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Stevens Cemetery 2009
Pike Township, Bradford County, PA


Photo of Stevens Cemetery by Lyle Rockwell


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Name of Cemetery:  Stevens Cemetery
Read By:  Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:   4-Apr-09
GPS Coordinates: N41 - 49.193, W76 - 10.282
Typed By:   Lyle Rockwell
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2009
Location:  From downtown LeRaysville, Pike Township, Bradford County, PA, go south on Rte 467 for one mile, turn left on SR1013 Davis Rd. for 1/2 mile. Cemetery on right side.
Other comments:  Cemetery was read on south side of driveway first, then complete back row proceeding to front rows. "Astericks" In comments indicate message is from tombstone. I have a digital picture of each tombstone.
  Contact me at (Notes in these brackets are my information from research)
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Williams John R. 5/8/1935     M/SGT
  Maria 11/20/1928     Same stone as John R. Williams
Casselbury Linda J. 9/1/1946     Same stone as Robert L. Casselbury
Casselbury Robert L. 12/27/1947 4/22/2007   "Married Aug 7, 1970"
Bowen Matthew D. 12/15/1982 8/13/2007   "Live life to the fullest as did I, know like an Eagle, I still fly. My time with you was short I know. But I'll be there wherever you go." - Jenella
Russell Shirley A. 10/13/1938     Same stone as E. Preston Russell
Russell E. Preston 4/25/1934     "Married Sept 30, 1955"
Lockwood Sandra A. 9/4/1957     "Same stone as Patrick B. Lockwood"
Lockwood Patrick B. 8/5/1957 6/26/2004   "Married June 25, 1983"
Canfield Stephen B. 10/19/1838 11/16/1911   "Co. B 141 Pa. Vol."
White Louisa 3/25/1841 6/22/1907   "His wife" Same stone as Stephen B. Canfield
Canfield Vinnie C. Gary /1873 /1913   Same stone as Stephen & Louisa Canfield
Canfield George C. /1860 /1927    
Canfield Evelyn R. /1862     "His Wife" Same stone as George C. Canfield
Canfield Mildred R. /1898 1915   "Their Dau." Same stone as George C. & Evelyn R. Canfield
Allen William H. /1864 1935    
Fassett Ida /1871 1912   "His Wife" Same stone as William H. Allen
Fassett Albert D. /1834 1925    
Canfield Deborah  1834 1915   "His Wife" Same stone as Albert D. Fassett
Brink  Fay L. /1879 1937    
Cole Daisy  1890 1962   Same stone as Fay L. Brink
Brink  Leonard M. 1843     "Co. C 50 Pa. Vol."
  Hattie J. 1847 1910   "His Wife" Same stone as Leonard M. Brink
Howell Lilburn B. 1871 1937   Large Howell stone between Lilburn & Nellie's separate stones
Huber Nellie  1870 1925   "Wife of Lilburn B. Howell"
Reynolds Eugene 1852 1934    
  Emma P. 5/19/1859 5/07/1893   "Wife of Eugene Reynolds"
Canfield Stewart C. 10/24/1832 3/26/1901    
  Orinda 11/11/1837     "His Wife" Same stone as Stewart C. Canfield. No death date for Orinda
Allen William  4/08/1831 10/16/1909    
Blair Ellen 7/31/1838 3/7/1906   "His Wife" Same stone as William Allen
  Ralph L. 1919 /1922   "Son" Stone is next to W. Earl & Lena B. Lines on South end
Lines W. Earl 1886 /1935    
Lines Lena B. 1889 1977   Same stone as W. Earl Lines
  Joseph R. 1914 /1987   "Son" Stone is next to W. Earl & Lena B. Lines on North end
McMann J. Edward 1899 /1981    
McMann Marguerite L. 1911 1994   Same stone as J. Edward McMann
Coolbaugh Leslie G. 1885 1927   Leslie G., Roger C., & Lulu A. are on same stone
Coolbaugh Roger C. 1914 1935    
Coolbaugh Lulu A. 1890 1961    
Coolbaugh King E. 1910 1970   Small stone next to Leslie G., Roer C., & Lulu A. Coolbaugh stone
Rogers Levi N. 1879 1973    
Moore Helen 1879 1930   "His Wife" Same stone as Levi N. Rogers
Rogers Carrie F. 11/14/1880 1/1/1955   Stone is next to Levi N. & Helen Moore Rogers stone
Rogers Floyd A.  1904 1946    
Rogers Ruth M. 1904 1950   Same stone as Floyd A. Rogers & next to Levi N. & Helen Moore Rogers
Rogers Merwin E. 5/13/1911 7/8/1984   "S-Sgt U.S. Army World War II & Korea" Military bronze plate
Hutchinson Stephen S. 4/18/1831 3/30/1900    
Stephens Martha A. 9/06/1837 1/28/1912   "His Wife" Same stone as Stephen S. Hutchinson
Warner F. Giden   9/24/1876    
Canfield O.G. 1825 /1902    
Canfield Juliaette 1822 /1899   "His Wife" Same stone as O.G. Canfield
Canfield Noble   12/25/1892 90 yrs.  
  Lucy   8/17/1879 76y "His Wife" Same stone as Noble Canfield
Camp Sylvester 8/19/1837 6/18/1912    
  Libbie E.   10/24/1893 29 yrs. "Daughter of S. & M.E. Camp" Same stone as Sylvester Camp
  Grace   3/03/1897 21 yrs "Daughter of S. & M.E. Camp" Same stone as Sylvester Camp
  Frank M.   8/31/1886 20 yrs. "Son of S. & M.E. Camp" Same stone as Sylvester Camp
Canfield Wilson E. 1840 1912    
  Adelia C. 1842     "His Wife" Same stone as Wilson E. Canfield
Goodell James H. 1839 1910    
Lemon Sarah J. 1841 1916   "His Wife" Same stone as James H. Goodell
  Harriett 1874 1952   "Dau." Same stone as James H. & Sarah J. Lemon Goodell 
Brink  Phebe 9/23/1820 10/12/1885 65y20d  
Vaughn Mary Brink   5/23/1894 71 yrs. Same stone as Phebe Brink
Brink  Betsy 7/7/1818 2/22/1885 66y7m15d  
Searle Caroline B. 3/28/1834 8/23/1895    
Corless Harry J. 1/27/1934 3/13/2007   "EMP3 US Navy Korea" Bronze military plate on back side of stone
Corless Harry J. 1/27/1934 3/13/2007   "Beloved Husband & Friend"
  Helen M. 12/15/1938     "Beloved Wife & Friend" Same stone as Harry J. Corless
Edsell Bernard J. 6/20/1925     "Best Parents"
  Alice H. 12/16/1924 10/28/2002   "Married June 30, 1945" Same stone as Bernard J. Edsell
Stevens Eunice       Stone Broken & in two pieces (B. abt 1801, wife of Isaac Lines)
Lines Isaac       Only top part of stone remains in concrete (B. abt 1790 CT.)
Lines Victoria L.   11/03/1881 43 yrs "Wife of J.B. Lines"
Lines Alice V.   4/30/1885 20 yrs "Daughter of J.B. V.L. Lines"
Lines J.B.        
Lines Joseph B. 1837 1915    
Brink  Arletta 1848 1929   "His Wife" Same stone as Joseph B. Lines
Brink  J. Roy 1891 1897   Same stone as Joseph B. & Arletta Brink Lines
Gage Mary A.   1/10/1884 17y/9m/2d "Dau. Of H.D. & Harriet N. Gage"
Baker Annie A. 6/28/1877   29y/6m/20d "Wife of James H. Baker"
Bennett Hypsabeth   3/06/1882 79y/3m/6d "Mother of H.D. Gage"
DeWolf Emiline   10/14/1870 51y/11m "Wife of Giles N. DeWolf"
Lott Cory D.   11/16/1887 29y/1m "Son of Geo. O. & Eliza C. Lott"
DeWolf Giles N. 6/14/1817 1/13/1902    
Canfield Wilson    3/15/1880 89y2m  
  Julia   9/18/1888 85y/3m "His Wife" Same stone as Wilson Canfield"
Canfield Fairchild   7/22/1869 83y/6m Stone broken but pieced together with metal strips
Canfield Amarilla   9/10/1867 76y/9m "Wife of Fairfield Canfield
Stevens S. Granville 1835 1908    
Hutchinson Adelaide 4/22/1840 2/16/1898   "Wife of S.G. Stevens" Same stone as S. Granville Stevens
Stevens Charles Granville 1869 1936    
Goodell Bessie 1875 1932   Same stone as Charles Granville Stevens
Powell Howel 1873 1957    
  Mattie J. 1871 1952   Same stone as Howel Powell
Powell Electra C. 1906 1989    
Powell George T. 1905 1987    
Powell Elsie K. 1942     (Death date is Feb. 11, 2009 from obit.)
  Clara Isabelle 1907 1921   No last name on tombstone
Stevens Hazel A. 7/26/1890 6/03/1897   "Our Darling"
Perkins Sally   6/08/1866 83y/2m/13d "Wife of Daniel Perkins"
Clark Abigail   6/1866   "Wife of David Clark"
Drinkwater Hannah   10/29/1876   "Wife of John Drinkwater" Stone is only 1/2 there
Bosworth J.F. 4/24/1810 12/09/1889    
Bosworth Ruth A. 5/18/1813 1902   Same stone as J.F. Bosworth
Blackman Cora E. 7/16/1858 1/22/1888   "Wife of G.W. Moore" Same stone as G.W. Moore
Moore G.W. 1847 1916   (First name is Guy)
McCracken George H.   9/10/1885 6y/4m "Son of J.W. & S.E. McCracken"
Coolbaugh Ransom W. 12/27/1819 11/20/1889    
Dibble Ebenezer   4/5/1919 86y  
  Emaline   6/28/1870 30y10m20d "Wife of Ebenezer Dibble" Same stone as Ebenezer Dibble
Dibble Phebe   2/10/1881 74y/11m "His Mother" Same stone as Ebenezer Dibble
  Lucy   3/8/1880   Stone is weathered and hard to read
DeWolf Elisha   7/16/1869 82yrs  
Bosworth Ellen    3/23/1864 26y/22d "Wife of L.A. Bosworth" "Loved one gone to rest"
Bosworth     2/07/1885 3y6m Weathered and hard to read
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 20 APR 2009
By Joyce M. Tice
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