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Early Deeds and Mortgages of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

1806 - 1812

This is from Tioga County Wills and Administrations with Orphans Court, separately indexed in the back of the book reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and retyped by Linda ZAPF Cracraft

Introduction by "Mrs. Hilda Chance"(Hilda Nancy Ursula SNOWBERGER)

"The Blackwell Family" by James Blackwell, Written for the Gate Keeper, 1912 and taken from Gemini published by the Twin Tiers Genealogical Society, Vol. IX, No. 1, September 1979, page 11.

Index to Deeds and Mortgages of Tioga County, PA. - Book One

Early Deeds and Mortgages of Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Page Surname First Name of Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
p.1 MORRIS Benjamin Wistar and wife, Mary   150 acres in Wellsborough to John Fleming, William Hill Wells and William Ellis. Jno. Kidd, Robert McClure, Richard Moore. July 14, 1806 2
p.7 INSCHO Obediah   Mortgage to Samuel Pleasant of Philadelphia, for $1703.10 Tioga Township. Thos. Overton, Ebenezer Buchus, Wm. Hepburn. Oct. 15, 1806 2
8 WILSON Thomas   Mortgage to Samuel Pleasants   July 14, 1806 2
10 INGERSOLL Daniel  Lycoming County Mortgage to Samuel Pleasants.   Oct. 15, 1806 2
12 BALDWIN Eleazer   from Samuel Pleasants; Parcel of Land South branch of Tioga River in Northumbeland (now Lycoming County)   Oct. 15, 1806 2
14 BUCHANAN George   also spelled BOHANING; Mortgage to Samuel Pleasants in Lycoming Co. Land bound by Ralph Bever and Thos. Wilson.   Oct. 15, 1806 2
15 MITCHELL James Crooked Creek, Lycoming Co. Mortgage to Samuel E. Howell, George Howell, John Howell, William Howell, Richard R. Smith, all of Philadelphia. 106 acres next to Alice Supple. Thos. Overton, Cyprian Wright, Wm. Hepburn. Oct. 15, 1806 2
17 BEECHER John   Mortgage to the Howells above. 150 acres Lycoming Co. Dorman Bloss, Thos. Overton, Wm. Hepburn, (Judge) Jan. 19, 1807 2
19 CLARK Elijah Crooked Creek, Lyc. Co. Mortgage to the Howells above.   Oct. 15, 1806 2
23 ROSS Osian   Mortgage to Samuel E., George, Joseph E., and William Howell & Richard R. Smith and his wife, Ann. Land on Crooked Creek, next to Joseph Ross and T. Markoe. Samuel E. and Mary Howell, Joseph E. and Sarah Howell. Jan. 1, 1807 2
25 BEECHER Hopestill Log Creek, Lycoming Co. Mortgage to Howells, above. Land next to John Beecher, Thomas Beecher.   Oct. 15, 1806 2
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
27 WESTBROOK Cherrick   Mortgage to the Howells, (see Ross.); Land west side of Susquehanna, below Shesikenny Twp. Lycoming Co.   Oct. 15, 1806 3
29 ROSS Joseph   Land on Crooked Creek, Mortgage to the Howells, (see #23.)   Oct. 15, 1806 3
31 MAIN John   Mortgage to Dr. Adam Kuhn of Philadelphia, Land South branch of Tioga River, adj. to John Gorden (Gordon), Benj. Westbrook. Land called Charlton, that was granted to Charles Marshall Feb. 18, 1798. William William, Thos Overton. Jan. 20, 1807 3
33 WESTBROOK Benjamin   Mortgage to Adam Kuhn, Doctor of Physics. Phila.   Jan. 2, 1807 3
35 LAMB Gad Crooked Creek Mort. to Adam Kuhn.   Jan. 2, 1807 3
37 LAMB Daniel & Henry   Mort. to Dr. Adam Kuhn. Land on Crooked Creek.   Jan. 2, 1807 3
38 GORDON John   Mort. to Adam Kuhn for land on south branch, adj. to Joseph Middaug and John Main.   Jan. 20, 1807 3
41 MIDDAUG Joseph   Mortgage to Adam Kuhn   Jan. 20, 1807 3
43 MEDDAUG Joseph   deed from Adam Kuhn; 101 acres called Charleton, that was granted to Chas. Marshall Jan. 18, 1793 Hartman Kuhn, Thos. Overton, Jona. B. Smith Jan. 20, 1807 3
44 WESTBROOK Benj.   Deed from Dr. Adam Kuhn; Land warranted to Chas. Marshall 5-17-1785   Jan. 20, 1807 3
46 NEWELL John   Deed from the Howells, Samuel E., George, Joseph E., William., and Richard R. Smith. Land on waters of Towandie, Lycoming, Co.   Oct. 14, 1806 3
49 McNITT John   Deed from the Howells, above, Land warranted to Ann Gorden May 17, 1785, later to Samuel Howell.   Oct. 14, 1806 3
51 LAMB Gad   Deed from Adam Kuhn. Land called Oatland, on Crooked Creek, adj. George Mead, Daniel Lamb, Henry Lamb., warranted to Alice Supple May 17, 1785, who deeded to Adam Kuhn.   Jan. 1, 1807 3
54 BLOSS Dorman   deed to Adam Kuhn; 150 acres on Log Creek adj. to Daniel Verden and Thomas Beecher.   Jan. 2, 1808 3
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
57 ALGER Jesse Tioga Twp. Lycoming Co. Mortgage to Adam Kuhn, land next to John Kelse and David Burley.   Feb. 1, 1808 4
59 BURLEY David   Mortgage to Adam Kuhn for land called Harsfield, adj. to Benj. Young, James Hall, conveyed to Adam Kuhn Dec. 10, 1793   Feb. 1, 1808 4
61 COATS Lintsford   Mortgage to Howells and Smith, Dillmar (Delmar) Twp. Lyc. Co. adj. to Israel Hall., land conveyed to Howells 7-2-1800. Thomas Overton, Joseph Foulke Jan. 1, 1807 4
63 ALLINGTON George Tioga Twp. Lands conveyed to Adam Kuhn, Dec. 6, 1793, next to George Heppel and Jo. Lockhart 176 acres. Thos. B. Overton and Jemima Hopkins Feb. 1, 1808 4
65 BYUSS (may be RYUSS lzc) John P.   Mortgage to Howells and Smith for land on Log Creek, Dilmar Twp. adj. to Hopestill Beecher and Thomas Shields. Land conveyed to Samuel Howell by Commonwealth of Pa. July 2, 1800   Jan. 1, 1808 4
68 ALLINGTON William Delmar Twp. Lycoming Co.  319 acres from Adam Kuhn, adj. to George Adams and George Allington and Dorman Bloss.   Feb. 1, 1808 4
71 PRUTSMAN Nicholas Tioga Twp. Land from Mark Wilcox of Concord Twp., Delaware County, Pa. , land adj. to Thomas Mitchell, called Woodberry, conveyed to Mark Wilcox Oct. 6, 1804   Feb. 1, 1808 4
73 ADAMS Rufus   Land from Mark Wilcox, next to Nicholas Prutsman. Thos. Overton and Wm. Rothburn Feb. 1, 1808 4
76 BUGHER Jacob Tioga Twp. From Executor and Adms. of Mark Wilcox. Nathan Niles, Justice of Peace and Uriah Spencer. Feb. 1, 1808 4
78 MITCHELL Richard   land called Woodberry, adj. to Nich. Prutsman from Mark Wilcox.     4
  BENTLEY Benjamin   Land from Mark Wilcox, as #76.   Feb. 1, 1808 4
84 SPENCER Uriah   Land from Mark Wilcox 25 acres adj. to Jacob Bugher and Nich. Prutsman.   Feb. 1, 1808 4
86 PRUTSMAN Jacob   Land from Mark Wilcox   Feb. 1, 1808 4
88 VAN CAMP James   land from Mark Wilcox, Adj. to Benj. Bentley   Feb. 1, 1808 4
90 BURLEY Ebenezer   land from Mark Wilcox, Adj. to Elijah Burley, Elisha White.   Feb. 1, 1808 4
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
92 MITCHELL Thomas   land from Mark Wilcox. Adj. to Nicholas Prutsman.   Feb. 1, 1808 5
94 COY Elisha   Land from Mark Wilcox. Adj. to Eben. Burley, M. M. O'Brien. Land conveyed to Elisha White by Wilcox. Ellis Walton and Uriah Spencer. Feb. 1, 1808 5
98 JACKSON Lorentes   lands from Mark Wilcox, deeded to him Aug. 8, 1806 to L. Jackson   Feb. 1, 1808 5
100 IVES John   land from Wilcox in Delmar Twp.   Feb. 1, 1808 5
101 WALTON Thomas   land from Wilcox Adj. to Eben. Burley and Elijah Burley.   Feb. 1, 1808 5
103 COATES Timothy Delmar Twp. from Wilcox Next to Cyprian Wright.   Feb. 1, 1808 5
104 WRIGHT Cyprian   Land from Wilcox   Sept. 1, 1808 5
107 CADY Abel Delmar Twp. land from Wilcox   Oct. 15, 1808 5
109 BALDWIN Eleazer Tioga Twp. 36 acres from Charles Pleansants, Israel Pleasants and Mary Pleasants, all Philadelphia merchangs.   Oct. 15, 1808 5
111 BUTTON Peter Tioga Twp. land adj. to John Salmon and Peter Button.   Oct. 15, 1808 5
113 LEWIS Joseph S. & Reves   Lewis, Joseph and Reves, Phila. merhants, land from Benjamin W. Morris of same place. Land was granted to John Nixon May 15, 1785, 599 acres conveyed to Benjamin W. Morris from Anthony Morris and his wife, Mary July 2, 1804 Blathwaite J. Shober & Jona. Bayard Smith, All of Philadelphia. July 15, 1807 5
115 MILLER Samuel Tioga Twp. 156 acres from Alex Baring, Henry Baring, Robert Gilmore, Thomas Mayne Willing and Charles Willing Hare, trustees for Wm. Bingham estate, late of Phila.  Samuel Gaylord, Michael R. Tharp July 17, 1810 5
116 REYNOLDS Samuel   lands from Trustees of Bingham estate, (see 113) Paul Cudworth, Michael R. Tharp May 10, 1810 5
119 CUDWORTH Paul   lands from Bingham trustees   5-17-1810 5
- MUDGE Aaron Tioga Twp. same as above   5-17-1810 5
120 MANN Asa   Lands from Bingham trustees, see 113 Nathaniel Welch. Wm. Hepburn.   5
122 WELSH Samuel   Bingham land, as 113     5
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
123 RUMSEY Jeremiah   lands from Bingham estate 149 acres from Henry Baring, Alexander Baring, Thomas Mayne Willing, Chas. Willing Hare, Robert Gilmore. Baring, Hare, Willing, all Philadelphia merchants, while Robert Gilmore from Baltimore., Trustees for Wm. Bingham estate.   May 17, 1810 6
126 MILLER Garret   195 acres as above   May 17, 1810 6
127 CUDWORTH Apollos   land as above   May 17, 1810 6
128 RUMSEY Noah   lands as #123   Dec. 20, 1810 6
130 BRIGGS Simeon   147 acres, Bingham lands as above.     6
132 MUDGE Ira   Same as 123 but I didn't get acreage.     6
133 PITTS Hanover Tioga Twp. 116 acres, as above     6
135 WEST Abraham Tioga Twp. lands of Bingham, as above     6
136 COREY John M.   Lands, as above, that had been warranted to Robert Blackwell from Wm. Binham (Bingham) Apr. 7, 1792     6
137 SEELY Jesse Tipga Twp . (Tioga Twp.) Bingham lands warranted to Robert Gilmore 1792 Lemuel Gaylor, Wm/Hepburn. May 17, 1810 6
139 DOUD Peleg Tioga Twp. lands as above.     6
142 PAINE David Tioga Twp. Bingham lands as above, 119 acres that was granted to George Harris 4-5-1792     6
143 MOSS David Tioga Twp. lands to Robert Blackwell 4-27-1792 from Wm. Bingham, sold by Baring, Willing Hare and Gilmore, Trustees of Bingham estate.     6
145 SEELY James Tooga Twp. (Tioga Twp.) same as above.     6
146 COREY Jonathon   same as above.     6
148 BUDD John   lands as above.     6
149 MORGAN Nathaniel   as above, same time     6
151 HAMMOND Josiah   200 acres, Bingham estate, as above     6
153 VAUGHAN Miller   99 acres, as above. Samuel Edsall, Michael Tharp.   6
154 HILL William   land from Tioga Commissioners - Nathan Nile, Uriah Spencer, Eddy Howland.   11-13-1810 6
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page # 
155 SMITH Samuel Canistea, Steuben, N.Y. Deed from Caleb Calvain of Troopsburg, N.Y.; Lands in Delmar on Cowanesque Creek. Simon Rixford, Ruby Rixford of Delmar Twp. 11-12-1810 7
156 PHILIPS Daniel Delmar Twp. Deeeded (Deeded) land to Ebenezer Taylor Cyprian Wright and Philip Taylor Feb. 22, 1811 7
157 MOTT Henry   deeded lands to Ebenezer Taylor, Lands from George Strawbridge and James Whitney, on north bank of Cowanesque River.   1811 7
159 RUMSEY Jeremiah Tioga Twp. Deed from Thomas Mayne Willing, Charles Willing Hare of Philadelphia, Alexander and Henry Baring of London and Robert Gilmore of Baltimore, Md. Lands from Wm. Bingham to Thos. M. Willing 8-18-1792 James Tucker, S. Milligan and John Barker, Mayor. May 17, 1810 7
160 RUMSEY Jeremiah   Deed from Thomas W. Francis and Anthony Morris; Creditors of Phila. for Joseph Thomas of Phila. Lands conveyed to Thomas Francis and Anthony Morris by Wm. Buckley, Samuel W. Fisher, John Hall 6-1-1803   1810 7
161 MORRIS Samuel   Philadelphia merchant to Samuel W. Morris of Wellsborough, for $1.00, from Benj. W. Morris, May 19, 1809. Lands warranted to John Strawbridge by James Read, Israel Morris and James Strawbridge, Executors for John Strawbridge to Benj. W. Morris 3-20-1802     7
163 CUMMINGS John, Esq.   High Sheriff of Lycoming County, May 4, 1808, bearing teste of Williamsport, to John Hay, then sheriff, all goods of Roswell Ives which David Lindsay recovered from Ives to be paid in Williamsport. 
Lands-150 acres of William Willard, next to Thomas Berry, (dec'd), Jacob Server, (dec'd).
Lands granted to Uriah Spencer. More lands to others already named.
175 NORRIS John   deed from Thomas Hays, Treasurer, 1808. Land in Mifflin Twp. Lycoming County, now Tioga County, 329 acres from Commissioners of Lycoming County to John Barrow, being sold for unpaid taxes., of John Barrow.     7
180 MORRIS Samuel Philadelphia. Deed to William Ellis of Muncy Twp. Lycoming Co.; Lands on Pine Creek, now in Tioga County, adj. lands of James Stewart, and Peter January, granted 1785. Peter January now bankrupt, said Executors - Thomas Lightfoot, Jesse Hains, Charles Huston. Executors of William Ellis.   June 2, 1811 7
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
183 KRAUSE David Lebanon, Dauphin County, PA Deed from Samuel Morris of Phila. Land in Wellsboro.   6-2-1811 8
185 ELLIS William Coxe. Muncy, Lycoming Co. Land in Delmar, from Benjamin Tucker of Philadelphia.   Feb. 26, 1808 8
186 RATHBONE William Tioga County Deed to Ambrose Millard of Saritoga, N.Y., Lands adj. to Dr. William Willard, Benejah Ives. Eli Gitchell., Simeon Power. Nov. 29, 1811 8
187 MOTT Henry Delmar Twp. Deed to John Parker of Delmar Twp. adj. to lands of James Whitney. Lands conveyed from George Strawbridge to Samuel and Jedediah Carpenter, former lands of Charles Carpenter to James Whitney. Jedediah Carpenter, Sarah Carpenter, Samuel Carpenter, Eddy Howland, Israel Bulkley, Philender Thomas. 1809 8
188 BACON Daniel   Deed from John Steinmetz of Philadelphia, John H. Brinton and his wife, Sarah, Daniel Steinmetz, merchant of Phila. and his wife, Elizabeth.   Mar. 1, 1809 8
        Lands in Tioga Twp, adj. to Judes Josephson, warranted to John Pleasants May 17, 1785 from John Steinmetz(dec'd) to his 4 children-John Steinmetz, Sarah Brinton, Elizabeth Steinmetz and Daniel Steinmetz.     8
191 BACON Ebenezer   lands from same as Daniel Bacon's, adj. to William Bacon and Alvin Bacon,   Mar. 1, 1809 8
196 WEST Benjamin Tioga Twp. to Clement Paine of Athens, Ontario Co., N.Y., 106 acres where I lived, warranted Dec. 14, 1792 to Robert Gilmore to Wm. Bingham. Abramham West and Mary West 1809 8
198 WOOD Lem Tioga Twp. 100 akers from Nathaniel and Sary Morgan of Smithfield Twp., County of Ontario, Pencelvany. Howard Spalding. 1811 8
199 LOPER Uriah   deed to James Lullard Land of John Vaughan of Philadelphia to Joshua Grigby, in Northumberland County. Riah Loper, Rebecca Loper. May 29, 1811 8
202 RUKER Joseph Tioga Twp. Land on Lycoming Creek in Northumberland County, from James Lullard.   Aug. 20, 1811 8
202 PHILLIPS Daniel   Lands from William, Baring, Gilmore; lands adj. Moses Caldwell, O. Wheeler, A. Mains, and Harris Hotchkiss.   May 7, 1811 8
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
199 HENRY David   from Commissioners of Delmar Land of Wm. Hill Wells and Wm. Ellis of 1806   Sept. 1811 9
204 HOLDEN William Delmar Twp. Mortgage from Willing, Baring, and Gilmore, Trustees for Bingham estate.   May 7, 1811 9
205 GREENLEAF David Delmar Twp. lands from Willing, Baring, Gilmore; adj. to Luther Johnson 101 acres.   May 7, 1811 9
206 STARKWEATHER Elijah Delmar Twp. Lands from trustees of Bingham Estate, as above, next to Peter Shumway, Solomon Rathburn 246 acres    May 7, 1811 9
207 SHUMWAY Peter Delmar Twp. Lands from Willing, Baring, Gilmore 249 acres adj.- Elijah Starkweather and Israel Greenleaf.   May 17, 1811 9
211 AUSTIN Caleb Delmar Twp. Lands from Alexander Baring, Henry Baring, Thomas M. Willing, Chas. Willing Hare, and Robert Gilmore, adj. to Nathan Niles.   May 17, 1811 9
214 HOTCHKISS Harris Delmar Twp. land of Alexander Henry, Robert Thomas and Charles Devisees.   May 17, 1811 9
215 CULVER Timothy Delmar same as 211, above; adj. to Harris Hotchkiss.     9
217 WILLARD Oliver Delmar 198 acres from Baring, Willing, Gilmore, as #211.     9
220 NILES Nathan, Jr. Delmar  lands from Baring, Willing etc. as above-warranted to Charles Willing by Commonwealth.     9
222 BATES Stephen Athens, Ontario County, Pa. Lands from Baring, Willing, etc. as above.   5-7-1811 9
224 WHITE Nathaniel and wife, Hannah Delmar Twp. Lands from Nathaniel Seely of Elmira, N.Y.; adj. to Daniel Phillips and Eben. Taylor.   Jan. 3, 1812 9
226 FISHER Samuel W. Philadelphia Trustees for Isaac Wharton, Jesse Waln, Robert Waln, and James C. Fisher of Phila. , attorneys for Samuel Parker of London- Coleman Fisher, Wm. Tilghman Mar. 3, 1812 9
        Samuel W. Fisher and wife, Sarah, deeded to John Norris of Delmar, land on Pine Creek, bound by lands of Daniel Kelsey, Township of Wellsboro.     9
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
227 NORRIS John   an agreement with William Ellis, both of Lycoming County, lands of Fisher's Big Meadows, house occupied by James Boatman, Improvements by Josiah Furman., Joseph Williams.     10
228 BRADY John   High Sheriff of Northumberland County, deeds to Markes, John Biddle., lands unpaid by the late William Wilson, seized and sold. Samuel Emlin Jr. figured in this but I didn't have time to study it.    1811 10
229 COLVIN Joseph   deed from Geo. Strawbridge of Phila., Land of Jonathon Smith, for widow of John Strawbridge, whose attorney, Israel Bulkley. 51 acres adj, Alexander Matteson.   2-27-1811 10
230 GRAY James Tioga Twp. Land from Thomas W. Francis and Anthony Morris, attorneys for Joseph Thomas of Phila. Lands of Miers Fisher, Warrant 1803 to William Buckley, Samuel Fisher, John Hall. 205 acres. James P. Murray and George Howell of Phila. May 19, 1809 10
232 GRAY James   Several parcels of lands, same as 230.     10
237 ROWLEY Nathan, jr. Tioga Twp. Lands from Elisha Williams and his wife, Jean.   Apr. 26, 1810 10
239 TAYLOR Ebenezer and wife, Mary Delmar Twp. deed to Robert Tubbs of Elmira, N.Y.   Feb. 1, 1811 10
246 NILES Nathan   land from trustees of Bingham lands   5-7-1811 10
250 CHENEY Alpheus   appointed sheriff by Gov. Simon Snyder   Appt. Dec.3, 1812 10
  NORRIS John   appt. Register of Wills. by Gov. Snyder     10
  KELSEY Daniel   appt. Justice of Peace, '' '' ''      10
        The above was in the book with the deeds, also the following-     10
  PUTNAM Elijah   appt. Commissioner by Gov. Snyder     10
  BLOSS Damon   " "     10
  ROSS William   " "      10
256 JOHNSON Luther   246 acres of Bingham estate by trustees, next to Oliver Willard, Uriah Spencer, David Greenleaf.   5-7-1811 10
259 THORNDIKE Jonathon late of Essex County, N.Y. lands to Luther Johnson of Delmar   2-24-1813 10
269 WHITE William of Phila. 2 tracts of land, adj. to Andrew Sharp, to William Rose of Tioga Twp., from Ulster Twp., Lycoming County. Lands that were Mire Fisher's Esq.     10
Page Surname First Name   Comments Witnessed Date Index Page #
280 BAKER Isaac Tioga Twp. Deed from Thomas McEwen and his wife, Hannah; Thomas Hale and wife, Mary; William Davidson and wife, Elizabeth, of Philadelphia and Mathew McConnell and his wife, Ruth.   May 24, 1809 11
282 RIXFORD Thomas Ulster Twp. od (of) Lycoming and Tioga Counties was deeded 189 acres from same as Baker, above.   May 13, 1813 11
285 AVERY Daniel and wife, Sally Ulster, Lycoming, Co. deeded land to Thomas Overton of Ulster; land formerly deeded to Samuel C. and Mary Pleasants.     11
290 BURREL Silas Ulster Twp. Bradford Co. Land in Tioga Twp. to Thomas Overton, adj. to Sarah Vaughan, Daniel Avery, Alvin Bacon and Judith Josephson. Samuel Gore, Justice of Peace, Bradford County 11-13-1812 11
293 JOURDAN Daniel   Land in Troupsburg, N.Y. deeded to George Strawbridge.   June 10, 1813 11
295 CUMMINGS John, Esq. and Sheriff   Land deeded to Geo. Strawbridge, land called 'Blooming Grove', on Cowanesque River, land called Oatland, 59 acres; land of James Strawbridge. All are to appear in Williamsport.   Sept. 9, 1807 11
297 De PUI Elijah   land from Uriah Spencer and his wife, Eleanor.   June 5, 1813 11
299 GORDAN John   deed to Simeon Powers, land in Tioga Twp.  Adam Hart, Daniel Hart, Nathan Niles.   11
308 THOMPSON Bethlehem, Esq.   Treasurer to Adam Hart, Medaugh Hamman and Reape and William Babb.     11
320 ADAMS Lyman   Coroner for Tioga County, appointed by Governor Simon Snyder.     11
        "Closing time and they are taking the books away to be microfilmed. I will include couple I looked up for someone."      
Book 2 BUTTON Peter and wife, Margery and Peter jr. Tioga Twp. 103 acres from devisees of BINGHAM Estate in Delmar Twp.   Nov. 7, 1814 11
Book 3 HYMES Jacob   Mortgage for 103 acres to devisees of Bingham estate in Delmar Twp.   Nov. 7, 1814 11

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By Joyce M. Tice

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