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Lawrenceville Borough Page
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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Christine Keel

Lawrenceville Borough Directory.

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Lawrenceville

Adams Emily, h Main cor Academy

Ames Frank, laborer, h Main

Ballard Robert A., agent, h Center

Ballard Robert A Jr, painter and paper hanger, h Center

Barnhart William, h Mechanic

BEAUMONT EUGENE B JR, breeder of poultry, farm mgr for Eugene B

Beaumont of Wilkesbarre, Pa, h Cowanesque

Beebe Charles, h Main

Beeman Eva J, postmaster Main, h State

Beeman Orvilla J, widow Judson C, h State cor Cross

Beeman Warren A, laborer, h Mechanic

Benn Calvin, meat market Mechanic, h Franklin

Benn Gardner H, laborer, h State

Benn Martin, h State

Blackwell Caroline P Mrs, h Main

BOSTWICK ELIAS D (Wing & Bostwick) h Main

Bostwick John, clerk, h Main

Brewster Fred E, drayman, h James

BROWN ALBERT C, farmer and tobacco grower 3 acres, h State

Brown Gabriel, laborer, h Cherry

Brown Julia Mrs, h State

BROWN SAMUEL R, tobacco grower and farmer, h State

Brown William E, heading manufr, h State

BROWN WILLIAM A, tobacco grower, farmer, h State

Buckley William, laborer, h State

Burgett Frank, laborer, bds Mechanic

Burgett John, h Main

Butts Kate, h Main

CALIFF P L, prop Nahant House and livery, collector and constable, Main

Cameron Clarence, laborer, bds State

Cameron James D, bridge builder, h State

Camp George, laborer, h Cross cor Center

Camp Katie E, deputy postmaster, h State

CHURCH LEON A (Ryon & Church) editor, h State

Colby George B, station and American Express agent Fall Brook depot,

h Mechanic

CLEMENS & EDWARDS (L E C and C C E) machinists and foundry,


CLEMENS LEWIS E (Clemens & Edwards) carriage maker, Mechanic, h N Main

Crane Alonzo G, h State

Crane Charles E, laborer, h Main

Craft David Rev, pastor Presbyterian church at Antrim, h Main

Crane Lewis E, clerk, h Mill

Crooker James H (Crooker & Guiles) h James

Crooker & Guiles ( J H C and EG) blacksmiths, Main

Cropsey Alexander, blacksmith Mechanic, h Franklin

Damon Lois Mrs, h Main

Daniels Frank, brakeman, h Main

DARLING ARLAND L (L and A L D) physician and surgeon, h S Main

Darling Charles P, civil engineer, h Main cor State

DARLING L & A L, physicians and druggists, druggist sundries, paints, oils

&c, Main

DARLING LEWIS (L and A L D) physician and surgeon, h Main cor State

Darlnig Walter W, drug clerk, bds Main cor State

Decker Nora Mrs, h State

DeGroat John E, telegrapher, h Cherry

Eaton Fred W, (N Eaton & Son) h State

Eaton Leroy C, miller, n mill

Eaton Nathaniel (N Eaton & Son) h Mechanic

Eaton N & Son ( N & F W E) flour and feed grist mill, tobacco growers 4 acres,

farmers, 25

EDWARDS CHARLES C (Clemens & Edwards) Main, h N Main

ELLIOTT CAPT CHARLES P, retired, h Cowanesque

Erway John B, gardener, h State

Finch Frank J, laborer, h Main

First Presbyterian Church, N Main

Fletcher Bert L, clerk, h Franklin

Fletcher Fred D, tinsmith Main, h Mechanic

Fletcher Oscar C, painter, h Mechanic

Freeland Grant U, laborer, h Mill

Goodell Charles, laborer, h Mill

GORTON WILLIIIAM B, furniture and undertaking, Main, h Mechanic cor


Grenelle Ora W. h State

Grenelle Waldo H, laborer, h State

Grover Calvin, works on shares for W P Ryon 60, h Main

Grover Fred, farmer, h Academy

Guiles Austin G, manufr of wagons, carriages, buggies, sleighs, cutters &c, also

repairing to order, Mechanic, h do

Guiles Edward (Crooker & Guiles) res Lindley NY

Hall Frank E, laborer, h James

Hamlin Albert D, carpenter, h Main

Hamlin Archie D Jr, clerk, h Main

Hamlin Charles W, laborer, bds Main

Hamlin Hilton M, painter and paper hanger, h Cherry

Hanrahan Patrick, car inspector, bds State

Hansom William Rev, pastor Presbyterian church, h James

Harrington Miles S, laborer, h State

HARRIS GEORGE E, carriage maker, agt D M Osborn’s harvesting

machinery, A B Farquhar Co’s machinery of York, Pa, Oliver,

Bissell, Munsville, Wiard and Clipper chilled plows, land rollers,

Planet Jr cultivators, &c, Mechanic, h do

Harris Phebe Mrs, h Franklin

Harrison McClellan, meat market Main cor Cowanesque, h Cross cor


Harrison William H (Harrison Bros) h Mechanic

Harrower Helen Mrs, h State

Hawley Fred L, clerk, h James

HILL JAMES N, carpenter and builder and layer of cement walks, Main cor Mill

Horton Isaac S, butcher, h Main

Horton James, laborer, bds Main

Horton William J, carpenter, h Main

Hotchkiss John N (Hotchkiss & Son) h Mechanic

Hotchkiss John T (Hotchkiss & Son) h Mechanic

HOTCHKISS & SON (John N and John T) manufs of spring beds, mattresses,

feather pillows and excelsior, also planning, matching, tobacco cases,

&c, Cowanesque

Howard Albert F, laborer, h State

Howard Edward, laborer, h State

Howard Lewis, fireman, bds State

Howard Reuben T, laborer, h Stated Died since canvass

Hutchinson William W, baggagemaster Erie R R, h State

Inman Linus W, jewelry, repairing a specialty, Main cor Mechanic, bds do

Johnson C Ray, mgr Postal Tel Cable Co, bds James

Kelts, Delos, tobacco grower 2, farmer 90, h Main

Kelts Edward, h Academy

Kelts Harriet (Mrs Delos) millinery and dressmaking Main, h do

Kelts Martha Mrs, dressmaker Main

Kenyon William C, laborer, h State

Krebs Samuel F, farmer, h Cowanesque

Leadun Lena, domestic, Cowanesque

Leavenworth Clayton T, cigarmaker, h Main

Lee Jane Mrs, domestic, Cowanesque

Leggett Edward D, drayman and tobacco grower 2, h State

LEWIS WILLIAM C, station and Wells, Fargo & Co Express agent Erie

depot, h Mechanic

Lindsley Eugene, laborer, h State

Lindsley Fred, livery, Franklin, h do

Lindsley Mary Mrs, boarding, h State

Lindsley-Mulford Association, held annually in Rusling Hall

Lindsley Rosetta, widow Phineas, h Cherry

LOSEY GEORGE T, dealer in coal, wood, rough and dressed lumber,

lime, brick and cement, general insurance agent and notary

public, h Mechanic

Lutz Francis M, photographer, h Mechanic

Manell Walter, laborer, h Cherry

Mann Thomas J, laborer, h State

Mantor Salena I Mrs, h James

Matteson Hosmer, farmer, works estate of Thomas Matteson, 49, h Main

Matteson Susan, widow Thomas, h Main

Meade Benjamin F, painter, h James

Mead Willard C, billing clerk F B depot, h James

Merchant Ward H, agent, h Academy

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev L F Mulhollen, pastor, Franklin

Miller Adam, laborer

Mosier Samuel, mason contractor, bds State

Mulhollen L Rev, pastor M E Church, h James

NAHANT HOUSE, P L Califf propr, Main

OAKDEN JOSEPH R, conductor F B Ry, breeder of trotting horses, flouring

mill and farmer, 89 in Middlebury, h State

Orton C Butler, paper hanger, h Main cor Cowanesque

Packard Mary W Mrs, h Main cor Academy

PHIPPEN FREEMAN, carpenter and builder and farmer, 28, H James

h Mechanic

Phippen Joseph, h Mechanic

Postal Telegraph Cable Co, C R Johnson mgr, Main

Potter Chloe L Mrs, h Main

Power Celinda Mrs, h Center

Power Dyer, painter, h State

Power George, h Center

PRITCHARD HIRAM B, barber and hair dresser, Mechanic, h do

Pritchard Jesse, printer’s apprentice, bds Mill



Putnam Elias G, bds Nahant House

Putnam James H, groceries, boots and shoes, Main, h Mechanic

Quackenbush Lewis, laborer

Ray Edward, farmer, leases of Caroline Blackstone, 23 h Cowanesque

Rhodimer Carrie M Mrs, h Academy

Rice Celia, Mrs, h Mechanic

Riley Thomas, h State

Rolfe Alice E Mrs, dressmaker, State

Rusling Fred O, electrician h Main

Rusling Stella S, widow Joseph F, h Main

RYON & CHURCH (W P R & L A C) editors and publishers of The Herald and

job printers, Cowanesque

Ryon James B, artist, bds S Main

Ryon W Herbert, law student, bds S Main

RYON WALLACE P (Ryon & Church) attorney at law, justice of the peace,

tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer, 60, Main, h do

Sandford Peleg B, h Center

Sandbach Bottling Works, A R Wiesner mgr, State

Sharp Joseph, laborer, h Cherry

Shumway George F, tobacco grower 6 acres, farmer, 35

Smith Hugh M, jeweler and optician, h Franklin cor Academy

SMITH JOHN B, physician and surgeon, office hours 8 to 9 a m

and 6 p m, Franklin cor Academy, h do

Smith Lawrence C, medical student, h Franklin cor Academy

Smith William S, justice of the peace and insurance, Main, h State

Stage Charles E, laborer, h State

Stage Emory, track walker, h James

St Johns Episcopal Church, Rev J W Skottowe of Westfield rectory,


Stewart James, shoemaker, Mechanic, h Franklin

Stewart Robert W, grocer, Main, h Franklin cor Academy

Stoddard George, Carpenter, h State

Stowell Arthur, clerk Nahant house, bds do

Streeter Aurora S, laborer, h Mechanic

Swanson Eric, mattress maker, h Center

Tremaine Lewis E, engineer R B Ry, h Franklin cor State

Tremaine William E, farmer, h Mechanic

Van Gorder Charles, h State

VASTBINDER NELSON H, dealer in agricultural implements, Deering

harvesting machinery, Syracuse Chilled Plows, farm wagons,

harness, etc, Mechanic, h Lindley, N Y

Vosburgh Harry W, baggagemaster F B Depot, h James

Walsh William, laborer, h State

Walz Augustus F, clerk, h Franklin cor Academy

Warner Austin, h State cor Cherry

Warren Freeman, fireman F B Ry, h State

Wasson Charles H, laborer, h State

WELLS FARGO & CO’S EXPRESS, W C Lewis, agt, Erie Depot


White George William, civil engineer and contractor, bds Nahant house

WING CHARLES B (Wing & Bostwick) h Main cor Academy

WING & BOSTWICK (Charles B W & E D B) dry goods, carpets, clothing,

boots and shoes, crockery, groceries, wall paper, hardware and

jobbers of country produce Main cor Cowanesque

Wiesner Augustus R, mgr Sandback bottling works, h State cor Mechanic

Woodward Francis, h Cowanesque