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Name of Cemetery: Watson Cemetery
Deeded As Roseville Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 
Location: Tioga County, Roseville Borough
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Other Comments: 
Number of Burials this Section Approximately   1317 
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Page A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 B4 C D1 D2 E1 E2 E3 F Watson Cemetery Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
SECTION F          
F-1 Watson Burials          
Watson Nellie A.     89 yr w/o D. E.
Watson D. E. 1878 1964    
Watson Ida R. 1854 1914    
Watson Jay E.   6/5/1877 18y2m16d s/o Daniel & Clarrina
Watson Ernest D.   5/20/1877 10y1m10d s/o Daniel & Clarrina
Watson Damie   5/12/1877 5y9m21d  
Watson Clarina 4/11/1834 10/19/1907    
Watson Daniel 1/10/1824 3/5/1889    
Watson Lucinda A.   4/10/1851 23y5m21d w/o Daniel
Crippen Sophronia   11/19/1881 92 yr Born Poultney, Rutland Co., VT
Watson Enos   3/29/1843 25y1m1d s/o John & Sophronia
Smith Henry H. 1845 1913    
Smith Crystal 1904 1913    
F-2 Old Roseville Cemetery (Moved)          
Kelley Charles W.       Corp. Co A 207 Pa. Inf.
Kelley Fred B. 4/29/1886 10/10/1903   s/o C.W. & A.R.
Hibbard D. W.   7/3/1877 58y6m3d  
Stout Josephus       Co C Pa. Cav.
Stout Nina   9/5/1872 4y7m15d d/o Josephus & Caroline
Rose Susan 3/13/1825 11/9/1901    
Rose Ellen   8/29/1849 11m17d d/o Warren & Susan
Adams Betsey A. 1853 1920    
Adams Uriah 1847 1924   Co B 194 Vol.
Rose William   5/16/1871 62y2m14d  
Rose Sarah Jane   5/3/1850 1y11m25d d/o Wm. & Jane E.
Rose Jane   9/6/1862 45y1m9d Top of stone is gone with name on it
Rose Franklin 5/29/1860 1/15/1881   s/o Arnot & Elizabeth
Arnot     3/12/1865 36y8m5d s/o Erastus & Asenath (Year may be 1866--Stone is in 2 pieces-may or may not go together)
Arnot Elizabeth   5/8/1884 51y8m21d w/o Arnot
Arnot Cordelia   3/26/1831 3y8m16d d/o Erastus & Asenath
Arnot Asenath   9/14/1865 61y1m w/o Erastus
Arnot Erastus   11/3/1875 72 yr? Repair Cement covering part of marker
Arnot William   5/10/1852 71y6m12d  
Arnot Didamia   8/21/1843 62y10d w/o Wm.
Arnot Austin   5/4/1840 29y1m17d  
Humphrey Celestia   7/1/1851 33y9m25d w/o A.
Rose Elizabeth   12/22/1853 4m1d d/o Joel & Elmira
Clark Eunice E.   1/21/1855 23y w/o Julius (Marker broken)
Clark Julius   4/22/1855 24y11m12d  
Rose Royal L.   1/10/1865 50y17d  
Rose Mariett A.   1/12/1866 52y7m16d w/o Royal
SECTION F-3          
Tanner Joseph E. 2/19/1856 10/21/1882    
Tanner Julia C. 2/9/1856 8/5/1883   w/o J. E. - On marker w/Joseph E.
Tanner Hannibal M. 10/19/1860 2/28/1886   On marker w/Joseph E.
Tanner Norah 2/18/1867 5/22/1893   On marker w/Joseph E.
Tanner George 9/18/1822 4/30/1897   On marker w/Joseph E.
Tanner E. Jane 3/22/1825 9/5/1902   On marker w/Joseph E.
Martin Alexander   5/15/1872 79y3m9d  
McLean Willis E.   6/6/1877 8m26d s/o L. G. & Anna
Reynolds John   3/26/1844 66y4m  
Reynolds Roba   6/22/1856 69y6m22d w/o John
Reynolds Norm   8/1/1874 62y11m18d  
Reynolds Anna Mariah   9/4/1856 40y5m11d w/o Norman J.
Reynolds Nancy Griffin   7/14/1867 51y5m d/o John & Roba
Reynolds Methuen   6/22/1851 42y1m7d  
Reynolds George W.   10/1/1852 26y14d s/o John & Rhoba
Benson Jacob   10/26/1849 80y5m22d  
Benson Patience   7/5/1862 78y1m w/o Jacob
Reynolds Edgar Lavere 1848 1864   Co H 10th Reg.
VanNess William H.   5/24/1831 1y3m12d s/o Henry & Catharine
Reynolds John C.   7/20/1872 13 mo s/o

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