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Checkerville Cemetery

South Creek Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos by Joyce M. Tice 13 May 2000
Pat and Dick at work

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Name of Cemetery:    Checkerville Cemetery
Read By:  Lynn Tinsley, Dick McCracken, Kelsey Jones, Ken Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 13. 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  South Creek Township, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: Nice cemetery, well kept, several Fieldstone Markers
Gardner Rhoda Barrett 1856 1931    
Gates Martha S. Feb.6.1923     w/o Rexford - BACK-Children: Thomas E. 1945; Patricia D. 
Gates Rexford M. Jun.8.1918 Jun.23.1995   Married Feb.3.1945 - Gov.Plaque on back-SSGT US Army WW2
Gates Herbert C. 1856 1934    
Gates Sarah A. 1856 1930   w/o Herbert C. Gates
Gillem Bertha L. Oct.26.1935     New Grave probably this year no death date
Gillem Elmer J. May 9.1925 Mar.10.1995   Married June 26. 1954 Same stone as Bertha L.
Gillem Florence M. May 22.1923 Dec.20.1992   Same stone as Alfred - Married Apr. 25. 1975
Gillem Alfred C. Apr.13.1923 Mar.1.1994   WW2 Flag - On back: Gov. Plaque Pvt. US Army WW2 Children: Ruth Joy 1953, Clayton A. 1956, Jay A. 1959, Dianna L. 1960
Gordon Ranney 1883 1949    
Gordon Adda E. 1884 1979   Same stone as Ranney
Gordon Cora B.   Apr.5.1897 15-2-10 d/o Randall & Elizabeth Gordon
Gordon James R. 1843 1915   Co. D 16th PA Vol. Cav. (GAR Marker)
Gordon Elizabeth 1847 1927   w/o James R.
Grace Newton A. Sep.26.1861 Feb.14.1929    
Grace Delma J. Mar.15.1866 Apr.8.1952    
Hagerman Minnie H. 1878 1926    
Hagerman Robert L. 1868 1925    
Hagerman Sarah G. 1869 1903    
Hakes Maggie 1874 1926    
Hakes Raymond 1895 1927    
Harkness Oakley 1905 1928    
Harkness Lilly 1879 1942    
Harkness Ralph 1874 1946    
Harkness Claude D. 1877 1943    
Harkness Ella M. 1883 1975   Same stone as Claude D.
Harkness Arthur D. 1880 1953   buried next to Emma Harkness
Harkness Emma 1884 1960    
Harkness Ethel Barnes 1891 1986 (?)    
Harkness Ezra E. 1847 1922    
Harkness Francis       Hiram Harkness obelisk
Harkness Francis E. Jun.13.1856 10m14d s/o Hiram & Lorinda Harkness
Harkness H. Roy 1882 1966    
Harkness Hannah M. Rolfe 1846 1927   w/o Ezra E. Harkness
Harkness Hiram Oct.28.1866 61-5-27   obelisk
Harkness Hiram Oct.23.1866 61-5-27   Hiram Harkness plot - note different date
Harkness Lorinda   Apr.12.1890 81-8-3 obelisk-w/o Hiram Harkness
Harkness Mary L.   1910    
Harkness Mortimer M. May.1.1843 May 6.1903    
Harkness Phebe Jun.22.1842 Sep.12.1923   buried next to Phebe Harkness
Harkness Silas   Jan.24.1844 16y 4m s/o Hiram & Lorinda Harkness
Harkness Silas   Jan.24.1844 16y 4m Hiram Harkness obelisk
Heckman Agnes P. 1878 1962    
Horning Nettie I. 1864 1931    
Horning Charles A. 1852 1935    
Howland Anna M. 1872 1936   w/o Herman L. Howland
Howland Herman L. 1870 Blank    
Huntley Frank L.       No dates
Huntley Mary J.       No dates w/o Frank L. Huntley
Huntley Isabella 1894 1908   Their daughter//Next stone says "MOTHER" 1854-1928
Huntley Beatrice I. 1909 1912   d/o Fred & Carrie E. Huntley
Huntley Dorothy Mae 1908 1908   d/o Fred & Carrie E. Huntley
Huntley Willie   Aug.19.1890 3-6-19 s/o Frank L. & Mary J. Huntley
Inman Joseph E. 1900 1949    
Inman Benjamin Sep.5.1810 Feb.18.1883    
Inman Salome A. Sep.20.1813 Feb. 1893   w/o Benjamin Same stone as Benjamin
Inman Lyman E. Oct.8.1852 May 17.1924   Same stone as Benjamin
Inman Clara Jan.5.1862 Mar.8.1940   w/o Lyman - same stone as Benjamin
Inman Alberta Aug.8.1870 Sep.26.1900   w/o Luman E. Inman
Inman B. L. 1836 1908    
Inman Joseph M. Jul.8.1845 Oct.20.1877   GAR Marker
Inman Linus W. 1874 1938    
Inman Luman E. Feb.29.1872 Mar.9.1902    
Inman Mary E. 1850 1940   w/o B. L. Inman
Inman (?) Luther       Co H. I Batl. US Inf.
Inman (?) Mary       Inmat plot
Jelliff Nora T. 1891 1936    
Jelliff Leon J. 1891      
Kempfer Arthur S. 1907 1975    
Kempfer Audrey F. 1910 1992    
Kinney Robert H. 1881 1918   "Our Dear"
Kinney Alice L. 1881 1925   "Our Dear"
Leonard Alexander   Mar.11.1895 78y 6m  
Leonard Angeline   Apr.5.1861   w/o R. E. Leonard
Leonard Blanch B. 1886 1976   w/o Paul R. Leonard
Leonard Lewis M. 1852 1920    
Leonard Lydia E. Dec.7.1860 Mar.14.1885    
Leonard Lydia E.   Mar.14.1885 24y 3m d/o Alex. & Lydia Elizabeth Leonard
Leonard Lydia Elizabeth   Sep.1.1885 55y 1m w/o Alex. Leonard
Leonard Paul R. 1882 1942    
Leonard R. E.   Dec.5.1896 42 yr  
Leonard Rosetta D. Dec.29.1856 Jan.9.1916    
Leonard Rosetta D. 1858 1926   w/o Lewis M. Leonard
Lewis Albert M.   Mar.3.1876 20y 2m  
Lewis Asa Jun.18.1913 Oct.12.1992   PFC US Army WWII bronze marker
Lewis Aurelia Williams 1857 1928   w/o Jud S. Lewis
Lewis B. F. Apr.24.1861 Blank    
Lewis Eugene H. 1863 1865   c/o G.M. & Nancy Lewis
Lewis Grant 1870 1954    
Lewis Hiram E.   Aug.17.1865 2y 4m same plot as Eugene H. Lewis 1863-1865
Lewis Joseph L. Apr.30.1830 Mar.15.1907    
Lewis Jud S. 1867 Blank    
Lewis Lawrence Mar.26.1911 Jul.8.1958   Pa Pvt Co A 7 Engr Tng BN WWII
Lewis Marie B. Jun.11.1910 Jan.13.1986   Delbert E. Lewis  
I beleive the yr is 1899 - 1960 OR 61 ?? 
Buried nest to Marie.
Lewis Minnie  1875 1961   w/o Grant Lewis
Lewis Montie 1866 1867   c/o G.M. & Nancy Lewis
Lewis Montie   Mar.24.1867 11m 7d same plot as Montie Lewis 1866-1867
Lewis Nancy 1829 1910   w/o George M. Lewis
Lewis Polly R. Jul.22.1852 Nov.3.1897   w/o Heman Lewis & former w/o Delbert Dickerson
Lewis Rita V. Nov.16.1878 May 13.1893   buried with Joseph & Sarah A. Lewis
Lewis Sarah A. Aug.20.1834 Feb.21.1924   w/o Joseph L. Lewis
Lewis Shelby 1859 1861   c/o G.M. & Nancy Lewis
Lewis Shelby   Sep.28.1861 2-8-26 same plot as Shelby Lewis 1859-1861
Lewis George M. 1822 1902    
Lewis (?) George 1890 1953   Buried next to Ethel Lewis - WW I marker
Lowrey Lucinda D.        
Lowrey Artie   Jan.27.1876 7m 27d s/o Charles L. & Lucinda Lowrey
Mason Grace Nov.27.1877 Apr.20.1878   c/o Walter & Maria Mason
Mason Hiram May 19.1808 Sep.13.1895   f/o James Mason
Mason James Sep.27.1835 Jul.5.1888    
Mason James H. 1863 1946    
Mason James H.   Feb.15.1900 Infant s/o James H. & Sarah J. Mason
Mason Jane Sep.17.1810 Jan.22.1887   w/o Hiram Mason
Mason Laura Dec.16.1868 Feb.12.1869   c/o Walter & Maria Mason
Mason Maria S. Nov.13.1842 Nov.13.1913   w/o Walter Mason
Mason Mary J. Aug.23.1838 Jul.15.1920   w/o James Mason
Mason Salome L. Mar.29.1872 Dec.22.1930   c/o Walter & Maria Mason
Mason Sarah J. 1862 1937   w/o James H. Mason
Mason Walter May 13.1838 May 5.1927    
McClelland Emily Mason Jan.17.1816 Mar.2.1904    
McKee Harriet 1830 1895   w/o John McKee
McKee John R. 1828 1899    
McKee Lizzie,Andy,Anna,William       children of John & Harriet McKee
Merrill Dan I.   Aug.21.1864 3y 13d c/o E.M. & Electa Merrill
Merrill Electa Berry Oct.14.1822 Aug.11.1902   w/o Enoch M. Merrill
Merrill Enoch M. Jan.7.1824 Jul.10.1901    
Merrill M. W.   Jun.19.1877 27 yr  
Merrill Shelby B.   Mar.2.1864 4-7-14 c/o E.M. & Electa Merrill
Miller Betsey Clark 1861 1937   w/o Emerson A. Miller
Miller Emerson A. 1863 1947    
Miller Fayne Arlene 1922 1926   d/o Larue & Ora Miller
Miller Larue Emerson 1900 1971    
Miller Ora I. Smith 1898 1973   w/o Larue Emerson Miller
Morley Addie A. 1870 1905    
Morley Earl C. 1872 1948    
Morley Leah       Infant daughter of Addie A. Morley
Mosher Mary A.   Oct.25.1880 62-6-15  
Mosher Daniel C. 1851 1922   "FATHER"
Mosher Lucy M. 1840 1923   "MOTHER"
Mosher Bertha 1876 1932    
Parmenter Genette   Aug.13.1881 27-10-15 w/o S. P. Parmenter
Patterson James S.   Jul.7.1862 3-2-2 s/o Joseph & Margaret Patterson
Patterson Ellen S.   Apr.11.1861 2 wks d/o Joseph & Margaret Patterson
Patterson J. K.   Jan.15.1876 52 yr  
Patterson Margaret   Aug.18.1874 47-3-9 w/o J.K.
Patterson Bertha A. Feb.21.1852 Dec.25.1913   w/o John W. Patterson
Patterson Infant   Nov.10.1872   d/o John & Bertha Patterson
Patterson Infant       s/o James & Mary Patterson
Patterson Isaac   Jan.11.1852 4-1-18 s/o James & Mary Patterson
Patterson James C/G Mar.8.1812 Mar.15.1887    
Patterson James S.   Jun.7.1873 48 yr buried next to Mary J. Patterson
Patterson Jennie E. 1868 1938   w/o Samuel C/G Patterson
Patterson John W. Nov.16.1849 Jun.16.1922    
Patterson Mary J. Mar.12.1812 Dec.25.1894   w/o James C/G Patterson
Patterson Samuel G/C 1859 1934    
Patterson William   Nov.11.1866 39 yr member of Co. D 89th Regt NYV GAR Marker
Phillips Agnes J. Jan.25.1868 Feb.6.1895   w/o Stephen Phillips
Phillips Merritt J. 1860 1909    
Phillips (?) Baby Marker        
Robbins Winifred 1881 1958    
Roblyer Guy G. 1892 1934    
Roe Elmer 1863 1930   "FATHER"
Roe Mary E. 1865 1902   "MOTHER"
Roe Harry W. 1890 1910   "SON"
Roe Julia 1894 1967   "DAUGHTER"
Rubert Charles R. 1848 1904    
Rumsey Fred A. 1887 1963    
Rumsey Daisy Mae 1889 1921   Same stone as Fred A.
Rumsey Lawrence C. 1911 1911    
Rumsey Gerald C. 1912 1913    
Russell Rev.Cecil A. Nov.9.1892 Jun.4.1986   WW I Flag-Gov. Plaque PVT US Army WW I
Russell Rev. Grace S. Feb.16.1904     w/o Rev. Cecil-Married July 10. 1929
Sherman Samuel E. 1867 1917   "FATHER"
Sherman Harry E.   1901    
Sherman William H. 1894 1941    
Shoemaker Mary E. Jun.30.1867 Feb.13.1900   w/o Cecil R. Shoemaker
Spear William R. Oct.10.1838 May 14.1907   GAR Marker
Spear Esther A. Sep.12.1848 Oct.24.1917   Same stone as William R.
Sykes Ferris G. Sep.16.1917 Sep.30.1989    
Sykes Beatrice E. Mar.1.1917      
Ward George V. Oct.29.1852      
Ward Alice Jun.17.1854 Nov.14.1912   w/o George V. Ward
Ward Hazel A. 1896 1988    
Ward Burley E. 1868 1945    
Ward Martha W. 1873 1939   Same stone as Burley E.
Ward Samuel C. 1915 1946    
Weber Hannah Feb.28.1760 Jun.28.1860   Age 100 years, 3 months, 28 days
Whipple Adeline 1852 1924   "MOTHER"
Whipple Clarence 1849 1932   "FATHER"
Whipple A. G. 1826 1909    
Whipple Clarabell 1889 1927    
Whipple Andrew 1885 1978    
Williams Almeda   Feb.5.1839 2-9-21 s/o James & Sally Williams
Williams Gilbert   May 6.1843   s/o James & Sally Williams
Williams Infant   Jan.19.1848   s/o James & Lavina Williams
Williams James Nov.3.1808 Jul.25.1881    
Williams Lavina Jan.18.1814 Feb.20.1875   2nd wife of James Williams
Williams Malissa   Jan.29.1855 22-6-23 d/o James & Sally Williams
Williams Phebe   Mar.1.1844 10m 11d d/o James & Sally Williams
Williams Sallie L. Mar.27.1845 Dec.8.1882   w/o Stephen E. Inman
Williams Sally   Apr.7.1844 32-10-1 w/o James Williams
Williams  Alma J. Apr.12.1849 Dec.13.1915   Same plot as James Williams
Williams (?) P.A.K.W.C.       same plot as James Williams
Woodard Willard C. Apr.15.1920 Oct.10.1983   Back: Gov. Plaque-TEC 5 US Army WW2
Woodard Eleanor I. Mar.3.1919      
Woodard Edith E. 1885 1931    
Woodard Charles G. 1881 1959   Same stone as Edith E. 
Woodard Pauline Jan.20.1927 Jan.22.1927    
Woodard Lawrence C.   1909   Baby-s/o Charles & Edith Woodard
Woodard Avonica C.   1908   d/o Charles & Edith Woodard
Woodard George Nov.16.1843 Aug.3.1921    
Woodard Almira Dec.1.1846 Aug.23.1900   MOTHER & FATHER stones on sides
Woodard Edith J. Aug.21.1883 Apr.7.1923    
Woodard Iva J. 1888 1934    
Woodard John G. 1885 1967    
Woodward Erastus B. 1844 1912    
Woodward Abigail R. 1847 1917   w/o Erastus B.
Woodward Archie M. 1870 1901   s/o Erastus & Abigail Woodward
Woodward Eliza A. Oct.28.1840 Oct.8.1908   w/o Philo B. Woodward
Woodward Philo B. Nov.8.1840 Oct.9.1917    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05/29/2000
By Joyce M. Tice