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This site is not just about names, but about the people who carried them in the context of their time, place, and lifestyle. When you come through this door, you are entering a replication of the time and place your ancestor lived and the community in which she went about her daily business.  Welcome Home.
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Welcome to Tri-Counties site. Founded in 1996, it has developed into a massive library of local history for three counties on the NY-PA border. You can navigate easily from the CURRENT What's New Page. There you will find important news items to help you as well as the Navigational Buttons which also serve as the site map in the sidebars and the search engines at the bottom. To understand the full scope of available resources on the site, be sure to check out each of the subject level categories in the left sidebar. Once you know your way around you will want to use the appropriate township pages in the right sidebar. They are organized by a standard format of  categories of interest to historians and genealogists. The site is logically organized around the subjects one uses for historical or genealogical research AND around the places in the three counties this site covers. You will find an abundance of material you never expected to find once you take the time to explore fully. Start here and enjoy yourself - CURRENT What's New Page.

In this library, you can donate your family and history materials and keep them, too.
The History Center on Main Street, Mansfield PA
Creating and Developing this site since 1996 has been a great pleasure to me. My thanks to those who have helped me make it the great library it has become in their many ways. Thanks also to all of those who have expressed to me the joy they have found exploring its many nooks and crannies. Joyce M. Tice


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This library honors our neighbors lost in time. They live among us as long as we remember them.
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