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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1917 Directory
Home Made
FOR 1917
  • Jenkins, Jonathan, farmer, res Maple ave bey limits

    Jenkins, Josephine, wid Charles, res 416 E Church

    Jenkins, Katherine, teacher school No 1, res 619 W Church

    Jenkins, Katherine L, teacher school No 4, res Maple ave bey limits

    Jenkins, LeRoy, em Willys-Morrow Co, h 315 E Clinton

    Jenkins, Marie, emp Elmira Arms Co, res Maple ave bey limits

    Jenkins, Mary S, teacher school No 4, res 619 W Church

    Jenkins, Roy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 556 Spaulding

    Jenkins, Wilbur, stationary fireman, h 418 Perry

    Jenkins, William, h 427 ½ Standish

    Jenkins, William, farmer, h Maple ave bey limits

    Jenkins, Winifred stenogr 130 W Water, res Maple ave bey limits

    Jenks, Alleta C, res 405 Maxwell place

    Jenks, Charles W, driver Thurston & Haskell, h 502 Roe ave

    Jenks, Floyd B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 335 Broadway

    Jenks, Lester, emp D L & W R R rms 959 McKinley place

    Jenks, Miranda, wid George, h 405 Maxwell place

    Jenks, Myrtle L, emp A S B Co, res 502 Roe ave

    Jenks, Nellie I, dressmaker 405 Maxwell place, res do

    Jenner, Loren A, teamster T Briggs & Co, res 358 Alexander place

    Jenner, Martin S, carp 727 Benjamin h 358 Alexander place

    Jenner, Nettie M, res 358 Alexander place

    Jenner, Sylvester, lab I A Olmstead, res 358 Sylvester place

    Jennings, Arthur W, candymaker W 1 Booth, bds 304 Euclid ave

    JENNINGS, CHARLES G R, physician 304 E Church, h do, office hours 2 to 3 p m and evenings by appointment

    Jennings, Clara L, wid Charles W, h 1333 College ave

    JENNINGS, FREDERICK L, wholesale produce and seeds 108-110 State, h 354 Maple ave

    Jennings, Gardner, student, res 304 E Church

    Jennings, Henry, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, 407 Tuttle ave

    Jennings, Mary, waitress Bon-Ton Tea Room, res 103 E Water

    Jennings, Ralph C, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1333 College ave

    Jennings, W E, machinist, bds 703 S Main

    Jennings, Robert G (Queen City Knitting Mill) h 350 W Church

    Jenison, Leslie H, vice-pres Ross Vulcanizing Co, res 1240 W Water

    Jennison, Wesley L, metal worker Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 1401 W Water

    Jensen, Edwin L, emp Gibbons & Furey, res 1055 Davis

    Jensen, Gertrude, manicurist Hotel Rathbun, res 114 Baldwin

    Jensen, Irving E, electrician, res 1005 College ave

    Jensen, John S, clerk P R R, h 456 W Gray

    Jensen, Louis C, foreman Kertscher & Co, h 1055 Davis

    Jensen, Walter, draftsman Willys-Morrow Co, res 1055 Davis

    JEROME, MAX, (Empire Credit Clothing Co) 314 E Water, h 751 ½ do

    Jerram, Alice A, forelady L M Bridgman Co, res 1007 ½ Penna ave

    Jerram, Frank, patrolman state road, h 1007 ½ Penna ave

    Jerram, Frank, student, res 1224 Penna ave

    Jerram, Mary, res 1007 ½ Penna ave

    Jerret, Porter H, bar clerk h 702 Day’s place

    Jessen, Carl L, h 721 W Church

    Jessen, Fritz A, student, res 721 W Church

    Jessen, Marie E, nurse, res 721 W Church

    Jessey, Henry W, carrier P O, res 223 Baldwin

    Jessup, Jennie, emp cafeteria Federation bldg, res 521 Union place

    Jessup, William H, gardener, h 927 Penna ave

    Jewell Bros (Garvin A and Herbert P) garage 986 Penna ave

    Jewell, DeEtta M, opr N Y Tel Co, res 217 W Hudson

    Jewell, Garvin A (Jewell Bros) 986 Penna ave, h 990 do

    Jewell, Herbert P, garage Southport Corners, h 913 Penna ave

    Jewell, Mary E, wid Andrew C, res 306 ½ W Water

    Jewell, Nellie L, wid Spencer, h 217 W Hudson

    Jewell Tea Co, L H Zelle mgr, 372 S Main

    Jewett, Fred F, agent New York Life Ins Co, also clerk Cemetery Commission office City Hall h 107 Columbia

    JO ELMIRA DIRECTORY, 1917. 213

    Jewett, Royal F, student, res 107 Columbia

    JEWETT, WILLIAM A, Erie coal agent (wholesale) office 125 E Chemung place, h do

    Jeziorski, Anna, emp C & K Laundry, res 518 Madison ave

    Jeziorski, Helen M, emp W I Booth, res 518 Madison ave

    Jeziorski, John, died June, 1917

    Jeziorski, John J, emp K V Co, h 518 Madison ave

    Jeziorski, Leon V, clerk Herman Strauss, res 518 Madison ave

    Jeziorski, Michael, emp American Bridge Co, bds 1107 N Main

    Jillson, Grace L, wid Martin h 454 W Thurston

    Jimpson, Louisa, wid James, h 512 Madison ave

    John, Elmer, emp Erie R R rms 914 College ave

    Johns, Clark C, machinist LaFrance Garage Co, res Frasier Hotel

    Johns, Fred D, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 203 Hoffman

    Johns, Joseph, emp P R R, h 666 Magee

    Johnson, Abbie Mrs, res 326 W Thurston

    Johnson, Abel P, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 428 Balsam

    Johnson, Adelbert, lab h 664 Baldwin

    Johnson, Aletha, emp W I Booth, res 351 ½ E Fifth

    Johnson, Alexander, lab h 303 E Clinton

    Johnson, Alfred, section foreman Erie R R, h 466 W Hudson

    Johnson, Alida, cook Strathmont, res do

    Johnson, Agnes, maid 455 W Water, res do

    Johnson, Anna, maid 219 W First, bds do

    Johnson, Anna seamstress, bds 329 Webber place

    Johnson, Anna, wid Michael, h 152 W Fourth

    Johnson, Anna, nurse, res 523 W Church

    Johnson, Anna A, maid 515 W Water, res do

    Johnson, Arthur, emp A L F E Co, h 758 Spaulding

    Johnson, Arthur, lab, h 665 Dickinson

    Johnson, Augusta G, emp N J Thompson & Co Res Elmira Heights

    Johnson, Beatrice B, clerk C M & R Tompkins, res 1011 Davis

    Johnson, Bert R, milk dealer 406 Walnut h do

    Johnson, Berthel S, coppersmith A L F E Co, bds 614 Howard

    Johnson Bros, (Bert and Claude D) automobile repairing 131 Gridley place

    Johnson, Carl A, teacher, res 324 Irvine place

    Johnson, Carl E, machinist helper Blackstone Motor Co, res 11 Tracy place

    Johnson, Catherine, wid William, res 206 E Thurston

    Johnson, Catherine L, student Elmira College, res do

    Johnson, Cecil, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 301 Braodway

    Johnson, Cecily Irene, student Elmira College, res do

    Johnson, Celestia E, stenogr A E Camplbell & Son, res 336 Broadway

    Johnson, Charles, fireman D L & W R R, rms 953 McKinley place

    Johnson, Charles A, bar clerk 503-505 Railroad ave, bds do

    Johnson, Charles C, emp Elmira Foundry Co, rms 320 W Gray

    Johnson, Charles P, pool, cigars and tobacco 209 Railroad ave, h 513 College ave

    Johnson, Constance, emp Greig & Mason, bds 414 Euclid ave

    Johnson, Cyril, driver O’Dea Bros rms 420 W Gray

    Johnson, David E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 306 ½ Fulton

    Johnson, Delbert, painter, res 420 W Fifth

    Johnson, Dora Mrs, hairdresser 130 E Water, h do

    Johnson, Dorothy, bds 329 Webber place

    Johnson, Earl, emp I D Booth, bds 513 Railroad ave

    Johnson, Edgar T, switchman P R R, h 850 Perine

    Johnson, Edna B, emp C & K Laundry, rms 265 W Henry

    Johnson, Edward, clerk Elmira Knitting Mills, h 1055 Lincoln

    Johnson, Effie, student, res 116 W First

    Johnson, Ella, wid Louis, h 130 Cleveland ave

    Johnson, Ella S, wid Eugene, res 420 Pine

    Johnson, Emil, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 466 W Hudson

    Johnson, Emma Mrs, rooming house 116 W First, h do

    Johnson, Ethel V, res 758 Spaulding

    214 JO ELMIRA DIRECTORY, 1917 Johnson, Eugene, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 807 ½ E Water

    Johnson, Eva N, music teacher, res 1000 Penna ave

    Johnson, Ezra L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 860 Laurel

    Johnson, F Edward, janitor, res 404 Baldwin

    Johnson, Francis M, condr P R R, h 519 Herrick

    Johnson, Frank C, signalman, Erie R R, h 360 Davis

    Johnson, Frank E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1008 Oak

    Johnson, Fank J, emp Record Brewery, h 11 Tracy place

    Johnson, Frank R, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 604 Howard

    Johnson, Frank R, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, h 212 Penna ave

    Johnson, Fred H, telegh opr P R R, h 104 Smith bey limits

    Johnson, Frederick, chauffeur H A Winkel, h 606 Dickinson

    Johnson, George M, emp Swift Lubricator Co, h 1011 Davis

    Johnson, George W, café 672 Baldwin, bds 608 E Clinton

    Johnson, Grace L, physical training teacher, rms 465 W Gray

    Johnson, Harold A, clerk E W L & R R Co, res 324 Irvine place

    Johnson, Harold O, student, res 203 W Chemung place

    Johnson, Harriet, wid Charles, h 612 E Water

    Johnson, Harry, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 210 Cusick place

    Johnson, Harry, sawyer, res 103 E Hudson

    Johnson, Harry A, instr N Y S Reformatory, h 324 Irvine place

    Johnson, Harry B, restaurant and café 599 Erie, h do

    Johnson, Harry H, lab, bds 41 Grove

    Johnson, Henry S, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 1000 Penna ave

    Johnson, Howard E, emp F M Howell & Co, res 850 Perine

    Johnson, Ida Mrs, waitress Elmira College, h 331 Carroll

    Johnson, Isaac H, res 511 W Water

    Johnson, J Harry, engr D L & W R R, h 408 Lake

    Johnson, J R, h 104 Harmon

    Johnson, James, res 511 W Water

    Johnson, James T, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 322 Soper

    Johnson, Jennie, maid 818 W Water, bds do

    Johnson, Jennie S, emp C & K Laundry, rms 404 Baldwin

    Johnson, Johanna, wid Andrew, res 404 Baldwin

    Johnson, Johanna R, stenogr Willys-Morrow Co, res 612 E Water

    Johnson, John, emp Erie R R res 152 W Fourth

    Johnson, John B, inspr N Y C R R, h 612 E Water

    Johnson, John F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 369 Lyon

    Johnson, John R, emp A L F E Co, h 103 Baker ave

    Johnson, John T, shoemaker 129 W Water, res 11 Tracy place

    Johnson, John X, carp, h 758 Spaulding

    Johnson, Joseph, engr D L & W R R h 387 E Warren

    Johnson, Joseph, lab, rms 667 Dickinson

    Johnson, Joseph H, lab h 351 E Fifth

    Johnson, Judd H, res nr Fitch’s bridge bey limits

    Johnson, L M, carp, h Schuyler ave

    Johnson, L Ralph, re 511 W Water

    Johnson, Lena, emp John Brand res 559 Beach

    Johnson, Leah M, accountant Willys-Morrow Co, res 422 ½ E Market

    Johnson, Leda G, student, res 324 Irvine place

    Johnson, Leslie W, res 1240 W Water

    Johnson, Lillian E, student, res 519 Herrick

    Johnson, Leon, teamster N Y S Reformatory res do

    Johnson, Lloyd H new and second hand furniture 464-466 E Water, h 411 Dewitt ave

    Johnson, Louis A, com trav, res 316 W Thurston

    Johnson, Louis M, emp LaFrance Garage Co h 752 E Water

    Johnson, Louis R, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 1410 Caton ave

    Johnson, Ludwig, carp, h 406 Herrick

    Johnson, Lyman A engr P R R h 503 Herrick

    Johnson, Margaret emp Hotel Rathbun, res do

    Johnson, Marion E Mrs, h 531 W First

    Johnson, Mary E, wid James, res 531 W First

    Johnson, Marvin E, printer Star-Gazette, h 652 N Main

    Johnson, Matilda, rms 404 Baldwin

    JO ELMIRA DIRECTORY, 1917. 215

    Johnson, Mattie, res 130 Cleveland ave

    Johnson, Maurice R, emp A L F E Co, res 519 Herrick

    Johnson, Merton J, emp P R R, h 421 Jefferson

    Johnson, Minnie Mrs, h 416 Carroll

    Johnson, Myron S, shipping clerk Swift & Co h 112 Glen ave

    Johnson, Nellie Mrs, dressmaker 224 W Water, h do

    Johnson, Orie, clerk, h 404 W Second

    Johnson, Orin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1202 Hall

    Johnson, Orr G, h 409 Fulton

    Johnson, Paul, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 166 Boardman

    Johnson, Phylander L, trainman D L & W R R, res 130 Cleveland ave

    Johnson, Raymond, teamster, h 316 W Thurston

    Johnson, Richard, emp Elmira Coal Co, bds 71 Penna ave

    Johnson, Richard E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 604 Howard

    Johnson, Richard M, agt St Lawrence Life Ins Co rms 407 Balsam

    Johnson, Richard R, lab h 608 E Clinton

    Johnson, Rosalia, wid Samuel h 108 High

    Johnson, Russell, emp 261-267 State, res 160 W Clinton

    Johnson, Russell S, emp 437 Carroll, res do

    Johnson, Sadie M, rms 117 Sly

    Johnson, Sarah, maid, 521 W Water, res do

    Johnson, Sarah, wid Herbert, h 113 W Second

    Johnson, Sarah J, cook, res 656 ½ Dickinson

    Johnson, Sarah L, wid Lorenzo R, h 511 W Water

    Johnson, Segra O, emp A S B Co, res 466 W Hudson

    Johnson, Stein J, machinist A L F E Co, h 227 E LaFrance

    Johnson, Susan M Mrs, h 414 W Second

    Johnson, Thomas, bricklayer, h 243 W Water

    Johnson, Vie S M, wid Richard, h 336 Broadway

    Johnson, Walter J, switchman D L & W R R, h 158 W Washington ave

    Johnson, William, molder, h 1021 Oak

    Johnson, William A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 466 W Hudson

    Johnston, J Arthur, carp, h 57 ½ Orchard

    Johnston, Mahlon, contractor and builder, h 407 E Thurston

    Jolater, Lawrence, stationary fireman D L & W R R, res 811 E Washington ave

    Jolley, Albert C, machinist A L F E Co, h 509 Spaulding

    Jolley, Carlton S, student, res 458 Spaulding

    Jolley, Chester L, director Service Laundry Co (Inc), h 458 Spaulding

    Jolley, Robert B jr, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, res room 4 Metzger block

    Jolls, Cora A, h 667 College ave

    Jones, Albert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 112 ½ W LaFrance

    Jones, Albert E, com trav, res 606 W Gray

    Jones, Aldwyth C, student Elmira College, res do

    Jones, Ann F, wid Frederick, res 356 S Main

    Jones, Annie H, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 209 ½ W Chemung place

    Jones, C L Co, (Charles L Jones) mnfrs of proprietary medicines 164 Lake

    Jones, Catherine Mrs died February, 1917

    Jones, Catherine P, nurse 509 W Church, res do

    Jones, Charles E, taxicab service 461 Riverside ave, h do

    Jones, Charles L (C L Jones Co) 164 Lake, h 1120 W Water

    Jones, Charlotte, M Mrs, matron Elmira College, res do

    Jones, Clarence E, U S marine, h 600 Hart

    Jones, Clarence L, garage 454 Spaulding, h 120 Caldwell ave

    Jones, Clarence W, clerk, res 600 Hart

    Jones, David, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 704 Magee

    Jones, Earl A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 105 ½ Connelly ave

    Jones, Edna, dressmaker, rms 356 Maple ave

    Jones, Edward F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 304 E Washington ave

    Jones, Edward L, linotype opr Elmira Telegram, res 909 Railraod ave

    Jones, Edward N, electrician 118 N Main h 600 Hart

    Jones, Elizabeth, bds Home for Aged

    Jones, Elizabeth H, stenogr Thatcher Mfg Co, res 218 Front

    Jones, Elizabeth H, wid John D, h 218 Front

    Jones, Elizabeth L, wid William P, res 322 Baldwin

    Jones, Elizabeth M, dressmaker, res 115 Fox

    Jones, Ellery H, clerk res 258 Partridge

    Jones, Elmer, trainman D L & W R R, h 311 Norton

    JONES, ELMER B, div passenger agt Erie R R, h 312 ½ W Washington ave

    Jones, Esther M, clerk S F Iszard Co, res 461 Riverside ave

    Jones, Ethel A, res 518 Davis

    Jones, Florence, clerk 113 N Main, res 356 Maple ave

    Jones, Floyd C, salesman, h 1059 Davis

    JONES, FLOYD H, physician 312 E Church, res 410 William: office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m

    Jones, Frances, wid Clark, res 230 Mt Zoar

    Jones, Frances H, wid George C, h 119 W Chemung place

    Jones, Francis W, fireman P R R, h 50 Fulton

    Jones, Frank, emp Langwell Hotel, rms 204 E Gray

    Jones, Frank E, emp P R R, h 224 Mt Zoar

    Jones, Frank O, contractor, h 816 W Gray

    Jones, Frank S, com trav, h 454 Riverside ave

    Jones, Fred, watchmaker and engraver 118 Lake, res 115 Fox

    Jones, Fred A, carp, h 230 Mt Zoar

    Jones, Fred B, foreman C & K Laundry, h 408 E Clinton

    Jones, Fred J, mgr J W Martin & Bros h 1059 Davis

    Jones, Fred M, died April, 1917

    Jones, Fred M, clerk James W Scheirer, h 105 ½ Connelly ave

    Jones, Frederick J, armorer N Y State Armory, h 902 Oak

    Jones, George, res 262 Baldwin

    Jones, George, lab rms 262 Baldwin

    JONES, GERTRUDE S, real estate 454 Riverside ave, h do

    Jones, Gladys, res 816 W Gray

    Jones, H Elsie, teacher, res 600 W Third

    Jones, Harrison B, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 968 Oak

    Jones, Harry, lab P R R res 445 E Water

    Jones, Harry L, trainman D L & W R R, bds 114 E Second

    Jones, Helen L, clerk S F Iszard Co, res 461 Riverside ave

    Jones, Henry B, billiard and pool room 108 Lake, h 154 Washington

    Jones, Hester H, student, res 119 W Chemung place

    JONES, HERBERT A, sec-treas International Consolidated Record Assn 766 Maple ave, h do

    Jones, Herman, died January, 1917

    Jones, Herman, janitor Willys-Morrow Co, h 512 Madison ave

    Jones, Hiram F, supt filtering plant, h 823 Walnut

    Jones, Hugh H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 7 Tracy place

    Jones, Ida J, music teacher, h 323 W Church

    Jones, J William, carp, res 653 Dickinson

    Jones, J William jr, emp 155 Lake, res 512 Madison ave

    Jones, Jeanette V, stenogr T Briggs & Co, res 661 Pearl place

    Jones, John, emp Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 526 Penna ave

    Jones, John A, condr P R R, h 526 Penna ave

    Jones, John C, salesman Armour & Co, h 517 Madison ave

    Jones, John O, sheet metal worker, h 105 E Hudson

    Jones, Kathryn, wid Owen, h 7 Tracy place

    Jones, Lewis, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 603 Collins

    Jones, Madeline, stenogr The Bradstreet Co, res 526 Penna ave

    Jones, Mary, wid Adniran J, h 115 Fox

    Jones, Matilda, wid Caleb, res 310 Elm

    Jones, Maurice E, mason, h 600 Hart

    Jones, Minnie, nurse 503 W Church, res do

    Jones, Moses C, lab h 659 Dickinson

    Jones & Murphy, (Rupert K Jones and John W Murphy) barbers 108 ½ N Main

    Jones, Newton E, emp C & K Laurndry, h 258 Partridge

    Jones, Nora, maid Frasier Hotel, res do


    Jones, Peter, lab, h 164 Exchange place

    Jones, Rollo E, painter, h 708 E Church

    Jones, Ross H, salesman, res 119 W Chemung place

    Jones, Roy T, emp Wells Fargo Co, res 701 Kinyon

    Jones, Royal, clerk Wells Fargo Expresss Co, bds 312 W First

    Jones, Rupert K, (Jones & Murphy (108 ½ N Main, h 356 S Main

    Jones, Russell, emp 500 Lake, h 666 Dickinson

    Jones, Sherman B, student, res 1120 W Water

    Jones, Stella M, bkkpr 139 E Water, res 208 Washington

    Jones, Suter & Kaler, (Thomas B Jones, John J Suter and Harry Kaler) barbers 167 Lake

    Jones, Thomas B, (Jones Suter & Kaler) 167 Lake, h 122 Horner

    Jones, Thomas D, h 909 Railroad ave

    Jones, Thomas D, engr Erie R R h 600 W Third

    Jones, Thomas J, cigarmaker Hogan & Sullivan, res 909 Railroad ave

    Jones, Trevern D, emp N Y Tel Co res 400 Lake

    Jones, Walter R, trainman P R R, res 361 Fulton

    Jones, Williard, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 615 Columbia

    Jones, William, lab bds 660 Baldwin

    Jones, William E, condr P R R, h 712 Broadway

    Jones, William H, emp 116 Lake, res 7 Tracy place

    Jones, William H, emp D L & W R R, res 518 Davis

    Jones, William M, condr Erie R R, h 705 Jay

    Jones, William M, emp K V Co, bds 115 Fox

    Jones, Willis S, ticket clerk P R R, h 503 Roe ave

    Joralemon, Blanche, bkkpr Elmira Knitting Mill, rms 517 W First

    Joralemon, Douglas, painter E M Bien, res 1011 Grand Central ave

    Joralemon, Fred L, emp Doane & Jones Lumber Co, h 1011 Grand Central ave

    Joralemon, Jean H, plumber, res 117 Brand

    Joralemon, Olin B, city express, h 117 Brand

    Jordan, Benjamin H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1063 Admiral place

    Jordan, Catherine, dressmaker, 314 Orchard, h do

    Jordan, Charles, crossing tender L V R R, h 470 W First

    Jordan, Edward G, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1222 Penna ave

    Jordan, Emily, emp M Doyle Marks Co, res Elmira Heights

    JORDAN, FRED A, wholesale and retail optometrist and mnfg optician 200 Merchants National Bank bldg h 910 W Church

    Jordan, Marcus M, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 975 Lincoln

    Jordan, Margaret, dressmaker 314 Orchard, res do

    Jordan, Ray W, member Elmira Base Ball Club bds 553 Maple ave

    Joseph, Aeman, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 111 W First

    Joseph, Elias, dept store 306-308 N Main, h 119 W First

    Joseph, Ermen, dept store 306-308 N Main, h do

    Joseph, George, clerk 171 Baldwin, bds do

    Joseph, John dry goods 409-413 Railroad ave, h do

    Josephson, Bessie, mill opr, res 102 Harriet

    Josephson, Harry, peddler, res 102 Harriet

    Josephson, Hyman, blacksmith, 102 Harriet, h do

    Joslyn, Albert, emp Kertscher & Co, h 25 Grant

    Joslyn, Alvah, lab Erie R R res 310 Baldwin

    Joslyn, Anna M, wid Joseph, h 317 Grant

    Joslyn, Susan, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 317 Grant

    Judd, Chester H, train dispatcher P R R, rms 53 Grove

    Judd, Clara M, nurse, rms 256 South ave

    Judge, John, salesman Armour & Co, res 465 W Third

    Judson, Effie A, wid Samuel res r 209 ½ Harriet

    Judson, Herman E, condr E W L & R R Co, res r 209 ½ Harriet

    Judson, Isabell, student, res 654 College ave

    Judson, Isadora, wid William T, res 371 ½ W Water

    Judson, Mark F, clerk 620 State, h 267 W Clinton

    Judson, May, emp Y W C A 559 Maple ave, res do

    Judson, Russell, emp Doane & Jones Lbr Co res 654 College ave

    Judson, Solomon, emp W U Tel Co, res r 209 ½ Harriet

    JUDSON, THOMAS H, pres and mgr Doane & Jones Lumber Co, h 654 College ave


    Judson, Tuttle, emp Doane & Jones Lbr Co, res 654 College ave

    Juirey, Jeremiah, pattern maker Willys-Morrow Co, h 1411 Grand Central ave

    Juliane, Dominic, grocer, 120 W Seventh, h do

    Juliane, Michael, emp Read & Lovatt, res 120 W Seventh

    Jumbono, Frank, lab h 709 Casey

    Jump, George, emp K V Co, h 311 Tuttle ave

    JUNCTION CANAL CO, Mrs Harriet Arnot Rathbone pres, Alexander D Faick vice-pres J Arnot Rathbone sec-treas, 319-324 Hulett bldg

    June, Charles, emp A L F E Co, h 131 Cleveland ave

    June, Clifford B, student res 321 Baty

    June, Curtis, emp Smith Hub Co, bds 720 W Third

    June, Elsie E, trained nurse res 321 Baty

    JUNE, EMMETT L, U-Neek Store, groceries confectionery and medicines 470 Mt Zoar, h do

    June, Ernest, mason, h 725 W Third

    June Francis D, trainman P R R h 321 Baty

    June, Frank, lab bds 359 E Fourth

    June, Harry E, cutter, res 513 N Main

    June, Lizzie L, wid Henry R, h 513 N Main

    June, Lottie, emp 635 W Gray, res do

    June, Martha S, laundress, bds 359 E Fourth

    June, Seeley, mason, h 720 W Third

    June, Warren N, emp E W L & R R Co, h 411 Welles

    Jupeniaz, Charles, clerk Kinney Shoe Co, bds 551 Franklin

    Justion, Carrie, res 515 Gradwell place

    Jurunski, Frank, emp J N Stearns & Co, res Elmira Heights

    Juvens, Joseph, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 666 Magee

    Kadtaz, August, emp Manders Brewery, res 217 Harriet

    Kaercher, Harry C, master mechanic E W L & R R Co, h 759 E Church

    Kahley, Harry W, ticket clerk P R R, h 370 W Third

    Kahley, Nathan H, ticket agt P R R Erie Station, h 511 Walnut

    Kahn Adolph, window cleaner, h 706 John

    Kahn, Carrie L, stenogr 327 Carroll, res 703 Spaulding

    Kahn, Harry, lab res 706 John

    Kahn, Julius C, mechanical engr A L F E Co, h 703 Spaulding

    Kahn, Lewis, mgr Woolen Mills Co, res 710 E Water

    Kahn, Mordecai J, bkkpr 118 Lake, h 703 Spauding

    Kahn, Morris, emp Baker Bros, rms 750 John

    Kahl, Oscar J, res 121 Lake

    Kaier, Amelia, wid Edward, h 760 E Second

    Kain, Martin H, switchman D L & W R R, h 453 W Washington ave

    Kain, Mildred D, student Elmira College, res do

    Kain, Thomas H, car inspr P R R, h 722 Davis

    Kakretz, Bertha, maid 926 W Water, bds do

    Kakretz, Claire, maid 659 Euclid ave, res do

    Kakretz, Mary A, emp 404 Maple ave, h do

    Kakretz, Minnie, emp 456 Maple ave, res do

    Kakretz, Otto, lab K V Co, h 500 Oak

    Kalec, Casimer, emp K V Co, res 1124 Abbott

    Kalec, Stanley, trainman D L & W R R, res 1124 Abbott

    Kalec, Vincent, emp American Bridge Co, h 1124 Abbott

    Kaler, Harry F, (Jones Suter & Kaler) 167 Lake, h 554 John

    Kaler Rosa, representative World’s Star Knitting Co, res 312 William

    Kamas, Andrew grocer 1013 N Main, h 1017 do

    Kamas, Andrew S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1017 Magee

    Kamas, Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1015 N Main

    Kamas, John, emp D L & W R R, h 1015 N Main

    Kamas, Leo, driver Armour & Co, bds 1017 Magee

    Kanary, Bridget, wid Mathew, h 419 W Fifth

    Kane, Agnes M, student, res 520 S Broadway

    Kane, Anna E, res 1 Tracy place

    Kane, Barney, emp Erie R R rms 515 Erie


    Kane, Bridget E, wid Daniel, h 520 Broadway

    Kane, Cornelius H, emp F M Howell & Co Bds 520 Broadway

    Kane, Cornelius W, fireman E F D, h 518 Broadway

    Kane, Elizabeth C, res 411 Elm

    Kane, Ella J, dressmaker 106 Spring, res do

    Kane, Eva, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

    Kane, Florence, clerk S S Kresge Co, res Elmira Heights

    Kane, Francis E, (Elmira Business Exchange) 318 Robinson bldg, res 430 Broadway

    Kane, Frank, emp American Bridge Co, bds 262 Baldwin

    Kane, Genevieve M, stenogr W I Booth, bds 518 Broadway

    Kane, Gerald, clerk Mohican Co, res 518 Broadway

    Kane, Gertrude I, clerk Flanagan’s, res 654 E Clinton

    Kane, Harry D, clerk P R R freight, res 106 Spring

    Kane, Helen M, stenogr A S B Co, res 520 Broadway

    Kane, Irene, emp Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 520 S Broadway

    Kane, Jeremiah, fireman E F D, res 614 E Water

    Kane, John J, clerk D L & W R R round house, res 412 Mathew

    Kane, Joseph J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 520 Broadway

    Kane, Joseph L, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 331 W Seventh

    Kane, Katherine, clerk Flanagan’s, res 412 Mathew

    Kane, Katherine, clerk E L & M Sullivan, res 363 Elm

    Kane, Katherine, dressmaker 106 Spring, h do

    Kane, Margaret, maid 240 Lake, res do

    Kane, Margaret T, stenogr A L F E Co, res 518 Broadway

    Kane, Mary, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 106 Spring

    Kane, Mary Mrs, died January, 1917

    Kane, Matthew, blacksmith D L & W R R, h 411 Elm

    Kane, Nora F, emp J N Stearns & Co rms 393 W Water

    Kane, Nora L, dressmaker, res 520 Broadway

    Kane, Patrick B, car inspr D L & W R R, h 1054 Admiral place

    Kane, Patrick B, car insp L V R R, h 654 E Clinton

    Kane, Peter, car inspr D L & W R R, h 412 Mathew

    Kane, Thomas, retired, h 715 Linden place

    Kane, Thomas F,trainman D L & W R R, res 1 Tracy place

    Kane, Thomas H, joint inspr D L & W R R, Erie R R and N Y C R R h 722 Davis

    Kane, William, bar clerk 728 S Main, res 703 do

    Kane, William J, electrician E W L & R R Co, rms 261 W Chemung place

    Kain see Cain, Kain, Keane, Keene

    Kantz, Ada R Bds 775 John

    Kantz, Hattie Mrs, grocer 775 John, h do

    Kantz, Marcus, junk dealer, h 775 John

    Kantz, Mary, stenogr, bds 775 John

    Kantz, Moses, student, res 775 John

    Kantz, Raziel, clerk 202 Penna ave res 775 John

    Kaplan, Benjamin, salesman 465 E Water res do

    Kaplan, Herman, junk dealer, h 124 Harriet

    KAPLAN, JACOB RABBI, h 117 Orchard

    Kaplan, Jacob M, junk peddler, h 709 John

    Kaplan, Louis, mgr 465 E Water, h do

    Kaplan see Caplan

    Karamoras, Harry, clerk 143 ½ W Water, res 205 W Henry

    Karl, Catherine, stenogr Hudson Shoe Co, res 774 S Main

    Karl, Joseph, lab American Bridge Co, h 774 S Main

    Karl, Joseph J, emp American Bridge Co, h 403 Gaines place

    Karl, Samuel, tailor 360 S Main, h 156 Orchard

    Karowski, August, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 540 Tuttle ave

    Karr, Howard M, clerk A L F E Co, rms 406 W First

    Karr, Louis R, machinist, h 703 Linden place

    Karski, Frank J, emp A S B Co, res 406 Taylor

    Karski, John lab, h 406 Taylor

    Karski, John J, emp D L & W R R h 103 Stephens place

    Karski, Rose M, res 406 Taylor


    Kasper, Charles N, clerk Mohican Co, res 211 Austin place

    Kasube, Charles, emp Eslipse Machine Co, res 396 Roe ave

    Kasube, Frank, emp A L F E Co, res 396 Roe ave

    Kasube, Frank jr, emp Eclipse Co, res 396 Roe ave

    Kasube, Lena, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 396 Roe ave

    Kasube, Veronica, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 396 Roe ave

    Katzmaier, Henry A, emp A L F E Co, h 370 Baty

    Katzmaier, John retired, h 319 Baty

    Katzmaier, Lillian E Mrs, matron Elmira Federation bldg, res do

    Kaufman, Judson W, clerk Empire Produce Co, res 223 Baldwin

    Kaufman, Mary E Mrs, res 118 Lormore

    Kavanaugh, Andrew J, carp, h 210 Park ave

    Kavanaugh, Henry M, res 722 Oak

    Kavanaugh, Mary, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 210 Park ave

    Kavanaugh, Mary, wid Michael, h 722 Oak

    Kavanaugh, Patrick P, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 210 Park ave

    Kavanaugh see Cavanaugh

    Kawalsky, Mary, emp W 1 Booth, res 951 Sullivan

    Kay, Arthur H, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, h 600 Pine

    Kayaskie, John F, grocer 600 Jay, h do

    Kays, Ashiel, emp Eclipse Machine Co, h 911 E Market

    Kays, George H, car repairer D L & W R R, h 803 ½ Oak

    Kean, Ruth, emp A S B Co, rms 315 W Fifth

    Keane, John E, condr D L & W R R, h 709 Linden place

    Kenne, Mary E, teacher, res 717 Harper

    Keane, Mary J, forelady 111-115 Railroad ave, bds 711 Junction

    Keane, Michael D, janitor Erie R R, h 1003 Grand Central ave

    Keane, Nora, wid John h 438 Broadway

    Keane, Nora T, clerk Tepper Bros, bds 711 Junction

    Keane, Patrick, yard foreman P R R h 711 Junction

    Keane, Patrick J, patrolman h 654 W Washington ave

    Keane, Thomas, res 715 Linden place

    Keane see Keene, Kane, Cain

    Kearney, Dennis D, machinist Willys-Morrow Co bds 318 Soper

    Kearney, James D, gateman P R R, h 318 Soper

    Kearney, James J, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, bds 318 Soper

    Kearney, Jeannette, res 607 ½ College ave

    Kearney, John, tile setter, res 445 E Water

    Kearney, John P, condr D L & W R R h 330 W Seventh

    Kearney, Lucile L, bds 318 Soper

    Kearney, Mary A, emp W 1 Booth, bds 318 Soper

    Keating, Edward C, sales mgr A L F E Co, h 514 W Water

    Keating, George H, fireman N Y S Reformatory, h 800 N Main

    Keating, Katherine, dressmaker 719 S Main, h do

    Keating, Margaret, dressmaker 719 S Main, res do

    Keating, Mary, wid Thomas, h 709 Junction

    Keating, Mary T, res 709 Junction

    Keating, Patrick, gateman Erie R R, res 719 S Main

    Keating, Ruth, student, res 514 W Water

    Keating, Stephen B, draftsman American Bridge Co, h 402 W Fifth

    Keating, Thomas F, draftsman American Bridge Co, bds 709 Junction

    Keavin, Edward F, mason contractor, h 337 Irvine place

    Keavin, Edward F jr, trainman Erie R R, res 337 Irvine place

    Keavin, Elizabeth B, res 313 Grove

    Keavin, Harriet C, trained nurse, res 307 W Hudson

    Keavin, Helena M, wid Edward h 451 W Third

    Keavin, Henry A, clerk Chemung Coal Co, h 955 ½ Oak

    Keavin, Howard M, mason, res 337 Irvine place

    Keavin, John patrolman police dept h 255 W Henry

    KEAVIN, JOHN A, genl mgr Chemung Coal Co 299 E Washington ave and 110 Baldwin, res 317 Soper

    Keavin, Martin, janitor school No 3, h 317 Soper

    Keavin, Martin B, retired, h 313 Grove

    Keck, Amelia C, wid Jacob S, rms 217 ½ W Second

    Keck, Kate E, wid Solomon h 528 Penna ave

    Keck, Mary E, milliner, res 528 Penna ave


    Keech, Gladys H Mrs, h 158 W Clinton

    Keech, Mae E, res 158 W Clinton

    Keefe, Ann Mrs, died December, 1916

    Keefe, Anna wid Jeremiah, h 369 Baty

    Keefe, Elizabeth E, wid Michael, h 704 Dickinson

    Keefe, Francis M, clerk 208 ½ W Miller, res 208 do

    Keefe Grocery Co, (Thomas Keefe and Jeremiah McNamara) grocers and notions 610 S Main

    Keefe, Helen M, res 515 Penna ave

    Keefe, Jerry E, machinist A L F E Co, res 438 Broadway

    Keefe, John J, meat market 208 ½ W Miller, h 208 do

    Keefe, Joseph P, propr Star Hotel Nicks cor Exchange place, h do

    Keefe, Leonard J, student, res 369 Baty

    Keefe, Margaret F, res 369 Baty

    Keefe, Mary A, tailoress 143 W Water, h 716 Delaware ave

    Keefe, Susan L, res 515 Penna ave

    Keefe, Theresa B, stenogr A L F E Co, res 716 Delaware ave

    Keefe, Thomas, (Keefe Grocery Co) 610 S Main, h 640 Penna ave

    Keefe, Thomas F, emp P R R, res 438 Broadway

    KEEFFE, ARTHUR J, genl agt Equitable Life Assurance Society of New York, also fire insurance 210 E Water, h 914 W Water

    Keeffe, Daniel J, engr D L & W R R, h 160 W Clinton

    Keeffe, Ellen A, wid John, res 373 W Fourth

    Keeler, Lottie E, student Elmira College, res do

    Keeler, R M Mrs, clerk S F Iszard Co, bds 306 Dewitt ave

    Keeman, J J, clerk Thatcher Mfg Co, bds 606 Grove

    Keenan, George H, chauffeur, h 213 Orchard

    Keenan, James W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1 Grace

    Keenan, Mary C, wid James T, rms 319 W Washington ave

    Keenon, Hiram E, chauffeur, res1 Grace

    Keene, Florence C, clerk S F Iszard Co, bds 550 W Washington ave

    Keene, Frederick G, checker D L & W R R, res 550 W Washington ave

    Keene, Harvey R, time clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 160 S Walnut

    Keene, Henry L, retired, h 550 W Washington ave

    Keenen, Anna E, wid James C, h 908 Penna ave

    Keenen, Hiram L, engr P R R, h 144 E Chemung place

    Keener, Charles D, car repairer P R R, h 612 Lewis

    Keener, Daniel H, h 478 South ave

    Keener, Fred M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 478 South ave

    Keeney, Roy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 381 W Second

    Keenon, Howard, city express 164 Baldwin, h 1 Grace

    Keesler, Ruby G,student Elmira College, res do

    KEETON, CARROLL C, general insurance 305 Carroll, h 356 W Gray

    Keeton, Frank A, wholesale fruits and produce 123-151 Baldwin, h 424 W Clinton

    Keeton, Frank M, salesman, 123 Baldwin, h 110 Lormore

    Keeton, Leon B, clerk A L F E Co, h 729 W Church

    KEETON, T WRAYBURN, agency Jeffery and Scripps Booth automobiles 106-110 E Church, h 435 W Clinton

    Keeton, Walter T, com merchant 123 Baldwin, h 820 W Water

    Kehler, Guy, master mechanic D L & W R R, h 1019 ½ Lake

    Keiffer, Dora, waitress Hotel Langwell, rms 205 Madison ave

    Keigler, Conrad, machinist K V Co, h 126 Harriet

    Keigler, Jacob, machinist American Bridge Co, h 416 Powell

    Keigler, John, stationery fireman K V Co, h 718 Livingston

    Keith, George F, flagman D L & W R R, h 421 E Thurston

    Keith, Otto, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 369 Penna ave

    Keith, Ruth I, clerk S S Kresge Co, res 421 E Thurston

    Keith, Stella, maid 1240 W Water, res do

    Kelberg, Adrian O, emp A S B Co, res 702 E Water

    Kelberg, Christina Mrs, h 702 E Water

    Kellam, Richard, proof reader Herald, res 1007 Walnut

    Keller, Adeline, stenogr United Sales Mfg Co, rms 116 Washington

    Keller, Fred A, (Fell Ice Co) res W Water bey limits

    Keller, William, died March, 1917

    Kellerhouse, Pauline, wid Albert, bds 623 Lake


    Kelley, Anna D, head nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

    Kelley, Bernard E, com trav, h 309 S Main

    Kelley, Bertha, dressmaker, h 601 ½ John

    Kelley, Catherine T, bkkpr, bds 615 Columbia

    Kelley, Clarence G, barber 1197 Grand Cemtral ave, h 354 ½ E Center

    Kelley, Dorothy, emp 301 Baldwin, res do

    Kelley, Ellen, wid John h 615 Columbia

    Kelley, Enoch J, pres-treas Kelley-Whitney Extract Co (Inc), h 174 Madison ave

    Kelley, Francis T, res 615 Columbia

    Kelley, Frank M, inspr 403 Robinson bldg, bds 202 College ave

    Kelley, Hulbert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 117 Budd

    Kelley, Mary M, res 615 Columbia

    Kelley-Whitney Extract Co (Inc), E J Kelley pres and treas, H L. Kelley vice-pres, A J Vickery sec, mnfr extracts and perfumes 627-629 Lake

    Kelley, William H, carp, h 614 Reynolds

    Kelley see Kelly, Killea, Killey

    Kelliher, William, telegh opr Erie R R, res 423 Phoenix ave

    Kellinstine, Adam J, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, bds 481 South ave

    Kellogg, Charles E, printer Elmira Printing Co, h 713 Laurel

    Kellogg, Clarence W, removed from city

    Kellogg, Harriett N, teacher E F A res 114 Hoffman

    Kellogg, James W, emp Standard Oil Co, h 501 Fitch

    KELLOGG, JESS S, instr Meeker’s Business Institute 428 E Market, h 147 S Main Horseheads, N Y

    Kellogg, Reuben B, carp h 506 Ivy

    Kellogg, Susan M, wid Algernon, h 114 Hoffman

    Kelly, Agnes, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

    Kelly, Anna, trained nurse, res 320 W Fifth

    Kelly, Anna, nurse St Joseph’s Hospital, res 211 ½ High

    Kelly, Anna F, res 113 W Gray

    Kelly, Bertha M, dressmaker, rms 601 ½ John

    Kelly Bros (John J and Mortimer S) café 701 Lake

    Kelly C B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds Delevan House

    Kelly, Charles M, student, res 700 Penna ave

    KELLY, DANIEL J, furnaces, stoves and sheet metal work 220 E Market h 206 W Sixth

    Kelly, Daniel J, (Silver Dollar Café) 107 E Water, h Watkins, N Y

    Kelly, Dorothy, emp Criterion Hotel, res do

    KELLY DRUG CO, (J P and E L Kelly) prescription druggists 438 Penna ave and 201 W Water cor Main

    Kelly, Edgar J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 924 Penna ave

    Kelly, Edna, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 924 Penna ave

    KELLY, E LESLIE, mgr Kelly’s Corner Drug Store 201 W Water, res 625 Yale

    Kelly, Edward, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 450 Oak

    Kelly, Edward W, engr Erie R R, h 426 Broadway

    Kelly, Elizabeth R, teacher school No 7, res 113 W Gray

    Kelly, Emma J, teacher, res 113 W Gray

    Kelly, Emory, emp J J O’Connor, h 2 ½ Symonds place

    Kelly, Eugene, student, res 206 W Sixth

    Kelly, Fanny, wid John res 605 Perine

    Kelly, Frank A, painter, bds 1422 Caton ave

    Kelly, George B, student, res 113 W Gray

    Kelly, George H, clerk D L & W R R, h 901 Walnut

    Kelly, George H, electrical contractor 415 W First, h do

    Kelly, Grace A, res 700 Penna ave

    Kelly, Harry E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 625 Yale

    Kelly, Harry L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 932 Linden place

    Kelly, Harvey L, clerk P R R, h 950 Oak

    Kelly, Helen M, student, res 901 Walnut

    Kelly, James retired, h 415 W First

    Kelly, James, retired h 751 Walnut

    Kelly, James, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h924 Penna ave


    Kelly, James F, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, h 508 ½ Herrick

    Kelly, James H, car repairer P R R, h 605 Perine

    Kelly, James M, com trav, res 415 W First

    Kelly, Jesse E, emp F M Howell & Co, bds 924 Penna ave

    Kelly, Jesse S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 317 Dewitt ave

    Kelly, Jesse W, fireman L V R R, h 403 W Washington ave

    Kelly, John, emp Elmira Ice Co, h 112 Fulton

    Kelly, John, retired, h 625 Yale

    Kelly, John F, emp Elmira Water Board, res 901 Walnut

    Kelly, John J, condr Erie R R, h 709 N Main

    Kelly, John J, boilermaker D L & W R R, h 710 Johnson

    Kelly, John J, (Kelly Bros) 701 Lake, h 664 ½ Columbia

    Kelly, John L, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 583 Thompson

    Kelly, John O, died June 1917

    KELLY, JOHN P, (Kelly Drug Co) 438 Penna ave, h 700 do

    Kelly, John T, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 605 Perine

    Kelly, John T, electrical contractor 415 W First h do

    Kelly, John T, fireman D L & W R R, res 817 Hatch

    KELLY, JOHN W, pres Gosper-Kelly Co 108-110 W Water, h 113 W Gray

    Kelly, Joseph, emp A S B Co, res 817 Hatch

    Kelly, Joseph F, engr D L & W R R, h 1268 Lake

    Kelly, Joseph W, fireman D L & W R R bds 854 East ave

    Kelly, Josephine M, res 660 Park place

    Kelly, Katherine, wid William, h 356 W Fourth

    Kelly, Katherine M, res 601 Railroad ave

    Kelly, Lawrence L, clerk P R R h 460 Maple ave

    Kelly, Lee, emp K V Co, h 143 Tuttle ave

    Kelly, Lee J, lab, res Breesport N Y, R F D No

    Kelly, Leslie, druggist Kelly Drug Co bds 625 Yale

    Kelly, Lillian, res 817 Hatch

    Kelly, Margaret, bkkpr 415 W First, res do

    Kelly, Margaret Mrs, died March, 1917

    Kelly, Martha A Mrs, h 712 E Church

    Kelly, Margaret, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, res 450 Oak

    Kelly, Margaret A, nurse res 431 Broadway

    Kelly, Margaret M, res 460 Maple ave

    Kelly, Marie A, clerk Erie R R freight, res 901 Walnut

    Kelly, Mary, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 709 N Main

    Kelly, Mary, student, res 307 W Hudson

    Kelly, Mary E, wid Samuel S, h 403 Tuttle ave

    Kelly, Mary E, maid 243 Lake res do

    Kelly, Mary A Mrs rooming house 393 W Water, h do

    Kelly, Mary C, teacher school No 3, res 714 Park place

    Kelly, Mary L, clerk Baker Bros res 113 W Gray

    Kelly, Merrill, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 210 Sly

    Kelly, Mildo, emp D L & W R R, h 910 Stowell

    Kelly, Mortimer M, cashier P R R freight, h 660 Park place

    Kelly, Mortimer S, (Kelly Bros) 701 Lake, h 714 Park place

    KELLY, MYLES G, real estate Steele Memorial bldg 170 Lake, res 660 Park place

    Kelly, Nellie, wid Martin, h 450 Oak

    Kelly, Neva, emp F M Howell & Co, res 614 Reynolds

    Kelly, Patrick H, lab h 817 Hatch

    KELLY, SARAH A, wid Michael A, vice-pres Gosper-Kelly Co 108-110 W Water, h 860 Lake

    Kelly, Stephen J, clerk 901 Lake, h 315 Hathaway

    Kelly, Stuart, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 222 W Second

    Kelly, Theodora T, instr Meeker’s Business Institute, res 113 W Gray

    Kelly, Thomas, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 100 W Gray

    Kelly, Uriah, barber 230 W Water, h 1422 Caton ave

    Kelly, Weldon, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 518 Fulton

    Kelly, William F, timekeeper American Bridge Co, res 714, Park place

    Kelly, William J, cigar mnfr 412 E Water, res 102 Fox

    Kelly see Kelley, Killea, Killey