 VA Citizen of VA
CORDER D.A. 07/04/65 SC D,17th
CORDER John 10/01/64 NC G,28th
CORNELIUS John W. 08/21/64 NC C,33rd
CORNELIUS W. P. 03/22/65 VA L,55th
COMM J.T. 04/08/65 NC G,45th
COTTLER L. D. 02/02/65 NC G,3rd
COUCH J.A. 02/12/65 SC E,18th
COUCH William D. 11/16/64 GA C,Phillips Legion
COUGHTON O. 02/24/65 NC H,10th
COUNCIL J.S. 11/17/64 NC B,37th
COUNTERS C. 11/11/64 VA E,50th
COURTNEY W. C. 02/20/65 VA I,10th
COX Daniel D. 03/07/65 VA I,21st
COX Isaac B. 03/21/65 NC E,36th
COX John M. 09/02/64 NC H,28th
COX Peter B. 04/16/65 NC B,31st
COX Thomas 01/27/65 VA E,50th
COZZENS R. W. 03/19/65 NC D,13th Bat.,Art.
COZZENS T. F. 04/06/65 NC D,13th Bat.,Art.
CRABTREE Albert M. 02/21/65 TN Cor.,B,23rd
CRABTREE Gaston C. 11/01/64 NC C,22nd
CRAFT Frederick 04/12/65 NC A,35th
CRAFT George W. 05/18/65 AL C,6th
CRAIG Leslie C. 10/06/64 GA C,9th
CRAVEN Benjamin 02/18/65 NC H,3rd
CRAVEN Thomas 12/02/64 SC I,11th
CRAWFORD Joseph H. 09/07/64 VA F,26th Bat.,Rgt.
CRAWFORD Mathias 03/12/65 NC F,10th
CRAWFORD William E.D. 03/07/65 SC G,25th
CREACH D. L. 06/03/65 SC F,21st
CREAMER Adam 05/18/65 VA F,25th
CREEKMORE Alex 0. 09/26/64 VA F,15th
CREEKMORE M. 09/22/64 VA F,15th
CREESE R.J. 04/28/65 NC Sgt.,K,8th
CREPPS J. 02/27/65 NC E,5th
CRESS John A. 09/16/64 NC G,7th
CRESSEL M. 02/20/65 TN F,63rd
CREWS M. L. 10/09/64 GA G,7th, Cav.
CRISWELL Jacob D. 08/27/64 NC C,57th
CROCKER W. D. 03/25/65 Smn.,Ram Albmarle, CSN
CRONE James 09/05/64 VA A,26th,Bat.
CROSBY J.N. 09/26/64 MS B,48th
CROUCH John 10/26/64 NC I,2nd
CROUCH T. B. 05/08/65 GA D,8th
CROWDER Lucanus 10/04/64 NC H,31st
CROWNOVER Joseph 12/30/64 AL C,1st Bat.,Art.
CRUSE Asa 09/21/64 VA G,42nd
CRUTCHFIELD R. F. 01/30/65 GA E,7th,Cav.
CULBERTH D.M. 02/21/65 NC B,36th
CULLIN James 10/23164 AL C,61st
CUMBEE B. 03/18/65 NC D,36th,Art.
CUMBEE Solomon 04/12/65 NC D,36th,Art.
CUNNINGHAM Adam 09/18/64 VA E,4th
CUNNINGHAM W. J. 03/26/65 KY E,2nd
CUPP Jesse 09/18/64 VA F,7th,Cav.
CURRIE N. R. 05/14/65 SC F,21st
CURRIN Wyatt 02/13/65 NC I,23rd
CURRY George 11/07/64 GA F,48th
CURRY Sam 11/14/64 FL G,9th
CURRY William H. 02/23/65 VA F,50th
CURTIS Hiram L. 11/21/64 LA G,3rd
CURTIS Samuel 02/23/65 NC K,38th
CUTCHIN W. T. 03/11/65 NC F,36th
CYPHERS Aaron 09/25/64 VA E,50th
DAILEY Benjarrin F. 03/04/65 NC G,40th
DALE James C. 03/27/65 NC D,36th 
DALTON Nicholas 01/13/65 VA H,42nd
Dame 11 John M. 09/22/64 GA B,12th
DANCY J.M. 01/03/65 NC G,18th
DANIEL Elisha 01/25/65 GA I,12th
DANIEL Henry 04/17/65 NC F,10th (1 Art),S.T.
DANIEL James H. 08/12/64 NC G,8th
DANIEL M.E. 03/28/65 NC G,36th
DANIEL W. W. 09/05/64 NC I,12th
DANIEL William 12/25/64 FL A,1st
DANIELS James W. 10/17/64 FL K,8th
DANIELS L. 04/14/65 SC B,15th,Cav.
DANNELLY James W. 02/14/65 GA G,12th
DANTZLER D.M. 02/20/65 SC Sgt.,F,25th
DANTZLER David W. 04/01/65 SC G,25th
DARDEN Daniel 04/02/65 NC C,3rd
DARING I. S. 05/20/65 SC E,11th
DARNELL M.V. 03/28/65 VA Sgt.,C,48th
DAVID  John W. 02/15/65 GA C,Cobb's Legion
DAVIDSON F. L. 12/15/64 AL A,Cav.
DAVIDSON J. T. 05/10/65 NC D,1st Bat.
DAVIDSON James 09/11/64 VA I,Hood's Bat.
DAVIDSON Oscar 12/12/64 TX G,34th,Cav.
DAVIDSON W. 09/25/64 NC E,18th
DAVIS Alexander 02/18/65 NC H,36th,(2 Art),S.T.
DAVIS Alpheus L. 11/26/64 NC G,2nd
DAVIS Amos L. 03/28/65 NC I,36th,(2 Art),S.T.
DAVIS Benjamin 01/24/65 VA B,6th,Cav.
DAVIS Burwell 02/09/65 NC C,66th
DAVIS D. D. 02/07/65 NC K,43rd
DAVIS Drury T. 03/27/65 NC F,1st
DAVIS Ervin A. 02/01/65 NC D,57th
DAVIS Frank H. 11/07/64 TN H,63rd
DAVIS H. 05/26/65 NC I,25th
DAVIS Henry E. 10/31/64 VA H,15th,Cav.
DAVIS J. P. 11/30/64 TN Cor.,H,63rd
DAVIS John D. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
DAVIS L. A. 04/10/65 LA G,15th
DAVIS Meridith C. 12/20/64 NC A,1st
DAVIS Nathaniel S. 10/13/64 GA I,18th
DAVIS Robert 02/12/65 NC A,8th
DAVIS S.J. 12/14/64 VA Cor.,A,24th
DAVIS Thomas J. 10/08/64 GA H,9th
DAVIS William D. 08/16/64 NC B,45th
DAVIS William H. 04/27/65 NC C,36th
DAVIS Willis D.M. 06/04/65 AL C,1st
DAWKINS J. T. 08/23/64 SC D,17th
DAWSON J. B. 04/24/65 NC I,18th
DAWSON W. W. 10/10/64 VA F,50th
DAWSON William S. 03/17/65 NC H,45th
DAY Benjamin S. 12/06/64 LA A,Nelligan's,1Rgt.
DAY Eli 04/21/65 NC A,4th
DAY F.M. 08/28/64 NC A,24th
DEAL David L. 04/10/65 NC Sgt.,G,37th,Troops
DEAL M.M. 04/20/65 NC A,12th
DEALL Peter H. 02/15/65 VA C,22nd
DEAN  Dempsey 01/13/65 NC E,7th
DEAN John 01/27/65 AL A,1st Bat.,Art.
DEANS Daniel O. 08/23/64 Citizen
DECK G. W. 09/16/64 TN F,63rd
DEERMAN H. 02/27/65 VA I,50th
DEES J. A. 02/27/65 NC B,26th
DELOACH Nelson 03/04/65 SC I,25th
DENNIS J.H. 03/29/65 VA A,6th,Cav.
DENTON S.J. 02/03/65 TN F,63rd
DERMING Francis 12/15/64 MS A,10th,Cav.
DERRING John 12/13/64 MS K,42nd
DESHOZO James M. 03/18/65 AL C,16th
DEVER N. H. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
DEVINNEY Robert 12/04/64 NC G,12th
DIAL Jacob 03/19/65 SC F,21st
DIAMOND G.W. 12/10/64 NC F,45th
DICKENS J. 03/18/65 NC Sgt.,F,36th
DICKINS  W. B. 03/23/65 NC K,1st
DICKINSON Samuel H. 01/03/65 VA E,25th
DICKINSON William M. 12/18/64 SC D,18th
DICKSON K. 02/24/65 GA B,7th,Cav.
DIDDY James R. 04/05/65 NC E,53rd
DIGGS W. Riley 11/26/64 NC B,31st
DILLAHAY John T. 12/10/64 NC A,24th
DILLON J.H. 12/11/64 NC L,21st
DILLON Robert 09/07/64 AL G,6th
DILLON S. 08/15/64 VA B,58th
DINAN Cornelius 08/14/64 SC H,27th
DINGUS Jasper W. 01/14/65 VA Sgt.,A,5th
DIXON James 09/25/64 GA E,7th,Cav.
DIXON James D. 03/28/65 NC A,1st,Cav.
DIXON William 03/17/65 NC I,18th
DOBBS William U. 11/08/64 AL A,21st
DOBSON Charles 01/03/65 SC E,11th
DODD Thomas A. 03/12/65 GA A,24th
DODDRIDGE W. 04/17/65 NC H,32nd
DOLITTLE B. 10/30/64 SC K,1st
DONALD Robert A. 10/27/64 VA H,4th
DONNEGAN Ashley 02/28/65 NC F,3rd
DOOLEY Jackson H. 09/09/64 VA AB,25th
DORKINS W. C. 09/04/64 SC G,17th
DORMAN John 09/09/64 NC E,8th
DOUGH John C. 11/22/64 NC B,8th
DOUGH Thomas T. 04/02/65 NC B,8th
DOUGHERTY Charles L. 01/31/65 GA D,3rd Bat,S.S.
DOUGHTIE Aipheus P. 02/24/65 NC C,3rd,Art.
DOUGHTRY William M. 01/18/65 VA Sgt,I,61st
DOUGLASS D. E. 09/25/64 GA E,7th,Cav.
DOUGLASS Henry 04/02/65 SC D,21st,Art.
DOUGLASS James W 10/13/64 TN I,14th
DOUGLASS John F. 12/11/64 TX G,2nd,Cav.
DOUGLASS W. W. 02/17/65 SC B,1st,Rif.
DOVER Muston H. 04/25/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
DOWDY R. C. 09/24/64 NC D,61st
DOWDY William A. 10/10/64 VA A,58th
DOWDY William E. 03/12/65 NC G,31st
DOWDY William H. 10/19/64 VA G,3rd,Cav.
DOWNES J. 10/19/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
DOWNING Valentine 04/05/65 NC F,3rd
DOXY John V. 11/13/64 NC B,8th
DOYLE Jacob 09/18/64 VA B,31st
DOYLE John 03/03/65 VA G,31st
DOYLE Joseph H. 09/28/64 VA A,24th
DOZIER J. F. 03/08/65 NC E,36th
DRAKE H. 02/15/65 NC H,6th
DREW James F. 02/27/65 Marine
DRUMMOND W.H. 09/19/64 GA F,18th
DRY J.A. 03/14/65 NC H,8th
DUDLEY Sampson 05/26/65 NC A,36th
DUKE G. L. 11/26/64 LA Citizen of LA
DUKE H.M. 04/30/65 TN A,23rd
DUKE Martin V. 06/23/65 AL C,3rd 
DUKE William P. 01/28/65 AL F,1st,Art.
DUNCAN George W. 01/14/65 SC Cor.,F,Holcombe Legion
DUNCAN J.J. 03/30/65 NC F,36th
DUNCAN James 09/29/64 VA C,46th
DUNCAN John 11/14/64 GA Sgt.,E,24th
DUNCAN Noah 01/13/65 VA C,50th
DUNCAN Robert 12/12/64 NC G,45th
DUNN F. H. 04/09/65 NC D,40th
DUNN George 12/01/64 NC K,30th
DUNN Thomas J. 09/11/64 VA C,Youngs Bat.,1st Rgt
DYER James 01/16/65 VA E,6th,Cav.

Subj:  Elmira Prison
Date:  5/23/2003 4:54:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Libby Rich)

I just returned from Elmira and visited the Woodlawn National Cemetery thanks to the wonderful research we found on this website.  Finally, after
several months of looking, my son found our relative's name in your website and that he was buried in the cemetery there. He is listed as A.S. Colton,
but actually his real name is Alexander S. Coltrane.  He is my great-great grandfather.  Brian McCade at the cemetery was most helpful.  Thank you for all your work.  I am trying to find out more about my relative as to why he was a prisoner,etc.  We do not have any information, nor is there anyone we know of to talk with about this.  Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thought you might be interested to know that I now live in Alexander Coltrane's house, parts of it built in 1850's. Sincerely, Libby Rich, CSR

Subj:  D.M Dantzler-death
Date:  08/01/2003 12:07:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Harleyd1805
To:  JoyceTice

My name is Linda Dantzler LeMaster. I  Iive in Florence, S.C. In researching my family, I came across the fact that my great-grandfaher had been a prisoner in Elmira and had died there. This is simply to inform you that his name was Benjamin M. Dantzler.  He is listed as "D" M. Dantzler.  Thank you so much for helping to prepare this information.
                                           Sincerely Yours,
                                               Linda D. LeMaster 

I was born and grew up in North Carolina but have lived since 1960 in Syracuse. For the first time, my daughter and I visited the Confederate cemetery at Elmira last month and found the two ancestors we, through her genealogical research, knew were buried there: W.G. Clifford and William Collet. One thing jumped out from the alphabetical list of burials on your excellent Elmira prison camp pages. The date of death for Clifford, W.G. is entered as 05/12/98. I'm sure the 98 should be either 65 or 64. The entry for Collet, William, brother-in-law of Cliffford, W.G., is 02/18/65. Perhaps someone was entering the information in 1998 and typed that year instead of the 1864 or '65 it should be. It was a moving experience to see the graves. I grew up with  the family story that of two Collets and two Cliffords, three died at  Gettysburg and one made it back home. One did indeed die at Gettysburg  and one return to North Carolina. Surely family members knew about that  two died at POWs at Elmira, but we never heard about it.

Louise W. Laughton 

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