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In the lower picture the Brick Shool, built 1881, is shown in 1920. The  picture at left shows the old schoool in the right background with the 1927 gym addition in front. The old school was eventually torn down. In its place now stands the larger part of the present High School.

Mansfield High School Graduates

LISTINGS FROM THE 1938 MANSFIELD HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK , "MANSCRIPT" Prior to 1913, not a pupil had graduated from a four year high school course in Mansfield. The course was narrow and only the few who wanted to go on to college stayed for the new high school course. The enrollment was sixty four for four years of high school in 1914. In 1913 a class of three graduated in a three year course and in 1914, a class of seven in a four year course. Not all of the following addresses were verified. A question mark has been added in cases of extreme doubt. In a few instances, no information was available.

This information was taken from the 1938 school year book. Joyce M. Tice has added supplemental information.

We now have a local history museum in Mansfield representing the area in and naer Manfield.
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If you have obituaries for classmates, parents siblings, that we have not includedon the class pages, please send them to us.

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in 1938
ASHLEY Lucy 1924 R D , Mansfield, Pa.   Mortimer Briggs 08056 MSNS 1926 1906-1985 Middlebury Union
AUSTIN Roy 1924 Jeddo, Pa. Teacher   08519 MSTC 1928 1904-
BAITY Mildred 1924 R.D., Mansfield, Pa.    Warren York 03511 MSNS 1926 1907-1994
BARDEN Arthur 1924 Mansfield, Pa.   Mary McBlane
BENNETT James 1924 402 1st St., Denora, Pa. Teacher Mary Ayers 42495 MSTC 1927 1906-1963 Prospect Cemetery
BINNING Wood 1924 Los Angeles, Calif.     90613 1902-1968 California
BLAIR Paul 1924 R D. Mansfield, Pa.     00172 1904- 1979 Gray Cemetery
BLAIR Ruth 1924 R D Wellsboro, Pa.   Raymond Shaw 00609 MSNS 1926 1906-1976 Middlebury Union
BLANCHARD Ida 1924 Deceased     92534 MSTC 1927 1906-1928 Bowen Cemetery
BLY Lewis 1924 Troy, Pa. Manual Arts Teacher   85731 MSTC 1929 1906-1999
BROWN Hamilton 1924 R D 3, Mansfield, Pa. Barber [Josephine Nash]  11054 1905-1983 Glenwood
CHAMBERLAIN Allen 1924 Hepburnville, Pa. Teacher   MSTC 1927 1907-1978 Panama NY
CLARK George 1924 Albrook Field, Canal Zone Sgt.24th Pursuit Squad.   93717 1902-1961 Seattle WA
CLEVELAND Celia 1924 Blossburg, Pa.   Lewis Higley 08367 MSTC 1928 1905-2004 Oakwood Cemetery
CLEVELAND Florence 1924 Halifax, Pa.   Clarence Zimmerman 08368
CLEVELAND Warren 1924 58 DeRussey St., Binghamton, NY [Bertha Youmans]  79122 1905-1968 Prospect Cemetery
COLE Desta 1924 71 Belleview Ave., Bradford, Pa. Teacher   39458 MSTC 1927 1906-1969 Tioga County Memorial Gardens
CROSSLEY Carol 1924 Millerton, Pa.   Clifford Balch 1906-1991 Prospect Cemetery
CURTIS Velma 1924 3 Circle Dr., Plandome, L.I., NY   Cyril Nagle MSNS 1926
DYER Neal 1924 511 Arbor St., Yeadon, Pa. Journalism   82706 MSTC 1927
GRIFFIN Durward 1924 Mansfield, Pa.    
HAGAR Margaret 1924 Mansfield, Pa.   Lloyd Austin 07317 1906-1984 Mainesburg Cemetery
GOULD Armina 1924 Mansfield, Pa.   Walter Packard [Packer] 08904 1904-1942 Watson Cemetery
HIGLEY Lewis 1924 Blossburg, Pa. Manual Arts Teacher Celia Cleveland  63237 MSTC 1930 1903-1954 Oakwood Cemetery
HILL Jeanette 1924 Ethel St., Johnson City, NY (?)   John Couse
HOTALEN Rudolph 1924 333 W. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.   Frances Bailey 20935 MSTC 1927
HOY Helen 1924 40 Wall St., Trenton, NJ Social Services  
JENNINGS Charles 1924 R D 2, Millerton, Pa.   [Mildred Grinnell] 43632 1906-
JOHNS Theresa 1924 North Miami, Florida   Shanger 13728 1905-
KELLY Francis 1924 Mansfield, Pa. Postmaster [Lucille Palmer]  16111 1904-1986 St. Andrews
KNAPP Isola 1924 R.D., Montgomery, Pa.   Lloyd Harer 54606 1906-1976
LONGBOTHUM Lewis 1924 Mansfield, Pa.   Esther Brion  85054 1908-1951 Prospect Cemetery
McCLELLAND Casper 1924 1028 Conn. Ave., Washington, DC Lawyer Matilda Jupenlaz 22774 ?-1982
McCONNELL Ward 1924 Millerton, Pa.   [Mildred Hamilton]  05298 1904-1975 Smithboro NY
McMURTRY Arda 1924 439 Fairway Ave, Elmira, NY   Sidney Smith 03878 1907-
MERRILL Robert 1924 Troy, Pa. Teacher, Hist & Drama   MSTC 1927
MILLER Edna 1924 Southold, L.I., NY Teacher   78811 MSTC 1927
ODELL Lelah 1924 1230 Amsterdam Ave, New York City Nurse [George Mercer]  05675 MSNS 1926 1908-1951 Vestal NY
PALMER Lucille 1924 67 Garden St., Garden City, L.I., NY   Harry Kaley, [Francis Kelly] 16102 MSNS 1926 1906-2004 Prospect Cemetery
PRESET Walter 1924 401 Caldwell Ave., Wilmerding, Pa. Methodist Minister  
ROBBINS Christine 1924 Main Apt., Phoenixville, Pa. Teacher [Githler]  13875 MSNS 1926 1907-1995
RICHARDS Lawrence 1924 Covington, Pa.    
ROSE Gladys 1924 Washingtonville, NY     07471 1907-1975 State Road
SCAIFE Theodore 1924 Covington, Pa.    
SCHOONOVER Elsie 1924 503 Budd St., Elmira, NY   Gordon Jessup
SCHWAB Gladys 1924 Troy, Pa. Teacher, Mansfield Robert Merrill MSTC 1927
SEYMOUR Doris 1924 R D. Mainesburg, Pa. [Teacher]  Milton Bullard 19134 MSNS 1926 1906-1996 Gray Valley Cemetery
SHERMAN Florence 1924 Mainesburg, Pa.   Earl Tice 00174 1906-1997 Gray Valley Cemetery
SMITH Elmer 1924 Mainesburg, Pa.     03506 1903-1986 State Road Cemetery
SMITH Paul 1924 Gen. Delivery, Amboy, NJ     04066 1902-1964
SMITH Richard 1924 50 Institute Place, Bridgeton, NJ Manager, G.L.F.  
SOPER Gertrude 1924 R D , Covington, Pa.   Carlton Hilfiger 12289 1905-1981 Gray Cemetery
STRAIT Bennett 1924 Fallsington, Pa. Teacher   62952 MSTC 1928 1907-
SUTTON Bernice 1924     John Hunsinger [Hillsinger] 19077 1906-1969 Glenwood Cemetery
WARTERS Gordon 1924 224 Elmwood Ave, Elmira Heights, NY     54098 1906-1975 Forest Lawn
WEBSTER Bernice 1924 R D 2, Covington, Pa.   Earl Benson 08449 MSNS 1926 1906-1983 State Road Cemetery
WEBSTER Frank 1924 R D 3, Mansfield, Pa. Teacher   22900 MSNS 1926 1905-1978 State Road Cemetery
WHITTAKER Leroy 1924 R D 2, Covington, Pa.   Caroline Mahonske
WILCOX Dorothy 1924 R D., Tioga, Pa.   Ernest Bartlett 24739 1905-1972 Prospect Cemetery
WILCOX Lucille 1924 Covington, Pa.   Elisha Zimmer 59906 MSNS 1926 1907- 1997 Cherry Flats
WILSON Elsie 1924 Mansfield, Pa.   Chester Case 35765 MSNS 1926 1906-1999 Oakwood Cemetery
ZENGER Ina 1924 604 Jackson Ave., Takoma Park, Md   John Breene 83216
ZENGER Mildred 1924 508 Flower Ave, Takoma Park, Md   Leon Cross 83215
ZIMMER Elisha 1924 Covington, Pa.   [Lucille Wilcox]  59907 1904-1990 Cherry Flats Cemetery
 Members of the class of 1924 of the Mansfield Senior High School had a class reunion at the Little Tavern Saturday evening, July 21.  Twenty-six members were present with a number of guests, husbands and wives of members of the class.  Mrs. Bertha Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Miller and Prof. Longstreet.  Robt. Merrill acting as toastmaster called upon Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Miller and Prof. Longstreet, for talks, after which Rudolph Hotalen gave an exhibition of magic.  A very pleasant and enjoyable evening was spent in talking over old times and renewing friendships of ten years ago.  The class was especially pleased that Prof. Longstreet could be present for part of the evening.  Members of the class present were:  Miss christine Robbins, Mrs. Velma Curtis Nagle, Robert Merrill, Rudolph Hotalen, Mrs. Carol Crossley Balch, Lewis Bly, Frank Webster, Miss Bernice Webster, Mrs. Doris Seymour Bullard, Mrs. Gertrude Soper Hilfiger, Miss Desta Coles, Mrs. Florence Cleveland Higley, Lewis Higley, Mrs. Lelah Odell, Mrs. Lucille Wilcox Zimmer, Mrs. Armina Gold Packer, Miss Elsie Wilson, James Bennett, Mrs. Florence Sherman Tice, Ward McConnell, Mrs. Beatrice Canfield Stout, Russell Watson, Clarence Hakes, Miss Lulu Chamberlain.  The husband or wife of each married member was present with the exception of Mr. Zimmer.
ASHLEY – Lucie A. Briggs, [SRGP 08056] age 79, of Wellsboro RD 7, died Wednesday, December 4, 1985 at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro, PA. Friend may call at the Kuhl-Wilston Funeral Home, Mansfield, PA, Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Funeral will be held Saturday at 2 PM, at the Middlebury Baptist Church, with the Rev. James L. Snyder and the Rev. S. Wade Stewart officiating. Burial, Middlebury Union Cemetery. She is survived by 2 sons, Harold Briggs of Rochester, NY and Ben Briggs of Mansfield, PA; one daughter, Mrs. Helen Boyce of Wellsboro, PA; 10 grandchildren; 6 great grandchildren. She was a member of the Middlebury Baptist Church and the Middlebury Grange. She was born July 31, 1906 in Mansfield, PA, the daughter of Wells and Mary Wilson Ashley.

CLARK, George Malcolm, Major – Major George Malcolm Clark, age 56 years, of Seattle, Washington died December 29, 1961. Born in Claremont, Va. He enlisted in the Air Corps in 1929. During the Second World War he served with the 14th Air Force in the China-Burma-Indian Theater. He received his commission in 1942. He was transferred to Seattle in 1953 and retired from military service in 1959. Since that time he has been an employee at the Seattle First National Bank. He is survived by his wife, Bessie B. at the family home, 6314-60th Ave. N.E., Seattle; 2 daughters, Dotha and Linda Clark, Seattle; a sister, Mrs. Linda Ward, Richmond, Va. and a half brother, Edward Primrose, Washington, D.C.  Military services were conducted Jan. 4th. 1962 at the Adams Forkner Funeral Home, followed by interment in the Veterans Memorial Section of Washelli Cemetery, Seattle. Major Clark graduated from Mansfield High School in 1924 and was active on all athletic teams while here. He is a cousin of Mrs. Yolande Judge of College Avenue. – Mansfield Advertiser, 10 January 1962, p.5

CROSSLEY, Carol Hamilton [SRGP 84992] – Carol C. Balch, 85, of Millerton, died Monday, Nov. 4, 1991. She was a former member of the Mansfield Presbyterian Church and a member of DAR and OES. For many years she wrote the column “Millerton Musings” for the Wellsboro Gazette. She was preceded in death by her husband, Clifford P. Balch in June 1969. Surviving are two daughters and sons-in-law, Thalia and Kenneth Townley, of Elmira, NY, and Dr. Joanne and James Tilberry, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio; one son and daughter-in-law, David and Anne Balch, of Watkins Glen, NY; four granddaughters and two grandsons. Calling hours will be held at the Olthof Funeral Home, Elmira, on Thursday, Nov. 7 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. with Rev. Allen Hulslander officiating. In lieu of flowers, those wishing may make contributions to the Millerton United Methodist Church Building Fund, Millerton. – Wellsboro Gazette, 6  November 1991, p.37

BENNETT, James H. [SRGP 42495] – James H. Bennett, age 57, of 785 Laurel St., Elmira, died Monday, Oct. 28, 1963. He was employed by the New York State Labor Department. Survived by wife, Mary Ayers Bennett; one daughter, Mrs. George French of Elmira; son, James F. Bennett of Elmira; brothers, Fred O. Bennett of Denver, Colo., Roger Bennett of Mansfield, Arthur Bennett of Westbury, L.I. and 3 grandchildren. Funeral service was held at Olthof Funeral Home, Elmira on Thursday at 1:30 p.m., with the Rev. Kelsie G. Martin officiating. Burial was in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Elmira. Mr. Bennett was an apprentice training representative of the Binghamton District of the State Labor Department. Bennett was appointed to this post in February, 1960. He represented the State Apprentice Council in an 11-county area consisting of Chemung, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins, Schuyler, Allegany, Broome, Delaware, Sullivan, Otsego and Chenango Counties. He was a journeyman carpenter and recording secretary of the Carpenters Union 532. He was the local’s delegate to the Chemung County AFL-CIO assembly and a former secretary of the assembly. Bennett held a bachelor of since degree in education from Mansfield State College, Class of 1929. Mr. Bennett was formerly from Mansfield and lived on Second Street with his parents, the late Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bennett, for several years. He is also survived by an aunt, Mrs. Walter Warters of Mansfield. – Mansfield Advertiser, 6 November 1963, p.3, col.3

BLAIR - Paul J. Blair, (SRGP 00172) 75, of RD1, Covington, died Thursday, July 26, 1979 in Charleston Township. Born June 30, 1904 at Covington, he was a son of James S. and Kitty Rockwell Blair. Mr. Blair was a retired employee of Strange Sawmill, Mansfield and a former Pennsylvania Department of Transportation employee. He was a member of the Covington Church of Christ. He was preceded in death by his  wife, Dorothy M. Blair. Surviving are two sisters-in-law, Mrs. Wilbur [Edith] Blair and Mrs. Glenn [Vera] Blair, both of Wellsboro; four brothers-in-law, Ralph Sampson, Raymond Shaw, Roy Ford, all of Wellsboro and Orlando Parson of Harrisburg; several nieces and nephews.  Funeral and committal services were held at the Tussey Funeral Home, Wellsboro, Sunday July 29, 1979 at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Archie  Cruikshank, his pastor officiating. Burial was in Gray Cemetery, Covington. - Wellsboro Gazette, August 1, 1979  CHS 1923, MHS 1924

BLAIR, Ruth – Mrs. Ruth Blair Shaw, age 70, of RD 2, Wellsboro, died suddenly at her Wellsboro home on Monday evening, June 7, 1976. She was born April 24, 1906 in Covington, the daughter of James S. and Kitty Rockwell Blair. she was a member of the Church of Christ Disciples at Canoe Camp. Ruth Shaw possessed a genuinely warm and friendly personality which won her a host of friends. Her generous and happy disposition endeared her to many and she will be greatly missed within the community. She is survived by husband, Raymond L. Shaw of RD 2, Wellsboro; one daughter, Mrs. Thurston [Jeanette] Knapp of Wellsboro; two sons, Tracey R. Shaw of Virginia Beach, Virginia; Russell L. Shaw of Jacksonville, Florida; one sister, Mrs. Ralph [Gladys] Sampson of Wellsboro; two brothers, Paul Blair of Covington and Glenn Blair of Wellsboro; 16 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. There will be no visitation. Private funeral services will be held at the Tussey Funeral Home on Thursday, June 10th at 1:30 p.m. with Rev. Kermit Clickner officiating. Burial at Middlebury Union Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, friends may contribute to a charity of their choice. – Wellsboro Gazette, 9 June 1976, p.24

Lewis Edgar BLY, 92, died March 26, 1999 in the James G. Johnston Nursing Home (Hilltop Retirement Community) in Johnson City, NY.  The son of Lewis Albert and Susan Hollenbeck Bly, he was born Coudersport, PA on April 16, 1906.  He graduated from Mansfield High School, Mansfield State Teacher’s College and Ohio State University where he earned a Masters Degree in industrial arts.  Mr. Bly taught industrial arts in Troy High school while working on his advanced degree.  During World War II he worked for the Curtis L. Wright Company in Baltimore and Buffalo.  The family moved from Troy in 1950 and resided in Ithaca, NY till 1966 when Mr. and Mrs. Bly moved to Fayetteville, NY.  He retired from Agway in May 1971.  During retirement years, the Blys traveled extensively in the United States.

BROWN – Hamilton W. Brown, 77, of RD 3, Box 1066, Mansfield, went to be with his Lord, Feb. 18, 1983 at the Arnot Ogden Hospital, Elmira NY. Born June 29, 1905, at Morris, he was the son of John W. and Ethel Banfill Brown. He was a barber in the Mansfield and Troy area for 46 years and was known for his craftsmanship in woodworking and refinishing. A deacon and lay preacher for many years, he was co-founder and past chairman of Child Evangelism of Tioga County; co-founder and past chairman of local chapter of The Gideons International, and served four years with the United State Marine Corps in China. He was the beloved husband for 53 years of Josephine Nash Brown, who survives him. Also surviving are his son, Badon Hamilton Brown of Plainfield, NJ; daughter and son-in-law, Sheila and Dick Crittenden of RD 1, Mansfield; adoring grandchildren, Bob and Debra Brown Malone, and David and Jane Brown, all of Iowa; and Brian Brown of Plainfield, NJ; Bill and Joy Crittendan Snee, Ed and Betsy Crittendan Wyman, Lois Crittenden, all of Mansfield, and Muray and Marianne Crittenden Kent of Cuba, NY; great-grandchildren, Isaac, Sonja Jo, and Lucinda Malone of Iowa, and Trapper Wyman of Mansfield. The funeral was held at 3 PM Sunday, Feb. 20, at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield. Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy. The Rev. Paul Brown, pastor of the Mansfield Church of the New Covenant and the Rev. Kenneth Marple, pastor of the Austinville Union Church, officiated. Friends were invited to call at the funeral home Saturday, Feb. 19. – Wellsboro Gazette, 23 Feb. 1983, p.7

Cleveland, Celia M. Higley
Age 98, originally of Mansfield, PA, died Monday, January 19, 2004 at the Sayre House, Sayre, PA. She was born on August 23, 1905 in Richmond Township, PA, the daughter of the late Menton G. and Clara (Goodall) Cleveland. She was a member of the Canoe Camp Church of Christ in Mansfield, PA. Celia graduated from the Mansfield Normal School in 1928, with an additional 2 years at Millersville State Teachers College for her Masters Degree. She was a school librarian at the Mansfield High School for 16 years. She is survived by her daughter Carol D. Leach of Bath, NY; seven grandchildren; ten great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents, Celia was preceded in death by her husband, Lewis Higley; daughter, Barbara Cron; brothers, Lyle and Tim Cleveland; and her sister, Florence Zimmerman. Friends and family are invited to call at the Scureman Funeral Home, Inc., 130 South Main Street, Mansfield, PA on Friday, January 23, 2004 from 12 to 1 pm. The funeral service will immediately follow at 1pm, with Rev. Kirk Smethers officiating. Interment will be in the Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield, PA. Memorials may be made to the Canoe Camp Church of Christ, Mansfield, PA 16933

COLE, Desta [SRGP 39458] – Miss Desta Cole, age 63, of Bradford, PA, formerly of Mansfield, died Saturday, May 31, 1969 at Bradford Hospital after a brief illness. Funeral was at the Shaw & Robena Funeral Home, Mansfield, Tuesday at 2 p.m., the Rev. David Griffiths officiated. Burial was in Tioga County Memorial Gardens. Survived by sisters, Mrs. Alice Fields of Gillett, PA, Mrs. Mary Wheeler of Leesburg, FL, Mrs. Harriette Colegrove of Mansfield, Mrs. Luella Townsend of Wellsboro; brothers, Harry Cole, Keith Cole, both of Mansfield, Robert Cole, Alston Cole, both of San Jose, Calif. Cassius Cole of Baltimore, MD; many nieces and nephews. Miss Cole taught school in Bradford for over 40 years. More than 100 friends attended the viewing and prayer service held in the Memorial Chapter at Bradford, Sunday at 2 p.m. She was an active member and current president of Business and Professional Woman’s Club of Bradford; was a member of Bradford Baptist Church and was the adult Sunday School teacher at the present time. Miss Cole had retired just 2 years ago and was devoting all her time to worthwhile pursuits such as her church work, the WCTU, etc. – Mansfield Advertiser, 4 June 1969, p.8

GOULD, Armina [SRGP 08904] – Armina Gould Packer Killed – Struck by CarMrs. Armina Gould Packer of Wilson Ave.,, was killed about 2:30 a.m. Sunday when struck by a car while walking along Route 15 about a half mile north of here. The body was found about 3 a.m. by motorists who notified corp. G.W. Gabrielson of the local sub-station of the State Motor Police. Mrs. Packer suffered multiple fractures of both legs and possible internal injuries. Dr. J.J. Moore, who was called to the scene, attributed death to shock and the injuries. He said she probably died instantly. Peace Justice W.D. Bradway acted as coroner. From broken glass and the relative position of the body, Dist. Attorney Edwin A. Glover, of Knoxville, said that it was apparent the body was hurled about 75 feet. About 5:45 a.m. William Williams of Mansfield RD 3, was taken from his home by Corp. Gabrielson and Police Chief E.J. Wood and placed in the local jail, and later was removed to the county jail at Wellsboro. At a preliminary hearing Monday afternoon at Wellsboro Williams was charged with failure to stop and render assistance and involuntary manslaughter and released on $1,500 bail pending the convening of the Grand Jury Nov. 23. Peace Justice Andrew M. Yoggy resided, assisted by District Attorney Glover. Witnesses at the preliminary hearing included Cpl. C.W. Gabrielson, Police Chief E.J. Wood, Dr. Joseph J. Moore and Peace Justice W.D. Bradway. Cpl. Gabrielson and Chief Wood said that Williams’ car was damaged. The right headlight lens, right front grille and top of the right side of the hood were broken. The officers said that Williams admitted driving in the vicinity of the accident about the time it happened. Williams, said however, that he did not recall having struck anything, according to Cpl. Gabrielson. At a coroner’s inquest conducted at 2:30 p.m. today at the borough building by Acting Coroner W.D. Bradway, the verdict was that Mrs. Packer “met death about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 8, about one and one-fourth mile north of Mansfield on Route 15 by a car owned by William Williams of Mansfield.” The coroner’s jury consisted of N.E. French, M.A. Rooks, Alfred Warters, Charles Hawley, L.B. Shaw and Fred Hakes. – Mansfield Advertiser, 11 November 1942, p.1, col.5

GOULD, Armina [SRGP 08904]] –[additional information from the Wellsboro Agitator]Mrs. Packer, on her way home from work, when she met death, is believed to have been killed instantly by a hit run driver. Broken glass from an automobile headlight was found near Mrs. Packer’s body. Mrs. Armina Gould Packer is survived by her husband, Walter Packer; three children, Margaret Theresa, Walter Jr. and Charles, all of Mansfield; mother, Mrs. Theresa Gould. The funeral was held yesterday at the Methodist church at Roseville, Rev. Lester Chaff officiating; burial in the Watson cemetery at Roseville. – Wellsboro Agitator, 11 November 1942, p.1, col.7 

HAGAR, Margaret -
Margaret E. Austin, 77, wife of Lloyd E. Austin of Pinnacle Towers, Wellsboro, died Sunday, Sept. 23, 1984 in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro.  Born Nov 7, 1906 in Mansfield, she was a daughter of Claude and Jennie Bly Hager.  Mrs. Austin was a member of Whitneyville United Methodist Church and of the Friendly Circle, Mansfield.  Surviving are her husband, Lloyd E. Austin; two sons, Lyle of Millerton and Dale of Elmira, N.Y.; two daughters, Mrs. Fred (Caroline) Miller of Elmira, N.Y. and Mrs. Paul (Leona) Sempler of Millerton; four sisters, Miss Ina Hager, Mrs. Julia Jerzak, Mrs. Eloise Smith and Mrs. Lena Burrows, all of the Mansfield area; three brothers, Willard Hager of Montoursville, Fordyce Hager and Milton Hager, both of Mansfield; 16 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.  The funeral was held at 1 p.m. today, Wednesday, Sept 26 at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield with the Rev. Gregory Moore, her pastor, officiating.  Burial was in Mainesburg Cemetery.  Friends were invited to call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 25.m

HIGLEY – Lewis Roscoe Higley [SRGP 63237], 51, of Mansfield, died last Wednesday afternoon, December 1 [1954], following an extended illness. Surviving are his wife, Celia; and two daughters, Carol and Barbara, at home; his mother, Mrs. Floy Higley of Roseville; two brothers, Alfred of Roseville and Howard of Buffalo; four sisters, Mrs. Ethel Trowbridge and Mrs. Ella Johnson, both of Limestone, NY, Mrs. Lula Hart of Olean and Mrs. Lina Hoffman of Derrick City. Funeral services were held at Mansfield last Saturday with burial in Oakwood Cemetery. – Wellsboro Gazette, December 9, 1954

KELLY – The funeral was held Monday, Jan. 13, for Francis J. Kelly, 81, of 195 South Main St., Mansfield, a former postmaster in the borough for 32 years, who died Saturday, Jan. 11, 1986, at home. Born at Lambs Creek, Apr. 26, 1904, he was a son of William H. and Margaret Kerwan Kelly. Mr. Kelly was a member of Hold Child Roman Catholic Church. He was a graduate of Mansfield High School and the former Mansfield State University. Mr. Kelly was a former borough councilman. He also was an officer of the Mansfield Businessmen’s Assn. And a member of the Mansfield Public Library Board and the National Assn. Of Retired Postmasters. Mr. Kelly was a former professional baseball player and a longtime manager of Mansfield’s town team and Mansfield Babe Ruth Baseball teams. He was a charter member of Mansfield University’s Sports Hall of Fame Board. Surviving are his wife, the former Lucile Palmer; three step-sons, Richard Kaley of Camilus, NY, John Kaley of Houston, Texas, and Robert Kaley of Milwaukee, Wis.; a sister, Regina Mudge of Mansfield; and 5 nieces and 4 nephews. The funeral was at Hold Child Roman Catholic Church, Mansfield. Burial was in St. Andrews Cemetery, Blossburg. The Rev. John J. Tamalis, his pastor, officiated. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society or the Holy Child Roman Catholic Church, Mansfield. Arrangements by the Kuhl-Wilston Funeral Home, Mansfield.

LONGBOTHUM, Lewis C. -   Lewis C. Longbothum, 45, of Mansfield, died Monday at his home. He was an employee of the Baldwin Chevrolet Company. Survivors include his wife, Esther Virginia; two sons, Richard Lewis and Ronald Claire, at home; his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Longbothum; a cousin, Mrs. Donald Cleveland; an aunt, Mrs. Stella Ely, all of Mansfield. Services will be held at the Shaw & Robena Funeral Home in Mansfield on [Thursday] today at 2 p.m. The Rev. Stanley Robinson will officiate. Burial will be in Prospect Cemetery. - Wellsboro Gazette, December 6, 1951

McCONNELL, Ward [SRGP 5298] - [Millerton Column] - Word has been received of the death of Ward McConnell of RD 1, Barton, NY. He is survived by his wife, Jane, a son and a daughter, 4 grandsons, 2 sisters and a brother. The McConnell's were Millerton residents for many years. Ward's parents lived on Sherwood St. in Mansfield and he graduated from the Mansfield High School in 1924. - Wellsboro Gazette, 13 November 1975, p.11

 Miss Gladys E. Rose, 69, of Wellsboro RD 5, died Tuesday, August 19, 1975, in the Williamsport Hospital, where she had been admitted August 1st. She was born in Mainesburg on June 17, 1906, a daughter of Elmer and Harriette Brainard Rose. She was a member of the Stony Fork United Methodist Church. Miss Rose also was a member of the Stony Fork Rebekah Lodge and the Stony Fork Grange. There are no immediate survivors. The funeral was held Friday at the Spink Funeral Home, Wellsboro. Burial was in State Road Cemetery, Mainesburg. The Rev. John J. Dromazos, pastor of the Whitneyville Larger Parish, officiated.

SHERMAN,  Florence E. Tice 91, formerly of Mainesburg PA, died Friday, January 24, 1997 at Broad Acres Nursing Home in Wellsboro, PA She was born on January 21, 1906 in Richmond Twp., the daughter of Wesley and Nettle (Richmond) Sherman. She was a member of the Mainesburg United Methodist Church and the East Sullivan Grange and attended Mansfield Senior Center. Mrs. Tice is survived by daughters and sons-in-law, Esther and Charles Smith of New Holland, PA, Lucile and Leo Packard of Mainesburg, PA, Mary and Lee "Buzz" Harvey of Mansfield, PA, Marjorie and James Crandle of Troy, PA; sons and daughters-in-law, Richard and Joanne Tice of Troy, Frank and Nancy Tice of Mainesburg, Gordon Tice of Mainesburg, Harold and Shirley Tice of Covington, PA, James and Dora Tice of Mainesburg; 30 grandchildren and 49 great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Earl Tice, who died in September, 1950; brothers, Lyle and Oscar Sherman; a grandson, Todd Tice; great-grandsons, Darryl and Logan Harvey.

 MANSFIELD--Elmer L. Smith, 82, of Mansfield RD 3, died Friday, July 18, 1986, at Broad Acres Nursing Center, Wellsboro. Born Nov. 17, 1903, in Sullivan Twp., he was a son of David T. and Ella Ryan Smith. Mr. Smith was a retired dairy farmer, fur dealer and Pioneer seed corn salesman.  He also was a former dog law enforcement officer. Mr. Smith was a member of State Road Baptist Church, Sullivan Twp. He was a 50-year member of East Sullivan Grange, one of the organizers of State Road Cemetery Assn., and had been a Republican committeeman for 40 years. His wife, the former Annie Baity, died Oct. 19, 1984. Surviving are a son, Robert D. of Mansfield; two daughters, Mrs. Audrey Clark, of Troy, and Mrs. Shirley Rumsey, of Mainesburg; three brothers, Richard, of Fort Orange, Fla., Lyle, of Mainesburg, and Robert, of Hyannis, Mass; three sisters, Mrs. Ethlyn Frost, of Marathon, NY, Mrs. Eloise Chamberlain, of Mainesburg, and Mrs. Nellie Shaw, of Mansfield, nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The funeral will be at 1 pm Monday at Scureman's, 130 South Main Street.  Burial will be in State Road Cemetery. The Revs. Eugene A. Charsky, his pastor, and Benjamin E. Nevin, pastor of First Baptist Church, will officiate. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm Sunday.

 Paul C. Smith of Woodbridge, New Jersey and Dingman’s Ferry, Pa. (formerly of Elk Run, Pa.) suffered a stroke and died Tuesday, Nov. 24, 1964.  He was a member of Elk Run Methodist Church, a son of the late Rev. Freddus D. Smith of Elk Run.  For the past number of years he has been a grading contractor in Woodbridge, N.J.  Survived by wife, Euphemia Drake Smith, twin-sister, Mrs. Paulina Avery of Elk Run; a brother, Glenn I. of Florida; several nieces and nephews.  Funeral was held Nov. 28, at Milford, Pa. With burial at Dingman’s Ferry.

Gray Cemetery, Covington
SOPER - Gertrude V. Hilfiger, 75, of RD#1, Covington, died Monday, Aug. 3, 1981, at her home. She was the widow of Carlton Hilfiger. She was born Nov. 1, 1905, at Covington, a daughter of William and Ella Graves Soper. Mrs. Hilfiger was a member of Covington Baptist Church. She also was a member of Covington Grange. Surviving are two sons, Lewis and George, both of Covington; a daughter, Mrs. Lewis Garrison of Wellsboro; a sister, Mrs. Frances Smith of Covington; 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Thursday at the church. Burial will be in Gray Cemetery. The Rev. John Truax, her pastor, will officiate. Friends may call at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 5. - Wellsboro Gazette, August 5, 1981

     Bernice Louise Benson, 77, of RD 1, Covington, died Saturday, Dec. 10, 1983, in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro.  Her husband, Earl Benson, died in 1974.  Born Aug. 23, 1906, at Mainesburg, she was a daughter of Ernest and Mary Webber Webster.  She was a member of State Road Baptist Church, Mainesburg, and the Corwin Mission Circle at the church.  She and her husband had been dairy farmers in Sullivan Township for many years.  Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. John (Eleanor) Mest, of Manhattan, Mont., and Mrs. Wayne (Jeannine) Beardslee, of Campbell, N.Y.; a son, Gordon, of Hampstead, Md.; a sister, Mrs. Howard Norman, of Liberty, and seven grandchildren.  The funeral was held today, Wednesday, at the church in Mainesburg.  Burial was in State Road Cemetery, Mainesburg.  The Rev. Edwin Green, her pastor, officiated.  Memorial donations may be made to the Heart Fund.  Arrangements by the Kuhl Funeral Home.

 Frank W. Webster, age 72 of Sylvania, Pa., died Saturday, January 14, 1978 at his home. He was a mayor of Sylvania for 25 years.  He was a member of the Bradford and Sullivan Counties Retired Teachers Association and an educator for 40 years, retiring in 1969 as principal and a teacher at Springfield Elementary School. He was a member and elder of Sylvania Presbyterian Church, a former president of Sylvania Lions Club and a member of Columbia Grange and the Alparon Park Association. He is survived by his wife, Florence Hatch Webster; son, Keith of Richmond, Va; daughters, Michael (Carol) Johnson of Tioga, Mrs. Duane (Joyce) Bower of South Williamsport, Pa; sisters, Mrs. Earl (Bernice) Benson of Covington; Mrs. Howard (Dorothy) Norman of Liberty; four grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at the Vickery Funeral Home in Troy on Tuesday with the Rev. Alan Minarcik officiating.  Burial was in State Road Cemetery at Mainesburg.

Prospect Cemetery
MHS 1924
WILCOX - Dorotha Bartlett, age 65, of Mainesburg, formerly of Tioga, died Monday, January 3, 1972. Mrs. Bartlett was a member of the United Methodist Church of Tioga; the Lady Lawrence Rebekah Lodge No. 349 and a member of the Tioga Grange No. 1223. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Marian Hagar of Mansfield, Mrs. Clifford [Betty] Jones, Mrs. Ernestine Boom, both of Tioga, Mrs. Norene Burrows of Wellsboro, Miss Jean Bartlett at home; sons, Carl Bartlett of Osceola, David Bartlett of Mainesburg; sister, Mrs. Valeda Shoener, Mrs. Geraldine Goforth, both of Elmira; 20 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held Wednesday at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home, Mansfield. Rev. Kermit Clickner officiated. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, January 6, 1972

Cherry Flats Cemetery, Covington
WILCOX - E. Lucile Zimmer, 90, of Seffner, Fla., formerly of Covington, died Saturday, March 22, 1997, at the Columbia-Brandon Hospital, Seffner, Fla. Born Feb. 12, 1907, in Sullivan Township, she was a daughter of Herrick T. & Blanche A. Harvey Wilcox. She was a member of the Cherry Flats Baptist Church. She graduated from the former Mansfield Normal School, now Mansfield University. She taught the elementary grades at the former Covington School. Preceding her in death were her husband, Elisha B. Zimmer, May 7, 1990, and a brother, the Rev. Hildreth Wilcox, in 1984. Surviving are four nephews, Conrad Wilcox of Wheaton, Ill., Gordon and Donald Wilcox, both of Upper Lake, Calif., and the Rev. David Wilcox of Lakeport, Calif.; and a niece, Alice Jackson of Beaumont, Calif. Calling hours will be held Wednesday, March 26, from 7 to 9 p.m., and Thursday, March 27, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Scureman Funeral Home, 130 S. Main St., Mansfield. Funeral services will be held there, Thursday, immediately following the calling hours, with her nephew, the Rev. David H. Wilcox, and the Rev. Richard Krueger, her pastor, officiating. Burial will be made in the Cherry Flats Cemetery, Charleston Township. Memorial donations may be made to the Cherry Flats Baptist Church Building Fund, c/o Margaret Copley, RR#1, Box 139, Covington, Pa. 16917 - Wellsboro Gazette, March 26, 1997

WILSON - Case, Elsie L.
Age 93 formerly of Mansfield, a resident of Broad Acres Nursing Home, Wellsboro, died Monday, Dec. 27, 1999, at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital. Born May 18,, 1906, in Richmond Township, she was the daughter of Ervin W. and Dora McConnell Wilson. She was a 1928 graduate of Mansfield Normal School. She practiced nursing in the newborn nursery at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro, for 20 years and retiring in 1972. She had attended First Baptist Church in Mansfield and was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and the Rebekah Lodge. Preceding her in death were her husband, Chester L. Case, in 1968; one brother, Harold Wilson; and one sister, Eleanor Clarke. Surviving her are one son and daughter-in-law, David and Daisy Case of Mansfield; one daughter, Marsha L. Henderson of Yorktown Heights, N.Y.; four grandchildren, Julie Henderson Scott Henderson, Mark Case, Michele Drumheiser and Christopher Case; three great-grandchildren, Trevor Case, Wyatt Case and George Henderson; and one brother, James Wilson, of Mansfield. Funeral services were held at Scureman Funeral Home, Mansfield, with the Rev. Rudolph J. Vanderhiel officiating. Burial was made at Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Soldier and Sailors Memorial Hospital, 35 Central Ave., Wellsboro, Pa. 16901

Cherry Flats Methodist Cemetery, Covington
MHS 1924
ZIMMER - Elisha B. Zimmer, 85, of P.O. Box 123, Covington, died Monday, May 7, 1990, at The Green Home. He was a member of the Cherry Flats Baptist Church and co-owner of the Zimmer and Baity General Store in Covington for 38 years, until its closing in 1968. Preceding him in death was his sister, Mae Zimmer, in 1922. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, the former Lucile Wilcox Zimmer. Calling hours will be held Thursday, May 10 from noon to 2 p.m. at the Scureman Funeral Home, 130 S. Main St., Mansfield. Services will be conducted at the conclusion of calling hours. Rev. David Wilcox, his nephew, of the Lakeport Baptist Church, Lakeport, Calif., and the Rev. William Carr of Seffner, Fla., pastor of the Faith Baptist Church, will officiate. Family will provide flowers. Burial will be made at the Cherry Flats Methodist Cemetery, Covington. Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to the Cherry Flats Baptist Church, RD#1, Box 174, Mansfield, PA 16933 or Evangelism Fellowship at 16 Charleston St., Wellsboro, PA 16901. - Wellsboro Gazette, May 9, 1990 

Wellsboro Gazette, July 8, 1981
Mansfield High School Classes of '23, '24, & '25 Renew Friendships
A reunion of Mansfield High School classes of 1923, 1924, and 1925 was held recently at the Annette D. Smith Memorial Park in Mainesburg. Honored guest at the special occasion was Myron Webster, who was the principal of the Mansfield Junior High School at the time the people in these classes were in school. A delicious chicken barbeque dinner was served by the Park Committee and except for the lack of time to reminisce, it was considered to be a very successful event. It was unanimously decided to meet again next year for another chicken barbeque, in hopes that perhaps those unable to attend this year would be able to make it the next time.
Those attending from the class of 1923 were: Mrs. Elmer Smith [Anna Baity], Howard Davis, both of Mansfield; Aaron Smith of Mainesburg; Lee Smith and wife of Pinellas Park, Florida; Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dean [Ivah Youmans] of Wellsboro.
Class of 1924: Lucy Ashley Briggs and friend and Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Austin [Margaret Hager], both of Wellsboro; Hamilton Brown and wife, Celia Cleveland Higley, Elmer Smith and Elsie Wilson Case, all of Mansfield; Carol Crossley Balch and Charles Jennings of Millerton; Lewis Bly and wife of Cape Coral, Florida; Rudolph Hotalen and wife of Towanda; Robert Merrill and Gladys Schwab Merrill, both of Canton; Florence Sherman Tice of Mainesburg; and Doris Seymour Bullard of Elmira, NY.
Class of 1925: Mr. & Mrs. Bayard Gambell [Allen Allis] of Port Charlotte, Florida; Sarah Bates Randall of Liberty, NY; Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Grow [Doris Benson] of Batavia, NY; Mr. & Mrs. Olon Harris [Agnes Chamberlain], Marie Kiley Wilcox and Agnes McCusland Dyer, all of Mansfield; Mr. & Mrs. Paul Miller of Kane; Gladys Warters Scott of Fort Worth, Texas and Margaret Webster Smith.
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