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Mansfield's Soldiers' Orphans' School

Soldiers' Orphans' School
School: Mansfield Soldiers Orphans School
Township: Mansfield Borough, Tioga County PA
Year: 1926
Souvenir Booklet Submitted by: Chester P. Bailey
Retyped by Bob Saftenberg
President L.D. Gray
Vice-President John Pitt
Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Stella Allen Ely Mansfield, Pa.
Mansfield S.O.S Sixteeners (Alumi of the S. O. S.)

Below is a list of the names and addresses we have at hand.  Kindly send any additions or corrections to the Secretary, Mrs. Stella Allen Ely.
Henry Adams R.F.D. No. 1, Leolyn, Pa. Mrs. Nellie Russell Klingensmith 615 W. Lewis St., Livingston, Mont.
Fred M. Allen Mansfield, Pa. Wm. Lamb R.F.D. 3, Canton, Pa.
Mrs. Laura Reese Arnold 131 Pearl St., Rochester, N. Y. J. C. Lawrence 446 Chemung St., Waverly, N. Y.
Andrew Bacon 233 Scottwood Avenue, Elmira Heights, N. Y. Mrs. Daisy Wetmore Loveless Tioga, Pa.
Charles Bacon Norristown, Pa. Mrs. Bessie Wemore Loveless Tioga, Pa.
Mrs. Julia Comfort Bacon 507 W. Clinton Street, Elmira, N. Y. D. W. Mack 2091 Junction St., S. Williamsport, Pa.
  The above two entries were crossed out and, following Mrs. Bacon's name, was printed the name "Hicks." Mrs. Cora Brizzee Maher Elmira, N. Y.
Ralph K. Bacon Elm Apartments, Spokane, Wash. Mrs. May Pratt Managan Covington, Pa.
Frank Bailey Hamilton, Mont. Charles Mandeville Canton, Pa.
Ralph Baldwin 4832 Lucile St., Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Elma Holford McKeel R.F.D., Troy, Pa.
Mrs. Emma Ribble Barnes R.F.D. No. 10, Box 184 B, Toledo, Ohio Jacob McCann R.F.D., Coudersport, Pa.
* Miss Nellie Barnes   Levi McCann R.F.D. No. 1, Waterloo, N. Y.
Rev. Samuel H. Bartlett 70 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica James E. Matthews 2501 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa.
Mrs. Dora Smith Baxter Enderby, B.C. John I. Matthews 605 E. Church St., Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. Eula Bailey Beach 1105 Davis, Elmira, N. Y. Arthur D. Mattison R.D. 1, Ulysses, Pa.
Mrs. Luanin Bacon Beiter 1167 W. Water, Elmira, N. Y. John Matson Laquin, Pa.
Mrs. Myrtle Pritchard Belcher Osceola, Pa. Fred Matteson Nunda, N. Y.
George Bentley Troy, Pa. Mrs. Rose Comfort Maynard R.F.D. 1, Pine City, N. Y.
Thurston Bentley Columbia X Roads, Pa. Theodore Metzger Coudersport, Pa.
George L. Berry Millerton, Pa. Mrs. Cora Smith Middaugh Lawrenceville, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Baksley 410 Gray Street, Elmira, N. Y. Mrs. Cora Camp Miller Leolyn, Pa.
Mrs. Phoebe Fothergill Blanchard 372 Diven Avenue, Elmira, N. Y. Dr. Emmet E. Mills 504 Maple Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
Grant Blaisdell Towanda, Pa. Dr. J. J. Mills Waverly, N. Y.
Jeremiah Bockus Mosherville, Pa. Dr. Charles S. Moon 328 E. Main St., Rochester, N. Y.
William Bockus 18 W. Market, Corning, N. Y. Frank Moon Fairbury, Neb.
Mrs. Carrie Simmons Bolton R.D. No. 1, Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Eva Brizzee Nelson Ulysses, Pa.
Mrs. Anna Dickinson Bottom Elkland, Pa. Mrs. Hattie Newton 215 W. Bloomfield St., Rome, N. Y.
Mrs. Eunice Simmons Boyden Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Amanda Holford Norris 408 Standish St., Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. Mary Watts Brandhofer 1466 84th Ave., Oakland, California Mrs. Evelyn Munn Nuss 31 Lincoln St., Waverly, N. Y.
Harmon Breese Canton, Pa. Mrs. Ella Shepard O'Dell 19 Abbott St., Binghamton, N. Y.
Mrs. Eliza Frothergill Breese Canton, Pa. Mrs. Anna Bosard Owlett Nelson, Pa.
Lawson (Delos) V. Britton 305 Hyde Park Ave., Scranton, Pa. Miss Laura painter 758 11th St., S.E., Washington, D.C.
Mrs. Clara Fling Broady Wallowa, Oregon Mrs. Annie Comfort Palmer R.F.D. No. 2, Troy, Pa.
Mrs. Sarah Crawford Bronk Shinglehouse, Pa. Will Parker Wellsburg, N. Y.
Arthur Brown 2255 Main St., Athens, Pa. Mrs. Velma Peck Passmore Mansfield, Pa.
John Brown Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. "Nora" Wemore Peckham Crooked Creek, Pa.
Mrs. Rose Sheppard Brown Wheelerville, Pa. Mrs. Ida Smith Persons Cogan House, Pa.
Mrs. Phena Brown 951 Wash. Ave. Tyrone, Pa. George W. Pierson Knoxville, Pa.
Dave M. Bryant Mansfield, Pa. Howard Petty Halsey Valley, N. Y.
Anna Bryant Round Top, Pa. John Phoenix R.F.D. 1, Galeton, Pa.
Erwin Butler, Elmer, Pa. Mrs. Hattie Beach Pitt Gillett, Pa.
Mrs. Kate Harlacher Bullard 2100 Linn Street, Newberry, Pa. * Charles Pitt  
Ed. D. Camp Wellsburg, N. Y. Johwn W. Pitt 15 Campbell St., Bath, N. Y.
George H. Camp Leolyn, Pa. Andrew Place 3 Helvetia St., Wellsboro, Pa.
Curtis Campbell Monroeton, Pa. Mrs. Emma Sheppard Porter Mansfield, Pa.
George Campbell R.F.D. No.1, Morris, Pa. V. R. Pratt 723 Grant St., Reynoldsville, Pa.
Rantsford Campbell Morris, Pa. W. Frank Prentiss 998 Park Road, N.W., Washington, D.C.
Mrs. Ida Baldwin Carr 315 Chestnut St., Claredon, Va. Chas. Preset No. 3 Steuben St., Corning, N. Y.
Henry Carpenter Ceres, N. Y. John Preset 1209 Miller St., Utica, N. Y.
Ruth Carpenter Ellisburg, Pa. Chester Presho Box 41, Crafton P.O., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Rome Carpenter Ellisburg, Pa. * Norman Preston  
J. D. (Lonnie) Catlin Arlington, California Mark L. Preston Elkland, Pa.
Laverne Catlin Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Rose Loomis Preston Canton, Pa.
Stephen A. Catlin 479 Welles St., Elmira, N. Y. Will H. Pruyne Lindley, N. Y.
Avery Chilson Westfield, Pa. Eugene Ribble 315 Franklin St., Elmira, N. Y.
Charles Chilson Ulysses, Pa. Isaac L. Rich State Hospital, Middletown, Conn.
Mrs. Minnie Cogswell Clark (Teacher) Mansfield, Pa. Miss Caroline Rissell 811 Mulberry St., Williamsport, Pa.
Mrs. Blanche Gillespie Clark Mansfield, Pa. Charles Rissell Greenville, Pa.
Mrs. Lena Preset Cleveland Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. Bessie Painter Roberson 1218 E. Capital St., Washington, D.C.
George A. Close 1059 Walnut St., Elmira, N. Y. Mrs Angie Prutsman Roberts Lawrenceville, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Doebler Coder 920 First Ave., Williamsport, Pa. * E. B. Roberts  
Mrs. Jennie VanHousen Conable Coudersport, Pa. Mrs. Ida Bockus Rockwell Fort Plains, N. Y.
Reuben J. Cook 114 Orchard St., Horseheads, N. Y. Mrs. Lucy Warren Rockwell Lawrenceville, Pa.
* Mrs. Nellie Shepard Copley   Mrs. Mary Graham Rockwell Lawrenceville, Pa.
Delos Cornell Prattsburg, N. Y. Mrs. Maggie Dudley Rogers "The Carolina," Watkins Glen, N. Y.
Mrs. Carrie Manderville Cooney Canton, Pa. Calvin Rogers Genesee, Mich.
George Crawford Hartsville, Ohio Adelbert Rogers West Pike, Pa.
Mrs. Ethel Crossmire Copeland Kane, Pa. Fred Roundsville Mansfield, Pa.
Mrs. Elsie Cavanaugh Crooks Little Genesee, N. Y. * Thos. Roundsville  
Daniel Crossmire Kane, Pa. Mrs. Mertie Goldman Rowan 1008 Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa.
Mrs. Ida Rice Currier Paw Paw, W. Va. Mrs. Frank Kemp Satterlee 922 Penna. Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
Warren L. Culver Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. Mary Hicks Saunders R.F.D. 2, Canton, Pa.
Charles A. Custer 199 Columbia St., Corning, N. Y. * Eugene Saxbury  
Mrs. Stella McBride Darby Lock Haven, Pa. F. F. Saxton 3720 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Flora Sharman Dartt Wellsboro, Pa. Wm. D. Saxton 1313 Grand Central Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. Addie Gustin Davis Norristown, Pa. Mrs. Emma Newton Schofield Harrison Valley, Pa.
Horace Decker Randall, Minn. Mrs. Belle Baldwin Schusler 321 First Ave. North, Seattle, Wash.
Mrs. Etta Matteson DeMunn Cameron Mills, N. Y. Mrs. Lorrin Breese Selleck R.F.D. Granville Summit, Pa.
John A. DeVine 90 Grand Ave., Johnson City, N. Y. Wm. Selph 217 Broadway, New York, N. Y.
Jasper Dickinson Wellsboro, Pa. John Shadduck Alba, Pa.
Mrs. Myra Horton Doane (Teacher) Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. Tillie Bailey Shepperd 182 Pritchard Ave., Corning, N. Y.
Charles Dodd Williamsport, Pa Claude Sheppard R.F.D. 3, Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. "Renza" Woodcock Douty 115 Maple St., Jersey Shore, Pa. Edwin Shepard  
George W. Dunn Coudersport, Pa. Fred Sheppard Mansfield.
Mrs. Lydia Coddington Edgerton Greene, N. Y. Frank Sheppard Mansfield, Pa.
Mrs. Addella Rice Elliot R.F.D. No. 2, Canton, Pa. * Mrs. Margaret Shepard  
Adelbert Ely R.F.D. No. 8, Wellsboro, Pa. Eli Simmonds Wellsboro, Pa.
Claude Ely R.F.D. No. 1, Wellsboro, Pa. J.M. Smiley (Teacher) R.F.D. 1, Canton, Pa.
Ed. R. Ely Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Alice Dickinson Smith R.F.D. 1, Nelson, Pa.
Mrs. Stella Allen Ely Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. Annie Ellis Smith R.D. 1, Covington, Pa.
Mrs. Myra Ellis English 55 Pearl St., Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Blanche Hollis Smith P.O. Box 176, Manchester, N. Y.
Mrs. Belle Rogers Erway Genesee, Mich. Bert Smith 37 Coronado St., Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Emma Yohn Etner Wellsboro, Pa. Mrs. Anna Coddington Smith 4091/2 Jackson Ave., Endicott, N. Y.
* Charles W. Etz   D. W. Smith Wellsboro, Pa.
* Daniel A. Fessler   Fred Smith 47 East Ave., Wellsboro, Pa.
Wm. H. Fessler 318 Sharman Street, Williamsport, Pa. Fred A. Smith 410 Cleveland Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
Elery Fitch R.F.D. No. 5, Penn Yan, N. Y. * Grant E. Smith  
Mrs. Eliza Miller Fitzgerald Athens, Pa. Howard Smith R.F.D. No. 3, Wellsboro, Pa.
Roy Forrest East Smithfield, Pa. Judson W. Smith 351 Glover St., Jersey Shore, Pa.
Mrs. Minerva Wheeler Foster Wheelerville, Pa. M. Hilary Smith Liberty, Pa.
Robert Fothergill 112 Fernwood Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Wesley D. Sours Mansfield, Pa.
* Mrs. Harriet Freeborn   Orrin Stanton Wellsboro, Pa.
Grant Freeland Lawrenceville, Pa. Mrs. Bertha Fling Starr R.F.D. No. 2, Painted Post, N. Y.
Benj. G. French Tioga, Pa. Mrs. Addie Newton Stebbins Wellsboro, Pa.
* Elmer French   Mrs. Nora Handy Stephenson R.F.D. No. 2, Rexville, N. Y.
Stephen French 11 Elm St., Corning, N. Y. Jocab H. Stout  33 Franklin St., N.E., Washington, D.C.
Charles Gardner Assph., Pa. John Stout Mansfield, Pa.
Mrs. Cleora Prosser Wheaton, Ill. Jesse Sturdevant Shortsville, N. Y.
* George Gilmore   Will Sturdevant  Wellsburg, N. Y.
Wallace W. Gillespie R.F.D. 1, Gaines, Pa Archie Taft R.F.D. 2, Knoxville, Pa.
Benj. Goff R.F.D. No. 3, Canton, Pa. Perry Tallada Meshoppen, Pa.
Mrs. Julia Birchard Gohl 350 Rural Ave., Williamsport, Pa. Edw. Taylor Wellsboro, Pa.
L. Dean Gray 242 Mt. Zoar St., Elmira, N. Y. Jesse E. Taylor 512 Perine St., Elmira, N. Y.
Wm. J. Greensweight 211 Mulberry St., Williamsport, Pa. Mrs Elizabeth Bailey Teachman 207 W. Pultney St., Corning, N. Y.
Mrs. Mary Blaksley Griswold 410 W. Gray Street, Elmira, N. Y. Mrs. Aurilla McLaughlin Thomas 225 S. 4th St., Cattawissa, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Lincoln Gould (Teacher) Mansfield, Pa. A. A. Thompson R.F.D. 2, Coudersport, Pa.
Harry M. Guild Galeton, Pa. Mrs. Helen Smith Thompson Mansfield, Pa.
Seymour Gould Bolivar, N. Y. W. W. Thompson R.F.D. 2, Coudersport, Pa.
* Grant H. Gustin, M.D.   Reuben Tillotson Granville Summit, Pa.
Miss Eva Gustin Wissanoming School, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. Benj. Towner S. E. Van Scoter St., Hornell, N. Y.
Mrs. Louise Bocher Hagerman 444 William St., Williamsport, Pa. Rev. Wm. K. Towner San Jose, Calif.
Mrs. Florence Bentley Hall Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. May Bailey Trowbridge Rutland, Pa.
Willis Halstead, R.F.D. 2, Wellsburg, N. Y. Mrs. Sophia Galusha Tuttle Nelson, Pa.
Mrs. Jennie Gillespie Hamilton, Mansfield, Pa. Mrs. Florence Prentice Ungard 14 Sixth St., Lock Haven, Pa.
Mrs. Metta Loomis Havens Canton, Pa. Lewis Updyke Mansfield, Pa.
Frank Henry 179 Cotton St., Elmira, N. Y. Mrs. Kate VanNess VanKeuren (Teacher) Troy, Pa.
Mrs. Leda Hall Henry Otis, Mass. Mrs. Sadie Davis VanNess (Teacher) Mansfield, Pa.
Mrs. Minnie Dickerson Heck Tioga, Pa. Mrs. Grace Smith Van Valkner R.F.D. No. 3, Elmira, N. Y.
Logan Heysham Galeton, Pa. Levi Va Wegen Coudersport, Pa.
Miss Carrie Hickok  243 Kenwood Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Mrs. Georgia Crofutt Warburton Elkland, Pa.
Miss Mattie Hickok 64 Rowley Street, Rochester, N. Y. Frank Warburton Sayre, Pa.
Clinton Hicks R.F.D. 3, Troy, Pa. Mrs. Mattie Smith Waters 108 College Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
Frank Hicks 507 W. Clinton Street, Elmira, N. Y. * Mrs. Mary Wilson Waters  
Byron Hollis Troy, Pa. Chas. Watts 5148 Crystal St., Chicago, Ill.
Horace Hollis Pasadena, California Ed. G. Watts 8206 Cornell Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. "Brittie" Camp Holmes Roaring Branch, Pa. * James Watts  
Thos. Hotchkiss R.F.D. 4, Mansfield, Pa. Alba Welch Coudersport, Pa.
Frank Howe Tulsa, Oklahoma Mrs. Lettie Shellman Welling 212 South 5th St., Niles, Mich.
Mrs. Luella Howe Howe 198 Fifth Ave., Freedom, Pa. E. L. Westbrook R.F.D., Wellsboro, Pa.
Dr. Llywellyn Howe Erie, Pa. Will H. Westbrook 808 Maple Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
Pherson Howe 980 Balmoral St., Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Sarah Wetmore  Mansfield, Pa.
Dr. Jmaes T. Hurd Galeton, Pa. W. J. Wetmore Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. Ella Labar Hurlburt R.F.D. No. 1, Harrison Valley, Pa. D. J. Whipple Ulysses, Pa.
Winfield S. Hulslander (Teacher) Troy, Pa. * Mert White  
Mrs. Martha Watts Jarbo 2508 Erskine St., Omaha, Nebr. Dr. Fred P. Wilcox 2301 Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. MabelTranseau Jarrett 15 E. Central Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. Mrs. Lettie Perry Wilcox Grover, Pa.
E. L. Jennings Ulysses, Pa. Jos. Willis 414 S. Main St., Dubois, Pa.
George Johnson 522 Harmon St., Alliance, Ohio Mrs. Ella Mascho Wilson 96 Armine Place, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mark D. Johnson Galeton, Pa. * Mrs. Mary Willis Wilson  
Mrs. Cora Gillespie Kane 2006 Thirteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. Lemuel G. Wilson 96 Armine Place, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Mary Montgomery Kaupp 172 South Second St., Hughesville, Pa. Norman J. Wilson 25 Horner St., Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. Edith Wetmore Kelley 169 Bridge St., Corning, N. Y. Samuel Wilson 50 Havens Ave., Auburn, N. Y.
Mrs. Carrie Andrews Kenyon Elkland, Pa. Mrs. Flora Dewey Wilson R.F.D. 5, Troy, Pa.
Emory Ketchin Stanton Cottage, Palatka, Fla. Stephen L. Wilson 305 S. Main St., Elmira, N. Y.
Mrs. Luella Watts Knickerbocker 509 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs Gertrude Brown Wolcott 423 Quincy Ave., Scranton, Pa.
    Mrs. Alice Knickerbocker Wolfe 315 Caldwell Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 
  * Deceased. G. A. Youmans 105 Connelly Ave., Elmira, N. Y.
    J. E. Young Mainesburg, Pa.

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