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Mansfield High School Graduates 1994
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1960 view of Mansfield High School. Front section , formerly the gym - converted to auditorium, was built about 1927 attached to the old Brick School. In 1939, the Brick School was torn down and the new school built surrounding the central gym. The 1939 section  on left became the Junior High School in the fall of 1959, and the High School is the new part on the right.
1968 Yearbook Photo
From the 1994 Manscript - Yearbook of Mansfield High School.
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Surname First Name Year Spouse
Andrews Stephanie 1994  
Augustine Becky 1994  
Boop Donnie 1994  
Boyden Jaimie 1994  
Brown Erin 1994  
Burleigh Roy 1994  
Calkins Michelle 1994  
Chilson Kim 1994  
Cleveland Adam 1994  
Cole Travis 1994  
Cummings Jolene 1994  
Cummings Christina 1994  
Dart Jaimee 1994  
Dawson Brandon 1994  
Domboski Eman 1994  
Dunkelberger Jason 1994  
Fekety Jen 1994  
Gernert Ken 1994  
Gordon Jill 1994  
Hammond Jaymie 1994  
Harris Corey 1994  
Hart James 1994  
Jones Paul 1994  
Krantz Debbie 1994  
Lathrop Sarah 1994  
Lemasters Jen 1994  
Lombardi Tricia 1994  
Ludovico Vince 1994  
Lyman Scott 1994  
McConnell Jen  1994  
McGhee Christina 1994  
McMullen Jason 1994  
Mitcheltree Carrie 1994  
Mogush Pete 1994  
Monaghan Dan 1994  
Morgan Sonya 1994  
Murray Shane 1994  
Nichols Kelly 1994  
Ollocl Kevin 1994  
Parsons Kim 1994  
Raiche Miranda 1994  
Randazzc Carlo 1994  
Ressler Jeremy 1994  
Roe Megan 1994  
Roupp Jenny 1994  
Shaw Juanita 1994  
Sherman Steve 1994  
Siebel Ty 1994  
Smith C. J. 1994  
Stevenson Debbie 1994  
Strain Matt 1994  
Sykora Pam 1994  
Thomas Rachel 1994  
Thorpe Cassie 1994  
Tomlinson Tina 1994  
Townsend Heather 1994  
Ulmer Jason 1994  
Winder Jason 1994  
Wise Joy 1994  
York Thad 1994  
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By Joyce M. Tice.
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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933