Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1917 Directory
Home Made
FOR 1917

Sullivan Timothy L emp Willys-Morrow Co res 265 W Henry

Sullivan Walter emp Willys-Morrow Co h 206 ½ Orchard

Sullivan Walter J mgr Oneida Creamery Co 224 W Water

Sullivan William B emp A L F E Co h 648 E Market

Sullivan William D clerk 115 West Side ave res do

Sullivan William E linotype opr Star-Gazette h 865 Davis

Summers Ethel E waitress Hotel Langwell res 156 Baldwin

Summers Grace Mrs h 407 Railroad ave

Summers Robert emp Eclipse Machine Co bds 1359 Grand Central ave

Sumski Andrus lab D L & W R R h 1322 Baldwin

Sunderlin Harry L clerk Int Harvester Co res 509 W Second

Sunderlin Hobart J draftsman A L F E Co res 509 W second

Sunderlin Leroy emp A L F E Co h 509 W Second

Sunderlin Robert L clerk C M & R Tompkins res 509 W Second

SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS Asher J Jacoby A M Pd M supt Elsie Brown A B asst supt office City Hall

Supernaw William B clerk Hudson Shoe Co res 708 Riverside ave

Supples John lab h 711 Ballard place

Supples William M bar clerk h 604 Beach

Suppoe Nora wid William res 763 E Market


SUPREME COURT LIBRARY Richard H Thurston, Lewis E Mosher and E Watson Personius trustees, Fannie E McHenry librarian Court House Annex

Surdam Bessie W clerk S S Kresge Co res 353 Division

Surdam Mary E wid Edward h 353 Division

Surganty Mabel J clerk res 1101 Oak

Surganty William J foreman Philo Poultry Inst. H 1101 Oak

Surpernaut William E salesman h 102 S Main

Susemihl Herman (Star Bottling Works) r 258 W Hudson h 258 ½ do

Susemihl Herman R clerk Gosper-Kelly Shoe Co h 420 W Third

Susemihl Robert barbers’ supplies 212 W Water h 433 ½ W Clinton

Suskie Frances C maid 530 W Church res do

Suter Archie B dentist 109 W Water h 816 Maple ave

Suter John J (Jones, Suter and Kaler) 167 Lake h 222 Gregg

Suter see Sauter, Sutter

Sutfin J Francis removed to Chicage, Ill

Sutfin James H car repairer P R R h 372 S Main

Sutherland Charles switchman P R R h 609 S Main

Sutherland Nellie wid Elmer res 609 S Main

Sutkowski Barney car repairer D L & W R R h 1172 Magee

Sutkowski John car repairer D L & W R R res 1207 Magee

Sutkowski John F car repairer D L & W R R h 1168 Magee

Sutphen Charles clerk D L & W R R res 438 ½ W Clinton

Sutphen Peter O shipping clerk A Wyckoff & Son Co h 770 Maple ave

Sutphen Seymour D clerk A S B Co res 217 ½ W Second

Sutter Emory P foreman Record’s Brewery h 311 Dewitt ave

Sutton Arnold engr P R R h 302 Sutton

Sutton Arnold L clerk P R R shops res 302 Sutton

Sutton E Louise stenogr res 302 Sutton

Sutton Henry boilermaker Erie R R h 408 W Fourth

Sutton John J fireman P R R res 107 W Hudson

Sutton John J engr P R R h 715 Seneca place

Sutton John James engr P R R h 107 W Hudson

Sutton Leon emp American Bridge Co h 428 ½ W Clinton

Sutton L W Mrs chiropodist 135 E Water res 107 W Hudson

Sutton Margaret Mrs h 724 Seneca place

Sutton Marie J opr N Y Tel Co res 302 Sutton

Sutton Maria L wid Theodore W res 401 W Water

Sutulla Agnes mill opr res 764 E Fifth

Sutulla John J lab h 764 E Fifth

Suzuki Arthur (Japan Art Co) Rorick’s Glen rms 601 Robinson bldg

Suzzuetto Dominic emp Thatcher Mfg Co res 806 Magee

Swain Charles B painter and paperhanger h 665 Badger

Swain Fred boilermaker bds 665 Badger

SWAN CHARLES JR (Swan & Sons) 335 E Water h 515 W Church

SWAN CHARLES C pres Merchants National Bank 109 W Water h 370 W Gray

Swan Erastus F carp res 913 W Water

Swan Evelyn wid Henry h 701 Dubois

SWAN FREDERICK W (Swan & Sons) 335 E Water h 515 W Water

Swan Lanson emp Willys-Morrow Co h 404 Mathew

Swan Rebecca A wid Erastus A h 913 W Water

SWAN & SONS (established 1853 by Charles Swan) Charles Swan jr and Frederick W Swan fire insurance and real estate 335 E Water

Swanger Guy W time clerk Willys-Morrow Co res 700 Delaware ave

Swanler Charles emp Willys-Morrow Co res 469 South ave

Swanler Lee emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 469 South ave

Swanson Anna emp 616 N Main res do

Swart Donald A mgr Directoyou Tea Co h 270 S Main

Swartout Adelia emp United Sales Mfg co res R F D No 3

SWARTOUT EDWARD C supt of agents Singer Sewing Machine Co 332 E Water h 664 W Third

Swartout Herbert electrician 126 W Water res 376 E Warren

Swartout Howard C agent Metropolitan Ins Co h 664 W Third

SWARTOUT J E & CO (Clarence R Sayles and George F Fean) watchmakers, jewelers and engravers 215 E water cor Baldwin

SWARTOUT JAMES E (J E Swartout & Co) 215 E Water h 505 William

Swartout Joshua R emp Willys-Morrow Co h 908 Penna ave

Swartout Leslie H emp Ross Vulvanizing Works bds 376 E Warren

Swartout Liddie wid Ebenezer res 201 Broadway

Swartout Ray G plumber 214 S Main res 376 E Warren

Swartout Selah emp Willys-Morrow Co h 376 E warren

Swarts Harriet A student res 516 Penna ave

Swarts Jamison res 516 Penna ave

SWARTS OIL CO William B Swarts mgr, petroleum products, refined lubricants and gasoline 616 William

SWARTS WILLIAM B mgr Swarts Oil Co 616 William h 516 Penna ave

Swarts see Schwartz Swartz Sworts

SWARTWOOD CHARLES B County Judge and Surrogate Court House h 625 W Church

Swartwood Elizabeth W teacher School No 7 rms 508 Lake

Swartwood Erasmus D carp h 50 Grove

Swartwood Essie mill opr bds 703 W Second

Swartwood Guy H emp Eclipse Machine Co h 384 Norton

Swartwood Mrs rms 316 Broadway

Swartwood James E carp h 206 Home rms 515 Erie

Swartwood James E musician res 50 Grove

Swartwood Jay P clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co h 703 W Second

Swartwood Jessie M res 600 Home

Swartwood Maud N res 600 Home

Swartwood Thomas E emp Willys-Morrow Co h 600 Home

Swartwood William apprentice 165 Lake res 50 Grove

Swartz Benjamin M h 1015 Lake

Swartz Charles emp Kertscher & Co res 1325 College ave

Swartz Edward T engr D L & W R R h 1313 Grand Central ave

Swartz Elizabeth wid George P art work h 418 Madison ave

Swartz George E vulcanizer 314 State h 129 ½ W Tenth Elmira Heights

SWARTZ HARRY M sec-treas Ross Vulcanizing and Battery Co (Inc) 105-109 E First h 1015 Lake

Swartz Mary I wid Melvin F h 1313 Grand Central ave

Swartz Rexford R machinist Willys-Morrow C o h 420 ½ Broadway

Swartz see Schwartz Swarts Sworts

Swayze Oakley emp Southern Tier Garage bds 814 ½ Oak

Swayze Schuyler, carp, h 402 E Washington ave

Swayze William, lab, rms 258 Baldwin

Swayze see Swezey

SWEDISH LUTHERAN CHURCH, Rev John G Danielson pastor 256 S Walnut

Sweeney Charles, emp, P R R bds 407 W Hudson

Sweeney Daniel J, bar clerk 315 Carroll, rms 464 E Water

Sweeney Daniel T, emp, Willys-Morrow Co h 1052 N Main

Sweeney Eugene, mason, res 374 ½ E Thurston

Sweeney Frances J, clerk Flanagan’s res 1052 N Main

Sweeney Frances M, clerk Personius, Malone & French, res 518 Broadway

Sweeney Helen Mrs. res 606 N Main

Sweeney Helen L., clerk Flanagan’s res 1052 N Main

Sweeney Jerry, car inspr P R R h 213 Sutton

Sweeney Johanna wid John h 518 Braodway

Sweeney Lottie, res 562 Coburn

Sweeney Margaret bds Home for Aged

Sweeney Mary C., emp J N Stearns & Co res 1052 N Main

Sweeney Nellie, mail order dept Flanagan’s res 1052 N Main

Sweeney Nora J. stenogr Kertscher & Co res 1052 N Main

Sweeney Patrick, lab P R R bds 202 Bloomer ave

Sweeney Raymond, janitor D L & W yard office 1052 N Main

Sweet Amos retired res 351 W Sixth

SWEET BURTT E. h 1236 W Water

SWEET EDWARD pres and mgr F C Lewis Co (Inc) 121 N Main, rms 709 W Gray

Sweet Ernest L., stenog S L F E Co. res 463 Maple ave

Sweet Ernest M., salesman G L Curtis & Co h 1562 Pratt

Sweet Frank W., chief clerk K V Co h 504 Hoffman

Sweet John C retired res 1333 College ave

Sweet Julian A clerk Willys-Morrow Co h 423 E Thurston

Sweet Lydia C wid Arthur res 701 Linden place

Sweet Mabel L clerk M Doyle Marks Co res 1562 Pratt

Sweet Ralph A mgr United Sales and Mfg Co 248-252 W Water res Hotel Rathbun

SWEET W GLENN SEE Harris, McHenry & Baker Co 321 Penna ave h 118 E Chemung place

Sweetland Arthur W removed from city

Sweetland Dama emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 201 Cusick place

Sweetlove Henrietta wid Merritt res 818 W Water

Swetolske Frances G bkkpr 312 Carroll res 809 E Washington ave

Swetolske Josephine emp J N Stearns & Co res 809 E Washington ave

Swetolske Matilda G wid John h 809 E Washington ave

Swezey Edna H Mrs. stenogr 154 E Fifth res 814 ½ Oak

Swezey Frank W stock clerk Willys-Morrow Co h 563 Post

Swezey Monroe W emp K V Co h 119 Judson

Swezey Oakley, emp Willys-Morrow Co res 814 ½ Oak

Swezey Ruth res 513 W Third

Swezey William A emp 202 Baldwin res 513 W Third

Swezey William H emp Willys-Morrow Co h 513 E Third

Swezey see Swayze

SWIFT CHARLES W (Swift Lubricator Co) 729-735 W Second h 305 Foster ave

Swift & Co Edward G Crowell mgr, dressed meats and provisions 614-620 Railroad ave

SWIFT EDWIN A 9Swift Lubricator Co) 729-735 W Second h 307 Foster ave

Swift Flora N res 742 W First

SWIFT FRANK G sopt Swift Lubricator Co 729-735 W Second h 742 W First

Swift James emp Willys-Morrow Co h 801 E Market

SWIFT LUBRICATOR CO. (Edwin A Frank G and Charles W Swift) mnfrs lubricator and brass goods 729-735 W Second

Swingle Efflie wid Harry h 130 E Water

Sworts Inda E dressmaker Personius Malone & French res 1103 Oak

Sworts Jennie A wid Marvin dressmaker 1103 Oak res do

Sykes Alfred O emp Willys-Morrow Co res 209 Orchard

Sykes Alidia wid Orion V h 218 High

Sykes Braxton W teamster 191 E Washington ave h 709 Benjamin

Sykes Esther res 709 Benjamin

Sykes Jesse H emp City h 209 Orchard

Sykes Paul elevator opr Robinson bldg res 709 Benjamin

Sykes Samuel H janitor 115 W Water res 709 Benjamin

Sykes William waiter Erie R R res 709 Benjamin

Symanski Andrew car repairer D L & W R R res 1322 Baldwin

Symonds John L emp Willys-Morrow Co h 1419 Caton ave

Symonds Raymonds emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 22 Smith

Szal John emp A L F E Co h 606 Jay

Szbura Peter emp Kertscher & Co h 309 E Center

Szbura Peter jr emp K V Co bds 309 E Center

Szbura Stephen emp K V Co h 655 Sullivan

Szjneck Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co h 608 E Third

Tabb Leonard H waiter Hotel Rathbun res 606 E Clinton

Taber Dorman A emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 1011 Grand Central ave

Taber Ella M wid Samuel practical nurse 111 W Hudson res do

Taber Fra L res 403 Franklin

Taber Frank L car inspr P R R h 560 Thompson

Taber Harry T trainman D L & W R R h 1304 Pratt

Taber Harriett L nurse rms 117 Brand

Taber Hattie M wid Thomas B h 403 Franklin

Taber Howard J trainman D L & W R R h 377 E Warren

Taber Joseph E emp Willys-Morrow Co h 904 E Market

Taber Minnie M bkkpr Elmira Water Board res 403 Franklin

Tacka John J emp D L & W R R h 1101 N Main

Tackman Annie D wid Louis h 517 Ivy

Tackman Jesse A emp E W L & R R Co res 517 Ivy

Tafelsky Joseph emp Elmira Casket Co h 351 E Fourth

Taft Edward P supt Campbell Knitting Mill h 831 W Gray

Taft Emma dressmaker rms 2 Knapp flat

Taft George R emp Willys-Morrow Co h 555 ½ John

Taft Harry R emp Willys-Morrow Co res 555 ½ John

Taggert Rosalie wid Frank res Hendy ave bey limits

Taggert Ross machinist 460 E Market bds 1022 Lake

Tahany Jennie Mrs wid Peter h 618 Winsor ave

Talada Charles B h 450 High

Talada Charles E blacksmith A L F E Co h 586 Post

Talada Charles M painter res 450 High

Talada Elizabeth stenogr A L F E Co res 586 Post

Talada Guy emp A Wyckoff & Son Co h 716 Livingston

Talada Mary C clerk A L F E Co res 586 Post

Talada Roy D foreman K V Co h 716 Livingston

Taladay John driver Fred N Dounce res Railroad ave

Taladay Willis D lab h 311 Division

Talbett Albert emp Willys-Morrow Co res 225 Franklin

Talbett Catherine wid Thomas E res 225 Franklin

Talbett Harry emp Willys-Morrow Co h 225 Franklin

Talbett William E emp Willys-Morrow Co h 217 South ave

Talbot Maude E teacher res 950 Walnut

Tallman Charles E clerk Willys-Morrow Co h 661 Erie

Tallman Howard L presser J H Ruddick h 904 W First

Tallman Lawrence L emp Willys-Morrow Co h 109 S William

Tallman Nellie clerk 434 Penna ave res 564 Post

Tallman Sarah H wid George nurse res 904 W First

Tallman Sidney L emp Willys-Morrow Co h 154 ½ W LaFrance

Tallman Willard G painter h 505 Mt Zoar

Tanner Anna M res 100 ½ Pulford place

Tanner Beach S engr E F D h 114 Brand

Tanner Belle maid 820 W Water res do

Tanner Belle V Mrs died March 1917

Tanner Carl W student res 307 West ave

Tanner Charles emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 600 S Main

Tanner Charles horse dealer h 105 N Main

Tanner Clarence emp Thatcher Mfg Co h 150 McCauley av e Elmira Heights

Tanner Dayton P retired h 356 Maple ave

Tanner Frank A printer h 711 Johnson

Tanner Grace L res 356 Maple ave

TANNER HARRY R. circulation mgr Advertiser res 1001 ½ Oak

Tanner Helen red 821 W Church

Tanner John emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 364 Fulton

Tanner Louis W trainman D L & W R R h 1001 ½ Oak

Tanner May R Mrs Temple Candy and Novelty Shop 205 Lake h 1001 ½ Oak

Tanner William R carp 206 Home h 307 West ave

Tapolski Agnes emp J N Stearns & Co res 1164 N Main

Taradina Joseph lab h 711 Casey

Tashjian Elizabeth M teacher E F A res 827 Lincoln

Tashjian Williamj B janitor A S B Co 827 Lincoln

Tate J Edward music teacher 405 Snyder bldg h 651 E Church

Tate Joshua bkkpr res 651 E Church

Tatelbaum Hary emp Kertscher & Co h 761 John

Tattersall Helen emp J N Stearns & Co res 320 W Fifth

Tattersall James machinist h 635 W Gray

Tattersall John machinist Willys-Morrow Co res 635 W Gray

Tattersall Marie A stenogr Willys-Morrow Co res 305 Lorenzo place

Tattersall William bar clerk 209 ½ W Water rms 135 do

Tauscher Winifred Mrs h 214 W Water

Taylor Ambrose clerk Elmira Arms Co res 465 E Market

Taylor Anna emp Goff, Way & Brand res 422 Tuttle

Taylor Anna R sec E F A res 320 Irvine place

Taylor Arlena R emp United Sales Mfg Co res 506 Franklin

Taylor Benjamin S engr P R R h 632 Penna ave

Taylor Charles lather bds 309 Dewitt ave

Taylor Charles R salesman 320 Carroll h 522 William

Taylor Clayton A trainman P R R rms 623 Penna ave

Taylor Daniel teamster h 1000 ½ Sullivan

Taylor David painter 123 N Main res 312 Baldwin

Taylor Earl removed to Buffalo, NY

Taylor Elvira emp Ufford Glove Co res 108 Madison ave

Taylor Ervin emp 559 E Church bds 465 E Market

Taylor Eugene teamster h 422 Tuttle ave

Taylor Frances J wid Charles R nurse res 1015 ½ Oak

Taylor Fred retired bds Frasier Hotel

TAYLOR GEORGE J chief clerk commercial dept N Y Tel Co h 111 Sly

Taylor George R dredge foreman res 320 W Fifth

Taylor Gladys D student Elmira College res do

Taylor H Janet office sec Boy Scouts of America res 320 W Fifth

Taylor Harold emp Willys-Morrow Co h 806 N Main

Taylor Harry market gardener and horseradish mnfr 215-217 Judson h 215 Harriet

TAYLOR HENRY L painter and decorator, wall paper, paints and window shades 127 N Main h 421 W Water

Taylor I Rood dredging contractor h 320 W Fifth

Taylor James lab rms 258 Baldwin

Taylor James A towerman Erie R R h 506 Franklin

Taylor James B teacher E F A h 106 W Hudson

Taylor James B Mrs. h 106 W Hudson

Taylor James W emp Ufford Glove Co res 108 Madison ave

Taylor Jennie wid Frank M h 551 Grove

Taylor J Hobart removed to Corning, N Y

Taylor Jemima B waitress res 1000 ½ Sullivan

Taylor Jesse E carrier P O h 512 Perrine

Taylor Jesse L emp Manders Brewery res 422 Tuttle ave

Taylor Katherine T wid Henry S h 506 Walnut

Taylor Lena emp Ufford Glove Co res 605 E Water

Taylor Louise M stenogr J N Stearns & Co res 207 Crete ave

Taylor Maria res 207 Crete

Taylor Mabel mill opr rms 148 Cedar

Taylor Mansel H machinist Alling & Miles h 315 Tuttle ave

Taylor Mary B wid Albert J res 905 John

Taylor Max peddler res 162 Sullivan

Taylor Ned fireman D L & W R R res 800 ½ Oak

Taylor Orie J mgr Star Wall Paper Co 111-115 Railroad ave h 819 W Water

Taylor Russell I foreman 116 Lake h 207 Crete ave

Taylor Samuel O lab h 341 W Seventh

Taylor Sarah B Mrs. h 465 E Market

Taylor S Bird emp Prudentialo Ins Co res room 3 Metzger block

Taylor Rufus J gatetender Erie R R h 420 ½ Partridge

Taylor Scott emp Ufford Glove Co res 605 E Water

Taylor Stewart removed to Buffalo, N Y

Taylor Tiba stenogr Baker Bros res 157 Sullivan

Taylor Tressa cashier W E Woodbury & Co h 157 Sullivan

Taylor Truman J emp Willys-Morrow Co h 140 E Chemung place

Taylor Walter emp Eclipse Machine Co bds 709 Dickinson

Taylor Walter D physical instr N Y S Reformatory h 1114 Admiral place

Taylor Walter R lab h 320 E Fourth

Taylor Whyland chauffeur rms 404 Home

Taylor William E plumber G W Krowl res Crete ave

Taylor William H gardener h 156 Judson

Taylor William I foreman Willys-Morrow Co h 376 E Thurston

TAYNTON JAMES W yardmaster P R R h 517 South ave

Taynton Mary wid William res 633 ½ W Water

Taynton Newton C engr P R R h 456 South ave

Taynton Thursa H student res 456 South ave

Taynton William E student res 517 South ave

Teberyk Peter lab h 318 E Washington ave

Teasdale Charles S emp Willys-Morrow Co res 161 Falck

Teasdale Nellie wid William H h 1872 Davis

Teasdale Mary clerk 1872 Davis bds 304 West Side ave

Teed F Durland emp Eclipse Machine Co bds 522 W Clinton

Teed Marvin E salesman F A Keeton h 1108 W Water

Teed Walter I carrier P O h 518 Ivy

Teeter Charles R emp Eclipse Machine Co h 206 E Thurston

Teeter Harriet M wid William H res 110 W Second

Teeter Henry R lab h 400 Perry

Teeter see Tetor

Teetor Jerome M emp P R R h 634 Reynolds

TEHLE JOHN W purchasing agent A L FE Co rms 117 Madison ave

TELEGRAM PRINTING CO (THE) H S Brroks pres John Moore managing editor Harry J Raltz supt photo engravers and publishers Elmira Telegram, Baldwin cor E Second

Teller Joseph emp Willys-Morrow Co h 602 Cypress

Teller Walter F clerk A S B Co res 31 Gould

TEMMERMAN AUGUST F REV chaplain N Y S Reformatory h 246 Crete ave

Temperance Hall 657 Dickinson

Templar Sanford painter and paperhanger h 409 W Fourth

Temple Book Store Miss Maria H Hammond propr 203 Lake

Temple Candy and Novelty Shop (L W & M R Tanner) 205 Lake

Templer Wayne C clerk 1201 Grand Central ave h 359 Norton

Templer Willis C student res 359 Norton

TenBrocck Alonzo H salesman res 516 W First

TenBrocck Earl R trainman P R R h 422 Herrick

TenBrocck Frances res 516 W First

TenBrocck Hazel emp J N Stearns & Co res 256 Crete ave

TenBrocck Mary L wid Alonzo P h 516 W First

TenBrocck William B trainman res 516 W First

TenBrocck William R retired h r 119 Caldwell ave

TenEyck Edward carp h 725 Hopkins

TenEyck Elgee carp h 801 Holdridge

TenEyck George F carp h 519 ½ Penna ave

TEPPER ADOLPH (Tepper Bros) 130-132 W Water res Plainfield, N.J.

TEPPER BROS (Adolph, Jacob, Max, Emamuel Tepper and Sol J Brooks) dry goods and department store 130-132 W Water

TEPPER EMANUEL (Tepper Bros) 130-132 W Water h 681 ½ W Clinton

TEPPER JACOB (Tepper Bros) 130-132 W Water res Fort Wayne, Ind

TEPPER MAX (Tepper Bros) 130-132 W Water res Plainfield, N J

TERBELL-CALKINS DRUG CO. R W Terbell pres, C H Calkins sec treas,wholesale and retail drugs 323 E Water and 365 Davis res Corning N Y

TERBELL ROBERT W pres Terbell-Calkins Drug Co 323 E Water and 365 Davis res Corning NY

TERMINAL CAFÉ (Elijah Lazarus) 106 Lake

Terrell Charles H fireman City Hall h 562 E Clinton

Terrell James S painter 364 State h 304 E Clinton

Terrell see Tyrrell

Terrill Julia M res 122 Horseheads blvd

Terry Delbert M com trav h 553 Grove

Terry Elida wid William H res 502 South ave

Terry Ezra C dentist 146 W Water res do

Terry Fred lab res 655 Columbia

Terry Harry cook Hotel Rathbun res do

Terwilliger Alice M asst cashier Barker Rose & Clinton Co h 523Perry

Terwilliger Arthur B lab 523 Perry

Terwilliger August V shipping clerk F M Howell & Co h 115 Catherine

Terwilliger Charles B salesman Harris, McHenry & Baker Co h 724 Broadway

Terwilliger Elizabeth H res 523 Perry

Terwilliger Elmer clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co res 741 Riverside ave

Terwilliger Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 602 Coburn

Terwilliger Harris R stereotyper A S B Co h 911 Farnham

Terwilliger Harry W electrician 126 W Water h East ave bey limits

Terwilliger Horace K emp Hotel Rathbun rms 408 Spaulding

Terwilliger Isaac retired h Schuyler ave

Terwilliger John chauffeur res East ave bey limits

Terwilliger Leman G clerk P R R freight h 365 Center

Terwilliger Nelson C emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 414 Penna ave

Terwilliger Paul E U S Army res 456 E Church

Terwilliger Ralph C engr Gleason Health Resort h East ave bey limits

Terwilliger Rodney A emp A S B Co rms 110 W Market

Terwilliger Roy S clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co res 619 W Water

Terwilliger Samuel A emp F M Howell & Co res 523 Perry

Tetor Hiram W clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co h 608 E Miller

Tetor Inez removed to Geneva, NY

Tetor see Teetor

Tetz Frank (Waldron & Tetz) saloon 801 John bds do

Teufel Walter O apprentice res 455 E Water

Tew Marion student res 631 W Water

Tew William H retired h 631 W Water

Tharp Clarence G emp A L F E Co h 122 Partridge

Thatcher Edgar emp K V Co rms 654 E Market

Thatcher Edgar jr emp K V Co rms 654 E Market

THATCHER MFG CO F E Baldwin pres R W Niver vice-pres F H Mills treas C G Decker sec mnfrs of milk bottles and caps 108-110 State

Thatcher Nellie M clerk Elmira arms co res 371 W First

Thatcher Olive J wid Jacob h 512 Perry

ThatcherWarner emp K V Co rms 654 E Market

Thatcher William H died March 1917

Thayer Charles emp A S B Co h 515 Harper

Thayer Eli emp F M Blystone h 819 Clark

Thayer Ethel E nurse Willys-Morrow Co res 418 McCann’s blvd

Thayer Francis E baker 409 Madison ave res 418 McCann’s blvd

Thayer George N engr 744 Baldwin h 514 Dewitt ave

THAYER HARRY S lawyer and public accountant and treas Breesport Mineral Water Co 150 Lake cor Carroll h 740 W First

Thayer James W emp F M Blystone h 621 E Third

Thayer May milliner 130 E Water res 514 Dewitt ave

Thayer Ralph driver S F Iszard Co res 620 E Third

Thayer Ralph R grocer 621 E third h 620 do

Thayer Raymond E emp F M Blystone bds 950 Oak

Thayer William D paperhanger h 655 Columbia

Theetge Claude J emp A L F E Co h 307 Tuttle ave

Theetge Ethel M clerk Flanagan’s res 350 Diven ave

Theetge Frederick driver Standard Oil co h 350 Diven ave

Theetge Irene emp J N Stearns & Co res 711 College ave

Theetge Julius S janitor school No 10 h 366 W Thurston

Theophillis George confectionery 435 Railroad ave res do

Theophillis & Poyas ( George Theophillis and Theodore Poyas) shoe shining parlor 433 Railroad ave

Theurer Carrie maid 509 W Water res do

Theurer Carrie emp 506 W Water res do

Theyett Mary housekeeper 446 W Fifth res do

Theyre Lawrence emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 155 Lake

Theyre Ralph S emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 155 Lake

Thiel Arthur emp Willys-Morrow Co res 206 W chemung place

Thiel John draftsman A L F E Co rms 206 W Chemung place

Thiel Eophia wid Gottfried h 771 John

Thomas Ada emp Hotel Rathbun res do

Thomas Albert C died April 1917

Thomas Alfred fireman D L & W R R h 1302 Lackawanna ave

Thomas Archibald J condr D L & W R R h 1118 Oak

Thomas Avery mason h 823 Laurel

Thomas Burt condr Erie R R res 455 Penna ave

THOMAS CHARLES machine shop 601 Baldwin h 211 Horner

Thomas Conway D emp Willys-Morrow Co h 732 Riverside ave

Thomas Cora L Mrs. emp Conklin & Cross res 954 Walnut

Thomas David D res 515 William

Thomas David G emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 353 Division

Thomas Delbert emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 511 Spaulding

Thomas Earl A emp Willys-Morrow Co res 823 Laurel

Thomas Edwin A marble dealer 1116 Walnut h do

Thomas Ellsworth C car repairer P R R h 322 South ave

Thomas Ernest A engr D L & W R R h 954 Walnut

Thomas Eugene emp L A Corning Ice Cream Co res R F D 1

Thomas Florence E emp C & K Laundry res 333 Soper

Thomas Fred emp Willys-Morrow Co h 206 W Hudson

Thomas Frederick L (Schilier & Thomas) 155 Railroad ave h 333 Soper

Thomas George H chief engr A L F E Co h 262 Lyon

Thomas Henry D electrician res 515 William

Thomas Herbert L civil engr P R R h 652 Euclid ave

Thomas Homer E emp Willys-Morrow Co h 918 Penna ave

Thomas Horace S emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 315 E Clinton

Thomas Isaac emp Willys-Morrow Co res 1120 Oak

Thomas James E car repairer P R R bds 213 Vine

Thomas John roofer rms 503 Union place

Thomas Joseph com trav bds 312 W C hurch

Thomas L Thomas machinist res 445 E Water

Thomas Leigh E emp F M Howell & Co h 362 E Fifth

Thomas Leroy salesman G A Burris Realty Co h 250 W Chemung place

Thomas Leslie E bkkpr 601 Baldwin res 310 E Miller

Thomas Lillian V res 211 Horner

Thomas Lillis res 362 E Fifth

Thomas Lucy L head nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital res do

Thomas Mary A Mrs. res 251 W Warren

Thomas Nettie B wid Alonzo music teacher h 327 W Washington ave

Thomas Octavius condr D L & W R R h 1120 Oak

Thomas Oliver W condr E C & W R R h 1255 College ave

Thomas Owen G lab H 321 Tuttle ave

Thomas Reese W mgr Elmira Towel Supply Co 310-312 Robinson bldg h 309 West ave

Thomas Roselia Mrs. wid Albert res Schuyler ave

Thomas Sidney teamster bds 330 E Water

Thomas Walter emp Willys-Morrow Co h 412 W Fifth

Thomas William emp Willys-Morrow Co h Schuyler ave

Thomas William M painter h 330 E Water

Thomas William H machinist Willys-Morrow Co h 406 Home

Thomas William B machinist Eclispe Machine Co h 515 William

Thomason William M contractor and builder 814 Walnut h do

Thomnen Albert emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 550 E Second

Thompson Addie Mrs. h 410 Walnut

Thompson Albert trainman Erie R R h 375 W Second

Thompson Alfred emp Willys-Morrow Co h 456 W Third

Thompson Anna wid William h 714 College ave

Thompson Anna L wid Samuel J h 404 Pleasant

Thompson Anna M nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital res do

Thompson Arthur J emp Swift & Co rms 614 Park place

Thompson Belle clerk A S B Co res 404 Pleasant

Thompson Bennett Inspr A L F E Co rms 123 Catherine

Thompson Bertha dressmaker Rosenbaum’s rms 505 Park place

Thompson Betty A res 102 E Hudson

THOMPSON CHARLES F sec-treas Empire Produce Co 316-318 Carroll h 102 E Hudson

Thompson Charlotte B wid Bert M h 501 Euclid ave

Thompson Delia wid James H h 351 ½ Columbia

Thompson Delia res 428 W Fourth

Thompson Donald emp 122-124 Railroad ave rms 402 W Water

THOMPSON DONALD propr Thompson’s Garage 122-124 Railroad avec or Market rms 402 W Water

Thompson Edith A stenogr Sawyer, Noble & Co res 102 E Hudson

Thompson Elmer E jr draftsman American Bridge Co rms 629 W Water

Thompson Elsie M res 404 Pleasant

Thompson Emma teleph opr Elmira College res 714 College ave

Thompson Emmett lab res 714 College ave

Thompson Frank E driver Adams Express Co res 1008 Lake

Thompson Fred A yardmaster Erie R R h 150 W Clinton

Thompson Frank L retired res 501 Euclid ave

THOMPSON’S GARAGE Donald Thompson propr, Harry Thomas mgr agency and service station for Chandler and Oakland Motor cars 122-124 Railroad avec or E Market

Thompson Grace bkkpr E W L & R R Co res 404 Pleasant

THOMPSON HARRY mgr Thompson’s Garage 122-124 Railraod ave rms 402 W Water

Thompson Helen E teacher res 109 Harmon

Thompson J Whitfield salesman Fleischmann Yeast Co res 522 W First

Thompson James R switchman D L & W R R res 1109 Lake

Thompson Jessie M res 202 Davis

Thompson John lab rms 513 Railroad ave

Thompson Joseph F chauffeur W I Booth h 715 Dickinson

Thompson Lewis J carp P R R h 613 Chester

Thompson Marion C student Elmira College res do

Thompson Mary Mrs clerk 413 Railroad ave res 456 W Third

Thompson Mary B wid David L h 522 W First

Thompson Mary E res 714 College ave

Thompson Mary H res 518 Penna ave

Thompson May B Mrs h 109 Harmon

THOMPSON MERLE D. (N J Thompson & Co) 178-182 State h 651 Euclid ave

Thompson Myrtle restaurant 613 Dickinson res 514 High

Thompson Nellie E Mrs restaurant 613 Dickinson h 514 High

Thompson Nellie student rms 307 W Hudson

THOMPSON N J & CO, (Norman J and Merle D) wholesale dry goods, notions, hats, caps and trunks 178-182 State cor E Market

THOMPSON NORMAN J, (N J Thompson & Co) 178-182 State h 458 W Water

Thompson Orpah W teacher res 328 Irvine place

Thompson Parker C china and crockery 310 E Water h 111 Durland ave

Thompson Pearl Mrs café 908 ½ Davis h do

Thompson Pearl A bkkpr F T Estabrook res 410 Walnut

Thompson Ralph W clerk res 1008 Lake

Thompson Susan A principal school No 7 res 351 ½ Columbia

Thompson Thomas C emp Swift Lubricator Co h 625 W Gray

Thompson Thomas E died January 1917

Thompson, William S emp A L F E Co h 437 W Washington ave

Thompson William S emp Willys-Morrow Co h 114 W First

Thorldson Harry emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 214 W Miller

Thornburg Edward condr E W L & R R Co bds 109 Partridge

Thorne Arasca E carrier P O res 750 Robinson

Thorne Ernest L machinist A L F E Co h 125 Horner

Thorne Grant L emp Thatcher Mfg Co h 316 Woodlawn ave

Thorne Lavina wid George F res 355 S Main

Thorne Lillian E student Elmira College res do

Thorne Mittie C res 500 William

Thornton Charity wid Harvey A h 430 Pleasant

Thornton Earl emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 260 Partridge

Thornton Elizabeth wid William h 611 Dickinson

Thornton Elsie B opr N Y Tel Co res 112 Elm

Thornton Francis E M D (X-Ray Electro Medical Institute) 112 Elm h do

Thornton Genevieve Mrs h 551 Franklin

Thornton James M emp Ingersoll-Rand Co h 314 W Fourth

Thornton Josephine opr A S B Co res 367 W Third

Thornton Mildred D student res 112 Elm

Thornton Yale R foreman Willys-Morrow Co h 558 Thompson

Thorpe Frank B clerk Armour & Co h 411 Baldwin

Thorpe Lottie Mrs furnished rooms 411 Baldwin h do

Thorpe Ray A emp Willys-Morrow Co h 216 W Third

Thorpe Viola J Mrs h 126 E Water

Thorwaldsen Leo bar clerk 103 State res 709 E Water

Throop Dora res 416 College ave

Throop Katherine E student Elmira College res do

Thurber Burr N emp Willys-Morrow Co h 463 Mt Zoar

Thure Alice E cook 322 William res do

Thurley Everett D driver Armour & Co res 1009 Oak

THURSTON & HASKELL (Reuben Thurston and Myron C Haskell)contractors and builders 112 W First

Thurston Jean student res 516 W Gray

Thurston Helen F teacher Elmira Heights res 507 Roe ave

Thurston Mary F res 516 W Gray

Thurston Mary H teacher Elmira Heights res 507 Roe ave

Thurston Michael H farmer h 507 Roe ave

THURSTON REUBEN (Thurston & Haskell) 112 W First h 1054 Walnut

THURSTON RICHARD H lawyer also County Attorney 207-211 Realty bldg h 516 W Gray

Thurston Richard H jr student res 516 W Gray

Thygisin Christian emp Willys-Morrow Co h 227 O’Gorman

Thygisin Earl F lab Willys-Morrow Co res 227 O’Gorman

Thygisin William L removed to Rochester, N Y

Tice Anna emp W I Booth res Church terrace

Tice Anthony clerk 231 W Water h 430 Herrick

Tice Edward C emp 231 W Water h 430 Herrick

Tice Fanny retired teacher h 518 ½ Penna ave

Tice Florence retired teacher res 518 ½ Penna ave

Tice Henry W h 657 E Market

Tice Joseph M tinner h 768 E Fifth

Tice Rosa wid John res Church St Terrace

Tichnor M Francis clerk A S B Co res 652 N Main

Tickner Eugene machinist rms 258 Baldwin

Tickner Leland E emp Eclipse Machine Co res 410 N Main

Tickner Mattie E wid Harry res 410 N Main

Tickner Ruth L opr N Y Tel Co res 410 N Main

TIDD EDWARD K pres Elmira Storage and Supply Co h 412 Euclid ave

Tidd Gage W mechanical engr Willys-Morrow Co res 412 Euclid ave

Tierney Anna M stenogr J N Stearns & Co res 801 Davis

Tierney Daniel P removed to Sayre, Pa

Tierney James constable h 801 Davis

Tierney Louise B clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co res 801 Davis

Tierney William T clerk Hotel Gotham res do

Tiffany Charles M con tray h 158 Boardman

Tifft Dorothy student res 712 W Second

Tifft Lucinda M wid Reuben res 217 High

Tifft Theresa hair dresser 158 N Main res 712 W Second

Tiger John mason h 1085 Penna ave

Tilbury Don machinist Willys-Morrow Co h 457 ½ Mt Zoar

Tillinghast Amelia res 129 W Henry

Tillinghast Harriet Mrs h 129 W Henry

Tillinghast Herbert F sexton Cemetery Church h 206 Mt Zoar

Tillinghast Herman C res 506 Ivy

Tillman Jay M mason res 361 Hoffman

Tillman Lewis driver 321 Penna ave res 375 W Second

TILLMAN MYRON E pharmacist 559 E Church h 361 Hoffman

Tillon Donald house surgeon Arnot-Ogden Hospital res do

Tillon Martha A prof art and painting Elmira College res do

TIMBRELL WILLIAM B surveyor 304 Realty bldg res Montour Falls, NY

Tingle Charles concert mgr h 53 Foster ave

Tingley Luman A engr D L & W R R h 1357 Lake

Tinkler William bkkpr American Bridge Co h 606 Penna ave

Tipton Harry S clerk P R R genl offices res 608 Grove

TISHLER SOL, mgr The People’s Store 143 W Water res 411 W Water

Titus Charles A cashier N J Thompson & Co h 855 Grove

Titus Charles N confectionery 1199 Grand Central ave h 1318 Pratt

Titus Fred N stationary engr h 1199 Grand Central ave

Titus Harriet Mrs res 1318 Pratt

TITUS IRA A sanitary inspr City Hall h 216 Harmon

Titus John J res 404 Pleasant

Toaz Robert res 108 Washington

Tobey Alonzo J collector Powell-Hall Co 131-125 N Main h 634 W Gray

Tobey Burr G grocer 224 S Main h do

Tobey Francis L trainman D L & W R R h 315 W Fourth

Tobey Frank tinner 104 W Second res 243 Elmwood ave Elmira Heights

Tobey George student res room 2 Metzger block

Tobey Guilford R retired h 517 W Gray

Tobey Jeanette wid John res 721 W First

Tobey Jesse student res 224 S Main

Tobey John M fireman P R R h 706 Holdridge

Tobey Joseph L timekeeper K V Co h 205 W Chemung place

Tobey Leon E inspr Willys-Morrow Co res 561 Thompson

Tobey Louis W emp Southern Tier Motor Co res room 2 Metzger block

Tobey Louise maid 1643 W Water res do

Tobey Ludd M painter rms 2 Metzger block