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State Road School 1934
School: State Road School
Township: Sullivan, Tioga County PA
Teacher: Ted Bescanceny 
Year: 1934-35
Photos Submitted by: Ted Bescanceny, Fay TILLER Morgan
Sullivan Township
School Districts
Red School
Elk Run School
Holly School
Scouten Hill School
Hulslander School
Mainesburg School
Rumsey Hill School
Doud School
Robbins Hill School
Gray Valley School
Bakerburg School
King Hill School
State Road School
Clark School
Gafford School

Fay Tiller was a student at State Road

Myron, Vergilene, Marion Wood walking to State Road School 1935
Note from Fay after seeing above photo of school for the first time:

Subj:  State Road School
Date:  03/10/2004 5:57:33 PM Eastern Standard Time

Oh, yes!
I dont remember that fence. Many things are sorta confused. They happened but I dont know the order. I think the spring was in the lower right hand corner of that picture. My Daddy drove the school bus part of the time. He took the Wilkins girls. Jr and I didn't have to walk those days. We sometimes walked the roads, especially if the snow was deep across the fields. If we walked the fields we left the farm that is past the Carp pond, and went to the right of the pond, went down a bank that we had equipped with a railing by bending a small tree down and tied it there. We came into the school from the back.


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