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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Deerfield, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Abbot Alden (Knoxville) r 9, with Moses B, farmer, 64

Abbott Betsey, widow John, (Knoxville) r 1, dairy 8 cows, farmer 110

Abbott Eli (Knoxville) r 1, farmer for Betsey 110

Abbott Moses B (Knoxville) r 9, with Alden, farmer 64

Adams Adelbert D (Academy Corners) r 4, (Adams Brothers)

Adams Brothers (Academy Corners) r 4, (Adelbert D and William C) quarrymen, lessees and operators of the Ingham blue stone quarry

Adams William C (Academy Corners) r 4, (Adams Brothers)

Allen Adron D (Academy Corners) r 18, works on shares for Mrs Adeline Kyser 61

Baker Albert (Knoxville) r 7 1-2, farm laborer

BAKER ALLEN, (Knoxville) r 8 1-2 cor 15, township auditor, 7 cows and farmer 178

Baker James (Knoxville) off r 8 back of cemetery, farmer

Baker Sumner (East Chatham) r 23, farmer on shares for P P Seamans about 90

Balch A Burdette (Knoxville) r 9 1-2, dairy 10 cows and farmer 85

Balch Foster N (Knoxville) r 9 1-2, farmer

Bayers John C (Knoxville) r 4, farm laborer

Bean Ebenezer A (Knoxville) r 1, prop Knoxville cheese factory also factory at Austinburg

Becraft John W (Academy Corners) r 7 1-2, farmer 50

Bell Louis (Knoxville) r 15, laborer

Bellows Ira W (Knoxville) r 10, retired physician

Bellows Knude I (Knoxville) r 10, farmer 81

Billings School District No 4 (Knoxville) r 1

Bloom George H (Academy Corners) r 24, farmer on shares for George W Curran of Knoxville 190

Boatman School District No 5 (Knoxville) r 8 1-2 cor 13

Boom Herman E (Knoxville) r 19 1-2, carpenter and farmer 80

Boom Rant M (Knoxville) farmer on shares for Mrs Sarah Avery of Chatham, about 100

BRADLEY ROBERT C (Knoxville) r 6 1-2, farm laborer

Briggs Albert (Knoxville) r 1, farmer 4

Briggs Percy (Knoxville) r 3, emp Edgcom’s sash factory

Briggs Prissila A (Mrs Albert) (Knoxville) r 1, carpet weaver

Brooks George (Knoxville) r 8, hay shipper for Morgan & Seely of Osceola, farmer on shares for Alfred Edgcomb of Knoxville, about 20

Brooks Myra A (Mrs. George) (Knoxville) r 8, dressmaker

BROWNELL JAMES J (Knoxville) r 8, farmer

Burlingame Anson (Knoxville) r 3, tobacco 4 acres, 10 cows and farmer, 100

Burlingame Mary E (Knoxville) r 3, widow Henry M

Burns Hiram (Academy Corners) r 4, 5 acres tobacco on shares for Burton E Lewis

Burns Horace S (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, (N S & H S B)

Burns Nelson S (Academy Corners r 3 1-2, (N S & H S B)

Burns N S & H S (Nelson S & Horace S) works on shares for Mrs Mariette Gilbert about 105 and for George Gilbert 110, 8 acres tobacco

Bush John B (Academy Corners) r 4, tobacco 7 acres, dairy 13 cows, 80 sheep, farmer 250, and in Brookfield 160

Bush Julius E (Academy Corners) r 4, farmer on shares for John B 250

Butler Aaron A (East Chatham) r 23, farmer, about 96

BUTLER COROL M (East Chatham) r 22, farmer, son of Franklin

Butler Franklin (Academy Corners) r 22, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 125

Butler Jane, widow Morris S (Osceola) r 19 1-2, farm 80

Butler Jud A (Osceola) r 20, farmer 30, and works on shares for Jane 80

Butler Pearl (Knoxville) r 3, farm laborer

Butler Salem J (East Chatham) r 22, farmer, 50

Button Ambrose (Academy Corners) r 4 1-2, farmer on shares for Jos Ingham

Button Harlo (Academy Corners) r 4 1-2, farmer, about 150

Campbell Robert W (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, h and 1 acre owned by wife

Carl Charlotte E (Mrs Lorenzo D) (Academy Corners) r 22, farm 8 in Osceola

Carl Lorenzo D (Academy Corners) r 22, town treasurer, farmer, about 85

CARPENTER FRED L (Academy Corners) r 6, farmer for Willard S

Carpenter Hattie (Academy Corners) r 4, resident

Carpenter Lois, widow Loren (Academy Corners) r 4, resident

CARPENTER WILLARD S (Academy Corners) r 6, dairy 42 cows, 37 young cattle, 400 sugar trees, farmer, 300

Carr E Ward (Knoxville) r 3 1-2, medical student, h with J B George

Carr George H (Knoxville) Main near r 7, carpenter and builder

Carr George Martin (Academy Corners) carpenter and builder, bds Main near r 7

Case Frederick J (Academy Corners) r 6, laborer

CHAPPELL ALBION F (“Jeff”) (Academy Corners) r 7, dairy cows 9 cows, farmer, 30; on r 6 1-2, 40; n r 7, 50 and with Oliver, wood lot, 20

Chappell Oliver (Academy Corners) r 7, farmer, about 200 and with A F, 20

Chappell Robert E (Academy Corners) r 7 1-2, farmer, 69

Church Newbury (Academy Corners) r 18, wool grower, 52 sheep and farmer 84

Church Theodore (Academy Corners) r 18, carpenter and builder, farmer, 35

Church Charles O (East Charleston) r 23, (Seamans & C), farmer, 26

Clark Belle (Academy Corners) r 4, widow Ellsworth, farm about 195

Clark Clare E (Knoxville) r 3, 12 cows, tobacco 4 3-4 acres and farmer on shares for Charlotte Inscho, about 180

CLARK ELIAS H (Knoxville) r 4, tobacco grower 7 acres, 8 cows, 50 grade Southdown sheep, farmer, 200

Clark Forest K (Knoxville) r 3, tobacco 1 -12 acres, farm, 4

Clark George W (Academy Corners) r 16, farmer, 40

Clark Rae (Knoxville) r 4, farmer for Elias H

Clark Rosamond M (Knoxville) r 4, teacher in Newark, N J

Clark William A (Academy Corners) r 19, farmer, 196

Conrad Sylvester (Academy Corners) r 4, laborer

Cook David (Knoxville) r 1, farmer on shares, 5

Cook Harry (Academy Corners) r 4, dairy 10 cows, tobacco 4 acres and farmer on shares for Mrs Belle Clark, about 195, owns in Jackson 54

Cornell Harriet (Academy Corners) postmaster, Main cor Depot

Cornell Lucinda S (Academy Corners) (Mrs Smith) general merchant, store h and lot, Main cor Depot

Cornell Smith (Academy Corners) h Main cor Depot

COSTLEY CHARLES (Phillips Station) off r 9, farmer with David, 100

COSTLEY DAVID (Phillips Station) off r 9, farmer with Charles 100 on r 9 and works on shares 34, owned by James White of Knoxville

Costley Frederick (Knoxville) off r 8, works on shares for Hiram, 7 acres tobacco, 6 cows, farm 100

Costley George (Philips Station) off r 9, wagonmaker and repairer

Costley George (Academy Corners) r 15, carpenter and farmer, 20

Costley Hiram (Knoxville) off r 8, tobacco grower 7 acres, 6 cows, farmer, 100

Costley Jacob E (Knoxville) r 13, farmer, son of James

Costley James (Knoxville) r 13, farmer, 60

Costley Lewis (Knoxville) r 13, farm laborer

Daniels Esther (Mrs Henry F) (Academy Corners) r 18, cor 22, farm, 30

DANIELS HENRY F (Academy Corners) r 18, cor 22, 60 high grade Shrophshire sheep, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 156, and works, 30 for his wife Esther

DANIELS H FRANK, (Academy Corners) r 6 1-2, justice of peace and auditor, breeder thoroughbred Holstein registered bulls and cows, registered Chester White swine, full blood Golden Wyandotts and Black Minorca fowls, farmer 100

Daniels Ned J. (Academy Corners) r 6 1-2, farmer, son of H Frank

Davis Wallace W (East Chatham) r 23, apiarist 35 colonies and farmer, 125

Day Abram (East Chatham) r 23, farmer and mason

DAY Z TAYLOR, (East Chatham) r 23, farmer, for Alvah G Day of Canisteo N Y., 100

De Groat Frank (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, laborer

Dewey Hiram (Osceola) r 6, farmer, 50 for wife Ida and Mary Taylor

Dickinson Frank L (Academy Corners) off r 7, farmer, 100

Dickinson Hiram L (Academy Corners) off r 7, farmer, 100

Doan Sylvester C (Academy Corners) r 6, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 170

Easterbrook George H (Knoxville) r 18, mason

Edwards Charles (East Chatham) r 23, farmer, 89, and in Clymer 150

Edwards Horace G (East Chatham) r 23, farmer on shares for Charles, 89

Ellison Jay (Knoxville) r 13, dairy 6 cows and farmer, on shares for Mary, 85

Ellison Mary (Knoxville) r 13, widow Joseph, farmer, 85

Everts Silas G (Knoxville) r 8, laundry work

Farnsworth William A (East Chatham) r 23, farmer, on shares

Faulkner Edward (Academy Corners) r 5 leases of Mrs Eleanor Falkner, 10 cows, and farm, 100

Faulkner William A (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, pensioner for Aaron A Butler, about 96

Falkner Eleanor (Academy Corners) r 4, widow Joseph, tobacco, 3 1-2 acres, dairy 10 cows and farmer, 190

Frasier J Bernice (Knoxville) r 3, works on shares for I N Edgcomb, 3 acres tobacco, 14 cows and farmer, 108

Frasier James (Knoxville) r 3, farmer

Free Baptist Church, r 22, Rev Henry H Ream, pastor

Freeborn G Wilfred (Knoxville) r 15, farmer, about 60

Fruit Charles B (Academy Corners) r 4, Taft & Fruit

Gates Addison G (East Chatham) r 23, farmer 40

GATES MERTON L (East Chatham) r 23, farm laborer

Gee George (Knoxville) r 1, farm laborer

George Harvey (Academy Corners) r 6 1-2, laborer

GEORGE JOHN B, (Knoxville) r 3 1-2, with Alvin Dodge, tobacco growers 3 1-2 acres, leases of Mrs Sarah B Faulkner farm, 72, owns farm, 120, in Brookfield, 12 cows, wife Mary E, owns h 3, Maple st, Knoxville

George Samuel R (Academy Corners) r 7 1-2, 5 cows, farmer, 60

Gilbert George (Knoxville) r 3 1-2, tobacco grower 4 acres, dairy 7 cows, farmer, 110

Gilbert Mariette (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, widow W Wallace, farmer, 105

Goodwin Emery D (Phillips Station) r 10, farmer, 60

Gravel Deer Lick School Dist No 6 (Academy Corners) r 16 cor 15

Grover Sidney F (Knoxville) r 9, thresher, farm laborer

Guiles Herbert E (Knoxville) off r 8, 10 cows, farmer, 148

Guiles Mary Jane (Knoxville) r 8, widow Alonzo

Ham Richard (Knoxville) r 3, pensioner

HOGENCAMP JOHN (Knoxville) r 6 1-2, blacksmith, h and 3 acres, owned by wife Frances E

Hopkins James M (Knoxville) r 3 1-2, carpenter

Howland Charles R (Academy Corners) r 15, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, 144

Howland Eddy A (Academy Corners) r 25, propr portable saw mill and farmer 36

Howland Eliza (Academy Corners) widow John, h Main

Howland James C (Academy Corners) r 25, farmer, son of Eddy A

Howland John P (Academy Corners) r 25 cor 17, apiarist 60 colonies, farmer, 130

Howland Joseph G (Knoxville) r 9, works on shares for Albert Dearman of Knoxville 2 acres tobacco, 6 cows, farm about 55

Howland Louise I (Academy Corners) music teacher and dressmaker, Main, h do

Howland Robert B (Academy Corners) r 16, farmer, 50

Hults Frank (Academy Corners) r 7, laborer

Humphrey Edward A (Academy Corners) r 6 1-2 cor 7 1-2, retired farmer

Hunter Paul (Little Marsh) r 15, farm laborer

HUSTED EDDY S (academy Corners) r 15, tobacco grower 3 acres and farmer, son of George O

HUSTED GEORGE O (Academy Corners) r 15, 9 grade Holstein cows, thoroughbred Holstein bull Tioga Chief, tobacco 2 acres and farmer, 130

Husted Herman (Academy Corners) r 15, farmer, son of George O

Husted Joseph (Academy Corners) r 15, farmer, son of George O

INGHAM ANSEL G (J S Ingham & Sons) h Knoxville

INGHAM DANIEL P (Academy Corners) r 4 (J S Ingham & Sons) tax collector and farmer 40, for Isabella

Ingham Isabella (Mrs Joseph S) (Academy Corners) r 4, owns farm 40 worked by son Daniel P, owns stone quarry, leased to Adams Bros.

INGHAM JOSEPH S (Academy Corners) r 4 (J S Ingham & Sons) farmer, 90

INGHAM J S & SONS (Academy Corners) (Joseph S, Daniel P & Ansel G) proprs Deerfield Woolen Mills, farmers, 90 {see adv page 104}

Inscho Charlotte A (Knoxville) r 3 cor 1, 10 cows and farmer 100

Jackson Amos W (Academy Corners) laborer, h and lot, depot

JACKSON HENRY C (Academy Corners) r 7 cor 6, constable, wool grower 200 Hampshiredown sheep, farmer 260

Jacobs Amelia Mrs (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, widow Frederick

Kanistanaux I J (East Chatham) r 23, Indian doctor

KELLER ROBERT H (Academy Corners) r 15, 25 sheep, 6 cows, farmer 150

Kelts Elwin G (Knoxville) r 8, supervisor, tobacco 8 acres, 17 grade and thoroughbred Jersey cows, farmer 200

Kennedy Judd B (Academy Corners) r 4, farmer

Kennedy William (Academy Corners) r 4, works on shares for Freeborn Bros of Knoxville, 7 acres tobacco, dairy 12 cows, farmer 214

Kilburn Elmond E (Academy Corners) r 4, farm laborer

King Francis C (Knoxville) r 8, farmer 72

King Herman P (Knoxville) r 8 1-2, 10 cows, farmer 207

King Matilda (Knoxville) r 10, widow George

King Preston R (Knoxville) r 8 1-2, 140 sheep and farmer on shares for Samuel P 162

Kirkland William H (Knoxville) r 8, farmer 2

Kirtland George (Academy Corners) r 7, tobacco 2 acres and farmer 97

Kirtland John D (Academy Corners) r 7, mail carrier to F B Ry depot, h and 1 1-2 acre

Kiser Abijah (Osceola) r 20, farmer 60

Kizer Adelia (Mrs Selden) (Academy Corners) r 24, farm 61

Kizer Joel (Osceola) r 20, farmer 65

Kizer Nicholas (Osceola) r 20, h and lot

Kizer Selden (Academy Corners) r 24, 40 sheep, 6 cows, works on shares for Daniel H Lee, farm 150, also for him and Mrs Mary Wass 250

Kizer William (East Chatham) r 21, farmer 64

Knox Aaron A (Academy Corners) r 4, with Menzo W, 10 cows, tobacco 4 acres and farmer 220

Knox Edward L (Knoxville) r 10, tobacco grower, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 130

Knox George H (Knoxville) r 9, school director, thresher, 6 acres tobacco, 6 cows, wool grower 200 grade Cheviot sheep, farmer 338

Knox George W (Academy Corners) r 4, farmer 30 and wild lot 50

Knox John W (Academy Corners) r 4 farmer 90

Knox Julia A (Knoxville) r 9, widow Archibald D

Knox Maria L (Academy Corners) r 7, h and lot

Knox Menzo W (Academy Corners) r 4, with Aaron A, 10 cows, tobacco 4 acres and farmer 220

Knox William D (Academy Corners) r 7, tobacco 6 acres and farmer 150

Lane Ardella (Knoxville) r 8, widow Charles, farm in Chatham 105

Lane Austin (Academy Corners) r 5, works on shares for Elias H Clark, 30

Lee Charles (Academy Corners) r 4, works on shares for Mrs Eleanor Faulkner, tobacco 3 1-2 acres, farm, 90

Lee Daniel H (Academy Corners) r 4, n boro line, justice of peace, farmer, 7, and on r 24, farm 150 and 100 on same road, 3 acres tobacco, 6 cows

Lewis Burton E (Osceola) r 4, tobacco 5 acres, dairy 11 cows and farmer, 140

Ludlam Samuel (Academy Corners) r 4, tobacco grower, 5 acres, dairy 10 cows, 100 Shrophshire sheep, farmer, 240

LUDLAM WILLIAM H, (Academy Corners) r 4, tobacco grower, 7 acres, dairy 5 cows, farmer, leases of E E Bowen estate, 100

Main Andrew (Academy Corners) r 7, pensioner

Mann Bert (Knoxville) r 8 1-2, farm laborer

Markham Malvin M (Knoxville) r 8, emp Edgcomb’s sash factory, farmer, 10

MARMOR CHARLES, (Academy Corners) r 16, opp 15, carpet and flannel weaver, h and 2 acres fruit gardens

Matteson Francis (Knoxville) r 10, farmer, about 115

Matteson George W (Knoxville) r 3, farmer 5

Matteson Herman M (Knoxville) r 9, with F Norman, works on shares for his father Luther, farm, 110

Matteson Lucian a (Knoxville) r 3, tobacco 5 acres, farmer, 35

Matteson Luther (Knoxville) r 9, tobacco 3 acres, 8 cows and farmer, 110

Matteson Nettie I (Knoxville)r 3, school teacher

Matteson School Dist No 3 (Knoxville) r 9

McLean Allen C (Knoxville) r 16, farm laborer

Merrick Charles F (Academy Corners) r 6 1-2, carpenter

Merrick Charles L (Academy Corners) r 6 1-2, lumber jobber and farmer

Merrick Emily E(Academy Corners) r 16, widow Bradford, farm 150

MERRICK FREDERICK J. (Academy Corners) r 16, thresher by steam, with his brother, Philip H, 2 acres tobacco, 9 cows, farmer, leases of Emily E, 150

MERRICK PHILIP H. (Academy Corners) r 16, n 15, thresher by steam, with Frederick J. tobacco 2 acres, farmer, 45

Merrill James E (Academy Corners) r 17, works on shares for Oliver Chappel Sr, farm, 60

Metcalf Daniel P (Academy Corners) r 4, tobacco grower 5 acres, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 123

Miller Frank B (Academy Corners) r 19, farm laborer

Miller L Frederick (Knoxville) r 3, invalid

Misner John J (Knoxville) r 13, farmer, 70

Morgan Almon (Knoxville) r 3, cor 3 1-2, farm laborer

Newman Albert (Academy Corners) general blacksmith, Main cor Depot, h do

Newman Albert J (Academy Corners) blacksmith, tobacco grower on shares, 4 acres, bds with Albert

Newman Willis a (Academy corners) r 4, blacksmith

Newman Sarah A, widow Joseph O (Academy Corners) r 4, housekeeper

Newman William (Academy Corners) laborer, h Main

Odle Alvin J (Academy corners) general merchant and farmer in Lawrence 52, h Main

Ordway Elizabeth (Knoxville) r 3 cor 1, widow Enoch, dressmaker

Owlett James H (East Chatham) r 23, farmer, 71

Pearson Rebecca A, widow John (Knoxville) r 1, farm in Delmar, 115

Potter Ann (Academy Corners) r 24, widow Robert

PRICE CHARLES R (Academy Corners) r 4, town treasurer, tobacco grower 5 acres, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 130

Purple Brothers (Academy Corners) (Lyman J and Harry R) dealers in general merchandise, Main cor r 7

Purple Harry R (Academy Corners) (Purple Brothers) bds Main

Purple Lyman J (Academy Corners) (Purple Brothers) town clerk, h Main

Purple Martin V (Academy Corners) retired merchant, h Main

Ream Henry H Rev (Osceola) r 22, Baptist clergyman

Redner Simeon H (Academy Corners) r 4, carpenter and works on shares for Mary Seeley, tobacco 3 1-2 acres, farmer, about 9

Roundsville John E (Academy Corners) r 7, pensioner, h and lot

Schamel John (Academy Corners) r 7 n 3 1-2, farm laborer for W D Knox

School District No 1 (Academy Corners) Main n Depot

School District No 7 (East Chatham) r 22 n 23

Schoonover Orville A (Academy Corners) carpenter

Seamans & Churchill (East Chatham) r 23 (Perley P S & Charles O C ) well drillers

Seamans George B (Academy Corners) r 22, farmer on shares for Israel, 78

SEAMANS ISRAEL (Academy Corners) r 18, owns farm, 78, on r 22, leases of Mrs Julia Church of Presho, N Y, 5 acres

Seamans Perley P (East Chatham) r 23 (Seamans & Churchill) 5 cows, farmer, about 90

Seely Frank A (Academy Corners) farmer, h and lot, Depot

Seely Mary E (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, farmer, 87

Skinner Franklin L (Academy Corners) r 15, carpenter and farmer, 84, owned by wife

Smith Susannah B (Knoxville) r 3, widow Caleb, farm 60

Smith Willett D (Knoxville) r 3, tobacco 2 acres, 11 cows and farmer on shares for Susannah B, 60

Spencer Floyd (Academy corners) r 7, laborer

Sprague Eugene (Academy Corners) r 19, school director, apiarist 13 colonies, works on shares for Charles H Van Duzer of Knoxville, 11 cows and farm, 150

Stephenson William D (Knoxville) r 1, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for a W Lugg estate, 87

Strait Norman (Phillips Station) r 10, farm laborer

Strawn Allie (Little Marsh) r 15, farmer

STORY WILLIAM H (Knoxville) junk dealer

Sturrock James ( Knoxville) r 3, 12 cows, tobacco 3 acres and farmer on shares for Marion, 89

Sturrock Marion (Knoxville) r 3, widow James, farm 89

Sutton Charles (Academy Corners) r 4, tobacco grower 4 acres, leases of Charles Tubbs of Osceola and James Bacon of Elmira N Y, farm 80

Sutton Elanson D (Knoxville) r 16 opp 26, works on shares with Byron Westmore for Mrs Eleanor Faulkner farm 183, 20 cows owns equally with him farm 95

Sutton Isaac (Knoxville) r 6 1-2, farmer, 85

SUTTON RICHARD (Knoxville) r 6 1-2, 1 1-2 acres tobacco, 42 sheep, farmer 100, and leases on r 13 200 of L B Reynolds estate

TAFT ASA D (Academy Corners) r 4 (A D TAft & Son) tobacco grower 3 acres, 33 sheep, dairy 9 cows, 1 thoroughbred Holstein cow, farm 120, also on r 7, 100

TAFT A D & SON, (Academy Corners) (Asa D and Eddy D L) manufs of brooms, also fruit evaporators

Tart Devello E (Academy Corners) r 4, (Taft & Fruit) street car motorman

Taft Eddy DeLoss (Academy Corners) r 4 (A D T & Son) farmer, h and lot

Taft Ernest J (Academy Corners) r 4, dental student

Taft & Fruit (Academy Corners) r 4 ( Devello E T and Charles B F) manuf of cider

Taft Isaac C (Academy Corners) c 7 cor 3 1-2, broom maker

Thompson Leonard (Knoxville) off r 8, farmer 50, and on shares for Menzo Boom estate 165

Tremain E Augustus (Knoxville) r 14, 103 sheep, farm 92

Tubbs Ralph A (Academy Corners) r 7, farmer in Potter Co 50, and on shares for William Wood 100

Van Dusen Alice D, widow Charles W., (Osceola) r 6, h and 1 acre

Wagner Maria H (Academy Corners) r 4, Mrs William, owns farm 60

Wagner William (Academy Corners) r 4, tobacco 4 acres and farmer 58, and 60 owned by wife

Wainwright Burt S (Knoxville) r 1, farmer, son of Chauncey J

Wainwright Charles S (Knoxville) r 1, farmer, son of Chauncey J

Wakeley John B (Knoxville) r 2 1-8, farmer, about 40

Watkins Herbert N (Knoxville) r 13, farmer, 175

WETMORE BYRON, (Knoxville) r 16 opp 26, farmer, owns equal interest with Elanson D Sutton farm 95, and together works on shares for Mrs Eleanor Faulkner farm 183, 20 grade Holstein cows.

Wheaton Elmer H (Knoxville) r 3 1-2, apiarist 127 colonies, tobacco 2 acres and farmer 70, wild land and timber 300

Wood George W (Academy Corners) r 1 1-2, farmer

Wood Joseph (Knoxville) r 4, school director, tobacco grower 6 acres, raspberries 3 1-2 acres, 20 cows, 25 sheep, breeder of Golden Wyandotte fowls, farmer 220

Wood Charles M (Knoxville) r 1-8, dairy about 40 cows, farmer 500

Wood Oliver H (Knoxville) r 2, dairy 13 cows and farmer, 450

Wood Perry L (Knoxville) r 4, farmer on shares for Joseph 220

WOOD WILLIAM C (Academy Corners) r 7, 15 cows, tobacco 4 and farmer 100

WOODBURY BROTHERS, (Charles M and Edgar E) (Knoxville) r 1, tobacco growers 7 acres, dairy 25 cows, 5 registered Jersey cows, “Pasha of St Lambert” bull, farmers 170

WOODBURY CHARLES M (Knoxville) r 1, (Woodbury Brothers) school director

WOODBURY EDGAR E (Knoxville) r 1 (Woodbury Brothers)

Yarnall John (Academy Corners) r 3 1-2, farmer for his wife Sarah 16

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