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Newspapers of the Area

Newspaper Histories Bradsby - Chapter Nineteen Craft - Chapter Fifteen Gazeteer 1860
1891 Elmira Directory 1874 Elmira Directory 1882 Elmira Directory

J. Kelsey Jones prepared the following write up of the availabilty of newspapers in Bradford, Tioga and Chemung Counties and some surrounding areas. 

The Millerton Advocate newspaper was first issued at Millerton, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, May 1876 (Elmira Star-Gazette newspaper clipping) or 26 April 1877 (History of Seven Counties) by A. C. Lumbard and his son, Frank M. A few scattered issues remain. Scattered obituaries in scrapbooks (J. Kelsey Jones has large collection, some indexed). 
 The Mansfield Advertiser is on microfilm from 1873 to 1911 and Nov 1929 to 1973 at Mansfield University, attn: Larry Nesbitt, Main Library 16933. Apr 1873 to 1887 at Steele Library in hard cover extract. 
Bradford Argus published at Towanda is on microfilm at Bradford County Library, Burlington. Vital records from 1863 to 1883 extracted by Edna Watson and are on index cards at library.

Bradford Reporter published at Towanda, Pennsylvania contained a series of township articles on early settlers in 1880's. These have been indexed and are at the Bradford County Historical Society, Towanda.

Bradford County Historical Society has other Bradford County newspapers. 

 The Troy newspapers published as Troy Register, Northern Tier Gazettee, Troy Gazette Register through years are on the second floor of the newspaper office on Canton Street in Troy in bound volumes. 1867-73, 1875-6, 1878-82, 1885-6, Dec 20, 1890 to July 27, 1895, Apr 11, 1896 to 1904, 1909, 1911, 1912 (Jan missing), 1913 onward are quite complete with some scattered issues missing. The Bradford County Historical Society also has May 1920 through parts of 1930. 1900 to present on microfilm at Bradford County Library in Burlington. Troy Banner from May 28,1846 to Nov 12,1846 on microfilm Green Library, Wellsboro and extracts at Steele Library; moved office in Nov 1846 to Wellsboro and became Tioga Banner. 
Tioga County Historical Society has Tioga County newspapers on microfilm. 
 Canton Sentinel Dec 16,1875 to Dec 31,1936 and Canton World from Jan 9,1909 to Aug 27,1915 on microfilm at Green Free Library, Canton. 
Elmira newspapers from July 1830 to present are on microfilm at Steele Library in Elmira, New York. These newspapers also contain births, death, and marriages for many residents of Bradford and Tioga Counties in Pennsylvania. Elmira newspaper vital records for Jul 1830 - Feb 1834, 1835 - Nov 1854, Jan 1867 - June 1868 extracted by Isabell Ridall. Copies at Steele Library in Elmira. 
 Benton Harbor Public Libary, 213 East Wall Street, Benton Harbor MI 49022 has 1868 to present newspapers. Also, Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library, 500 Market Street, St. Joseph MI 49085. 
 Marathon newspapers at Cortland County Historical Society – 4 reels of microfilm - June 1870 - Oct 1873, Jan 1881 - June 1884, Jul 1884 - Dec 1886, Jan 1887 - Dec 1888. 
 The Bainbridge Republican commenced 29 Apr 1871. Three month gap in early period due to illness. On microfilm at Guernsey Library, Norwich, New York. Quite complete thru end of 1875; missing issues thru 1908. 
 The Afton Eagle commenced Jan 1875. No known issues in existence. First issue of Afton Courier 8 Apr 1876. Few issues on microfilm. Became The Home Sentinel; few issues on microfilm in 1880. Changed to The Weekly Press, few issues on microfilm in 1880/2. Changed to The Afton Enterprise - on microfilm at Guernsey Library, Norwich, New York; Afton Library, Afton, New York and Chenango County Historical Society, Norwich, New York.
Email from a mail list user: The Reporter-journal started in 1885. (OCLC 11714785) I think originally the paper was called the Bradford Porter 1840 - 1843 (OCLC 10482355), then became the Bradford reporter 1843 - 1885. (OCLC 11031902) The OCLC numbers denote the identification number you would need to order thru inter library loan, if you have a mind to. When ordering, you need to know what date you are looking for. Hope this helps. I live in AZ and am not able to obtain the micro films out here. Maybe you will have better luck. I do not know how to put this email on the information net work, maybe you do. I think maybe more people would be interested in the info. Frances Rubino 
1891 Elmira Telegram Letterhead submitted by Richard Edgerton
BY J. H. FRENCH 1860.
Submitted by Darla Hogaboom

Two daily and two weekly newspapers are published in this county. (Chemung County)
 The Telegraph, the first newspaper published in the county was established at “Newtown” (now Elmira,) by Prindle & Murphy at an early period.  In 1816 it was issued as The Vidette by Prindle & Murphy, and subsequently by William Murphy.
The Investigator was commenced at Elmira, in 1820, by Job Smith.  In 1822 its name changed to The Tioga Register and in 1828 to The Elmira Gazette, and its publication was continued by Mr. Smith until 1831.  It was successively issued by Brinton Paine, Cyrus Pratt, Pratt & Beardsley, Mason & Rhodes, George W. Mason and Wm. C. Mason, until 1857, when it passed into the hands of S. C. Taber, by whom it is still published.
 The Elmira Republican was commenced in 1820, and in 1828 it was changed to The Elmira Whig, and published by James Durham.  In 1829 it was changed again to The Elmira Republican, and issued by C. Morgan.  It was soon after called The Elmira Republican and Canal Advertiser.  In 1831 it passed into the hands of John Duffy, and its name was changed back to The Elmira Republican.  It was successfully issued by Birdsall & Huntly, Ransom & Birdsall, Polly & Carter, Polly & Cook, Polly & Huntley, S. B. & G. C. Fairman, G. C. Fairman, Fairman & Baldwin, Baldwin & Dumas, and ____Calhoun, until 1857, when it was discontinued.
The Elmira Daily Republican was issued a short time in 1846.  The Daily Republican was issued a from the Republican office from the fall of 1851 to 1855.
 The Elmira Advertiser was commenced in 1853 by Fairman Bros.   In 1856 F. A. DeVoe became interested in the publication, and the paper is still issued by the same publishers.
 The Elmira Daily Democrat was issued a short time in 1851 by J. Taylor & S. C. Taber.
 The Chemung Patriot was published in 1837 at Horseheads by J. T. Bradt.
 The Philosopher was commenced at Horseheads , April 7, 1855, by Samuel C. Taber, and was continued until 1857, when it was merged in The Elmira Gazette.
 The Daily Press was commenced in 1856 by Dumas, Van Gelder & Paine, its present publishers.
 The Temperance Gem (mo.) was published at Elmira about 1850.

Elwyn Kie – History of Bradford County – Volume 2 - Page 059

Newspapers [Probably Bradsby - Chapter Nineteen is source of most of this- Also Craft - Chapter Fifteen]

The first newspaper printed in Bradford County, was the Bradford Gazette, in Towanda, Pa. on August 10, 1813.

Newspapers were printed to give the readers information on local happenings, current events, and happenings world wide. Some of the newspapers were very political, some religious, some social, some agricultural, but all of interest to the readers of each publication.

I have attempted to make a list of newspapers here in Bradford County with the date of original publication. As you will see, they were published all over Bradford County.

Bradford Gazette 1813
The Times (6 Issues) 1813
The Washingtonian 1816
Bradford Settler 1818
The Settler 1818-1823
The Bradford Settler 1818
Bradford County General Advertiser 1826
Towanda Republican 1826-1827
The Democrat 1833
Northern Banner 1833
Bradford Argus 1834
Reform Advocate 1834
Bradford Democrat 1835-1837
The Northern Banner 1837
Bradford Democrat 1837
Banner and Democrat 1838
Weekly Visitor 1840
Bradford Porter 1840-1885
Pennsylvania Backwoodsman 1845-1846
The Northern Pennsylvanian 1850
The North Branch Democrat 1850-1852
Independent Journal 1854
Bradford Reporter 1855
Reporter Journal 1855
Towanda Journal 1855
Bradford Times 1856-1857

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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