Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1917 Directory
Home Made
FOR 1917

Cobb George H, emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 521 Fulton

Coble Mary, rms 600 Cypress

Coburn Harry C, trainman P R R h 423 Herrick

Cochran Charles, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 152 Woodlawn ave

Cockshutte William D, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h Sherman ave

Coddington Albert C, com trav, h 651 Lake

Coddington Jatie D, com trav, h 129 W Water

Coddington Lillian T, wid John C, dressmaker, h 327 E Center

Coddington William B, salesman Harris, MCHenry & Baker Co, res 414 Lake

Cody John W S A, res 208 Baldwin

Coe Beatrice, emp Baker Bros res 654 E Market

Coe Caleb H, emp K V Co, h 654 E Market

Coe Charles, emp C A Petrie Coal Co, rms 260 Baldwin

Coe Fred, painter, h 1333 College ave

Coe Gabriel L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1400 College ave

Coe Maud, teacher school No1, res 300 W Clinton

Coe Myron, retired, h 300 W Clinton

Coe Nettie P, teacher E F A, res 300 W Clinton

Coe Scott E, condr D L & W R R, h 711 Lake

Coe Susan E Mrs rooming house, 625 Lake, h do

Coe Walter, emp Thatcher Co, h 1400 College ave

Coe Walter S, painting contractor, h 1340 College ave

Coffee of Pedigree Shop, (George C Brown) 113 Baldwin

Coffey Jeremiah B. wholesale and retail liquors 101 E Church H 714 Johnson

Coffey John Edward, student, res 714 Johnson

Coffey John J, com trav, h 515 High

Coffey John J jr, com trav, res 515 High

Coggschall Edward H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 408 Baty

Cogswell Jesse R, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 714 Erie

Cohen Chester, lab, res 507 E Third

Cohen George, clerk 112 E Water, res 157 DeWitt ave

Cohen Ida H, cook h 507 E Third

Cohen Lewis, died Septermber, 1916

Cohen Moses, shipping clerk Baker Bros, bds 156 Washington

Cohen Reuben, treas Lyceum Theatre, res Binghamton, N Y

Robert, vender, h 414 Magee

Cohen see Kohn

Coil Lee, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 109 E Henry

Coke Charles L, supt printing dept F M Howell & Co, h 716 W Second

Coke Esther, stenogr F M Howell & Co, res 716 W Second

Coke Mary J, wid Frederick E, res 562 Post

Colaraso Frank, emp P R R, h 717 Casey

Colaraso John, mesgr W U Tel Co res 717 Casey

Colbert Daniel J. collector Advertiser, h 410 E Second

Colbert Margaret, tailoress Fred S Fish, res 410 E Second

Colburn mary J wid Eugene, dressmaker, h 105 Hoffman

Coldewey August T. com trav,

Cole Albert B, foreman Queen City Knitting Mills, h 315 E Centre

Cole Alfred B, emp 144 W Water, bds 423 do

Cole Charles F, clerk D L & W R R res 220 William

Cole Chauncey E emp Willys-Morrow Co h 818 Holdridge

Cole Clara W, wid Edward H, h 369 W First

Cole Claude H, emp K V co, h 512 Hart

Cole David B, emp city, h 306 E Water

Cole Emma Mrs, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, h 127 W Water

Cole Ernest, asst engr Hygein Co, h 579 Post

Cole Esther Mrs, h Wolcott Cottage East ave bey limits

Cole Evan M, emp E W L & R R co h 251 W Warren

Cole Florence L, housekeeper 327 W Washington ave, res do

Cole Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 106 W Market

Cole Frank A emp K V Co, res 122 Orchard

Cole Frank G, pharmacist 323 E Water, h 220 William

Cole Hazel, emp Goff Way & Brand, res 903 Sullivan

Cole Horace, farmer, h Maple ave bey limits

Cole Ira, teamster, h 115 Budd

Cole Ira B, retired, res 1648 W Water

Cole Jennie R Mrs, res 111 Magnolia

Cole Leon, teamster, h 813 Holdridge

Cole Lawrence, emp McGreevey Contracting Co, rms 959 McKinley place

Cole Luther L, h 518 Penna ave

Cole Melissa A, wid Herbert, res 718 W First

Cole Merton D, tallyman P R R freight, h 123 Partridge

Cole Nettie V, rms 106 W Second

Cole Ruth M, student, res 220 William

Cole Samuel emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 707 ½ Benjamin

Cole Webster J, pres Elmira Mechanics Society 323 Carroll, h 604 Penna ave

Cole Wellington W, machinist, h 253 W Warren

Cole William E, driver Merchants Oil Co, h W Water bey limits

Cole William P, grocer 616 Reynolds, h do

Cole See Kole

Colegrove Arleigh, hairdresser, bds 703 S Main

Colegrove H Lee, bar clerk 229 S Main, h 377 W Water

Colegrove La Rue, physician 423 W Church, h do

Colegrove Lillian M, wid William M, res 700 Riverside ave

Coleman Alba, emp Thatcher Co, res 307 Diven ave

Coleman Charles, emp Hoffman farms, h 907 Hoffman

Coleman Emma, wid John, res 407 ½ W Fourth

Coleman Fred, grocer 901 Lake, h 861 do

Coleman Harriet, bds 504 Columbia

Coleman Helen M, teacher, res 408 E Washington ave

Coleman Hugh J emp American Bridge Co, h 408 E Washington ave

Coleman I B, bds Home for Aged

Coleman Isaac A, h 154 W Fourth

Coleman James, nurse, rms 387 W Water

Coleman James, clerk 901 Lake, res 861 do

Coleman John, salesman, rms 118 E Water

Coleman John, emp D L & W R R, h 300 Crescent ave

Coleman Joseph F, engr Erie R R, h 404 Linden place

Coleman Katherine, res 1010 Lincoln

Coleman Leo, emp D L & W R R, bds 300 Crescent ave

Coleman Mary A Mrs, rooming house 420 E Market, h do

Coleman Peter, gateman Erie R R, h 504 Columbia

Coleman Robert , h 50 Monroe

Coleman Robert E, clerk Standard Oil Co, res 407 W First

Coleman Salina Mrs, res 316 Webber place

Coleman Urania M clerk S F Iszard Co, bds 420 E Market

Coleman William T, (Coleman & Names) 201-203 Robinson bldg, h 407 W First

Coleman & Names (William T Coleman and John R Names) real estate and insurance 201-203 Robinson bldg

College Pharmacy (Jacob Weinstein) 1009 College ave

Coletta John lab, h 803 Canal

Coletta Nicholas shoemaker 404 Walnut, h do

Collier Bert M, died May, 1917

Collier Fred M, condr D L & W R R, h 1316 ½ Kake

Collier Hazel E, res 1316 ½ Lake

Colligan Bridget M, wid Michael J, h 309 W Henry

Colligan Mary T, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, res 309 W Henry

Colligan Patrick, bar clerk 703 S Main, res do

Collin Frederick, Judge Court of Appeals, Chemung Canal Bank bldg, h 524 W Water

Collin Henry B, lawyer Chemung Canal Bank bldg, h 411 E Church

Collings maude, asst supt Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Collins Anna, clerk Personius, Malone & French res 204 Fulton

Collins Arthur J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 356 Lyon

Collins Bridget, wid John R, res 404 Gaines

Collins Bridget, wid Patrick, h 228 O’Gorman

Collins Catherine, wid James F, res 600 Broadway

Collins Charles B, banker Hancock’s, h 417 Perry

Collins Charles H, engr D L & W R R, h 1555 Lake

Collins Clara V, clerk Flanagan’s res 363 W Third

Collins Cornelius, lab, res 324 West Side ave

Collins Daniel F, fireman E F D, h 422 E Washington

Collins Daniel F, fireman D L & W R R, h 771 Harper

Collins Della M, stenogr W H Ralyea, res 375 Baty

Collins Edward B, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 324 ½ Broadway

Collins Edward F, lab, h 375 Baty

Collins Eileen M, stenogr 521 Robinson bldg, res 610 Beecher

Collins F C, telegh opr P R R, res Horseheads, N Y

Collins Florence H, clerk Fold Easy MFG Co, re 363 W Third

Collins Francis R, grocer 437 W Washington ave, h do

Collins Frank B, clerk P R R genl offices, res 375 Baty

Collins Frank J, emp A L F E Co h 105 Smith

Collins Frank L, auditor Thatcher Mfg Co, h 1234 W First bey limits

Collins Frank S teleph opr P R R genl offices, res 226 Caldwell ave

Collins Fred E, supt Thatcher Mfg Co, h 330 W Washington avd

Collins Fred P, clerk Willys_Morro Co, res 468 South ave

Collins George D, clerk Hotel Rutland, rms 113 Fox

Collins Gladys, student, res 517 Baldwin

Collins Hannah, rms 550 E Market

Collins Harold C, student, res 330 W Washington ave

Collins Isabel Mrs, h 363 W Third

Collins Isaac H, h 703 Dickinson

Collins James F, switchman D L & W R R, h 1839 Davis

Collins James H clerk P R R yard, rms 202 Franklin

Collins James H, engr D L & W R R, h 359 E Centre

Collins Jared N, condr P R R h 719 Seneca place

Collins Jeremiah, emp 150 E Water, res do

Collins Jeremiah B, clerk P R R genl offices, res 468 South ave

Collins John, lab, bds 621 E Third

Collins John A, fireman Willys-Morrow Co, h 704 Delaware ave

Collins John B, retired, h 468 South ave

Collins John C, coopersmith A L F E Co. rms 109 W Market

Collins John E, h 420 Standish

Collins John H, emp P R R, h 404 Gains

Collins John J, emp P R R shops h 610 Beecher

Collins John K, emp H C Spaulding Co res 420 Standish

Collins John L, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, res 204 Fulton

Collins John T, engr P R R, res 468 South ave

Collins Joseph, res 420 Standish

Collins Josephine, wid James, h 324 West Side ave

Collins Kathryn F, student, res 709 Hopkins

Collins Lawrence, piano turner, 113 N Main, rms 465 W Church

Collins Leslie, machinist, bds 703 S Main

Collins Lester E, clerk J W Scheirer, h 914 Walnut

Collins Lucille M, stenogr res 363 W Third

Collins Margaret, res 706 Magee

Collins Margaret, res 557 John

Collins Margaret A res 257 W Warren

Collins Margaret E, res 375 Baty

Collins Margaret M, res 468 South ave

Collins Martin ,emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 720 S Main

Collins Mary, clerk Personius, Malone & French, res 228 O’Gorman

Collins Mary, tailoress Flanagan’s res 306 Broadway

Collins Mary, wid Michael, res 800 ½ Oak

Collins Mary C, bkkpr W I Booth, res 117 W LaFrance

Collins Mary F, wid Dennis, h 406 Union place

Collins Mary J, wid Patrick, h 709 Hopkins

Collins Mary K, tailoress, res 414 Dewitt ave

Collins Michael, died January, 1917

Collins Michael J, machinist, bds 703 S Main

Collins Nancy, wid Michael, h Maple ave bey limits

Collins Nellie A, wid Patrick r, res 421 Linden place

Collins Nona, emp Schornstheimer’s, bds 400 Maple ave

Collins Nora A, res 800 ½ Oak

Collins Patrick J, engr D L & W R R, h 342 W Seventh

Collins Patrick W, trainman D L & W R R, h 1201 Hall

Collins Percy T, (Carroll & Collins) 259 W Hudson, res 468 South ave

Collins Philip L, com trav, res 226 Caldwell ave

Collins Richard F, watchman A L F E Co, h 226 Caldwell ave

Collins Robert F, yard condr P R R, res 468 South ave

Collins Thomas C, engr D L & W R R, h 808 N Main

Collins Thomas F, res 420 Standish

Collins Thomas H, telegh opr Erie R R, h 302 Broadway

Collins Thomas J, carrier P O, res 468 South ave

Collins Timothy, carp, h 204 Fulton

Collins Timothy J, emp Field Force Pump Co, h 306 Broadway

Collins Virginia, wid John, res 105 Smith

Collins Walter A, grocer 451 E Water, rms 316 do

Collins Walter J, toolmaker, res 363 W Third

Collins Walter N, night supt Elmira Foundry Co, h 257 W Warren

Collins William P, clerk 106 E Water, res 375 Baty

Collins William P, time clerk Willys-Morrow Co, res 228 O’Gorman

Collson Anthony, carrier P O, h 958 Walnut

Collson C Dwight, electrician Sheehan, Dean & Co, h 720 German

Collson Floyd P, electrician N Y Tel Co, h 409 Baldwin

Collson Forrest C, carp, h 966 Walnut

Collson Helen, maid Cobbles Park W, res do

Collson Henry J, fireman E F D, res 966 Walnut

Collson Mary, wid Forest C, res 720 German

Collson U Sidney, machinist, h 305 West ave

Colonial Inn, (Mrs Day Wilson) 139 N Main

Colonial Theatre, 123-125 N Main

Colony Albert W, died April, 1917

Colony Charles E, retired, h 635 W Church

Colony Florence, wid Albert, h 405 W First

Colouch Anthony, emp P R R, h 104 Front

Colouch Marie, emp J N Sterns & Co, res 104 Front

Colozzi Josephine Mrs, h 903 N Main

Colsmann Helen, opr N Y Tel Co, res 10 Home

Colsmann Richard, coppersmith A L F E Co, h 388 Home

Colson Edith, wid Melville, res 357 Elm

Colson M Alonzo, bridge builder, h 357 Elm

Colton Adelbert E, polisher A L F E Co, h 217 Lormore

Colton Bridget wid John, h 415 ½ Walnut

Colton Florence, emp L M Bridgeman Co, res 553 Riverside ave

Colton Marie, milliner 130 E Water, res 415 ½ Walnut

Colvin Davis, toolmaker, res 508 E Third

Colvin Marvin S, gunsmith 152 Baldwin, h 508 E Third

Colvin Ursula S, student, res 508 E Third

Colwell Harry D, com trav, h 550 Riverside ave

Combs John H, retired, h 1218 Lackawanna ave

Comereski John, emp E W L & R R Co. h 756 E Water

Comfort Archie R, emp Queen City Knitting Mill, bds 728 Hopkins

Comfort Arthur, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 209 ½ Miller

Comfort Ayerie, emp G L Curtis & Co, res 402 Dewitt ave

Comfort Benjamin H, fireman P R R 706 Kinyon

Comfort Bernard E, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 720 Hopkins

Comfort Ellie, res 415 Perry

Comfort Elton L, carp P R R, h 722 Hopkins

Comfort Frank E, machinist, bds 703 S Main

Comfort Gilbert S, carp Erie R R, res 925 E Church

Comfort Harry R, blacksmith P R R shops bds 728 Hopkins

Comfort Margaret F, bds 728 Hopkins

Comfort Martin, lab, res 610 Lewis

Comfort Ola B, dentist 216 E Water, h do

Comfort Patrick, saloon 1339 College ave, h do

Comfort Raymond P, emp P R R, bds 813 Holdridge

Comfort Robert, bds 157 Sullivan

Comfort Robert B, fireman P R R, h 728 Hopkins

Comfort Susanah, wid Cyrus, h 610 Lewis

Comfort William C, jeweler and optometrist 139 W Water, h 403 Brady

Comfort William M, jeweler, 610 Lewis, h do

Commercial Hotel, (Edward F Hersh) 601 Railroad ave

Commissioner of Jurors, Johnson Little commissioner, office 425 E Market cor William

Compese Joseph, sexton S S Peter & Paul’s church, h 161 ½ Washington

Compton Edwin R, foreman Eclipse Machine Co, h 1157 Hoffman

Compton Edwin M, student, res 1157 Hoffman

Compton Helen Tubbs, wid William R, h 408 E Church

Compton Irene waitress 703 S Main, res do

Compton John W, farmer, h Hillcrest road

Compton Zera, retired, h 1250 Hoffman

Comstock Bertram, bds 520 W Clinton

Comstock Charles R, clerk D L & W R R, h 103 ½ Welles

Comstock John A, city constable office 411 Robinson bldg, h 666 Euclid ave

Comstock Luis H, res 666 Euclid ave

Comstock Oliver S. emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 262 Partridge

Comstock Purley, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 217 South ave

Conapy John J. teamster N Y S Reformatory, res do

Condol Jane J Mrs, res 164 Exchange place

Condol Marie Mrs, res 164 Exchange place

Condol William H clerk 323 E Water, rms 164 Exchange place

Condon Charles B, trainman P R R, h 360 Lyon

Condon Edward, salesman, res 162 Dewitt ave

Condon Edward M, telegh opr, res 162 Dewitt ave

Condon Evelyn, emp L M Bridgeman Co, res 360 Lyon

Condon Florence, housekeeper, rms 258 Baldwin

Condon Fred, caller P R R, bds 360 Lyon

Condon Harry J, engr P R R, h 610 Cypress

Condon John E, grocer 622 S Main, h 613 do

Condon John R, driver, h 408 Mt Zoar

Condon Margaret, wid Frank, h 322 Baty

Condon Mary D, teacher E F A, res 162 Dewitt ave

Condon Maurice, h 224 S Main

Condon see Congdon

Condos Aspiro, clerk 319 E Water, res 120 Fox

Conevery Eleanor F, bkkpr city Chamberlain’s office, res 1211 Hall

Conevery Elizabeth, clerk N J Thompson & Co, res 1211 Hall

Conevery James, retired, h 1211 Hall

Conevery James E, trainman D L &W R R, h 851 Lake

Conevery Katherine, clerk N J Thompson & Co res 1211 Hall

Coney Charles F, clerk Erie R R freight, res 107 ½ College ave

Congalton Elizabeth L Mrs, h 368 W Clinton

Condon Albert, teamster, h 1018 Tenienti

Congdon Burdett, city express h 161 Orchard

Congton Lloyd B fireman E F D, h 163 Orchard

Congdon see Condon

Congregation Shombre Hadeth, (Jewish) 158-160 Orchard

Congregation Talmud Torah, (Jewish) 124 Sullivan

Conkey Alex, retired, res 440 Broadway

Conklin Arthur H, driver Standard Oil Co, h 406 Elm

Conklin Asa C, emp G L Curtis & Co, h 520 W Gray

Conklin Benjamin, lab, h 153 Sullivan

Conklin Bradley W, painter, h 1301 Sullivan

Conklin Charles M, condr L V R R, h 160 Boardman

Conklin & Cross, (Melvin M Conklin and Frank D Cross) proprs Flat Iron Candy Store Main, W Third cor Park place

Conklin Dennis, foreman, h 708 Davis

Conklin Ethel, waitress Frasier Hotel, res do

Conklin Etta Mrs, waitress 436 E Water, h 771 John

Conklin Floyd, mason h

Conklin Fred, farmer, h W Water bey limits

Conklin George, emp Elmira Dairy Co, rms 51 S Main

Conklin Irvine, trainman D L & W R R, h 504 Mathew

Conklin Irvine N, motorman E W L & R R Co, res 370 Divan ave

Conklin Julia, cashier New England Kitchen, rms 360 Lake

Conklin Lester, driver Flanagan’s, res 661 ½ Lake

Conklin Margaret, stenogr A L F E Co, res 120 S Main

Conklin Melvin J, carrier P O, h 511 Decker

Conklin Melvin M, (Conklin & Cross) h 657 N Main

Conklin Michael clerk Secor & Greenman, h 709 Davis

Conklin Murray T, lineman N Y Tel Co, h 605 Partridge

Conklin Paul F, engr P R R, h 612 Beecher

Conklin Robert, emp Losie Roofing Co, h 926 Lackawanna ave

Conklin Sylvia Mrs, h 926 Lackawanna ave

Conklin William H, painter, res 1301 Sullivan

Conkling Jane, wid George, h 520 ½ Lake

Conkling Stoddare H, bds 618 Winsor ave

Conkright Flora Mrs waitress New England Kitchen, res 154 High

Conley Cornelius, iron worker, res 736 Riverside ave

Conley Katherine, wid Dennis, h 736 Riverside ave

Conley Leo H fireman D L & W R R, h 951 Magee

Conley Mary G, teacher school no 9, res 736 Riverside ave

Conley see Connelly

Conlon Arthur B gen’l foreman A L F E Co, h 513 Penna ave

Conlon Elizabeth, emp Goff, Way & Brand, res 770 S Main

Conlon Frances g, dressmaker, res 218 W Miller

Conlon Helen C h 218 W Miller

Conlon John C, cirgar mnfr 376 S Main, h do

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co, of Hartford, Conn, William P Welts agt, 523 Realty bldg

Conneely Charles, emp Erie R R res 316 Penna ave

Conneely Clarence, emp A L F E Co, h 353 S Main

Conneely Florence E, emp F M Howell & Co, res 316 Penna ave

Connelly Earl M, machinist Morrow Mfg Co h 163 Washington

Conneely Lawrence P, machinist, res 713 Spaulding

Conneely Peter D, machist, h 316 Penna ave

Conneely Ralph L, emp Willys-Morrow Co res 316 Penna ave

Connell Catherine, wid Thomas, res 712 Johnson

Connell George P, (The Grill Restaurant) 202 E Water, rms 453 W Water

Connell Peter P, (The Grill Restaurant) 202 E Water, h 453 W Water

Connell Robert A, electrician 415 W First, h 147 Tuttle ave

Connell Thomas O, gate Tender D L & W R R res 712 Johnson

Connell William P. (The Grill Restaurant) 202 E Water, rms 453 W Water

Connelly Albert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 405 Race

Connelly Bridget, wid Thomas, h 770 S Main

Connelly Bridget R, h 536 Broadway

Connelly Bros. (Timothy J and Dennis J Connelly) contractor and builders 122 S Main

Connelly Catherine, res 318 McCann’s blvd

Connelly Catherine, wid John, h 224 West av

Connelly Catherine, wid Michael, h 501 W Hudson

Connelly Charles C, emp A L F E Co, h 814 Holdridge

Connelly Catherine S, res 108 Catherine

Connelly Cornelius café 322 E Water, h 508 Home

Connelly Cornelius, clerk 502 S Main, h 120 Fulton

Connelly Daniel boilermaker D L & W R R h 318 McCann’s boulevard

Connelly Dennis F, plumber, bds 413 W Hudson

Connelly Dennis J (Connelly Bros) 122 S Main, res do

Connelly Dora A, res 64 Penna ave

Connelly Elida wid Edward

Connelly Elizabeth, res 770 S Main

Connelly Ellen wid Dennis, h 212 Fulton

Connelly Ethel dressmaker, res 1355 ½ Lake

Connelly Francis E, bkkpr 359 E Washington ave, bds 1104 Hall

Connelly Frank J machinist Willys-Morrow Co, res 600 W Miller

Connelly Harold P, res 108 Catherine

Connelly James, emp Willys-Morrow Co. res 818 Holdridge

Connelly James A, com trav, h 511 Jefferson

Connelly James F, condr D L & W R R, h 1355 ½ Lake

Connelly James M, (Murphy & Connelly) 109 N Main, h 655 College ave

Connelly Jeremiah, retired, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly Jerry bricklayer res 224 West ave

Connelly Jerry J, emp A L F E Co h 759 Linden ave

Connelly John M, wholesale liquors 258-260 State h 108 Catherine

Connelly John M, carp Willys-Morrow Co. h 309 Broadway

Connelly John T, salesman Decker Automobile Co res 318 McCann’s blvd

Connelly Joseph, emp A L F E Co res 1355 ½ Lake

Connelly Katherine l stenogr Campbell Knitting Mill, res 64 Penna ave

Connelly Margaret nurse res 210 Madison ave

Connelly Margaret, clerk Flanagan’s res 1104 Hall

Connelly Maria L, propr Alice Frances Hotel 202 W Water, res do

Connelly Marie, res 615 Park place

Connelly Marie M teacher St Mary’s school res 309 Broadway

Connelly Mary res 413 W Hudson

Connelly Mary A, wid Patrick h 609 Jay

Connelly Mary B Mrs res 120 S Main

Connelly Mary E. student, res 508 Home

Connelly Michael emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 105 E Miller

Connelly Michael M emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 417 Columbia

Connelly Nellie res 413 W Hudson

Connelly Patrick, carp, h 413 W Hudson

Connelly Peter, lab rms 262 Baldwin

Connelly Peter F, construction contractor 501 Realty bldg res Horseheads N Y

Connelly Ralph A bar clerk 1239 College ave, rms 236 Mt Zoar

Connelly Raymond emp A L F E Co res 1355 ½ Lake

Connelly Richard J, furnaces and sheet metal work 359 E Washington ave, h 1104 Hall

Connelly Susan M, mill opr, bds 536 Broadway

Connelly Theresa G Mrs, teacher school No 1, res 316 Madison ave

Connelly Thomas emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 413 W Hudson

Connelly Thomas hotel 122 S Main, h do

Connelly Thomas lab, res 770 S Main

Connelly Thomas F, bar clerk 329 Carroll bds do

Connelly Thomas F real estate 122 State, h 910 W water

Connelly Timothy, cafe 64 Penna ave, h do

Connelly Timothy cigarmaker 376 S Main, res 120 Fulton

Connelly Timothy, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 318 McCann’s blvd

Connelly J, (Connelly Bros) 122 S Main, res do

Connelly Timothy J, grocer 104-106 E Water, h 262 W Chemung place

Connelly Victor res 702 Linden place

Connelly William P, lab, res 609 Jay

Connelly see Conley

Connors Blanche emp W I Booth res 407 Dewitt ave

Connors Daniel E (Connors & Gallavan) 514 Partridge, res do

Connors Elizabeth maid 365 W Water, res do

Connors Edward J, trainman D L & W R R, bds 1302 N Main

Connors Francis J, trainman D L & W R R, res 720 E Washington ave

Connors & Gallavan (Daniel E Connors and Edward M Gallavan) paving and sewer contractors, 514 Partridge

Connors Helen G, bkkpr, res 514 Partridge

Connors James, emp T Briggs & Co rms 356 W Fourth

Connors John, lab, bds 419 Railroad ave

Connors Margaret, res 514 Partridge

Connors Mary, res 514 Partridge

Connors Michael, condr D L & W R R, h 720 E Washington ave

Connors Mina maid 367 W Church, bds do

Connors Nora, wid Daniel res 613 ½ S Main

Connors Patrick, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 209 South ave

Connors Thomas H, machinist A L F E Co, bds 600 S Main

Connors see O’Connor

Conongue Inn, (Seely P Smith) 159 Madison ave

Conover Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds West End Hotel

Conroy Delores M, teacher school No 11 res 332 W Seventh

Conroy James, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1055 Admiral place

Conroy John, h 332 W Seventh

Conroy John J, emp D L & W R R, bds 1055 Admiral place

Conroy John J, lawyer 521 Robinson bldg, res 332 W Seventh

Conroy Mary a clerk E L & M Sullivan, h 555 E Third

Conroy Pauline, res 332 W Seventh

Conroy Ralph A clerk P R R gen’l offices, res 332 W Seventh

Conroy Regina, stenogr 521 Robinson bldg, res 332 W Seventh

Conroy Tessie emp Hotel Langwell, res do

Conroy Thomas J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 110 W Miller

Consey Anna dressmaker, rms 400 Lake

Considine Alice student, res 1147 W Water

Considine Anna, maid 713 N Main res do

Considine Catherine, wid Thomas J, h 410 Fulton

Considine Daniel, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 110 W Miller

Considine Daniel jr, res 110 W Miller

Considine Esther M, stenogr Goff, Way & Brand Co, res 1147 W Water

Considine George H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 15 Brand

Considine & Haskell (Harry M Haskell) architects 612-620 Hulett bldg

Considine Helen K, student res 229 O’Gorman

Considine Henry student, res 1147 W Water

Considine John, emp P R R, h 111 E Miller

Considine Joseph E clerk Flanagan’s, res 115 Brand

Considine Joseph H died July, 1917

Considine Julia A, wid John, h 115 Brand

Considine Leo, student, res 1147 W Water

Considine Marie, emp F M Howell & Co, res 110 W Miller

Considine Michael, emp P R R shops, h 229 O’Gorman

Considine Michael T, engine inspr P R R, res 110 W Miller

Consolidated Brick Co, Levi Marshall jr sec and supt r 933 E Church

Consumer’s Natural Gas Co, George G Reynolds pres. 401-401 Robinson bldg

Convent of Mercy, Sister Mary Consilio superior, W Clinton cor Park place

Convent of St. Anthony, Sister Rosalie superior, res 206 W Washington

Convent of St. Cassimer’s, Sister Mary Catherine superior, 1004 Davis

Convent of St. Cecelia’s, Sister Anitetus superior, 405 Linden place

Convent of St. Mary’s, Sister Loyola superior, 220 Franklin

Convent of SS. Peter & Paul’s, Sister M Alice superior 559 E Market

Converse Chester R, tobacco dealer h 506 W Water

Conway Ann, wid Michael, h 750 S Main

Conway Henry C, emp Erie R R h 407 W Hudson

Conway Jane, wid Michael, h 205 West ave

Conway John, gate tender Erie R R res 750 S Main

Conway Thomas emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 750 S Main

Conway Walter M, switchman D L & W R R, res 308 Broadway

Cook Alcesto M Mrs, h 564 Post

Cook Ann E Mrs. Rooming house 107 W Gray, h do

Cook Bert mason, rms 218 Williams

Cook Charles E, machinist K V Co, h 722 Benjamin

Cook Charles W, removed to Warren, Ohio

Cook Earl G, res 205 W Chemung place

Cook Edwin, emp Willys-Morrow Co h 101 W Miller

Cook Elizabeth E, wid Charles E h 751 ½ E Washington ave

Cook Ellen J Mrs, res 210 Brand

Cook Emmett V, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 508 Penna ave

Cook Ermina, wid Bradley W, res 111 W LaFrance

Cook Florence, wid Guy, waitress Rathbun Hotel, rms 222 Caldwell ave

Cook Florence c, printer 222 E Market, res 654 Dickinson

Cook Frank, h 107 W Gray

Cook Frank A, removed to Warren, Ohio

Cook Fred painter 312 E Water, res Pine City

Cook Fred painter, bds 424 Herrick

Cook Fred G emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 419 Pleasant

Cook George W, clerk C M & R Tompkins, res 417 W Second

Cook George F, carp, h 407 Sullivan

Cook Harrison L, roofer, res 751 ½ E Washington av

Cook Henry, lab, h 771 John

Cook John, mason, res 218 William

Cook John, painter 312 E Water, res Pine City

Cook Lena, maid 365 Fulton, res do

Cook Leo C removed to Warren, Ohio

Cook Martin, emp Goff Way & Brand, res 200 E Second

Cook Mary A, wid George W, res 658 N Main

Cook Mary L, removed to Warren, Ohio

Cook Morton L emp G M Wood & Son, h 700 E Second

Cook Newton mason, res 218 William

Cook Roscoe B, emp 314 W Water, res 353 ½ do

Cook Sarah, wid Frank res 1004 N Main

Cook Silas, shoemaker, h 651 E Water

Cook Susan Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Cook Theresa M, confectionery 434 Penna ave, res 564 Post

Cook Vernon E, emp Erie R R freight, res 613 Grove

Cook William F, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1310 Pratt

Cooke Ralph, lab, h 219 Sullivan

Cooklin Frederick T, clerk Hudson Shoe Co, h 168 Madison ave

Cooklin Harry J, compositor Herald h 259 W Chemung place

Cookson Alfred W, draftsman Willys-Morrow Co res 253 Oakwood ave Elmira Heights

Coolbaugh Lyman R, market gardener, h 1520 S Main

Cooley Guy L shipping clerk 157 Falck, h 726 W Gray

Cooley John, died. 1917

Cooley Lee, lab, h 55 George

Coolican Patrick R, bar clerk 703 S Main, res do

Coon Alva H, emp K V Co, h 220 Tuttle ave

Coon Earl L, carp, h 319 Washington

Coon Eleanor F, clerk A S B Co, res 759 E Water

Coon Lawrence V, draftsman Willys-Morrow Co, h 358 Lyon

Coon May, wid Fletcher h 508 ½ Columbia

Coon Ruth E, student Elmira College, res do

Cooney Arthur L, student, res 413 N Main

Cooney Charles com trav, h 107 College ave

Cooney Charles F, clerk Erle R R, res 107 College ave

Coons George emp Willys-Morrow Co res 1008 Hoffman

Coons I P, machinist, bds 703 S Main

Coons Merton R, stenogr Standard Oil Co h 659 Lake

Cooper Agnes, opr N Y Tel Co res 829 Johnson

Cooper Belmont, emp American Bridge Co h 502 Matthew

Cooper Bert C, carp, h 829 Johnson

Cooper Bessie Mrs, res 160 Sullivan

Cooper Catherine, emp 320 Carroll, res 565 John

Cooper Celestia S, wid Thomas A, res 364 W Fourth

Cooper Cynthia, wid Lloyd h 454 E Church

Cooper Dora rate clerk L V R R, res 160 Sullivan

Cooper Ella, wid William h 565 John

Cooper Emmett emp Postal Telegh Co, bds 715 John

Cooper Fannie, wid John, res 322 William

Cooper Fanny, wid Allen B, h 508 W Second

Cooper Floyd P, trainman D L & W R R h 510 Matthew

Cooper George emp D L & W R R res 353 E Washington ave

Cooper George P (Elmira Casket Co) 224 Baldwin h 1169 W Water

Cooper Guy H chauffer A L F E Co, h 705 ½ Junction

Cooper Horace E, waiter Hotel Gotham h 203 Railroad

Cooper Howard brakeman P R R, rms 222 Caldwell ave

Cooper Isabell A Mrs, h 1315 Pratt

Cooper Jacob, ice dealer, h 116 Sullivan

Cooper James F, clerk P R R genl offices res 369 W First

Cooper John N, died 1916

Cooper Kathleen, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 353 E Washington ave

Cooper Leroy, emp E W L & R R Co power station h 368 Walnut

Cooper Leslie B, emp 213 W Water, bds 611 Coburn

Cooper Mary, emp 320 Carroll, res 565 John

Cooper Maud, teacher school No 9 res 117 Linden place

Cooper Milton E, building contractor 449 Roe ave, h do

Cooper Myrtle M, dressmaker res 417 Linden place

Cooper Nehemiah H, mason, h 417 Linden place

Cooper Robert, res 353 E Washington ave

Cooper Samuel, peddler, res 907 John

Cooper Sarah, dressmaker 112 ½ S Main, h do

Cooper Squire L, condr D L & W R R, h 1?09 Grand Central ave

Cooper William, emp 320 Carrol res 565 John

Cooper William M, adv mgr A S B Co, h 403 William

Cooperman Eva K clerk 569 E Water, res do

Cooperman Soloman, grocery and dry goods 569 E Water, h do

Copeland Charles F, linotype opr Star-Gazette h 121 Lormore

Copeland Harold B, student, res 121 Lormore

Copeland I Seymour, pres Star-Gazette, h 330 W Water

Copeland Woodford J, editor Star-Gazette h 326 W Water

Copley Hovey E, deputy County Clerk, County Clerk’s office, res Lowman

Copp Alice Mrs, emp Goff Way & Brand, res 700 E Second

Copp Bert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 121 Harriet

Copp Clinton, carp, h 615 S Main

Copp Harriet Mrs, res 174 Railroad ave

Copp John J, dreaftsman American Bridge Co, res 214 College ave

Copp Otto E, emp Willys-Morrow Co h 700 E Second

Copp Roy, messenger W U Tel Co, res 618 S Main

Copp Roy O, emp W U Tel Co, res 615 S Main

Copp Wilfors, apprentice, res 615 S Main

Coppozzi Anthony, lab, h 227 E Seventh

Coppozzi Biaz W, emp Erle R R freight, res 227 E Seventh

Coppozzi Marion emp Willys-Morrow Co h 863 Railroad ave

Coppozzi Michael, emp P R R freight, res 227 W Seventh