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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Westfield.

Ackley Ann, milliner 20 W Main, h do

Adams Thomas Q, dealer in veal, calfs, poultry and eggs, h and lot Lincoln

Amacher Peter, emp tannery, h 5 Tannery Hill

AMERICAN HOUSE, Asa Hill propr, E Main

Amsbry Lorinda E, widow Anson A, h and lot 6 Maple

Angerer Frank X (J F Rugaber & Co) h W Main

ASHCRAFT FRANK H, crayon portrait and pastel artist and dealer in art goods, picture framing, &c, 1 Church, h 22 Railroad (See adv page 491)

Ashcraft Ida A (Mrs Frank H) dressmaker 1 Church, h 22 Railroad

Atkins Allen, h 48 Maple

Atkins Charles, emp in cigar factory, h 44 Maple

Atkins Malinda, widow Charles J, h 54, Maple

Atkins Saxton M, owns farm 200 in West Union, Steuben Co, N Y, h 48 Maple

Ayers Robert (Ayers & Rogers) high constable, h Lincoln

Ayers & Rogers (Robert A & Fred R) baggage express, draymen and teamsters, Lincoln

Baker Albert, foundry and machine shop, Mill, h do

Baker Allen R, retired farmer, h 47 North

Baker Charles E, miller for Wm L Vosburgh, h 126 E Main

Baker Charles E Jr, miller, emp tannery, h 126 E Main

Baker Klein D, son of Albert, machinist, h Mill

Baldwin Daniel W, attorney and counsellor at law Strang Blk Church, bds Westfield House

Ballou Charles F, cigar manuf 8 E Main, bds 47 E Main

Banks Hiram A, emp tannery, h 66 Maple

Beach Clark W, lawyer, farmer in Clymer 375, also farms in Potter co, Strang blk Church, bds American House

Beach Frank L, mason, h and lot Elm n First

Beach J Bradford, retired farmer, farm 75 and 42 in Clymer, h and lot 38 Church

Beadle Eliza, Mrs William H, laundress Parker alley, h do

Beadle William H, emp livery stable, h Parker alley

Benedict Emily R, widow Rev Elisha B, h 39 Stevenson

Benn C Marcene, carpenter and contractor mason, h 104 Church

Bennett Albert P, laborer, h North

Bemauer Carrie J, Mrs C E, dressmaker, h 17 Church

Bernauer Clarence E, wagon repair shop 17 Church, h do

Bierly John H, cigar maker, h 22 E Main

Biggs William, plumber for Kinsman, h W Main

BLAIR WILLIAM E, principal Westfield Boro School, h 45 Stevenson

Bliss Anna (Bliss & Everitt) widow Charles, h 68 Church

Bliss Charles G, bookkeeper, bds 68 Church

Bliss Edwin A, machinist, h 68 Church

Bliss Grace J, music teacher, bds 68 Church

BLISS & EVERITT (Anna B & Wilbur F E) dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes 1 E Main

BOARDMAN ADA C, milliner 10 W Main, bds 13 Maple

Boothby Robert, emp tannery, h First

Borden John K, telegrapher, bds 11 W Main

Borden S B Mrs (Lizzie) widow S Bradford Borden, milliner 11 W Main, h do

BOTTUM ARTHUR L, M D, physician and surgeon, propr of private hospital, school director 52 W Main, h do See adv page 497

Bottum Charles N, student University of Syracuse, h 52 W Main

Bowman George W, laborer, farm, 90, on r 20 1-2 Westfield, bds 53 W Main

Bowman Lucina, bds 53 W Main

Bowman Ross C, leases of Frank V Leach farm, 33, h W Main

Bowman Ruth A, widow Milton G, h and 1 1-4 acres, 53 W Main

Brace Allen, retired farmer, h and lot owned by wife, Mason

Brehaney James, section foreman F B Ry

Brimmer Ann Mrs, h North

Bristol Eugene O, wholesale dealer in cigars and farm produce, h and lot owned by wife, Strang’s Lane

BRISTOL FRANK G, liveryman 6 Church, h do

Broughton Job R, barber 8 W Main, h 20 Church

Buck Lucretia, trained nurse Church cor Elm, h do

Bulkley Charles E, opr telephone and assst agt F B Ry, Railroad, h W Main

Bulkley Edwin B, invalid, h 47 W Main

BULKLEY GEORGE H, station agt F B Ry, agt American Ex Co, agt N Y & Pa Telephone Co at F B Ry depot, dealer in coal, lime, cement, plaster, and brick Railroad cor Lincoln, h Railroad See adv page 491

Bulkley Ira E, machinist, h 47 W Main

Burdick DeForest, carpenter and builder, h Elm n High

Burdick Edward, clerk for John R Dengle E Main, bds Elm

Burrell Charles W, invalid, h W Main

Burrell Frank, teamster, bds W Main

Burris Harry, blacksmith, h with John W, W Main

BURRIS JOHN W, blacksmith and horse shoer W Main, h do

Butler Charles, pensioner, h and lot owned by wife, Mary Jane

Butler Eugene, laborer, son of Joseph, bds North cor Kruzen

Butler H Grant, laborer, h Lincoln

Butler Joseph, carpenter, h North cor Kruzer

Butler Purk H, laborer F B Ry, h Mill

Cady John, section hand B & S R R

Cameron Charles K, collector, pensioner, h High

Campbell William L, laborer Fall Ry, h Mill

Christensen Christian E, fireman tannery, h 7 Tannery Hill

Christie Cora G, bookkeeper and school teacher, bds First

Christie Curtis, stone mason and plasterer, h First

Churchill Meeda E Mrs, laundress and general work, h over 71 E Main

Clark Fred L, harnessmaker for his father, W C, bds 10 Stevenson

Clark Guy B, clerk 9 E Main, h 10 Stevenson

Clark William C, insurance, constable, harnessmaker, and horse furnishings, 33 W Main, h and lot 10 Stevenson

Clark William L, clerk for F B Holcomb, bds 10 Stevenson

Close Ambrose, farmer, 180, h 37 Church

Colbath William S, carpenter, h and lot Mill

COLE JOSEPH E, Agt for sale of Pianos and organs, warerooms W Main, leases of J A Tubbs estate 22 acres, h W Main

Colebert Isaac, shoemaker, Maple n E Main, h W Main

Colegrove George C, removed to Wellsboro

Converse Libbie, widow Matt, h and lot 13 First

Cornish Anna, widow Chauncey, h and lot North

COWANESQUE TANNERY, (Of Union Tanning Co of Williamsport) P S Martin Supt, capacity 400 sides non-acid sole leather daily, employs ordinarily about 60 hands, E Main

Crawford Lewis N, clerk 22 W Main, h Lincoln

Crawford Theophilus L, laborer, h North

Curran Guy S, moulder’s apprentice, bds Mill cor Lincoln

Cushing Willson S, driver Atlantic Refining Co’s oil delivery, carpenter, h North opp Lincoln

Dates George, section hand on B & S Ry, h E Main cor Franklin

DAVIS FRANK M, grocer and baker, 21 E Main, h and lot, 11 Strang’s Lane (See adv page 497)

Day Charles O, farmer, works about 12 acres on shares for Milo Gardner of Westfield, h River

Deiches Saul, of Coudersport, Bennett M Sternberg manager, clothing, boots and shoes and gents’ furnishings, 15 W Main

DENGLE JOHN R, burgess, dealer in groceries, crockery, fruits, etc, 5 and 7 E Main (See adv bottom lines)

Dockerty John, cigarmaker, bds 35 E Main

EBERLE JOSEPH F, supt Elberle Tannery, bds 90 Church

EBERLE M H, (Mary H, widow of Frank) propr of rough leather tannery, capacity 250 sides per week, employs 7 hands, Joseph F Eberle, supt, 90 Church, h do (See adv page 495)

EDWARDS ARTEMUS, justice of the peace, pension attorney, school teacher, office Strang blk, Church, h 83 Church

Edwards Paul J, law student at Osceola, h 83 Church

Eick Charles F, emp tannery, h Tannery Hill

Eick Frank, emp tannery, h Farnham

Eick Fred H, emp tannery, h and lot 110 E Main

EICK HENRY F, foreman Cowanesque tannery, h rear do, off E Main

Eick Roland A, roller tannery, h rear tannery, off E Main

Embree Isaac R, farmer, 53 in Hector, Potter Co, dealer in soap &c, h and lot 14 Church

EMBREE TENA L, dressmaker 14 Church, h do

Emens Mate Mrs, dressmaker, bds H Hunter’s, Church

English Alton E, cigarmaker, bds North

English Andrew I, clerk, h and lot North

Etz John S, retired commercial traveler, bds Westfield House

Everitt Jane A, widow Rev Isaac, h and lot 56 Church

Everett Maggie I, widow Levi, housekeeper for Robert Boothby, First

EVERITT WILBUR F (Bliss & E) breeder fancy fowls, h Church

Farmers and Traders Bank, E M Tucker pres, F J Seely of Osceola cashier, 11 E Main

Farnham Catharine, farm 50, worked on shares by James Tubbs, 4 acres tobacco, h E Main

Fenton Herman J, carpenter and builder, h and lot 78 Church

Field S Austin Rev, pastor Baptist Church, h 6 High

First Baptist Church, Rev S Austin Field pastor, Tucker blk, E Main

Flynn Joseph, barber and owner of billiard hall, h over 14 E Main

Frazier Charles M, emp tannery, h River

Frazier Charles M Jr, farm laborer, bds River

FREE PRESS, newspaper, Marsh & Kimball publishers, W Main cor Strang’s Lane (See adv page 499)

Fuhrer Michael, emp tannery, bds 9 Tannery Hill

Fuller William H, laborer, h and lot 81 Church

Gaier Carl, emp tannery, h 12 Tannery Hill

GARDNER CHARLES G, carpenter and builder, h and lot and store, 72 E Main

Gardner Harvey A, carpenter and builder, h and lot 23 First

Gardner Minnie, trimmer for Mrs S B Borden

George John, farm in Brookfield, worked by son LeRoy, laborer, h and lot North

George Lena A, school teacher, h over 14 E Main

George Sylvester, teaming, e 68 Maple

German Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church The, rev William E Rommel pastor, Rugaber blk, 22 W Main

Goodwin Albert D, telegraph operator and stationary engineer, United States Pipe Line Co, pump station and office Mill, bds 47 E Main

Greenstone Simon, merchant tailor E Main, h and lot do

Greenwood Walter, weaver and laborer, bds with R Howard, Mill

GRIFFIN ELLSWORTH M, traveling salesman for Wardell, Bushnell, Glessner Co, mfrs of harvesting machinery, h 128 E Main

Guile Fred M, farmer on shares for Cowanesque Tanning Co, about 30, tobacco 5 acres, h and lot 19 Church

Guile Mary A, widow L Alanson, h and lot with son Fred M, 19 Church

Gulknecht Jacob, emp tannery, h 8 Tannery Hill

Gulknecht John, emp tannery, h 6 Tannery Hill

Gurnsey Erastus, mason, h 55 North

Gurnsey Otho, farm laborer, bds 55 North

GURNSEY WILLIAM H, owns in Steuben Co N Y farm, 82, mgr for Noah B Selleck farm, 120 in Brookfield, h and lot owned by wife Jane, 27 First

HAGEDORN HANS, music teacher (vocal and instrumental) teacher of French and German languages, h 51 Maple

HALL JOSEPH S, asst supt Metropolitan Life Insurance Co of New York, 2 W Main, h 63 Church

Hammond Ida May (Mrs James M) owns with sister Mrs Etta F Perry and mother Mrs Catharine A Farnham, farm, 44 on E Main

Hammond James M, clerk American House, h 4 Church

HANCOCK CLARENCE (L Plank & Co) 15 E Main, h 43 W Main

Hancock James W, contractor and builder, h and 3 acres 7 Strang’s Lane

Hand Frank, laborer, h Railroad

Hand Henry, laborer, h Railroad

Haner Ella A (Mrs Samuel R) dressmaker E Main, h and lot do

Haner Floyd R, barber’s apprentice, bds E Main

Haner Samuel R, painter and paper hanger, h E Main

Harrington Lewis, retired farmer, h 58 Church

Harris Gorum B, h and lot Railroad

HARVEY JOHN E, street commissioner and water supt, farmer, 6, carpenter, h and lot 57 North

Harvey Rhoda, dressmaker, 57 North

Hazlett David, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife Desire R, 5 First

Hegmann Charles E, printer, h 108 Mill

Hegmann John J, emp tannery, h and 1 1-2 acre, Mill

Heiser R & Co (Rudolph Heiser and Mrs Marion S LaBar, of Cowanesque) meat, fish and oyster market, 8 W Main

Hill Arabella M, widow Albro F, h with J G Osborn, W Main

HILL ASA, propr American House, E Main

HILL BRADLEY W, veterinary surgeon and horse trainer, Farnham, h do

Hill Perry, farmer, 3, and laborer, h 41 W Main

Hill Violett, widow Erastus G, h and lot 41 W Main

Hills William L, loading and grading hay, h over 29 W Main

Hitchcock & McNaughton (Andrew B H of Knoxville and N Wesley McN) fire, life and accident insurance, 14 W Main

Holcomb Anna R (Mrs Frank B) bookkeeper for F B, 18 and 20 W Main, h rear of store

HOLCOMB EDWIN S, general insurance, over Free Press office W Main, h Stevenson

HOLCOMB FRANCIS B, drugs, groceries, wall paper, books and stationery, paints and oils, bicycles, 18 and 10 W Main, h rear of store

Honold Christopher, h Tannery Hill

Honold John, emp tannery, h 3 Tannery Hill

Hopkins Fred W, dental student 16 W Main, bds Elm cor High

Hopkins George S, bus driver Westfield House, h r 6 cor 7, Westfield

Horton Ada May, teacher at Harford Soldiers Orphan School, Susq Co, h 12 Church

HORTON ELIAS CAPT, ex-Co supt of schools, surveyor, school director, Lieut 1st N Y Dragoons Capt 189 N Y Vols in civil war, h 12 Church

Horton Elisha S, grocer at Lytle Sta, Ga, h and lot 33 Lincoln cor Railroad

Horton Fred E, son of Elias, mate of U S Steamship Pennsylvania, h 12 Church

Horton Harry M, son of Elias, telegrapher in signal corps at Washington D C, h Church

Horton Helen, school teacher, h 12 Church

Howard Richard, machinist, h and lot Mill

Howland Emma, housekeeper, h 60 Church

Huggler Edward, beam hand in tannery, h 4 Tannery Hill

Hunter Hiram, farm 100 in Potter Co, real estate owner, h 57 Church

Hurlbut Fred D, clerk for Wm N, 12 W Main, bds 16 Maple

Hurlbut Satie B, teacher in boro school, bds 16 Maple

HURLBUT WILLIAM N (H & Van Dusen) furniture dealer 12 W Main, h and lot 16 Maple

HURLBUT & VAN DUSEN (William N H and John T Van D) undertakers 12 W Main

Huyler Alva E, laborer, h 43 Stevenson

Huyler Belle, school teacher, bds 1 First

Huyler Job, farmer, h 1 First

Inscho Fred E, printer, h 49 Church

Inscho Susan C, widow Lucius C, h and lot 49 Church

Jackson Lemuel W, carpenter, h W Main

Jewett Francis V, house 75 Maple

Jewett Samantha, widow of Benj F, carpet and rug weaver, 65 Maple, h do

Johnson Chester T, carpenter, h High n Stevenson

Johnson Esson L, moulder and machinist Westfield, Co-operative Association, Mill cor Lincoln

Johnson Nettie (Mrs Chester J) trained nurse, h High

Johnson James E, retired farmed, h and half acre W Main

Jones Sarah A, widow William H, h and 3 acres, Mill

Keele Henry C, ex-laundryman, h and lot, 69 Church

Keller George M, department store and jeweler, 7 W Main, h do

Keneda Catharine, widow George W, h and lot 4 Railroad

Keneda John B, laborer, bds 4 Railroad

KIMBALL ALVAN L, late propr and editor Free Press newspaper, farm 83 in Osceola, h and lot 13 Church

Kimball Anna C (Mrs Claude C) photographer, “The Crown,” 15 Church, h do

Kimball Claude C, photographer, “The Crown”, 15 Church, h do, branch gallery in Cross Forks, Potter Co

KIMBALL ERNEST H, photographer, 15 W Main, h 82 Church (See adv bottom lines)

Kimball May L (Mrs Ernest H) photographic retouching and printing, h Church

Kimball Orrin E, printer, h 5 Church

Kimball Orville S, traveling photographer (views, etc,) for Ernest H, h 70 E Main

KIMBALL Z CLARK (Marsh & Kimball) h Lincoln cor Railroad

King A Purtello, farmer, 4, h and lot First

King Candace T, with Lena C and Lottie, farm, 100 in Clymer, 37 Church

King Lena C, with Candace T and Lottie, farm, 100, in Clymer, bds 37 Church

King Lottie, with Lena C and Candace T, farm, 100, in Clymer, bds 37 Church

King William Harrison, farm 48, in Clymer, h 48 Maple

KINSMAN FRANK E, dealer in hardware, stoves and furnaces, tin shop, plumber, paints and oils, sewer pipe, 3 W Main, h 58 Church

Kizer Samuel T, apiarist 12 colonies, farmer, 85, h and lot W Main

Kizer William Morgan, farmer, 80, in Westfield, h and lot 91 W Main

Knapp Lewis E, asst postmaster, h W Main

Krusen Charles E (Plank Krusen & Co) boro councilman, farmer, 175, 5 acres tobacco, h Kruzer block, 3 W Main, bds Smith’s Hotel

Krusen Sarah I, widow Richard, farm, 50 in Brookfield, h E Main

Kuhl William B, photographer, h 21 First

Kunkel Asaph T, physician and surgeon, farm and timber land in Ulysses, Potter Co, 990, 18 W Main h and lot 5 Strang’s Lane

Kunkel D Thomas, bookkeeper Cowanesque tannery, E Main, bds Strang’s Lane

Labar Charles, emp tannery, bds River

Labar George W, roller tannery, h and lot Farnham

Labor Levi, Painter and paper hanger Maple, h and lot 106 church

Labar Orcelia, widow Alfred, h River

Labar William Edgar, carpenter and builder, h and lot North

Larrison Washington, retired farmer, h and lot 40 Maple

LAWRENCE MATT D, hardware, stoves and furnaces, bicycles, tinsmith, plumber, 16 W Main, h 76 Church

LEACH FRANK V, farm, 100, and works on shares fur Edward of Elkland, farm in boro, 4 acres tobacco

LEACH LEON B, son of Ross V, emp Brick yard, bds 143 W Main

Leach Mary F, widow A Lamont S, h and lot High

LEACH ROSS V, farmer, 150 on r 20 Westfield, owner of Hambletonian stallion “Argo A,” 9172, “Record 2:28”, h 143 W Main cor Mason

Leach William V (Smith & Leach) bds Smith’s Hotel, W Main

Lenthold Caspar, emp tannery, h 14 Tannery Hill

Leonard Georgeanna, widow T Randolph, interest in farm, 100, h and lot High cor Elm

Leonard Ina E, tailoress, bds 5 Elm

Leonard Martha T, widow Peter, h and lot Elm

Leonard Myrtie S, librarian Westfield Stock Library Associations Strang blk, Church, h High cor Elm

Lewis Bros (Walter H and John E) meat and oyster market, 40 W Main

Lewis Herman C, buyer for Lewis Bros, h 40 W Main

Lewis John B, carpenter, h Church

Lewis John E (Lewis Bros) h 40 W Main

Lewis Mary V, widow James S, h and lot Church, bds 35 E Main

Lewis N Rush, cigarmaker, bds 35 E Main

Lewis Simeon B, h and lot 35 E Main

Lewis Walter H (Lewis Bros) h 40 W Main

Loucks George W, carpenter and builder, h and lot 9 First

Mallett Fredrick William, bookkeeper, bds 53 Westfield

Mallett Richard Rev, pastor Wesleyan Methodist Church, h 53 Maple

Mallory Arthur, laborer, h E Main

Manning Frank B, farmer, 5, h River

Manwaring George O Mrs, bookkeeper, 13 W Main, h Mill

Manwaring George O, baker and grocer, 13 W Main, h and lot Mill

MARCUSON MORRIS I, removed to Elmira

MARCUSON & ZIEF (Morris I M and Max Z) clothing, gents furnishing, boots and shoes, trunks, 11 W Main, Max Zief successor

MARSH & KIMBALL (Winfred W M and Z Clark K) publishers the Free Press, job printers, W Main cor Strang’s Lane (See adv page 499)

MARSH WINFRED W (M & Kimball) h 28 W Main

Martin Almond P, h and lot off W Main n iron bridge

Martin John B, laborer, h off W Main, across the river

MARTIN PHIL S, supt Cowanesque tannery of Union Tanning Co, agent for typewriters, local secretary for Empire State Degree of Honor, E Main, h do

Martin Stephen, boro assessor, farm 94 in Farmington, h and lot 12 Lincoln

Masten Frank G, physician and surgeon 14 W Main, h E Main

Masten James, physician and surgeon 30 E Main, h 41 do

Matteson Jane S, widow Jesse, h and lot Mill

Matteson Judson, gardener, h and lot North, bds Mill

McCoole Belle A (Mrs M A) milliner 10 E Main, h do

McCOOLE MERTON A, barber, billiards, 14 E Main, h 10 E Main

McMahan Dennis, clerk 15 W Main, h Lincoln

McMahan James J, laborer, son James, bds Lincoln

McMahan James J, emp tannery, h and lot Lincoln

McNallon Hugh J, emp tannery, h and lot 67 Maple

McNaughton Francis D, watch maker and jeweler 25 W Main, h Elm cor Maple

McNaughton N Wesley (Hitchcock & McN) life and accident insurance 14 W Main, h 11 Maple

McMindes Clawson, driver for Dr Bottum, h and lot Elm n High

McNinch Alonzo C, removed from Brookfield, h n F B depot

McNinch John, laborer, h and one-half acre, 71 Church

Mead Harry R, agt Prudential Ins, bds 39 Stevenson

Mead William B, (Plank Krusen & Co) h and lot 39 Stevenson

Metcalf Minnie, clerk, 9 E Main, bds with Mrs J Hammond

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev W D Peet pastor, Church n Elm

Milliman Jacob, (Weidman & M) h Mill cor Lincoln

Moor Casper, emp tannery, h 9 Tannery Hill

Moor Casper L, emp tannery, bds 9 Tannery Hill

Moor Michael, emp tannery, farm in Brookfield, bds 97 Tannery Hill

Moore Benjamin J, bds with J W Burris, W Main

Montayne Orson P, h 56 Church

Morton Hiram, h North

Morton Leva E, school teacher, bds Stevenson n High

Morton Mary, widow Robert, farm 185 in Clymer, h Stevenson n High

Mosher William A, painter and paper hanger

Moshier John H, emp Tannery

Newman Ferris L, laborer, blacksmith, h Lincoln

Northrop Amos W, son of W G, shoemaker, bds W Main

Northrop Emma Mrs, h n B and S depot

Northrup Wilbur G, shoemaker, farm about 60 in Potter Co, W Main, h do

Nostrant Frank J, laborer, bds Mill

Nostrant Harriet E, widow Samuel, h and lot Mill

Ordway Amelia S, widow Biatha, h and lot Race

Ordway Judson B, machinist and bookkeeper Westfield Co-operative Association, h Mill

Osborn J Giles, h and lot owned by wife Harriet, N Main

OUTMAN RALPH C, (W H O & Co) h 39 Maple

OUTMAN W H CO. (William H and Ralph C Outman) drugs, books and stationery, paper hanging, paints and oils, 14 W Main

OUTMAN W H, (W H O Co) h 15 First

Palmateer Emma, widow George F, h and lot W Main, bds 41 W Main

PARKER AMASA D, watchmaker and jeweler 10 W Main, h 13 Maple (See adv page 501)

Parker Ruth, widow Isaac T, farm 87 in Brookfield, h and lot 25 E Main

Parsons Edgar S, butcher and meat cutter, bds 42 Maple

Parsons Lester H, h 19 Maple

Parsons William H, justice of the peace, merchant tailor Strang blk 8 W Main, h 42 Maple

Patton F Earl, farmer, h Parker Alley, E Main

Patton Sara A, school teacher, bds with Charles B Simmons, High

Pease Josephine M, widow Silas H, h and lot with William E, 6 railroad

Pease William E, driver American House bus, h and lot with Josephine M, 6 Railroad

Pease William M, hostler American House, bds do

Peet Wilbur O Rev, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, h Church cor Elm

Perrigo Isaac, farm laborer, bds River

Perrigo Porter, invalid, wife Frances owns h and lot, River

Perrigo William, farmer and teamster, h River

Phillips Jacob, mgr Westfield Co-operative Association, foundry and machine shop, bicycle repairing Mill cor Lincoln, h do

Phillips Joseph (Rosenbaum & P) h Maple

Pierce George W, farm laborer, bds with H Z Pride, Stevenson

PIERCE JESSE H V S, veterinary surgeon, (graduate of Ontario Vet College) 27 W Main, bds Smith’s Hotel See adv page 505

Pierce Randolph, painter and paper hanger, h North

Plank Bert B, clerk, son of Lovell, bds 25 Maple

Plank Harvey, farmer, 26 clerk for Lovel, h Lincoln

Plank, Krusen & Co (L Plank, C E Krusen and W B Mead) manufs sash, doors and blinds, North

Plank Lovel (L Plank & Co) (Plank, Krusen & Co) carriage repository, agricultural implements, paints and oils 13 E Main, farmer, 132 in Brookfield, h 25 Maple

PLANK L & CO, (Lovel P and Clarence Hancock) furniture and undertaking, 15 E Main

Potter Homer S, baggage expressman, mail carrier and driver W F & Co Express, h 47 E Main

Potter Ira, retired farmer, h Mason

Pride Brothers (Fayette B and Herman Z) dealers in hay, grain, flour, feed, agricultural implements, wool, fertilizers, etc, 29 W Main

Pride Fayette B (P Bros) owns farm, 200 (two parcels) on r 13, Westfield, diary 18 cows, 5 acres tobacco and owns with his brother H Z, farm 112, in Deerfield, h Race

PRIDE HARLEY R, (P & Wood) h 49 W Main

Pride Herman Z (P Bros) owns farm 170 on r 13, Westfield, diry 11 cows, 5 acres tobacco and owns with his brother F B farm 112, in Deerfield, h Stevenson

Pride Roy T, traveling salesman for Buffalo Pitts engines and threshers, h Stevenson

PRIDE & WOOD (Harley R P and Fred J W) drygoods, carpets, cloaks and shoes, 9 E Main, See adv page 503

Pritchard B Vernon, barber 23 W Main, bds Race

Pritchard Lafayette, laborer, h E Main

Pritchard Mary J, widow Walter B, h Race

Rea Howard P, lawyer, h and lot 74 Church

Ritter Israel J, harnessmaker and upholsterer, h First

Rogers Fred (Ayers and R) bds Lincoln

Rood Almon, wagon maker and repairer Lincoln, h and lot Lincoln

Rood Cornelia, widow Almon G, h and lot Lincoln

Rood Matilda, h and lot Lincoln

Rood Theodore, carriage maker, farmer, 22, 9 church, h 7 do

Rood F Ernest, carpenter, bds 7 Church

Rommel William L Rev, pastor German Lutheran church, h Farnham

Rosenbaum & Phillips, (Isaac L R of Wellsboro and Joseph P) clothing, gents furnishings, boots and shoes, hats and caps 1 W Main

Rowland M Adalaine, widow John, h and lot 124 E Main

Rugaber Charles F, son of J F, clerk 22 W Main, h W Main

RUGABER JOSEPH FREDERICK, (J F R & Co) job printer 22 W Main, h W Main

RUGABER J F & CO, (Frank X Angerer) props the Fair store 22 W Main

Rumsey Huldah A, widow William H, farm 50 in Brookfield, h and lot Lincoln

Ruof Gottfried, emp tannery, h Tannery Hill

Rushmore Albert E, bicycle repairer, tinsmith for M D Lawrence, h Maple

Rushmore Albert W, clerk Maple off Elm

Rushmore Mina May, music teacher, h Maple off Elm

Rushmore Watson R, farmer 113, h Maple off Elm

Rushmore William S, laborer, h W Main cor Mason

Sample Russell, junk dealer, h Mill

Sayles Adriel K, blacksmith E Main, h and lot 9 Franklin

Sayles Elmer T, clerk for John R Dengle E Main, bds Franklin

Sayles Edwin J, blacksmith, h 9 Franklin

Schoonover Charles B, emp tannery, h Tannery row off Maple

Schoonover Thaddeus C, emp tannery, h 11 Tannery Hill

Scott L Winfield, clerk 2 and 4 E Main, h do

Seagers J Henry, farmer, 6, devoted mostly to tobacco, h and lot Mill

SECOR JOHN C, M D, physician and surgeon 18 W Main, h 18 Church

Secord Sheridan J, clerk Smith’s Hotel, h and lot E Main cor Maple, bds Smith’s Hotel

Seigel Charles S, clerk 1 W Main, h W Main

Seigel Jacob, laundryman, 12 E Main

Selleck Noah B, farm, 120, in Brookfield, h 27 First

Sherman Charles, emp tannery, h 52 Maple

Sherwood Daniel H, farm, 160, h and lot Race

Shirley William H, grocer flour, feed and wagons, 2 and 4 E Main, farm, 186, Westfield h 3 Church

Simmons Addie L, widow Esson E, music teacher, vocal and instrumental, h High off Elm

Simmons Bert L, barber M A McCoole, h 6 Maple

SIMMONS CHARLES B, boro councilman, school director, dealer in horses of all kinds, farmer in boro, 45, on r 20 Westfield, 156, and two farms in Brookfield, 200, 23 horses, h High cor Stevenson

Simmons George H, liveryman, 27 W Main, bds Church

Simmons Joseph P, dealer in clothing and gents furnishings, 31 W Main, h Church

Simmons Julia A, school teacher, h off High opp Elm

Simmons William, farmer, 80, h off High opp Elm, owns farm, 113, on r 23 and on r 17, 47, and in Potter Co, 113

Skottowe John C Rev, rector St John’s Episcopal Church, Church cor Elm, h Church

SMITH J WESLEY (Smith & Leach) propr Smith’s Hotel, W Main (See adv page 503)

Smith James A, retired farmer, h High

SMITH & LEACH (J Wesley S and William V L) farmers, 110, on r 5 Westfield, tobacco growers 8 acres, propr registered stallion “Red Boy” No 7053, sired by Red Wilkes, Hambletonian, breeders and dealers in standard horses, Smith’s Hotel

SMITH’S HOTEL, J Wesley Smith propr, W Main (See adv page 503)

Snyder Morris, retired farmer, h and lot W Main

Stanton Betsey, widow Erastus, h and lot 60 Maple

Stanton Marion E, laborer, bds 60 Maple

Stanton Sheridan G, laborer, bds 60 Maple

Statham Ira, emp tannery, h and lot 47 Maple

Statham Walter, laborer

Steadman Leroy A, carpenter Cowanesque Tannery, h rear do off E Main

Stedman Francis A, laborer, wife owns h and lot North

Steenburg Bennett M, mgr S Deiches, clothing, boots and shoes and gents furnishings, 15 W Main

St John’s Episcopal Church, rev John C Skottowe rector, h 8 E Church

Stepherson Matthew M, farmer on shares, h and lot Elm

Stevens Mary A Mrs, laundress h North

STOCKING HERVEY J, dentist 16 W Main, h 38 Elm cor High (See adv page 503)

Stone Fay R D, Mrs Lafayette E, laundress, 27 Stevenson, h do

STOTT GEORGE, (Stott Bros of Westfield tp) h and lot North

Strang Benjamin B, farmer 5, and with Betsey C and Frank D 264 in Clymer, h and lot 40 E Main

Strang Betsey C, widow Butler, with sons Frank D and Ben B, farm 164 in Clymer, h and lot 48 E Main

STRANG FRANCIS D, general merchant 4 and 6 W Main, h E Main

STRANG FRANK, postmaster 25 W Main, h over post office

Strang Hugh B, son of F D Strang, student in Syracuse University, h 48 E Main

Strang Nora C, (Mrs Frank) clerk post office, news dealer, stationery, cigars and tobacco, post office building W Main, h do

Streeter A James, farmer, h W Main

Streeter Octavia E, widow Augustus, farm 6, h W Main n limits

Sturtevant Andrew M, laborer, h 52 Church

Taft Cass W, lineman telephone Co, h W Main

Taylor Frank P, bookkeeper Farmers’ and Traders’ bank, treasurer of boro and water fund, h Race

Taylor John W, laborer, h 102 Church

Thompson Jared O, retired merchant, h and lot 2 Church

Thornton William T, harness maker, dealer in horse and carriage goods W Main, h Stevenson

Toles Edwin W, retired merchant, h and lot 98 W Main

Tormey Thomas, emp tannery, farm 73 on r 20 Westfield, h First

Tracey Edwin J, retired farmer, farms about 110 in West Union Steuben Co N Y, h and lot 44 Maple

Train John R, marble cutter 71 E Main, bds E Main

Train Timothy, foreman section B and S R R, h F Main n depot

Tremain Betsey, widow John, h and lot Stevenson cor High

Tremain C Iva, telegrapher W U, B & S R R station, h 24 E Main

TREMAIN GILBERT H, station agt Buffalo & Susquehanna R R, agt Wells Fargo & Cos ex, B & S R R station E Main, h 24 E Main cor Maple (See adv page 495)

Tremain Katie E, h 47 E Main

Tremain F Mary, Mrs Seth, dressmaker 62 Church, h do

Tremain Orren A, ex-miller, h and 2 acres, 60 E Main

Tremain Roy D, student, son of O A, h 60 E Main

Tremain Seth, street sprinkler, h and lot 62 Church

Trim George S, chief of police, lamp lighter, janitor boro hall, h and lot 67 Church

Tucker Edward M, pres Farmers and Traders Bank, rooms over bank, 11 E Main, bds American House

Tucker Perry H, clerk Farmers and Traders Bank, bds Smith’s Hotel

Turner James C, tinsmith for M D Lawrence, bds at Mrs Bowman’s, W Main

Tuttle Alfred J, baker for F M Davis, h Maple

Universalist Church, Church above Elm

UNION TANNING CO, Phil S Martin supt, E Main

Van Dusen Andrew J, traveling salesman for John T Westfield, marble and granite works, h Maple

VAN DUSEN JOHN T (Hurlbut & Van D) propr Westfield Marble and Granite Works, 71 E Main, h 18 Maple (See adv page 501)

Van Dusen LeRoy D, propr Westfield Laundry, W Main, h do

Van Dusen William P, emp tannery and paper hanger, glass blower, h Franklin

Van Gorder Thomas, agent Metropolitan Insurance Co, W Main, h Lincoln

Van Orman Duran T, nursery agent, h and lot 46 Stevenson

VOSBURGH WILLIAM L, propr Westfield Roller Mills, manufacturer of and dealer in flour, meal and feed, Mill cor River, flour and feed store 32 E Main, h 34 do (See adv page 501)

Wahl Albert F, harness maker for Wm T Thornton, bds 130 E Main

Wahl Gottlieb, emp tannery, h 130 E Main, boro limits

Wahl Lewis P, emp tannery, bds 130 E Main, boro limits

Watts Clark, laborer, h 49 Maple

Washburn Abram A, laborer, h W Main

Washburn Clarissa M, widow William, h W Main

Washburn W Isaiah, farmer for C H Krusen, h North

Waring Ira, invalid, h and lot North

Weaver Otis B Rev, M E clergyman, farm 95, h and lot Lincoln cor Race

Weaver Theodore L Rev, clergyman of the “Church of the Open Bible,” h Lincoln cor Race

Weber August, emp tannery, h 13 Tannery Hill

Weeks John, emp tannery, h and lot Mill

Welch Floyd, bus driver at American House, bds do

Wetherbee Elmer, cigarmaker, h Maple

Wetherbee Ettie M (Mrs Elmer) cigarmaker, h Maple

Wetherbee Ralph L, clerk for F D Strang, E Main, bds do

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Rev Richard Mallett pastor, Maple

WESTFIELD BORO SCHOOL, Wm E Blair prin, Mrs M N Edwards preceptress, Miss Lovina Guild, grammar dept, Mrs R E Gambell, Miss Julia Simmons, Mrs Minnie Taylor, Miss Sarah Hurlbut teachers, Maple

Westfield Co-operative Association, Jacob Phillips mgr, foundry and machine shop, bicycle repairing a specialty, Mill cor Lincoln

Westfield Laundry, L D Van Dusen propr. W Main

WESTFIELD MARBLE AND GRANITE WORKS, John T Van Dusen prop 71 E Main, See adv page 501

WESTFIELD ROLLER MILLS, Wm L Vosburgh propr, Mill cor River, See adv page 505

WESTFIELD STOCK LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, Mrs A L Simmons, pres; Mrs E S Horton, vice-pres; Mrs F D Strang, secy; Mrs W T Thornton, treas; Mrs M N Edwards, Mrs Georgiana Leonard, Mrs W E Blair, trustees; Miss Myrtie S Leonard, librarian; organized 1892, rooms Stang blk, Church

Welch James, laborer, h 64 maple

Welch Floyd J, farmer, h 64 Maple

Wheaton Wallace W, tinsmith and clerk 3 W Main, h W Main

Whipple Martin D, h Stevenson cor Railroad

White Lyman, laborer, bds Railroad

White Fred, h 118 E Main

White Will, laborer, h River

Whitmarsh William, farmer and carpenter, emp Pride Bros, h E Main

Williams Charles C, secy The Cowanesque Valley Agl Society, secy of boro council, house, sign and decorative painter and paper hanger, office 10 W Main, h Stevenson

Wise William, emp tannery, h Tannery Row off Maple

WOOD FRED J (Pride & W) h W Main

Yeager Edward W, emp tannery, h First

YEAGER FRANK X, forman of Eberle Tannery, h 87 Church

Yeager Herman, emp Eberle’s tannery, h 91 Church

Youmans Arthur L, clerk 9 E Main, h Stevenson

Youmans John, agt for Singer sewing machines, h 42 Stevenson

Youmans Martin L, clerk, h Stevenson

ZIEF MAX (successor to Marcuson & Zief) clothing, gents furnishings, boots, shoes, trunks, etc, 11 W Main, bds Smith’s Hotel