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Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township,  Tioga County, PA

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1997
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Name of Cemetery:    Alder Run Cemetery
Read By:  Anna Belle Rice, Susan Criss & Joshua Criss
Date Read:   June 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Alder Run Road, Jackson Township, Millerton, PA - Tioga County
Other comments: This listing is not alphabetized by request of Joyce M. Tice. Much information can be gained by the proximity of burial plots that is lost when lists are alphabetized. To search for a particular name you can either use the Search Engine on the Front Page of the site or you can use your Edit/Find in Page command in your browser.

See Alder Run cemetery Obituary Page

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History How to Use This Site Warning & Disclaimer Jackson Township
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Cleveland John F. May 12.1825 Jun.14.1903   GAR Flag 1861-1865
Cleveland Mary F. Oct.9.1826 Dec.24.1987    
Cleveland W. Emory 1855 1910    
Cleveland Addie 1864 1938   w/o W. Emory
Cleveland Ernest 1896 1910    
Paris Cassius E. 1892 1982    
Paris Norma C. 1890 1988    
Cleveland Edwin 1848 1922    
Cleveland Eva S. Jun.7.1855 May 27.1894   w/o Edwin
?Cleveland BABY       Baby 
Hudson Sally Nov.10.1788 Mar.5.1879   Mother
Rathbun Ashman 1848 1928   Rathbun Monument
Rathbun Hannah 1814 1864   on Rathbun Monument
Wheeler Marion 1851 1918   on Rathbun Monument
Wheeler Esther 1844 1930   on Rathbun Monument
Millard Effie 1864 1938    
Woodhouse Fred E. May 6.2884 Jun.28.1903   s/o John & Ella Woodhouse
Woodhouse John B. Jul.8.1851 Dec.6.1911    
Woodhouse Ella J. Mar.22.1857 1914   w/o John B.
Brown Maurice 1859 1939    
Brown Carrie M. 1864 1951    
Brown Monument        
Brown Nellie A. 1896 1928    
Bement Robert L. 1907 1943    
Bement Ernest 1883 1969    
Signor Hiram P. 1861 1940    
Signor Nora J. 1866 1955   w/o Hiram
Gross Frances H. 1894 1930   d/o Hiram & Nora
Andrews Clifford C. 1902 1950    
Andrews Eleanor L. 1904 1994   w/o Clifford C.
Andrews Theron J. 1893 1932    
Andrews Dora B. 1893 1948   w/o Theron
Sweet Charles B.   Feb.2.1871 10 da son
Rowley Chandler Feb.29.1838 Jan.19.1918    
Rowley Eliza Mar.6.1841 Dec.28.1907    
Rowley Roland B. 1884 1939    
Woodhouse Maude Apr.3.1875 Aug.15.1881   d/o O. & S. Woodhouse
Woodhouse Pearle Dec.18.1882 Jul.22.1886   d/o O. & S. Woodhouse
Woodhouse Saphronia L Oct.30.1846 Jun.23.1900   w/o Orson Woodhouse
Smith Garrett Nov.8.1813 Jan.30.1898   FATHER
Smith Abbey Aug.7.1824 Sep.6.1904   w/o Garrett
Smith Benjamin Dec.1.1849 Jul.24.1913    
Monument         Smith
Smith Mary F.   Dec.23.1919   Caretakers note-No stone-died Dec.23, 1919
Smith Charles B. 1845 1924   Flag-GAR, Co. E. 86 Reg't N.Y.V.
Monument         Smith
Smith Susan J. 1848 1927   w/o Charles, MOTHER on stone
Smith Garrett E. 1875 1918    
Smith Edith 1875 1916   w/o Garrett-Sleep Mother dear and take your rest, God called you home
Smith Alice E. Aug.12.1901 Oct.24.1902    
Smith J. D. Apr.2.1843 Oct.2.1896    
Smith Amelia Jul.9.1943 Mar.29.1927   w/o J. D.
Smith Roy J. 1870 1946    
Smith Matie (Cleveland) 1873 1943   w/o Roy J.
Smith William N. 1865 1948   Mason symbol on headstone
Smith Lillie (Burley) 1867 1963   w/o W. N.
Smith Donnie   1890 5m16d s/o W.N. & Lillie
Wilcox Holly S. 1885 1945    
Wilcox Edna (Cleveland) 1892 1939   2nd w/o Holly
Wilcox Carrie (Smith) 1888 1916   1st w/o Holly
Wilcox Monument          
Hudson J. E. Nov.25.1818 Oct.24.1902    
Hudson Sarepta H. Sep.25.1820 Nov.11.1895   w/o J. E.
Hudson William B. 1845 1864   Flag-Co. E 86th N.Y.Inf. 1861-1865
Hudson J. Bruce 1849 1856    
Smith J. Burr 1874 1961    
Smith Cora B. 1875 1951   w/o J. Burr
Smith J. Edson 1903 Nov.19.1975    
Smith Velma I. 1907 Nov.28.1979   w/o Edson
Smith Jimmie Feb.6. Mar.20.1935   s/o Edson & Velma
Smith Malinda 1868 1883   Their daughter (Edson & Velma)
Smith Joshua 1817 1900    
Smith Rhoda 1827 1905   w/o Joshua
Andrews Maria S. 1865 1906   w/o L. D.
Andrews L. D.   1914   Caretakers note "no stone"
Andrews Leslie 1902 1905   s/o L.D. & Maria
White Carlos C. 1855 1932    
White Eva L. 1860 1939    
Friends Lewis 1842 1923    
Friends Ellen 1842 1922   w/o Lewis
Friends Henry P. 1868 1934    
Friends Etta B. 1869 1951   w/o Henry P.
Combs John 1814 1871 57-9-25  
Friends J. P. Apr.2.1836 Feb.13.1910    
Friends Rosiela Mar.7.1835 Aug.27.1871 36-7-20 w/o J. P.
Friends Rachel Oct.12.1839 Jun.25.1911   2nd w/o J. P.
Friends Rossa   Dec.13.1871 6m 15d d/o J.P. & Rosiela
McIntyre Delilah   1875 19-9-3 w/o Wm. McIntyre
McIntyre Elgie D.   May 10.1875   Infant of wm & Delilah
Friends Edward Jul.15.1892 Jan.26.1894   s/o M.M. & Minnie
Friends Monroe M. 1863 1950    
Friends Minnie D. 1864 1942   w/o Monroe
Friends Polly Marie 1904 1974   d/o Monroe & Minnie
Friends S. R. Oct.2.1820 Dec.20.1907    
Friends Mary  Sep.7.1822 Feb.10.1896   w/o S. R. /Asleep in Jesus Blessed Sleep
Signor John 1853 1936    
Signor Cecilia Friends 1855 1918   w/o John
Signor Eddie   Oct.13.1880 9m 20d s/o Cecilia & John
White Emeline 1850 1937   w/o Lyman
White Lyman S. 1848 1937    
White Bert 1892 1959    
White Infant   Jul.1.1877   s/o L.S. & Emeline White
Hogancamp Thomas Oct.15.1795 Mar.26.1875   flag GAR 1861-1865
Friends James   Mar.5.1873 72-9-29  
Friends Polly Marie 1804 Jan.4.1845   w/o James
Friends Betsy A. Jul.8.1811 Apr.12.1891   2nd w/o James
Wilcox Jackson Jun.7.1824 Sep.30.1890    
Wilcox Harriett Mar.19.1828 Jan.30.1882   w/o Jackson
Griswold Willis 1865 1945    
Griswold Lillie J. 1868 1937    
Friends George Aug.7.1824 Jun.5.1900    
Friends Mary Aug.20.1850 Jan.26.1905    
Miller Willie   May 21.1894 15-7-20 s/o Sarah & Laffeyett
Seeley Phoebe   May 26.1885 16-1-23 d/o J. & Sarah Seeley
Miller Sarah   Mar.10.1887 32y 19d w/o Laffeyett Miller
Friends Marshall G. 1850 1926    
Friends Monument        
Friends Virginia A. Mar.8.1929 Apr.22.1929   d/o Firmund & Valeda Friends
Skinner Otis D. 1887 1969    
Skinner Cora M. 1894 1967   w/o Otis
Friends Earl F. 1908 Jul.27.1976    
  Emit B.   Nov.1.1878    
No Name     1874 5m20d children of R.W. & H. Small stone heart shaped at top
Reimer Hattie Friends 1899 1918   Flag GAR 1861-1865-Welcome Shellman
Martin Avis Sep.6.1904 Sep.3.1988   Gramma Mart
Friends Inous 1871 1952   w/o James - on concrete shelf
Friends James W. 1869 1946    
Davenport  Dora L. 1918      
Davenport  Joseph G. 1913 1973   both on one stone Like Dora L. & Joseph G.
Cornell John 1838 1913   Flag GAR 1861-1865
Cornell Rhodemia 1834 1927   w/o John
Shellman Riley 1845 1913   Vet
Shellman Henrietta 1854 1931   w/o Riley
Shellman Emma   1873   Children of Riley & Henrietta
Shellman Johnie   1874   Children of Riley & Henrietta
Wheeler Philip 1818 1890    
Wheeler Rhoda E. Millard 1843 1913   w/o Philip
Wheeler Baby Feb. 28 Sep.5.1892    
Wheeler Osee W. 1868 1930    
Wheeler May C. 1869 1930   w/o Osee
Rumsey Marshall S. 1824 1894    
Rumsey Mary M. 1847 1925   w/o Marshall
Rumsey Ellsworth G. 1866 1920    
Rumsey Florence M. 1876 1917    
Rumsey Albert L. 1864 1897    
Rumsey Cora A. 1866 1955    
SISTER Marker          
Balmer Henry  1861 1934    
Balmer Emma 1869 1945    
Balmer Charles 1893 1924   Flag WW US Vet 307th Inf. 77th Div.
Hudson Eliza J. 1856 1895   MOTHER
Woodford Harriett M. 1837 1919   MOTHER
Wales Blake 1849 1898    
Wales Alice 1852 1931   MOTHER
Wales Lester Feb.5. Jul.4.1911   s/o Wm. & Alice
Wales Libby 1891 1915   s/o Lester
Barrett Lewis W. 1845 1899   Flag GAR - Co. H. 207th PA
Barrett Mary A. Landon 1846 1899   large Tombstone
Barrett Roy Myron 1890 1910    
Friends Lewis A. 1908 1955    
Friends Mary E. 1912 1992    
Friends Mary Marie   Aug. 1930    
Friends Gene   Oct. 1948    
Kinner Jacob M. Feb.15.1835 Mar.8.1900    
Kinner Charlote D. Jun.5.1842 Jun.5.1931   w/o Jacob M.
Kinner Lucy Jones 1866 1962    
Kinner Leman M. 1871 1949    
Kinner Giles H. May 9.1901 Jun. 1904   Baby stone
Button Clifford J. 1908 1946    
Button MONUMENT        
Button Agnes 1902 1911   d/o Lawrence & Lena
Button Lawrence 1882 1923    
Button Lena V. 1882 1934   w/o Lawrence
Paris Byron 1858 1927    
Paris Alma A. 1866 1960    
Paris Wayne J. 1929 1937   w/o Vern Paris
Paris Harry Jr.   1936 (?) 2 days  
Montgomery Wm. A. 1856 1921    
Montgomery Jessie E. Higgins 1861 1955   w/o Wm. A.
Montgomery Cecil A. 1891 1954    
Montgomery Mary P. Friends 1905 1983   w/o Cecil
Gilbert Elias A. 1852 1923    
Gilbert Pamelia Benson 1856 1918   Gone to Rest
Combs Alva       Caretakers note-Father no dates
Combs Dewey   1922   Caretakers note-no stone son of Alva
Rozell James H. 1848 1922    
Rozell Harriett Wilcox 1864 1930   w/o James H.

Published on Tri-Counties 15 JUL 2000
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