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Cora May SMITH & Harvey L. TICE of Sullivan
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Cory was among the youngest in her family. Only two sisters, Maude and Florence who died young, were younger.  She helped care for her aged mother, Polly, who had Alzheimer's disease or something similar. Polly lived in Cory's household through part of her old age.  Polly died in March of 1926 at Maude's home in Troy, and Harvey died the following month. She survived him for 17 years continuing to provide a home for Bertha who was mentally retarded. She helped care for her grandsons, Homer and Leslie, following the early death of their mother in 1925.
Harvey was born on Pumpkin Hill outside of Roseville just before the Civil War. He was the youngest child of the family and some of his brothers were old enough to serve in the Civil War.$He was living as a farm hand in the Leonard Bradford household in the 1880 census. This was on the North Road in Sullivan Township, very close to Sanitarium Hill where Cora lived. Cora and Harvey lived in a large number of different places. At the time Lee was born, they were in Galeton where two of Harvey's older brothers lived. Henry was postmaster and Philip had a sawmill. Harvey was working for Philip. Later they lived on Sanitarium Hill in the house that Joe Holly and Mary Wood built. They lived on Ames Hill, and they lived in the house that Earl later lived in and that Florence still lives in in the Gray Valley area of Sullivan Township. They were farmers for most of their lives. Both joined the Rutland Hill Church February 12, 1893 and both were baptised in the same church in 1895. Harvey died at nearly age 68 of pneumonma. After he died, Cora and Bertha lived in a small house on the same property. He always signed his name as H. L. Tice. We do not know for sure what the L. stands for but John Tice is pretty sure it is Lee. Others have guessed the same, but proof is lacking at this time.
Photos: Cora SMITH & Harvey TICE
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Married  04 JULY 1886
Year:   1886 Marriage photo 
Photo submitted to SRGP by Joyce M. Tice 
Photos scanned  by JMT
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Name Cora May SMITH
Birth date and place 02 JUNE 1869
Sullivan Township
Death date and place 22 MAY  1943
Blossburg Hospital
Cemetery Gray Valley Cemetery
Parents Polly COMFORT
Matthew SMITH
Spouses Harvey L. Tice
Name Harvey L. Tice
Birth date and place 09 MAY 1858
Rutland Township
Death date and place 14 APR 1926
Sullivan Township
Cemetery Gray Valley Cemetery 
Parents Amanda Sutton[?]
Phil Tice
Spouses Cora May Smith
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06 JUL 2001
By Joyce M. Tice

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