Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Home Made
FOR 1917


Pease, George A, painter, h 1566 Lake

Pease, Henry W, emp Barton & Wheadon, h 403 W Second

Pease, Isabella, wid Willis A (W Pease & Son) 107 S Main h 116 W Hudson

Pease, Mildred A, clerk Barton & Wheadon res 212 Madison ave

Pease, Robert, plumber 116 Lake, h 211 Foster ave

Pease, Soloman D, res 355 Davis

Pease, W & Sons, (Mrs Isabella Pease) wall paper and paints 107 S Main

Pease, William E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 212 Madison ave

Pease, William N, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 307 William

Peaslee, Menzo A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 14 McHenry

Peasley, Marion, clerk Heyman Bros, res 107 Spruce

Peck, Anna M, emp Goff Way & Brand res 526 Partridge

Peck, Ansel J, carp, h 256 Partridge

Peck, Durland, emp P R R shops, h 113 S William

Peck, Emma, wid George C, h 915 W Water

Peck, Frank H, retired, h 463 Maple ave

Peck, Fred W, emp P R R, h 131 Cedar

PECK, GEORGE W, pres George W Peck Co, 102-106 State, h 524 W Church

PECK, GEORGE W Co (THE), George W Peck pres, J Arthur Peck vice-pres Ira C Pratt sec-treas wholesale and retail hardware, stoves, house furnishings wagons, carriages farm implements and seeds 102-106 State

Peck, Horace B, emp P R R, h 131 Cedar

PECK, J ARTHUR, vice-pres George W Peck Co 102-106 State, res Corning, N Y

Peck, Jesse A, res 463 Maple ave

Peck, John W, emp Electric Garage, h 407 ½ Brady

Peck, Laura H Mrs, boarding, h 463 Maple ave

Peck, M Amelia, res 923 Lake

Peck, Murray L, engr D L & W R R, h 366 E Thurston

Peck, Rosa L Mrs dressmaker Tepper Bros, res 108 Phoenix ave

Peck, Sara H, wid Benjamin M, h 923 Lake

Peck, Thomas, condr Erie R R, res 455 ½ Penna ave

Peck, Willard J, telegh opr Erie R R, h 455 Penna ave

Peck, William H, printer A S B Co h 108 Phoenix ave

Peckham, Edward, carp, bds 814 W First

Peckham, Evelyn, maid 630 W Water, res do

Peckham, Florence C, maid 110 Catherine, res do

Peckham, Raymond, salesman, h 414 ½ W Second

Peden, James L, sales mgr K V Co, h 527 W First

Pedersen, Laura J Mrs, dressmaker, h 122 Caldwell ave

Pedrick, Frederick, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 405 Grove

Pedrick, William R, condr E W L & R R Co h 211 Dewitt ave

Peebles, George B, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 408 Standish

PEEBLES, JOHN A, supt Willys-Morrow Co, h 720 W Church

Peebles, Wilhelmina, clerk 200 E Water, res 1012 ½ Oak

Peel, John, trainman D L & W R R, res 212 Sullivan

Peel, Mary G, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 212 Sullivan

Peel, Patrick, h 212 Sullivan

Peele, Anna M, student, res 311 W Gray

Peelr, Maria, student Elmira College, res do

PEERLESS DRY CLEANING CO, (M F McCarthy and W A Danaher) dyeing, cleaning and repairing 203 W Fifth

Peet, Earl, emp 106-110 E Church, bds 259 Baldwin

PEET, GAMAIEL L, (Gillett & Peet) 202 E Gray, res Wellsburg, N Y

Peet, Walter F, emp A S B Co, h 308 W Third

Peffer, George F, flagman P R R, res 629 Mt Zoar

Pelarski, Josephine, nurse 121 Lormore, res do

Pelbrough,, Gaymer S, res 361 Grove

Pelicolo, Joseph, emp E W L & R R Co, h 809 Railraod ave

Peller, Ernest L, polisher A L F E Co, h 652 Robinson

Pelloni, Frank, emp Erie R R, h 221 E Seventh

Pelo, Charles, emp D L & W R R, h 833 Canal


Pelone, Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 955 N Main

Pendergast, Anna, res 369 W Second

Pendergast, James F, lineman N Y Tel Co, h 209 James

Pendergast, William, guard N Y S Reformatory, res 329 Irvine place

PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, George H Spring agent, 101 Lake

PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO of Phildadelphia, Frank J Gorman, agent, Masonic Temple 203 Lake




PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD SHOPS, foot of Kinyon and Delaware ave



PEOPLE’S STORE (THE), Sol Tischler mgr, men’s and women’s clothing and furnishings 143 W Water

Peppard, Paul, emp A L F E Co, rms 261 Partridge

Pepper, John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 456 Spaulding

Percival, Alexander W Mrs, h 400 Hoffman

Percy, Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 630 Reynolds

PERFECT LAUNDRY, (Manning & Danaher) 115-117 W Church

Pergola, Nicholas, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 914 N Main

Perienski, Louise, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 561 Beach

Perine, Edward, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 4 Eldridge place

Perkins, Daisy B, clerk A L F E Co, res 620 Lewis

Perkins, Jacob D, pave inspr, h 108 ½ Spring

Perkins, Mary E Mrs, h 108 ½ Spring

Perkins, Rose, wid Stephen, h 620 Lewis

Perotti, Louis, lineman N Y Tel Co, bds Frasier Hotel

Perrault, Gertrude D, seamstress, bds 408 Hoffman

Perrault, Mary, wid Mitchell, h 450 Carroll

Perrigo, Fred C, draftsman A L F E Co, h 813 Broadway

Perrin, Andrew, emp P R R freight, h 903 Stowell

Perrin, Jacob, res 903 Stowell

Perrin, Peter, res 366 W Seventh

Perry, Charles, emp American Bridge Co, bds 1053 Lincoln

Perry, Charles, contractor and builder 604 Broadway, h do

Perry, Chester D, engr D L & W R R, h 1311 Pratt

Perry, David K, emp A Wykoff & Son, h 710 Spaulding

Perry, Dorr K, emp P R R shops, h 602 Collin

Perry, Edward S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 53 S Main

Perry, Florence M, student Elmira College, res do

PERRY, G W Co (INC), Guy W Perry pres and treas, gen’l insurance and surety bonds, 326 E Water

PERRY, GUY W, pres and treas G W Perry Co (Inc) 326 E Water, h 364 W First

Perry, Hanson S, agt Prudential Ins Co, res 212 W 14th Elmira Heights

Perry, Henry, emp Hoffman farms, res 714 Walnut

Perry, John A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 463 Falck

Perry, John B, patrolman, bds 319 High

Perry. John M, emp KV Co, rms 802 Moore

Perry, Oliver E, bar clerk, h 118 W Hudson

Perry, Patrick, emp J N Stearns & Co, h 422 W Fifth

Perry, Sarissa L, clerk Heyman Bros, res 118 W Hudson

Perry, Walter L, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 859 Lake

Person, Harry, emp K V Co, rms 402 ½ Sullivan

PERSONIUS ART GALLERY, (G A Personius) 269 Baldwin

Personius, David O, night watchman F M Howell Co, h r 600 Sullivan

Personius, Edward, bar clerk 441 E Water, res 117 Lake

PERSONIUS, E WATSON, (Kerendeen & Mandeville) 521-529 Robinson bldg also District Attorney, h 701 W Clinton


Personius, Elizabeth E, wid David B, h 222 Caldwell ave

Personius, Fred J, contractor and builder 953 Walnut, h do

PERSONIUS, GEORGE AUSTIN, (Personius Art Gallery) photographer 269 Baldwin, h 376 W Water

PERSONIUS, HORACE W, (Personius, Malone & French) 124 W Water, h 514 Maple ave

Personius, Jesse C, painter, h 626 ½ Reynolds

Personius, Judson V, bkkpr G L Curtis & Co, h 809 Davis

Personius, Lawrence D, trainman P R R, res r 600 Sullivan

PERSONIUS, MALONE & FRENCH, (H W Personius, T A Malone and U S French, Dry goods, cloaks suits and furs, 124 W Water

Personius, Oliver D, motorman E W L & W R R Co, h 714 Riverside ave

Personius, Vincent, emp A L F E Co, bds 837 E Second

Personius, William, car repairer P R R, h 415 Pleasant

Pertl, Emilie M, nurse res 705 W Church

Pertl, Stephanie, emp 705 W Church, res do

Pescatore, Nicholas, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 721 Casey

Pescatore, Patsy, emp P R R, h 721 Casey

Peterman, Edward H, lineman h 90 Cedar

Peterman, Hiram M, carrier P O, res 408 S Main

Peterman, J Cameron, clerk 401 Fulton, bds 406 Penna ave

Peterman, James C, died September 1916

Peterman, James C, grocer 401 Fulton, h 406 Penna ave

Peterman, Minnie V, res 408 S Main

Peterman, Retta M, music teacher 406 Penna ave, res do

Peterman, W LaFayette, draftsman Willys-Morrow Co, h 628 Penna ave

Peters, Alice Mrs, h 147 W Water

Peters, Charles W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 517 ½ Penna ave

Peters, Earl C, porter Hotel Rathbun, res 517 ½ Penna ave

Peters, Elizabeth E, wid Shubel, h 517 ½ Penna ave

Peters, Frances L, dressmaker, h 803 Davis

Peters, Frank C, lab, h 770 E Fifth

Peters, George W, retired, h 369 Norton

Peters, Joseph, emp E W L & R R Co, h 158 E Washington ave

Peters, Leon A, salesman Southern Tier Motor Co, h 122 E Chemung place

Peters, Robert N, emp K V Co, h 156 Cotton

Peters, Shubel emp Doane livery 153 W Clinton, res do

Peterson, Adolph N, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, h 723 ½ W Gray

Peterson, Anna E, maid 315 Baldwin, res do

Peterson, Charles H, barber 424 E Water, h 769 John

Peterson, Ervina, bkkpr 143 W Water, h 306 ½ do

Peterson, Evelyn, wid Frank, h 1640 W Water

Peterson, Frank, emp P R R, bds 718 Livingston

Peterson, George A, emp Grand Union Tea Co, 111 N Main, h 201 Brand

Peterson, George H, painter, h 211 Dewitt ave

Peterson, Hans, retired h W Water

Peterson, Harry, apprentice upholsterer 511 N Main, res 706 Hopkins

PETERSON, HENRY A, dentist 201-202 Synder bldg, h W Water, bey limits

Peterson, Henry G, upholsterer 115 W Water, h 706 Hopkins

Peterson, James H, lab h 139 Tuttle ave

Peterson, John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 110 Brand

Peterson, Leona, clerk A S B Co, res 613 E Second

Peterson, May, nurse St Joseph’s Hospital, res 211 ½ High

Peterson, Pete, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 122 Partridge

Peterson, Ruth, maid Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Peterson, Samuel, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 950 Grand Central ave

Peterson, Thomas, cigarmaker 376 S Main bds High

Peterson, Thomas, emp Elmira Foundry Co, bds 380 W First

Peterson, Victor A, upholsterer 511 N Main, h 612 do

Peterson see Petterson

Petoski, Lewis, em Willys-Morrow Co, h 101 Front


Petranek, Amelia, student, rms 215 W Second

Petranek, Mary, waitress Bon Ton Tea Room, res 215 W Second

Petreisiow, Michael, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1310 Baldwin

PETRIE, C A & CO, (Charles A Petrie) coal and wood 191 E Washington ave

PETRIE, CHARLES A, (C A Petrie & Co) 191 E Washington ave, h 526 W Church

Petrie, James, plumber r 510 Dewitt ave, res 510 do

Petrie, John M, fireman D L & W R R, h 1554 ½ Lake

Petrie, Mary, res 510 Dewitt ave

Petrie, Robert, grocer 416 Madison ave, h do

Petrie, William S, h 510 Dewitt ave

Petro, Michael, lab, bds 912 Magee

Petros, John, emp 319 E Water, res 407 W Gray

Petrunic, Mathew, emp Record Brewery, h 1201 Hall

Petrunick, Nick, emp K V Co, h 702 Dickinson

Petrusin, Nicholas, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 1310 Baldwin

Petrusin, Paul, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 1310 Baldwin

Pett, Louise, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, rms 561 Brand

Pettingill, Fred H, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, h 1043 Walnut

Pettingill, Harold W, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, res 1043 Walnut

Pettingill, John G, telegh opr P R R yard h 458 South ave

Pettingill, John G jr, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 458 South ave

Pettingill, Mark L, emp P R R, rms 458 South ave

Pettingill, R Earl, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1043 Walnut

Pettingill, Ramona J, emp Dr H A Peterson, res 401 Grove

Pettingill, Wilmer, train dispatcher P R R genl offices h 401 Grove

Pettingill, Wilma, student, res 401 Grove

Pettingill see Pattengill

Petterson, Elon B, watchmaker 128 W Water, h 805 Oak

Petterson see Peterson

Petti, Carmine, emp P R R freight, h 863 Magee

Petti, Sisto, grocer and jeweler 101-103 W Fifth, h do

Pettie, George M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 707 ½ Delaware ave

Pettit, Raymond A, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 900 Oak

Petzke, Anna A, res 165 Harriet

Petzke, Frederick, h 165 Harriet

Petzke Frederick W, foreman Queen City Knitting Mill, h 212 Harriet

Petzke, George O, com trav res 506 W Third

Petzke, Henry, car repairer D L & W R R res 961 Sullivan

Petzke, Lena, emp C & K Laundry, res 961 Sullivan

Petzke, Minnie A, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, res 165 Harriet

Petzke, William, clerk Erie R R, res 165 Harriet

Pfammater, Kathryn, emp F M Howell & Co, h 506 Dewitt ave

Pfammater, Louis, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 506 Dewitt ave

Pfiel, Anthony P, baker Dawdy’s Bakery, rms 422 E Market

Pfister, Groviene, student Elmira College, res do

Phair, William, condr D L & W R R, h 1050 Admiral place

Phalen, Catherine, res 408 Sullivan

Phelps, Edward W, painter 553 Coburn h do

Phelps, George, emp 321 Penna ave, res R D 6

Phelps, Grover W, emp 102 W Fourth, h 814 N Main

Phelps, Marie A, bkkpr and stenogr 152 Baldwin, res 553 Coburn

Phelps, Thomas, carp foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 213 Mechanic

Phelps, Webb B, mechanical engr A L F E Co, h 417 Herrick

Phesay, Frances M, wid James K, h 319 River

Phesay, John K, gardener Strathmont, h 518 Elizabeth

Phesay, Margaret, emp A S B Co, res 319 River

Phesay, Norine E, opr N Y Tel Co, res 319 River

Philbin, Andrew J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 203 W Miller

Phillips, Anna L, teacher school No 4, res 415 W Third

Phillips, Arthur H, clerk P R R genl offices, h 518 W First

Phillips, Benjamin R, clerk American Express C, h 460 W Third

PHILLIPS, CASSIUS A, lawyer, notary public, attorney Chemung Valley Mutual Loan Assn 511 Robinson blg h 659 Euclid ave

Phillips, Charles L, res 415 W Third


Phillips, Clare U, inspr Erie R R, h 354 ½ Grove

Phillips, David S, milk 436 Carroll, h do

Phillips, Ellen, wid Edward H, h 415 W Third

Phillips, Harry A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 408 Mathews

Phillips, Ida, bds 656 E Clinton

Phillips, Jesse B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 526 W Gray

Phillips, Joseph, rms 155 Madison ave

Phillips, Julius A, foreman P R R, h 562 Thompson

Phillips, Katherine B, wid Harrison, h 509 Broadway

Phillips, Loren E, builder and contractor, h 109 Cleveland ave

Phillips, Lucy J, wid John F, res 659 Euclid ave

Phillips, Mary C, clerk P O, res 415 W Third

Phillips, Maurice, trainman D L & W R R, h 656 E Clinton

Phillips, Samuel H, paperhanger, h 905 Lake

Phillips, Solomon, peddler, res John

Phillips, Stephen, com trav, h 966 Walnut

Phillips, William H, clerk City Recorder’s Office, res 905 Lake

Philo, Edgar W, removed to Florida

Philo, Edgar W Mrs, res 418 William

Philo, Ernest R, publisher Poultry Review also job-printer 1621 Lake, h 1700 do

Philo, Jered L, emp K V Co, h 204 Tuttle ave

Philo, Ruth M, res 418 William

Phinney, Emmet L, farmer 1050 Penna ave, h Broadway bey limits

Phrang, Eva, instr Meeker’s Business Inst, res 122 W Hudson

Platt, Anna L, clerk Tepper Bros, res 657 Park place

Platt, Charles, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 372 Penna ave

Platt, Earl R, clerk 207 Railroad ave, h 402 Sulivan

Platt, William, clerk, res 372 Penna ave

Picard, Joseph, tailor John Bater, h 137 E Hudson

Piccone, Nicholas, tailor, h 511 McDowell place

Pickard, Willard, emp A L F E Co, h 416 Carroll

Pickarski, Bernice, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 218 Bloomer ave

Pickel, August, blacksmith, bds 119 Orchard

Pickel, George F, electrician 118 N Main, h 149 Tuttle ave

Pickering, Frank, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 1419 College ave

Pickering, George, pres and genl mgr George Pickering & Co (Inc) 368 W Clinton, h do

Pickering, George & Co (Inc) George Pickering pres and genl mgr, dye stuff mnfrs 368 W Clinton

Pickering, Hannah, student, res 368 W Clinton

Pickering, Lillian M, wid John, h 1419 College ave

Pickering, Margaret E, res 111 E Hudson

Pickering, Mary E, res 1419 College ave

PICKERSGILL, HENRY M, supt of Public Works, office City Hall, h 505 Fitch

Picking, Silas, carp, bds 156 Fox

Pickley, Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds West End Hotel

Pieper, Ella, bkkpr and stenogr 101 W Church, bds 1060 Admiral place

Pieper, Herman T, emp T Briggs & Co, h 1060 Admiral place

Pieper see Piper, Pipher

PIERCE & BICKFORD, (Joseph H Pierce and Hiram H Bickford) architects 118-120 Lake (See ad top lines)

Pierce, Claud D, emgr music dept M Doyle Marks Co, h 353 ½ Euclid ave

Pierce, Elmer M, emp P R R, h 607 Penna ave

Pierce, Floyd R, emp N Y Tel Co, h 1 Luce

Pierce, Frank L, emp E W L & R R Co, rms Lyceum bldg, 154 Lake

Pierce, Franklin A, draftsman, h 119 E Hudson

Pierce, George N, emp Philo plant, h 1510 Grand Central ave

Pierce, Gretchen, clerk Tepper Bros, res 1 Luce

Pierce, Howard E, engr Robinson bldg, h 475 South ave

Pierce, Jay W, foreman A L F E Co, h 717 Riverside ave

Pierce, John M, painter P R R, h 152 Cedar


Pierce, Joseph C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 517 ½ Elizabeth

PIERCE, JOSEPH H, (Pierce & Bickford) 118-120 Lake, h 308 W Clinton

Pierce, Judson S, mechanic, 108 E Church, res 154 Lake

Pierce, Leon J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 370 W Thurston

Pierce, Lilah, res 200 ½ Tuttle ave

Pierce, Margaret, wid William, h 220 ½ Tuttle ave

Pierce, Marion E, teacher E F A, rms 410 Baldwin

Pierce, Milton W, student, res 152 Cedar

Pierce, Moses P, jeweler, h 753 E Market

Pierce, Robert C, teamster, h 752 Spaulding

Pierce, Roy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 120 W Miller

Pierce, Stella, piano teacher, res 753 E Market

Pierce, Willard F, stenogr A L F E Co, res 108 Dewitt ave

Pierce see Pearce

Piekarski, Anthony, emp Eclipse Machine Co, bds 218 Bloomer ave

Piekarski, Jacob, emp A L F E Co, h 218 Bloomer ave

Piekarski, Stanley, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 218 Bloomer ave

Piekarski, Walter, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 218 Bloomer ave

Pierman, George, emp K V Co, res 216 Orchard

Pierson, Martha J, wid Nathaniel, res 354 W Fourth

Pigott, George H, sergeant recruiting office, h 516 Sullivan

Pike, Clarence A, clerk 116 Lake, rms 418 Balsam

Pike, Walter E, jeweler 139 W Water, h 567 Coburn

Pike, William R, machinist P R R, h 512 Balsam

Pillman, Charles P, foreman A L F E Co, h 158 Boardman

Pillo, Charles, emp D L & W RR R, h 913 Stowell

Pillo, Joseph, lab, bds 101 Stephens place

Pinch, Harry T, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 521 ½ Penna ave

Pinckney, Catherine, wid John, h 517 W First

Pine, Sydney R, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 626 Winsor ave

Pine, Thomas R, retired, h 626 Winsor ave

Pinelli, Anthony, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, h 912 Stowell

Pinkney, Edna, res 621 Baldwin

Pinkney, William, janitor Erie R R, h 621 Baldwin

Pinkus, Milton M, res 653 E Water

Pinkus, Charles, real estate 653 E Water, h do

Pinkus, Leo J, student, res 653 E Water

Pint, Leo J, shipper Armour & Co, res 424 W First

Piper, Ella, wid William, h 206 Chestnut

Piper, Frank, emp Sheehan & Dean Co, res 206 Chestnut

Piper, Leroy N, lab, h 204 Chestnut

Piper, Loretta C, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 206 Chestnut

Piper, Luke N, emp Doane & Jones Lbr Co, res 465 Mt Zoar

Piper, Margaret, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 206 Chestnut

Piper, Nora, emp Hotel Rathbun, res 206 Chestnut

PIPER, STEWART S, physician and surgeon 146 E Water, office hours 3-4:30 and 7-8 p m, h 501 ½ Euclid ave

Pipher, Oliver A, emp N Y Tel Co, bds W Church bey limits

Pipher, Abraham, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res Arcadia ave bey limits

Pipher, Abram H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h W Church cor Durland ave bey limits

Pirozzolo, Frank, emp P R R freight, h 907 ½ Stowell

Pirozzolo, Marion, emp P R R freight, res 907 ½ Stowell

Pisall, Aaron E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 718 German

Pisano, Frank P, died March, 1917

Pische, Walter A, clerk James Mfg Co, rms 503 Union place

Pisno, Joseph, lab bds 308 Norton

Pitcher, Frank S, condr D L & W R R, h 409 Mathew

Pitcher, G Bly, trainman D L & W R R res 409 Mathew

Pitcher, Henry D, electrician, h 220 Maple ave

Pitcher, Lacey, stenogr D L & W R R bds 1012 Oak

Pitkin, Elizabeth M, res 408 W Water

Pitt, Cecil E, clerk 600 Penna ave, res do

PITT, DAN C, grocer also sub station P O 600 Penna ave, h do


Pitt, John M, removed from city

Pittman, Anna M, student, res 304 W Clinton

PITTMAN, ELI REV, dist supt Elmira District M E Church, h 304 W Clinton

Pittman, Grace, student, res 304 W Clinton

Pittman, Horace R, student, res 304 W Clinton

Pittman, W Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h Hazel bey limits

Pitts, Alice Mrs bkkpr 310 E Water, h 735 Hopkins

Pitts, Arthur H, com trav 1 D Booth Co, h 1149 W Water

Pitts, Charles H, clerk 220 W Water, h 620 W Gray

Pitts, Cecelia, wid Samuel res 620 W Gray

Pitts, Glen I, chief guard N Y S Reformatory, h 317 Irvine place

Pitts, Harold L, restaurant 601 Erie h do

Pitts, Ila M, emp F M Howell & Co, res 620 W Gray

Pitts, Jennie M, wid Harry S, res 140 E Chemung place

Pitts, John F, retired h 1064 W Water

Pitts, Preston D, restaurant 601 Erie, h do

Pitts, Ray D, toll line supervisor N Y Tel Co, h 101 Demarest

Pitts, Samuel, died February, 1917

Pixley, Irene, wid Frank, nurse h 367 W Water

Pixley, Ray F, res New Arlington Hotel

Plank, Aaron L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 511 Balsam

Plank, Emma R, wid Daniel, h 511 Balsam

Plank, Joel G, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 511 Balsam

Plank, Leon, emp K V Co, rms 809 E Market

Plants, Henry M, retired res 333 E Center

Plaskie, Alexander, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1162 Magee

Plate, Frederick W, carp, h Arcadie ave

Plate, James L, emp A L F E Co, h 751 Livingston

Plate, Lina, wid Frank res Arcadia bey limits

Platt, Celia, res 162 Harriet

Platt, Earl L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 402 Partridge

Platt, Harry, meat cutter, h 162 Harriet

Platt, Horace C, machinist, 437 Carroll, bds 456 E Church

Platt, John H, grocer 556 E Third, h 406 ½ Sullivan

Platt, Lena, emp Mansfield Candy Co, res 162 Harriet

Platt, Mary Mrs, h 106 Washington

Platt, Max, meat dealer, h 163 Harriet

Platt, Rufus H, night cashier E W L & R R Co, nds Platt House, Horseheads, N Y

Plaza Restaurant, Charles M Kokinos mgr, 311 E Water

Pleasant View Hospital, Mrs Katherine Bonnell propr, 661 Roe ave

Pletcher, Lewis, printer A S B Co, rms 410 Baldwin

Ploceke, Anthony, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 903 N Main

Ploss, Lois R, clerk S F Iszard, res 318 William

Ploss, Myra, wid David, res 318 William

Plott, Clyde, machinist, bds 703 S Main

Plowman, Sarah A, wid William, h 238 Mt Zoar

Plowman, William R, emp P R R, res 238 Mt Zoar

Plum, John E, carp foreman, h 523 W Fourth

Plummer, Daniel E, engr E W L & R R Co, h 415 Perry

PLUMMER, FANNIE F, wid William A, books stationery and news 106 N Main, res 318 William

Plunkett, Edwin F, farmer h 798 Southport

Podleski, Pauline, maid 607 W Church, res do

Pohlman, Allie P, stenogr, res 382 Fulton

Pohlman, Gustave J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 382 Fulton

Pohlman, Henry G, watchmaker and engraver 144 E Water, res 383 Fulton

Pohlman, Otto H, electrical engr, res 382 Fulton

Pohlman see Paulman

Pohren, Irene, nurse Paradise Private Hospital, res do

Polange, Bassio, emp Elmira Foundry Co, h 809 Hatch

Polhamus, Charles, salesman, h 148 W Water

Polhamus, Donald, emp 119 Lake res do


Polhamus, Eugene, emp Fold Easy Mfg Co, res 365 E Warren

Polhamus, Lena Mrs, h 653 Lake

Polhamus, Liewellyn C, toolmaker, res 653 Lake

Polhamus, Maynard, condr D L & W R R, h 365 E Warren

POLICE HEADQUARTERS, City Hall E Church cor Lake

Pollak, Ada H, bkkpr 108 E Water, res 650 E Church

Pollak, Florence F, clerk Board of Assessors, res 650 E Church

Pollak, Maude M, teacher school No 8, res 650 E Church

Pollak, Monte M, electrician, 114 Baldwin, h 650 E Church

Pollak, Pauline, wid Julius L, res 650 E Church

Pollard, Louise M, emp A L F E Co, h 222 E Water

Polley, Emma R, record Clerk County Clerk’s Office, res 312 W Gray

Polley, Frances E, stenogr Willys-Morrow Co, res 556 Franklin

Polley, Noah D, com trav, h 312 W Gray

Polley, William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 555 Franklin

Polley, William J, student, res 555 Franklin

Pollone, Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 318 West Side ave

Pollow, Josephine, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1076 N Main

Pollow, Julia, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1076 N Main

Pollow, Mary, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1076 N Main

Polston, Benton, emp P R R, rms 120 W Miller

Pomeroy, Philip, truckman rms 208 Baldwin

Ponas L, car repairer Erie R R, res 518 State

Poncoski, Michael, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 1010 Johnson

Pond, Marvin H, foreman E W L & R R Co, h 477 Welles

Pond, Minnie S Mrs, mill opr, h 516 N Main

Ponovic, Mathew, emp American Bridge Co, bds 1312 Baldwin

Ponovic, Steven, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, h 1312 Baldwin

Ponzi, Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 905 ½ Stowell

Ponzo, Peter, emp D L & W R R, h 856 Magee

Poole, Oraline, died February, 1917

Poole, Harry E, engr State Highway dept 425 E Market, res 421 W First

Poole, J, emp W 1 Booth, res Millport, N Y

Popas, Thomas, lab, bds 205 ½ W Hudson

Pope, Fred J, emp Otis Dockstader & Son, bds 802 ½ Penna ave

Pope, Henry, emp Erie R R, bds 515 Erie

Pope, L J, mechanic VenDemark Motor Co, res 708 E Second

Popeck, Agnes, clerk A S B Co, res 608 E Second

Popeck, Francis, (Volbrecht & Popeck) 321 Carroll, h 608 E Second

Popeck, Helen M, stenogr A S B Co, res 608 E Second

Popeck, Mary T, stenogr James Mfg Co, res 608 E Second

Popple, Edward, optician, rms 121 Madison ave

Popple, Lizzie A, wid Riley P, res 818 Sullivan

Porjorick, Michael, emp American Bridge Co, h 1304 Lackawanna ave

Porter, Adelbert, emp American Bridge Co, h 156 Sullivan

Porter, Amy, wid Frank, h 2007 Lake

Porter, Charles H, retired, res 216 W Gray

Porter, Charles W, saloon 907 Grand Central ave, h 660 Magee

Porter, Delia R, wid Curtis A, h 127 W Hudson

Porter, Eleanor A, student Elmira College, res do

Porter, Elizabeth M, emp F M Howell & Co, h 127 W Hudson

Porter, Eugene S, clerk D L & W R R freight, res 1007 Lake

Porter, Gladys, emp Star-Gazette, rms 157 Sullivan

Porter, Harry H, men’s clothing and furnishings, 317 E Water, h 304 Euclid ave

Porter, Helen, emp K V Co, bds 168 Orchard

Porter, Lee, engr P R R, bds 616 Lewis

Porter, Ray, emp A L F E Co, res 507 Balsam

Porter, Theodore, com trav, h 162 Boardman

Porter, Thomas, lab, res 127 W Hudson

Porter, William A, emp Lowman Construction Co, res 157 Sullivan

Porter, William B, h 105 College ave

Post, B J, chauffeur Dewater Bros, res 445 E Water

Post, Bessie C Mrs, clerk Tepper Bros, bds 625 Lake


Post, Charles K, emp A L F E Co, h 753 E Second

Post, Harles L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1327 College ave

Post, Delia Mrs, rms 407 W Second

Post, James H, died September, 1916

Post, Minnie F, maid 115 College ave, res do

Post, Myron G, pres Post, Volker & Co, 160 Lake, h 206 W Chemung place


Post, Sarah C, bkkpr 52 Lake cor E Water, res 1327 College ave

Post, Susan E, wid John H, res 1327 College ave

Post, Volker & Co, M G Post pres, O H Voker vice-pres, Geo E Volker sec-treas, wholesale fruit and produce 160 Lake

POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE CO, John S McIntire mgr, 220 E Water

Potchaldo, Charles, paperhanger, h 1116 Admiral place

Potter, Ada Mrs, wid Frank B, res 900 W Church

Potter, Alva Mrs, housekeeper 26 Horner, res do

POTTER, CLARENCE H, treas Nat Aluminum Works 557-669 E Clinton, h 200 Penna ave

Potter, Dewitt C, res 315 Mt Zoar

Potter, Ella M, wid Alembert E, h 409 W Second

Potter, Frank N, emp Eclipse Machine Co, h 1359 Grand Central ave

Potter, Fred E, Insurance agent, h 453 E Water

Potter, Hannah B, wid John G, h 214 W Henry

Potter, Harriet M, res 206 Dewitt ave

POTTER, JOHN E, pres Nat Aluminum Works 557-669 E Clinton, h 109 Hoffman

Potter, Lydia S, h 651 E Market

Potter, Marion R, student Elmira College, res do

Potter, Martha A, wid Elmer E, h 451 W Water

Potter, Mary A, res 651 E Market

Potter, Nellie A, housekeeper 658 Magee, bds do

Pottinger, Albert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1201 W Water

Pottinger, George, cigars and billiards 1400 Grand Central ave, h do

Pottinger, William, foreman American Bridge Co, h 1201 W Water

Potts, Charles H, master mechanic P R R, h 356 N Main

Potts, Mary H, physician 308 E Church, h do

Poultry Review, Ernest R Philo publisher, 1621 Lake

Pound, William H, carp, res 1225 Lake

Powell, Anna Mrs, emp C & K Laundry, res 119 Phoenix ave

Powell, Catherine, clerk E W L & R R Co, res 851 E Market

Powell, Charles H, student, res 1112 College ave

Powell, Daniel J, student, res 376 W Fourth

Powell, Erma, cashier (Powell-Hall Co) 131-135 N Main res 1112 College ave

Powell, Francis, stereotyper, res 851 E Market

Powell, Frank J, clerk, res 109 Grove

Powell, Fred, com trav, h 318 W Fourth

Powell, George W, chef P R R genl offices, h 519 Gradwell place

POWELL-HALL CO (INC), Nelson A Powell pres furniture, rugs and house furnishings 131-135 N Main

Powell, James, mail clerk, res 376 W Fourth

Powell, John G, mason bds 908 E Church

Powell, John H, student res 322 W Fourth

Powell, Josephine, wid William, h 500 Sullivan

Powell, John M, café 524 Lake, h 415 ½ Linden place

Powell, Louise, nurse, bds 814 Winsor ave

Powell, Margaret, h 376 W Fourth

Powell, Martin E, com trav h 322 W Fourth

Powell, Martin F, emp Empire Produce Co, res 213 Washington

Powell, Martin L, mgr A & P Tea Co 506 N Main, res 376 W Fourth

Powell, Nathaniel, cigarmaker 750 E Church, h Horseheads N Y, R D 1

POWELL, NELSON A, pres Powell-Hall Co (Inc) 131-135 N Main, h 1112 College ave

Powell, Patrick, desk sergeant police dept, h 109 Grove


Powell, Robert V, student, res 376 W Fourth

Powell, Thomas F, stereotyper, res 851 E Market

Powell, William H, watchman Chemung Canal Trust Co, h 851 E Market

Power, Alida, wid George, h 209 Harmon

Powers, Albert V, emp P R R, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, Alice L, clerk A S B Co, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, Florence, opr N Y Tel Co, res 560 E Water

Powers, George A, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, James J, carrier P O, h 307 Dewitt ave

Powers, John, sales stables Fox cor E Water, h 560 E Water

Powers, John, fireman Erie R R bds 356 W Fourth

Powers, John W, hotel 377 Railroad ave, h do

Powers, Leo W, painter Willys-Morrow Co, bds 379 ½ Baty

Powers, Martin P, emp P R R, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, Mary J, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, Michael W, switch tender D L & W R R rms 613 Lake

Powers, Nellie A, bkkpr Dr A W Booth, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, Patrick, track foreman P R R h 717 Seneca place

Powers, Robert J, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 78 Penna ave

Powers, Thomas E, emp P R R, res 717 Seneca place

Powers, Volcutt, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 415 Locust

Powers, William E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 967 E Clinton

Poyas, Theodore, (Theophilis & Poyas) 433 Railroad ave res do

Poyer, Arnold G, emp 501 Erie bds 706 3/4 Delaware ave

Poyner, Seymour S, carp, rms 517 W Second

Poyner, Melvina, wid William, res 408 Hoffman

Prall, Benjamin F, messr Adams Express Co, h 717 W Water

Prall, Benjamin F jr, clerk Gridley, Fuhrman & Martin Co, res 717 W Water

Prall, Blanche L, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, rms 51 S Main

Prall, Eland, emp 642 W Water, bds 715 do

Prall, Elon G, clerk E W Shipman, res 717 W Water

Prall, Eva S, res 717 W Water

Prapestis, William, emp American Bridge Co, h 154 W Center

Pratt, Anna Laura, agent Children’s Aid Sociey, res 611 Walnut

Pratt, Arthur, retired, h 514 W Clinton

Pratt, Arthur C, farmer h 572 Thompson

Pratt, Charles M, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 706 Elm

Pratt, Elizabeth F, wid Ransom, res 1164 W Water

Pratt, Gertrude L, wid Daniel T, res 318 W Water

Pratt, Horace, emp Cadillac garage rms 456 E Church

Pratt, Helen, emp A S B Co, res 706 Elm

PRATT, IRA C, sec-treas George W Peck Co 102-106 State, res Prattsburg N Y

Pratt, Irene Mrs, h 326 W First

Pratt, John R, farmer bds 572 Thompson

Pratt, Josephine, emp A S B Co, res 706 Elm

Pratt, Katherine P, res 318 W Water

Pratt, Leona, emp Philo’s res 572 Thompson

Pratt, Manley D, contractor, h 712 Penna ave

Pratt, Martha M, wid Ulysses, h 719 W Church

Pratt, Mary A, res 611 Walnut

Pratt, Martha K, wid Frank D, h 431 W Clinton

Pratt, Merton L, condr P R R, h 724 Southport

Pratt, Timothy S, retired, h 505 Fitch

Prechtl, Bartley J, machinist apprentice res 1400 Sullivan

Prechtl, Dorothy E, student, res 1351 Lake

Prechtl, Genevieve V, nurse, res 1351 Lake

Prechtl, Henry A, (Royal Dairy) 665 Lake, h 1351 do

Prechtl, Henry J, teacher, res 1351 Lake

Prechtl, Hildegarde M, teacher school No 4, res 1351 Lake

Prechtl, Jacob J, meat peddler, h 1400 Sullivan

Prechtl, Richard S, buttermaker 665 Lake, res 1351 do

Prechtl, Ronald R, emp 665 Lake, res 1351 do

Prechtl, William B, café 709 Delaware ave, h do


Prechtl, Winifred A, physical director, res 1351 Lake

PREDMORE, GEORGE V REV, asst pastor St Mary’s R C Church, h 224 Franklin

Predmore, Wilson B, emp Fold Easy Mfg Co, bds 1400 Grand Central ave

Prentice, Clair, res 1020 Lake

Prentice, Herman, mason, res 709 E Water

Prentice, Joseph, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 551 E Clinton

Prentice, Malcolm U, emp W A Prentice, h 1020 Lake

Prentice, Thaddeus, res 237 W Water

Prentice, William, student, res 907 W Water

PRENTICE, WILLIAM A, furniture stoves, house furnishings and floor coverings 237-241 W Water, h 907 do

Prescott, Ford L, draftsman A L F E Co, rms 112 Lormore

Presier, Owen C, teacher, h 564 Maple ave

Presnal, Anna P, bds 103 Bloomer ave

Presnal, John P, lab, h 103 Bloomer ave

Presnal, Walter S, emp 224 Baldwin bds 103 Bloomer ave

Preston, Anson W, h 362 Wallace place

Preston, Burt E blacksmith, res 224 W Water

Preston, Carpenter C, emp T Briggs & Co, res 1122 Oak

Preston, Ernest, emp power plant, h 158 Washington

Preston, Frank E, condr D L & W R R, h 1225 Lake

Preston, Harold L, clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, res 102 Harmon

Preston, Harry, res 124 Gridley place

PRESTON, HENRY W, chief engr American Bridge Co, h 419 W Church

Preston, Ida Mrs, h 224 W Water

Preston, Jennie Mrs h 124 Gridley place

PRESTON, JOHN W, jeweler 126 S Main, h do

Preston, Norman L, carp P R R, h 267 W Henry

Preston, Richard condr P R R, rms 613 S Main

Preston, Sarah M, wid Norman, h 362 ½ Wallace place

Preston, Stephen H, tinsmith A L F E Co, h 1019 Oak

Preston, Walter C, condr E W L & R R Co, h 407 Perry

Preston, William A lab, res 1313 Hall

Preswick, Evelyn H, wid Christopher, h 102 S Main

Price, Carol D, student, res 301 ½ W Clinton

Price, Charles H, engr D L & W R R, h 1005 Lake

Price, Elmer E, salesman Int Harvestor Co, h 301 ½ W Clinton

PRICE, GERALD E, mgr International Record Assn, res 766 Maple ave

Price, J Raymond, salesman, res 1005 Lake

Price, James B, carp Thurston & Haskell, res 606 Coburn

Price, Lewis M, com trav, h 323 W Clinton

Price, Mary G, res 226 W Second

Price, Sarah M, nurse Paradise Private Hospital, res do

Price, Willaim J, machinist J N Wood, bds 336 Spaulding

Prichard, Rhea M, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Priest, Augusta, wid Carlton, h 510 Fitch

Priest, Benjamin, machinist, res 951 ½ Lincoln

Priest, Fred O, meat cutter 56 Penna ave, h 109 Liberty

Priest, William B, com trav Morris & Co, h 510 Fitch

Prill, Peter, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 552 Lyon

Primmer, Charles, emp K V Co, rms 461 E Water

Prince, Flora L, wid Henry A h 377 W Clinton

Prince, Willis, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 611 Reynolds

Prince, Abram H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 827 W Gray

Prince, Ira W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 708 Park place

Prince, Ronald E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 377 W Clinton

Prine, Carmino T, propr Criterion Hotel 107-109 State, h do

Pritchard, Arland L, barber, h 819 W First

Pritchard, Ernest D, bkkpr N Y S Reformatory, h 458 W Thurston

Pritchard, Hiram jr, res 108 Lormore

Pritchard, Hiram B, barber 331 E Water, h 108 Lormore

Pritchard, Mary H Mrs, h 158 Baldwin


Pritchard, Paul R, carp, res 158 Baldwin

Probes, Charles F, student, res 115 ½ Horner

Probes, Harold B, student res 115 ½ Horner

Probes, John, com trav, h 115 ½ Horner

Proctor, Harry S, carp, h 1006 Hoffman

Proe, Joseph A, emp P R R, h 665 Lake

Proe, Mary V Mrs, h 665 Lake

Pronti, Anthony, lab, res 140 Cleveland ave bey limits

Propre, Emma, wid Nicholas, h 509 Penna ave

Propre, Josephine R, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 509 Penna ave

Protomic, Joseph, plumber, rms 503 Baldwin

PROVIDENT LIFE AND TRUST CO, of Philadelphia, Thomas E Meyer agent, 408 Realty bldg, Edwin B Calkins special agent 523 Realty bldg

PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO, William S Barnes supt, 301-305 Steele Memorial bldg

Prudhomme, Lulu Mrs, emp Worth & Co, res 376 E Thurston

Prutzman, Caroline, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Prutzman, Clyde J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 425 Partridge

Prutzman, Henry E, emp Elmira Casket Co, h 107 ½ Orchard

Prutzman, Ruby, night supervisor Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Pruyne, Ethel I, maid Dr Peterson, W Water bey limits, res do

Pruyne, Leon F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 308 William

Pryde, Alton D, agent Adams Express Co, h 380 Norton

Pryde, David E, lab, h 414 Standish

Pryde, Walter G, driver Adams Express Co, res 414 Standish

Pryne, Leon, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 141 Tuttle ave

Pryor, John B, coachman, h 501 Madison ave

Przymusik, Anna, res 1215 Magee

Przymusik, Anthony S, teamster H C Spaulding Co, h 1215 Magee

Przymusik, Anthony S jr, emp J N Stearns & Co 1215 Magee

Przymusik, Martin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 1215 Magee

Przymusik, Mary P, winder J N Stearns & Co, bds 1215 Magee

Przymusik, Michael V, emp F M Howell & Co, bds 1215 Magee

Przymusik, Stanley A, twister J N Stearns & Co, bds 1215 Magee

PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE, Stella M Brown nurse, 425 E Market cor William

Pugh, Allen, caretaker 218 W Henry, res do

Pugh, Daniel E, com trav, h 422 W First

Pugh, J Reese, clerk City Chamberlain’s Office, res 422 W First

Pulach, Joseph, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1076 N Main

Pulach, Josephine, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 1076 N Main

Pulach, Julia, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 1076 N Main

Pulach, Mary, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1076 N Main

Pulach, Sarah, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 1076 N Main

PULFORD, C REED, sec Pulford & Dempsey Construction Co, 157 Falck, res 128 E Hudson

PULFORD, CHARLES A, pres-treas Pulford & Dempsey Construction Co, vice-pres American Warming & Ventilating Co, vice-pres Bennet Incinerating Co, h 128 E Hudson

PULFORD & DEMPSEY CONSTRUCTION CO, C A Pulford pres-treas J E Dempsey vice-pres, C Reed Pulford sec, contractors and builders 157 Falck

Pulford, Frank D, bkkpr 157 Falck, res 128 E Hudson

PULFORD, SAMUEL A, lawyer 401-407 Realty bldg, h 114 Catherine

Pullen, Clara Mrs, stenogr N J Thompson & Co, res 321 ½ W Clinton

Pullen, John G, electrician E W L & R R Co, h 107 Liberty

Pullen, John N, lab, h 458 Mt Zoar

Pullen, Leo N, lineman N Y Tel Co, h 321 ½ W Clinton

Pulos Bros, (Nicholas G and John G) confectionery and ice cream 319 E Water

Pulos, James, clerk 319 E Water, bds 407 W Gray

Pulos, John G, emp 319 E Water, res 407 W Gray

Pulos, Nicholas G, (Pulos Bros) 319 E Water, h 407 W Gray