Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Home Made
FOR 1917


names in black are patrons.

Abbey Bert S, emp Thatcher Mfg Co, h 1400 Grand Central ave

Abbott Bertha B, res 205 S Main

ABBOTT CHARLES F, physician 103 S Main, h do

Abbott Duane E, com trav, h 711 W Gray

Abbott Edward H, gardener, res Woodlawn Lodge Walnut

Abbott Fred G, grocer 758 Jay, h do

Abbott George, lab rms 1123 Ovid

Abbott Grace E, clerk Federation Pharmacy, res 416 Elm

Abbott John, student, res 711 W Gray

Abbott Margaret E, bkkpr Woodlawn Cemetery office, bds Woodlawn Lodge

Abbott Margaret E, student Elmira College, res do

Abbott Minnie, emp Greig & Mason, bds 319 W Hudson

Abbott Nellie E, wid Nelson A, music teacher 416 Elm, h do

Abbott Rhoda Mrs, res 148 W Water

Abbott Robert D, emp Morrow Mfg Co, res 711 W Gray

Abbott Sarah E wid James M, h 205 S Main

ABBOTT STEPHEN P, supt Woodlawn Cemetery, h Woodlawn Lodge Walnut

Abner Arthur J, timekeeper American Bridge Co, h 1004 Johnson

Aber Charles, city express, h 219 South ave

Aber Donald D, emp Morrow Mfg Co, res 219 South ave

Aber Edna M, stenogr 118 State, res 602 Coburn

Aber H Lee, carp Thurston & Haskell, h 602 Coburn

Aber Katherine D, teacher, res 321 W Clinton

Aber Oscar, trainman D L & W R R, bds 406 Matthew

Aber William L expressman 214 E Water, h 603 Chester

Abernathy Walter L expressman 214 E Water, h 602 Chester

Abraham Daniel, lab, h 115 W First

Abraham George, peddler h 411 Railroad ave

Abraham John, lab 101 E Market, h 101 W First

ABRAMS DELOS E REV, pastor Southside Baptist Church, h 703 Broadway

Abrams Ruth E, student, res 703 Broadway

Abrams William H, emp Morrow Mfg Co, res 703 Broadway

Abramson Sadie, removed to Chicago, Ill

ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, Elmira Federation Bldg


Ace Elizabeth, wid John, h 404 Baldwin

Ace Gladys F, emp F M Howell & Co, res 404 Baldwin

Ackerman Frank W, electrician Erie R R, bds 203 Boardman

Ackerman Helen Mrs, h 1023 College ave

Ackerman Jesse W, painter, h 171 Tuttle ave

Ackerson Mary, maid, rms 501 Lake

Ackley Alfred E, bkkpr W B Hallock & Bro, h 104 Elm

Ackley Edward M, lab, h 603 John

Ackley Francis, emp A L F E Co, bds 513 Broadway

Ackley Rebecca, wid Warren, res 603 John

Ackley Sarah M stenogr M Doyle Marks Co, res Elmira Heights

Acme Vulcanizing Works, (Alfred C Casper) 454 E Water

Adair Clarence E, machinist Field Force Pump Co, res 317 W Second

Adair John, emp M Doyle Marks Co, h 213 Washington

Adair Lottie, wid Robert, emp Greig & Mason, h 2317 W Second

Adams Asa W, janitor Southern Tier Motor Co, h 614 Dickinson

Adams A T, emp Hotel Langwell, rms 218 E Market

Adams Bessie L, bkkpr Secor & Greenman, res 583 Riverside ave

Adams Charles H, linotype opr, h 762 Spaulding

Adams Charles N, foreman P R R, h 474 Mt Zoar

Adams Chester, machinist National Aluminum Works, h 920 Stowell

Adams Clara, clerk A S B Co, res 521 Baldwin

Adams Clementine, wid James, res 583 Riverside ave

Adams Clifton, lab, h 222 E Miller

ADAMS EXPRESS CO, George L Schafer agt, 115 Baldwin, depot offices Erie depot and D L & W R R depot

Adams Florence E, student Elmira College, res 321 W Washington ave

Adams George W, carp, h 364 Wallace place

Adams Gertrude res 728 Dickinson

Adams Harry, emp Hotel Rathbun, rms 221 ½ W Gray

Adams Howard, toolmaker Morrow Mfg Co, h 206 ½ Madison ave

Adams James, lab K V Co, res 728 Dickinson

Adams Jeanette, res 727 W Church

Adams Joseph, emp J N Stearns & Co. res 668 Magee

Adams Laura M, stenogr F M Howell & Co, res 334 Broadway

Adams Lena, stenogr F M Howell & Co, res 334 Broadway

Adams LeRoy J, toolmaker Morrow Mfg Co, h 415 Madison ave

Adams Lucius O, machinist 118 State, h 1004 Oak

Adams Mabel, emp C & K Laundry, res 100 W Water

Adams Mary L, nurse 118 Caldwell ave, res do

Adams Mabel Mrs rms 100 W Water

Adams Mary Mrs h 6 E Second

Adams, Milton L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, H 334 Broadway

Adams Minnie Mrs, 521 Baldwin

Adams Stanley, emp D L & W R R, h 914 Stowell

Adams William, bartender 201 Railroad ave, h 116 E Second

Adams William H, emp Willy-Morrow Co, h 116 S William

Adams William H jr, res 116 S William

Adamski Frances emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1204 Magee

Adamski John, emp D L & W R R, h 1204 Magee

Adamski Vincent emp J N Stearns Co, bds 1204 Magee

Adamy Edyth, musician h 335 E Water

Aderholt John, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 624 Penna ave

ADJUSTMENT LAW CO (THE), James J O’Connor mgr, collections and reports 508 Realty bldg

ADRIANCE FRANK W, (Adriance & Howland) physician and surgeon 306 Lake, office hours 2-3:30 p m, Sundays 12-1 p m, evenings Mon, Wed and Fri 7-8 p m, h 405 Euclid ave

ADRIANCE & HOWLAND, (Frank W Adriance and Reeve B Howland) physicians and Surgeons 306 Lake

Adriance Linnette A, res 405 Euclid ave



AETNA INSURANCE CO of Hartford Conn, Theodore B Kolb gen’l agt, fire, accident and Casualty depts., 404 Robinson bldg

Affeldt Albert, emp Erie R R, h 4 Symonds place


Agan Catherine E, emp A L F E Co, res 356 E Fifth

Agan James T, mnfr of medicine, h 356 E Fifth

Agan Mary, opr N Y Tel Co, res 356 E Fifth

Agan see Egan

Agard Eaton J, templetmaker American bridge Co, h 611 Grove

Agard Louise W, sec Elmira College, res 611 Grove

Ahern Edward, emp A S B Co, h 701 W Second

Ahern John lineman N Y Tel Co, h 340 ½ Davis

Akins Helen dressmaker, h 107 W Second

Ahern Nellie, res 701 W Second

Alba Augustus H, draftsman American Bridge Co, h 557 Coburn

Alba Kenneth R, draftsman American Bridge Co, h 510 McDowell place

Albee Ezra E, foreman Elmira Ice Co, h 601 W Hudson

Albee Frederick H, car repairer P R R, h 86 Keefe

Albee George E, car repairer P R R, h 455 Mt Zoar St

Albert Elwood, emp A B Co, res 608 John

Albert Harry, com trav, h 608 John

Albert Paul emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 210 Mt Zoar

Albert Samuel, com trav, res 608 John

Alberto Tizotti, emp E W L & R R Co, bds 357 Railroad ave

Albertson Bessie, maid, res 206 W Chemung place

Albertson Charles C, emp Kertscher & Co, res 1352 Lake

Albertson Charles W, fireman D L & W R R, h 1352 Lake

Albertson Daisy A, bkkpr 306 Lake, bds 704 Benjamin

Albertson Ellen F, died August, 1916

Albertson Janet V, student, res 1352 Lake

Albertson Robert, apprentice Advertiser, res 1352 Lake

Albertson Ruth E student, res 1352 Lake

Albright E Voyle, emp K V Co, res 216 William

Albright Minnie, nurse Home for Aged, res do

Albright Vincent J, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 213 Vine

Alcott John H, clerk American House, red do

Alden Elizabeth M, wid Philo E, res 722 Spaulding

Alden Franklin, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 702 Hopkins

Aldenderfer Harold Mrs, clerk 184 N Main, res 307 1/2 Mt Zoar

Alderman Sarah D, wid Thomas B, h 1317 Hall

Aldrich Alfred W clerk G W Peck Co, h 315 W Clinton

Aldrich Charles D, emp A S BN Co, h 359 Elm

Aldrich Elton, emp Adams Express Co, bds 523 Balsam

Aldrich Harry B, clerk 400 Baldwin, h 302 E Second

ALDRICH OSCAR E, grocer 400 Baldwin, h 302 E Second

Aldrich Willard, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 254 South ave

Alexander Alex, emp 618 William res Grand Central ave

Alexander George, emp K V Co, bds 206 1/22 Dewitt ave

Alexander Lily L, res 715 Seneca place

Alexander Nellie, clerk 131 E Water res 317 William

Alfonso Sarefena, emp St Joseph Hospital, h 904 Stowell

Alger Edith, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 628 ½ Winsor ave

ALICE FRANCES HOTEL, (Maria L Connelly) 205 W Water

Allegretto Joseph, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 821 Canal

Allen Addie, res 103 W LaFrance

Allen Addie, wid John J, h 411 W First

Allen Agnes C. emp Elmira Knitting Mills bds 1016 Hall

Allen Albert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 215 Gregg

Allen Albert V, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 103 W LaFrance

Allen Alfred, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 422 Herrick

Allen Anthony J, com trav J J O’Connor (Inc), res Horseheads, N Y


Allen Arthur G, stone contractor 120 W Mudson, h do

Allen B Eugene, clerk A L F E Co, res 1316 Lake

Allen Bert J, emp Snyder Bros Ice Co, h 511 Partridge

Allen Charles E, mason, res 1021 Oak

Allen Charles H, engr P R R, h 312 Baty

Allen Charles O, condr P R R, h 425 Herrick

Allen Charles W, died march, 1917

Allen Clara, cook, rms 210 High

Allen Clarence, removed from city

Allen Claude, emp Willys-Morrow Co h 333 ½ Broadway

Allen Claude Mrs. emp Greig & Mason, res 333 ½ Broadway

Allen Clyde E, condr P R R, h 123 Caldwell ave

Allen Edwin L, trainman P R R, res 374 S Main

Allen Elmer, mason, h 109 Sullivan

Allen Ethel G. stenogr Cronk & Carrier Mfg Co, res 850 Hoffman

Allen Eugene B, clerk A L F E Co res 1416 Lake

Allen Floyd, trainman D L & W R R, bds 1117 Ovid

Allen Frances S, wid George, h 411 E Third

Allen Francis B, switchman D L & W R R, bds 1016 Hall

Allen Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 110 William

Allen frank C, bkkpr A L F E Co, res Horseheads, N Y

Allen Frederick E, emp K V Co., h 2 Symonds place

Allen Frank E, engr D L & W R R h 419 Linden plane

Allen Frank E, lab, h 717 Johnson

Allen Frank H, painting contr 772 and 724 Baldwin, h 223 Dewitt ave

Allen Frank R, emp Willys-Morrow, h 109 Sullivan

Allen Fred, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 120 W Miller

Allen Fred D, sec supt N Y S Reformatory, h 1007 College ave

Allen Fred E, emp K V Co, h 2 Symonds place

Allen G Aldine clerk 1131 Lake, res 1316 do

Allen George H, engr P R R, h 610 Dubois

Allen Georgia G, public stenogr Hotel Langwell rms 112 N Main

Allen Guy C, fireman D L & W R R, h 1021 Oak

Allen Harry, salesman M Doyle Marks Co, h 827 E Second

Allen Harry, emp F M Howell & Co, res 108 E Chemung place

Allen Harry, pressman F M Howell & Co, h 203 S Main

Allen Harry D, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 400 Penna ave

Allen Harry N, caller P R R, res 610 Dubois

Allen Harry P, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 405 Pine

Allen Herbert, chauffeur, res 120 W Hudson

Allen Herbert R, emp Erie R R roundhouse, h 705 ½ N Main

Allen Hugh, emp C & K Laundry, res 109 Sullivan

Allen Ira D, retired, h 238 Partridge

Allen I Virginia, student, res 400 ½ Euclid ave

Allen Isaac S, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 110 S William

Allen J Percy, painter, h 107 Lexington ave

Allen James J, trainman D L & W R R, h 1016 Hall

Allen Jesse M, clerk Willys-Morrow Co res 416 Bat

Allen John H, condr D L & W R R, h 1016 Hall

Allen John H, emp Elmira Ice Co, h 600 W Hudson

ALLEN JOHN H REV, h 514 Madison ave

Allen John J, machinist A L F E Co, h 358 Lyon

Allen John L, condr P R R, h 713 Kinyon

Allen John P, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 404 W Second

Allen Josephine Mrs, died January, 1917

Allen Katherine, housekeeper 705 ½ N Main, res do

Allen Lavinia G, nurse, res 505 ½ Penna ave

Allen Lawrence J, fireman D L & W R R, h 1021 Oak

Allen Levi, engr D L & W R R, h 106 Grand Central ave

Allen Lewis E, emp Chase-Hibbard Corporation, h 1266 Lake

Allen Lillian, clerk 903 John res 151 Tuttle ave


Allen Luther C, clerk P R R res 425 Herrick

Allen Marjorie, student Elmira College, res do

Allen Martha G, wid Robert K, h 850 Hoffman

Allen Mary, nurse girl, res 710 E Water

Allen Monroe E, deputy supt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 659 Pearl place

Allen Nellie, opr N Y Tel Co, res 404 W Second

Allen Olive J, wid Milo H, res 101 Mackey place

Allen Oliver, emp A L F E Co, h 224 Caldwell ave

Allen Percy C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 103 W LaFrance

Allen Robert, clerk 120 Lake, res 404 W Second

Allen Robert K, died March, 1917

ALLEN SAM B, livery and hacks r 121 ½ W Hudson, h 121 ½ do

Allen Spencer H, condr D L & W R R, h 1315 Lake

Allen Stanley G, salesman, h 301 W Clinton

Allen Thomas B retired, h 404 W Second

Allen Vienna Mrs, clairvoyant, h 108 E Water

Allen Waldo B, draftsman, res 121 ½ W Hudson

Allen Walter R, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 374 S Main

Allen see Allyn

Allerton Frank H, cloak and suit buyer Sheehan, Dean & Co, h 719 Park place

Alley George W, eng E W L & R R Co power station, h 357 W First

Allgeier Mary C, fitter S F Iszard Co, res 320 Orchard

Alliger Edith, emp Campbell Knitting Mills, res 628 ½ Winsor ave

Alliger Grace M, bkkpr Reid & Winner, res 1166 W Water

Allinder Charlotte, res supt’s residence N Y S Reformatory

Allinder Lillian E, res supt’s residence N Y S Reformatory

ALLING & MILES (INC), John J Bolton mgr, salesroom and agency for Hudson cars, 106 E Market

Allington Calvin M, expressman, h 615 E Third

Allington Charles R, student, res 311 W Gray

Allington George, emp Erie R R, res 166 Harriet

Allington Grace, artist, res 358 Elm

Allington Hannah, h 358 Elm

Allington John, city express, h Arcadia ave

Allington John J, contractor and builder, h 311 W Gray

Allington John R, lab, h W Church St Terrace

Allington Kathryn L student, res 311 W Gray

Allington Mary, wid Eugene, res 406 Dewitt ave

Allington Sarah B, died April 1917

Allington Sara M, dressmaker 358 Elm, res do

Allison Frank, motorman E W L & R R Co, rms 306 Dewitt ave

Allison Fred, machinist Southern Tier Motor Co, res Horseheads, N Y

ALLISON ISAAC, (Baldwin & Allison) 202-208 Realty bldg, h 311 Grove

Allyn Daisy D, maid 357 N Main, res do

Allyn Harry L, machinist A L F E Co, h 517 Penna ave

Allyn see Allen

Almy Bertha M clerk 151 Railroad ave, res 120 College ave

Almy Harry E, com trav, h 662 W Third

Almy James, emp P R R Co, bds 262 Baldwin

Almy Sarah, wid George, res 210 College ave

Alpert George, junk dealer, h 116 Harriet

Alpert Ida, stenogr Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, res 116 Harriet

Alpert Joseph L, h 116 Harriet

Alpert Max, huckster, h 161 ½ Harriet

ALPHA CLUB AND GYMNASIUM, Elmira Federation bldg

Alpaugh George, driver, h 310 Dewitt ave

Alpaugh Sarah M, cook, h 661 ½ Lake

Altizer George M, emp A L F E Co, h 559 Riverside

ALTHAUS WARNER P, (Mutual Realty Co) 415 Realty bldg, h 357 College ave

Alverson Sadie, emp 51 Foster ave, res do


Alvord Helen, teacher, rms 402 W Gray

Alvord Jessie F, clerk, res 634 W Gray

Amann Emma T, nurse, rms 520 Jefferson

Amberg Caroline J, student, res 612 Columbia

Amberg Charles G, salesman W I Booth, h 612 Columbia

Amberg Louise, res 317 E Clinton

Amberg Marie L, wid William, h 371 W Gray

Amberg Nina, emp N Y Tel Co, res 114 Cleveland ave

Amberg Raymond, emp Elmira Foundry Co, res 114 Cleveland ave

Amberg Roland C, died September, 1916

Amberg Sophie, h 317 E Clinton

Ambressini Secondo, emp K V Co, bds 903 John

Ambrose Agnes S, bds 518 College ave

Ambrose Catherine G, clerk A & P Tea Co, res 518 College ave

Ambrose Gertrude M, res 507 W Washington ave

Ambrose Joseph J, train dispatcher Erie R R, res 518 College ave

Ambrose Julia A, res 518 College

Ambrose Mary, wid Michael, h 518 College ave

Ambrose Pauline C, stenogr, res 507 W Washington ave

Ameigh Guy, emp A L F E Co, bds 210 Mt Zoar

Ameigh John K, died March, 1917

Ameigh Leo, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 776 S Main

AMEIGH RICHMOND D, bicycles, sporting goods, cigars and tobacco 304 S Main , h do

AMERICAN BRIDGE CO, (See Elmira Heights)

AMERICAN DISTRICT TELEGRAPH CO, J J Brickwedde jr mgr, 214 E Water

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO, E E Furtchy agent, 121 Baldwin

American House, John J Riley propr, 113-115 W Third

AMERICAN LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE CO, James R Clarke pres and gen’l mgr, Arthur E Rhodes sec and treas, mnfrs of fire engines and fire apparatus 100 E LaFrance

AMERICAN REAL ETATE CO, of New York, Frederick B Parks agt, 502 Realty bldg

AMERICAN SALES BOOK CO, A M Bovier gen’l mgr, William C Metzger asst treas, A F Roessle supt, mnfrs duplicate counter checks and salesbook systematic account registers, Railroad ave, Fourth and Magee

AMERICAN WARMING & VENTILATING CO, Bert C Davis pres and mgr, CA Pulford vice-pres, L D Shoemaker sec-treas, 157 Falck

Ames Frank, flagman D L & W R R, h 403 Columbia

Ames George N, emp Fred Ring, res 953 E Church

Ames Mary, wid Obid, h 417 W Clinton

Ames Roy H, teamster, bds 943 E Church

Ames Ruth, res 943 E Church

Ames William H, emp Consolidated Brick Co, h 943 E Church

Ames see Eames

Ammerman Gertrude, emp F M Howell & Co, res 422 Standish

Ammerman Harold A, emp Erie R R, res 422 Standish

Ammon Rose, dressmaker, rms 415 Grove

Amusu Theater, H L Walter mgr, 112-116 State

Anderson Albert C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 112 Fox

Anderson Alzina M, wid Charles, bds 660 N Main

Anderson Andrew M, carp, h 631 Penna ave

Anderson Anna, laundress, rms 404 Baldwin

Anderson Anna, maid 113 E Chemung place, res do

Anderson Anna M, stenogr C L Jones Co res 631 Penna ave

Anderson Anna R, maid 455 W Water, res do

Anderson Bertha, wid Harmon, res 631 Penna ave

Anderson Charles F, teamster, bds 1214 Penna ave

Anderson Eric, porter Hotel Langwell, res do

Anderson Ernest E, clerk 139 E water, res Pine City


Anderson Ethel, student Elmira College, res do

Anderson Francis V, electrician N Y Tell co, res 706 W Gray

Anderson Gerhard M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 631 Penna ave

Anderson Harold, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 411 W Fourth

Anderson James H, teamster N Y S Reformatory, res Horseheads R D No 4

Anderson John A, painter P R R, h 723 Kinyon

Anderson Laverne, chauffeur, res 1112 Abbott

Anderson Lawrence, chauffeur, h 117 High

Anderson Lewis, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 523 Jefferson

Anderson Mary, emp Hotel Rathbun, res do

Anderson Olga S, emp W I Booth, res 723 Kinyon

Anderson Oscar, coppersmith A L F E Co, h 662 Beecher

Anderson Oscar J, emp A L F E Co, bds 723 Kinyon

Anderson Theodore W, carpet layer J P & M Sullivan, h 704 W Gray

Anderson Verne E, driver, h 117 High

Anderson Washington, lab, h 602 Baldwin

Anderson William, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 212 ½ S Main

Andrake Charles E, emp A L F E Co, res 1168 N Main

Andrake Constance A, res 1168 N Main

Andrake Frank H, fireman D L & W R R, res 1168 N Main

Andrake Jacob J, watchman Kertscher & Co, h 1168 N Main

ANDREW KATE D MRS, librarian Steele Memorial Library, h 352 W Clinton

Andrews A Bert, flagman P R R h 718 Holdridge

Andrews Angella, wid Norman T, rms 705 W Church

Andrews Charles Mrs, h 378 W Gray

Andrews & Son, wholesale coal, Masonic Temple

Andrews Earl, clerk 951 Penna Ave, res 736 Laurel

Andrews Ellery W, trainman D L & W R R, h 614 Yale

Andrews Emma U, librarian Park Church, res 5425 W Second

Andrews Frank, emp Willys-Morrow Co, r 107 Smith

ANDREWS FORREST E, mgr, Gridley, Fuhrman & Martin Co 214 S Main, h 427 W Washington Ave

Andrews Irene E, student Elmira College, res do

Andrews Jessie L, music teacher, res 378 W Gray

Andrews Louis B, emp F M Howell & Co, res 611 Coburn

ANDREWS LOUIS C, City Clerk City Hall, h 711 E Washington ave

Andrews Lucretia A, wid John, res 618 Maple ave

Andrews Martin D, machinist A L F E Co, bds 355 Foster ave

Andrews Minnie, dressmaker 611 Coburn, h do

Andrews Norman W, res 705 W Church

Andrews Oliver H, car repairer P R R, h 736 Laurel

Andrus Albert, emp D L & W R R, rms 703 Lake

Andrus Arthur G, car repairer P R R h 104 West ave

Andrus Carrie L, emp 367 W Church, res do

Andrus Carroll, janitor City Hall, h 259 S Walnut

Andrus Chester, emp E W L & R R Co, rms 703 Lake

Andrus Clayton W, emp A L F E Co, h 1118 College ave

Andrus Edward W, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 110 Washington

Andrus Frank L, trainman D L & W R R, h 405 W Second

Andrus Fred B, com trav h 905 Lake

Andrus Harry, emp Cut Flower Co, res 336 Broadway

Andrus Harry E, engr Erie R R, h 356 Grove

Andrus Hattie B Mrs, clerk 433 E Water, res 905 Lake

Andrus Herbert D, emp Horwitz Bros res 905 Lake

Andrus Mack, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 508 Sullivan

Andrus Nellie, emp Goff, Way & Brand, res 110 Washington

Andrus Paul, emp E WL & R R Co, rms 703 Lake

Andrus Robert E U S Navy, res 405 W Second

Andrus Sylvester H, emp A Wyckoff & Son Co, res 354 Foster ave\

Andrus William H, carp, h 1119 N Main


Andrus William H, engr P R R, h 604 Perine

Angel Bert, trainman Erie R R, res 211 W Third

Andell Charles H, machinist D L & W R R , h 1000 Pratt

Angelo Andrew, emp K V Co, h 113 Harriet

Angelo Harry, molder K V Co, h 127 Harriet

Ankner Daniel J, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 373 ½ Fulton

Annabel Frederick C, physician 308 E Water, h 1107 W Water

Anncoselli Frank, shoe repairer 307 Broadway, res do

Antanaros Angelo, shoe shine parlor 333 E Water, h 416 do

Antes Gertrude, emp F M Howell & Co, res 9 Burdick

Antes George, bridge worker, h 9 Burdick

ANTES JAMES M Jr, motorcycles, bicycles, supplies and repairs, agency Dayton Motor Bicycles 211 W Water, h 306 Baty

Antes Wilbur J, foreman Willys-Morrow Co, h 732 Riverside ave

Antes William, emp A L F E Co, res 9 Burdick

Anthony Henry, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 367 E Warren

Anthony J Erwin, emp U S Cut Flower Co, rms 373 W Water

Anthony Philetus, fireman Erie R R, bds 306 ½ W Water

Antuzzi Carlo, lab, h 717 Railroad ave

Antuzzi Frank, janitor St Anthony R C Church, res 717 Railroad ave

Antuzzi Nicholas, emp 102 W Fourth, res 717 Railroad ave

A O H HALL, 107 E Church

Apenowich Agnes, res 325 Roe ave

Apenowich Anthony, emp F M Blystone h 325 Roe

Apenowich Anthony jr, trainman D L & W R R, res 325 Roe ave

Apenowich Jennie, mill opr, res 325 Roe

Apenowich John, molder, bds 952 Johnson

Apenowich Mary, mill opr, res 325 Roe

Apenowich Philip, stereotyper A S B Co, h 413 Welles

Apenowich Stanley, fireman D L & W R R, h res 325 Roe ave

Apgar Robert L, fireman P R R, h 413 Herrick

Apostoloue Paul, waiter Plaza Restaurant h 558 E Water

Appleton Bertha, wid John, emp Read & Lovatt, res 521 Harper

Appleton Lewis, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, h 853 E Church

Apthorp J Riley, trainman D L & W R R, h r 329 W Center

Arber Albert, chef Hotel Langwell, res do

Archer Frank lab, res 429 W Water

Argetsinger Archie M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 116 W Hudson

Argetsinger Charles L, electrician N Y S Reformatory, h 511 W First

Argus Fred, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 602 W Hudson

Argus Mildred, emp W I Booth, res 602 W Hudson

Argyle Harley P, emp Eclipse Machine Co, res 210 Dewitt ave

Argyle William H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 428 Neilly place

Arland & Park, (William W Arlnad and William J Park) general insurance and surety bonds 218 E Water

Arland William W, (Arland & Park) 218 E Water, res Corning N Y

Armitage William F, clerk A S B Co, res Horseheads N Y

ARMORY NEW YORK STATE, E Church bet Baldwin and Lake

Armour & Co, Henry L Schott mgr, meats 508 State

Armstrong Hiram., emp Erie R R, bds 500 Oak

Armstrong James, lab, h 706 Dickinson

Armstrong John, removed to Scranton, Pa

Armstrong William H, h 138 Cleveland ave

Arnold Andrew R, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, h 320 Soper

ARNOLD CHARLES W, city passenger and ticket agt D L & W R R, h 217 W Second

Arnold Clarence J, cigarmaker A & J Levy, res 145 Tuttle ave

Arnold Cordelia, wid Thomas cook, res 502 Madison ave

Arnold Edward J, rate clerk Erie R R freight, bds 311 William

Arnold Frank J, U S Army, res 145 Tuttle ave

Arnold Harry, trimmer Elmira Casket Co, res 311 William

Arnold Helen G, res 145 Tuttle ave


Arnold James E, h 145 Tuttle ave

Arnold Josephine Mrs, dressmaker 835 E Second, red so

Arnold Lena Mrs, dressmaker 31 Horner, h do

Arnold Mabel, opr N Y Tel Co, res 31 Horner

Arnold Nora B, clerk 1131 Lake, res 1117 ½ do

Arnold Otto H, emp K V Co, h 403 Sullivan

Arnold Russel E, clerk Newark Shoe Store, res 217 W Second

Arnold Walter N, wood worker, h 357 Pomeroy place

Arnold William, emp O’Dea Bros, rms 422 Carroll

Arnold William H, compositor Star-Gazette, res 108 E Hudson


Arnot M Augusta, millinery 704 E Market, h do

Arnot Minnie F, clerk Tepper Bros h 383 S Main


ARNOT-OGDEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, M Emily McCreight supt, Roe ave nr Walnut

ARNOT REALTY CORPORATION, Mrs Harriet Arnot Rathbone pres, Alexander D Falck vice-pres, John Arnot Rathbone Sec-treas, 319-324 Hulett bldg

Arnwine Josephine Mrs, rms 118 E Water

Arnwine Walter, rms 223 Baldwin

Aronson Freda, res 162 Orchard

Aronson Myer, diamonds and jewelry 109 N Main, h 162 Orchard

Arrigan James T, line inspr W U Telegh Co Erie station, h 662 Walnut

Arrowsmith James, baggagemaster Erie R R, h 324 W Seventh

Arrowsmith William, clerk Willys-Morrow Co, res 324 W Seventh

Arthur Edna, emp Elmira Knitting Mills, res 372 E Warren

Arthur Oscar T, apprentice F S Burgess & Son, rms 359 E Fourth

Artley Charles F, engr P R R, h 303 South ave

Arvidson Tina, mill opr, h 653 Lake

Asburn Harry, lab, h

Aseline Edward, watchman D L & W R R freight, h 212 W Third

Aseline George, emp P R R, bds 1302 N Main

Aseline James O, emp P R R, res 212 W Third

Aseline John L, lab P R R, res 212 W Third

Ashdown N B, dentist, res 324 W Gray

Assells Hilma Mrs, res 508 Elizabeth

Aswoski John, sec-treas LaFrance Garage Co, bds 392 Rod ave

Aswad Edna, dry goods and groceries 374 S Main, h W Third bey limits

Aswad Joseph, clerk 374 S Main, res W Third bey limits

Aswad Norman, clerk 374 S Main, res W Third bey limits

Aswad Sadie, emp J N Stearns & Co, res 1345 College ave

Atherton Harry J, emp dentist, h 110 W Chemung place

Atherton Neil R, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 1126 Oak

Attenborough George, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 506 Baldwin

Atwater A Agnes, clerk 401 Division, res 1105 Grand Central ave

Atwater Alta L, student, bds 1201 Lake

ATWATER BRO, (F A and F D) grocers, creamery and milk dealer 401 Division

Atwater Charles A, com trav, h 127 E Hudson

Atwater Charles M, piano tuner 118 ½ W Hudson, h do

Atwater Clara K, res 1105 Grand Central ave

Atwater Cora A, music teacher 1105 Grand Central ave, res do

ATWATER FLOYD A, (Atwater Bros) 401 Division, h 1201 Lake

ATWATER FRANK D, (Atwater Bros) 401 Division, h 1105 Grand Central ave

ATWATER HERBERT D, druggist 500 N Main, h 331 Irvine place

Atwater Katherine, wid Willis, h 1201 Lake

Atwater Snyder P, clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 106 Sly

Atwater Zalmon L, stereotyper A S B Co, h 416 ½ W Fifth

Auble U Grant, condr D L & W R R, h 374 E Warren

Augustine Joseph, emp P R R, h 717 ½ Casey


Auld Mary, waitress Elmira College, red so

Ault George W, finance clerk P O, rms 399 W Water

Aumick Hugh E, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 495 Edgewood ave

Aumick Kenneth E, auto repairer, res 495 Edgewood ave

Aumick Merrill H, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 495 Edgewood ave

Austin Augustus B, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 210 College ave

Austin Charles A, retired, h 309 W Gray

Austin Edwin A, shiping clerk National Biscuit Co, h 373 W First

Austin John T, died August 3, 1916

Austin Julia, maid W Church bey limits, red do

Austin Kathern, maid 409 Grove, res do

Austin Lulu, emp Hotel Rathbun, res do

Austin Louis M, emp Willys-Morrow Co, res 309 W Gray

Austin Louise, waitress Hotel Rathbun, h 335 E Water

Austin Mattie G, wid John T, h 105 W Hudson

Austin Patience C, wid Peter res 357 S Main

Austin Walter, teamster, bds 715 German

Austin William C, condr P R R, h 215 South ave

Austin William I, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 201 Sly

Auten Alfred, cook Hotel Rathbun, res 223 Lormore

Automatic Shoe Repairing Co, (James H Stepanian) 101 W Water

Averill Edward P, lab, h 258 ½ W Hudson

Averill Howard, molder, bds 258 ½ W Hudson

Avery Albert, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 107 Phoenix ave

Avery Alford, taxi driver Hotel Rutland, res do

Avery Charles K, blacksmith, res 312 Woodlawn ave

Avery Charles S, h 363 S Main

Avery Clarence, student, res 417 Mathew

Avery Ellen Mrs, emp C & K Laundry, h 124 Gridley place

Avery Fay R, motorman, h 122 Partridge

Avery Floyd, trainman D L & W R R, res 1318 Pratt

Avery Hilda, housekeeper 214 James, res do

Avery Janette, housekeeper 522 Elizabeth, red do

Avery John W, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 417 Mathew

Avery Julia, wid James J, res 328 Baldwin

Avery Lawrence, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 912 College ave

Avery Mark L, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 214 James

Avery Menzo E, carp contractor 410 Broadway, h 553 Tremaine place

Avery Milo, fireman D L & W R R, res 417 Mathew

Avery Roy emp Kertscher & Co, h 417 Mathew

Avery Sidney, carp J N Wood & Co, h 361 ½ S Main

Awerdick Frances, wid Ignatius, h 420 W Fifth

Axtell B R, emp Fold Easy Mfg Co, h 921 Lake

Ayer Frank W, emp Dimon & Bacorn, h 505 E Church

Ayers Albert J, salesman Barton & Wheadon, res 501 College ave

Ayers Anna M, wid John T, h 408 College

Ayers Charles H, removed from city

Ayers Clarence, polisher A L F E Co, res 701 Spaulding

Ayers Claude D, driver G L Curtis & Co, h 457 W Washington ave

AYERS DECKER E, (Ayers & Knapp) 248 W Water, h 718 do

Ayers Decker E jr, student, res 718 W Water

Ayers Edward D, student, res 718 W Water

Ayers Eugenia, time clerk F M Howell & Co, res 1109 ½ David

Ayers Frederick S, bkkpr stock dept E W L & R R Co, res 214 College ave

Ayers Harold, emp Willys-Morrow Co, rms 102 Fox

Ayers Harry M, emp K V Co, res 501 College ave

Ayers Helen D, res 718 W Water

Ayers J Casad, meat cutter Friend, Metzger & Co, h 364 Fulton

AYERS J MONROE, (Lamoka Lumber Co) 207-209 Baldwin, res N Towanda, Pa


AYERS, JAMES D, sec—treas Chemung Valley Real Estate Co Masonic Temple 203 Lake, h 799 Winsor ave

Ayers Jennie E Mrs, time clerk F M Howell & Co, res 1109 ½ Davis

Ayers Johanna, wid Albert M, h 501 College

AYERS 7 KNAPP, (Decker E Ayers and Charles E Knapp) wholesale produce 248 W Water

Ayers Martha, wid Thomas, h 701 Spaulding

Ayers May, stenogr, rms 361 Columbia

Ayers Rose E, stenogr Int Harvester Co, res 501 College ave

Ayers Selaer E, salesman 164 Lake, h 807 Winsor ave

Ayres Alden W, engr D L & W R R, h 107 Bancroft road

Ayres Alvine Muriel, student Elmira College, res do

Ayers H, machinist 102 W Fourth, res 1109 ½ Davis

Ayres Henry, florist Hoffman’s h 504 Ivy

Ayres William S, emp K V Co, h 763 John

Ayres see Ayers, Eyres

Azma Anthony, cigar and pool room 528 N Main, h 114 W First

Babarsky William, lab, h 821 Canal

Babcock Albert, emp Postal messgr service, res 105 Penna ave

Babcock Charles, teamster 220 Mt Zoar, bds do

Babcock Edward R, machinist Willys-Morrow Co, res 903 Sullivan

Babcock Evelyn, emp K V Co, rms 648 E Market

Babcock Ezekiel, died may, 1917

Babcock George W, driver G H Cotton & Bro, h 105 Penna ave

BABCOCK & GREGG, (Herbert N Babcock and William W Gregg) lawyers 414-420 Robinson bldg

BABCOCK HERBERT N, (Babcock & Gregg) lawyer 414-4520 Robinson bldg, h 709 W Water

Babcock James, toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co, res 555 Riverside ave

Babcock Jeanette, wid DeWitt, res 110 W Hudson

Babcock Lyman W, died May, 1917

Babcock Morris E iron worker, h 903 Sullivan

Babcock Oliver P, emp N Y Tel Co, h lower Maple ave

BABCOCK, TOOMEY 7 BEERS (INC), Florence J Sullivan pres, Mrs M A Toomey vice-pres, Francis Toomey sec-treas, general insurance and real estate 416 Robinson bldg

Babcock Walter L, bookbinder A S B Co, h 111 Foster ave

Backer Daniel, emp P R R, h 521 Mt Zoar

Backer Elmer R, h 429 W Clinton

BACKER GEORGE, (Backer’s Green House) 428 W Fourth, h do

Backer Harry D, clerk 130 S Main, res 521 Mt Zoar

Backer Ida, dressmaker res 436 W Fourth

Backer John M, trainman P R R, h 119 Brand

Backer Julia, wid John, h 426 W Fourth

Backer Leo C, emp P R R, res 521 Mt Zoar

Backer Orrin, carp, res 436 W Fourth

Backer Stella S Mrs, h 310 E Water

Backer Winifred, dressmaker, res 426 W Fourth

BACKER’S GREEN HOUSE, (George Backer and Joseph O Woolf) florists 428 W Fourth

Bacon Arthur R, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 232 Brand

Bacon Augustus D, pressman, h 357 W Third

Bacon Charles, lab, bds 100 Boardman

Bacon Charles H, city Express, h 111 Washington

Bacon Charles J, patrolman police dept, h 803 E Water

Bacon Frank L, patrolman P R R h 515 Fulton

Bacon Frederick, emp A L F E Co, bds 100 Boardman

Bacon Harold A, emp Willys-Morrow Co, bds 100 Boardman

Bacon Harry, painter, res 206 Orchard

Bacon John, student, res 357 W Third

Bacon John C, emp Willys-Morrow Co, h 113 Washington