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names in black are patrons.

1917 Elmira Directory

Page 176

Hall Frank J, trainman P R R, h 729 Hopkins

Hall Frederick W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 921 Lake

Hall George M, emp A L F E Co, bds 614 Dubois

Hall Glenn, packer Farnham & Reynolds, h 116 Harriet

Hall Grace Mrs, waitress Plaza Restaurant, rms 413 Columbia

Hall Henry F, gardener, h 446 W Fifth

HALL HERBERT H, (Powell-Hall Co, Inc) 131-135 N Main, h 853 Grove

Hall Isaac W, emp Erie R R, bds 515 Erie

Hall James A, engine inspr P R R, h 661 Dubois

Hall Leon W, emp Farnham & Reynolds, res 723 Madison ave

Hall Llewellyn D, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 1317 College ave

Hall Lulu J, wid Theodore, res 401 Crescent ave

Hall Mary D Mrs rms 111 College ave

Hall Mildred J, waitress, bds 723 Madison ave

Hall Minnie B, asst treas First Baptist Church, bds 402 Grove

Hall Robert A jr, h 315 W Church

Hall Royden B, driver 401 Division, bds 1201 Lake

Hall Samuel J, died June, 1917

Hall Stanley C, civil engr, res 627 W Gray

Hall Susan T, Wid George, h 402 Grove

Hall Wayland, civil engr, h 627 W Gray

Hall William, emp P R R, res 624 Lewis

Hallahan Richard H, trainman D L & W R R, h 726 S Main

Haller John J, molder Elmira Foundry Co, h 1217 Hall

Haller see Heller

Hallett Charles, emp Blackstone Motor Car Co, bds 415 1/2 Madison ave

Hallett Horatio S, emp Kertscher & Co, h 415 1/2 Madison ave

Halliday Anson, emp 161 Baldwin, res do

Halliday Charles S, decorator Sheehan, Dean & Co, h 326 Broadway

Halliday Frederick H, machinist American Bridge Co, h 611 Chester

Halliday Harry L, com trav, h 1158 W Water

Halliday Jennie M, res 165 Sullivan

Halliday Jesse Z, foreman metal and polishing dept A L F E Co, h 710 W Second

Halliday Martha A, wid Charles, res 211 1/2 W Second

Halliday Rinaldo, retired, res 615 Sullivan

Halliday Sarah A, res 165 Sullivan

Halliday Selah, retired, h 165 Sullivan

Halliday William H, tinner 126 W Water, h 117 Sly

Halliday William H, polisher A L F E Co, h 615 Coburn

Halliday see Holiday

Hallinan John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 411 Broadway

Hallock Charles R, musician, h 314 W Clinton

Hallock Edwin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 103 Magnolia

Hallock Margaret F, wid Harland H, h 521 W Water

HALLOCK W B & BRO, (Baird G Dow) men's clothing, furnishings and hats, 111-113 E Water

Halloran Andrew L, condr P R R, h 481 South ave

Halloran Genevieve B, stenogr Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 481 South ave

Halloran Marie, cook, Elmira College res do

Halloran Paul A, electrician Wright Electric Co, res 481 South ave

Halloran see Holleran

Halm Charles L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 120 Penna ave

Halpin Harry J, printer Advertiser, h 961 Oak

Halstead Harold D, trainman D L & W R R, h 653 1/2 Lake

Halstrom Catherine Mrs, res 807 Lake

Halter John E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 411 Pleasant

Hamberger Adolph, carp h 218 Sullivan

Hamberger Albert W, salesman Elmira Arms Co, res 218 Sullivan

Hamberger Anna L, res 218 Sullivan

Hamberger George K, emp Elmira Arms Co, res 218 Sullivan

Hambly Thomas, cook, 107-109 State, res do

HAMILTON ADELBERT S, druggist 414 N Main, h do

Page 177

Hamilton Alice M, wid Robert D, h 412 W First

Hamilton Andrew B, carp, h 228 S Main

HAMILTON BROS, (Henry C J Max and Mrs Alice M Hamilton) grocers 200 Penna ave

Hamilton Charles, porter, bds 722 Dickinson

Hamilton Charles, woodworker Kertscher & Co, h 418 Mathew

Hamilton Charles G, meat cutter 421 N Main, h 412 1/2 W Fourth

Hamilton Charles H, air inspr D L & W R R, res 222 Harriet

Hamilton Cindrillea, h 722 Dickinson

Hamilton Daniel, meat cutter 164 lake, h 438 1/2 W Fifth

Hamilton Elizabeth, wid Briggs, res 408 Lake

Hamilton Ernest B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 613 Dubois

Hamilton Erva, bkkpr L M Bridgman Co, res 714 Davis

Hamilton Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 560 Cypress

Hamilton George, painter, h 606 Sullivan

Hamilton Grace M, stenogr Park Church, res 308 Washington

HAMILTON H WALTER, watchmaker and jeweler 144 E Water, h 816 W Church

HAMILTON HENRY C, (Hamilton Bros) 200 Penna ave, h 109 E Hudson

Hamilton Hiram B, painter, h 407 Oak

HAMILTON HOLLISTER A, PH D, prof classical philology Elmira College, h 915 College ave

Hamilton Iva L, bkkpr H Walter Hamilton 144 E Water, res 109 E Hudson

HAMILTON J MAX, (Hamilton Bros) 200 Penna ave, h 109 Sly

Hamilton James, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 214 Harmon

Hamilton Joseph W, emp N Y Tel Co, rms 370 W Church

HAMILTON JOSEPH W, (Hamilton & Smith) 104 Robinson bldg, h 509 William

HAMILTON LEON C, physician and surgeon 100 Madison ave cor E Water, h do; office hours 1-3 and 7-8 p m

Hamilton Louise Mrs, res 610 W Church

Hamilton Mary, bds 722 Dickinson

Hamilton Mary A, wid Charles, res 418 Mathew

Hamilton Millard F, paperhanger, h 410 Potter place

Hamilton Pearl, stenogr County Clerk's Office, bds 410 Herrick

Hamilton Robert, linotype opr Advertiser, res 222 Harriet

Hamilton Robert G jr, emp Star-Gazette, res 222 Harriet

Hamilton Richard, trainman P R R, bds 211 O'Gorman

Hamilton Samuel, carrier P O, h 854 E Market

Hamilton Sarah, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 714 Davis

HAMILTON & SMITH, (Joseph W Hamilton and F Eugene Smith) real estate and loans 104 Robinson bldg

Hamilton S Tracy, student, res 854 E Market

Hamilton Walter, apprentice 165 lake, res 222 Harriet

Hamilton William J, special officer D L & W R R, h 222 Harriet

Hamilton William S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 308 Washington

Hamlin Albert D, painter, A L F E Co, h 217 Franklin

Hamlin Allen J, mgr Newark Shoe Store 123 W Water, res 403 W Gray

Hamlin Bertha Mrs, clerk Rosenbaum's, bds 403 W Gray

Hamlin Harry N, painter, A L F E Co, res 455 Franklin

Hamlin Hugh H, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, bds 217 Franklin

Hamlin Louis P, barber 522 Lake, rms 520 1/2 do

Hamm Burt, gate tender Erie R R, h 101 Penna ave

Hamm Chauncey J, driver 106 E Water, h 107 1/2 W Hudson

Hamm Theresa, wid Seneca T, rms 111, College ave

Hammarstrom C Gust, draftsman A L F E Co, res 107 Sly

Hammarstrom John, machinist A L F E Co, h 311 Cottage place

Hammel Earle, clerk Flanagan's, res 415 Columbia

Hammer Arthur, mechanic 106 E Church, h 259 Baldwin

Hammond Alfred B, emp F M Howell & Co, h 213 Connelly ave

Hammond Alice L, teacher E F A, res 216 Lormore

Hammond Almond D, cap P R R, h 455 South ave

Page 178

HAMMOND CHAUNCEY B, gen'l agent E C & W Ry, h Maple ave bey limits

Hammond Donald, emp Morse Grocery Co, res 305 W Hudson

Hammond Edmund E, car repairer P R R, h 457 South ave

Hammond Edsall E, machinist res 213 Connelly ave

Hammond Elibu, emp P R R, rms 409 Jefferson

Hammond Elsie A, cashier E C & W Ry, res Maple ave bey limits

Hammond Eva S, wid Frank, mgr Hudson Street Storage House, h 111 W Hudson

Hammond Evelyn, operating nurse, Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Hammond Fred, emp A L F E Co, h 118 Caldwell ave

Hammond Harriet, clerk 313 E Water, res 213 Connelly ave

Hammond Hattie W, res 213 Connelly ave

Hammond Helen C, h 418 W First

Hammond Herbert, barber, res 551 E Second

Hammond Hiram D, carp 211 1/2 Railroad ave, h 235 Mt Zoar

Hammond James, lab, h 666 Dickinson

Hammond James W, emp H C Spaulding Co, h 305 W Hudson

Hammond Jason, bds Home for Aged

Hammond John W, emp K V Co, h 805 3/4 E Market

Hammond Leslie B, engr P R R, h 408 Penna ave

Hammond Leslie D, trainman P R R, h 308 Fulton

Hammond Letitia, res 805 3/4 E Market

Hammond Louise P, res Maple ave bey limits

Hammond Marie H, clerk Temple Book Store, res 118 Caldwell ave

Hammond Martha A, emp Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 305 W Hudson

Hammond Raymond B, clerk G W Peck Co, res 105 Columbia

Hammond Ross C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 813 Broadway

Hammond Ruth M, res 235 Mt Zoar

Hammond Sidney, emp K V Co, res 551 E Second

Hammond William, emp Elmira Dairy Co, h 362 S Main

Hammond William R, retired, h 216 Lormore

Hample Abraham, jeweler, h 121 Sullivan

HAMPLE ABRAHAM G, druggist 202 Penna ave also agency for show cases store fixtures and cash registers, h 209 Spaulding

Hample Benjamin, drug clerk, bds 121 Sullivan

Hample Harry J, student, bds 121 Sullivan

Hample Louis, men's clothing and furnishings 306 E Water, h 102 Dewitt ave

Hanaban Francis, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 119 Madison ave

Hanchett Charles E, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, h 114 1/2 Partridge

Hanchett Frank H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 414 Broadway

Hanchett Myrtia C, wid Edward Res 114 1/2 Partridge

HANCOCK GEORGE S, (Hancock's Sanitary Bakery) 409-411 Madison ave, h 511 William

Hancock Lottie, wid Charles J, h 505 William

HANCOCK'S SANITARY BAKERY, (George S Hancock) 409-411 Madison ave, (See ad side lines)

Hand Edward E, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, h 110 W Hudson

Handler Sophia, clerk Tepper Bros, res 856 John

Handy Clara Mrs, h 310 S Main

Handy Everett F, clerk P R R, gel offices res 310 S Main

Handy Francis, retired, h 308 1/2 S Main

Handy Louis E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 407 Fulton

HANDY SHOP (THE), (Melvin A Reynolds) confectionery and cream) 115 Hoffman (See adv back cover)

Handy see Hendy

Hane Clara, wid Nathan, res 506 Ivy

Hanford Marietta, clerk A S B Co, res Water Cure Hill

Hanford Tilla A, teacher res 114 W Hudson

Hanifen Anna T, dressmaker, res 310 E Washington ave

Hanifen Joseph T, res 851 1/2 lake

Hanifen Margaret, stenogr 209 Realty bldg, res 851 1/2 Lake

Page 179

Hanifen Margaret M, stenogr Board of Elections Court House, h 310 E Washington ave

Hanifen Michael F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 851 1/2 Lake

Hanifen Timothy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 310 E Washington ave

Hanigan Lawrence A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 210 Mt Zoar

Hankee Fred, carriage painter, h 141 W Water

Hanley Cora, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 314 W Thurston

Hanley Emerson V, engr D L & W R R, h 371 W Third

Hanley Emmet, emp Elmira Foundry Co, res 314 W Thurston

Hanmer Marion B, clerk 208 W Water, res Wellsburg, N Y

Hanmore Ernest, driver C K Livens, rms 364 Penna ave

Hanmore Florence M, res 362 Penna ave

Hanmore Harry, lab Elmira Coal Co, h 457 Falck

Hanmore Luzerne, emp Elmira Coal Co, h 362 Penna ave

Hanmore Ruther, driver, h 103 Partridge

Hannah A S, rep Colgate & Co, res 602 Home

Hannigan Mary, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 667 College ave

Hanrahan Agnes M, clerk S S Kresge Co, res 329 Roe ave

Hanrahan Catherine, emp 327 Carroll, res 101 W Miller

Hanrahan Charles E, h 329 Roe ave

Hanrahan Charles J, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, res 962 Johnson

Hanrahan Charles L, time keeper American Bridge Co, h 1002 Johnson

Hanrahan Daniel L, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, res 552 S Main

Hanrahan David, emp Miller Bros, res 101 W Miller

Hanrahan Hannah, wid John, res 761 Jay

Hanrahan James, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 552 S Main

Hanrahan James S, died April, 1917

Hanrahan James W, special police Willys-Morrow Co, h 515 College ave

Hanrahan Jennie, wid John, h 520 High

Hanrahan John, died December, 1916

Hanrahan John A, h 808 Jay

Hanrahan John J, lab American Bridge Co, h r 101 W Miller

Hanrahan John J jr, res r 101 W Miller

HANRAHAN JOHN PETER, city editor Advertiser, res 508 Oak

Hanrahan Joseph B, clerk Hotel Rathbun, Res 114 1/2 W Miller

Hanrahan Mae A, teleph ope, res 114 W Miller

Hanrahan Margaret E, clerk Flanagan's, res 552 S Main

Hanrahan Mary, dressmaker, E L & M Sullivan, res 549 S Main

Hanrahan Mary M, emp 327 Carroll, res 101 W Miller

Hanrahan May F, teacher school No 2, res 808 Jay

Hanrahan Michael, died May, 1917

Hanrahan Michael, emp Kertscher & Co, h 962 Johnson

Hanrahan Michael E, gateman D L & W R R, h 508 Oak

Hanrahan Patrick, gate tender Erie R R, h 114 1/2 W Miller

Hanrahan Patrick W, died September, 1916

Hanrahan Rody, car repairer P R R, h 808 S Main

Hanrahan T Francis, opr Postal Telegh Co, res 552 S Main

Hanrahan Thomas E, res r 101 W Miller

Hanrahan Thomas F, emp A L F E Co, res 111 W Miller

Hansen Esther, maid 415 E Church bds do

Hanson Tec, emp P R R, h 804 Moore

Hanson William H, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, h 111 Cleveland ave

Hanson see Henson

Hanville James, asst foreman Hygeia Co, h 513 Perine

Hanville Marcus C, mgr Hill farm, h 1200 Sullivan

Hanville Philip M, patrolman police dept, h 519 Perine

Hanwell Emma V, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res 811 Holdridge

Hanwell Fred M, clerk A S B Co, h 811 Holdridge

Hanwell Walter, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 804 Herrick

Hapeman Andrew, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 702 Broadway

Hapeman Carrie, wid Nelson, h 307 Penna ave

Hapeman Earl, press feeder Advertiser, h 703 Broadway

Hapeman Ernest, trainman D L & W R R, bds 702 Broadway

Hapeman George, janitor First Baptist Church, h 804 E Market

Hapeman Herbert A, milk dealer 705 Holdridge, h do

Hapeman John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 804 E Market

Page 180

Hapeman Peter J, teamster, h 702 Broadway

Hapeman Peter J, milk dealer 705 Holdridge, res do

Hapeman Rose A, clerk S F Iszard Co, res 307 Penna ave

Hapeman Walter O, telegr opr P R R, h 217 1/2 Lormore

Harbeck George, carp Kertscher & Co, bds 126 Railroad ave

Harbot Jesse B, trainman P R R, h 530 Lyon

Harbot Percy B, switchman P R R, h 739 Hopkins

Hardeman Edward L, clerk Chemung Canal Trust Co, res 217 Orchard

Hardeman Grace E, stenogr 111 W Water, res 217 Orchard

Hardeman see Hardiman

Harden Benjamin, retired, h 994 Penna ave

Harden Jennie, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 112 1/2 S Main

Harder Arthur A, bds 380 Home

Harder Guy W, salesman Swift & Co, h 827 W Second

Harder Henry, retired, h 380 Home

Harder see Harter

Hardiman Peter J, clerk Elmira Foundry Co, h 308 Mt Zoar

Hardiman William, trainman D L & W R R, bds 109 Madison ave

Hardiman see Hardeman

Harding Agnes F, res 800 Perine

Harding Bertha E, piano teacher, res 511 Hoffman

Harding Charles H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 218 Baldwin

Harding Clair, res 218 William

HARDING EDWIN S, trainmaster P R R, gen'l offices, h 511 Hoffman

Harding Frank, carp P R R, shops, h 800 Perine

HARDING FRED, special agent Mutual Life Ins Co of New York 202 Merchants National Bank bldg, h 410 Elm

Harding Hannah T, wid Robert, res 46 Grove

Harding John R, physician N Y S Reformatory, h Cottage B, Davis

Harding Louise, wid Mitchell, rms 322 Broadway

Harding Nettie E, wid Corridon, dressmaker 218 Baldwin, h do

Harding Noel, waiter Star Hotel, rms 312 E Church

Harding Robert N, telegh opr P R R, gen'l offices, res 800 Perine

Harding Ruth, music teacher 800 Perine, res do

HARDY EDWARD E, principal school No 9, h 518 Penna ave

Hardy George, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 308 Sylvester place

Hardy Hilda, maid 114 Durland ave, res do

Hardy Mary, bkkpr Jewell Tea Co, res 308 Sylvester place

Hardy William, res 308 Sylvester place

Harer George W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 402 Grove

Hargraves Evert, student, res 154 West Side ave

Hargreaves Mary, wid Charles, h 667 Dickinson

Harkins William, rms 206 William

Harkness Edson D, retired, h 807 Walnut

Harkness Roy, carp, h Cedar

Harlan Marian, clerk 184 N Main, res 110 W Water

Harlan W Bruce, rooming house 110 W Market, h do

Harlos Arthur, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 705 Delaware ave

Harner George, clerk P R R, h 702 Delaware

Harner Russell, res 117 High

Harning Casper W, res 401 Railroad ave

Harper Catherine D, stenogr res 309 Franklin

Harper Clifford C, clerk P R R yard h 619 Penna ave

Harper Doyle M, chauffeur, res 318 W Clinton

Harper Francis W, clerk P R R, h 309 Franklin

Harper Frank C, emp P R R, h 309 Franklin

Harper Helen, wid William H, h 424 E Water

Harper J Beaver, piano tuner, M Doyle Marks Co, h 132 1/2 E Chemung place

Harper John F, clerk P R R, res 309 Franklin

Harper Ralph R, chief clerk master mechanic's office P R R, h 515 Jefferson

Harper Ralph Y, removed from city

Page 181

HARRIGAN ORSON F, plumbing and heating 207 W Thurston, Elmira, and 150 W Fourteenth, Elmira Heights, h 225 W Thirteenth, Elmira Heights

Harrington Ada A, wid Marion h 205 South ave

Harrington Alida B Mrs, tailoress Flanagan's, res 1050 N Main

Harrington Batholomew W, painting contractor, h 511 High

Harrington Clarence L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 205 South ave

Harrington Daisy P, teacher school No 1, res 122 Brand

HARRINGTON DANIEL H, supt gas dept E W L & R R Co, h 611 William

Harrington Dora, dressmaker, res 811 Maple ave

Harrington Elida, clerk A & B Co, res R F D 2

Harrington Elmira, nurse 114 1/2 Hoffman, res do

Harrington Frank, painter, rms 262 Baldwin

Harrington Frank L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 603 S Main

Harrington Francis, res 205 Walnut

Harrington Fred, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 419 Pleasant

Harrington Fred W, machinist A L F E Co, h 125 Brand

Harrington Gladys, student, res 1050 N Main

Harrington Hannah, wid Lafayette, h 405 W First

Harrington Helena M, stenogr A L F E Co, res 105 Brand

Harrington James M, lab, bds 722 Kinyon

Harrington John J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 703 S Main

Harrington John P, linotype opr Star-Gazette, h 513 High

Harrington Julia E, res r 219 1/2 W Second

Harrington Lawrence, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker Co, h 122 Brand

Harrington Lewis, clerk Tripure Water Co, bds W Church bey limits

Harrington Lillian, dressmaker, h 668 Park place

Harrington Margaret, cook, rms 412 Magee

Harrington Margaret L, res 511 High

Harrington Mary, nurse St. Joseph's Hospital, res 211 1/2 High

Harrington Mildred I, student, res 351 N Main

Harrington Milford R, carp h 811 Maple ave

Harrington Phenia E, artist, res 668 Park place

Harrington Samuel, carp, res 811 Maple ave Maple ave

Harrington T H Mrs, emp Perfect Laundry, res 213 Austin place

Harrington Timothy W, train dispatcher Erie R R, h r 219 1/2 W Second

Harrington Thomas H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 213 Austin place

HARRINGTON WILLIAM C, funeral director 119 and 351 N Main, h 351 do

Harrington see Herrington

Harris Albert D, tool grinder Willys-Morrow Co, h 306 Penna ave

Harris Anna E, wid Henry, h 503 W Fourth

Harris Anna J, wid Giles, h 622 W Water

Harris Arnold P, emp 118 State, bds 710 Kinyon

Harris Arthur C, machinist K V Co, res 503 W Fourth

Harris Bessie J, clerk 113 N Main, bds 710 Kinyon

Harris Charles, hostler Erie R R, bds 301 E Fourth

Harris Charles B, bkkpr I D Booth (Inc) h 405 Hoffman

Harris Charles S, salesman N Y Tel Co, res 405 Hoffman

Harris Earle F, lab, res 209 Judson

Harris Edith E, res 316 South ave

Harris Eleanor E, social editor Advertiser, res 622 W Water

Harris Eudoris, bar clerk Frasier Hotel, res do

Harris Frank, lab, rms 107 W Second

Harris FRANK B, hats caps, men's furnishings and tailoring 207 W Water, h 622 do

Harris Frank E, lab, res 558 Baldwin

Harris Frank W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 522 Perry

Harris Fred J, painter, P R R, res 316 South ave

Harris George, carp, bds 229 S Main

Harris George, guard county jail, res Millport NY

Harris George H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 425 W Fifth

Harris George W, fireman P R R, res 209 Judson

Harris George W, retired, h 412 W Fourth

Harris Gertrude, wid George, h 602 Hart

Page 182

Harris Helena, teacher school No 10, res 601 Hart

HARRIS HERBERT S REV, pastor North Presbyterian Church, h 312 Irvine place

Harris Isaac P, café 307 Fulton, h do

Harris James S, molder K V Co, h 815 East ave

Harris John H, engr P R R, h 812 1/2 Herrick

Harris Joseph, (City Hotel) 507 Railroad ave, h 307 High

Harris Joseph O, janitor, h 316 South ave

Harris Joseph W, engr P R R, h 378 Baty

Harris Kate J, wid Justus H, h 454 W Church

Harris Leland, lab, bds 2 1/2 Symonds place

Harris Lulu B, clerk 328 E Water, bds 405 Hoffman

HARRIS M ANSTICE, PH D, professor English language and literature and dean of Elmira College, res do

Harris Mame E, wid Benjamin F, h 212 W Hudson

Harris Mary, wid Charles, h 301 E Fourth

Harris Mary J, wid John H, res 316 South ave

HARRIS McHENRY & BAKER CO, H E Baker pres, W G Sweet vice-pres, H D Woolf treas, lumber dealers and planing mill 321 Penna ave

Harris Peter S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 209 Judson

Harris Philip E, fireman Erie R R, h 102 E Henry

Harris Samuel F, pattern maker P R R, h 508 Penna ave

Harris Stella T, res 301 E Fourth

Harris Stephen G, machinist A L F E Co, h 825 Broadway

Harris Tracy A, molder Harris, McHenry & Baker Co, h 710 Kinyon

Harris Theodore, died January, 1917

Harris Walter, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 16 Tracy place

Harris William, h 383 Norton

Harris William, lab, bds 672 Baldwin

Harris William H, shipper 215-217 E Church, res 720 Hatch

Harrison Blanche, clerk Tepper Bros, res 618 W Gray

HARRISON CHARLES J, job printer 122 State, h 738 W Church

Harrison Fred C, salesman Elmira Storage and Supply Co, res 806 Walnut

Harrison Hugh P, emp D L & W R R, h 616 Lake

Harrison J Agnes, student, res 738 W Church

Harrison Margaret C, milliner, res 616 Lake

Harrison Michael J, condr D L & W R R, h 507 E Second

HARRISON STEPHEN D, physician, eye, ear, nose and throat specialist, 408 N Main, h 410 Lake: office hours week days 9 a m to 12 n, 1-4 and 7-8 p m, Sunday 9 a m

Harrison Theodore, carp, h 806 Walnut

Harrower Glenn, emp K V Co, h 909 John

Harrower Letticia M, wid James B, res 612 Columbia

Harrower Porter, U S mail transfer, h 525 W Washington ave

Hart Agnes, wid Jacob, h 853 Lake

Hart Barbara E, teacher school No 4, res 1116 Lake

Hart Carl W, bkkpr, res 459 E Market

Hart Charles A, lineman E W L & R R Co, h 525 Harper

HART CHARLES EARLE, salesman Gebbie & Co, 515 Realty bldg, h 1622 Lake

Hart Charles, agent Lloyd S S Co, h 459 E Market

Hart Charles F, cigarmaker, res 853 Lake

HART CHARLES L, receiving teller Chemung Canal Trust Co, h 1622 Lake

Hart Corey H, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 708 E Fifth

Hart Edith, res 1116 lake

Hart Edward E, engr D L & W R R, h 913 Lake

Hart Frank P, com trav, h 405 W Gray

Hart Grace, waitress Hotel Rathbun, rms 125 Madison ave

Hart Harriet M, wid Solomon, h 110 College ave

Hart Herman B, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, h 652 E Market

Hart John J, molder Elmira Foundry Co, h 512 College ave

Hart Lewis E, emp Kertscher & Co, h 700 1/2 Oak

Hart Louise, res 459 E Market

Page 183

Hart Lydia M, clerk C L Jones Co, res 459 E Market

Hart Margaret, wid Henry, h 1116 Lake

Hart Mathew, condr E W L & R R Co, res 708 E Fifth

Hart Mary E, res 1116 lake

Hart Michael, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 550 S Main

Hart Russell B, res 652 E Market

Hart William H, cigar mnfr, res 613.5 Lake

Harter Louis, grocer 1361 Grand Central ave, h do

Harter William E, clerk 1361 Grand Central ave, res do

Harter see Harder

Hartigan Anna F, clerk Flanagan's, res 409 Powell

Hartigan John M, stenogr A L F E Co, h 409 Powell

Hartigan Roger, emp P R res 409 Powell

Hartley John, trucker Erie R R, res 158 W Fourth

Hartley John, lab, rms 160 W Clinton

Hartman George J, emp D L & W R R, h 1308 Penna ave

Hartman Herman A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 416 Powell

Hartnagle Carl, emp Endicott-Johnson & Co, rms 351 W Second

Hartnett Alice, opr N Y Tel Co, res 214 Front

Hartnett Benjamin, engr D L & W R R, h 1019 Grand Central ave

Hartnett Charles N, car repairer D L & W R R, h 1064 Admiral place

Hartnett Daniel F, emp D L & W R R, h 214 Front

Hartnett Frank D, traveling freight agent Erie R R, h 400 W Clinton

Hartnett Gerald, student, res 1013 Grand Central ave

Hartnett Helen C, student, res 1013 Grand Central ave

Hartnett M Florence, res 706 N Main

Hartnett Mary A, opr N Y Tel Co, res 214 Front

Hartnett Mary E Mrs, h 706 N Main

Hartnett Timothy J, traveling engr D L & W R R, h 1013 Grand Central ave

Hartnett William E, engr State Highway Dept 425 E Market, res 1013 Grand Central ave

Hartshorn Beatrice, teacher res 1064 Admiral place

Hartshorn Vera, emp C & K Laundry, res 1064 Admiral place

Harvey Alfred P, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 217 1/2 Vine

Harvey Charles J, shipping clerk Baker Bros, res 419 Pleasant

Harvey Delos R, mgr willowbrook farm upper Lake, h do

Harvey Florence S, student, Elmira College, res do

Harvey Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 372 S Main

Harvey Frank R, machinist Erie R R, h 622 S Main

Harvey Ida A, wid Fred W, res 1640 W Water

Harvey Isaac, emp A L F E Co, h 557 John

Harvey Louise J, bkkpr 450 Maple ave, res do

Harvey Porter A, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, bds 115 High

Harvey Raymond A, stereotyper Star-Gazette, res 1640 W Water

Harvey Rosa, wid Willard T, h 419 Pleasant

Harvey William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds West End Hotel

Harvey William E, musician, h 213 Dewitt ave

Hasbrouck Lewis B, emp Eclipse Machine Co, h 638 Winsor ave

Haskell Ellen C, res 1250 Hoffman

Haskell Fred, emp D L & W R R, res 1317 Lake

HASKELL HARRY M, architect 612-620 Hulett bldg, h 516 Fitch

Haskell Helen, emp United Sales Mfg Co, res 229 O'Gorman

HASKELL MYRON C, (Thurston & Haskell) 112 W First, h 517 Roe ave

Haskell Ralph J, carp Thurston & Haskell, h 508 Roe ave

Haskett Thomas, machinist P R R, h 311 South ave

Haskins Adela, wid Osman, res 744 W Church

Haskins Archie Z, bkkpr M Doyle Marks Co, h 744 W Church

Haskins Elizabeth, wid Frank B, h 202 Davis

Haskins Emma, wid Elezer, h 210 Sullivan

Haskins Harry C, chauffeur, J Brand, h 350 Riverside ave

Haskins see Hoskins

Haslett Helen M, student, Elmira College, res do

HASSETT J JOHN, lawyer 214 E Water, also pres and sec Elmira Coal Co, 322-332 Penna ave, h 253 W Sixth

Page 184

Hassett Patrick, bottler 809 Magee, h 812 N Main

Hassinger Calista, h 403 S Main

HASSLER JOHN REV, pastor Holy Trinity English Lutheran Church, h 420 W Church

Hassler Julia B, stenogr Swarts Oil Co, bds 1155 College ave

Hastings Louis A, emp E W L & R R Co, h 634 W Gray

Hastings May, emp 72 Penna ave, res 724 Livingston

Hastings Ruth, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 704 German

Hatch Alfred, trimmer Elmira Casket Co, res 217 W Second

Hatch Emily P, wid William S, canvasser, h 365 W Second

Hatch Esther, emp National Art Co, res 365 W Second

Hatfield Elizabeth, res 104 Brand

Hatfield James M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 104 Brand

Hathaway Jennie B, res 370 1/2 Fulton

Hathaway James H, emp A L F E Co, h 800 1/2 W Gray

Hathaway Lelia E, wid George, clerk 224 S Main, res 800 1/2 W Gray

Stewart A, student, res 423 Standish

Hathaway William W, contractor and builder 370 1/2 Fulton, h do

Hathaway Stewart, rms 423 Standish

Hathorn Laura E, res 1329 College ave

Hathorn see Hawthorne

Hauenstein Charles A, engr E F D Station No 3) h 731 Winsor ave

Haunenstein Julia F, clerk 308 Carroll, res 651 College ave

Hauenstein Otto, clerk A S B Co, res Horseheads, N Y

Haughawout John V, stationery fireman, h 660 Columbia

Haughawout Theodore P, engr D L & W R R, h 407 W Third

Haughawout William P, retired, h 1000 Lake

Haupt Charles A, pharmacist 432 Penna ave, h 114 Caldwell ave

Haupt Ernest H, died February, 1917

Haupt John A, emp F A Howell & Co, h 760 Southport

Haupt Mabel E, teacher, res 114 Caldwell ave

Hause Alice G, res 108 Hoffman

House Arthur C, barber 201 Hoffman, h 108 do

Hause Arthur H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 743 Riverside ave

Hause Charles W, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, h 906 Southport

Hause Dora, emp W I Booth, res 743 Riverside ave

Hause Howard W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 743 Riverside ave

Hause William B, machinist A L F E Co, h 713 Livingston

Hause William E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 743 Riverside ave

Hause see Hoose, House

Hausner Edward E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 504 Mt Zoar

Hauver Charles W, h 405 W First

Hauver Frank E, musician, band and orchestra, h 354 Walnut

Hauver John H, salesman L A Corning, h 467 W Third

Hauver Sybil M, res 354 Walnut

Havens Albert T, painter and paperhanger, h 102 W LaFrance

Havens Clara P, stenogr Willys-Morrow Co, res 522 W Hudson

Havens Deshia, musician, Imperial Hotel, res 336 E Water

Havens Earl, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 1003 Pratt

Havens Edward A, foreman Thurston & Haskell, h 132 1/2 Cleveland ave

Havens Edward B, foreman job dept Herald, h 215 1/2 Franklin

Havens Emma, clerk Morse grocery house, res 410 Maxwell place

Havens Erranetta B, emp F M Howell & Co, res 1559 Pratt

Havens Frank M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1557 Pratt

Havens George E, carp, h 351 S Main

Havens Gilbert, printer Herald, res Wellsburg, N Y

Havens Harold, emp E W L & R R Co, res 300 Budd

Havens Harry G, engr D L & W R R, h 410 Maxwell place

Havens Helen M, stenogr Willys-Morrow Co, res 522 W Hudson

Havens Jane A, wid Robert C, res 522 W Hudson

Havens John E, laundryman, h 533 W Hudson

Havens Joshua, farmer, res 513 Perry

Havens Lawrence E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 148 Cedar

Havens Mary Mrs, h 508 Balsam

Havens Mildred A, teacher, res 410 Maxwell place

Page 185

Havens Minnie, wid Frank, h 300 Budd

HAVENS PLUMBING CO (INC), Robert W Havens pres, Seymour Lowman treas, Nellie L Smith sec, plumbing and heating 308 Railroad ave

Havens Polly Mrs, h 336 E Water

Havens ROBERT W, pres Havens Plumbing Co (Inc), 308 Railroad ave, h 522 W Hudson

Havens Rutherford C, clerk F M Howell & Co, h 508 Balsam

Havens Thomas J, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, h 374 S Main

Haver Fred J, efficiency engr A L F E Co, h 351 Columbia

Haviland Albert P, retired, h 961 Walnut

Haviland Harry L, driver Fred Ferris, h 1002 W Gray

Haw James R, blacksmith McInerney Bros, h 604 John

Hawkes Anthony, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 309 West ave

Hawkes Carlton H, mnfr of infants' shoes 415-417 Robinson bldg, h 317 W Gray

HAWKES DONALD C, lawyer 411-413 Robinson bldg, also acting City Recorder, h 414 Euclid ave

Hawkins Carl H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 113 Magnolia

Hawkins Harry L, emp Gridley, Fuhrman & Martin Co, rms 113 Magnolia

Hawkins Helen, emp F M Howell & Co, res 417 Baty

Hawkins John, carp, bds 310 Sutton

Hawkins Joseph F, h 604 Baldwin

Hawkins Kate, wid Charles, h 662 Baldwin

Hawley Ellen M, student, Elmira College, res do

Hawley Grover D, trainman P R R, h 525 Penna ave

Hawley Hattie A, h 314 W Third

Hawley Henry J, carp, h 628 Winsor ave

Hawley Jesse, h 236 E Miller

Hawley Roy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 901 Penna ave

Hawley William G, mechanical engr, A L F E Co, h 406 E Church

Hawthorne George W, foreman P R R, h 507 Balsam

Hawver Walter J, baggageman Erie R R, h 463 Riverside ave

Hawver see Hauver

Hay Everitt G, carp, bds 315 W Fourth

Hay M Mark, rms 316 Baldwin

Hay Robert W, com mgr E W L & R R Co, h 422 W Church

Hayberg Frank A, tailor 715 W Second, h do

Hayberg Frank A jr, clerk A S B Co, res 715 W Second

Hayes Anna T, res 717 Davis

Hayes Catherine, res 500 S Main

Hayes Charles W, chauffeur, res 507 E Third

Hayes David F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 7 Aspen Ridge

Hayes Florence M, stenogr res 720 W Gray

Hayes Helen E, clerk Sheenan, Dean & Co, res 254 W Hudson

Hayes Henry O, retired, res 720 W Gray W Gray

Hayes Hugh, emp Erie R R, h 704 Magee

Hayes James T, carp and builder, res 717 Davis

Hayes Johanna, h 704 Magee

Hayes John, machinist P R R, h 221 Sutton

Hayes John H, teleph opr P R R, rms 221 Sutton

Hayes John R, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 710 Aspen Ridge

Hayes Joseph P, emp Morris Meat Co, res 7 Aspen Ridge

Hayes Josephine C, res 254 W Hudson

Hayes Lulu, h 500 S Main

Hayes Margaret L, student, res 254 W Hudson

Hayes Martin J, emp D L & W R R, h 1205 Grand Central ave

Hayes Mary, emp 139 N Main res do

Hayes Mary Mrs, died February, 1917

Hayes Mary A, bds 1010 Magee

Hayes Mary J, clerk Erie R R freight, bds 704 Magee

Hayes Michael, retired, h 717 Davis

Hayes Patrick, emp Elmira Ice Co, h 254 W Hudson

Page 186

Hayes Raymond W, electrician 212 S Main, res 7 Aspen Ridge

Hayes Richard C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 621 W Water

Hayes Thomas J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 809 Laurel

Hayes William E, emp A S B Co, res 215 Gregg

Hayes William J, emp Hamilton Bros, res 254 W Hudson

Hayes see Haas, Haase, hay, Hays

Haymakers' Lodge, fourth floor Lyceum Bldg, 154 Lake

Hayner Martin M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1130 Hall

Haynes Sanford D, retired, h 205 W Hudson

Haynes see Haines, Hynes

HAYS & BRADLEY, (Harry H Hays and Mrs Ruth M Bradley) fire insurance 112 lake (See ad top edge of leaves)

HAYS & BRADLEY, HARRY H, lawyer, also Hays & Bradley 112 Lake, h 718 W First

Hays see Hayes

Hayward Thomas, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 102 W Henry

Hazel Orvis F, emp Swans Oil Co, h 402 Dewitt ave

Hazelton Josephine S, wid James B, res 303 Penna ave

Hazen Edward J, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 103 1/2 Connelly ave

Hazen Ethel, cook, rms 208 Baldwin

Hazen Harry B, printer Herald, Res 103 1/2 Connelly ave

Hazen Leon M, hoseman E F D, Res 103 1/2 Connelly ave

Hazzard Charles T, lab, bds 368 Railroad ave

Hazzard John, emp Elmira Foundry Co, h W Third bey limits

Hazzard William, emp Fold Easy Mfg Co, rms 908 Grand Central ave

Headley Howard E, student, res 101 E Henry

Headley Myra Mrs, grocery 101 E Henry, res do

Healey Catherine, wid Patrick, h 522 Logan

Healey James M, removed to Hornell, N Y

Healey Margaret, laundress Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res 522 Logan

Healey Mary, res 501 E Water

Healey Mary E, maid Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res 522 Logan

Healey William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 119 Madison ave

Healy James collector Southern Tier Motor Co, res 417 1/2 W Clinton

Healy Katherine teacher, res 378 W Clinton

Healy Mary A, res 378 W Clinton

Healy Mary K, res 661 Davis

Healy Philip, retired, h 378 W Clinton

Heater Nelson E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1113 Ovid

Heath Alfred A, engr D L & W R R, h 385 E Warren

Heath Jennie C Mrs, h 131 W Market

Heath Mary, h 969 East ave

Heath Mary C, nurse, h 213 Washington

Heath Mildred L, stenogr 401 Hulett bldg, bds 385 E Warren

Heath William, emp H L Stone Lbr Co, h 859 East ave

Heavey John B, car repairer P R R, h 252 E Miller

Heavland William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 206 Dewitt ave

Heaxt Donn J, carp, h 511 Ivy

Heaxt Martin E, contractor and builder 657 Pearl place, h 377 W Clinton

Hebbe Albert, res 1303 Sullivan

Hebbe Benjamin F, engr Erie R R, h 655 Pearl place

Hebbe Catherine, wid Julius, h 1303 Sullivan

Hebbe E A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 410 Magee

Hebbe Fred J, clerk Empire Produce Co, h 207 Rathbun

Hebbe Lena, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, rms 450 Oak

Hebbe see Heib

Hecht Arthur W, emp F M Howell & Co, h 514 Davis

Heckert Harry S, emp A L F E Co, h 402 Home

Heckroth Al, plumber 104 W Second, res 263 W Clinton

HEDDING METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev Albert E Legg minister, 330 W Church

Hedges Frank L, condr P R R, h 1064 Fred

Hedgepath Mary, cook, 511 W Water, h 618 Baldwin

Hedgewood Mary, wid William, rms 618 Baldwin

Page 187

Heed Lewis R, compositor A S B Co, h 603 S Main

Heed William S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res Hill Crest road

Heeman Francis, lab, h 652 Sullivan

HEFFERNAN J WALTER, lawyer 214 E Water, rms 303 E Church

Heffler Roy J, emp D L & W R R, res 364 Fulton

Heffron Raymond B, emp K V Co, h 458 E Church

Hefler Ray, switchman D L & W R R, res 107 West Side ave

Hegek Michael, emp D L & W R R, h 1310 Baldwin

Heher John W, (S J Heher & Son) 200 W Fifth, res Horseheads, N Y

Heher Martha, maid 406 N Main res do

Heher S J & Son, (Sylvester J and John W) bakers 200 W Fifth

Heher Sylvester J, (S J Heher & Son) 200 W Fifth, h Horseheads, N Y

Hehle Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 602 E Miller

Heib Harriet, wid Peter, h 304 High

Heib see Hebbe

Height William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 459, E Water

Heim Charles, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, h 821 W Fifth

Heim Charles A, member Co L, res 821 W First

Hein Clarence J, chef 317 E Market, res 15 Tracy place

Heine Anna E, dressmaker, rms 125 W Market

Heine & Bauer, (Henry Heine and E Edward Bauer) upholstering and finishing 308 State

Heine Charles A, asst funeral director 109 N Main, rms do

Heine Henry, (Heine & Bauer) 308 State, h 523 1/2 W Fourth

Heinrich Ernest, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 403 Gaines place

Heinz Alvin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 373 Penna ave

Heinz Charles C, carp, h 697 Southport

Heinz Edward M, emp P R R, res 208 W Henry

Heivly Helen, wid William, h 157 Washington

Held Minnie, forelady J N Stearns & Co, res 703 Hopkins

Held William T, foreman J N Stearns & Co, bds 703 Hopkins

Helen Elmer J, emp E W L & R R Co, rms 648 E Market

Hellenbrook Leo, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 259 Partridge

Heller Arthur, emp P R R, h 457 Cypress

Heller Augusta L, clerk A L F E Co, res 404 Pine

Heller Carrie, emp W I Booth, res 617 Mt Zoar

Heller Chester G, fireman pump station, h 404 Pine

Heller Clayton B, car repairer P R R, h 432 Pleasant

HELLER DAVID N, lawyer 203-206 Steele Memorial bldg, also City Judge, h 322 W Church

Heller Edward, candymaker W I Booth, h 657 E Water

Heller Fred E, emp F E Linberger, res 404 Pine

Heller Harriet C, stenogr Mortimer L Sullivan, res 1162 W Water

Heller Harry G, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 404 Pine

Heller Ira G, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 406 Madison ave

Heller Katherine E, res 811 W Gray

Heller Louis R, emp A L F E Co, res 617 Mt Zoar

HELLER MICHAEL B, clerk City Court City Hall, h 409 Grove

Heller Otis J, trainman P R R, rms 5 Aspen Ridge

Heller Robert, emp P R R, rms 155 Madison ave

Heller Samuel W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 617 Mt Zoar

Hellerich Louise M, nurse, res 319 Sullivan

Helman Hallie B, efficiency engr Willys-Morrow Co, h 754 Maple ave

Helms Edward I, lab, res 1123 Ovid

Helms Myrtle A, emp W I Booth, res 1123 Ovid

Helms William O, lab, h 1123 Ovid

Helsing Ellen E, maid 709 Park place, res do

Helstrom Earl E, emp 526 Lake, res 656 do

Helstrom George W, automobile repairing, 56 George, res do

Helstrom Paul, emp George W Helstrom, res 56 George

Hemenway Charles R, h 353 W Water

Hemenway Frank, h 360 W Gray