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Mansfield High School Graduates 2003
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1960 view of Mansfield High School. Front section , formerly the gym - converted to auditorium, was built about 1927 attached to the old Brick School. In 1939, the Brick School was torn down and the new school built surrounding the central gym. The 1939 section  on left became the Junior High School in the fall of 1959, and the High School is the new part on the right.
1968 Yearbook Photo
From the 2003 School Records of Mansfield High School.
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Surname First Name Year Spouse
Adams Danielle N 2003  
Allen Sarah F 2003  
Bailey Eric J 2003  
Baker Kimberly 2003  
Bastian Noal T 2003  
Bedford Justin R 2003  
Bellis Kenneth 2003  
Booth Edwin E 2003  
Bourret Desneige 2003  
Bramm Kristy 2003  
Brion Jason 2003  
Brooks John 2003  
Burt Joshua 2003  
Carson Megan M 2003  
Case Ashley 2003  
Castro Crist M 2003  
Chamberlain Adam 2003  
Chamberlain Adrea L 2003  
Cole Korryn 2003  
Colegrove Emily 2003  
Comfort Adam D 2003  
Courtney Harold B 2003  
Cummings Christopher 2003  
Cummings Joshua 2003  
Donner Erica 2003  
Dyer Mary J 2003  
Edkin Joshua C 2003  
Evans Kristen A 2003  
Everett Brian 2003  
Falkler Jonathan E 2003  
Farrer Karen 2003  
Faulkner Nicole M 2003  
Fitzgerald Edie A 2003  
Fuller Joanna 2003  
Gaugler Ashley 2003  
Gaugler Heather 2003  
Gulliver Amanda 2003  
Halstead Christine A 2003  
Hartman Doniessa Jeanette 2003  
Heinser Kristine 2003  
Jack Tracy A 2003  
Johnson Tasha 2003  
Jones Brian 2003  
Kenyon Darius 2003  
Kessing Christina R 2003  
Kessing Tammy N 2003  
Kling Jenna 2003  
Koernig William 2003  
Lockhart Geri L 2003  
McKay Lauren A 2003  
Milkie Carrie 2003  
Nauman Matthew 2003  
Parrotte Ryan 2003  
Payne Brandon 2003  
Pazzaglia Angela 2003  
Pellett Scott 2003  
Prutsman Damon A 2003  
Reed Joshua T 2003  
Root Amelia E 2003  
Ross Linda 2003  
Shaw Ashley 2003  
Shedd Amanda 2003  
Shrouds Ingrid A 2003  
Shuff John R 2003  
Slaymaker Dean 2003  
Slingerland Victoria V 2003  
Slyster Renee E 2003  
Smith Genowe'fa V 2003  
Thomas Laura 2003  
VanNess Rebecca 2003  
Waldman Amanda J 2003  
Walker Angel 2003  
Watts Michelle L 2003  
West Brennon 2003  
Wheeler Jamie S 2003  
White William T 2003  
Whitehead Cory J 2003  
Wise Katherine 2003  
Wood  Jennifer 2003  
Young Elizabeth 2003  
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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03 February 2009
By Joyce M. Tice.
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