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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Tioga Borough Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.
Postoffice address Tioga.

Adams Elizabeth, widow Harvey, h Park

Adams Frank H, dry goods, boots and shoes, crockery, groceries, &c, Main cor Wellsboro, also banker, h Main

Adams George, tanner, h Park

Adams John C, laborer, h Berry

Adams Walter C, trainman F B R R, bds Main

ALFORD HORATIO S (Alford & Inscho) also agent Erie R R, Wells Fargo & Co’s Express, mgr W U Telegraph and sect school board, h Broad

Alford & Inscho (H S A & John L I) dealers in coal, lime, cement and brick, East end park Erie station

Alford Ruth, widow Stephen C, bds Broad

Anderson E A, pastor M E Church, h Willard

Andrus Albert J, clerk F L Naring, h Wellsboro

Andrus Harry, brakeman Erie R R, bds Wellsboro

Baldwin Annie D, h Main

BALDWIN HENRY L, justice of the peace, attorney and counselor at law, general insurance and real estate agt, school director, Wickham block Wellsboro, h Main

Banker Candace I, widow Abram, h Oak

Barden Carrie A, widow Dr Oliver P, h Walnut cor Cowanesque

Beers Henry, laborer, h Main

Beers Judson, laborer, h Park

Beers Schuyler, laborer, h Berry

Beers Smith, retired farmer, h Park

Berg Joseph, farmer, rents of F A Berry of Elmira N Y, h Main

Berry Daniel, clerk E A Smead, h Church

Berry John D, retired farmer, h Main

Bishop Robert, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer in Tioga township, 13, manuf butter packages and tobacco cases, Park, h Main

Bishop William, cooper, Park h do

Bostwick Gertrude, school teacher, bds Main

Boughtin Harriet, teacher Tioga graded school, bds Cowanesque

Boughtin Lewis, blacksmith Cowanesque, h do

Brahaney William, tanner, h Center

Brahaney Michael, tanner, Center cor Walnut

BRIGHAM EDWARD D (G W Brigham & Son) also constable, h Park

BRIGHAM GEORGE W (G W Brigham & Son) also veterinary surgeon, h Park

BRIGHAM G W & SON (G W & Edward D) blacksmiths and agricultural implements, Wellsboro

Broberg Andrew, laborer, bds Main

Brown George C, physician Main h do

Brummer William, laborer, h Cowanesque

Burr Ralph, bds Cowanesque

Burr Walter, bookkeeper Union Tannery Co, h Cowanesque

Bush Jabin S, retired merchant, h Main

Campbell A Frank, tanner, h Berry

Campbell Harriet, widow James, h Summit

Carlton Arthur, laborer, bds Berry

Carlton Charles H, carpenter, h Berry

Cary Charles A, tanner, h Wellsboro

Clapp Stephen G, com trav, N Main, died June 30, 98

Coburn Albert A, clerk Main cor Wellsboro, h Willard

Cole Floyd W, stenographer for F B Smith, bds Park Hotel

Cole Delia, widow A Clark, bds Main

COLE GEORGE D, farmer in Middlebury, 172, h Broad, moved from Middlebury

Cole Henrietta, widow Samuel, h Main

Cole Wallace J, carpenter, h Center

Collins Patrick, tanner, h Walnut

Cooley Charles, laborer, bds Main cor Cowanesque

Crowl Calvin H Rev, pastor First Baptist Church, Tioga, h Church

Davis James T, station agent F B Ry, American Express Co, coal and produce, h Church cor Main

Davis John J, clerk, bds Church

Decker James E, painter and paper hanger, h Broad

DEMING MARION S, carpenter and builder, Church, h do, see adv

DERBY SAMUEL W REV, pastor St Andrews Episcopal Church, h Cowanesque

Dewey Charles J, carpenter, h Cowanesque

Dewey Minerva, widow Daniel, h Cowanesque

Dumaux Ruth, widow John, bds Cowanesque

Ellis J Frank, laborer, bds Main

Ellis Jack W, laborer, h Summit

Ellis Jerrad H, lumberman, h Main cor Cowanesque

Engler Gustave H, laborer, h Park

Erie Passenger Station, H S Alford agent, east end Park

Evarts Edgar E, engineer F B Ry, h Main

Falath John, emp tannery, h Wellsboro

Farr Abram, commercial traveler, h Main

Farr Mary E, widow Eli S, bds Main

Field Alice Mrs, millinery Wellsboro, h do

Field Earl C, clerk, Wellsboro, h do

Field Minor S, dry goods, boots and shoes, clothing, groceries, etc, Wellsboro, also tobacco raiser, 14, farmer, 40, in Tioga, 182, in Middlebury, h on farm, r 12

Finesilver Israel, clothing, boots and shoes, gents’ furnishing goods, hats, caps, trunks, valises, etc, Park Hotel block, Wellsboro, h do

First Baptist Church of Tioga, Rev C H Crowl pastor, Church

Fish Charles S, (W W & C S Fish) res Salamanca, N Y

Fish Edgar C, shoemaker, Wickham block, Wellsboro, h Broad

Fish Mary E A, clerk, Main cor Wellsboro, bds Broad

Fish Wilbur W (W W & C S) res Elmira, N Y

Fish W W & C S, cigar manuf, Main cor Park

Ford Low D, resident, h Wellsboro

Gerber John, mgr W W & C S Fish, h Summit

Goodrich Frank W, bus driver Park Hotel, h Park

Gramerstetter Charles, baker Park, h do

Graves Emma, dressmaker, h Church

GRAVES FRED L, editor and propr Tioga Argus, Park, h do See adv page 453

Graves Sarah, dressmaker Church, h do

Graves Thomas, retired, h Park

Green Jerrie, laborer, h Church

Hakes Solomon P, physician and surgeon over Tuller drug store Main, h Main

Hance Louisa S, widow Thomas E, h Main

Hathaway Albert, carpenter, h Main

Havens Charles, laborer, bds Cowanesque

Holloran Frank, laborer, bds Center cor Walnut

Holloran John, laborer, h Center cor Walnut

Holloran John Jr, laborer, bds Center cor Walnut

Holloran William, laborer, bds Center cor Walnut

Howe Della, dressmaker, bds Willard

Howe William J, canvasser, h Willard

Inscho & Kimball (J L I & William K) hardware, tinware, plumbing, agricultural implements and fertilizers, Main

Inscho John L (Inscho & Kimball) also (Alford & Inscho) h Cowanesque

Inscho Lena, clerk postoffice, bds Cowanesque

Inscho Ruth P, widow Richard I, h Park

Jack John M, high constable, h Broad

Johns Henry, laborer, h Wellsboro

JOSEPH E GEORGE (Pettibone & Joseph) h Park hotel

Kimball Jesse, sawyer, h Main cor Summit

Kimball William (Inscho & Kimball) h Wellsboro

Kosckahl Stephen, emp tannery, bds Wellsboro

Kotutic Peter, emp tannery, h Wellsboro

KRAISS PAUL, furniture dealer and undertaker and farmer, 85 Wellsboro, h do

Kraiss Paul Jr, farmer, bds Wellsboro

Krieger Joseph, harnessmaker Wellsboro, h do

Leutner Max, baker, confectioner and grocer Park cor Oak, h do

Lind August, tanner, h Berry

Lowell Sarah M, postmaster, bds Main

Luther Catharine, widow George, bds Berry

Lyon Harry, laborer, h Summit

Mack John C, clerk pension office Washington, D C, h Willard

Magnuson Fred, laborer, h Park

McCormack William C Rev, pastor First Presbyterian Church, h Main

Middaugh Thomas, farmer, 60, h Main

Mosher Rue S, laborer, h Center

Mulford Rachael, widow Benjamin S, h Oak

Nearing Charles A, supt tannery, h Main

Nearing Fred L, groceries and provisions, crockery, Wellsboro, h Cowanesque cor Walnut

Nobles Daniel L, restaurant and livery, Main, h do

Olney James H, jeweler, clerk postoffice, Main, h Main cor Broad

Padgett Charles L, laborer, h Church

PARK HOTEL, livery attached, Pettibone & Joseph proprs, Main cor Wellsboro

Parks Caroline M, school and music teacher, Summit, bds do

Parks Mary A, widow Benjamin, h Summit

Paris Delbert, farmer, moved to Mansfield

Patterson Simon W Sr, laborer, h Church

Patterson Simon W Jr, laborer, h Church

Peck John M (Smith & Peck) school director, h Main cor Berry

PETTIBONE EDWIN L (Pettibone & Joseph) h Park Hotel

PETTIBONE & JOSEPH (Edwin L P and E G Joseph) proprs Park Hotel

Phelps Edgar E, commercial traveler, h Broad

Philips David F, laborer, h Center

Pickering Herman, laborer, h Wellsboro

PUTNAM JOHN H, attorney at law, real estate and real estate loans, offices at Wellsboro with N H Ryan and at Tioga, Main, h do

Rathbun Rhoda Mrs, h Park

Rawson Andrew H, painter, h Summit

Rawson C A (Mrs A H) dressmaker, Summit, h do

Retan Edmund A, principal Tioga Graded School, farmer, 100, h Park

Reynolds Fred D, barber, Wellsboro, h Center

Reynolds Frederick S, h Broad

Rhodes Charles T, drayman, h Summit

Rhodes Fred, laborer, h Wellsboro

Rich Isaac L, drug clerk, Main, bds Berry

Rich Rhoda, widow Charles, h Wellsboro

Rightmier Rosa, widow Charles, h Wellsboro

Rightmier William, laborer, h Summit

Rouse Thaddeus D, telegrapher F B Ry station, h Cowanesque

Rundell Bert B, cigarmaker, bds Wellsboro

Rundell Edward A, clerk Wellsboro, h do, moved to Elmira

Russell George U, meat cutter for Smith & Peck, bds Main cor Berry


Saxton Gillett G, clerk for Mrs V E, h Main

Saxton James D, clerk Main cor Wellsboro, h Main

Saxton V E Mrs, dry goods &c, Main cor Wellsboro, h Main

Sens Henry, cigarmaker, h Berry

Shappee Nathan R, laborer, h Broad

Sheardown Henry G, retired mechanic, bds Church

Shoak Rosaina, widow Frederick, bds Broad, died March 13, 1898

Sly Eugene, laborer, h Berry

Smead Ephriam A, hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural implements, paints and oils, glass, lamps, blankets, robes and whips, woodenware, pumps &c, Wellsboro, h do

Smith Carlton E (H E Smith & Son) boro councilman, h Main

Smith Charles R, physician and surgeon Main, h do

Smith Elmer B (Smith & Peck) boro councilman, h Main

Smith Emma E, widow Elias M, owns farm, h Main

SMITH FREDERICK B, state representative, attorney and counselor at law, real-estate and insurance agent, Main, h Main cor Broad

Smith George V, law student, beds Broad

Smith Harry G, farmer, bds Main

Smith Helen, widow Jacob, h Park

Smith Henry E (H E Smith & Son) h Main

Smith H E & Son ( C E) boots and shoes, Main

Smith Jacob, emp tannery, h Wellsboro

Smith & Peck (Elmer B S & John M P) meat market, grocery, ice and stock dealers

Smith Robert B, physician and surgeon Broad, h do

Smith Winifred, teacher, bds Broad

Spencer Charles, emp tannery, h Center

Spencer W Henry, carpenter, h Berry

Stedge Edward C, slate roofer and painter, h Cowanesque

Stevens John, tailor, Wickham block, h Cowanesque

Szedlak Michael, laborer, h Wellsboro

Taylor Sarah M, widow, bds Main

Telephone Pay Station at W T Urell’s store, Wickham block, Wellsboro

Thornton Mary, widow William h Cowanesque

Tioga M E Church, Main, Rev E A Anderson, pastor

Tomlinson Wilmer H, laborer, h Main

Tuller Philo, druggist, also burgess, Main, h do

Union Tannery Co, manuf sole leather, Wellsboro

Urell Tom M, clerk W T, h Broad

Urell William T, groceries, provisions, books, stationery, news dealer and fancy goods, Wellsboro, h r 10 Tioga

Van Osten Abram, drayman and mail transfer, h Oak

Vincent Frank, laborer, bds Main

Vincent Hannah Mrs, h Main

Vincent Jack Jr, laborer, bds Main

Vincent Jack Sr, laborer, bds Summit

Ward Clarence, laborer, bds Center

Webster George, laborer, h Summit

Wellington Amelia, widow Samuel, h Wellsboro

Wells Fargo & Co’s Express, H S Alford agent, Erie station

West Clark, laborer, h Church

Westbrook Britania L, widow Albert, h Broad

Westbrook Edsal M, stenographer, bds Broad

Westbrook Willis H, clerk Main cor Wellsboro, h Wellsboro

Western Union Telegraph, H S Alford mgr, Erie station

Wheeler Henry C, wagon maker, Cowanesque, h do

Wheeler Henry F, laborer, h Center

Wheeler Roy, telegrapher, bds Cowanesque cor Walnut

Whipple Henry, tanner, h Summit

Wickham Thomas A, saw and planing mill, h Main