Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Home Made
FOR 1917


names in black are patrons.

Ferris Adele M. emp. A S B Co., res 208 Orchard

Ferris Charles, trainman Erie R R h 511 Mt. Zoar

Ferris Edward U., emp. H C Spaulding Co., h 907 Sullivan

Ferris Elmer, removed to Detroit, Mich

Ferris Ernest R., machinist A L F E Co. h 3 Sylvester place

Ferris Evabel, clerk 320 Carroll, res 511 Mt. Zoar

Ferris Frank E., emp Willys-Morrow Co., h 319 Washington

FERRIS FRED wholesale and retail wines and liquors, tobacco and cigars 201 Railroad ave., h 106 W Gray

Ferris George H., emp Willys-Morrow Co., h 855 E Market

Ferris Harry, emp. Willys-Morrow Co. rms 707 Kinyon

Ferris Hazel, res 208 ½ Orchard

Ferris Herbert, emp Willys-Morrow Co. bds 319 Washington

Ferris James F died March 1917

Ferris John C., salesman h 208 ½ Orchard

Ferris Joel E., h 309 Orchard

Ferris John J jr emp Willys-Morrow Co., h 207 Judson

Ferris Joseph emp Willys-Morrow Co., rms 707 Kinyon

Ferris Judson B., emp A L F E Co., h 502 McDowell place

Ferris Mary wid James h 515 Mt. Zoar

Ferris Monroe E. carp h Highland ave bey limits

Ferris Port W. student res 511 Mt.Zoar

Ferris Ray E. machinist K V Co. res 309 Orchard

Ferris Wesley H janitor N Y Tel Co., h 423 W Fifth

Ferris William H bkkpr Thurston & Haskell h 1056 Walnut

Fessenden James E. com trav h 110 College ave

Festag Fred emp D L & W R R res 955 Sullivan

Fetter William emp A L F E Co. res 102 Smith

Fetter William F. emp A L F E Co. h 102 Smith

Fettis Mabel P wid Jesse h 813 W Water

Fettis Virginia D. student res 813 W Water

Feuchtwanger Florence M. res 607 W Church

Feuchtwanger Henry J (Wm H Feuchtwanger Co) 251-253 W Water h 607 W Church

Feuchtwanger Jacob cutter res 607 W Church

Feuchtwanger William H (Wm H Feuchtwanger Co) 251-253 W Water res 607 W Church

Feuchtwanger William H Co. (William H Feuchtwanger) mnfr of petticoats 251-253 W Water

Fey Carl H student bds 358 Euclid ave

Fey Hazel R student res 358 Euclid ave

FEY HENRY A (Interior Marble and Yiling Co) 444-446 E Water h 358 Euclid ave

Fey Walter A tile setter 444 E Water h 107 Hoffman

Fey see Fahs Fay

Fick Harry, emp Willys-Morrow Co res 620 Lewis

FIDELITY MERCANTILE AGENCY, O M Rigby, mgr collection agency 317 E Water

Fidelman Barney peddler h 113 Orchard

Fidelman Edith designer res 668 Dickinson,

Fidelman Fannie R clerk 668 Dickinson, res do

Fidelman Isadore, peddler, bds 112 Orchard

Fidelman Joseph, grocer 668 Dickinson

Fidelman Morris, peddler, h 761 John

Fidelman Morris A student res 668 Dickinson

Fidelman Samuel student res 681 ½ W Clinton

Fidelson Mollie Mrs. res 681 ½ W Clinton

Fidelson Ronald clerk Tepper Bros res 681 ½ W Clinton

Field Alice res 713 W Church

Field Augusta, emp F M Howell & Co res 132 Cleveland ave

Field Elisha retired bds 705 W Gray

Field Ernest, emp Lowman Construction Co h 721 Winsor ave

FIELD FORCE PUMP CO see Elmira Heights

Field Frank E. com trav h 655 Grove

Field Grace L student bds 382 Norton

Field Guy D com trav h 714 Grove

Field Harry L condr P R R h 743 Southport

Field Irene T student res 655 Grove

Field James L salesman A L F E Co rms Park Hotel

Field Lee M com trav h 209 ½ W Chemung place

Field Minnie A housekeeper res Clark’s Glen bey limits

Field Rex E. res 655 Grove

Field Thomas l clerk A L F E Co h 107 Partridge

Field William F gand foreman P R R h 733 Kinyon

Fielding Edgar X emp 224 Baldwin h 813 E Second

Fierra Nicholas emp D L & W R R h 164 E Washington ave

Fiester H Irving cashier A S B Co. h 720 Livingston

Fiester Henry glass cutter Barker, Rose & Clinton Co. h 477 South ave

Fiester John L. res 212 S Main

Fiester Lulu L clerk 320 Carroll res 477 South ave

Filippo Michael lab bds 809 Railroad ave

Fillingham Frederick billing clerk A L F E Co., res 309 Elm

Fillingham Hester Mrs., res 452 W Church

Fillman Hiram F emp Dawdy’s Bakery h 375 W Second

Fillman Lynn driver T Briggs & Co. h 375 W Second

Finch Edwin H clerk A S B Co res 2 Falck

Finch Harry E emp Willys-Morrow Co. h 2 Falck

Finch Marjory B clerk A S B Co res 2 Falck

FINCH PHILIP F district manager Mutual Life Ins Co of New York 202 Merchants National Bank bldg. H 736 W Gray

Finger Harvey emp Elmira Foundry Co h 516 ½ Perry

Finlan Michael lineman rms 210 Madison ave

Finlay John student res 307 Franklin

Finlay Robert machinist P R R h 307 Franklin

Finley Nancy A wid Warrick res 513 Partridge

Finn John res 116 Ferris

Finn William H inspr Willys-Morrow Co. rms 751 S Main

Finn William K bricklayer rms 500 College ave

Finnegan Edward J machinist A L F E Co h 126 Penna ave

Finnegan Ida F emp Sheehan Dean & Co. res 114 S. William

Finnegan Mary M emp W I Booth res 114 S William

Finnegan William J machinist A L F E Co h 114 S William

Finnell Frances M organist res 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell Helen C wid John J h 360 W Clinton

Finnell Helen E emp C & K Laundry, res 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell John died March 1917

Finnell Patrick J levelman City Engineers Office h 369 W Sixth

Fippen Mary clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co. res 1154 W Water


FIRE DEPARTMENT STATION NO.2 W Water foot of College ave


FIRE DEPARTMENT STATION NO 4 Maxwell place nr Lake


Fireman’s Association, Exempts 150 Lake

Firestone Rubber Co., Ezra F Crane mgr and distributor, 110-112 W Church

Firman Emma C wid Charles H h. 317 W Clinton

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Rev William T Henry pastor 121 W Church

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST (DISCIPLES) Rev Charles M Kriedler pastor S Main cor Partridge


FIRST GERMAN EVANGELICAL CHURCH Rev Rudolph Wieweg pastor, Madison ave opp Carroll

FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Rev Dewitt S Hooker pastor 320 Baldwin

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev T Johnson Bolger pastor E Church cor Baldwin

Fischer Frank X piano finisher M Doyle Mark Co. h 808 E Church

Fischer Fred asst sales mgr A L F E Co res 825 W Water

Fischer Jeannette J bkkpr Willys-Morrow Co. bds 808 E Church

Fischer see Fisher

Fish Benjamin H inspr Willys- Morrow Co., h 107 Spruce

Fish Eber A trainman D L & W R R h 1206 Pratt

Fish Edwin C h 520 W Water

Fish Eliza wid William W res 520 W Water

Fish Frank E machinist Willys-Morrow Co. h 261 S Walnut

FISH FRED S merchant tailor 162 Lake h Wall near W Water bey limits

Fish Harriet E teacher Orphans’ Home res 454 E church

FISH HORACE W REV district elder Free Methodist Church h 1061 Davis

Fish Mary A wid Frank res 712 Broadway

Fish Raymond emp LaFrance Garage Co rms 308 Orchard

Fishbaugh Chester trainman P R R h 317 Baty

Fisher Abel S guard N Y S Reformatory h 915 Davis

Fisher Albert E emp H C Spaulding Co h 962 N Main

Fisher Alice G wid William H h 1164 W Water

Fisher Alonzo emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 260 Lyon

Fisher Charles R trainman L V R R h 402 Tompkins

Fisher Edith res The Gleason Health Resort

Fisher Fred tinner F S Burgess Son & Co h 214 Madison ave

Fisher George porter 115 West Side ave bds do

Fisher Harris retired h 115 Harriet

Fisher John C physician Gleason Health Resort 1019 East ave res do

Fisher Joseph emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 430 W Fourth

Fisher Karl W telegh editor Herald res 11164 W Water

Fisher Max H emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 208 W Hudson

Fisher Samuel S saleman 111 N Main h 852 Hoffman

Fisher see Fischer

Fishler Sarah A wid George W h 117 W Second

FISHLER VIOLA L real estate fire insurance contracting and building 117 W Second h do

FISHLER’S CARPET CLEANING Viola L Fishler mgr office 117 W Second

Fisk Clementine wid Sanford M res 706 W Water

Fisk Cora M wid William L rms 625 W Gray

Fisk Fred purchasing agent A S B Co. h 423 W Water

FISK H A & CO (H A Fisk) builders supplies 154 E Fifth

FISK HARRY A (H A Fisk & Co.) 154 E Fifth h 105 Elm

Fisk Helen nurse Arnot Ogden Hospital res do

Fisk Jane M res 713 W Water

Fisk Leslie A messr Erie R R res 1265 College ave

Fisk Mary D Mrs. died June 1917

FISK RUBBER CO OF NEW YORK (THE) A B Hickox, mgr, automobile supplies, tires, tubes and sundries 101 W Church

Fisk Seymour R engr res 1265 College ave

Fitch Anna H student res 256 South ave

FITCH CARL L sign writer, signs and show cards 210 E Water, res 112 Dewitt ave

Fitch Clara E h 506 E Market

Fitch Dewey T driver bds 264 W Hudson

Fitch Effie M wid Herbert dressmaker h 256 South ave

Fitch Elmer emp D L & W R R rms 214 W Water

Fitch George janitor S F Iszard Co bds 717 Dickinson

Fitch Harriet W res 506 E Market

FITCH HARRY E dentist 219 W Church, h do office hours 9-12 am and 2-5 pm

Fitch Hazel M clerk Willys-Morrow Co. res 256 South ave

Fitch Jennie E wid William res 125 Judson

Fitch Lawrence M student res 219 W Church

Fitch Lora C wid Arthur S h 357 W Clinton

Fitch Lyman M painter A L F E Co. h 112 Dewitt

Fitch Mary E wid Francis E h 306 Lake

Fitch Owen emp 156 Lake res 717 Dickinson

Fitch Sarah G wid Charles T res 219 W Church

Fitch Simeon lab rms 560 ½ E Clinton

Fitch Sue B wid Burt S music teacher 50 Harmon, h do

Fitch Susan E clerk 139 W Water res 552 Maple ave

Fitch Townsend B res 420 Broadway

Fitch Walter A janitor Realty bldg h 717 Dickinson

Fitch Walter B asst janitor Realty bldg res 717 Dickinson

Fitten Anna L teacher school No 2 res 407 Davis

Fitten Elizabeth milliner 103 E Water bds 407 Davis

Fitten Mary F clerk Sheehan Dean & Co h 407 Davis

Fitzgerald Anna E clerk A S B Co res Horseheads, NY

Fitzgerald Bertha P teacher school No 8 res 419 William

Fitzgerald Catherine maid 359 W Church res do

Fitzgerald Catherine died April 1917

Fitzgerald Catherine A stenogr K V Co res 159 High

Fitzgerald Catherine Mrs. caterer h 506 W Hudson

Fitzgerald Charles T cigarmaker 107 E Church h 706 Jay

Fitzgerald Elizabeth wid William K h 166 W Third

Fitzgerald Eugene emp K V Co rms 216 Orchard

Fitzgerald Frances student res 202 Brand

Fitzgerald Francis H machinist Erie R R res 166 W Third

Fitzgerald Frank baggageman D L & W R R bds 724 Benjamin

Fitzgerald Frank cigarmaker 72 Penna ave res 518 Gradwell place

Fitzgerald Harriet M tailoress res 506 W Hudson

Fitzgerald Helen V stenogr Merchants National Bank res 159 High

Fitzgerald James salesman A L F E Co res 210 Mechanic

Fitzgerald John emp E W L & R R co res 419 William

Fitzgerald Julius emp Exchange Hotel res 513 Railroad ave

Fitzgerald Marie A mgr Campbell Knitting Mill h 324 Baldwin

Fitzgerald Mary emp W H Ralyea Co res 701 Spaulding

Fitzgerald Mary emp C & K Laundry res 603 E Church

Fitzgerald Mary Mrs. h 202 Brand

Fitzgerald Mary wid Patrick h 419 William

Fitzgerald Mary E clerk A S B Co res 12 Westlake, Horseheads, NY

Fitzgerald Mary E wid Thomas H h 210 Mechanic

Fitzgerald Mary J dressmaker rms 410 Baldwin

Fitzgerald Mary L dressmaker res 419 William

Fitzgerald Mary L res 159 High

Fitzgerald Mary N bkkpr Chemung Valley Loan Assn. rms 312 W First

Fitzgerald Michael emp T Briggs & Co h 159 High

Fitzgerald Patrick lab h 323 Webber place

Fitzgerald R P instr N Y S Reformatory res do

Fitzgerald Sidney clerk Erie R R freight res 201 W Henry

Fitzgerald Thomas B furniture and carpets 115-119 W Water h 302 William

Fitzgerald Thomas F ( Gradwell & Fitzgerald) 107 E Church h 503 Oak

Fitzgerald Thomas G clerk 115 W Water h 602 ½ W Clinton

Fitzgerald Thomas J salesman A L F E Co res 210 Mechanic

Fitzgerald William F clerk res 166 W Third

Fitzgibbons Margaret buyer Rosenbaum’s h 207 W Sixth

Fitzgibbons Mary A maid 350 W Church res do

Fitzgibbons Thomas emp Willys-Morrow Co res 109 E Miller

Fitzharris Margaret A res 513 Erie

Fitzherbert Virginia student res 406 W Clinton

Fitzherbert W Thomas real estate dealer h 406 W Clinton

Fitzmartin Alice L wid John J h 360 College ave

Fitzmartin Clara E dressmaker 354 Davis res do

Fitzmartin Eugene J State Highway Dept. 425 E Market h 520 W Second

FITZMARTIN JOHN E bkkpr Elmira Lumber Co res 360 College ave

Fitzmartin M Florence clerk 380 W First res 354 Davis

FITZMARTIN MICHAEL F grocery 380 W First meat market 352 Davis h 354 do

Fitzmorris Michael J machinist 126 Lake res 312 do

Fitzpatrick Elizabeth clerk Sheehan Dean & Co res 446 Welles

Fitzpatrick Frank T cigarmaker 758 E Church h 821 Johnson

Fitzpatrick George W emp Eclispe Machine Co h 459 Falck

Fitzpatrick Helen emp W I Booth res 108 Washington

Fitzpatrick Helen stenogr Erie R R freight res 821 Johnson

Fitzpatrick Helen E student res 526 W Clinton

Fitzpatrick Irene emp 501-503 Hulett bldg res 446 Welles

Fitzpatrick James F emp Willys-Morrow Co. res 821 Johnson

Fitzpatrick John emp E W L & R R Co h 216 Brand

Fitzpatrick John J compositor Telegram h 110 Fox

Fitzpatrick John J jr emp Majestic Theater bds 10 Fox

Fitzpatrick Joseph A mason foreman h 526 W Clinton

Fitzpatrick Julius propr Hotel Bertrain res 1336 College ave

Fitzpatrick Margaret tailoress rms 320 Lake

Fitzpatrick Margaret T stenogr A S B Co res 324 Webber place

Fitzpatrick Marie A opr N Y Tel Co res 821 Johnson

Fitzpatrick Mary h 800 N Main

Fitzpatrick Nora emp Elmira College res 324 Webber place

Fitzpatrick Rachel Mrs. h 108 Washington

Fitzpatrick Robert J truckman E F D res 108 Washington

Fitzpatrick Thomas lab h 446 Welles

Fitzsimmons Andrew died September 1916

Fitzsimmons James janitor Flanagan’s h 801 E Market

Fitzsimmons Louisa, res Maple ave bey limits

Fitzwater Archie M machinist A L F E Co h 405 Mt Zoar

Fix George A yardmaster P R R h 607 Dubois

Fix James res 303 Dewitt

Fix John S res 257 South ave

Fix Ulrich J trainman P R R h 303 Dewitt ave

Flaacke Constance J clerk A S B Co res 623 Lake

Flaacke Frances J stenogr A S B Co res 623 Lake

Flaacke Harriet H student res 623 Lake

Flaacke Katherine wid Henry h 623 Lake

Flaacke Louis K clerk A S B Co res 623 Lake

Flaherty James L clerk M E McElligott h 361 W Fifth

Flahive Florence student res 502 William

Flahive Helen student res 502 William

Flahive John E watchman Arnot Art Gallery res 320 Lake

Flahive John F student res 502 Lake

Flahive John J patrolman police dept h 502 William

Flahive Mary housekeeper 714 Park place res do

Flahive Mary nurse St. Joseph Hospital res 502 William

Flahive Mary res 320 Lake

Flahive Patrick J fireman h 320 Lake

Flamensfeld Ella K clerk res 205 ½ Madison ave

Flanagan B Ellen wid Martin h 208 Washington

Flanagan Edward J bar clerk 200 Baldwin h 503 do

FLANAGAN EDWARD T mgr J J Flanagan & Co 112-116 W Water h 502 do

Flanagan Elizabeth clerk Flanagan’s res 502 W Water

Flanagan Ina clerk Flanagan’s res 502 W Water

FLANAGAN J J & CO Edward T Flanagan mgr, dry goods and department store 112-116 W Water

Flanagan John H machinist res 208 Washington

FLANAGAN JOHN J clerk Flanagan’s 112-116 W Water res 502 do

Flanagan Katherine removed to Buffalo, NY

Flanagan Mary A bkkpr Flanagan’s h 502 W Water

Flanagan May L teacher school No 1 res 208 Washington

Flanagan Raymond J ( The Creamery Lunch) 153 Lake h 709 E Market

Flanagan Terese clerk Flanagan’s res 502 W Water

Flanagan William J condr E W L & R R Co h 913 Lake

Flanders Austin emp D L & W R R freight h 954 East ave

Flanders Charles W emp Erie R R freight h 656 Magee

Flanders Clayton student res 656 Magee

Flanders Leon pressman A S B Co res 656 Magee

Flanders Slate emp Record Brewing Co res 315 W Fourth

Flannery William B lawyer Chemung Canal Bank bldg rms 507 Union

FLAT IRON CANDY STORE (Conklin & Cross) Main, Third cor Park place

Fleming Amelia Mrs. emp C & K Laundry h 146 W Water

Fleming Basil A machinist Field Force Pump Co bds 850 Perine

Fleming Burley emp Willys-Morrow Co., rms 463 W Second

Fleming Charles D L & W R R bds 405 W Second

Fleming Christian emp P R R h 523 Balsam

Fleming Edson H carp h 207 Austin place

Fleming George emp P R R bds 523 Balsam

Fleming George T driver res 523 Balsam

FLEMING JAMES D supt The Brandstreet Co 203-204 Robinson bldg rms 500 Lake

Fleming Joseph J emp Willys-Morrow Co h 420 Broadway

Flesh Gertrude clerk 128 W Water res 379 Fulton

Flesh J Edward emp Willys-Morrow Co res 379 Fulton

Flesh John E blacksmith P R R h 379 Fulton

Flesh Mabel stenogr 309 Realty bldg res 379 Fulton

Flesh Walter R clerk 102 W Water res 379 Fulton

Fletcher Charles trainman P R R bds 209 South ave

Fletcher Charles R pres Elmira Used Car Exchange 228 William h 1107 Lake

Fletcher Edgar L piano tuner h 629 Winsor ave

FLETCHER EMMA MRS instr Singer Sewing Machine Co res 603 Yale

Fletcher Esther clerk 665 Magee rms 337 ½ W Washington ave

Fletcher George W trainman P R R h 777 Penna ave

FLETCHER GRANT B machinist P R R h 603 Yale

Fletcher H S draftsman 252 W Water res 450 Maple ave

Fletcher Herman Mrs rms 811 E Market

Fletcher Mary E Mrs res 108 ½ Spring

Fletcher Oscar C paperhanger 361 W Second h do

Fletcher Richard emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 108 Phoenix

Fletcher Roland S condr P R R h 789 Penna ave

Flett Alexander J condr E W L & R R Co res 115 Columbia

Flett Edgar R condr Erie R R h 108 E Chemung place

Flick Andrew res 88 Keefe

Flick Floyd emp Willys-Morrow Co res 608 Keefe

Flick Norman emp Willys-Morrow Co h 608 Keefe

Flick Thomas emp Willys-Morrow Co h 88 Keefe

Flinsbach Margaret J dressmaker 310 Dewitt ave res do

Flood Alice bkkpr Blackstone Motor Co res 122 W Hudson

Flood Ella S wid Henry h 320 Lake

Flood Frank H dies May 1917

Flood Mabel physician Realty bldg 412 E Market res 705 Maple ave

Flood Nellie A bkkpr Frank W Hughson Co., res 615 W Water

Flood Robert A millwright h 122 W Hudson

Florack Eleanor emp Hotel Rathbun h 312 E Church

Florey Lloyd R pressman Telegram h 758 ½ Jay

Florin John P emp Willys-Morrow Co h 703 W Gray

Florio Giovinin emp J N Stearns & Co res 113 N Main

Floyd Bertha emp W H Ralyea & Co res 72 Penna ave

Floyd Edwin com trav h 426 W Clinton

Floyd Mary Mrs emp W H Ralyea & Co h 72 Penna ave

Fluman Fred died October 1916

Fluman Wilma Mrs. res 406 Oak

Flynn Anna res 459 E Church

Flynn Anna h 501 Sullivan

Flynn Anna wid Thomas h 459 E Church

Flynn Anna a wid Dennis bds 950 Magee

Flynn Anna C emp Dawdy Bakery res 950 Magee

Flynn Bernard J emp RECORD’S Brewery res 904 Oak

Flynn Bert W trainman D L & W R R res 904 Oak

Flynn Catherine wid Valentine, clerk D L & W R R rms 1112 Oak

Flynn Catherine C wid William E h 904 Oak

Flynn Catherine W emp W I Booth res 1555 Lake

Flynn Daniel J fireman D L & W R R rms 359 Crescent ave

Flynn David F condr D L & W R R h 306 E Washinngton ave

FLYNN EDWARD T cigars, tobacco and pocket billards 104 Lake h 501 E Water

Flynn Edward W fireman D L & W R R res 1555 Lake

Flynn Edward W asst janitor E F A h 608 Jay

Flynn Elizabeth student res 1555 Lake

Flynn Emma M student bds 1555 Lake

Flynn Eugene F trainman D L & W R R h 370 E Warren

Flynn Harriet M student student Elmira College res do

Flynn James emp Willys-Morrow Co. rms 453 Spaulding

Flynn James H pressman bds 209 Front

Flynn John delivery clerk Gosper-Kelly Co res 758 E Washington ave

Flynn John emp A S B Co bds 209 Front

Flynn John E hostler D L & W R R h 956 Lake

Flynn John F emp Campbell Knitting Mill res 904 Oak

Flynn John R (McLaughlin-Flynn Co., Inc) h 315 High

Flynn Joseph emp E W L & R R Co res Arcadia road

Flynn Joseph W condr D L & W R R h 362 E Fourth

Flynn Josephine M student res 306 E Washington ave

Flynn Katherine emp W I Booth res 1555 Lake

Flynn Leo res 904 Oak

Flynn Margaret res 317 W Fifth

Flynn Margaret C res 362 E Fourth

Flynn Marie bds 209 Front

Flynn Marie H emp Ufford Glove Co res 904 Oak

Flynn Mary emp Hotel Langwell res do

Flynn Mary C teacher school No 7 res 306 E Washinton ave

Flynn Minnie Mrs. clerk Powell-Hall Co h 852 Lake

Flynn Morris meat cutter bds 654 ½ E Clinton

Flynn Nellie tailoress 123 W Water res 501 Sullivan

Flynn Patrick R lab h 209 Front

Flynn Peter Turkish baths 167 Lake res 610 Howard

Flynn Thomas P trainman D L & W R R res 904 Oak

Flynn Timothy died January 1917

Flynn William A student res 608 Jay

Flynn William E condr D L & W R R h 1555 Lake

Flynn William J supervisor Erie R R h 317 W Fifth

FLYNN’S CIGAR AND POOL ROOM (Edward T Flynn) 104 Lake

Foagy Jerome L cigarmaker John C Conlon h 363 E Fourth

Foagy see Fogy

Foehner Charles J clerk Willys-Morrow Co. bds 52 Orchard

Foehner Katherine emp Perfect Laundry res 117 Judson

Foehner Lillian bkkpr Hancock’s Bakery res 117 Judson

Foehner Theodore J emp Kertscher & Co h 117 Judson

Fogarty Anna dressmaker Sheehan Dean & Co h 652 N Main

Fogarty Nellie waitress Elmira College res 652 N Main

Fogay Frank lab h 951 McKinley place

Fogay Martha res 951 McKinley

Fogay see Foagy

FOLD EASY HOUSE MANFACTURING CO Mayne C P Parker pres Robert W Parker vice-pres Charles E Tom sec-treas, mnfrs of folding houses,sporting goods and novelties 935=936 Lackawanna ave

Foley Bert emp Star-Gazette bds 409 Fulton

Foley James lab res 445 E Water

Foley J Harry emp American Bridge Co res 402 W Gray

Foley Johanna housekeeper 408 Magee, res do

Foley John removed to Montour Falls, NY

Foley John R cigarmaker 72 Penna ave. bds American House

Foley Mary L wid John H 402 W Gray

Foley Mathew emp W U Tel Co res 524 William

Foley Patrick bar clerk rms 506 Baldwin

Foley Patrick emp K V Co h 164 Dewitt ave

FOLEY THOMAS F physician, eye, ear nose and throat specialist, 124 W Second, h do office hours: 10 Am to 1 pm and 2 – 4 and 7 – 8 pm

Folta Clara J Mrs bds 511 william

Fonda Alfred S machinist A L F E Co res 108 E Henry

Fonda Frank molder K V Co h 108 E Henry

Fonda Frank W died May 1917

Fondy Edward emp Willys-Morrow Co res 367 Diven ave

Fondy Mary res 367 Diven ave

Fondy Michael J switchman D L & W R R h 367 Diven ave

Foote Charles B emp A S B Co h 510 Herrick

Foote George D emp K V Co h 1123 Abbott

Foran Charles J engr D L & W R R res 408 ½ High

Foran John J café 421 High res 408 ½ do

Foran Margaret wid Simon h 408 High

Foran Martin J patrolman police dept res 408 ½ High

Forbes George emp Willys-Morrow Co h 94 Cedar

Forbes Gladys M stenogr Willys-Morrow Co res 901 W Water

FORBES HARRY N. (Interior Marble & Tiling Co) 444-446 E Water h 707 W Gray

Forbes John emp Willys-Morrow co res 267 W Chemung place

Forbes John F h 810 W Gray

Forbes Zachariah res 715 Dickinson

Force Edward H died December 1916

Force Marion O emp N Y Tel Co h 511 ½ Spaulding

Ford Edgar S train dispatcher res 606 Walnut

Ford Edward H bds 219 Hoffman

Ford Eliza P wid Augustus H res 401 N Main

Ford Eva wid William h 606 Walnut

Ford Florence E res 611 Lake

FORD FRANK bkkpr F M Blystone h 715 Lake

Ford George H café 167 Baldwin res 111 W Market

FORD HARRY HALE physician and surgeon 401 N Main h do office hours 2-4 and 7-8 pm

Ford Helen clerk A S B Co res Franklin Horseheads, NY

Ford Katherine Mrs res 551 E Third

Ford Mary wid Martin h 111 W Market

Ford Mary J wid Samuel h 707 Railroad ave

Ford R A office asst Armour & Co res 621 Lake

Ford Robert J draftsman American Bridge Co h 124 E Chrmung place

Ford Robert W h 601 College ave

Ford Truman C car repair P R R h r 569 Coburn

FORD VERNON P dentist 611 Lake h do

Ford William emp Doane & Jones Lbr Co h 1125 Davis

Ford William (Brown & Ford) 207 S Main h 464 Lyon

Fordham Emerson S electrician George C Haesloop h 155 Dewitt ave

Fordham Etta maid 306 E Church res do

Fordham Martin V watchman Willys-Morrow Co rms 318 Sylvester place

Forker Ella wid Samuel h 406 Powell

Forman Mary res 705 Maple ave

Forman Sarah wid Samuel h 705 Maple ave

Forrence Entertainment Bureau, B H Forrence mgr 411 Realty bldg

Forrence Virgil H mgr Forrence Entertainment Bureau 411 Realty bldg res 450 Maple ave

Forrest Alfred H carp h 1125 Ovid

Forsburg Edwin J emp Willys-Morrow co rms 758 Spaulding

Forsburg Olivia maid 524 W Church res do

Forsythe Bartley C machinist Southern Tier Motor Co h 904 W First

Forsythe Basil H trainman P R R bds 223 W Miller

Forsythe Burton A foreman Southern Tier Motor Co h 326 Irvine place

Forsythe Clayton E consulting engr Willys-Morrow Co. h 400 Mt Zoar

Forsythe Effie M wid Frank h 611 W Gray

Forsythe Err M patternmaker Willys-Morrow Co h 200 Guinnip ave

Forsythe George carp h 493 Edgewood ave

Forsythe Julia housekeeper Judd Beckwith Maple ave bey limits, res do

Forsythe Sarah F emp F M Howell & Co res 493 Edgewood ave

Forte Carlo emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 156 W Third

Forte Luigi emp Willys-Morrow Co res 705 Railroad ave

Foss Charles E mason h 759 ½ E Fifth

Foss Emil H printer Snyder Bros res 759 ½ E Fifth

Foss Levi J fireman A L F E Co res 1240 W First

Fossaca Nicholas emp Elmira Cut Flower Co h 709 Railroad ave

Foster Bernice student res 1893 Grand Central ave

Foster Charles emp W I Booth Co res 360 W Gray

Foster Clara R wid William W res 723 W Water

Foster Earl emp A S B Co rms 311 Lake

Foster Edith M stenogr Willys-Morrow Co res 119 Lormore

Foster Floyd M grocer 420 Davis h do

Foster Fred H com trav h 156 Madison ave

Foster Henry hotel 1893 grand Central ave h dp

Foster Jessie M Mrs. res 814 Madison ave

Foster John D emp Willys-Morrow co h 505 Erie

Foster Lloyd emp A L F E Co bds 120 Penna ave

Foster Lynn H buttermaker 665 Lake h 404 Division

Foster Martin L emp A L F E Co 107 Partridge

Foster Mary wid Eugene h 115 Washington

Foster Oliver F ( Sickles Hotel) 814 Madison ave h do

Foster Winfield S died April 1917

Fotar Samuel shoeshiner 333 E Water bds 416 do

Fountain Byron H emp P R R shops res 625 Lewis

Fowler Anna wid Mathew h 322 W Seventh

Fowler Café (The) (Fred W Causer) 122 W Water

Fowler Emma A wid John E housekeeper 714 Walnut res do

Fowler Harry M cashier L V R R res 558 E Water

Fowler Joseph H emp Willys-Morrow Co h 134 E Water

Fowler Lloyd emp Willys-Morrow Co res 558 E Water

Fowler Margaret clerk A S B Co res 322 W Seventh

Fowler Ray L clerk Willys-Morrow co h 558 E Water

Fowler Richard H glass worker h 750 Jay

Fowler Willard K janitor S F Iszard Co h 719 Livingston

Fox Alexander emp W H Ralyea & Co res 419 Railroad ave

Fox Alvin P car repairer P R R h 654 Beecher

Fox Anna emp J N Stearns & Co res 358 Norton

Fox Ansel Y farmer h 807 E Water

Fox Burt com trav h 456 E Church

Fox Hannah D rms 218 High

Fox John lab res 419 Railroad ave

Fox Laura Mrs emp J N Stearns & co h 358 Norton

Fox Mary J stenogr rms 258 W Henry

Foy Bertha M student res 258 Lyon

Foy Esther housekeeper 653 Euclid ave, bds do

Foy John W carp h 258 Lyon

Foy Myrtle C stenogr Baldwin & Allison res 258 Lyon

Foy Patrick J bar clerk rms 79 Walnut

Fraleigh James A harnessmaker 567 E Water h do

FRAWLEY TRACY C job printer, printer of milk tickets, engraver and rubber mnfr 116 Brand, h do

France Ida L Mrs. emp Cafeteria Federation bldg res 100 Chestnut

Frances Charles stenogr Armour & Co h 465 W Third

Franches Tony lab bds 715 Railroad ave

Francis John emp Erie R R h 713 ½ Dickinson

Francis John A tailor 204-206 E Water h 916 W First

Francis Nancy C wid George res 374 E Warren

FrancisWilliam carp h 803 Lake

Franck Albert J bkkpr E W L & R R Co res 414 Elm

Francois Elizabeth Mrs res 402 Fulton

Franetti Leasa wid Michael h 115 E Seventh

Franetti Patsy res 115 E Seventh

Frank Arthur S clerk Baker Bros res 577 Post

Frank Benjamin com trav res 577 Post

Frank Charles s emp Willys-Morrow co h 329 W Seventh

Frank Edward umbrella maker 101 E Water res do

Frank Harris cigar mnfr 577 Post, h do

Frank Henry J emp Willys-Morrow co h 428 W Fifth

Frank James emp Willys-Morrow co bds 151 franklin

Frank Joseph (Elmira Art Co) 223 S Main h do

Franklin Albert L res 668 ½ Baldwin

Franklin Charles lab res 668 Baldwin

Franklin Clarence janitor Snyder bldg h 668 ½ Baldwin

Franklin Esther C bkkpr 620 State, res 51 Orchard

Franklin Hotel (James Bernas) 358-360 E Washington ave

Franklin Jane stenogr Elmira Arms Co., res Horseheads, NY

FRANKLIN STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev James A Miller, pastor 210 Franklin

Frantel Antonia emp Mander’s Brewery h 213 Judson

Frantel Leo cooper Record Brewery, res 213 Judson

Frantz Fred W clerk city division P O h 605 E Water

Frantz John P emp Country Club, also grafting, trimming and lawn work h 814 W First

Fraser Alice Louise student Elmira College, res do

Fraser George D (Mantell & Fraser) r 935 College ave h 339 Irvine place

Fraser Helen C res 609 W Gray

Fraser Jennie S wid Daniel h 609 W Gray

Fraser John trainman D L & W R R h 306 ½ Cresent ave

Fraser John W com trav res 609 W Gray

Fraser Laura K clerk N Y Tel Co h 855 Davis

Fraser Marie C wid John E vocal teacher h 1159 Hoffman

Fraser Ruth clerk Second National Bank res 609 W Gray

FRASIER HOTEL (THE NEW) Mrs Edith Smith propr, Railroad avec or W Third

Frawley Anna clerk Rosenbaum’s res 202 Brand

Frawley James emp Armour & Co rms 465 W Third

Frawley Katherine bds 1410 Baldwin

Frawley Katherine E clerk Rosenbaum’s res 202 Brand

Frawley Margaret bds 1410 Baldwin

Frawley Patrick car inspr D L & W R R h 1410 Baldwin

Frederick Ada M stenogr bds 100 Front

Frederick Bernard W bds 100 Front

Frederick Ella A maid 601 W Water res do

Frederick Hazel N mill opr res 511 Perine

Frederick John J emp Kertscher & Co h 100 Front

Frederick Joseph A lab K V Co h 658 Oak

Frederick Leta emp United Sales Mfg Co res 511 Perine

Frederick N S Mrs emp Goff Way & Brand res 711 Perine

Frederick Nicholas S machinist eclipse Machine Co res 511 Perine

Frederick Samuel boilermaker P R R h 511 Perine

Frederick Walter B engr Erie R R bds 100 Front


Freeborn Belle h 204 Dewitt ave

Freeborne Margaret cook Gleason Health Resort, res do

Freedman & Co., (Gertrude K Freedman and Alfred B Dettmer) meat market 561 E Church

Freedman Lawrence H mgr 561 E Church h 809 E Second

Freedman Mabel G nurse Arnot Ogden Hospita; res 809 E Second

Freedman Max buyer Tepper Bros. h 103 Dewitt ave

Freedman Raymond W student res 809 E Second

Freedman see Friedman

Freeland Francis emp Willys-Morrow Co res 311 William

Freeland Lena boarding house 311 William h do

Freeland Lester B emp Willys-Morrow Co h 806 E Church

Freeland Louis h 311 William

Freeman Augustus H janitor Realty bldg res 522 Baldwin

Freeman C L machinist res 429 E Water

Freeman Charles emp Willys-Morrow co rms 257 Sullivan

Freeman Charles woodworker Elmira casket Co res 308 Baldwin

Freeman Charles E fireman D L & W R R h 358 E Fifth

Freeman Cora Mrs cook 169 Baldwin h 605 John

Freeman D Chester accountant D L & W R R freight res 403 William

Freeman Daniel emp Erie R R res 519 Gradwell place

Freeman Ernest C emp Elmira Foundry Co h 708 Hopkins

Freeman Gilbert shipping clerk L T Holmes res 159 ½ Sullivan

Freeman Harold J clerk 600 Penna ave res 804 Herrick

Freeman Louise B teacher school No 1 h 127 Madison ave

Freeman Margaret clerk Flanagan’s res 360 W Water

Freeman Max M collector 317 E Water h 159 ½ Sullivan

Freeman Minnie housekeeper res 356 W Third

Freeman Minnie emp C F Brown & Co res 700 German

Freeman Paul I trainman P R R h 804 Herrick

Freeman Pauline clerk 300 S Main rms 213 ½ Lormore

Freeman Raymond woodworker Elmira Casket Co res 316 E Chemung place

Freeman Robert A clerk 374 S Main h 255 Schuyler ave

Freeman Walter S died March 1917

Freeman William plumber 104 W Second res 106 do

Freeman William emp A L F E Co h 301 Broadway

French Charles clerk Mohican Co rms 302 E Second

French Charles H delivery clerk P R R freight h 641 Winsor ave

French Clair A mgr A & P Tea Co 400 S Main rms 203 W Hudson

French Claude B patrolman police dept h 422 ½ E Market

French Clifford J clerk A & P Tea Co bds 166 Harriet

French Clyde delivery clerk A & P Tea Co res 166 Harriet

French Cora wid Otis h 166 Harriet

French Edith B wid Leroy W h 502 Columbia

French Edwin I emp A L F E Co h 255 Partridge

French Ernestine E wid Horace C h 655 Davis

French Ernestine H res 655 Davis

French Floyd C carp Thurston & Haskell h 825 W First

French Freeman W retired h 123 Horner

French George fireman P R R bds 1003 Pratt

French Gertrude L clerk A L F E Co res 255 Partridge

French Henry T buyer N J Thompson & Co h 823 W Water

French Hugh emp K V Co rms 106 Sullivan

French Isaac emp Eclispe Machine Co bds 503 Sullivan

French James emp K V Co rms 106 Sullivan

French Jerome J com trav h 505 Grove

French John H meat market 804 E Church h 224 Sullivan

French Joseph P salesman Post-Volker Produce Co rms 219 Franklin

French L Briggs actor res 502 Columbia

French Marie L student res 224 Sullivan

French Lewis E student res 255 Partridge

French Norman B bricklayer h 609 Mt Zoar

French Peter P res 412 Linden place

French Robert clerk Mohican Co rms 302 E Second

French Roy B sub-carrier P O h 622 Oak

FRENCH URI S (Personius Malone & French) 124 W Water buyer N J Thompson & Co h 412 Linden

French Valerie D student Elmira College res do

French William E hay market sheds h 206 ½ Orchard

Fresburg Peter A emp Willys-Morrow Co h 152 Guinnip ave

Freudenheim Abraham mgr 111-115 Railroad ave res 710 E Market

Freudenheim Elias B bkkpr 111-115 Railroad ave res 501 Lake

Freudenheim George M con trav res 710 E Market

Freudenheim Grace res 710 E Market

Freudenheim Harry W (Freudenheim, Levy & Lande Inc) 118 Lake res New York City

Freudenheim Jacob S com trav res 710 E Market

Freudenheim L & Bro (Louis and Max Freudenheim) mnfrs of women’s dress and skirts 111-115 Railroad ave

Freudenheim Levy & Lande (Inc) J B Sammet, Morris and Harry W Freudenheim, Marks G Levy and William M Lande, wholesale jewelers 118 Lake

Freudenheim Lewis (L Freudenheim & Bro) 111-115 Railroad ave h 501 Lake

FREUDENHEIM LOUIS D mgr Spillan Drug Store 531 Lake h 710 E Market

Freudenheim Max (L Freudenheim & Bro) 111-115 Railroad ave h 710 E Market

Freudenheim Mendel E res 501 Lake

Freudenheim Morris (Freidenheim, Levy & Lande Inc) 118 Lake res New York City

Freudenreich Jacob shipping clerk Kertscher & Co h 1155 College ave

Frey Anna J nurse res 124 ½ Harriet

Frey Lillian M stenogr res 124 ½ Harriet

Frey Rosalie B wid Soloman R h 124 ½ Harriet

Fricke Herman C salesman h 960 East ave

Fridie Archibald J presser Welton’s Dye Works h 918 W Gray

Fridie Earl E student res 609 E Second

Fridie Louise M teacher res 609 E Second

Fridie William (Schunk & Fridie) 319 Carroll h 609 E Second

FRIDIE WILLIAM J sec John T Sadler Co (inc) 122 Lake h 1409 W Water

Friebel Herman G coppersmith A L F E Co h 215 Penna ave

Friedman Carrie E clerk Baker Bros res 1109 Oak

Friedman Charles S emp 601 E Water res 152 Dewitt ave

Friedman Joseph emp A L F E Co h 1109 Oak

Friedman Louis dry goods and notions 751 John h do

Friedman Sarah teacher school No 5 bds 751 John

Friedman Sidney D student res 751 John

Friedman see Freedman

FRIEND ALBERT J (Friend Metzger & Co) 164-`166 Lake h 554 Maple ave

Friend Eliza wid John h 219 Penna ave

Friend John died February 1917

FRIEND, MERTZGER & CO. (Albert J Friend and John W Roof) meat market 164-166 Lake

Friend see Friends

Friendberg Alice bkkpr C & K Laundry res 510 Falck

Friendberg August stck clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co h 510 Falck

Friendberg Esther stenogr A L F E Co res 510 Falck

Friendberg Florence stenogr C & K Laundry res 510 Falck

Freidberg Ida T clerk A S B Co res 510 Falck

Friedberg J Walter res 510 Falck

Friendberg see Frydenburg

Friendly Lena wid Henry h 753 E Church

Friendly Meyer retired h 510 W Church

Friendly Meyer H retired h 411 W Church

Friendly Samson J bonds and investments 311 Robinson bldg h 456 W Water

Friendly Soloman H real estate 406 William h 408 Euclid ave

Friends Eland emp D L & W R R res 327 E Center

Friends Fred B emp Swift Lubricator Co h 523 Broadway

Friends Jennie wid James K h 769 Penna ave

Friends Martin T clerk 141 E Water h 221 Dewitt ave

Friends Willis R clerk G W Peck & Co h 217 ½ Dewitt ave

Friends see Friend

Fries Ober B switchman P R R h 462 Lyon

Fries Robert baker rms 355 ½ W Clinton

Fries William emp Dawdys Bakery rms 3551/2 W Clinton

FRINKE CLAYTON W mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co 332 E Water, h 306 Penna ave

Frinke Ralph emp Terbell-Calkins Drug Co rms 119 Madison ave