Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Home Made
FOR 1917


Benedict, Anna stenogr Elmira Knitting Mills, rms 220 William

Benedict, Archie, emp C & K Laundry, res 759 Sullivan

Benedict, Burt, emp D L & W R R, rms 1259 College ave

Benedict, Charles E, fireman Erie R R, h 716 Columbia

Benedict, Edward, emp A L F E Co, h 110 S Main

Benedict, Ethel res 959 Sullivan

Benedict, John, restaurant 158 Lake, res Lyceum block

Benedict, Julia L, h 1012 Lincoln

Benedict, Leslie, emp U S Navy, res Lyceum block

Benedict, Lewis M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 307 Mt Zoar

Benedict, Lyman L, carrier P O, h 959 Sullivan

Benedict, Mary H, student, res 521 W Third

Benedict, Ralph J, asst foreman Herald, bds 511 Jefferson

Benedict, Ruth, clerk F W Woolworth Co, res Wellsburg, N Y

Benedict, Sarah E, emp Fred T Loomis, res 110 S Main

Benedict, Stanley, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 761 E Market

Benedict, William A, emp H C Spaulding Co, h 502 Mathew

BENEDICT, WILLIAM H, principal school No 8, h 521 W Third

BENEVOLENT PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS, home and club house 315 E Market, Charles Snyder custodian and sec

Benjamin, A, shoe repairing 439 E Water, h do

Benjamin, Alvin, carrier R D No 4, h 466 South ave

Benjamin, Charles A, trainman D L & W R R, res 167 Tuttle ave

Benjamin, David, emp Frisbie Coal Co, res 505 Erie

Benjamin, Dora, res 212 Mt Zoar

Benjamin, Earl L, Carrier R D No l, res 466 South ave

Benjamin, Elizabeth, emp F M Howell & Co res 212 Mt Zoar

Benjamin, Frank, painter, res 505 Erie

Benjamin, Fred E, h 640 W Water

Benjamin, Fred L, tinner, h 710 Benjamin

Benjamin, George, emp Southern Tier Motor Co, h 752 E Water

Benjamin, Ida, wid Matthew, h 505 Erie

Benjamin, Isabel V, student, res 466 South ave

Benjamin, Lester, molder A L F E Co, res 209 Mechanic

Benjamin, Lewis, lab, res 505 Erie

Benjamin, Lila, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Benjamin, Manley, emp K V Co, h 801 E Market

Benjamin, Minnie L, emp Kies’ Bindery, h 413 Davis

Benjamin, Nettie, maid 408 N Main, res do

Benjamin, Newton, commercial freight agent Central Railroad of New Jersey 205 Robinson bldg, h 611 Euclid ave

Benjamin, Raymond, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 459 E Church

Benjamin, Stella Mrs h 212 Mt Zoar

Benjamin, Stephen L, flagman P R R, h 419 Balsam

Benjamin, William W, trainman D L & W R R, h 173 Tutle ave

Benn, George W, carp Thurston & Haskell, rms 556 Spaulding

Bennett, Ada M, wid Aaron F, h 701 Holdridge

Bennett, Albert, engr P R R, h 504 Lyon

Bennett, Anderson, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 220 Roe ave

Bennett, Arthur, telegr opr, h 350 W Fourth

Bennett, Arthur W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 308 W Fifth

Bennett, Burrus L, condr D L & W R R, h 333 W Washington ave

Bennett, Charles teamster N Y S Reformatory, res Elmira Heights

Bennett, Charles, repairman 986 Penna ave, res 210 Dewitt ave

Bennett, Charles L, driver 321 Penna ave, res 262 Baldwin

Bennett, Charles W, machinist h 321 Orchard

Bennett, Charles W, emp Jewell’s Garage, h 213 Dewitt ave

Bennett, Chauncey R, clerk A L F E Co, h 309 1/2 West ave

Bennett, Christian C, bkkpr 332 E Water, res 176 Madison ave

Bennett, Clifford J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 112 Ferris

BE Elmira Directory, 1917 33

Bennett, Curtis, clerk E M Roberts, res Fitch’s Bridge

BENNETT, CURTIS M, milk dealer, h Bennett’s Crossing, R D No l

Bennett, Delbert, emp Elmira Candy Co, res Clark’s Glen bey limits

Bennett, Edward, emp A L F E Co, bds Criterion Hotel

Bennett, Elizabeth, emp Elmira Knitting Mills, bds 311 W Hudson

Bennett, Erwin A, pressman A S B Co, res room 1 Metzger block

Bennett, Fannie S. wid Albert M. res 320 W Church

Bennett, Florence, res 1311 Grand Central ave

Bennett, Florence A, res room 1 Metzger block

Bennett, Frank J, condr D L @ W R R, h 1311 Grand Central ave

Bennett, George, teamster h 316 W Center

Bennett, Grace Mrs. housekeeper 505 Home, res do

Bennett, Harold R, student, res 404 Baty

Bennett, Harriet, emp Queen City Knitting Mill, res 766 Carpenter

Bennett, Harry C, caller P R R, bds 504 Lyon

Bennett, Harry M, emp E W L & R R Co, h 428 Standish

Bennett, Herman C, wire chief W U Telegh Co, h 405 W Second

BENNETT INCINERATING CO (THE), C A Pulford vice-res, Theodore McKnight sec, Johnson Little treas and mgr, garbage crematory 926 Stowell, office 113 W Water

Bennett, Jabez emp Thatcher Mfg Co bds 701 Holdridge

BENNETT, JACOB, farmer, also member Republican County Committee h Bennett’s Crossing, R D No 1

Bennett, James D, machinist, h 404 Baty

Bennett, James H, retired, res 625 W Gray

BENNETT, J HERBERT, principal school No 5, h 977 Lincoln

Bennett, John, rms 218 E Market

BENNETT, JOHN A, physician and surgeon 666 Park place, h do, office hours 2-3 p m daily and 7-8 p m Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday

Bennett, Laura, wid Lewis A, h room 1 Metzger block

Bennett, Lillian M, café 365 Railroad ave, h 368 do

Bennett, Margaret Mrs grocer 220 Roe ave, res do

Bennett, Mary, wid Judson, h 213 E Thurston

Bennett, Mary wid Mrk, h 460 Franklin

Bennett, Maurice J. patrolman police dept, res 711 Davis

Bennett, Nelson T, carp h 658 W Washington ave

Bennett, Pearl, res 1311 Grand Central ave

Bennett, Pearl, res 373 Railroad ave

Bennett, Ralph E, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, res 314 South ave

Bennett, Raymond, com trav, res 529 W Water

Bennett, Raymond C, bkkpr P R R, h 500 W Hudson

Bennett S Mrs, emp Goff, Way & Brand res 428 Standish

Bennett, Thomas, canvasser, h 529 W Water

Bennett, Thomas J, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, h 766 Carpenter

Bennett, W Harrison, emp James M Antes jr, res 505 Park place

Bennett, Walter, emp Adams Ex Co, bds 200 E Fifth

Bennett, William lab Erie R R, bds 721 German

Bennett, William H, com trav, h 913 W Gray

Benson, Agnes Mrs, res 918 College ave

Benson, Archie E, clerk F L Jennings h 609 Hart

Benson, Bert H, emp Fell Ice Co h Clark’s Glen bey limits

Benson, Charles, carp, rms 153 Baldwin

Benson, Charles A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 816 Herrick

Benson, Charles H, jeweler 851 Lake, h do

Benson, Charles H, foreman American Bridge Co, h 333 E Center

Benson, Ernest H jr, machinist American Bridge Co, h 383 Norton

Benson, Harriett E, tailoress Reid & Winner, h 118 N Main

BENSON, HERMAN A, real estate and insurance 1006 Lake, h do

Benson, John J retired, res 751 Grove

Benson,Leslie A, student, res 333 E Center

Benson, Mary A Mrs, h 108 Smith bey limits

Benson, Mazie A nurse, res 628 W Church

Benson, Muriel, stenogr, res 108 Smith bey limits

34 BE Elmira Directory, 1917

Benson, Nils P, café 401 Railroad ave, h do

Benson, Robert, carp, rms 113 College ave

Benson, Sarah, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 608 W Hudson

Benson, Selma, café 401 Railroad ave, res do

Bentley, Addie, dressmaker, h W Church bey limits

Bentley, C Leland, coppersmith A L F E Co, h 658 E Clinton

Bentley, Frank, h 71 Penna ave

Bentley, Fred R, accountant E W L & R R Co, h 358 Franklin

Bentley Furniture Co (Inc) George B Dickinson mgr, furniture and house furnishings 227-229 W Water

Bentley, Harry B, res 118 Esty

Bentley, Helen Mrs, clerk 417 N Main, res 557 John

Bentley, Josephine C V, student, res 654 W First

Bentley, Leslie E engr D L & W R R, h 522 William

Bentley, Lewis J, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, h 546 S Main

Bentley, Mae J, dressmaker, res W Church bey limits

Bentley, Mary, wid Charles H, h 118 Estey

Bentley, Orio P, chauffeur C M & R Tompkins, h 557 John

BENTLEY, ROBERT E, vice-pres John T Sadler Co (Inc) 122 Lake, res 118 Esty

Benton, Delia dressmaker Personius, Malone & French, res 304 High

Benton, Edith M hair dressing, manicuring and facial massage 137 W Water, res do

Benton, Emogene wid Chas, res 741 W Church

BENTON, GEORGE REV, pastor West Side M E Church, h 741 W Church

Benton, Ivanna M, res 741 W Church

Benton, Jessie M Mrs, nurse, h 563 E Church

Bergan, Jerry, supervisor P R R, h 470 South ave

Bergan, Jerry J, draftsman P R R gen’l offices, h 1 Franklin place

Bergan, Lucy dressmaker Tepper Bros, res 470 South ave

Bergan, Robert F, died March 1917

Bergan, Thomas M, machinist P R R, h 600 E Miller

Berger, Jacob C, com trav, h 206 Madison ave

Berger, Julius L, (Berger & Radin) 137 E Water, h 311 Elm

Berger & Radin, (Julius L Berger and Henry J Radin) men’s hats, caps and furnishings 137 E Water

Bergh, A Harold, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 12 Tracy place

Bergh, Albin H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 221 Brand

Bergh, Arthur, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 505 Home

Bergh, Harold, emp P R R rms 221 Brand

Bergman, Karl, emp Campbell Knitting Mill, res 756 E Market

Bergman, Oscar A, inspr Eclipse Machine Co h 210 William

Bergman Oxel, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 756 E Market

Bergman, Peter A, emp Erie freight house, h 756 E Market

Berhalter, Jacob, retired, res 55 Sullivan

Berhalter, Matilda L, maid 502 W Water, res do

Berkshire, John emp A L F E Co, rms 105 W LaFrance

Berman, David, junk dealer h 104 Washington

Bermingham Bee, mill opr res 517 Fulton

Bermingham, Daniel, fireman E F D, h 113 Dewitt ave

Bermingham, John emp A L FE Co res 113 Dewitt ave

Bermingham, Timothy, emp 305 State, res 113 Dewitt ave

Bermingham see Birmingham

Bern, Grace, dressmaker, bds 410 Fulton

Bernas, Charles gatetender D L & W R R h 600 Beach

Bernas, Frank, emp Kertscher & Co, res 360 E Washington ave

Bernas, Frank, bar clerk 360 E Washington ave, res do

Bernas, Helen, emp Elmira Knitting Mill bds 600 Beach

Bernas, John, (Franklin Hotel) 358-360 E Washington ave, h do

Bernas, Josephine, emp Read & Lovatt, bds 600 Beach

Bernas, Lody, bds 360 E Washington ave

Bernas, Martha housekeeper 1004 Davis, res do

Bernas, Samuel emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 223 Webber place

Bernas, Thomas emp Kertscher & Co, res 704 Dickinson


Berner, Frank A, grocery and café 601-603 E Water, h 601 do

Bernies, Samuel, emp Elmire Foundry Co, h 1115 Magee

Bernstein, Abraham, student, res 315 E Fifth

Bernstein, Joseph, student, res 315 E Fifth

Bernstein, Morris, student, res 315 E Fifth

Bernstein, Mary R, grocery and confectionery 315 E Fifth, h do

Bernstein, Simon, janitor Sheehan Dean & Co res 315 E Fifth

Berrigan, Daniel W emp Union News Co Erie R R station, res 326 Webber place

Berrigan, William, lineman W U Teleg Co, bds 724 Benjamin

Berry, Albert T, fireman P R R, h 601 W Hudson

Berry, Allen, lab. Bds 906 East ave

Berry, Charles M, mason, h Highland ave bey limits

Berry, Clarence A, patternmaker Eclipse Machine Co. h 519 Penna ave

Berry, Clarence E, clerk A S B Co, h 642 Reynolds

Berry, Clifford M, trainman P R R, h 901 Griswold

Berry, E Robert, emp Willys-Morrow Co h 516 Davis

Berry, Eva G, wid James T, res 409 W Gray

Berry, Fred, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 505 John

Berry, George A, foreman inspr P R R, h 314 S Main

Berry, Joseph, bus transfer, h 808 Madison ave

Berry, Joseph P, musician, bds 409 W Gray

Berry, Lee M, fireman P R R h 120 Cedar

Berry, Martha, maid 360 W Church, res do

Berry, Silas W, removed from city

BERRY, THOMAS J, (J W Huston & Co) 102 W Water, h 207 Elm

Berry Wellington E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 516 Davis

Berry see Barry

Berthod, Eugene, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 280 Home

Berthod, Louise, emp Ufford Glove Co, res R F D 1

Berwick, Thomas H, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, re 657 Davis

Besanceney, Francis W, fireman P R R, h 205 Brand

BESEMER, REED V, mgr A & P Tea Store 117 E Water, res 166 Madison ave

Besley, Ada E Mrs, laundress, h 908 Oak

Besley, Diamond, emp F M Howell & Co h 223 Lormore

Besley, John O, emp E W L & R R Co,, h 418 Madison ave

Besley, Leon P, clerk Swift & Co, res 767 Linden place

Besley, Stephen, emp M 1 Roy Maple ave bey limits, res do

Besley, Walter W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 234 E Miller

Bess, August, lab, h 807 East ave

Bess, Felix, lab, rms 512 High

Bess, Martha H, res 807 East ave

Bess, Mary E emp Campbell Knitting Mill, res 807 East ave

Bessant, Harry A, stock clerk A L F E Co, res 580 Riverside ave

Beth, Nora, emp Hotel Rathbun, res do

BETHANY LUTHERAN CHURCH (Swedish), S Walnut cor Partridge


Betsinger, Jay C emp 601 E Water, res 608 John

Beuter, Della wid William,dressmaker Personius, Malone & Frence, h 304 High

Beuter, Lelia M, tel opr A L F E Co, res 304 High

Beuter, Welthea, bkkpr Postal Telegraph Co, res 304 High

Bevan, Frederick J, h 637 Winsor ave

Bevan, Helen F, student, res 635 W Water

Bevan, John A, (Bevan & Mack) 128 S Main h 103 Connelly ave

Bevan & Mack (John Bevan and Frank M Mack) cigars and billiards 128 S Main

BEVAN, RUSSELL C, asst mgr S S Kresge Co 118-120 W Water, h 827 Walnut

BEVAN, THOMAS F, mgr S S Kresge & Co 118-120 W Water, h 635 do

Beveridge, Arthur D car repairer D L & W R R, h 1323 Lake

Beveridge, Ross A, emp Standard Oil Co, rms 315 William


Bevier see Bovier

Beyler, Augustine F, carp, h York ave bey limits

Beyler, Edward J, emp A S B Co res York ave bey limits

Beyler, Florence M, forelady 1026 Lake, res. York ave bey limits

Beyler, Joseph, emp W 1 Booth, res York ave bey limits

Beyler, William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res York ave bey limits

Beymon, Raymond, emp Hotel Langwell, rms 315 W Second

Bezicki, Alex, emp Erie R R freight, res 702 Dickinson

Biagio, Consolo, bakery 825 Canal, h do

Bianculli, Anthony, check boy Flanagan’s res 112 Partridge

Bianculli, Dominick, emp A L F E Co, h 112 Partridge

Bianculli, Gladys N, stenogr Flanagan’s, res 112 Partridge

Bianculli, Margaret, res 112 Partridge

Bice, Emma, wid Augustus G, res 109 Partridge

Bickford, Edwin Blake, student, res 415 W Church

BICKFORD, HIRAM H, (Pierce & Bickford) 118-120 Lake, h 415 W Church

Bickford, Robert T, draftsman Pierce & Bickford, res 415 W Church

Biddle, Robert E, bkpr Second National Bank, res 471 Riverside ave

Bidwell, Horace R, barber Hotel Langwell, h 111 W Gray

Bien, Anna E, res 1130 Oak

BIEN, EDWARD M, painter and decorator 158 Baldwin, h 419 E Washington ave

Bien, Helen A, student, res 419 E Washington ave

Bien, Susanna, wid Martin, h 1130 Oak

Bien see Beam

Bierwiler, Alvina, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Bierwiler, Catherine, res 640 W Water

Bierwiler, Carroll G, cutter 103 W Church, res 1116 Walnut

Bierwiler, George A, teamster Swift & Co, h 1007 Lincoln

Bierwiler, George J, emp filtering plant, h 1045 Walnut

Bierwiler, Joseph C, tobacco worker, h 160 Washington

Bigg, Edward H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 533 W Hudson

Bigg, Frederick C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 533 W Hudson

Bigg, Howard E, driver D H Livens, res 533 W Hudson

Biggs, Charlotte A, wid, John, h 304 E Clinton

Biggs, Christopher W, inspr Willys-Morrow Co h 319 Madison ave

Biggs, John L, emp K V Co, h 122 W Chemung pl

Biggs, Joseph P, foreman Elmira Telegram, res 304 E Clinton

Bigley, John, motorman E W L & R R Co, h 727 Lake

Bilby, Gertrude L V, res 257 Partridge

Bilby, John H, painter A L F E Co, h 257 Partridge

Billings, Anna J, res 125 W Water

BILLINGS BOOK STORE (THE), (C A and E N Derby) books, stationery, magazines and newspapers 112 Baldwin

Billings, David S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 207 W Gray

Billings, Edward B, coal dealer 207 W Gray, h do

Billings, Edward B jr, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 207 W Gray

Billings, Hazel, contract clerk E W L & R R Co, res 106 Durland ave

Billings, Hosmer H, retired h 324 W Gray

Billings, Myra J, h 221 W Church

Billings, Sarah, wid John A h 106 Durland ave

Bilozer, Paul, car repairer Erie R R, h 312 E Washington ave

Bilsen, Ernest T, engr Record Brewing Co h 615 William

Bimberg, Franklin, apprentice Turner Electric Co, res 504 E Market

Bimberg, Joseph, (Joseph Bimberg & Son) 316 Hathaway, h 358 N Main

Bimberg, Joseph & Son, (Joseph and Nathan Bimberg and Mrs Bertha Rosenfield) storage 316 Hathaway

Bimberg, Nathan, (Joseph Bimberg & Son) 316 Hathaway, h 504 E Market

Binelli, Augustine, bar clerk 361 Railroad ave, bds do

Binelli, Samuel, emp 361 Railroad ave, res do

Bingham, Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 206 W Miller

Birchard, Harry W, special agt fire insurance h 367 W Gray

Birchard, Jane, wid Anson D, h 513 Euclid ave


Birchard, Jane M, teacher E F A, bds 513 Euclid ave

Bird, Barney L, carp, h 759 Jay

Bird, Charles W, carp, h 426 Broadway

Bird, Charles W, (Powell, Hall Co) 131-135 N Main, h 307 Dewitt ave

Bird, Edward, emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 129 E Chemung place

Birdsall, Ella H, h 717 Park place

Birdsall, Howard, emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 215 Vine

Birdsall, Sarah M, emp A S B Co, res 313 W Clinton

Birkholz, Adolph M, fireman Consolidated Brick Co, h 554 E Third

Birkholz, Fred H, student, res 807 John

Birkholz, Hattie, stenogr 336 E Water, res 807 John

Birkholz, Otto, blacksmith, res 807 John

Birkholz, William, U S Army, res 554 E Third

Birkholz, William, blacksmith, 807 John, h do

Bisbee, Anna J, wid Jesse, h 606 W Water

Bisbee, Dorothy R, theacher, res 606 W Water

Bisbee, Lorenzo S, engr D L & W R R, h 157 Orchard

Bishop, Antone, Lab h 668 Magee

BISHOP, CHARLES W, automobile garage and repairs, also agency for Oldsmobile automobiles, 261-267 State, h 507 Franklin

BISHOP HEALTH INSTITUTE (THE), Lauren E Bishop Propr, 118 W Second

Bishop, Henry D, watchman Hotel Rathbun h 558 E Clinton

Bishop, Israel T, asst engr Hygeia Co h112 Horner

Bishop, James H, student, res 118 W Second

Bishop, J Bruce, agency for Scripp Booth automobiles, h 819 W Water

Bishop, John, emp Adams Ex Co, res 668 Magee

Bishop, Julius A, retired h 353 W Clinton

BISHOP, LAUREN E, physiatrist and propr The Bishop Health Institute 118 W Second h do

Bishop, Stephen, removed to New York City

Bishop, Thelma L, clerk Postal Telegraph Co, res 118 W Second

Bishop, Victoria Mrs, nurse, h 668 Magee

Bissell, William, car repairer D L & W R R, h 1016 Oak

Bissell, William D jr, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 1016 Oak

Bissett, Daniel C, emp A L F E Co, h 506 E Third

BITNER, CLYDE A, (Ganung & Co) 102 W Water, h 735 Penna ave

Bixby, Bert F, painter and paperhanger, h 1 Gates place

Bixby, Burt W emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 923 Penna ave

Bixby, Florence, mill opr, res 355 E Washington ave

Bixby, Frank D, painter and paperhanger 355 E Washington ave, h do

Bixby, Gilbert H, emp Willys-Morrow Co h 1406 Caton ave

Bixby, Lewis N, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 121 Budd

Bixby, Lionel, emp K V Co, rms 902 East ave

Bixby, Neva, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 923 Penna ave

Bixby, Rome, motorman E W L & R R Co, rms 403 Walnut

Bixby, Ross C emp K V Co, h 1887 College ave

Bixby, Stephen, foreman Thatcher Mfg Co, h Eldridge Park

Bixby, Walter, res 335 E Washington ave

Black, Bell, wid William, res 512 High

Black, Bertha, res 918 Penna ave

Black, Congdon, emp Willys-Morrw Co bds 366 W Third

Black, Cora V, teacher, res 420 Partridge

Black, Edna M, teacher, bds 366 W Third

Black, Harry W, trainman Erie R R h 366 W Third

Black, Jerry, emp K V Co, bds 918 Penna ave

Black, John B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 250 W Hudson

Black, John E, carp, h 420 Partridge

Black, Lee E, chauffeur Hancock’s Bakery, res 420 Partridge

Black, Mortimer M, emp A L F E Co, bds 544 Erie

Blackburn, Susan C, died June, 1916

Blackman, Henry L, machinist, h 1051 Walnut

Blackman, Isabella, wid George H, res 516 Jefferson

BLACKSTONE MOTOR CO, F Edwin Smith pres, M R Impson sec-treas, agency for Maxwell cars 109-111 E Church


Blackwell, Cassie wid Clarence H, res 616 W First

Blackwell, Henry P, mason, h 667 Baldwin

Blackwell, Lawrence, clerk D L & W R R freight, h 105 Fairfield ave

Blackwell, Vaste M, emp W H Ralyea & Co res 667 Baldwin

Blackwell, Willis D, steward Arnot-Ogden Hospital, h 1007 Walnut

Blades, James P, bkkpr E V Sheely, h 405 Davis

Blades, Wilbur D, clerk P R R, h 537 Baty

Blain, Augustus, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 759 Carpenter

Blain, Elizabeth Mrs, res 740 Riverside ave

Blain, Frank N, real estate, h 759 Carpenter

Blain, Minnie, clerk Flanagan’s, res 759 Carpenter

Blair, Able W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 421 Mackey place

Blair, Elizabeth C, student Elmira College res do

Blair, Frank, barber, h 254 Crete ave

Blair, George F, engr P R R, h 525 South ave

Blair, Jerrie C, emp N Y Tel Co, h 464 W Second

Blair, Mabel A, h 1122 Lake

Blake, Elida, maid, 435 W Clinton, res do

Blake, Genevieve, res 426 Balsam

Blake, George P, emp L V R R freight, h 507 Dewitt ave

Blake, James, watchman P R R, res 426 Balsam

Blake, James lab, res 465 E Water

Blake, Joseph, em Willys-Morrow Co, h 916 College ave

Blake, Leo J, student, res 426 Balsam

Blake, Margaret, emp Hotel Langwell, res do

Blake, Margaret, res 916 College ave

Blake, Marie K, emp 361 Maple ave, res do

Blake, Michael J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 752 Carpenter

Blake, Thomas S, telegh opr P R R, h 370 Penna ave

Blake, William H, h 426 Balsam

Blakeney, George W, com trav, res 310 Penna ave

Blampied, Sarah E, wid Benjamin, h 113 College ave

Blanchard, Claude G, machinist Eclipse Machine Co, h 1216 Grand Central ave

Blanchard, Doris, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital, res do

Blanchard, Edward, teamster, bds 415 Pleasant

Blanchard, Edward G, salesman Jaynes Bros Co res 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Edwin L, teamster, rms 379 W Fifth

Blanchard, Forest H, emp Eclipse Machine Co, bds 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Frank, janitor Y M C A, h 456 High

Blanchard, George, driver G H Cotton & Bro, bds 415 Pleasant

Blanchard, George, lab, res 105 Penna ave

Blanchard, George N, emp Kertscher & Co, res 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Harry G, res 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Miles F, lab rms 405 W Second

Blanchard, Phoebe J, wid Samuel E, h 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Ruth C, wid Charles B, res 307 West ave

Blanchard, Samuel E, sales mgr Jaynes Bros Co, res 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Sarah E, wid Ira, h 1554 Lake

Blanchard, Vert A, emp American Bridge Co, res 1501 Lake

Blanchard, Vert A, machinist, res 1554 Lake

Blandford, Alsace S, painter 104 W First, h do

Blandford, Festus N, lab res 104 W First

Blandford, Herbert S, paperhanger, 104 W First, h do

Blandford, Maude, res 517 Gradwell place

Blandford, Wilfred S, chauffeur, h 161 Baldwin

Blankenship, Charles, switchman D L & W R R, h 666 Columbia

Blankenship, Jessie M, bkkpr 629 Lake, res 666 Columbia

Blash, Joseph A, barber 101 State h 409 Davis

Blazinski, Andrew, emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 354 E Washington ave

Blazinsk, Charlotte, opr J N Stearns & Co res 1057 Davis

Blazinski, Mary dressmaker, res 1057 Davis

Blazinski, Roman, tailor 125 W Water h 1057 Davis


Blend, Henry H, fireman, Erie R R, res 210 W Henry

Blight, William H, wholesale coal dealer, h 719 W Third

Blighton, Harry J, com tray, h 710 College ave

Bliss, Charles W, baggageman Erie R R, h 728 Dickinson

BLISS, CLARENCE A, sec J N Wood & Co 116 Partridge, h 414 Race

Bliss, Lena, res 728 Dickinson

Blissel, Fred, emp W 1 Booth, res 161 Orchard

BLODGETT, DANA W, sec W H Ralyea & Co 207-209 Baldwin, h 269 do

Blodgett, Myron C, shipping clerk W I Booth, rms 506 E Market

Bloey, William, telegh opr D L & W R R, bds 506 John

Blood, Charles h, (H L Blood & Son) 214 W Water, res 369 W Fourth

Blood, Florence A, res 369 W Fourth

Blood, Henry L, (H L Blood & Son) 214 W Water, h 369 W Fourth

Blood, H L & Son, (Henry L and Charles H Blood) grocers 214 W Water

Blood, Ruth E, teacher school No 4 res 369 W Fourth

Bloomer, Erastus R, died June 1917

Bloomer, Helen H, office assistant 656 Park place, res 659 N Main

BLOOMER, JAMES J REV, pastor St Patrick’s R C Church, h 615 Park place

Bloomer, Mary J, wid Joseph, dressmaker, h 387 W Water

Bloss, Albert L, painter, rms 154 W Third

Bloss, Albert L jr, clerk, res 154 W Third

Bloss, Louise, wid George, rms 400 Crescent ave

Bloss, Marian, emp Frostilla Co, bds 559 Maple ave

Bloss, Wallace L, clerk P R R gen’l offices h 400 Crescent ave

Blossom, Emma B, wid Frank M, h 120 W Second

Blossom, Frank B, receiving teller Second National Bank, res 120 W Second

Blossom, Harry N, carp P R R h 469 Franklin

Blostein, Charles, ice dealer, h 159 Sullivan

BLOSTEIN, SAMUEL, (Stein & Blostein) 161 Sullivan, h 160 do

BLUE BOTTLE POLISH CO (INC), mnfrs of wood polishes 123 N Main

Blyley, Frank J, barber 145 W Water, h 612 W Gray

Blyley, Katherine G, student, res 612 W Gray

Blystone, Forrest M, mnfr mattresses 744-748 Baldwin h 602 W Water

Boak, James L, real estate and tax agent D L & W R R, h 320 W Church

Boak, Madeline L, student, res 320 W Church

BOARD OF ASSESSORS, Daniel R Davenport chief assessor, office City Hall

BOARD OF CEMETERY COMMISSIONERS, Fred F Jewett clerk, office City Hall

BOARD OF EDUCATION, Asher J Jacoby supt, office City Hall

BOARD OF ELECTIONS, County Court House, Henry C Miller pres, Thomas G Welsh sec, John J Gallivan chief clerk

BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS, Louis C Andrews clerk, office City Hall

BOARD OF HEALTH, John T Calkins clerk, office City Hall

BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS, Louis C Andrews clerk, office City Hall

BOARD OF PLUMBING EXAMINERS, Edgar E Krowl chief inspr, office City Hall

BOARD OF POLICE COMMISSIONERS, Louis C Andrews clerk, office City Hall

BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, Louis C Andrews clerk, office City Hall

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, County Court House, John McCann chairman, Frank J Gorman clerk

Boardman, Ada M, res 233 Mt Zoar

Boardman, Albertine, student Elmira College, res do

Boardman, Catherine M, teacher, res 233 Mt Zoar

Boardman, Lila T, stenogr 305 E Market, res 233 Mt Zoar

Boardman, N Harold tree surgeon, h 508 Roe ave

BOARDMAN, N SMITH REV, rector Emmanuel Episcopal Church, h 233 Mt Zoar


Boardman, Ruth A, emp A S B Co, res 233 Mt Zoar

Boardman, William H, price clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 1560 Pratt

Bochnewch, Anna L, emp W I Booth, res 716 Walnut

Bochnewch, Anthony R, painter and paperhanger, h 716 Walnut

Bochnewch, Elizabeth, opr N Y Tel Co, res 716 Walnut

Bochnewch, George, emp 717 Walnut res 716 do

Bochnewch, John W. asst sales mgr Horton Machine Works, res 716 Walnut

Bock, George F, engr D L & W R R, h 1320 Lake

Bockus, Henry W, trainman P R R, h 315 Franklin

BODECKER, HENRY M, special agent legal dept P R R 210 E Water,h 375 W Gray

Bodewes, Benjamin, lineman Erie R R, res 312 Soper

Bodewes, Herman, lineman Erie R R, res 312 Soper

Bodewes, Joseph, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 312 Soper

Bodine, Amasa, removed to Burdett, N Y

Bodine, Edward, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 611 Dubois

Bodine, Freeman, emp F M Howell & Co res 611 Dubois

Bodine, Hezekiah W, bar clerk 124 S Main, h 103 E Henry

Bodine, Lodema, milliner apprentice, res 103 E Henry

Bodine, Walter E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1239 Pratt

Bodle, Lydia Mrs, died September, 1916

Boehm, Samuel R, wood worker A L F E Co, rms 127 E Hudson

Boeitker, Addie L, wid Robert M, dressmaker, res 1057 Walnut

Boeitker, Frank, emp F M Howell & Co, res 108 E Chemung place

Boerem, T W, tinner 126 W Water, res 214 W Henry

Bogardus, Alice, agt Children’s Aid Society, rms 395 W Water

Bogardus, Bert W, grocer 362 S Main, h 159 Falck

Bogardus, Bertha, milliner, res 516 Logan

Bogardus, Calvin J, painter, h 513 W Second

Bogardus, Clara J, wid Hoyt M, rooming 106 W Market, h do

Bogardus, Frank L, molder, h 516 Logan

Bogardus, Henry W, res 62 Penna ave

Bogardus, Isabel Mrs, h 511 Lake

Bogardus, Jennie C Mrs, res 751 Linden place

Bogardus L, molder res 516 Logan

Bogardus, Lillian, wid George, h 316 Baldwin

Bogardus, Mary, rms 395 W Water

Bogardus, William N, emp Kertscher & Co, h 826 W Church

Bogart, Clara J Mrs, rooming house 106 W Market, h do

Bogart, Edmond blacksmith, rms 262 Baldwin

Bogart, Effie, emp L M Bridgman Co, res 419 Balsam

BOGART, HARRY L, (Lovell, Bogart & Gardner) 405-407 Robinson bldg, h 204 Madison ave

Bogart, Jason H, tallyman P R R freight, h 214 Orchard

Bogart, Mary E, wid John L res 201 Penna ave

Bogart, Raymond H, photographer 321 E Water, res 106 W Market

Boggs, Bertha, emp Terbell-Calkins Drug Co, res 728 Dickinson

Bohlke, August, emp K V Co, h 857 John

Bohlke, Emil G, salesman Armour & Co, h 369 W Sixth

Bohlke, Ferdinand, emp W I Booth res 211 Gregg

Bohlke, John, Motorman E W L & R R Co, res 857 John

Bohlke, John A, engr D L & W R R, h 1204 College ave

Bohlke, Marie, wid William, res 803 John

Bohman, William A, emp A L F E Co, rms 110 Brand

Bohn, Bernard E, carp, h 81 Liberty

Bohn, Clive C, pressman A S B Co, res 1207 Sullivan

Bohn, Jacob H, carp contractor 1311 Hall, h do

Bohn, Lynn V, ast supt Prudential Ins Co, h 728 Robinson

Bohr, Charles, molder A L F E Co, rms 209 Mechanic

Boice, Edward J, lab, h 1406 Baldwin

Bois, Cornelius E, inspr Willys-Morrow Co, bds 103 Smith


Bois, Evelyn Mrs, h 518 Davis

Bois see Boyce

BOLGER, T JOHNSON REV, pastor First Presbyterian Church, h 362 W Church

Bolley, William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 759 Erie

Bolton, Anna T, res 326 Webber place

Bolton, Annastacia M, opr N Y Tel Co res 121 W Miller

Bolton, Clara A, res 800 Penna ave

Bolton, Elizabeth V, Bkpr, res 326 Webber place

Bolton, Helen, student, res 315 Soper

Bolton, John J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 121 W Miller

BOLTON, JOHN J, mgr Alling & Miles (Inc), salesroom and agency for Hudson cars 106 E Market h 414 William

Bolton, Jonah, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 717 Dubois

Bolton, Loretto N, res 121 W Miller

Bolton, Margaret E, clerk Children’s Shop, res 121 W Miller

Bolton, Margaret F, bkpr Flanagan’s, res 326 Webber place

Bolton, Patrick A, lab, h 326 Webber place

Bolton, William E, florist 116 Baldwin, res 326 Webber place

Bomysoad, Ameen, automatic shoe repairing 803 Lake h 726 do

Bon Ton Tea Room (Elsie K and Mary H Cleveland) 323 E Water

Bond, Frances, wid Thomas, res W Hill

Bond, Nellie E, maid 368 W Gray, res do

Bond, Oscar, farmer, h West Hill street

Bond, Raymond, farmer, res West Hill street

Bond, Walter, farmer, bds W Hill

Bond, Walter, driver Mohican Co, h Pine City

Bond, William E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 812 Oak

BONE, DWIGHT P, dist mgr N Y Tel Co commercial dept 203-205 E Gray, h 205 W Chemung place

Bonnell, Ralph D, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 661 Roe ave

Bonnell, Katherine Mrs, propr Pleasant View Hospital 661 Roe ave, h do

Bonsall, William R, photographer 101 E Water, h 1061 Admiral place

Boodger, Margaret G, res 411 Euclid ave

Boodger, Ruth C, clerk A S B Co, res 411 Euclid ave

Boodger, William L, clerk A S B Co, h 411 Euclid ave

Bookstaver, Bernice O, student Elmira College, res do

Boom, Mary E Mrs, res 600 Sullivan

Boom, Nancy, wid Benjamin, res 463 E Market

Boone, George B, painter 123 N Main, h 205 Home

Boone, Harris J, fireman Erie R R, h 712 W Second

Boone, Viola B, tobacco worker, res 205 Home

Booraem, Frances V, student Elmira College, res do

BOOTH, ARTHUR W, physician and surgeon 150 N Main, Market St entrance, h do, office hours 2-3 and 7-8 p m except Sundays, local and distance telephones

Booth, Clarence, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 465 Powell

Booth, Elijah S, retired h 708 W Gray

Booth, Esther W, wid Irving D, h 463 W Gray

Booth, Hibbard W, removed to Detroit, Mich

BOOTH, IRVING D, pres Irving D Booth (Inc) 605-621 Railroad ave, h 950 W Water

BOOTH, IRVING D (INC), Irving D Booth pres, wholesale heavy hardware, plumbers’ and tinners’ supplies 605-621 Railroad ave

Booth, Myron A emp Eldridge Park rms 365 E Thurston

BOOTH, WILFRED I, mnfr confectionery 312-318 E Market h 455 W Gray

Borck, Albert J, carp, h 766 Southport

Borden, Bessie, emp Bon Ton Tea Room rms 7 Lyceum bldg

Border, Lettle W, emp W I Booth, res 663 Baldwin

Borginski, John, emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 106 Sullivan

Borman, C T, asst purchasing agt Willys-Morrow Co, rms 419 W First

Born, Robert R, emp Willys-Morrow Co bds 525 William

Borthwick, Alexander H, bkpr E W L & R R Co, h 334 Irvine place

Borthwick, Grace J, teacher, res 323 Irvine place


Borthwick, Orlando R, janitor North Presbyterian Church, h 323 Irvine place


Bosard, Cora nurse 108 Elm res do

Bosard, Florence H, bkkpr Powell, Hall Co, res 636 W Gray

Bosard, Hattie O, wid Jervis, bds 211 Cusick place

Bosard, Jennie C, wid John, h 636 W Gray

Boscane, Daniel, lab, res 835 Canal

Bosenbark, Charles K guard N Y S Reformatory, h 917 Davis

Bosenbark, Harry R, member Co L, rms 406 Lake

Bosenbark, William condr D L & W R R, bds 1203 Hall

Boshman, John E, emp National Aluminum Works, h 606 Jay

Bosley, Walter J, student, res Alice Francis Hotel

Boston, James emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 768 S Main

Boston, Louie, emp K V Co h 917 Grand Central ave

Bosworth, Clarence, emp A S B Co, bds 213 Orchard

Bosworth, Evelyn, music teacher h 500 Franklin

Bosworth, Fred H, lumber, bds 124 S Main

Bosworth, Ford emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 370 S Main

Bosworth, Robert C emp Read & Lovatt, res 312 W Church

Botheel, Rose, maid 416 W Water, res do

Bothwick, Orien H, retired h 903 W First

Botnick, Elick, grocer 712 John, h do

Botnick, Jacob, grocer, 716 John, h do

Botnick, Sol, bds 712 John

Botsford, Harold messenger W U Tel Co, bds 902 East ave

Botsford J Emory, emp Willys-Morrow Co res W Church bey limits

Botsford, Joshua W, retired res 907 W Water

Botsford, Leora, stenogr Dewaters Bros, rms 704 E Market

Botsford, Manson R, fireman Willys-Morrow Co h 902 East ave

Botsford, Taltaj, student, res W Church bey limits

Botsford, William D patternmaker Elmira Foundry Co, h W Church bey limits

Botsford see Batsford

BOTTCHER, FRED M, painter and decorator wall paper mouldings, curtains and draperies 312 E Water, h 417 Lake (See ad back cover)

Bottcher, Ida M, bkkpr 312 E Water, rms 125 W Market

Bottle, Edward K, clerk A S B Co, h 603 W Clinton

Boudrian, Carrie, emp 200 E Fifth res 316 Baldwin

Bouch, George, driver Snyder Bros, h Snyder place

Boughton, Annie, emp Bromley’s restaurant, rms 220 Lormore

Boughton, Lewis, retired, h 1327 12 College ave

Bouille, Henry, stage mgr Lyceum Theatre h r 408 Walnut

Bouille, Henry jr, emp Corning Ice Cream Co h 427 W Fourth

Bouille, Mable Mrs, emp Lyceum Theatre rms 420 E Market

Bouille, Mary, wid Andrew, res r 408 Walnut

Bourgeois, Adolphus, draftsman A L F E Co, h 105 W Chemung place

Bourgeois, George P, machinist A L F E Co, h 1186 W Church

Bourgeois, Lena Mrs, died September, 1916

Bourne, Barbara A, Wid William H h 463 Powell

Bourne, Hattie M S res 463 Powell

Bouse, Samuel emp Thatcher Mfg Co res 307 Diven ave

Bouteiller, Jules H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 324 Soper

Boutin, Meta C, student Elmira College res do

BOVIER, ARCHIE M, gen’l mgr A S B Co Railroad ave Fourth and Magee, also treas Hillard Clutch and Machinery Co h 356 W Clinton

Bovier, Emma, wid Asa P, h 308 Spaulding

Bovier, John H, civil engr, res 308 Spaulding

Bovier see Bevier

Bowen, Annie M, wid Horace h 1110 Abbott

Bowen, Edgar T, clerk 102 W Water, res 663 W Third

Bowen, George P, clerk division freight agt Erie R R, h 809 E Church

Bowen, James fireman E F D, h 515 Ivy


Bowen, Nelson P, buyer John Brand & Co, h 636 W Gray

Bowen, Raymond A, billing clerk A L F E Co, h 124 Catherine

Bowen, Roy E, supt operating dept E W L & R R Co, h 354 Irvine place

Bowen, Wesley G, clerk 500 Walnut, h 421 W Third

Bowen see Bowne

Bower, Anna M, nurse 144 E Water, res 662 College ave

Bower, Catherine, wid John G, h 107 Grove

Bower, Edmund, student, res Coleman ave

Bower, Edward, meat cutter, bds Buckbee House

Bower, Edward J, engr P R R, h 538 Lyon

Bower, Ellis S, bds 538 Lyon

Bower, Eugene, florist, h 55 Monroe

Bower, Eva, emp United Sales Co, res 11 Sylvester place

Bower, Evelyn D, res 610 E Water

Bower, Florence L, bkkpr C & K Laundry, res 220 E LaFrance

Bower, Frank L, shipping clerk 123 Baldwin, h Coleman ave, R D No 3

Bower, Fred R, wood worker A Wyckoff & Son Co, h 220 E LaFrance

Bower, George B, auto dealer 120 Railroad ave h 808 Maple ave

Bower, Gertrude E, student, res Coleman ave

Bower, John N, bkkpr George C Haesloop, bds 662 College ave

Bower, Mary Mrs, res 410 E Second

Bower, Maude Mrs, emp Rhodes Bakery, rms 152 W Clinton

Bower, William H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 11 Sylvester place

Bowers, Edward, butcher, res 429 E Water

Bowers, George J, carp, h 763 E Second

Bowers, Mary A, wid William, h 712 Spaulding

Bowers, T Dwight, emp James Mfg Co, res 805 Collin

Bowers see Bauer

Bowes, Emmanuel, lab, rms 951 McKinley place

Bowes, Grant, emp P R R, h 501 Broadway

Bowes, John W switchman D L & W R R, 448 W Fifth

Bowes, Marths, cook Hotel Smith, res do

Bowes, Walter, emp Willys-Morrow Co h 211 Cusick place

Bowles, Frederick F, com trav, h 629 W Church

BOWMAN, CHARLES A, receiving teller Chemung Canal Trust Co, h 128 E Chemung place

Bowman, Charles M, condr P R R, h 617 Maple ave

Bowman, Edna Mrs, wid Hinman, h 808 Holdridge

Bowman, Emily L, wid Henry, h Wall cor W First, R D No 3

Bowman, Felex clerk 429 Railroad ave, res Elmira House

Bowman, Frank B, res 219 Kingsbury ave

Bowman, Florence A, student Elmira College bds 714 N Main

Bowman, Frank A, em James Mfg Co, rms Criterion Hotel

Bowman, Fred, cattle driver, res 154 Judson

Bowman, Fred A, guard N Y S Reformatory h 219 Kingsbury ave

Bowman, Hannah M, res Wall cor W First

Bowman, Henry, emp K V Co, res 154 Judson

Bowman, Hiram, blacksmith 359 E Fifth, h 707 Benjamin

Bowman, Ida E Mrs, h 200 College ave

Bowman, Lou A, dressmaker 200 College ave res do

Bowman, Mary E, stenogr 247 W Water res Wall cor W First

Bowman, Morris S, clerk P R R gen’l office, h 304 West ave

Bowman, Myrtle, asst bkkpr S S Kresge, res upper Lake

Bowman, Nathan, h 154 Judson

Bowman, Nellie M, res 617 Maple ave

Bowman, Orso A (Bailey & Bowman) 448-450 E Water h 803 E Market

Bowman, Osee E, blacksmith 359 E Fifth, h 665 Lake

Bowman, Rosalia F, wid Frank, h 615 W Water

Bowman, William, lab res 166 Harriet

Bowman, William, lab, rms 160 Baldwin

Bowman see Bauman

Bowne, Fannie L, res 451 Sullivan

BOWNE, FRANK A, captain police dept, h 451 Sullivan