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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.
Postoffice address Chatham unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Adamy James B (Little Marsh) r 42, works for George Adamy of Niles Valley, farm 87

Ashton N Wellington (Little Marsh) r 32, blacksmith, farmer works estate of Norman A Ashton 150

Avery Constant (Niles Valley) r 51, cor 38, farmer, 200

Avery De Ruyter (East Chatham) r 19, farmer, 175

Avery Emmet L (Niles Valley) r 50, farmer, 53

Avery Luman (Niles Valley) r 51, cor 38, farmer

Baird Nathan (East Chatham) r 19, laborer

Barr Janette Mrs (Little Marsh) r 28

Bates Asa (Azelta) r 28, farmer, 8

Bates Phebe (Little Marsh) widow John

Beach Albert (Little Marsh) r 25, teamster

Beach Curry E (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer, 140

Beach Fred (Little Marsh) r 26, assessor, farmer, 104

Beach George (Little Marsh) r 23, laborer

Beach Lucian O (Little Marsh) r 23, agricultural implements and farmer, 173

Beach Simeon P (Little Marsh) general merchandise and dealer in lumber, prop grist and saw mill, farmer, 250

Beach Winthrop W (Little Marsh) r 26, farmer

Bennor George (Little Marsh) r 33, laborer

Bigler John (Keeneyville) r 17, laborer

Boon Ben (Knoxville) r 3, farmer, 150

Bosard Curtis (Little Marsh) r 10, farmer, leases 50

Brewer Clark (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer, 58

Brewer Fred S (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer

Brewer James C (Little Marsh) off r 29, farmer, 62

Brigden Emma (Chatham Valley) r 36, h and lot

Brott Alvah (Niles Valley) feed and shingle mill, thresher and farmer 200

Brott Alvah Jr. (Niles Valley) r 51, farmer

BROWNELL FREDERICK M ( Knoxville) r 3, farmer 62

BROWNELL MATTHEW J ( Knoxville) r 4, supervisor and farmer 68

Burley Ebenezer R (Chatham Valley) off r 19, farmer 42

Burrell James W (Little Marsh) r 28 1-2, farmer 70 and 40, owned by wife

Burrell Wallace (Little Marsh) r 28 1-2, carpenter

Button Ellis P (Little Marsh) r 33, laborer

Button Harvey (Little Marsh) r 33, laborer

Button Marshall W (Little Marsh) r 33, farmer 80

Button Newbury (Little Marsh) r 23, farmer 56 and leases of E C Cromley 140

Button Riley (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer

Carman Jesse (Little Marsh) r 1, farmer, works on shares for Norman Craighton 75

Carman Joseph (Little Marsh) r 1, laborer

CARPENTER BURDELL D (Little Marsh) carpenter and builder, farmer 75

Carpenter Charles A (Little Marsh) carpenter and builder

Carpenter Charles V (Little Marsh) r 26, farmer, 66

Carpenter Edward J (Little Marsh) r 38, carpenter, 15 cows, farmer, 215

Carpenter Everett E (Little Marsh) r 32, farmer, 90

Carpenter Harriet (Little Marsh) r 23, widow Levi

Carpenter Helena D (Little Marsh)

Carpenter Philip T (Little Marsh) school teacher

Champlain Sarah (Little Marsh) r 27, widow William H, farm 10

Chapman Francis (Little Marsh) r 25 1-2, laborer

CHAPPLE OLIVER JR (Little Marsh) r 10, dairy 10 cows, 11 Shropshiredown sheep, buck from registered sire and dam, farmer, 155

Chatham Valley School District (Chatham Valley) r 26

Christian Andrew (Knoxville) off r 2, laborer

CHURCHILL CHARLES C (Little Marsh) r 27, works on shares for Eliza M Tremain, dairy 15 cows, farm 110

CHURCHILL C LAVERNE (Little Marsh) r 27, farmer, son of Charles C

Churchill Randolph (Catham Valley) r 18, farmer, 66

Churchill William (Keeneyville) r 18, farmer, 40

Clark Alanson (Little Marsh) r 11, farmer, 85

Clark Amasa (Little Marsh) r 22, farmer, 50

Clark Burt (Little Marsh) r 23, laborer

Clark Dennis (Little Marsh) r 11, farmer, h and lot

Clark Elmer (Little Marsh) r 23, farmer, 4

Clark Esco (Little Marsh) r 23, apiarist and farmer, 68

Clark Frank (Little Marsh) r 30, laborer

Clark Helen (Little Marsh) r 7, widow Lorenzo, farm 50

Clark Loren (Little Marsh) r 20, dairy 9 cows, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, farmer, 165

Clark Louis (Little Marsh) r 11, farmer

Clark Menzo (Little Marsh) r 7, farmer 60 and for Helen 50

Clark School, District No 7 (Little Marsh) r 7

Cloos Abel (Little Marsh) harness maker

Cloos Allie B (Chatham Valley) r 34, farmer for Mary E 88

Cloos Almeda M (East Chatham) r 19, widow Herbert, farmer 82

Cloos Arman (Little Marsh) r 25, farmer

CLOOS DELLA (Mrs James A) (Little Marsh) milliner and dressmaker

Cloos Edwin A (Little Marsh) r 21, farmer

Cloos H Burton (Chatham Valley) r 19, farmer

Cloos Hiram (Chatham Valley) r 19, hay presser, farmer 82

Cloos Homer P (Chatham Valley) r 38, leases of B Davis of Elkland 41

Cloos James A (Little Marsh)

Cloos Mary E (Chatham Valley) r 34, farmer with Allie B 88

Cloos Philip (Chatham Valley) r 34

Cloos Philip T (Little Marsh) r 21, farmer 150

Cloos Victor (Little Marsh) r 25, farmer 58

Cloos Victor Jr (Little Marsh) r 25, farmer

Cloos William M (East Chatham) off r 12, farmer 12

Close Butler F (Little Marsh) r 34, thresher, farmer 71

Close Erastus (Chatham Valley) r 36, laborer, h and lot

Close Reuben (Little Marsh) r 29, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 118

Close School District (Little Marsh) r 11 cor 20

Close Willis (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer 30 and 42, owned by wife

Cole Dennis (Little Marsh) r 34, farmer 130

Cole Isaiah J (Chatham Valley) r 19, farmer 80

Conley Clark (Little Marsh) r 40, farmer 60

Conley John E (Chatham Valley) r 38, farmer 79

COOPER DELOS E (Little Marsh) (J & D E Cooper) postmaster

COOPER J & D E (Little Marsh) dealers in dry goods, clothing, groceries, boots and shoes, crockery, hardware, &c (See adv page 63)

COOPER FRED A (Little Marsh) off r 26, dairy 25 cows, wool grower 300 sheep, farmer and manager for J Cooper 300

COOPER HENRY H (Little Marsh) r 28, live stock dealer, dairy 8 cows, wool grower 30 sheep, farmer 110

COOPER JOSEPH (Little Marsh) wool buyer, stock dealer, wool grower 200 sheep, diary 25 cows, 40 head young stock, tobacco grower and farmer 600

Cooper Lorenzo A (Knoxville) r 2, farmer 90

Cooper Winchester (Knoxville) r 2, farmer 50

Cornell Charles R (Little Marsh) r 22, farmer 100

Cornell Mary (Little Marsh) r 22, widow Robert

Crampton James D (Chatham Valley) r 37, mason, farmer 70

Crampton Norman (Knoxville) r 2, farmer 75

Crampton William H (Little Marsh) r 42 1-2, farmer, 65

Curtiss George F (Chatham Valley) r 36, owns cheese factory and farmer, 130

Curtiss Laura J (Chatham Valley) r 36, widow David H

Curran Henry (Little Marsh) r 26, farmer, 60

Culver Leon (Niles Valley) r 51

Davis Albert E (Little Marsh) r 50, works on shares for E S Davis, 230

Davis Alfred J (Little Marsh) r 46, thresher and hay presser, farmer, 100

Davis Bert (Little Marsh) r 41, farmer

Davis Calvin (Little Marsh) r 41, farmer

Davis Clarence D (Little Marsh) student

Davis Eliphaz S (Little Marsh) dealer in hay and grain, farmer, 225

Davis Elisha J (Little Marsh) r 41, veterinary surgeon, wool grower, 92 sheep, farmer, 150

Davis Emmet R (Little Marsh) r 43, farmer, 80

Davis Frank (Little Marsh) r 47, lumberman and farmer, 172

Davis John (Little Marsh) r 39, thresher and hay presser, farmer, 280

Davis John E (Little Marsh) r 42, agt for Johnston harvesting machines, hay presser, thresher, farmer, 66

DAVIS LUTHER J (Little Marsh) tobacco grower, 6 acres, dairy 10 cows, 20 sheep, farmer, 100

Davis Maynard (Little Marsh) r 39

Davis School District (Little Marsh) r 41

DAVIS WILL E (Little Marsh) dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, wall paper, hardware, drugs, etc

Davis Wilson (Little Marsh) r 41, h and lot

Denison Darius (Chatham Valley) r 36, cheesemaker

Doan Amos B (Little Marsh) r 26, stone mason, farmer, 40, works on shares for Ellen M, 50

Doan Ira D (Little Marsh) barber and town clerk

Doan Polly S (Little Marsh) widow Daniel D. millinery, h and lot

Doan Vernie (Little Marsh) r 25, h and lot

Dodge Alpha W (Little Marsh) r 6, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 100

Dodge Lavern R (Little Marsh) r 6, farmer

Drake John M (Little Marsh) pastor M E church

English John A (Little Marsh) r 47, farmer 52 and leases of Jane Dibble, 50

Erway Andrew G (Knoxville) r 4, farmer with Otis H, works on shares for Philip Erway of Knoxville, 130

Erway Otis H (Knoxville) r 4, farmer with Andrew G, on shares for Philip, 130

Erway Rutsor P (East Chatham) r 17, farmer, 145

FAULKNER ALEXANDER M (Little Marsh) r 30, dairy 8 cows, wool grower, 30 sheep, bronze turkey and brown Leghorn fowls, farmer, 102

Faulkner George B (Academy Corners) r 23, farmer, leases estate of George Wass, 103

Faulkner Peter (Little Marsh) r 28, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 115

Faulkner School District (Little Marsh) r 28, cor 29

Ferris George A (Little Marsh) r 22, farmer, 100

Ferris Joseph E (Little Marsh) farmer

Ferris Joseph H (Little Marsh) farmer, 95

French John W (Little Marsh) r 31, carpenter, justice of peace, h and lot

Fredericks Nelson (Chatham Valley) r 36 cor 35, blacksmith

Freeman Augustus (Knoxville) r 2, farmer

Freeman William R (Knoxville) r 2, farmer, 135

Fuller Charles M (Little Marsh) r 22, farmer, 40

Fuller Jane (Little Marsh) r 39, widow Charles, farm 74

Fuller School District (Little Marsh) r 39

Garnar Delos (Little Marsh) r 26, dairy 25 cows, farmer, 185

Goodwin Lucy (Chatham Valley) r 36, wife of William, farm 104

Goodwin William (Chatham Valley r 36, postmaster and farmer, 20 owned by wife

Graves Charles (Chatham Valley) r 36, laborer

GRAVES GEORGE F (Little Marsh) r 50, carpenter and farmer, 108, owned by wife

Graves Joseph L (Little Marsh) r 47, wool grower 40 sheep, farmer, 81

Hackett Ashley (Little Marsh) r 39, farmer, 41 and 24 owned by wife

Hall Ellen (Little Marsh) r 29, farm with Fred H, 57

Hall Fred H (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer with Ellen, 57

Hall Henry G (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer

Harrington Henry J (Little Marsh) r 33, farmer, 25

Haskins Frank (Chatham Valley) r 33, laborer

HASTINGS TIMOTHY (Chatham Valley) r 36, breeder of pure blood Barred Plymouth Rock fowls, also breeder of grade Jersey cattle and farmer, 110

Hawkins Walter (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer, h and lot

Hawley Benjamin F (Little Marsh) (F & B F Hawley) r 28, farmer, 30

Hawley George (Little Marsh) r 28, (G & B F Hawley) farm 205

Hawley G & B F (Little Marsh) r 28, breeders of Shorthorn Durham cattle, dairy 16 cows 40 head young stock, breeders thoroughbred Chester white swine

Hill Jerome P (Little Marsh) r 25, carpenter, h and lot

Hill Maria Mrs (Little Marsh) r 28

Hill Sidney M (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer 245

Hodgkiss Elton (East Chatham) r 16, farmer 70

Hornsby Charles (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer 72

Hornsby Fred (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer 72

Hornsby James (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer 25

Hornsby John A (Little Marsh) r 30, farmer 170

Hornsby Joseph (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer 72

Hornsby Mary (Little Marsh) r 29, widow Edmund

Hoteling Allen (Little Marsh) r 44, farmer, 60

Hotelling Peter L (Chatham Valley) off r 28, farmer 57 and works for F E Hotelling 50

Hunt Emma (Little Marsh) r 31, widow Sherman

HUNTER FRANK E (Knoxville) r 5, breeder of thoroughbred Holstein cattle 11 head, farmer 100

HUNTER MATTHEW J (Little Marsh) r 6, dairy 11 cows, farmer 112, breeder of Holstein cows

Houselander David (Little Marsh) r 9, laborer

Husted Frank S (Little Marsh) r 28, laborer

Hurlbutt Parmeno G (Little Marsh) r 34, farmer 17 and estate of Lyman Hurlbutt 100

Jackson Eliza (Little Marsh) r 32, widow Miner, farm 58

Jackson Floyd M (Little Marsh) r 32, farmer, works for Eliza 58

Jackson General (Little Marsh r 32, farmer, h and lot

Jackson Susan (Little Marsh) r 28, widow William A, h and lot

Joridan Luke (East Chatham) r 19, laborer

Keeney Van Buren (Chatham Valley) r 18, farmer 44 and works on shares for Newbury Short 160, and for Jane Cummings 96

Kelly Eunice (Little Marsh) r 25, widow William

Kelly Hiram B (Little Marsh) r 6, farmer 15

King Charles (Little Marsh) r 39, painter, h and lot, owned by wife

King Jay L (Phillips Station) r 27, laborer

KING MYRON (Little Marsh) r 25, tobacco grower 2 1-2 acres and farmer 110

LATTIMER ALEX (Phillips Station) r 27, apiarist 30 colonies, breeder of Hambletonian horses, 40 head cattle, 100 sheep and farmer 240

Lattimer Julian G (Little Marsh) r 46, Christian preacher, carpenter and farmer 50

Leach Emeline Mrs (Little Marsh) r 31, widow of Myron

Leach Harvey H (Chatham Valley) r 38, works for Hollister 51

Leach Hollister (Chatham Valley) r 36, grocer and farmer 80

Lee Amy (East Chatham) r 14, widow Moses 100

Leonard Hiram (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer 113

Lewis Frederick M (Little Marsh) laborer

Lewis George (Little Marsh) laborer

Lewis Graton (Little Marsh) r 25 laborer

Lewis John W (Little Marsh) farmer 25 h and lot

Little Marsh School District, (Little Marsh)

Longwell Eugene (Little Marsh) laborer

Love Albert (Little Marsh) r 33, farmer 50

Love George W (Little Marsh) r 30, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 150

Love Samuel W (Little Marsh) r 31, h and lot and farmer, 150

Mack Daniel B (Little Marsh) r 25 1-2, farmer, 39

Mack Levi (Little Marsh) r 27, laborer

Macomber Lucinda (Chatham Valley) r 36 h and lot

Manning Charles E (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer

Manning Edward C (Little Marsh) r 5, farmer

Manning Ellis (Little Marsh) r 27, laborer

Manning Frederick (Niles Valley) r 51, leases 50

Manning George F (Little Marsh) r 47, mason and farmer, 136

MANNING GEORGE W (Little Marsh) r 5, apiarist 8 colonies, wool grower, 13 sheep, farmer, 50

Manning George W Jr (Little Marsh) r 5, farmer

Manning Henry (Niles Valley) r 51, farmer, 50, owned by wife

Manning Squire (Niles Valley) r 51, farmer 62

Marmore Carl (Little Marsh) off r 29, farmer, 75

Mattison Bertha M (Knoxville) r 4, with Betsey, farmer, 76

Mattison Betsey (Knoxville) r 4, widow Henry, farm with Bertha, 76

Mattison H Bert (Knoxville) r 4, farmer, 50, and works for Betsey and Bertha, 76

McGill James J (Little Marsh) r 25 1-2, works on shares, 170

Merrick Wheeler O (Little Marsh) r 33, laborer, h and lot

Merrick W Otis (Little Marsh) r 33, laborer

Merritt Elias (Little Marsh) r 25, fireman

Metler Hannah Mrs. (Little Marsh) r 30

Methodist Episcopal church (Little Marsh) r 16 cor 17, Rev John M Drake, pastor

Miller George (East Chatham) r 20, farmer 60

Moffitt David (East Chatham) r 20, laborer, h and lot

Moffitt Will H (East Chatham) r 17, laborer

Monk Catharine A (Chatham Valley) r 37, school teacher

Monk Georgianna (Chatham Valley) r 37, school teacher

Monk Harriet (Chatham Valley) r 37, school teacher

Monk John (Chatham Valley) r 37, thresher, hay presser, farmer, 112

Morris Bertha (Little Marsh) r 39, school teacher

Morris Effie (Little Marsh) r 39, school teacher

Morse Herman S (Chatham Valley) r 34, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 85

Mosher Allen (Little Marsh) r 30, mason and farmer, 22

Mosher Charles (Little Marsh) r 30, stone mason, farmer, 9

Mosher Charles E (Little Marsh) r 45, works on shares for Squire Southworth, 150

Mosher Cortland S (Little Marsh) r 32, farmer, leases of Minerva Short 35

Mosher Henry (Little Marsh) r 26, laborer

Mosher Jerry (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer, 60

Mosher Lorenzo (Little Marsh) r 31, laborer

Mosher Samuel W (Little Marsh) r 30, apiarist 75 colonies, farmer, 78

Mowry Daniel (Little Marsh) r 28, laborer

Neal John H (Little Marsh) r 34, farmer, 160

Newman Edward D (Little Marsh) tobacco grower

Ordiway Charles W (Little Marsh) blacksmith

Ordiway Edward (Little Marsh) general blacksmithing, wagon repairing &c. farm 14

Ordiway William H (Little Marsh) r 33, h and lot, works for Edward, farm 14

Osgood George R (Little Marsh) r 22, laborer

Owlett Bert (East Chatham) r 16, farmer, 170

Owlett Rufus R (Keeneyville) r 17, dairy 10 cows, works on shares for Benj Owlett 160

OWLETT WILL (East Chatham) r 17, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, farmer, 150

Palmer George S (East Chatham) r 18, farmer, 39, owned by wife

Palmer Vine H (Chatham Valley) r 19, works for Isaiah J Cole 80

Patrick Avery (Little Marsh) laborer

Patrick Moses (Little Marsh) off r 50, laborer

Perry William (Chatham Valley) r 36, blacksmith

Pitts Dumont H (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer, h and lot

Pitts Henry H (Little Marsh) mason and carpenter, h and lot

Pope Cyrus W (Little Marsh) works on shares for Jennie R 150

Pope Florian D (Little Marsh) r 50, farmer, 150, owned by wife

Pope School Dist (Little Marsh) r 50

Rankin Andrew (Little Marsh) r 48, leases estate of Chas Lane 108

Ransom George (Little Marsh) r 11, farmer, 66

REYNOLDS BENNETT (Little Marsh) r 42, wool grower, 240 sheep, farmer, 175

Reynolds Charles (Little Marsh) r 42, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 100

REYNOLDS GEORGE R (Little Marsh) r 43, dairy 10 cows, 100 sheep, breeder of Chester white swine, Duluth geese and Plymouth Rock fowls, farmer, 270

Reynolds Myron C (Knoxville) r 4, stone mason and farmer, 50 and 50 owned by wife

Rice Adelbert D (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer, h and lot owned by wife

Rice Austin D (Little Marsh) r 25, farmer, 13

Rice Austin H (Little Marsh) r 31, farmer, 70

Rice Charles (Little Marsh) r 31, laborer, h and lot owned by wife

Rice Chauncey E (Chatham Valley) r 33, h and lot

Rice Edwin (Little Marsh) r 25, carpenter

RICE ERASTUS (Little Marsh) prop hotel and farmer, 50

Rice James (Little Marsh) r 31, laborer, h and lot

Rice Orrin D (Little Marsh) r 25, h and lot

Rice Sarah (Little Marsh) r 31, school teacher

Rice William A (Little Marsh) stage driver and mail carrier Little Marsh to Middlebury, h and lot

Roberts Arthur M (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer, 109

Roberts John P (Little Marsh) r 81, leases of Joyce W Ingesick farm 45 and works on shares for H B Leach of Wellsboro 140

Robbins J Burton (Little Marsh) r 50, leases of W Davis of Farmington 82

Robbins Norman (Little Marsh) r 30, h and lot

Rockwell Phebe J (Little Marsh) r 40, widow Levi, farm 26

Roe Byron L (Little Marsh) physician and surgeon

Sample Alonzo (Little Marsh) r 42, laborer

Saxbury Isabel (Chatham Valley) r 37, widow Albert, farmer 70

Sears Isaac (Little Marsh) r 30, farmer, 76, owned by wife

Seeley Willard A (Little Marsh) carpenter and farmer, 25

Seymour Clarence (Little Marsh) r 46, laborer

Sherman Henry (Little Marsh) r 38, mason and farmer, 153

Short Ashley H (Sabinsville) r 28, cor 28 1-2, tobacco 3 acres and farmer 50 and in Clymer 178, also timber in Clinton Co N. Y. 984

Short Benoni (Chatham Valley) r 36, h and 3 acres

Short Bros (C L & Joseph) (Sabinsville) r 28, cor 28 1-2, threshers and hay presses

Short Curry L (Sabinsville) r 28, cor 28 1-2 (Short Bros)

Short Delilah Mrs. (Little Marsh) r 41, farm 50

Short Edith (Sabinsville) r 28, cor 28 1-2, teacher

Short Etta A (Sabinsville) r 28, cor 18 1-2, stenographer

Short Francis B (Little Marsh) r 41, farmer, 150

Short George W (Little Marsh) r 28, carpenter and farmer, 80

Short George W (Chatham Valley) r 38, farmer, 114

Short John B (Chatham Valley) r 38, wagon maker, h and lot

Short Joseph (Short Bros) (Sabinsville) r 28, cor 28 1-2

Short Lovell A (Chatham Valley) r 18, farmer, 50

Short Newbury (Chatham Valley) r 35 1-2, farmer, 160

Short Riley (Chatham Valley) r 36, farmer, 35

Slocum Amos (Little Marsh) r 26, laborer

Slocum Charles A (Little Marsh) r 31, laborer

Slocum Clinton D (Little Marsh) r 30, laborer

Slocum Francis (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer

Slocum Lewis (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer

Slocum Robert H (Little Marsh) r 25, laborer

Smith Jane (Little Marsh) r 6, widow Sinclair

Smith Mott (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer, 15

Smith Walter G (Knoxville) r 4, farmer

Southworth Squire (Phillips Station) r 27 1-2, farmer, 235

SPAULDING CHARLES (Chatham Valley) r 36, breeder of Hambletonian road horses and farmer, 100

Spaulding Henry A (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer, 110

Spaulding John (Keeneyville) r 36, farmer

Spaulding Simeon (Chatham Valley) r 36, farmer, 100

Spencer Arthur (Little Marsh) r 42, laborer

Spencer Claude M (Little Marsh) r 23, farmer works for Elizabeth Tiffany 47 and for Mary Spencer 17

Spencer Eugene A (Little Marsh) r 23, carpenter

Spencer Frank (Little Marsh) r 42 1-2, h and lot

Spencer Mary (Little Marsh) r 23, widow Ashley, farm 17

Sprague Albert R (Little Marsh) r 25 1-2, farmer, 40 owned by wife

Stanford LaRue (Chatham Valley) r 35, laborer

STEBBINS JOHN W (Little Marsh) general blacksmithing, horseshoeing a specialty (see adv page 63)

Stephenson Archibald (Phillips Station) r 27, farmer, 96

Stevens Will C (Chatham Valley) r 19, works on shares for J Owlett of Wellsboro 108

Strait Luther (Little Marsh) r 28, laborer

Strawn Allen (Little Marsh) r 22, farmer

Strawn Samuel M (Little Marsh) r 22, farmer, 141

Sweet Ira (Little Marsh) r 24, mason and gunsmith

Swing Gate School Dist (Little Marsh) r 2

Taylor George (Little Marsh) r 40, h and lot, farmer on shares for Jane Fuller 74

Taylor William S (Little Marsh) r 28, works on shares for R H Taylor of Elmira 108

Thompson William H (Little Marsh) r 23, butcher and farmer, 8

Tiffany Elizabeth (Little Marsh) r 23, widow Nathaniel, farm 47

TOLES CHARLES W (Little Marsh) carpenter and builder and farmer, 90

Treat Jesse O (East Chatham) r 15, farmer, 44

Treat Rufus G (East Chatham) r 12, postmaster and farmer, 150

Treat School Dist (Chatham Valley) r 13, cor 17

Treat Sylvester (East Chatham) r 13, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 150

Tremain Eliza M (Mrs. N B) (Phillips Station) r 27, farm 132

Tremain George (Little Marsh) r 26, works on shares for D Garner 185

Tremain Ira I (Little Marsh) r 27, farmer, 80

TREMAIN NORMAN B (Phillips Station) r 27, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 133 and 22 owned by wife

Van Dyke Henry (Little Marsh) r 31, dairy 10 cows, farmer 75

Van Zile Charles H (East Chatham) r 19, works on shares for D Avery 175

WALKER FRED (Little Marsh) r 28 (F & S R Walker) farmer, 60

WALKER F & S R (Little Marsh) r 28 (Fred and Samuel R) threshers and hay pressers

WALKER SAMUEL R (Little Marsh) r 28 (F & S R Walker) farmer with Warren T 60

Walker Warren T (Little Marsh) r 28, farmer with Samuel R 60

Warren Albert R (East Chatham) r 12, farmer, 75 and works on shares for H S Miller of Knoxville 125

Warren Alonzo (Chatham Valley) r 37, farmer, 76

Washington George (Little Marsh) h and lot

Wass Alex (Little Marsh) prop cheese factory, h and lot and farmer, 100

Wass Delancy L (Little Marsh) r 29, farmer, 30

Wass John (Little Marsh) r 29, two houses and lots in Rixford Pa

Wass Phillip T (Little Marsh) r 42, cheese maker, works on shares for Alex Wass farm 100

Wass William (Little Marsh) r 21, farmer, 125

West William (Niles Valley) r 51, farmer, 50

Wetmore Robert (Chatham Valley) r 38, laborer

Wheaton James N (Academy Corners) r 11, farmer, 46

Wickman John (East Chatham) off r 12, laborer

Williams Asa (Little Marsh) r 47, farmer

Wilson Joseph ( Little Marsh) r 42 1-2, dairy 12 cows, farmer, 165

Wilson Robert (Little Marsh) clerk

Wormer Ervin (Phillips Station) r 27, farmer, 66

Wormer School Dist (Little Marsh) r 27

Youmans Bert (Knoxville) r 4, farmer on shares for L C Smith of Knoxville 121


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