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FOR 1917

Pg 164 GO Elmira Directory, 1917

Golden, Floyd, res Schuyler Ave

Golden Francis P. trainman P R R, res 405 Fulton

Golden Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co res 102 Fox

Golden George emp Willys-Morrow Co res Schuyler Ave

Golden John emp Willy’s Morrow Co res Schuyler Ave

Golden Margaret caterer, h 609 Walnut

Golden Patrick, emp Willy’s Morrow Co, h 365 Fulton

Golden Thomas, carp P R R, h 405 Fulton

Golden see Goulden

Goldmeyer Philip J, foreman Frank W Hughson h 154 Clinton

Goldmeyer William J salesman 129 E Water , h 383 W Water

Goldner Max peddler, res 118 Sullivan

Goldner Rebecca, clerk Freudenheim’s, res 118 Sullivan

Goldner Samuel, peddler, h 118 Sullivan

Goldsmith Archie D. (Elmira Portrait Co) 114 Baldwin, h 468 W Second

Goldsmith Frank, emp Hygeia Ice Co, rms 154 High

Goldsmith George E, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, bds 109 Washington

Goldsmith Helena A, music teacher 468 W Second, res do

Goldsmith Ira, clerk Hotel Rathbun, bds 109 Washington

Goldsmith James R, carp, h 598 Reynolds

Goldsmith John J, agent Lyceum bldg 154 Lake, h 109 Washington

Goldsmith Julian T, bkkpr Elmira Casket Co, res 211 Lormore

Goldsmith Max, emp K V Co, h 917 John

Goldsmith Susan, wid Charles h 119 High

Goldsmith Thomas J, boilermaker P R R, h 467 ½ Franklin

Goldstein Anna, emp F M Howell & Co, res 810 John

Goldstein Harry, Minister, h, 810 John

Goldstein Hyman, real estate 314 E Water, h 106 Dewitt Ave

Goldstein Hyman junk dealer, h 715 John

Golos Abraham, second hand stoves 765 John, h do

Golos Asher emp Herald, also base ball bulletin, rms 258 Baldwin

Golos Benjamin, apprentice Herald, res 765 John

Golos Jacob, apprentice Herald, res 765 John

Golos Nathan, h 811 E Market

Golos Phillip, tailor 109 N Main, h 714 John

Golos Sol, condr E W L & R R Co, h 808 E Market

Golotte Lawrence, stationary fireman D L & W R R, h 811 E Washington Ave

Gong, P E. emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 507 McDowell place

Gonser Charles, clerk 162 Lake, res 215 Orchard

Gonser Elizabeth Mrs, res 215 Orchard

Gonser Ella Mrs. Bkkpr W U Tel Co res 469 Riverside Ave

Gonser Godfrey G, linotype opr Telegram, res 469 Riverside Ave

Gonser Gustave lieutenant U S Army, res 215 Orchard

Gonser John, carp h 215 Orchard

Gonser Katherine A. clerk Telegram, res 215 Orchard

Gonser Rose E, res 215 Orchard

Gonware T Harry, engr D L & W R R, h 368 E Thurston

Good George A, student, bds 309 E Second

Good Hugh W, fireman P R R h 626 ½ Reynolds

Good Marion, stenogr Horwitz Bros, res 309 E Second

Good T Frank, emp Adams Ex Co, res 309 E Second

Good Thomas F, fireman P R R h 610 Reynolds

Good Timothy F, salesman J P & M Sullivan, h 309 E Second

Good Walter M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 710 Holdridge

Good William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 610 Cypress

Goodall Leon S carp, h 810 Holdridge

Goodenough William emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 702 Dubois

Goodhue Maurice P, directory publisher 803 Winsor Ave, h do

Gooding Lucien F, condr P R R, h 516 Herrick

Goodman Harry, watchmaker 140 E Water, h 358 Davis

Goodman Millie A wid Richard, h 560 E Clinton

Goodnow Fred W, (Horseheads Drug Co) h 421 W Gray

Goodnow Pauline E. res 421 W Gray

Advertisements: pages 164-165

Drink Record’s Bohemian

Pierce & Bickford, Architects, Building Superintendent 118-120 Lake St

Jobbers in Steam and Hot Water Appliances, LeValley, McLeod, Kinkaid Co, Inc. 215-217 E Church St.

"We Do Not Do All the Laundry Work" We are satisfied to Produce Only the Best of It.

Custard & Kistler Laundry Robinson Building

Henry J Mantell, Coal and Wood, Pittston Coal, Cor Woodlawn ave and Magee St

When Thinking of Insurance, Call Welts & Calkins Phone 1251523 Realty Building

GO Elmira Directory, 1917 Page 165

Goodrich Alvin, emp A L F E Co, h 101 Boardman

Goodrich Carrie, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, res 519 W Second

Goodrich Cecil J, clerk A S B Co, res 702 N Main

Goodrich Chester A, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 5 Gates place

Goodrich Claribel, emp Ufford Glove Co, res 107 Spruce

Goodrich Earl D, foreman Thatcher Mfg Co, h 1051 Johnson

Goodrich Ernest W, agent Prudential Ins Co, h 517 Logan

Goodrich Ethel, student, res 517 Logan

Goodrich Helen, clerk A S B Co, res 702 N Main

Goodrich Isadora N, wid OD h 764 Spaulding

Goodrich John D, lab, h 702 N Main

Goodside Charles, student, res 804 John

Goodside Harry, emp A L F E Co, res 804 John

Goodside Max, emp Star Gazette, res 804 John

Goodside Julius, clerk J R Spillan, res 804 John

Goodside Louis, peddler, h 804 John

Goodwin Carl V, accountant A L F E Co, h 715 Spaulding

Goodwin Clarence E, engr P R R, h 600 Dubois

Goodwin Edward A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 600 ½ Broadway

Goodwin Ernest G, foreman N Y Tel Co h 551 Riverside ave

Goodwin Gertrude H, clerk A L F E Co, res 112 E Henry

Goodwin Glen H, condr E W L & R R Co, h 507 Baldwin

Goodwin Granville B, emp American Bridge Co, h 112 E Henry

Goodwin Hovey H, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, h 1316 Hall

Goodwin John R, foreman A L F E Co, h 308 E Miller

Goodwin Louis A, machinist P R R, h 600 ½ Broadway

Goodwin Robert F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 510 Balsam

Goodwin Rose M, bkkpr 116 Lake, res 308 E Miller

Goodwin William R, vice-pres New Method Varnish Co 514 Realty Bldg, also pres

Service Laundry Co (Inc) 510-512 E Water, res Hotel Rutland

Gordon Abraham, salesman 156 Baldwin, h 754 John

Gordon Charles F, expressman 309 W Second, h do

Gordon Consuelo, maid 460 W Church res do

Gordon Earl, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, rms 76 Luce

Gordon Elvin, maid 722 W Water, bds do

Gordon Jesse, emp Thatcher Mfg Co res 76 Luce

Gordon Harold C, emp City Hall, res 307 E Clinton

Gordon Lottie M, maid 356 Gray res do

Gordon Margaret R wid Mathew h 311 W Second

Gordon Samuel, retired res 605 Reynolds

Gordon Samuel J. emp J N Stearns & Co h 1116 Ovid

Gordon Washington N, porter Hotel Rathbun, bds 307 E Clinton

Gordon see Gorton

Gores Joseph, emp American Bridge Co, res 1006 N Main

Gorges Leo, fireman D L & W RR, bds 366 Diven ave

Gorges Matilda, nurse St Joseph’s Hospital, res 205 High

Gorke Helen B, student Elmira College res do

Gorman Algernon D student res 518 W Third

Gorman Ann, wid John h 371 E Center

Gorman Charles, car repairer D L & W RR, h 312 Baldwin

Gorman Elizabeth teacher school No 4, res 371 E Center

Gorman Elizabeth, emp L M Bridgman Co res 265 W Henry

Gorman Frank J, agent Penn Mutual Life Ins Co of Philadelphia and Standard Accident Ins Co of Detroit, also clerk Board of Supervisors, Masonic Temple 203 Lake, h 518 W Third

Gorman James, emp Kertscher & Co h 207 Roe ave

Gorman John, lab res 371 E Center

Gorman John J, engr Erie RR res 455 W Sixth

Gorman L Nora, milliner 106 W Church, res 371 E Center

Gorman Mary Mrs, Rooming House 312 Baldwin h do

Gorman Patrick, special officer D L & W RR, h 117 Washington

Gorman Patrick J, gardener Strathmont h, 455 W Sixth

Gorman Raymond P, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 460 E Clinton

Gorman William J, emp American Bridge Co, res 207 Roe Ave

GR Elmira Directory 1917 Page 166

Gornee Elliott, mason h 931 Penna Ave

Gornee Erwin, mason res 933 Penna Ave

Gornee Samuel, bricklayer, bds 933 Penna Ave

Goronwy Sarah, wid David res 615 Mt Zoar

Gorr Emily, wid Charles, h 210 Washington

Gorr Mary E, res 210 Washington

Gor William F, res 210 Washington

Gorski Paul, emp Field Force Pump Co, h 1302 Lackawanna ave

Gorski Samuel, emp American Bridge Co, h r 704 Baldwin

Gorton Co, (Warren A Gorton) women’s garments 125 W Water

Gorton Isabelle Mrs, h 516 ½ Perry

Gorton Warren A, (Gorton Co) 125 W Water h 356 do

Gorton see Gordon

Gorzycki Frank, clerk bds 1157 N Main

Gorzycki John, emp Elmira Foundry Co bds 1162 N Main

Gorzycki Martin, emp American Bridge Co h 1162 N Main

Gorzycki Mary, mill opr, bds 1162 N Main

Gorzynski Frank, res 551 John

Gorzynski John, emp Elmira Foundry Co, h 910 N Main

Gosper Burt J, sec and treas Gosper-Kelly Co 108-110 W Water,h 503 Park Place

Gosper Ellen J, opr N Y Tel Co, res 112 Davis

Gosper Frances, wid Clark W, h 112 Davis

Gosper Frances L, teacher school No. 3, res 112 Davis

Gosper-Kelly Co, John W Kelly pres,Mrs S A Kelly vice-pres, Burt J Gosper sec-treas, boots and shoes 108-110 W Water

Goss Frank A, trainman, Erie RR, rms 604 Park Place

Goss Frank H, emp Willys- Morrow Co. h 131 Tuttle ave

Goss Franklin L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 638 W Water

Gotrick Nils E, res 210 William

Gottschalk Edward N, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 1313 ½ Grand Center ave

Gotshall Catherine Mrs, res 460 Franklin

Gotshall Henry M, round house foreman P RR , h 460 Franklin

Gott Bert, driver 409 Madison ave, h 63 Monroe

Goudreau Peter, car repairer, D L & W RR bds Lake View Hotel

Gough Harry E, civil engr E W L & R R Co, h 720 Davis

Gough Margaret, tel opr, res 309 Hathaway

Gough Mary, wid Patrick, h 309 Hathaway

Gough Teresa wpr N Y Tel Co, res 309 Hathaway

Gough Thomas, caller D L & W RR, res 309 Hathaway

Gould A H Mrs, teacher china painting, res 1509 W Water

Gould Alan J reporter Star-Gazette, res 50 Foster ave

Gould Albert H, market gardener, h 1509 W Water

Gould Alexander C, clerk A S B Co, h 50 Foster ave

Gould Allen K, machinist A L F E Co, h 509 Fulton

Gould Almond M, carriage painter, h 55 Gould

Gould Ethel W, student, res 109 Catherine

Gould Fannie, emp day nursery Elmira Federation bldg, res 365 Davis

Gould Jennie M Mrs. Cook New England Kitchen, res 109 Catherine

Gould LaFayette, retired, h 207 Caldwell ave

Gould LaVerne, U S Army bds 420 E Market

Gould Lena Mrs , trained nurse, h Gould

Gould Leslie, clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, res 50 Foster ave

Gould Mary M, wid John W. res 509 Fulton

Gould Minnie M, wid Philander , res 55 Gould

Gould Richard, emp A L F E Co, bds 509 Fulton

Gould Willard L, sales clerk K V Co, res 207 Caldwell ave

Goulden Phoebe, wid Joseph h 408 Baldwin

Goulden see Golden

Gover Mamie, emp Goff Way & Brand, res 215 Gregg

Gowan Allen, emp A L F E Co bds 413 Penna ave

Grace Mary E, grocer 413 Welles h do

Gracie, Amanda, wid Robert, h 106 E Water

Advertisements for pages 166-167

Electric Fixtures and Glassware, Portable Lamps and supplies, The Wright Electric Co, Inc, 212 S Main St

Otis Dockstader & Son Architects, 101-103-105 West Church Street

H.L. Stone Lumber Co., Inc 757 East Ave Phone, Lumber, Lath, Shingles,Rooffings, and other Building Materials

Pirece & Bickford, Architects 118-120 Lake Street

Miss Lena Ross, Business Blocks and Store Stocks, Phone, 303-304 Robinson Bldg.

Sawyer, Noble & Co, Investment Bankers, cor Lake and East Market Streets, High grade Bonds and Local Securities

GR Elmira Directory, 1917 Page 167

Gracie Archibald M, foreman P R R, h 508 Perine

Gradwell Catherine E, teacher school No 5, res 510 Perine

Gradwell Charles G, chiropractor 145 ½ Water, res 715 Walnut

Gradwell Elizabeth M, order Clerk F M Howell & Co, res 510 Perine

Gradwell & Fitzgerald, (T Fitzgerald) cigar mnfrs, 107 E Church

Gradwell Hazel, res 458 High

Gradwell James, died April 1917

Gradwell James D, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 510 Perine

Gradwell Margaret J, clerk Flanagan’s, res 510 Perine

Gradwell Mary R, asst Dr A M Epstein, res 510 Perine

Gradwell Robert, salesman Gradwell & Fitzgerald, h 715 Walnut

Gradwell Susan G, forelady F M Howell & Co, res 510 Perine

Gradwell Thomas D, emp P R R, h 510 Perine

Gradwell Thomas L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 863 Davis

Grady Agnes L, res 510 Balsam

Grady Helen, wid Harry, h 510 Balsam

Grady James J student, res 1319 Pratt

Grady John H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 808 Davis

Grady John T, emp K V Co, h 214 Sullivan

Grady Joseph, engr D L & W RR, res 361 Maxwell place

Grady Joseph P, molder K V Co h 452 High

Grady Mary B, emp W I Booth res 510 Balsam

Grady, Mary C, clerk Personius, Malone & French, res 371 Second

Grady Michael J, condr D L & W RR, h 1319 Pratt

Grady Nellie, emp F M Howell & Co, res 510 Balsam

Grady Nellie L, nurse Gleason Health Resort, res 604 Beach

Grady Thomas J, foreman KV Co, h 857 E Water

Grady Thomas J, agent Metropolitan Ins Co, h 759 E Church

Grady William B, molder K V Co, h 805 ½ E Market

Graham Earl, switchman D L & W RR, h 313 Hathaway

Graham Frank, fireman P R R, bds 210 W Miller

Graham Francis J, h 325 River

Graham Grover, prof Elmira College, rms 917 Davis

Graham Harry, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 100 Fox

Graham James, emp P R R , bds 403 S Main

Graham Lillian, clerk Willys-Morrow Co res 708 Penna Ave

Graham Lillis A, stenogr 326 Baldwin, h do

Graham Louis L, carrier PO, res 360 Diven ave

Graham Lyman E, switchman P R R, h 720 Kinyon

Graham Mary E wid John D, h 360 Diven ave

Graham Maude A, wid William E, h 708 Penna ave

Graham Russell R, draftsman American Bridge Co, bds 117 College ave

Graham Thomas, bds Home for Aged

Graham William, stock clerk A L F E Co, res 113 Magnolia

Gramenstetter Minnie, stenogr Thatcher Mfg Co rms 397 W Water

Grana Joseph Rev, pastor Italian Mission M E Church 807 Magee,h do

Grand Theatre, (Charles H Ross) 307 E Water

Grand Union Tea Co, N E Smith mgr 111 N Main

Granda Mary, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1168 Magee

Graner Arnold, upholsterer, 214 Baldwin, res 815 E Market

Graner Charles H, upholsterer 214 Baldwin, h 815 E Market

Graner Grace, housekeeper 522 Perry, res do

Graner Henry, chiropodist Merchants National Bank bldg res 815 E Market

Granger Ella S Mrs, res 124 E Hudson

Granger Harry, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 201 Cusick place

Granger John, contractor and builder, h 1455 Grand Central ave

Granger Rice B, clerk Merchants National Bank res 1553 Lake

Granger Rose, wid James, emp New England Kitchen, h 1553 Lake

Granger William, lab, h 59 Monroe

Granger Willis E, carp res 154 W Thurston

Granger W Herman, printer, res 454 W Thurston

Grannis A L, patrolman police dept, res 1005 College ave

Grannis Clayton H, patrolman police dept h 205 Rathbun

Grant Arthur W, res 155 Baldwin

GR Elmira Directory, 1917 Page 168

Grant Christoper, com trav I D Booth (Inc) h 1233 W First

Grant Fred H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 504 Erie

Grant Jesse, res 376 W Gray

Grant Leroy L, res 608 E Clinton

Grant Loyal, emp E W L & R R Co, res 376 W Gray

Grant Marie, emp United Sales Mfg Co, res 376 W Gray

Grant Robert B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 505 College Ave

Grant Walter V, salesman VanDemark Motor Co, h 514 W Gray

Grantier George W, retired h 460 South ave

Graser Rosetta Mrs, res 501 Walnut

Graves Agnes E, teacher 955 College ave, res do

Graves Asel T, printer C J Harrison, h 205 Willys

Graves, Bert L, trainman Erie RR, h r 116 S Main

Graves Bessie A, student res 154 W Third

Graves Carrie D, bkkpr Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, res 353 W Water

Graves Clara Mrs. Housekeeper 272 Baldwin, res do

Graves Charles W, cabinet maker, h 154 W Third

Graves Claude e, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 1051 Lincoln

Graves Florence C, teacher 955 College Ave, res do

Graves Fritz K, clerk P R R genl offices, h 524 Jefferson

Graves Harry T, res 524 Jefferson

Graves Howard J, emp A S B Co, h 759 ½ Carpenter

Graves Josephine D, wid William, res 514 W First

Graves Margaret, wid Milton, res r 116 S Main

Graves Walter A, music teacher, h 461 South ave

Graves see Greves

Gray Belle, dressmaker, h 709 Lake

Gray Bradley, emp A S B Co, h 709 Lake

Gray Charles H, lab, h 916 W First

Gray Charles H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 365 E Thurston

Gray Clifford A, engr P R R h 602 Dubois

Gray Cora H, cashier F W Woolworth & Co, res 507 Mathew

Gray David E, electric engr h 1234 W First bey limits

Gray Dean, clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, res 242 Mt Zoar

Gray Eleanor E, h 741 W Second

Gray Emma Mrs, clerk S F Iszard Co, h 415 N Main

Gray Florence J, librarian E F A, res 112 Walnut

Gray Florence m, telph opr Flanagan’s, res 109 ½ Chestnut

Gray George A, student, res 112 Walnut

Gray George A, flagman D L & W RR, h 507 Mathew

Gray George L, h 216 Horner

Gray Herbert C, jeweler 215 E Water, h 702 Holdridge

Gray Ida A, wid James C, h 365 E Thurston

Gray Ida H, wid Roland D, res 716 Winsor ave

Gray John, emp Elmira Foundry Co, bds r 327 E Center

Gray John B, marble setter J L Churchill, h 325 River

Gray L Dean, h 242 Mt Zoar

Gray Lee, molder Elmira Foundry Co, bds r 327 E Center

Gray Lehman W, carp, h 160 ½ Harriet

Gray Margaret L Mrs, wid David, h 425 Patridge

Gray Mary m, res 365 E Thurston

Gray Oscar E, machinist D L & W RR bds 210 W Miller

Gray Thomas F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 413 Penna ave

Gray Truman D, master carp P R R , h 112 Walnut

Gray Walter, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 116 W Chemung place

Graybill Charles W, emp A L F E Co, h 215 Penna ave

Graymont Product Co, Harry E Record pres, George W Record sec, mnfrs of ice cream 735 Baldwin

Greaney Patrick K, lab bds 200 E Fifth

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, D J O’Neill supt, R V Besemer mgr, teas, coffees and groceries, 117 E Water, branch stores 865 Lake, 506 N Main, 400 S Main, 557 E

Church, 506 N Main, 210 Penna ave, and 400 W Washington ave

Great Eastern Insurance Co, (R D Ameigh) 304 S Main

Greatsinger Albert, fireman D L & W RR, h 1257 College ave

Greatsinger Harold, candy maker, rms 318 Baldwin

GR Elmira Directory, 1917 PG 169

Greatsinger Jacob L, pres E C & W Railway, h Maple Ave, bey limits

Greatsinger John, trainman, PRR, rms 518 Penna Ave

Greatsinger Stephen, shipping clerk W I Booth, res 318 Baldwin

Grebleski Jerry, emp American Bridge Co, h 1066 N Main

Grebleski Margaret M, winder Read & Lovatt, res 1066 N Main

Grebleski Peter M, emp Eclipse Machine Co, res 1066 N Main

Grebleski Victoria L, emp Read & Lovatt, res 1066 N Main

Greek Floyd J, sheet metal worker 165 Baldwin, h 204 Penna ave

Greek Harold, student bds 211 Lormore

Greek William, boat livery, 51 Monroe, h do

Green Annie L, res 204 Penna ave

Green Bruce, painter, rms 258 Baldwin

Green Charlotte, domestic, h 606 W Clinton

Green Clyde, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 119 Madison ave

Green Daniel T, fireman P RR, h 707 Kinyon

Green E Marion, clerk Tepper Bros, res 615 W Water

Green Earl, garage, 453 E Market, h 505 E Water

Green Edna, emp skirt factory, rms 704 E Market

Green Edward, emp James Mfg Co, rms 422 Carroll

Green Edward H, emp A L F E Co, h 164 Sullivan

Green Edwin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 221 ½ W Miller

Green Ellen, dressmaker, h 206 College ave

Green Ethel, bds 664 Pearl place

Green Frances, res 206 College ave

Green Fred P, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 218 James

Green Frederick B, physician and surgeon 921 Lake, h do, office hours 1-3 and 7-8pm;

Sunday hours by appointment.

Green Frederick B, Jr, student res 921 Lake

Green Irene, cashier Majestic Theatre, res 664 Pearl place

Green Jane, res 206 College ave

Green John, clerk Eastman grocery, res 359 Division

Green Josephine Mrs. Res 1318 Lake

Green Letha, typist A S B Co, res 608 E Water

Green Mabel, res 664 Pearl place

Green Mary, wid Francillo, res 479 Welles

Green Motor Car Co, (Dr F B Green) agency for Hollier and Grant Motor Cars 921 Lake

Green Patick J, shoemaker, bds 448 W Fifth

Green Peter, emp Frostilla Co, h 408 W Third

Green Roswell P, student, res 921 Lake

Green Samuel R, emp A L F E Co, h 716 John

Green Sarah E, physician, 921 Lake, res do, office hours 4-6 pm

Green Theodore, retired, rms 509 Railroad ave

Green see Greene

Greenagle William F, switchtender, Erie RR and P RR, bds 463 Powell

Greene Antoinette PH D associate prof of English language and history, Elmira College,res do

Greene Celia, emp C & K Laundry, res 409 W Hudson

Greene Charlotte, wid Horatio N, maid, 418 W Church, bds 606 E Clinton

Greene Clara B, wid Frederick, milliner, 127 W Water, h 507 W Clinton

Greene Frank L, lab, h 208 W Water

Greene Frank J, osteopath, 203 Snyder bldg, h 510 w Gray

Greene Fred A, florist, 527 Broadway, h do

Greene Ira S, janitor, res 518 High

Greene Ira S jr, janitor, Shoemaker garage, h 604 Baldwin

Greene Jackson, lab h 417 High

Greene Loring F, student, res 510 W Gray

Greene Margaret H, student res 510 W Gray

Greene Martha j, wid Francis, h 510 W Gray

Greene May I, teacher, bds 391 W Water

Greene Patrick J, shoe shop, 710 Walnut, h 448 W Fifth

Greene Peter W, emp 410 W Gray, h 408 W Third

Greene Richard, emp F M Howell & Co, res 153 Madison ave

Advertisements Pages 168-169

Cars washed and Stored. McInerney 311-317 State

Henry B. Sayles, Coal and Wood. Hard Body Wood one and two feet lengths. Cannel Coal a Specialty. 917 Stowell Street

George C Haesloop, Electrical Contractor 423 W Water Phone, "Let George Do It"

Pierce and Bickford, Architects, Building Superintendents, 112-120 Lake

Steinway Pianos, M Doyle Marks Co. Exclusive Agency- Chemung and Steuben 309 E Water St

Tri-Pure Water and Soft Drinks. Purest in the World. Call Elmira Tri-Pure Water Co, Inc., 720 W Second, Phone 529J

GR Elmira Directory 1917 Page 170

Greene William P, res 220 W Water

Greene see Green

Greener Augustus, musical instruments, 219 E Church, res do

Greener Jacob Jr, electrician LaFrance Garage Co, res 219 E Church

Greener Jacob EST, mngr of pianos and organs and dealer in musical merchandise 219- 221 E Church

Greener Sophie, res 221 E Church

Greener see Grenier

Greenhull Ralph E, vice-pres Elmira Used Car Exchange, res 1107 Lake

Greening Gertrude J, student Elmira College, res do

Greenough Lavina N Mrs, laundress Elmira City Club, res 215 Sullivan

Greenough Louise Mrs, clerk 148-150 W Water, res 814 W Church

Greenough Willis B, treas Elmira Candy Co, h 1102 Walnut

Greenlee Carl R, emp Willy-Morrow Co, h 157 ½ Orchard

Greenlee Roy E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 208 S Main

Greenman Harry C, (Secor & Greenman) 105 W Church, h 217 Maple ave

Greenman Louis, cook William R James, rms 260 Baldwin

Greenwald Samuel, draftsman A L F E Co, rms 450 Maple ave

Greenwalt Elaine, emp W I Booth, res 328 Soper

Greenwalt Joseph, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 328 Soper

Greenwalt Levell, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 328 Soper

Greenwood Frances, clerk Crayton’s , res 517 W First

Greff Katherine, h 612 Jay

Greff see Griff

Gregg A Eugene, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 722 Spaulding

Gregg Alice Mrs, dressmaker Personius, Malone & French, res 421 Davis

Gregg Mary A, wid Thomas, dressmaker, res 562 Maple ave

Gregg Thomas C, died February, 1917

Gregg William W, (Babcock & Gregg) Lawyers 414-420 Robinson bldg, h 408 William

Gregg see Greig

Gregory Alfred, china and crockery, 208 W Water, h 832 W First

Gregory Bertha, waitress Hotel Rathbun, res do

Gregory Frederick N, (Elmira Crockery Store) 200 E Water, h 465 Riverside ave

Gregory Josiah S, grocer and city express, 713 Lake , h do

Gregory Leander L, res 554 Coburn

Gregory Marie, student, res 465 Riverside ave

Gregory Nellie, wid Dr George W, rms 459 W Church

Gregory Oscar A, carp, h 500 Baldwin

Gregory Richard O, physician and surgeon 403 W Church, h do, office hours 2-4 and 6:30-8 pm

Gregory Theodore M, carp, h 306 S Main

Greig & Mason Petticoat Co (Thomas M Greig) mnfrs of women’s undergarments 231-233 W Water

Greig Thomas m (Greig & Mason) 231-233 W Water, h 815 W Church

Greig see Gregg

Greising Ellsworth, driver, res 406 W Gray

Grenell Howard, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 201 Sly

Grenier Helen, wid Albert, dressmaker, h 362 ½ Norton

Grenier see Greener

Greno Page, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 551 Franklin

Gressel Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1260 College ave

Gressel Josephine, wid Frank, h 1260 College ave

Gressel Otto, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1343 College ave

Greven Thomas P, res 310 E Church

Greven Konstantine, res 310 E Church

Greves John C, retired, h 365 W First

Greves see Graves

Gribbel Lawrence, emp K V Co, res 912 College ave

Gribbel Margaret, proof reader Telegram, res 912 College ave

Gribben Olive M, stenogr Prudential Ins Co, res 386 E Warren

Gribben William P, bkkpr kertscher & Co, res 316 E Church

Gribus Martin, lab, res 809 Canal

Advertisements pages 170-171

Glove Elastic Book Cases and Office Filing Devices MacGreevey-Slecht-DeGraff Co, 313 E Water Street

Otis Dockstader and Son Architects, 101-103-105 West Church Street

Frisbee Bros Coal and Wood, LaFrance Street Phone

Pirece & Bickford Architects, 118-120 Lake Street

Bertram Yenger, Coal and Wood 905-915 E Church Street

Gold Work A Specialty and Guranteed. Dr L A Roth, Fifth floor, Hulett Bldg Elmira NY

GR Elmira Directory 1917 page 171

Gridley Charles H, pres Gridley-Fuhrman & Martin Co 126-128 W Water and 214 S Main, h 113 Walnut

Gridley Earl, emp Willys- Morrow Co, res 633 Penna ave

Gridley Frederick B, clerk, A L F E Co, h 412 E Second

Gridley, Fuhrman & Martin Co, C H Gridley pres, B E Martin vice-pres, H K Fuhrman sec and treas, wholesale and retail hardware, paints, oils, stoves, furnaces, etc. 126-128 W Water and 214 S Main

Gridley Leonard C, clerk 126 W Water, h 104 E Chemung place

Gridley Leonard C JR, plumber 122 Lake, res 104 E Chemung place

Gridley Louise D, wid William G, h 106 E Chemung place

Gridley Roy H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 711 Kinyon

Griemsman Henry, emp Eclipse Machine Co, res 415 W Sixth

Griemsman Joseph, emp Eclipse Machine Co, bds Delevan House

Griemsman Katherine, h 415 W Sixth

Griemsman Margaret, res 415 W Sixth

Grier Romain O, emp P RR, h 715 Spaulding

Griess Frank, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1861 Davis

Griess George, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1861 Davis

Griff Carl, emp Dawdy’s Bakery, res 302 E Water

Griff George H, car inspr P RR, h 507 Pleasant

Griff Gertrude, wid George, h 310 Cottage place

Griff Joseph H, tinner, 206 S Main, res 310 Cottage place

Griff Margaret E, nurse, h 319 Orchard

Griff Mary Mrs. H 207 Madison ave

Griff see Greff

Griffen Albert G, trainman, D L & W RR, h 1556 Pratt

Griffen J Max, mgr John O’Dea, 1011 College ave h do

Griffen Arthur, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 626 Reynolds

Griffin Edna L, emp 438 E Water res do

Griffen Georgia A, emp Goff, Way & Brand h 809 E Market

Griffen Harriet L, bds 208 Walnut

Griffin James, carp, A S B Co, h 416 W Fifth

Griffen Michael, retired, res 162 Dewitt ave

Griffen Mildred E, emp C & K Laundry, res 809 E Market

Griffen Nancy J, emp C & K Laundry res 809 E Market

Griffen Patrick H, mason P RR h 101 Franklin

Griffen Robert, machinist Southern Tier Motor Co, h 523 Madison ave

Griffis Fred L, engr P RR, h 504 Home

Griffis George E, engr D L & W RR, h 357 Diven

Griffis John W, fireman Hygeia Co, h 18 ½ Ferris

Griffith Claude W, emp Willys- Morrow Co, res 511 Broadway

Griffith Fred J, trainman P RR, h 653 Dubois

Griffiths Ina M, stenogr Powell-Hall Co, 131-135 N Main, res 311 William

Griffiths Robert H, student, res 418 W First

Griggs Alice Mrs, seamstress, Personius, Malone & French, h 421 Davis

Grill Restaurant (The), Connell Bros proprs, 202 E Water

Grimes Carmi M (Campbell & Grimes) 1002 Walnut, h 1004 do

Grimes E Margaret, M A, prof of romance languages Elmira College, res do

Grimes Lewis B, guard, N Y S Reformatory, h, 254 Crete ave

Grimm Chester J, emp Adams Ex Co, res 218 William

Grinell Wilson S, electrician 118 N Main, h 714 ½ Linden place

Griner Harriet, wid James R, res 802 Maple ave

Grinmari Antonio, lab, bds 361 Railroad ave

Grinnell Carroll C, student, res 406 Pleasant

Grinnell Pauline H, student Elmira College, res do

Grinnell Stowell E, carp, P RR, h 406 Pleasant

Griss Frank, emp J N Stearns & Co, h 1861 Davis

Griswold Albert, huckster, res 850 Maple

Griswold Alice, res 123 ½ Brand

Griswold Arthur E, car repairer, P RR, res 322 Broadway

Griswold Austin S, retired, res 530 Lyon

Griswold Clara E, student, res 123 Brand

Griswold Clayton H, retired, h 123 ½ Brand

GU Elmira Directory Page 172

Griswold Clover, res 207 Madison ave

Griswold Darius E, retired, h 707 Laurel

Griswold Edgar L, motorman E W L & RR Co, h 425 ½ W Fifth

Griswold Edmond, retired, h 476 Horner

Griswold Emma, res 850 Maple ave

Griswold Fletcher m, shipping clerk, Barker, Rose & Clinton Co,h 304 Spaulding

Griswold Guy S, credit man, Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 123 Brand

Griswold Harriet C, cashier N Y Tel Co, rms 220 Maple ave

Griswold Howard, bartender, 671 Baldwin, rms 1058 College ave

Griswold Howard A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 128 W Henry

Griswold Jennie, res 123 ½ Brand

Griswold Louis A, emp N Y Tel Co, res Horseheads NY

Griswold Marian J, supt clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 216 W Henry

Griswold Marie, clerk 100 W Church, res 207 Madison ave

Griswold Marie A, stenogr 218 E Water, res 716 Broadway

Griswold Mary M, wid Horace, h 217 ½ Lormore

Griswold Mary S Mrs., h 716 Broadway

Griswold Sarah E, wid Orr, h Maple ave bey limits

Griswold Stephen R, com trav, res 123 Brand

Griswold Timothy, chauffeur, res 207 Madison ave

Groboski Frank, trainman, bds 204 Park ave

Groboski Mary, clerk, Flanagan’s, res 204 Park ave

Groff Walter A, emp E W L & RR Co, bds 653 Lake

Gromes Fred, emp T Briggs & Co, res 216 Harriet

Groom Albert, buffer Nat Aluminum Works, h 650 Dickinson

Groom Andrew, lab h 518 Baldwin

Groom Bert, teamster, res 107 South ave

Groom Bradley, carp, h 700 Broadway

Groome Frank M, machinist I D Booth (Inc), res 1263 Hoffman

Groomes Frederick, cooper T Briggs & Co, bds 216 Harriet

Grose Alice, emp W I Booth, res 403 Dewitt ave

Grosel LeRoy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 653 Lake

Groskop Walter E, emp E W L & RR, h 712 Sullivan

Gross George, emp 311 E Water, bds 659 Dickinson

Grover Edmund D, inspr city streets, h 408 Spaulding

Grover Ella, laundress, res 359 E Fourth

Grover Georgia Mrs., res 359 E Fourth

Groves William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 547 S Main

Grow Cora B, wid Millard, h 556 E Third

Grow Elmer E, emp Willys- Morrow Co, h 1323 Lackawanna ave

Grow William A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 556 E Third

Grube Henry J, recruiting service U S Navy Federal bldg, h 56 Monroe

Grube Laura E, wid August, h 117 Caldwell ave

Grube Max A, tailor, 149 W Water, res 117 Caldwell ave

Gruber Anna C, res 514 W Second

Gruber Edward P, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, h 224 Mt Zoar

Gruber John F, com trav, res 514 W Second

Gruber Margaret, wid Philip, h 514 W Second

Gruhlke Arthur, emp James Mfg Co, bds 122 E Hudson

Grunwald Oscar, baker, bds 118 W Fourth

Gruslin Frank J, trainman, D L& W RR, h 1019 Grand Central ave

Gruver Arthur L, emp D L & W RR, h 372 Diven ave

Gruver Harry T, civil engr, h 811 Winsor ave

Gruver J Rupert, U S Navy, res 811 Winsor ave

Gruver Joseph M, machinist, Willys-Morrow Co, h 655 Dubois

Gryska Lawrence, patrolman police dept, res 311 Division

Gryska Lee, fireman D L & W RR, res 366 Diven ave

Gryska Margaret, nurse St Joseph’s Hospital, res 205 High

Gryska Nellie, wid Patrick, h 336 Diven ave

Gryska Peter P, emp Elmira Foundry Co, h 1303 N Main

Gubata Jacob, lab, bds 920 Michigan

Gucker George A, draftsman P RR, bds 766 Penna ave

Guernsey Floyd E, jeweler, 657 E Water, h do

HA Elmira Directory Page 173

Guernsey Louise H, student Elmira College, res do

Guild Mary A, wid James, h 309 Mt Zoar

Guild Mary N, wid Willis, h 309 Mt Zoar

Guile Lee H, emp P B Rutan & Son, h 223 Brand

Guiles A Philip, student, res 717 Columbia

Guiles Austin G, contractor, 717 Columbia, h do

Guiles Harry L, chauffeur, A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 701 Junction

Guiles Lindsley S, emp Willys- Morrow Co, h 103 Budd

Guiles Marion H, teacher school no. 7, res 717 Columbia

Guiles see Giles

Guinane Ellen, wid John, h 1306 Baldwin

Guinane John Jr., emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1306 Baldwin

Guinane Leo, caller, D L & W RR, res 1306 Baldwin

Guinane Mary, res 1306 Baldwin

Guinane William J, emp D L & W RR, res 1306 Baldwin

Guinnip Adaline, res 900 W Water

Guinnip Guinn, real estate, h 900 W Water

Guinnip Morgan A, real estate, res 900 W Water

Guion Richard L, electrician, h 408 E Third

Guise Florence E, clerk, res 826 Walnut

Guise George N, clerk, A S B Co, h 826 Walnut

Guite Edith, clerk A L F E Co, res 225 Brand

Guite Ethel, res 462 W Sixth

Guite Herbert H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 462 W Sixth

Gulick Elisha D, horse trainer, h Maple Ave Driving Park

Gulick Mary E, wid James, h 751 Spaulding

Gulka Frank, emp American Bridge Co, bds 1317 Lackawanna ave

Gulliver Clark D, carp, res 604 Reynolds

Gumowski Anthony, emp American Bridge Co, h 722 Dickinson

Gumowski John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 153 Bloomer ave

Gumowski Joseph, emp P RR freight, res 153 Bloomer ave

Gumowski Michael, emp American Bridge Co, h 718 Baldwin

Gunderman Alberta, clerk S F Iszard Co, bds 310 E Church

Gunderman Charles, lineman, bds Hotel Frasier

Gunderman Charles P, fireman, D L & W RR, h 905 Oak

Gunderman Earl, gardener, 1031 Hoffman, res do

Gunderman Grace, clerk A S B Co, res 1855 Davis

Gunderman Howard, emp Barton & Wheadon, h 365 ½ Norton

Gunderman James H, chief guard N Y S Reformatory, h 1855 Davis

Gunderman John S, teamster, h 168 Madison ave

Gunderman Julia, wid George W, h 365 ½ Norton

Gunderman Tracy, trainman, D L & W RR, bds 366 Diven ave

Gunisky Paul, tel opr Erie RR, rms 156 W Third

Guriosrski Frank, lab, res 557 John

Gurall Mary, clerk, res 313 E Center

Gusfieene Louis, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 469 South ave

Gustin Alice, wid Thaddeus, h 260 Baldwin

Gustin Anna K Mrs., public stenogr, h 357 Columbia

Gustin C Irene, clerk, S F Iszard Co, bds 560 Maple ave

Gustin Clemmens J, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 560 Maple ave

Gustin Mary, wid Elias, res 560 Maple ave

Gustin Percy, machinist, res 109 Fulton

Guthrie Andrew, bds 417 Railroad ave

Guthrie Claude B, jeweler, 110 Penna ave, h 756 Spaulding

Guthrie Edward J, res 825 Hatch

Guthrie John J, towerman, D L & W RR, res 825 Hatch

Guthrie John M, trainman Erie RR, res 326 Webber place

Guthrie Margaret E, h 825 Hatch

Guthrie Thomas H, switchman D L & W RR, h 923 Lake

Guthrie William F, emp A S B Co, res 825 Hatch

Gutsgell Allen D, time clerk, Willys-Morrow Co, res 422 W Fourth

Guyer Hedwig, student Elmira College, res do

Guzznicczak Joseph, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 1174 N Main

Haas Anna M, died June 1917

Haas Elizabeth S, res 201 Columbia

Advertisements Page 172 & 173

W. D. Miller Tents and Awnings, 103 West Church Street Elmira Phone

Sawyer, Noble & Co, The Highest Form of Investment Co. Lake and Market Sts Bond

Mutual Realty Company 415-417 Realty Building. Phone 1975W Home Sites Easy Terms

Pierce & Bickford, Architects Building Superintendents 118-120 Lake Street

Viola L Fisher, 117 W Second Street New Houses Built on Easy Terms, Phone 1937

For a First Class Job in Furnace Work, go to C.W. Young & Son,116 Lake Street

HA Elmira Directory 1917 Page 174

Haas Frank J, (Romer & Haas) 216 E Water, h 201 Columbia

Haase Bros (Inc), 52 Lake cor E Water

Haase Charles, physician and surgeon, 52 Lake cor E Water, h 309 S Main

Haase Emma C, res 211 Penna ave

Haase Ferdinand, retired, h 211 Penna ave

Haase Ferdinand Jr, dentist, 52 Lake cor E Water, h 814 W Water

Haase Grover, bar clerk, 709 Delaware ave, res do

Haase Henry J, Mgr John M Connelly, res 211 Penna ave

Haase Minne E, res 211 Penna ave

Haase William, foreman, A S B Co, h 464 Gray

Haase see Haas, Hayes, Hays

Habeck August, lab, h 618 E Third

Habeck August F, emp Mozart Theatre, res 618 E Third

Habeck Charles F, emp Eclipse Machine Co, h 964 E Clinton

Habeck Frank C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 51 Hoffman

Haberlau Edward H, instr N Y S Reformatory, h 313 Irvine place

Hable Albert F, engr K V Co, h 509 Oak

Hable Albert F jr, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 410 Dewitt ave

Hable Clara, student, res 509 Oak

Hable Frank G, concrete contractor, h 452 Oak

Hable Herman W, toolmaker, Willys-Morrow Co, res 509 Oak

Hable Lena C, res 114 Spring

Hable Walter W, foreman K V Co, res 509 Oak

Habul Jesse, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 410 Magee

Hacke Louis A, maid, 411 William, res do

Hackett Charles, machinist, rms 258 Baldwin

Hackett Eleanor V, stenogr, A L F E Co, res 259 Lyon

Hackett Mathew C, bkkpr A L F E Co, res 454 W Second

Hackett Rogue A, emp P RR, h 901 Penna ave

Hackett Sarah, wid John, res 210 Dewitt ave

Hackett William M, emp P RR, h 930 Penna ave

Hackley Fred D, solicitor, N Y Tel Co, h 817 W Church

Haddad Soloman S, weaver, J N Stearns & Co, res 1160 Magee

Hadden John T, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 107 Madison ave

Haddow Mildred, emp 434 Carroll, res 108 Madison ave

Hade George W, painter, E M Bien, h 311 Madison ave

Hadley Arthur, janitor, Arnot -Ogden Hospital, res 313 Division

Hadley Benjamin F, wood worker, h 313 Division

Hadley Benjamin J, foreman P RR, h 760 S Main

Hadley Clarence E, salesman, res 313 Division

Hadley Clyde, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 105 Magnolia

Hadley Halsey, res 313 Division

Hadley Judson A, retired, h 106 Harmon

Hadley Mina, Mrs., maid, Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res 313 Dickinson

Hadlock & Clark, (Harry L Hadlock and David D Clark) meat and fish market sea food and canned goods, 903 Lake

Hadlock Harry L, (Hadlock & Clark), 903 Lake, h 1003 do

Haefyez John, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, res 919 Grand Central ave

Haesloop George C, electrical contractor and jobbing, 423 W Water,h 465 W Gray (See ad bottom lines)

Hafer Fred, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 310 Broadway

Haff Edwin J, emp Chase Hibbard Corporation, bds 508 Dewitt ave

Haflett Philander L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 309 Baldwin

Hagadorn David B, expressman, 510 Columbia, h do

Hagadorn see Hagendorn

Hagar Jesse P, emp E C & W RR, h 321 Division

Hagar see Hager

Hagas Roswell E, agent Standard Accident Ins Co, h 718 Broadway

Hagelquist Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 382 Home

Hagelquist Hulda, maid, 826 W Water, res do

Hagen Fred, grocer, 766 Linden place, res do

Hagen Fred jr, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 766 Linden place

Hagen Henry, horseshoer, 450 E Water, h 1017 Tenienti

HA Elmira Directory 1917 Page 175

Hagen Joseph, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1368 College ave

Hagen Lawrence, driver Crystal Ice Co, res 164 Exchange place

Hagendorn Charles W, pres and treas Charles Sanitary Mfg Co, h 1013 Lincoln

Hagendorn see Hagadorn

Hager Arnold F, instr N Y S Reformatory, h 311 ½ W Fifth

Hager Bert, telegh opr D L & W RR, rms 257 Baldwin

Hager Burn, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 316 Baldwin

Hager Charles B, foreman, F V Ensign, h 707 Winsor ave

Hager Florence L, opr N Y Tel Co, bds 2 Franklin place

Hager H W, telgr opr, D L & W RR, res 109 W Market

Hager Ida C, wid Frederick, res 311 ½ W Fifth

Hager James A, engr P RR, h 323 Sullivan

Hager see Hagar

Haggerty Margaret, emp 367 W Gray, res do

Hagerman Stuart, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 321 West Side ave

Hagquist Neil, cabinet maker and musical instruments 205 Railroad ave,h do

Hahnel Charles A, adv mgr Star-Gazette, h 804 Maple ave

Haight Emma S, teacher school no. 8, res 119 W Chemung place

Haight Frances H, wid Maxwell, h 55 S Main

Haight George L, wheelwright, 321 Garfield ave, Elmira Heights, h do

Haight Jacob K, farmer, h 800 Broadway

Haight Joanna, wid Silas, h 119 W Chemung place

Haight Larue A, emp Hammondsport N Y, res 218 Connelly ave

Haight Louis A, blacksmith, h 218 Connelly ave

Haight Marie O, emp Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 218 Connelly ave

Haight Minnie, emp 103 W Church, res 321 Garfield ave, Elmira Heights

Haight Ross, emp 56 Penna ave, res 616 Reynolds

Haight Silas M, transitman city engr’s office, h 55 S Main

Haight William L, retired, res 706 Spaulding

Haines Donald, emp A S B Co, res 221 S Main

Haines Mildred N, wid Henry H, scientific massage 456 W Third, h do

Haines see Haynes

Hakes Arthur E, woodworker Kertscher & Co, h 1172 N Main

Hakes Edward, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 205 South ave

Hakes Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h Schuyler ave

Hakes Ira L, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h Sycamore

Hakes John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 705 Delware ave

Hakes Raymond, res Schuyler ave

Hakes Samuel B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 54 Dewitt ave

Halbert Frank A, supt Queen City Knitting Mill, h 408 Hoffman

Halbert see Holbert

Hale Lydia Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Haley William , emp Willys- Morrow Co, bds 119 Madison ave

Hall Adelaide P, emp 301 Baldwin, res do

Hall Andres P, pattern maker, h 627 W Gray

Hall Archie A, shipping clerk, Empire Produce Co, h 753 ½ Harper

Hall Arthur L, foreman, Campbell Knitting Mill, h 706 Livingston

Hall Asaph, student, res 875 Grove

Hall Augusta P, wid Robert, res 315 W Church

Hall Benjamin F, adv mgr, Advertiser, h 611 College ave

Hall Bray D, farmer, res 1219 Lake

Hall Carolyn A, res 315 W Church

Hall Catherine, maid 470 W Water, res do

Hall Charles M, grocer, 750 E Water, res do

Hall Charles W, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 512 Fitch

Hall Edward, mgr A & P Tea Co, Horseheads, h 150 Dewitt

Hall Effie Mrs., clerk, S S Kresge Co, res 661 Dubois

Hall Elvira, wid Bray, h 359 Division

Hall Emma E, wid Harry L, dressmaker, res 307 Penna ave

Hall Fanny F, wid Henry K, h 1219 Lake

Hall Foster M, physician and surgeon, practice in diseases of the skin and genitor-urinary diseases, 407-408 Merchants National Bank bldg, office hours 9 a m to 3 p m and 7 to 8 p m, h 578 Riverside ave

Advertisements Pages 174 and 175

Ellett-Stempfle Co. Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures 112 Lake Street

Interior Marble and Tiling Co, Marble and Tile Contractors, 444-446 East Water Street

J.C. McCarthy & Sons, Artistic Memorials Write or Phone for Catalogue,620-624 Franklin

Pierce & Bickford Architects 118-120 Lake Street

G.A. Burris Realty Co. 218 E Water Street, City and Farm Property.We have what you are looking for. Open Saturday Evenings. Bell’phone

Verne Wells, Contractor and Builder. Office 805 Holdridge, Street.Phone.