Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1917


names in black are patrons.

Ellis Elizabeth, teacher, rms 408 Union place

Ellis Emma Mrs, res 210 Mt Zoar

Ellis Erma, clerk Reid & Winner, bds 114 Durland ave

Ellis George, lab, h 204 Chestnut

Ellis George P C, res 204 Chestnut

Ellis Harry W, toolmaker A L F E Co, res 504 Franklin

Ellis J Stanley, dentist 100 W Water, h 374 W Gray

Ellis Mary Mrs, h 715 John

ELLIS MELVIN R, retired, h 414 W Church

Ellis Mildred, nurse St Joseph’s Hospital, res 211 High

Ellis Mildred A, teacher, res 111 W Chemung place

Ellis Peter B, painter, h 119 Horner

Ellis Roselle C, condr P R R, h 111 W Chemung place

Ellis Stephen T, res 407 Balsam

Ellis Stephen W, blacksmith 407 Balsam, h do

Ellis Victor, lab, res 505 Erie

Ellis William, lab, h 204 Chestnut

Ellison Alvah, carp, h 103 W LaFrance

Ellison Edward E, mgr Service Laundry Co (Inc), res Wellsburg, N Y

Ellison Gladys L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 402 W Hudson

Ellison Jacob, peddler, h 800 John

ELLISON JAMES H REV, presiding elder A M E Zion Church, h 711 Benjamin

Ellison Raymond B, emp Eclipse Machine Co, res 402 W Hudson

Ellison William S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 402 W Hudson

ELLS GEORGE F, agent Harley Davidson motorcycles, bicycles, accessories and sporting goods 651 Lake, h 660 do

Ells James B, lawn mower repairing 818 Lincoln, h do

Ellsworth Dell J, emp A L F E Co, res 220 Penna ave

Ellsworth Edward, emp Eclipse Machine Co, bds 211 Dewitt ave

Ellsworth Edward R, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 109 E Henry

Ellsworth Elizabeth P, res The Gleason Health Resort

Ellsworth Josephine Mrs, dressmaker 109 E Henry, res do

Ellsworth Lucy L, res 220 Penna ave

Ellsworth William D, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 220 Penna ave

Elmendorf George, confectioner 450 Riverside ave, h do

Elmendorf M Jane, nurse, res 659 W Third

Elmendorf Milton M, decorator, h 659 W Third

Elmendorf Roy C, reporter Star-Gazette, res 658 Maple ave

Elmendorf Vitruvius, painter, h 207 Hoffman

ELMIRA ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, Elmira Federation bldg

ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION, Milo Shanks pres and gen’l mgr, publishers Elmira Daily Advertiser, book and job printers and book binders 100-102 Lake


ELMIRA ARMS CO, Wesley O Crew pres, Jay W Butts sec and treas, bicycles and talking machines, toys, trunks and sporting goods, 117 N Main

Elmira Art Co (Joseph Frank) 223 S Main

ELMIRA AUTOMOBILE AND SUPPLY CO, William G Faats propr, Harold K Levering mgr, automobiles, supplies and repairs, agency for Velie and Marmon motor cars, 118-122 State

ELMIRA AUTOMOBILE CLUB, Hamblin S Bryan sec, 210 E Water

ELMIRA BOILER AND IRON WORKS, Henry Hoy pres, Hugh Hoy vice-pres, James Hoy sec and treas, George L Hoy mgr, 733-737 Dickinson (See ad bottom page 129)

ELMIRA BUILDERS’ SUPPLY CO (INC), James P Drake pres, E L Drake vice-pres, George F Romer sec-treas; dealers in lime, cement, plaster boards, sewer pipe, window glass, etc, 101 E Chemung place

Elmira Camera Club, 114 Baldwin

Elmira Candy Co, F B Quimby pres, H Hays vice-pres, W B Greenough treas, J J Jackson sec, wholesale candy 325 Carroll

Elmira Casket Co, (George P Cooper) 224 Baldwin

ELMIRA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Alexander P Morrow pres, S G H Turner treas, John E Bally sec, Realty bldg 404 E Market

ELMIRA CHINA AND PAPER CO, (A A Walters) 312 Carroll

ELMIRA CITY CLUB, Charles R Murphy steward, 320-322 E Church

ELMIRA CLINICAL SOCIETY, Elmira Federation bldg

ELMIRA COAL CO, J John Hassett pres and sec, Margaret O’Donnell vice-pres, Lee V Shepard treas and mgr, 322-332 Penna ave (See ad bottom page 130)

ELMIRA COLLEGE, John Balcom Shaw, D D, pres, M Anstice Harris, Ph D, dean, Antoinette Greene, Ph D, sec, College ave cor W Washington ave

ELMIRA COLLEGE OBSERVATORY, W Sixth, Park place and College ave

ELMIRA COMMERCIAL MOTOR CAR CO (INC), George Gebbie pres, Charles B Swartwood treas, mnfrs automobiles and general production 513-517 Realty bldg

ELMIRA CO-OPERATIVE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Henry L Rosenbaum pres, John H Shearer vice-pres, Henry M Clarke sec-treas, 301-302 Robinson bldg

ELMIRA CORNING & WAVERLY RAILWAY, J L Greatsinger pres, J R Empey gen’l mgr, 400 E Water cor Lake

Elmira Country Club, W Church bey limits

ELMIRA CREDIT RATING BUREAU, Charles O Eacker mgr, 304-308 Realty bldg

Elmira Crematory Co, E D Lewis mgr, 1204 Lackawanna ave

Elmira Crockery Store, (F N Gregory) china and crockery 200 E Water

ELMIRA DAIRY CO, (Fred D Hevener and W F Nichols) distributors of milk and dairy products 108-110 Ferris

Elmira Drug and Chemical Co, Alexander Mark, M D, pres, Grant W Embler sec, C B Mapes mgr, wholesale drugs and physicians’ supplies 100-102 W Church

ELMIRA EXEMPT FIREMEN’S ASSN, Second National Bank bldg 150 Lake cor Carroll

ELMIRA FARM AGENCY, (Rev Oscar H Denney) 500 Lake

ELMIRA FEDERATION BILDING, 115-121 E Church cor State

ELMIRA FEDERATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE, Jeanette S Bullis executive secretary, Elmira Federation bldg

Elmira Foundry Co, James D McCann treas, A M Louden gen’l supt, Main cor Woodlawn ave




ELMIRA HERALD PUBLISHING CO, Francis W Ross mgr, publishers of Elmira Daily Herald 117-119 Railroad ave

ELMIRA HUMANE SOCIETIES (THE), M H Murphy pres, Clara Reid sec, John W Dilmore humane agent, Federation bldg

ELMIRA ICE CO, Charles H Miller mgr, 536-538 W Hudson

ELMIRA INSURING AGENCY, Babcock, Toomey & Beers (Inc) successors, 416 Robinson bldg

ELMIRA IRON & METAL CO, Jacob Levine mgr, scrap iron, rags and metal 911 John (See ad bottom page 131)


ELMIRA LUMBER CO, D F Stoll mgr, 199 E Washington ave

Elmira Machine Co, 312 State


ELMIRA MECHANICS SOCIETY, Webster J Cole pres, Frederick W Swan vice-pres, Adna H Stowell sec, John E Larkin treas, 323 Carroll

Elmira Mirror Works, (Joseph M Caplan) 219 W Water

ELMIRA MOTOR CAR CO, Frank P Shea mgr, 106-110 E Church


ELMIRA NEWS CO, (Rubin Bros) newspapers, periodicals, sporting goods, cigars and tobacco 302 E Water

Elmira Portrait Co (The), Archie D Goldsmith propr, 114-116 Baldwin

ELMIRA POST OFFICE, Daniel Sheehan postmaster, 200 E Church cor State

Elmira Realty Co, Boyd McDowell sec, Realty bldg 408 E Market

ELMIRA SAVINGS BANK (THE), William H Ferguson pres, John J Curtis first vice-pres, John W Huston second vice-pres, Hubert C Mandeville treas, Michael A Leahy sec, 212 E Water

Elmira Saw Works, (William L Page) 405 Baldwin

ELMIRA SOAP WORKS, (John F White) mnfrs fine laundry soap 648 Madison ave

ELMIRA STORAGE AND SUPPLY CO, E K Tidd pres, E M Wray sec-treas, wholesale agricultural implements, farm supplies and storage 307 State

ELMIRA STORE FIXTURE CO, show cases, cash registers and soda fountains 202 Penna ave

ELMIRA SUPPLY DEALERS ASSOCIATION, J N Wood pres, Charles O Eacher sec-treas, 304-308 Realty bldg

Elmira Symphony Orchestra, 325 Carroll

ELMIRA TEA STORE, (Thomas Carr) 330 W Fifth

ELMIRA TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION, Cora Ogden pres, Elmira Federation bldg

Elmira Towel Supply Co, Reese W Thomas mgr, 310-312 Robinson bldg

ELMIRA TRIPURE WATER CO, John C Roe pres, soda water supply, distilled water and carbonated beverages, 720-724 W Second (See adv side lines)

Elmira Used Car Exchange, Charles R Fletcher pres, Ralph E Greenlaugh vice-pres, 228 William

ELMIRA WALL PAPER CO, F J Schweppe pres, H C Schweppe sec-treas, wholesale and retail wall paper, 123 N Main

ELMIRA WATER BOARD, Archie M Bovier pres, John J McNevin sec, H M Beardley genl mgr, office City Hall

ELMIRA WATER, LIGHT AND RAILROAD CO, Ray Tompkins pres, G B Tripp vice-pres, C A Kolstad sec-treas, F H Hill genl mgr; office Hulett bldg, E Water cor Lake; power stations 620 Madison ave and 50 Sullivan


Elmira Welding and Machine Co, (Maurice A VanBrunt) oxy-acetylene welding, 312 State

ELMIRA WHOLESALE GROCERY CO, Frederick Schornstheimer pres, H F Diester vice-pres, L H Morse sec, H S Patterson treas and mgr, 620 State

Elmira Window Cleaning Co, (Nathan Gerie) 322 E Water

Elmiski Michael, lab, h 905 Grand Central ave

Elmore May T, teacher, res 109 W Chemung place

Elmore Orville D, retired, h 507 Ivy

Elmore Thaddeus W, h 109 W Chemung place

Elston Edward J, trainman P R R, h 254 Lyon

Elston Edwin C, optician, h 712 German

Elston Elizabeth Mrs, dressmaker, res 712 German

Elston Emily G, res 167 Dewitt ave

Elston Evert G, emp F M Howell & Co, res 224 Chestnut

Elston George, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h Maple ave bey limits

Elston Glen, pressman F M Howell & Co, res 224 Chestnut

Elston Grant C, carp, h 224 Chestnut

Elston H K, rural delivery P O, res 100 Cleveland ave bey lilmits

Elston Helen, school teacher, res 100 Cleveland ave bey limits

Elston Isaac, fireman Hotel Rathbun, rms 408 Spaulding

Elston Ina, emp F M Howell & Co, res 224 Chestnut

Elston Jacob T, h 515 Walnut

Elston Kalista, office asst Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Elston Mary L, res 359 Division

Elwood Robert T, trainman D L & W R R, h 128 S Main

Elwood William, emp A Wyckoff Son & Co, bds 530 Partridge

Ely Charles F, barber 331 E Water, bds 426 Pleasant

Ely Ernest J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 204 Franklin

Ely Irene, clerk F W Woolworth Co, res 426 Pleasant

Ely Luella, emp F M Howell & Co, res Wellsburg N Y

Ely Rolia T, carp, h 3 Cottage place

Ely Wilbur E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 426 Pleasant

Ely see Eley

Elyea Albert W, emp A L F E Co, h 404 Powell

Emanuel Daniel, tallyman P R R freight, h 821 Hatch

Emblem Ida R, h 1151 College ave

Emblem John, painter, bds 377 Railroad ave

Emblem Louis W, inspr Eclipse Machine Co, res 1151 College ave

Emblen Thaddeus W, director penmanship public schools, h 632 Winsor ave

Embler Erma B, nurse 240 Lake, res do

Embler Grant W, sec Elmira Drug and Chemical Co 102 W Church, h 636 W Water

Emerson Carolyn M, teacher school No 5, res 122 W Henry

Emerson Hawley W, draftsman K V Co, res 1018 Hoffman

Emerson Lois, wid Charles N, h 122 W Henry

Emerson Minnie, wid Perry, laundress Arnot-Ogden Hospital, h 1018 Hoffman

EMMANUEL EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev Lewis E Ward rector, 380 Penna ave

Emmert Charles, emp American Bridge Co, h 56 Luce

Emmert John, clerk, res 904 Grand Central ave

Emmert J Mrs, emp Goff, Way & Brand, res 56 Luce

Emmons Craig H, bkkpr Chemung Construction Co, h 309 Dewitt ave

EMPEY JAMES R, gen’l mgr E C & W Ry 400 E Water, h 111 E Hudson

Empire Cafe, (Charles W Gerber jr) 200 Baldwin

EMPIRE CREDIT CLOTHING CO, (Max Jerome) men’s, women’s and children’s clothing 314 E Water

EMPIRE PRODUCE CO, T W Cleveland vice-pres, C F Thompson sec-treas, S C Cleveland mgr, 101 E Gray

EMPIRE SPRING BED WORKS, (Charles F Lilley) 210 E Washington ave and 865 Dickinson

Emrich Herman S, emp A L F E Co, rms 122 Lormore

Emrich Margaret, emp Ufford Glove Co, res 122 Lormore

Enck Augustus H, supt construction Compton Realty Co, h 908 W Gray

Enck Hazel V, clerk 304 E Water, res 908 W Gray

ENDICOTT-JOHNSON & CO, Frank M Feeck mgr, boots and shoes 139-141 W Water

Enedy Joseph M, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 602 E Miller

Enedy Oscar G, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 613 Hart

England Charles W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 723 W Water

Engle John, com trav Bateman Mfg Co, h 675 W Clinton

Engle Edna, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 702 Broadway

Engle Samuel, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 702 Broadway

Engle William, machinist, rms 416 Union place

English Alice K Mrs, h 436 E Water

English Benjamin E, switchboard opr E W L & R R Co, h 903 W Gray

English Edith, res 306 Fulton

English Hugh S, electrician, res 306 Fulton

English James E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 306 Fulton

English John, steam fitter, rms 51 S Main

English Rae, res 436 E Water

English Robert, janitor Federation bldg, h 720 Benjamin

Ennis Avery M, driver F M Howell & Co, h 409 Race

Ennis Belle, wid Chester C, h 1013 Lake

Ennis Elijah R, fireman D L & W R R, h 506 Mathew

Ennis Etta, wid Hiram, h 413 Herrick

Ennis Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 461 South ave

Ennis John, h 761 E Market

Ennis Llewellyn L, com trav, h 614 W Gray

Ennis Mary, res 761 E Market

Ennis Nellie A, bkkpr H E Chapman, res 219 Kingsbury ave

Enright James J, h 206 W Henry

Enright Joseph A, asst cashier Int Harvester Co, h 656 Columbia

Enright Mary B, dressmaker Sheehan, Dean & Co res 512 College ave

Ensign Florence, housekeeper 584 Maple ave, res do

ENSIGN FRED V, mnfr of metal goods and novelties 428-432 Erie, h 305 Penna ave

Ensworth Charlotte P, wid Joseph W, h 109 Magnolia

Ensworth George B, teller Second National Bank, h 558 Maple ave

Ensworth Hariph A, painter, h 810 Laurel

Entz George E, car repairer P R R, h 106 McHenry

Eppler D Oscar, agt Metropolitan Ins Co, res 654 N Main

Eppler Hannah Mrs, h 654 N Main

EPPLER MAY LOUISE, milliner 654 N Main, res do

EPSTEIN ALBERT M, dentist 301-306 Hulett bldg, res 1003 College ave; office hours 8 a m to 5 p m and 8 p m evenings (See ad bottom lines)

EPSTEIN CHARLES, mgr Jacob Epstein 324-326 E Water, res 110 Sullivan

EPSTEIN DAISY, mgr ladies’ dept Jacob Epstein 324-326 E Water, res 110 Sullivan

EPSTEIN ISRAEL C, men’s and women’s clothing and furnishings 112 E Water, h 157 Dewitt ave

EPSTEIN JACOB, ladies’ and gents’ clothing and furnishings 324-326 E Water, h 110 Sullivan

Epstein Nathan, emp W I Booth, res 733 Winsor ave

Epstein Samuel, buyer Tepper Bros, rms 406 Lake

EPWORTH METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev Hoyt F Hill pastor, W Thurston nr West Side ave

EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY of New York, Arthur J Keeffe genl agent, 210 E Water

Erclano Joseph, clerk Criterion Hotel, res do

Erhart Max A, machinist 102 W Fourth, h 516 College ave

Erickson Andrew M, emp A L F E Co, h 502 Decker ave

Erickson Bertha M, stenogr 252 W Water, rms 452 W Third

Erickson Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 111 Caldwell ave

Erickson Charles R, machinist A L F E Co, h 511 W First

Erickson Cora A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 502 Decker ave

Erlickson Gustave I, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 505 McDowell place

Erickson Harry, electrician, res 552 Coburn

Erickson Oscar, shipping clerk 115 W Water, res 502 Decker ave

Erickson William, foreman Wi11ys-Morrow Co, bds 503 McDowell place

Erie Automatic Shoe Repairing Co, (George and Samuel David) 502 N Main

ERIE COAL CO, W Andrew Jewett sales agent, h 125 E Chemung place

Erie House, (John T Brennan) 425-427 Railroad ave

ERIE RAILROAD FREIGHT STATION, E Fifth bet Railroad ave and State


Erle Martin L, teamster, h 668 Sullivan

Erle Stanley, apprentice F S Burgess & Son, res 573 Post

Erle see Earle

Erschuck Cass, lab, rms 109 Sullivan

Earsley Charles M, painter and paperhanger, h 510 Logan

Ersley Charles M, painter and paperhanger, h 510 Logan

Ersley Ethel, opr N Y Tel Co, res 510 Logan

Ersley Frederick, boilermaker P R R, h 607 Chester

Ersley Frederick B, electrician Turner Electric Co, res 607 Chester

Ersley Mary, clerk 112 Baldwin, res 510 Logan

Ertley W L, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1861 Davis

Ervay Ernest, carp, h 1321 Pratt

Ervin David J, printer Snyder Bros, res 419 Walnut

Ervin Evelyn, wid John, h 609 College ave

Ervin Fannie Mrs, died February 1917

Ervin George F, cashier Erie R R freight, res 419 Walnut

Ervin John, retired, h 419 Walnut

Ervin John C, foreman P R R, h 729 S Main

Ervin Mary E, res 729 S Main

Ervin Robert J, clerk Chemung Canal Trust Co, res 419 Walnut

Ervin Walter C, student, res 419 Walnut

Ervin William H, clerk 125-127 Lake, res 419 Walnut

Ervin see Erwin

Erway Mattie D, housekeeper 124 Lormore, res do

Erwin Edward, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 713 Lake

Erwin Helen T, stenogr Rosenbaum’s, rms 510 Lake

Escott Rose M Mrs, res 803 Holdridge

Escott Walter, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 803 Holdridge

Espey Arthur W, salesman, h 108 Phoenix ave

Espey Catherine A, wid William T, h 465 W Third

ESPEY D CLARENCE, mgr R G Dun & Co 310-312 Hulett bldg, h 357 Walnut

Espey David M, chief guard N Y S Reformatory, h 917 Davis

Espey Harry, clerk registry dept P O, h 659 Lake

Espey Irving D, res 917 Davis

ESPEY JOHN H, chief engr Elmira Fire Dept, h 212 Brand

Espey John M, plumber 657 Lake, res do

Espey Lulu M, res 212 Brand

Espey M Beatrice, student, res 917 Davis

Espey Thomas, h 657 Lake

Espey Thomas D, student res 357 Walnut

ESTABROOK FRED T, piano dealer 19 W gray, h do

Estabrook see Easterbrook

Estell Bessie, student res 405 Davis

Estell Emma, wid Harry, nurse 401 Davis, h do

Estep Esther V, nurse, res 914 Bridgman

Estes Lee, draftsman A L F E Co, rms 211 Horner

Estey Corinna M, wid Sherman, res 108 Caldwell ave

Estey M Jean, student, res 108 Caldwell ave

Etchells Robert, Trainman D L & W R R, h 324 E Center

Etkin Arnold, junk dealer, h 706 John

Etkin David, peddler, h 117 Orchard

Ettelson Isaac, h 319 Madison ave

Ettelson Louis E, died May 1917

Ettenberger Frank, machinist 601 Baldwin, h Latta Brook road

Ettenberger George E, machinist 601 Baldwin, res 218 High

ETTERS CLIFTON L F, mgr Brownell Shoe Co 135 E Water, res 357 College ave

Etz Jennie B, wid Fred C, h 309 W Clinton

Eureka Moulding Co, (Ferdinand Bassler and George Voight) 427 E Fifth

Eutzy Joseph, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 370 S Main

Evans Albert T, emp F M Howell & Co, h 113 Magnolia

Evans Alice, stenogr 215-217 E Church, res 1234 W First

Evans Arthur J, foreman 206 Home, h 217 Caldwell ave

Evans Bernard L, chauffeur, rms 438 W Fifth

Evans Brittain L, painter A L F E Co, h 123 Catherine

Evans Charles, retired, h 152 Sullivan

Evans Charles G, wagonmaker, h 1089 Penna ave

EVANS CHARLES H, draftsman American Bridge Co, also vice-pres Buyers Federation (Inc), h 329 W Washington ave

Evans C R, plumber 165 Lake, res 109 West ave

Evans Clarence H, emp A L F E Co, h 209 W Henry

Evans Edgar F, contractor and builder, h 905 W Water

Evans Egbert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 216 Cusick place

Evans Evan R, foreman A S B Co, h 503 Grove

Evans Genevieve, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Evans George D, wagon and auto repairing 450 E Water, h 111 Catherine

Evans Harry D, clerk D L & R R round house, h 305 High

Evans Harry R, plumber, h 971 Walnut

Evans Howard, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 907 Lake

Evans John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 360 W Second

Evans John E, emp D L & W R R, res 337 Diven ave

Evans John H, engr D L & W R R, h 557 E Church

Evans John Leo, fireman D L & W R R, res 907 Lake

Evans Leroy, lab, bds 1089 Penna ave

Evans Margaret Mrs, clerk M A Murray & Co, res 711 Livingston

Evans Margaret C, wid Richard H, h 108 Harmon

Evans Mary, wid Thomas, h 337 Diven ave

Evans Mary F, wid Clark, h 907 Lake

Evans May, wid Ezra, res 329 W Washington ave

Evans Nellie, emp C & K Laundry, res 206 Dewitt ave

Evans Nelson H, switchman E W L & R R Co, h 711 Livingston

Evans Raymond, plumber, h 109 West ave

Evans Richard H, emp water service D L & W R R, res 907 Lake

Evans Rose, res 907 Lake

Evans Roy M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 113 Magnolia

Evans Thomas J, metal worker Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 107 Rose place

Evans William H, emp Willys Morrow Co, h 462 Cypress

Everhard Molly, rms 318 William

Everett Adelbert H, barber 101 State, h 503 Columbia

Everett Charles E, barber 433 E Water, h do

Everett Edward, emp Sheehan Dean & Co, res 503 Columbia

Everett Hattie S, wid Samuel W, bds 1451 Caton ave

Everett Marion, student Elmira College, res do

Everett Tracy T, clerk A S B Co, h 820 W First

Everetts Joseph J, foreman H C Spaulding Co, h 518 Ivy

Everetts Olney W com trav, h 513 Ivy

Everetts Orie F, fireman D L & W R R, res 221 E Thurston

Everitt Ernest L, emp P R R, h 769 Penna ave

Everitt Ethyl, res 217 High

Everitt George H, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 217 High

Everitt Howard, salesman, h 406 Dewitt ave

Everitt Lowman J, retired, res 653 Grove

Everitt Raymond H, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 509 W Water

Everitt Thomas P, time clerk Willys-Morrow Co, res 407 W Water

Everts Harriet J, clerk A S B Co, res 902 W Gray

Everts Lottie Mrs, emp 434 Carroll, res 112 Ferris

Everts Nettie, clerk A S B Co, res 902 W Gray

Everts Willis L, carp Thurston & Haskell, h 902 W Gray

Evlyn Christopher J, dept commander Maccabees 551 E Church

Evlyn Evelyn, emp W H Ralyea & Co, rms 208 Dewitt ave

Evlyn Eva Mrs, emp Goff, Way & Brand, res 208 Dewitt ave

Ewald Charles, barber 600 E Church, h 308 Madison ave

Ewald John J, barber 418 E Water, h 504 E Church

Ewald Mary E, wid John, h 216 Madison ave

Ewald Simeon, film machine opr, h 165 Dewitt ave

Ewald William, barber 418 E Water, h 504 E Church

Ewen Norman J, clerk Erie R R freight, rms 500 College ave

Ewing DeFay, engr P R R, h 716 Penna ave

Ewing Eleanor, student, res 716 Penna ave

Ewing Mary, wid Fred, h 410 Baty

Ewing Thomas H, engr P R R h 110 Brand

Exchange Hotel, 513 Railroad ave

Eyres Benjamin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 256 W Fifth

Eyers Charles W, pressman F M Howell & Co, h 1851 Davis

Eyres John B, harnessmaker 206 W Water, h 955 Walnut

Eyres see Eyers Ayres Ayers

Eyrsuk Constantine, lab, bds 109 Sullivan

FAATZ WILLIAM G, propr Elmira Automobile and Supply Co 118-122 State, res Binghamton N Y

Fabian Josephine V, res 209 Horner

Fabian Sebastian, gardener, h 209 Horner

Fabinski August C, machinist K V Co, h 504 Madison ave

Fabinski Charles J, student, res 504 Madison ave

Fabinski Frank, machinist D L & W R R, h 718 Oak

Fabinski Frank A, emp Kertscher & Co, h 716 Oak

Fabinski Joseph C, linotype opr Herald, res 718 Oak

Fabiss Frank, lab, h 918 Lackawanna ave

Fabrizio Mary, wid Louis H, h 81l Canal

Fabrizio Peter, lab, bds 701 Railroad ave

Fadalle Peter, glass cutter, h 915 N Main

Fagin Bridget, res 101 Penna ave

Fahey James B, linotype opr, res 216 W Chemung place

Fahey see Fay

Fahr Peter W, fireman P R R, h 507 Herrick

Fahr see Farr

Fahrenwald Karl, emp Jewell Tea Co, res 420 Fulton

Fahrenwald Lewis L, emp A L F E Co, h 474 Fulton

Fahrenwald Verna, emp United Sales Mfg Co, res 374 Fulton

Fahs Charles J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 202 Harmon

Fahs Charles P, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 108 Chestnut

Fahs Jacob K, engr Willys-Morrow Co, h 208 Mt Zoar

Fahs see Fay, Fey

Fairbanks Alberta Mrs, dressmaker Personius Malone & French, res 410 Home

Fairbanks Charles, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 410 Home

Fairbanks Delia D, maid 424 W Church, res do

Fairbanks Ethlyn, res 559 Coburn

Fairbanks Harry, h 559 Coburn

Fairbanks Mary E, clerk A L F' E Co, res 410 Home

Fairchild Edmund H, emp Telegram, h 609 College ave

Fairchild Lena E, res 607 College ave

Fakles Anthony, emp Manhattan Lunch 128 E Water, h do

FALCK ALEXANDER D, (Stanchfield, Lovell, Falck & Sayles) Chemung Canal Bank bldg, h 308 William

Falck Mary M, wid William, h 243 Lake

Falck William A, foreman A L F E Co, h 577 Post

Fallagea Rosiera, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 102 W Sixth

Falletta Florence, emp Read & Lovatt, res 1005 Magee

Falletta Samuel, gate tender D L & W R R, h 1005 Magee

FALSEY JAMES M, cafe 158 Lake, h 215 Madison ave

FALSEY JOSEPH P, cafe 204 W Water, h 415 Walnut

Falsey Katherine, nurse and massage, bds 712 College ave

Falsey Margaret, dressmaker 316 W Seventh, res do

Falsey Patrick W, retired, h 316 W Seventh

Falsey Simon P, carp, h 368 W Fifth

Falsey Stephen J, window trimmer Rosenbaum's, res 316 W Seventh

FALSEY'S CAFE, (James W Falsey) 158 Lake

FAMILY LIQUOR STORE, John W Sullivan propr, 124 Lake

Family Theater, Realty bldg 418 E Market

Fancher Grover C, patternmaker K V Co, h 313 Penna ave

Fanning John M, stock clerk Armour & Co, h 521 Union place

Fanning Luther J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 219 Franklin

Fanning Ruth, emp F M Howell & Co, res 559 Maple ave

Fanton Frank, buyer S F Iszard Co, h 717 Riverside ave

Fanton Thomas L, wood worker A L F E Co, h 629 Penna ave

Fario Carmon, emp P R R, h 723 Casey

Farley Atta C, wid George M, h 402 W Church

Farley Bridget, wid Jerome B, h 670 Columbia

Farley Helen, res 207 Dewitt ave

Farley John J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 800 Madison ave

Farley Katherine M, stenogr 305 Robinson bldg, res 670 Columbia

Farley Martin H, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 208 Vine

Farley Mary E, h 503 Union place

Farley Mathew M, emp James Mfg Co, h 507 Harper

Farley Minnie E Mrs, clerk Sheehan Dean & Co, h 207 Dewitt ave

Farley Thomas E, student res 402 W Church

Farnham Frances H, student Elmira College, res do

FARNHAM & REYNOLDS, (William H Farnham and James R Reynolds) wholesale leaf tobacco 314 Carroll

FARNHAM WILLIAM H, (Farnham & Reynolds) 314 Carroll, rms 416 E Church

Farnsworth Gertrude, student Elmira College, res do

Farnsworth Paul, factory opr, res 368 W Sixth

Farnum Fordyce, stenogr, res 357 W Second

Farnum Mary, bds Home for Aged

Farr Agnes, emp 703 S Main, res do

Farr Catharine J, wid John B, h 116 Catharine

Farr Charles, driver 101 State, res 421 Pleasant

Farr Claude, emp A L F E Co, res Pine Valley N Y

Farr Florence J, wid Frederic H, res 511 W Water

Farr Floyd, driver 101 State, res 421 Pleasant

Farr George L, confectionery 114 S Main, h do

Farr Grace, wid Cyrus, h 124 S Main

Farr Harry, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 120 W Miller

Farr Lafayette, retired, res 723 W First

Farr Leo W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 123 W Miller

Farr Lillian, cook 139 N Main, res do

Farr May, emp Goff, Way & Brand, h 122 Sullivan

Farr Susan R, wid Henry, res 110 W Henry

Farr Theodore, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res Pine Valley N Y

Farr see Fahr

Farrar Frances, miniature painter and dealer in lantern slides, res Beecher Cottage East ave bey limits

Farrrell Ervin, emp A L F E Co, h 611 S Main

Farrell Eva E, student Elmira College, res do

Farrell Henry, emp D L & W R R, bds 1208 Grand Central ave

Farrell Hertchel, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 512 College ave

Farrell Jane, wid Thomas C, h 1208 Grand Central ave

Farrell Thomas C, machinist D L & W R R, bds 1208 Grand Central ave

Farrell see O'Farrell

Farringer Evelyn, emp W I Booth, res 100 West ave

Farringer Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 100 West ave

Farringer Mary, emp Perfect Laundry, res 100 West ave

FARRINGTON E WARD, coal and wood 900 E Church, h 511 Baldwin

Farrington Parker, emp G W Perry Co, h 579 Riverside ave

Farrington Susan M, wid James B, res 117 College ave

Farwell Helen, wid Thomas, res 375 E Thurston

Farwell Joseph, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 122 Brand

Fassett Benjamin P, car repairer P R R, h 416 Jefferson

Fassett Henry L, insurance 460 W Church, h do

FASSETT J SLOAT, banker 150 Lake cor Carroll, h Strathmont Hoffman

Fassett J Sloat jr, res Strathmont Hoffman

Fassett Jennie L, student, res Strathmont Hoffman

Fassett Raymond F, accountant E W L & R R Co, h 805 Oak

Fassett Willam S, grocer 151 Dewitt ave, h do

Fassett see Faucett, Faussett

FATHER MATHEW TEMPERANCE SOCIETY, Daniel Mulcahy pres, Harry D Fean vice-pres, Thomas F Carr rec sec, William J Malone fin sec, Cornelius O'Dea treas, club rooms 206-208 W Gray

Faucett John, collector and pension attorney, h 624 Winsor ave

Faul Charles F W, clerk S F Iszard Co, bds 517 W Second

Faul David P, clerk P R R freight h 338 W Washington ave

Faul Patrick, emp A L F E Co, h 817 Johnson

Faulkner Belle Mrs, h 114 S Main

Faulkner Dulcie D, teacher, res 114 S Main

Faulkner Edmon D, teamster, h 611 Penna ave

Faulkner Frank W, retired, res 108 Sly

Faulkner Harvey E, farmer, bds 1443 Caton ave

Faulkner James, asst mail clerk Advertiser, res 517 Gradwell place

Faulkner Jesse L, farmer, bds 1443 Caton

Faulkner John H, brakeman P R R, bds 101 Mackey place

Faulkner John S, farmer, h 1443 Caton ave

Faulkner Louisa, removed to Carbondale, Pa

Faulkner Martha A, res 108 Sly

Faulkner Mary A Mrs, h 517 Gradwell place

Faulkner Max, student, res 114 S Main

Faulkner William, chef, res 517 Gradwell place

Fausnaught Helen J, res 715 Riverside ave

Fausnaught Joseph H, carrier P O, h 715 Riverside ave

Fausnaught Mabel A, stenogr A L F E Co, res 715 Riverside ave

Faussett Edwin F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 215 Foster ave

Faussett James M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 215 Foster ave

Faussett see Fassett, Faucett

Fay Alice R, teacher, res 419 W Third

FAY EDWIN M, cashier Merchants National Bank 109 W Water, h 104 Elm

Fay Helen T, opr N Y Tel Co, res 419 W Third

Fay James, captain E F D Station No 2, h 713 E Washington ave

Fay John, cutter Fred S Fish, h 419 W Third

Fay John E, retired, h 611 E Second

Fay John G, chef N Y S Reformatory, h 360 W Thurston

Fay Margaret, student, res 419 W Third

Fay Marie C, teacher school No 7, res 419 W Third

Fay Nina, emp W I Booth, res Wellsburg N Y

Fay see Fahey, Fahs, Fey

Feagles Guy M, emp Lobdell Market, h 205 Madison ave

Fean Anna Mrs, emp 406 W Sixth, res do

Fean Florence K, clerk 215 E Water, res 812 Walnut

FEAN GEORGE F, (J E Swarthout & Co) 215 E Water, h 205 Walnut

Fean Harry D, salesman Elmira Arms Co, res 812 Walnut

Fean Mary Mrs, billing clerk N J Thompson & Co, res Elmira Heights

Fean Patrick, constable City Hall, office 112 Lake, res do

Fean Robert T, h 812 Walnut

Fenn Thomas F, emp Erie R R, h 615 Jay

Fean William J, plumber, res 812 Walnut

Fear F Ada, teacher E F A, res 378 W Gray

Featherman Goldie, res 509 E Water

Featherman Isaac L, peddler, h 116 Sullivan

Fechner Frances S, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 1122 N Main

Fechner Johanna M, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 1122 N Main

Fechner John M, emp Kertscher & Co, res 1122 N Main

Fechner Martin, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1122 N Main

Fechner Martin J, bar clerk, res 1122 N Main

Fechner Stella M, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, res 1122 N Main

FEDERAL BUILDING, E Church cor State

FEDERATION PHARMACY, C Lewis Stephens propr, 100 W Church cor Railroad ave

Feeck Douglas, student, res 219 W Second

FEECK FRANK M, mgr Endicott-Johnson & Co 139-141 W Water, h 219 Second

Feehan Elizabeth, wid Patrick H, h 446: W Clinton

Feehan John J, machinist A L F E Co, h 420 E Washington ave

Feehan Peter H, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, rms 110 W First

Feeney Anna, maid 812 W Church, res do

Feeney John T, emp Dimon & Bacorn, h 417 Madison ave

Feeney John J, cigarmaker 107 E Church, h 625 W Water

Feeney Mary, wid Thomas, h 614 E Third

Feeney Michael J, lab, res 414 Standish

Feeney Patrick, emp T Briggs & Co, res 614 E Third

Feeney Thomas, engr D L & W R R, h 330 Irvine place

Feeney Thomas F, meat cutter, res 614 E Third

Feeny John W, real estate, res 313 Hathaway

Fegan John J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 302 West Side ave

Feinberg Abraham, meat cutter, h 121 Orchard

Feinberg Rose, clerk Baker Bros, res 121 Orchard

Feinberg Joseph, peddler, h r 812 John

Feix George emp Ufford Glove Co, res 393 W Water

Felix Harry, lab, h 519 Oak

Felker Clarence, emp Hollenbeck Draying Co, rms 211 W Gray

Felker George H, res 101 Mackey place

Fell Ice Co, 312 Realty bldg and W Water bey limits

Fell M Helen, stenogr Willys-Morrow Co, res upper Lake

Fell Leon, ice dealer, h W Water bey limits

Feller Belinda, wid Michael, res 214 W Second

Feller Enoch A, emp Willys- Morrow Co, h 214 W Second

Feller Walter, barber 215 W Water, res 214 W Second

Fellman Louis, res 375 W Second

Fellows Adelaide, housekeeper, bds 509 W Fourth

Fellows Andrew W, foreman job press room Herald, h 114 E Chemung place

Fellows Martin L, retired, h 114 E Chemung place

Fennell James, died March 1917

Fennell Margaret Mrs, died November 1916

Fennell Mary, cook 218 W First, res do

Fennell Mathew, trainman D L & W R R, bds 1052 Admiral place

FENNELL MATHIAS F, dentist 102 E Water, res 416 W Clinton

Fennell Richard, emp Elmira Wholesale Grocery Co, h 710 Elm

Fennell Susan, maid 240 Lake, res do

FENNELL THOMAS F, judge Court of Claims, office 207 Realty bldg, h 361 W First

Fenner William, lab 814 Madison ave, bds do

Fenton Mary A, wid Thomas M, clerk Sheehan Dean & Co, h 505 Fulton

Fenton Roger P, engr D L & W R R, h 218 Washington

Fenton Warren, condr E W L & R R Co, rms 667 Lake

Fenton William, porter Frasier Hotel, res do

Ferenbaugh Bert J, emp Elmira Tripure Water Co, res 514 W Gray

Ferenbaugh Joseph C, carp, h 514 W Gray

Ferguson Alexander, retired, h 419 W First

Ferguson Bert, emp P R R, h 730 Hopkins

Ferguson Christopher J, carp, h 411 Herrick

Ferguson Clarence F, salesman 231W Water, res 524 W Gray

FERGUSON CLARENCE W, wholesale commission merchant 231-235 W Water, h 524 W Gray

Ferguson Frank E, real estate, h 352 Euclid ave

Ferguson Frank H, emp 215 Judson, res 754 Linden place

Ferguson Fred D, emp 231 W Water, res 524 W Gray

Ferguson Fred E, pressman A S B Co, rms 411 S Walnut

Ferguson George L, freight inspr Erie R R, h 412 W Second

Ferguson Henrietta V, wid Rev Colson E, h 708 W Water

Ferguson Herbert, emp Queen City Knitting Mill, bds 815 Holdridge

Ferguson Herman, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 818 Holdridge

Ferguson Howard, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 818 Holdridge

Ferguson Lorin H, salesman 231 W Water, res 524 W Gray

Ferguson Marie E, emp 108 Penna ave, bds 66 do

Ferguson Mary R, student Elmira College, res do

Ferguson Minnie H Mrs, hairdresser 208 E Water, res 106 Harmon

Ferguson Newell G, foreman Campbell Knitting Mill, h 761 E Church

Ferguson Raymond J, clerk P R R genl offices, h 356 S Main

Ferguson Uriah, mason, h 219 Caldwell ave

Ferguson William E, emp P R R, bds 214 W Miller

Ferguson William H, retired, h 600 W Gray

Ferguson William T, salesman 231 W Water, h 821 do

Ferio Anthony, emp D L & W R R, h 152 E Washington ave

Fernan James, emp D L & W R R, res 354 E Center

Fernan John, engr D L & W R R, res 1208 Grand Central ave

Fernan John J, condr D L & W R R, h 402 Linden place

Fernan Josephine, res 502 Columbia

Fernan Leo, emp D L & W R R, bds 354 E Center

Fernan Mary, res 502 Columbia

Fero Dean, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 203 Brand

Ferri Michael, porter E L Devine, rms 115 Madison ave