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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janet Loftus

Gaines Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Gaines unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Adams George M, manuf bed springs, fish poles, &c, Main, Watrous

Allen Jacob (Marshfield) r 16, farmer, 50

Allen Jacob H (Marshfield) r 16, farmer 50, owned by wife

Anderson John (Marshfield) r 18 1-4, farmer, 50

Andrews Leonard, emp hard wood mill, h Walnut

Atwell E Morris (Waite & Atwell) oil producter, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, ready made clothing, carpets crockery, boots and shoes, &c, manufr and dealer in lumber, 400 acres timberland, other real estate and farmer, 240, store and h Mechanic

Atwell marvin W, chief clerk E Morris Atwell, justice of the peace, h and lot, Railroad

Aultz Frank, r 1, emp hard wood mill, h and lot

Avery Eugene (Marshfield) r 19, farmer, son of George P

Avery George P (Marshfield) r 19, farmer, 90

Baker Henry (Marshfield) r 14, farmer 75

Baker Otis (Gurnee) r 2, laborer

Barker Hosea (Marshfield) r 16, laborer

Barnhart Burnie, r 8 cor 12, bicycle manufr and repairer

Barnhart Daniel K, apiarist 55 colonies, h and lot Walnut

Barnhart Darwin, r 12, farmer, 23

Barnhart Otis, r 8 cor 12, farmer, 27

Barnhart Sarah, r 8 cor 12, widow John, farmer, 27

Bates Oliver, r 1, log scaler

Beach Sally (Marshfield) r 15, widow Jehial, aged 90 years

Behrman John F (Marshfield) r 5, emp tannery

Bennett Charles (Gurnee) r 2, laborer

Bennett Myron (Lansing) r 1, section hand B & S R R

Bennett Thomas (Gurnee) r 2, laborer

Bennett William H, off r 12, laborer

Bentley J Irving, physician and surgeon, graduate University of Pennsylvania 1895, State, h do

Bernauer Herbert E (Marshfield) r 15, farmer, son of Joshua

Bernauer Joshua (Marshfield) r 15, farmer, 100

Bernauer Joseph B, r 12, farmer, 80

Bigger Charles E. emp hard wood mill, Chestnut, Watrous

Biles Lewis A (Gurnee) postmaster

Black Gelston R, constable and collector, meat market, State

Blasz John, cook Hotel Vermilyea. Mechanic

Blue George, r 1, farmer, 100

Blue George W (Lansing) r 1, laborer

Boardman Mary (Marshfield) r 16, widow Hamilton, farm in Clymer, 73

Bookmiller Herman, propr grist mill, flour and feed, saw mill, sash, blinds and doors and planning mill, furniture and drug store, school director, store State, h and mills Mechanic

Bookmiller Herman Jr, mgr Gaines furniture store, bds Mechanic

Bockus Jerry, r 13, laborer

Boyd Edwin A, log scaler, h Division

Brague Harry G, r 5, farm laborer

Brague William, r 5, farmer on shares for E G Beach, 113

Bratts Ernest, emp hardwood mill, h and lot Railroad

Gruner William, laborer Chestnut, Watrous

Brisco Fred, laborer Main, Watrous

Bristo William, off r 7, laborer

Brooks John, emp hardwood mill Main, Watrous

Brown Arthur G, r 8, mgr Gaines drug store

Brown Frank (Marshfield) r 11, farmer 33

Budesheim J George, clerk E M Atwell, bds 20 Mechanic

Bullock Elias (Manhattan) r 6, emp tannery

Bullock Fred (Manhattan) r 6, laborer

Burger August. r 1, laborer

Burger, Mary, r 1, widow August

Burlingame H Merrick (Galeton) r 10, laborer

Cagoin John, r 13, laborer

Cain Daniel (Lansing) r 1, laborer

Camp George, r 1, laborer

Canovan Martin, r 10, laborer

Cargell Oliver, r 8, emp hardwood mill

Carlson, Charles, emp hard wood mill, Center, Watrous

Carr Chauncey, r 5, millwright and farmer 50

Carr Chauncey C, r 5, farm laborer

Car George (Manhattan) r 6, carpenter

Carr Royal L, r 5, farm laborer

Carr William W, r 5, farm laborer

Champaign Samuel P (Marshfield) r 14, supt F H and C W Goodyear, farmer 50

Champney Harvey (Marshfield) r 18, farm 168, wild land

Champney Luton P (Marshfield) r 18, farm laborer

Champney Oliver (Marshfield) r 12, widow Dr Van Rensler

Chapin Warren J (Marshfield) r 12, painter, h and lot

Clair Henry, off r 12, laborer

Clark John, r 13, woodsman

Classon David B, bds Hotel Vermilyea

Clemons Adelaine Miss, h Chestnut, Watrous

Clemmons Mark, laborer, h Chestnut, Watrous

Compton Eugene D Rev, r 6, pastor M E church Gaines and Westfield

Cooke Cyrus T, r 7 1-2, vice pres and mgr the Maple, Birch and Beech Flooring Co, bds Hotel Vermilyea, h Rochester N Y

Cople George (Marshfield) r 14, laborer

Couch George (Gurnee) r 2, mail carrier to Lansing

Cowborn Henry S, r 13, farmer 50

Cowborn Joseph E, r 13, farmer, 50, owned by wife

Crawford Lewis, r 13, laborer

Danks Fred W (Marshfield) r 13, farmer, 46

Darling Cora, widow Walter, Wilson, Watrous

Davis George W, jeweler, Park

Davis Hopkins, (Manhattan) r 13, laborer

Davis Silas B, Main, Watrous, farm in Clymer, 100 h Main Watrous

Day Edgar (Manhattan) r 4, fireman tannery

Day George (Manhattan) r 13, laborer

Dewey Avery (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Dewey Frank (Marshfield) r 20, lumberman

Dewey Phillip H (Marshfield) r 20, laborer

Dewey William E (Marshfield) r 20, farmer, 100, owned by his father

Dolway Daniel (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Douglass Adelbert (Marshfield) r 18, farm laborer

Dillon William, laborer, h Division

Dimmich Charles E, re 12, school director, lumberman and farmer, 85

Dimmick Clarence, r 12, laborer

Dimmich Orville H, lumberman, h and lot Main, Watrous

Duell Charles, laborer, Main, Watrous

Duley John (Manhattan) r 6, foreman tannery

Duley Roch H, (Manhattan) r 6, emp tannery

Dunkle Samuel W, r 1, carpenter, h and lot in Galeton, Potter co

Dunmore Mason, lumberman, bds Chestnut, Watrous

Dunmore Porter E, retired farmer, h Chestnut, Watrous

Dunn, John (Marshfield) r 20, laborer

Dutcher Edgar E, r 12, log scaler

Elk Run Oil Co. D S Anderson of Wellsville, N Y, mgr

Eylston John (Manhattan) off r 4, emp tannery

Farleigh John (Marshfield) r 15, lumberman

Farley Frank, emp hard wood mill, h Main cor Pine, Watrous

Farley James, stationery engineer, h Center, Watrous

Farley James Jr, laborer, Main, Watrous

Faulkner Pasco (Gurnee) r 2, farmer, 60

Feiro Floyd, emp tannery, Park cor Genesee

Feiro Hoyt (Manhattan) r 6, barn boss tannery

Fillman Hiram, sawyer, h State

Fisk Sherman, r 6 1-2, station agt B & S R R, agt for American and W F & Co’s Ex Cos, agt for W U and Postal Tel Co, bds Hotel Vermilyea

Flurschutz John M (Manhattan) off r 4, emp tannery

Francis George W. R 8, laborer

Frank Jerome (Manhattan) r 13, laborer

Fritchel Charles (Marshfield) r 15, laborer, h and lot

Fritchel George (Marshfield) r 15, h and lot

Freeland Charles, laborer, h Railroad

Furman Aaron K (Manhattan) r 4, farmer 100

Furman Bert, r 13, farmer 50

Furman Gertrude (Manhattan) r 4, school teacher

Furman Hampton L (Manhattan) r 5, farmer, 60

Furman Martin, r 5, farmer, 96

Furman School District (Manhattan) r 4

Fulkner Ann (Gurnee) r 2, widow henry

Furney Louis, laborer, h Park

Gaines School District, Mechanic

Gardner Alfred, off r 12, laborer

Gee Frank (Marshfield) r 13, farm laborer

Gilbert James C (Manhattan) r 6, postmaster, manager for Shaut & co

Glazier Dana, emp hard wood mill, h Main, Watrous

Goodwin John W, h State

Gould John (Gurnee) r 3, laborer

Gould Martha (Gurnee) r 3, widow Abram A, farm 25

Greenfield Arthur M, physician and surgeon at drug store, h E State

Gressler Arthur R, laborer Railroad cor State

Grynock George (Manhattan) off r 4

Gustafson Victor, emp hardwood mill, Center, Watrous

Hannahs John, off r 9, fireman hardwood mill

Hannahs Newell, off r 9, fireman sawmill

Hanscom Henry (Marshfield) r 14, retired farmer

Hanscom Nelson L (Marshfield) r 14, school director blacksmith and farmer 12 1-2

Hanscom William, blacksmith, h Pine cor Main

Hare Adelia Mrs, h Park

Hare Daniel, emp tannery, bds Park

Hare James, r 13, laborer

Hare Worthington, emp tannery, bds Park

Hathaway William A, off r 12, laborer

Hathaway William J, off r 12, laborer

Hayner Kate (Marshfield) r 16, widow Elias, farm 75

Head Charles W, r 1, laborer, h and lot

Head Fannie Mrs, novelty store, Mechanic

Head John, teamster, h Mechanic

Head William, r 6, farm laborer

Head Willilam Jr, r 1, emp hardwood mill, h and lot

Heath Alvin J (Marshfield) r 16, farmer 50

Heath Homer (Marshfield) r 18, farmer on shares for E Smith 100

Herritt Jackson, emp hardwood mill, h Main, Watrous

Hinman Charles, off r 12, laborer

Homans Clarence, sawyer, h Park

Hotel Vermilyea, A F Vermilyea propr, E D Phillips clerk, livery attached, Main (see adv page 232)

Howes Harry, off r 12, laborer

Hulbert Arthur (Marshfield) r 18 1-4, farmer 100

Hulbert Charles H, r 13, farmer 100

Hulbert Edward (Gurnee) r 2, farmer 75

Hulbert George, r 13, laborer

Hulbert Jerry (Marshfield) r 18 1-2, farmer 94

Hunt Fred, r 13, farmer 127

Hurd Mary, widow Isaac R, H Chestnut, Watrous

Ingham Thomas (Gurnee) r 2, miner

Jackson Amerost, teamster, bds Chestnut, Watrous

Jackson Charles B, emp hard wood mill, bds Wilson, Watrous

Jenkins Robert, r 13, farmer, 93

Johnson Andrew, laborer, h Center, Watrous

Jones Rupert K, barber and drealer in confectionery, fruits, tobacco and cigars, agent Addison Steam Laundry, State h do

Jordon Rosetta, r 1, widow John H

Kane James M (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Kern William (Marshfield) r 20 cor 18 1-2, farmer, 53

King William, off r 9, laborer

Kizer James, sawyer, h Chestnut, Watrous

Kizer John, carpenter, h Chestnut, Watrous

Knowlton Gurdon (Marshfield) r 15, laborer, h and lot

Knowlton Sarah (Marshfield) r 18, widow Alanson, h and lot

Knowlton School District (Marshfield) r 20 cor 19

Kratzer Barbara Mrs (Marshield) r 19, farm 35

Kohler Robert, blacksmith, h Park

Ladd Natha (Manhattan) r 5, lumberman and farmer, 80

Laugerboom Andrew (Manhattan) r 6, laborer

Larribee Thomas, r 13, laborer

Larrison William H, auditor, supt E M Atwell’s mill and framer in Clymer, 14, h Railroad cor Mill

Lewis Ervin (Manhattan) r 4, teamster

Lewis Lucian L, carpenter, h Gurnee

Lew Robert (Marshfield) r 14, laborer

Lick Run School District, r 13

Ling John W, teamster, h State

Long Rung School District, r 1

Lynch John (Manhattan) r 4, farmer 11

Lynch John M (Manhattan) r 4, woodsman

Lynch Judson, laborer, h Park

Lyon Ezra F Rev (Marshfield) r 16, retired Baptist minister

Lyon John W Rev (Marshield) r 14, pastor Free Baptist Church

Lyon William (Manhatton) off r 4, emp tannery

Manhattan School District (Manhattan) r 6 cor 13

Maple Birch and Beech Flooring Co incorporated , C T Cooke vice-pres and mgr, r 7 1=2 manufrs of kiln dried flooring and hard wood lumber

Marsh Danforth K (Marshfield) r 14, postmaster, general merchant and farmer, 200

Marsh Harry (Marshfield) r 14, farm laborer

Marsh Hugh (Marshfield) r 14, son of M P

Marsh Keziah (Marshfield) r 12, widow Levi H

Marsh Minor P (Marshfield) r 14, farmer, 100

Marshfield School District (Marshfield) r 14

Martin John H, r 1, section hand B & S R R

Martin Michael, r 1, laborer

Massell Alphonzo, section hand B & S R R, h Railroad

Mathern Charles (Manhattan) r 4, laborer

Mattison Andrew (Marshfield) r 11, farmer, 31

Mattison Edwin, r 13, farmer, 5

Mattison George, r 13, laborer

Mattison Horatio (Marshfield) r 14, farmer with Silas, 100

Mattison Howard (Marshfield) r 14, laborer

Mattison Orrin, r 13, farmer with Warren, 90

Mattison Silas (Marshfield) r 14, farmer with Horatio, 100

Mattison Warren, r 13, farmer with Orin, 90

Mattison William, r 13, farmer

Mattison William H, r 13 farmer, 50

Mattison William Jr, off r 13, farmer 49

Maxwell Charles P, treas and mgr Maxwell Oil Co Main off Mechanic

Maxwell Oil Co, Charles P Maxwell treas and gen mgr oil and gas wells Main off Mechanic

Maynard John (Marshfield) r 12, farmer leases of D C Marsh, 50

Maynes Elias, carpenter, h Chestnut, Watrous

Mayo George (Marshfield) r 13, farmer, 50

Mayo Zane (Marshfield) r 13, teamster

McConnell Fred, r 13, laborer

McCracken George H (Marshfield) r 13, farmer 60

McCracken Thomas (Marshfield) r 18 1-2, farmer, 50

McFall Charles E, Main, Watrous, laborer, h and lot owned by wife

McTanney James, section foreman B & S R R, h Railroad

Mengee George A, carpenter, h Chestnut, Watrous

Miller Edward (Manhattan) r 6 emp tannery

Miller Frank, r 13, laborer

Moore Willard S (Marshfield) r 19 1-2, farmer, 75

Mossman George, r 13, emp tannery

Muchlar Emmet, r 10, farm laborer

Myers Abram, butcher, h State

Nickerson Marsea, r 7 1-2, laborer

Neil Charles, off r 12, laborer

O"Connell James, laborer, h Main, Watrous

Ogdon George (Manhattan) r 6, laborer

Ostrander George, r 8, laborer

Paddock DeAlton, agent for C F Billings estate, 40,000 acres of land in Gains and Elk townships, about 3000 acres of which is in Pike and Ulyses townships, Potter Co, h State

Paddock George, bds Railroad, laborer

Parker Edwin A, emp hard wood mill, h Main, Watrous

Parker George, off r 12, laborer

Parker John, emp hard wood mill, h and lot with Edwin A, Main, Watrous

Parshall Peter J (Lansing) r 1, section foreman B & S R R

Patten John, r 8, laborer

Perry Delbert P (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Perry William (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Persing Reuben, r 13, farmer, 100

Persing William, r 13, farmer, son of Reuben

Philips Ellis D, clerk Hotel Vermilyea, bds do

Phoenix Lydia (Marshfield) r 20, widow Andrew J, farmer, 90

Phoenix Wallace (Marshfield) r 20, laborer, h and lot

Pineau Thomas, clerk E M Atwell, h Railroad

Pollock Andrew (Manhattan) Off r 4

Pollock, Andrew (Manhattan r 4, emp tannery

Prouty William (Marshfield) r 18 cor 18 1-2, laborer

Redner Harvey, r 13, laborer

Rexford Charles (Manhattan) r 4, farmer, son of David

Rexford David (Manhattan) r 4, farmer, 600

Rexford Delos (Manhattan) r 4, supervisor, farmer, son of David

Rexford George M retired merchant, h Walnut

Rexford Jesse (Manhattan) r 4, farmer, son of David

Rexford K Bert, h Chestnut, Watrous, woodsman, h and lot

Rexford William L (Manhattan) r 4, farmer, son of David

Reynolds Frank (Marshfield) r 20, farmer on shares for Lydia Phoenix

Rice Orsemus (Gurnee) r 3, farmer, leases of the Rice estate, 155

Ricketts Pressilla Mrs, h Park

Ripley Francis (Marshfield) r 11, farm laborer

Ripley Dwight, laborer, h Chestnut, Watrous

Ripley Francis C, emp hard wood mill, h Chestnut, Watrous

Ripley George, emp hard wood mill, bds Chestnut, Watrous

Ripley Samuel L, laborer, h Main, watrous

Ripley Silas (Marshfield) r 11, farmer, leases of Barnhart estate 53

Ritter Harriet, r 8, widow Fred H

Robbins George (Marshfield) r 15, laborer

Robinson Ithacar (Marshfield) r 19, farm laborer

Ruggles David, r 7, wagonmaker and farmer on shares for E M Atwell

Ruggles James H, supervisor, harnessmaker and dealer in horse furnishing, etc, State, h do

Ruggles Joseph, r 7, laborer

Rumsey Leon (Marshfield) r 17, farm laborer

Russell William P, gas, plumber and dealer in gas heaters, stoves, lamps, etc, Main opp Mechanic, bds Hotel Vermilyea

Ryan Charles (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Sackider Moses, r 13, laborer

Schofield John, teamster, bds Park

Schoonover George R (Marshfield) r 18, farmer with Jacob R, 30

Schoonover Horace (Gurnee) r 2, coal miner

Schoonover Jacob R (Marshfield) r 18, farmer with George R, 30

Schoonover Maney (Manhattan) r 4, blacksmith

Scott & Ray (Claude R Scott and John Fay) oil well contractors, res Wellsville, N Y

Sears Willilam G, emp hard wood mill, Variety store, State

Sease Daniel (Marshfield) r 16, laborer

Secool John (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Secor De Forest O (Marshfield) r 14, farmer, 53, on r 15

Secor Eunice E (Marshfield) r 14, widow David O

Secor Fred W (Marshfield) r 14, sawyer

Shaut & Co (limited) (Manhattan) r 6, J C Gilbert, mgr, dry goods, boots, shoes, hats, caps, groceries, flour, feed, provisions, etc

Shelley A Jonas, off r 13, laborer

Shelley Charles A, r 1 carpenter, h and lot

Shelley Dill, r 13, laborer

Shelley James H, off r 13, laborer

Shelley Linus A, r 13, teamster

Sherman Shade, teamster, bds Hotel Vermilyea

Shultz John (Manhattan) r 6, emp tannery

Simpson Lewis, laborer, h and lot owned by wife, Chestnut, Watrous

Smith Allen A, r 1, laborer, h and lot

Smith Charles B (Marshfield) r 18 cor 15, farmer, 50

Smith DeWitt C (Marshfield) r 14 cor 15, com trav

Smith Jessie (Marshfield) r 18, dressmaker

Smith John, laborer, bds Hotel Vermilyea

Smith John C, laborer, h Park

Smith John J (Marshfield) r 18 cor 15, framer 80

Smith Kate Mrs, r 1, carpet weaver

Smith Luther M (Marshfield) r 18 cor 15, lumberman

Smith Marshall M, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, crockery, wall paper &c, Main, h do

Smith Milton, r 13, laborer

Smith O August (Marshfield) r 14, auditor and farmer 100

Smith Patrick (Gurnee) r 2, coal operator

Smith Roy (Marshfield) r 14 cor 15, bookkeeper

Smith Russell M (Marshfield) r 18, justice of the peace, farmer 70

Smith Walter (Marshfield) r 18 cor 15, school teacher

Smith Willis (Marshfield) r 14, farmer, leases of Keziah Marsh 50

Snyder Wright R (Marshfield) r 18 cor 18 1-2, lumberman and farmer 50

Sornberger Joseph, off r 9, laborer

Sornberger Joseph Jr, off r 9, laborer

Stafford Francis H, r 13, laborer

Stevens Frank J, r 1, emp hardwood mill

Stickler Leander (Marshfield) r 13, farm laborer

Stokes Henry (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Strait Jesse D (Marshfield) r 17, breeder Jersey cattle and farmer 225

Strait Norman I (Marshfield) r 17, school teacher

Suttle Daniel (Marshfield) r 18, farm laborer

Suttle Herbert (Marshfield) r 18 laborer

Swanson August (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Swope Ezra (Marshfield) r 15, laborer

Swope LaFayette (Marshfield) r 15, laborer

Tate Gilbert E (Galeton) r 10 farmer 106

Thompson Eugene, emp hardwood mill, h and lot Chestnut Watrous

Thonke, Rudolph, laborer, h State

Trowbridge Edward (Marshfield) r 14, farmer in Elk 60

Van Aken Solomon, r 10, farmer 140

Vanderhoff Albert, r 1, manager Hotel Vermilyea and livery

Vermilyea A F. prop Hotel Vermilyea and livery Main, (See adv page)

Victor Frank (Manhattan) r 6, emp tannery

Victor Sobeck (Manhattan) r 4, emp tannery

Wait & Atwell (K E Wait and E M Atwell) sawmill, manufs and dealers in lumber, mill r 13, office Atwell’s store, Gaines

Watrous Charles B, lumberman in Minnesota, h Pine, Watrous

Watrous Charles H (Marshfield) r 12, farmer 317

Watrous James H (Marshfield) r 12, retired farmer

Watrous Robert S, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats, caps, clothing &c Pine Cor Chestnut, Watrous

Watrous School District, Chestnut, Watrous

Watrous W Henry (Marshfield) r 12 apiarist and farmer, 148

Watson James H, r 10, night foreman saw mill

Wetmore Asel V (Marshfield) r 19, cider mill, farm, 90

Wheeler Ralph, off r 9, laborer

White D Cameron, r 10, farmer, 14

White Walter, r 1, laborer

Whittaker Charles H (Manhattan) r 6, bookkeeper tannery

Whittaker Henry R (Manhattan) r 6, supt Gaines tannery

Whitmore James (Manhattan) r 4 emp tannery

Whitney Edwin J (Manhattan) off r 4, son of Joseph

Whitney Joseph (Manhattan) off r 4, farmer on shars for C H Rexford, 250

Wideler Charles, engineer hard wood mill, bds State

Williams A Fred (Marshfield) r 17, carpenter and farmer 71

Williams Phleaman F, r 13, laborer

Willour Frank E, emp hard wood mill, h Chestnut, Watrous

Wood Jehial H (Marshfield) r 14, farmer 78

Wood Richard L (Marshfield) r 12, farmer leases of Rev John Kyelgard of New Youk City, 225

Woodard Grant B, well driller, Pine, Watrous

Yaw Walter, laborer, h Park

Youmans Almira, r 1 widow Delos

Zimmerman George (Marshfield) r 11, laborer

For explanations, &c., see page 13.