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Biographies of Tioga County Civil War Soldiers extracted from PRESIDENTS, SOLDIERS, STATESMEN

Please feel free to submit additonal biographies, obituaries, etc. on Civil War participants from Tioga County.


Was born in Richmond, Pa., July 7, 1838, and was a son of Rodney C. Shaw deceased, and Mary A. (SEELYE) still living (1894). Sept 16, 1868 he was married in Mansfield, Pa., to Martha E. Howe who was born June 2, 1845 in Greenfield, Lackawanna county, Pa. Her father, John C. Howe is still living (1894), but her mother, Lodema F. (SMITH) is dec. Mr. Shaw and wife have had four children, John H., Llewellyn S., Nellie L. and Edna H. Comrade Shaw was 23 years of age when he enlisted October 14, 1861, at Harrisburg, Pa.; he joined Co. B, 101st Pa. V.I., Weitzel's Div., 18th A.C., as a private. May 1862, he was sick at Portsmouth, R.I., two months with chronic diarrhea and typhoid fever and the same month he was detailed on hospital boat caring for the sick and wounded about two weeks; he took active part, with his Regt., in the battles of Yorktown, Fair Oaks, Black Water, and Newbern. June 29, 1863, Comrade Shaw enlisted in Co. E, 35th Pa. Vol. Militia, in the Gettysburg emergency call as Sergeant and served until August 9, 1863; he was granted an honorable discharge March 27, 1863 at New Bern, N.C. Of his brothers, Francis M. Shaw served in Co. B, 101st Pa V.I. was captured and held at Andersonville, ; James H., a member of the same command 101st Pa., V.I., who died of army exposure. His wife's father, served in the late war and belonged to Co. B, 101st Pa. V.I., and was wounded May 31, 1862, at Fair Oaks, VA. His maternal grandfather, Isaiah Seelye was a soldier in he War of 1812. Comrade Shaw is past Post Com. of Gen. Mansfield Post, 48, he has been assessor of Richmond township, Tioga county, Pa., he has been a delegate to Dept Encampment at Pittsburg, in 1892, Dept of Pa., G.A.R., he is by occupation a farmer and may be addressed at Mansfield, Pa.


Became a soldier at 18, enlisting March 31, 1864, from Harrisburg, Pa., as a private in Co. B, 149th Pa. V.I., "Bucktails" 1st Brig., 8d Div., 5th A.C. Early in the next April he was sent to the hospital at Harrisburg; with measles, remaining about four weeks May 6, the same year, was wounded at the Wilderness by gunshot in right thigh; on the field in VA., March, 1865, was detailed at 5th A.C. H'd-Q'rs for three weeks, and was discharged at Elmira, N.Y., June 24, 1865, having been present at the battles of Wilderness, Spottsylvania C.N., North Anna river, Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg, Weldon R. R., Hatcher's Run, and Poplar Grove Church. One Brother, Wm. H. Served in the same command, and died in the army August 1864; a brother of Mrs. Slocum, Jacob Short, served from Pa and was wounded. Mr. Slocum's paternal grandfather, George Slocum, was a U.S. soldier in the war of 1812. Robert H. Slocum was born Feb. 2, 1844, at Chatham, Pa., the son of John P. and Eliza (MORSE) Slocum, both passed away; his wife, whom he married Nov. 6, 1866, at home, was a native of Chatham, the daughter of John and Charity (VANHOUGHTON) Short, both dead, and was born Feburary 28, 1842. Five children were born to them, Francis M., Lewis., Eleanora (dec., August 1, 1877), Herman P., and Charity (dec., September 16, 1844). Comrade Slocum belongs to Alfred Toles Post, 320, is a Lumberman, and his postoffice address is Little Marsh, Tioga county, Pa.


Was born May 16, 1825, in Baimbrige, N.Y., settling in Tioga county, Pa., in 1850; his father, John Shellman, now deceased, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was a pensioner of said service; his mother, Sarah (Allen) is also dead. May 15, 1853, he married in Oswego, N.Y., Mary Tuttell, born in Middlebury, Pa., May 17, 1823; her father, Ebenezer B. Tuggle who also served in the War of 1812 is dead as is her mother, Margaret (WHITE). The following children have blessed this marriage, Celesta, William, John, Edward, Frank, Eliza, Louis, Jerome and Grant. Comrade Shellman enlisted August 8, 1862, from Mainesburg, Tioga county, Pa., at the age of 37 years as a private in Co. A, 136th Pa. V.I., 1st A.C. In April, 1863, he was detailed at Fredericksburg, Va., as an assistant in the Q.M. Dept. about six weeks. In Dec., 1863, he was in hospital at Fredericksburg and at Washington, D.C., about four months with rheumatism; he took active part in the battles of Fredericksburg and Gaines Mt., and was granted an honorable discharge May 29, 1863, at Harrisburg, Pa. His son, William, served in co. D, 11th Pa. V.C., was captured and held a short time, when he escaped. Three brothers of hms wife were also in the War, Hiram in Co. K, 3d Pa., H.Art. from Pa.; Peter served in Co. H, 45th Pa. Vol., and Guy in`Co. H, 45th Pa. V.I., who died at Ottev Island, S.C. Comrade Shellman is by occupation a farmer and his address is Hammond, Pa.


Entered U.S.N. at 15 years of age, from Norfolk, Va.,,Jan. 1858 as 2d Class boy - later promoted to 1st Class - on board the Receiving Ship, "Pennsylvania." From this enlistment he was discharged at the expiration of his term of service in 1859, at Norfolk, Va., immediately re-enlisting at N.Y. City, in the U.S.N., he was transferred at the Brooklyn Navy Yerd, in 1859, to the U.S.S., Frigate, "Susquehanna;" at Port Royal, S.C., November 7, 1861, he received a gunshot wound in right arm, resulting in its loss, for which he was in hospital ondboard ship, and in Brooklyn Marine hospital about four months, receiving his final discharge at the General hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y., February 15, 1862; he fought at Hatteras Inlet, N.C., and Port Royal, S.C. A brother, John, served in the U.S.N., on the U.S.S., "Jamestown," and in the N.Y.V.I. Oliver Raymond, a cousin of Mrs. Smart, went out in a N.Y. Reg't, was wounded in service, dying after the war was over. Mr. Smart had two brothers-in-Law in the Union army, Nathaniel Tenney and Robert Gregory; his maternal grandfather, Albert Franklin, served in the U.S. army, in the War of 1812, and an uncle, Lemuel P. Franklin served in the Black Hawk, Florida and Mexican Wars, and in the U.S.N., during the late war, dying in 1867. Mr. Smart was born in N.Y. City, October 23, 1843, the son of John and Emmeline (FRANKLIN) Smart, both deceased. June 12, 174 he settled in Tioga county, Pa., having previously married in his native of the same city, born May 4, 1847, the daughter of John and Sarah (DOTY) Smith, both passed away. They have had these children, John F., Ella F., (dec. Feb. 1874), Emmeline A. (deceased), Lemuel P., Ella F., and Alfred C. Comrade Smart is now a member of Alfred Toles Post, 320, has retired from business, and may be addressed at Kenneyville, Tioga county, Pa.


Entered the service from Wellsboro, Tioga county, Pa., where he had settled in 1833, April 27, 1861, at 34 years of age, as a private in Co H, 6th P.V..C., Pa. V.I. Discharged from his first enlistment May 1861, at Harrisburg, Pa., by reason of quota being filled he reenlisted the following year, in august, from Wellsboro, again in Co. A, 149th Pa. V.I., "Bucktails." He was in the hospital at Washington, D.C., about three months from December, 1862, with typhoid fever; he fought at Antietam, was engaged during much of his service in scouting, skirmishing, guard and garrison duty, and was given an honorable discharge at Harrisburg, Pa., in April, 1863. A brother, Harvey, served in the same command, lost his left leg by wounds received in the army, and is now deceased; a brother-in-law, Vincent Smith went out in co. G, 45th Pa. V.I. Comrade Smith's paternal grandfather, Atwood, was a soldier in the Revolution, in the Continental Army. Comrade Smith was born May 15, 1823, at Fleming, N.Y., the son of Althen and Lydia (ATWOOD) Smith, both deceased. July 4, 1858 he married in Tioga Township, Tioga county, Pa., Mary Smith, born July 22, 1829, in Montgomery county, N.Y. the daughter of Abram and Nancy (BURNS) Smith, both also deceased. Their children are, Aaron, William, Ada B. and Carrie. By an earlier marriage to Sarah WATERS, Mr. Smith has two children, Harvey and Mary; he has retired from business belongs to Geo. Cook Post, a charter member and may be addressed at Wellsboro, Tioga county, Pa.


A native of Osceola, was born March 17, 1836, and was the son of James and Mary A. (SEAMANS) Smith, both deceased. In Farmington twp., Tioga county, Pa., May 1, 1861, he enlisted in Co. A, 1st Pa. Rifles, (old Bucktails), McCall's 5th A.C., as a private when 25 years of age. He afterwards became a corporal and took part in the battles at Drainsville, Mechanicsville, Gaines Mill, Charles City Cross Roads, Va., and was wounded there by gunshot in left heel, causing him to be taken to the hospital at Annapolist, Md., where he remained for six mos; he was captured at Charles City Cross Roads and held on the field for about two hours but abandoned because of wounds and was finally discharged December 26, 1862. Comrade Smith's brother, C.J., also served in Co. A, 1st Pa. Rifles Pa. Bucktails V.I.; and Samuel CROFT, the wife's brother, in Co. G, 207th Pa. V.I. and her paternal grandfather, John Croft, in the Continental army, Revolutionary War. Mr. Smith was united in marriage, November 20, 1864, at Mansfield, Pa., to Helen M. CROFT, born March 11, 1841, in Bradford County, Pa. Their children are Marion J., May R., Nellie, Myrtle H., Hugh and Bessie. Mrs. Smith is the daughter of John M. and Rozilla (LENT) Croft, who are deceased. Mr. Smith has been Justice of Peace in Farmington, Chatham and Middlebury townships, and treasurer, constable and shcool director of Middlebury; he is now a


Was born August 19, 1836, in Herkimer county, N.Y., the son of Nicholas B. and Catherine (FRIGGIE) Smith, neither of whom are living. Coming to Tioga county, Pa., in 1838, he married there in Charleston township, September 18, 1859, Henrietta JONES, born April 17, 1840, in Bridgewater, England, the daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (POCOCK) Jones, the former living, the latter deceased. They have had four children, Arthur A., Emily J., Robert N. and Lillian E. Comrade Smith became a soldier at 28, enlisting from Wellsboro, Pa., February 15, 1864, as a private in Co. G, 45th Pa. V.I., 9th A.C. On June 3, 1864, he was wounded at Cold Harbor by a gunshot in right arm for which he was in hospitals at Washington, D.C., and Old Chester, Pa., about three months, having also typhoid fever; June 1865, he was given a 10-day furlough from Alexandria, Va., and on July 25, of the same year, he was honorable discharge having taken part in the battles of Spottsylvania C.H, Wilderness, Laurel Hill, North Anna River, Cold Harbor and Siege of Petersburg. Two brothers, Eli and Fulton Smith were in Pa. Reg't; the former was in Co. G, 45th Pa. V.I., and lost a leg at Cold Harbor. The maternal grandfather of Mrs. Smith, Serg't Robert Pocock, served 22 years in the British army; his wife followed him to the battlefield of Elmo, France, and there, Mrs. Smith's mother was born. Comrade Smith belongs to Geo. Cook Post, 315, is a farmer and may be addressed at Cherry Flats, Tioga Co., Pa.


Whose parents, Garrett and Abagail (AMES) Smith are living, was born in Jackson township, Tioga county, Pa., March 22, 1845. Susan J. ROBBINS, whom he married December 17, 1866, in Jackson Township, Tioga county Pa, was born in Jackson township, Tioga county, Pa., May 18, 1846; her parents, both of whom have passed away, were David B. and Catherine M. (BICKALl) Robbins, three children have bless this marriage, Alice, Garry E. and Charles H. Comrade Smith enlisted October 24, 1861, at Georgetown, D.C., as a private in Co. E. 86th N.Y. V.I. April, 1862, he had his left foot injured by being run over at Georgetown, D.C.; for this injury he was treated in hospital two months; his services consisted of scouting, skirmishing, guard and garrison duty and he was honorable discharged May 15, 1862, at Georgetown, D.C., on surgeon's certificate of disability. His wife's grandfather, Ephriam Robbins served in the War of 1812 and was a pensioner of said service; her father, Corporal David B. Robbins served in Co. D, 143d N.Y.V.I., he was wounded May 6, 1864 at the Wilderness by gunshot in right thigh which resulted in his death. Comrade Smith belongs to Corporal C.S. Deming Post. 476, he is by occupation a farmer and his address is Jackson Summit, Pa.

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