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Mansfield High School Graduates 1996
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1960 view of Mansfield High School. Front section , formerly the gym - converted to auditorium, was built about 1927 attached to the old Brick School. In 1939, the Brick School was torn down and the new school built surrounding the central gym. The 1939 section  on left became the Junior High School in the fall of 1959, and the High School is the new part on the right.
1968 Yearbook Photo
From the 1996 Manscript - Yearbook of Mansfield High School.
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Surname First Name Year Spouse
Aumick Torri 1996  
Bailey Tara 1996  
Barnett Joe 1996  
Boinski Cherrie 1996  
Bolt Jamie 1996  
Bozzo Nate 1996  
Burns Pat 1996  
Chamberlain Paula 1996  
Crable Tiffany 1996  
Crisp Asali 1996  
Cummings Chris 1996  
Dunkleberger Becky 1996  
Erdly Jody 1996  
Fiamingo Jena 1996  
Fish Jesse 1996  
Flisock Andrew 1996  
Galusha Jamie 1996  
Gardner Chris 1996  
Geelan Michele 1996  
Gerow Missie 1996  
Glimm Alyssa 1996  
Goodrich Jamey 1996  
Gouger Albert 1996  
Hall Cye 1996  
Hamm Jonathan 1995  
Hicks Brian 1996  
Hill Rob 1996  
Howe Jason 1996  
Jirak Petr 1996  
Johns Jamaica 1996  
Kaiser Caren 1996  
Kaiser Carla 1996  
Kaufmann Mike 1996  
Keller David 1996  
Lawton Brad 1996  
Martin Melanie 1996  
Nash Wayne 1996  
Paul Michaela 1996  
Pazzaglia Ali 1996  
Pelton Jon 1996  
Perrotte Dave 1996  
Pollock Kerri 1996  
Powlison Amy 1996  
Ralph Ron 1996  
Reitz Derica 1996  
Seubert Zane 1996  
Sikorski Megan 1996  
Smith Jeremy 1996  
Smith Sally 1996  
Smith Shawn 1996  
Smith Susan 1996 Blackwell
Snyder Rachel 1996  
Spencer Russell 1996  
Steingraber Mike 1996  
Stermick Jim 1996  
Sumner Jarett 1996  
Swain Chad 1996  
Sweely Trish 1996  
Terry Helen 1996  
Tice Matt 1996  
Treat Denice 1996  
Trump Jeremiah 1996  
Vacula Daniella 1996  
VanNess Melissa 1996  
Whitteker Britt 1996  
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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice.
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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933