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School: Shortsville School
Township: Chatham Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 2000
Photo Submitted by: Joyce M. Tice
This beautifully preserved old schoolhouse is in Shortsville
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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Memorabilia of the Tri-Counties
Chatham School, Chatham Township
Added 11 DEC 2007
The names on the back of the picture are listed below:
From front to back
Left row:                          Next Row:                 3rd Row:                4th Row:
Richard Sutton                Leland Baker              Larry LaPoint         Sandra Short
?????                             Robert Baker              Robert (Bobby)      Shirley VanOrder
Harry ???                        Ralph Johnson                   Treat              Marna Fuller
Jr.????                            Merle Thompson        Eugene Hunter        Patty
Dennis Mosher                Rozinna Johnson        Ellen Morley                Turner
Theodore (Teddy) Fuller    Nancy Thompson        Jane Fuller             ????????
Marie Neal                                                       Lester Thompson     Gary Joe Reynolds
Connie Short
David (Bucky) McNett

Right hand row:
Frances Short
Joy Johnson
Linda King (no relation)
James Erlway (Jimmy)

Joyce, while going through some of my deceased parents stuff the other day I discovered this picture.  Chatham Township school was located in Little Marsh and was built in the early 1930's.  My father was in the first graduation class that had gone through the high school from 9-12.  Before that the lower grades went to a one room school house in Shortsville and would go to Wellsboro for high school if they could.  My dad's older brother, Charles, rode the train from the Junction in Middlebury Center each Sunday evening and stayed in a home there during the week and came home again on Friday late.  The school burned on Good Friday, March, 1958.  It had grades 1 & 2 in one room, 3,4,&5 in another and 6,7 & 8 in a separate room. There was also a special education class the last 3 years before it burned. All with one teacher per room.  The high school had an English teacher, a Science teacher who was also the principal, a Math teacher and a history teacher.  Latin  was also taught .We also had a candy store that was open after lunch and for afternoon recess (15 mins).  Our nurse's office was in the same location. It was basically a college prep high school.  I was in 8th grade when it burned down and we got consolidated with Cowanesque Valley Jointure in Westfield the following school year.  The Chatham Fire Department Firehouse is now situated on the spot where the school used to be.

Marie Neal King

School Directors in Chatham Township from 1891 to 1934
Added to site 16 August 2010
List is from the 1934 Chatham Vista Yearbook
Yearbook donated by Nate Raiche
Note that even at this late date of 1934, there have been no women as school board directors in this township

Note: The following is as complete a list as could be obtained of those directors serving prior to 1921.
Dr. Faulkerson
Ash Short
Ira Tremaine
Arthur Roberts
Joseph Wilson
Emmet Davis
Henry Cooper
Myron King
George Ferris
Sylvester Treat
John Monks
Joseph Cooper
Albert Davis
George Curtis
Philip Cloos
Arman Cloos
Walter Burrel
Bert Owlett
Dr. Ross Jones
Adelbert Carpenter
Benjamin Reynolds
George Ransom
George Love
Curry Beach
Tip Conley
C.W. King
W.A. Short
June 6, 1921
Will Owlett, Pres.
Frank Davis, Jr., Sec.
Joseph Cooper, Treas.
Joseph Rankin
Elmer Davis

Dec. 1, 1922
Elmer Davis, Pres.
W.A. Short, Vice Pres. 
Joseph Cooper, Treas.
Manley Cloos
Benjamin Reynolds
Frank Davis, Jr., Retained Secretary

Dec. 3, 1923
Elmer Davis, Pres.
Joseph Cooper, Treas.
Manley Cloos
Benjamin Reynolds
Frank Davis, Jr., Retained Secretary

June 8, 1925
J.C. Wass appointed to succeed M.B. Cloos

Dec. 1, 1925
Elmer Davis, Pres.
Joseph Cooper, Treas.
Claude Treat
J.C. Wass
Owen Hornsby
Frank Davis, Jr., Retained Secretary

June 30, 1927
Benjamin Reynolds appointed to succeed J.C. Wass

July, 1928
Elmer Davis, Pres.
Owen Hornsby, Sec.
Claude Treat, Treas.
Joseph Cooper
Ben Reynolds

March 3, 1930
F.A. Ferris appointed to succeed B. Reynolds

Oct. 5, 1931
Joseph Reynolds appointed to succeed Joseph Cooper, deceased

Dec. 7, 1931
Claude Treat, Pres.
Owen Hornsby, Sec.
Frank Ferris, Treas.
H.J. Fuller
Joseph Reynolds

July 5, 1932
Ford Erway appointed to succeed Owen Hornsby
H.J. Fuller, Pres.
Claude Treat, Sec.
Frank Ferris, Treas.
Joseph Reynolds
Ford Erway 

July, 1933
H.J. Fuller, Pres.
Claude Treat, Sec.
Joseph Reynolds, Treas.
Frank Ferris
Ford Erway

Dec., 1933
[Present Board]
H.J. Fuller, Pres.
Claude Treat, Sec.
Nate Reynolds
Herb Button
Bert Doane
Joseph Reynolds, Retained Treasurer

Chatham Vista of 1934
Teachers in Chatham Township from 1876 to 1934, pgs. 10 & 47
Yearbook provided by Nate Raiche

Stars follow the names of those deceased as of 1934
Schools included: Clark, Close, Davis, Faulkner, Fuller, Little Marsh, Pope, Shortsville, Swing Gate, Treat, Wormer
The yearbook included the names of the schools at which each person taught, but not the years.
Name School  
Grace Andrews Faulkner  
Gus Andrews * Shortsville  
Althea Angel Shortsville  
Blanche Avery * Shortsville  
Sadie Avery Pope  
Archie Babcock Shortsville  
Mrs. O.S. Babcock * Faulkner, Clark, Close Note- possible given name, Mary
Rilla Babcock Shortsville  
Belle Youmans Beach Close, Shortsville  
Fred Beach Davis  
George Beach Little Marsh  
Ida Colegrove Boom Close, Shortsville  
Emma Brigdon * Close, Fuller, Shortsville  
George Buck Faulkner  
Dan Buckbee Little Marsh  
Alice Treat Butler Shortsville  
Jessie Cloos Carpenter Treat  
Mrs. Paul Carpenter Close  
Paul Carpenter Little Marsh  
Mr. Carson Little Marsh  
Alice Clark * Clark  
Belle Taylor Clark * Close, Swing Gate  
Belle Youmans Clark * Davis  
Irene Lewis Cloos Faulkner, Shortsville, Little Marsh  
Mayme Cloos Faulkner, Little Marsh  
Myra Cloos Faulkner, Little Marsh  
Clifton Cole Close  
Orrie Cummings Pope  
Anna Danks Faulkner  
Addie Bowen Davis * Shortsville  
Eleanor Short Davis Swing Gate  
Emma Davis Davis  
Ida Brewer Davis * Faulkner  
Jessie Ransom Davis Close, Pope  
Joseph Davis Clark  
Marion Dunham Davis Little Marsh  
Mayme Terry Davis Clark, Little Marsh  
Rose Davis Davis, Pope  
Ruth Davis * Little Marsh  
George Dickinson * Shortsville  
Etta French Doane Treat  
Mrs. Otis Erway Shortsville Note- possible given name, Myrtle
Joseph Ferris * Little Marsh  
Elmer French * Davis, Close  
Cora Fuller Little Marsh  
Augusta Freeman Gee * Davis  
Lena Gibbs Shortsville  
Neal Gleason Little Marsh  
Maud Greenfield Treat  
Libby Grinolds Shortsville  
Vina Guilds Swing Gate  
Walter Haight Little Marsh  
Sophia Hebers Shortsville  
Elizabeth Howe Treat  
Will Hubbard Little Marsh  
Ella Hubors Faulkner  
Theresa Hulbert Faulkner  
Lottie Youmans Husted Davis  
Charles King * Fuller, Shortsville  
Josephine Lawrence Shortsville  
Nora Hawley Love * Wormer, Faulkner  
Edward Marvin Little Marsh  
Lula Marvin Little Marsh  
Nellie Roberts Masten Little Marsh  
Ellen McInroy Little Marsh  
Edith Short McNorton Davis, Faulkner  
John Meade Faulkner  
Ina Mitchell Shortsville  
Georgia Monks Davis, Shortsville  
Harriet Monks Close, Fuller, Pope, Faulkner, Shortsville  
Jessie Monks Davis, Clark, Faulkner, Shortsville  
Katherine Monks Close, Fuller, Treat, Pope, Faulkner, Shortsville, Little Marsh  
Bertha Morris Fuller   
Effie Morris Fuller  
Fred Morse * Clark  
Delos Mosher Little Marsh  
Delos G. Owlett Treat  
Erie Owlett Treat  
Mary Sweet Owlett Treat  
Harry Palmer Little Marsh  
Anna Patterson Shortsville  
Sarah Rice Rankin Treat, Faulkner, Shortsville, Little Marsh  
Nellie Ransom Swing Gate  
Joseph Reynolds Faulkner  
Flora Schraum Shortsville  
Myra Stanford Short * Fuller, Pope  
Mr. E.R. Suffern * Shortsville  
Ivan Taylor Treat, Faulkner, Shortsville   
Grace Terry Wakely Faulkner, Little Marsh  
Belle Miller Warren Shortsville  
Sarah Stewart Warren * Close, Shortsville  
Angie Gee West * Little Marsh  
Alta Westbrook Shortsville  
Cora Westbrook Shortsville  
Clara Brigden Wetherbe Close, Fuller, Pope, Shortsville  
Stella Ferris Wetmore Shortsville, Little Marsh  
Irene Wheeler * Shortsville  
Mary Wheeler Treat  
Walter Wilcox Little Marsh  
Agnes Wilson Little Marsh  
Ella Wilson Davis, Shortsville  
Maggie Wilson Pope  
Ella Youmans Wood Faulkner  
Julia Mosher Wormer * Wormer   
John Youmans * Davis  
Robert K. Young Shortsville  
Helen Reynolds Fuller, Faulkner, Pope Hand written at end
Ethel Murdock Fuller, Pope, Swing Gate, Little Marsh Hand written at end
Doris Griffin Clark  
Teachers of Consolidated School    
Galen MacInroy    
Alice Brennan    
Marian Davis  also Little Marsh  
Grace Wakely  also Faulkner & Little Marsh  
Sarah Murdock    
Miles Raker    
Phyllis Carpenter    
Havreth E. Owlett    
Wilda M. Reynolds    
Samuel Morse   Hand written at end

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