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Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 


United States Government

The 28th presidential term of four years commenced on the 4th day of March, 1897, and will expire at noon on the 4th day of March, 1901.


President--William McKinley of Ohio. Salary $50,000

Vice-President-- Garret A. Hobart, of New Jersey. Salary $8,000


Secretary of State--John Hay, of D.C. Salary $8,000.

Secretary of Treasury --Lyman G. Gage, of Illinois. Salary $8,000.

Secretary of War--Russell A. Alger, of Michigan. Salary $8,000

Attorney General--John W. Griggs, of New Jersey. Salary $8,000

Postmaster General--James A. Gary, of Maryland. Salary $8,000

Secretary of Navy -- John D. Long. Of Massachusetts; Salary $8,000

Secretary of Interior--Cornelius N. Bliss, of New York. Salary $ 8,000

Secretary of Agriculture--James Wilson, of Iowa. Salary $8,000


The legislative powers of the general government are invested in the United States Congress which consist pf ninety members, two from each state. The House of Representatives consists of 357 members. Salary of Senators and Representatives $5,000 per year and mileage twenty cents per mile.


Chief Justice--Melville W. Fuller, of Illinois. Salary $10,500.

Associate Justices--Horace Gray, Massachusetts; Henry B. Brown, of Michigan; George Shiras, Jr., Pennsylvania; Edward D. White, Louisiana; Rufus W. Peckham, New York; John M. Harlan, Kentucky; David J. Brewer, Kansas; Joseph McKenna, California. Salary of Associate Justices, $10,000.

Reporter--J.C. Bancroft, Davis, New York. Clerk-- J.H. McKenney, D.C.


Executive Department

Governor-- William A. Stone. Salary $10,000.

Lieutenant-Governor--Walter Lyon. Salary, $3,500.

Secretary of the Commonwealth--David Martin. Salary, $5,100.

Attorney-General--Henry McCormick. Salary, $3,500 and fees.

State Treasurer-- Benjamin J. Haywood. Salary $6,200

Secretary of Internal Affairs--J.W. Latta. Salary, $3,500

Auditor- General-- Amos H. Mylin. Salary, $ 4,200

Superintendent of Public Instruction--Nathan C. Shaeffer. Salary, $ 3,750

Adjutant- General-- Thomas J. Stewart. Salary, $3,500

Commissioner Insurance Department--James H. Lambert. Salary, $3,000

State Librarian-- William H. Egle. Salary $1,800

Superintendent of Banking-- B.F. Gilkeson. Salary $4,000

Factory Inspector--James Campbell. Salary, $1,500

Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds-- J.C. Delaney. Salary , $1,400

Superintendent of Public Printing-- Thomas Robinson. Salary, $2,000


President Judge-John I. Mitchell

Sheriff--George W. Johnson

Prothonotory-- Francis M. Sheffer.

Register and Recorder--Charles L. Babcock

Clerk of Court of Quarter Sessions--Francis M. Sheffer

Clerk of Orphans Court--Charles L. Babcock

Court Stenographer--Mrs. O.V. Corsaw

Treasurer-- Richard Smith

District Attorney--A.B. Dunsmore

Commissioners-- H.B. Colegrove, Thomas M. Reese, Louis Doumax

Clerk to Commissioners--Frank Watkins

Poor Directors-- The County Commissioners

Auditors--Eugene Beauge, Otis Coolidge, Joseph Emberger.

Surveyor-- John S. Purvis

Coroner-- W.G. Humphrey

Solicitor-- N.H. Ryon

Attorneys Township
J.W. Adams Mansfield
Henry A. Ashton Knoxville
John N. Bache Wellsboro
D.W. Baldwin Westfield
H.L. Baldwin Tioga
Clark W. Beach Westfield
David Cameron Wellsboro
Leon S. Channell Mansfield
S.F. Channell Wellsboro
F.W. Clark Mansfield
Charles H. Cornelius Knoxville
D.L. Deane Wellsboro
A.B. Dunsmore Wellsboro
Elliott, Watrous, & Marsh M.F. Elliott, F.E. Watrous, and H.F.


Harry N. Sherwood Wellsboro
Leon B. Ferry Wellsboro
H.M. Foote Wellsboro
John T. Gear Knoxville
Ernest W. Gleckler Wellsboro
Jefferson Harrison Wellsboro
D.C. Harrower Lawrenceville
Frank S. Hughes Blossburg
William M. Kehler Liberty
Lewis H. Kilbourne Wellsboro
S.E. Kirkendall Millerton
Harvey B. Leach Wellsboro
J.W. Mather Wellsboro
John T. McNeil Westfield
Merrick & Young Geo. W. Merrick and R.K. Young Wellsboro
Merrick & Fellows Walter T. Merrick and C.L. Fellows Blossburg
J.B. Niles & Son J.B. Niles and A.R. Niles Wellsboro
Horace B. Packer Wellsboro
Burt M. Potter Wellsboro
John H. Putnam Tioga
A. Redfield Covington
Frank H. Rockwell Wellsboro
Norman H. Ryon Wellsboro
John S. Ryon Elkland
Wallace P. Ryon Lawrenceville
Frank D. Selph Elkland
Alfred J. Shattuck Wellsboro
W.L. Shearer Wellsboro
Sherwood & Owlett Walter Sherwood and E.H. Owlett Wellsboro
F. B. Smith Tioga
Charles Tubbs Osceola
R.T. Wood Elkland
Ezra B. Young Wellsboro
Hugh Young  Wellsboro


President Judge-- Hon. John I. Mitchell


Prothonotary and Clerk-- Francis M. Sheffer

Clerk of Orphans’ Court-- Charles L. Babcock

District Attorney--Andrew B. Dunsmore

Sheriff--George W. Johnson

Crier-- Sylvester Houghton

January To continue three weeks Fourth Monday
April To continue three weeks First Monday
September To continue three weeks Fourth Monday
November To continue three weeks Fourth Monday
January First Monday
March First Monday
May First Monday
June First Monday
July First Monday
September First Monday
November First Monday


Blossburg Borough: Francis I. Jones, Charles L. Fellows, Frank S. Hughes. Elkland Borough: Alonzo Porter. Knoxville: W.D. Angell. Lawrenceville: Geo. T. Losey. Mansfield: N.W. Austin. Osceola: Albert S. Crandall. Wellsboro: F.H. Rockwell, Alfred J. Shattuck, Aaron R. Niles, Walter Sherwood. Westfield Borough: Daniel W. Baldwin


For More Information see Tioga County Post Offices

Capitals indicate Money Order Offices

* indicates International Money Order Office
Academy Corners East Chatham
Ansonia East Point
Antrim Elbridge
Elk Run
Austinburg FALL BROOK
Azelta Farmington Center
Balsam Farmington Hill
Brookfield Gleason
Brownlee Gurnee
Canoe Camp Hammond
Charleston Hartford
Chatham Valley HOYTVILLE
Cherry Flats Jackson Summit
Clymer Job’s Corners
Cowanesque  Kennedy
Crooked Creek Knapp
Delmar Lamb’s Creek
East Charleston Painter Run
Lansing Phillips Station

LIBERTY Purple Brook
LLOYD Round Top
Lorenton RUTLAND
Manhattan Sebring
MANSFIELD Somer’s Lane
Mardin Stokesdale
Marsh Creek STONY FORK
Marshfield Sullivan
Mitchell Creek Tiadaghton
Morris Run Tompkins
Nauvoo Trowbridge
Niles Valley West Covington
Odle Corners *WESTFIELD


Bloss Township Officers

Town Clerk--John E. Jones

Town Treasurer--Wm. Walker

Supervisors--Wm. Chambers, Wm. Overton.

Constable--James Brown

Justice of the Peace--James Bunell, D.C. Waters.

Inspectors of Elections-- John Auld, Sr., Henry McConnell

Judge of Election--Wm. Smart.

Assessor-- James O’Herron

Tax Collector--Robert Logan

School Board--F.H. Dart, Wm. Murry, Wm. Cambers, Robert Christy, John Blair, Thos. Herron.

Brookfield Township Officers

Supervisors--Charles Collins, G.W. Simmons

Justices of the Peace-- E.E. Holmes, S.P. Chase

Assessors-- John D. Moore, Frank Ackley.

Constable--Robert Wakley

Collector--R.R. Ramsey

School Directors--George N. Davis, Charles Hunt, Jackson Bush, W.L. Ryder, W.L. Plank; sec., Lizell George.

Judge of Election -- G.B. Simmons

Inspectors of Election-- Reuben Boulio, C.D. Pease

Auditors--L.B. Hunt, F.C. Simmons, W.D. Meade.

Blossburg Boro Officers

Burgess--Jerome Putnam

Councilmen-- Kenyon Kilbourn, pres.; Evan Bowen, Charles H. Shipper, Adam Richter, Christian Yondas, Enoch J. Jones, Casper Lienhardt.

Clerk--Isaac C. Parfitt

Collector--Charles L. Fellows.

Assessor-- Wm. J. McEntee

Constable--Stephen H. Hollands

High Constable and Policeman-- Joseph W. Revie

Attorney-- Charles L. Fellows.

School Directors-- Dr. George B. Crandall, Charles S. Rockwell, Jerry D. Conners, James N. Patterson, Ambrose W. Wetherill.

Street Commissioner-- Thomas Trimble

Charleston Township officers

Supervisors-- T.E. Bowen, C.W. Fuller.

School Directors-- D.P. Benedict, O.P. Jones, W.S. Neal, J. J. Evans, T.J. Davis, John Ludlam

Assessor-- S.D. Evans

Collector--L.W. Thompson

Justices of the Peace--C.H. Scouten, W.R. Jones.

Town Clerk-- D.H. Warren

Constable--S.D. Evans

Judge of Election-- W.D. Reese

Treasurer--Harvey Young

Auditors--Joseph Emberger, E.J. Catlin, C.H, Marks

Inspectors of Election-- Arthur Smith, R.A. Sampson

Chatham Township Officers

Supervisors-- M.J. Brownell, A.M. Roberts.

Treasurer-- S.P. Beach

Town Clerk-- Ira D. Doane

Constable and Collector--J.H. Ferris

Justices of the Peace--John W. French, John A. Hornsby

School Directors--J. Cooper, Emmett Davis, Joseph Wilson, B.D. Carpenter, Andrew Erway, George Love.

Auditors-- P.G. Hurlburt, B.F. Close, R.P. Erway

Judge of Election-- Fred Walker

Inspectors of Election-- W.E. Cooper, Adelbert Rice

Clymer Township Officers

Supervisors-- J. C. Yale, Wesley Briggs

Town Clerk-- Burt N. Gee

Town Treasurer--L.E. Sabins

Constable--L.E. Sabins

Collector-- C.S. Chamberlain

School Directors-- Peter Hoffman, Winfield Scott, Wilson Burnside, Hiram Brownell, Gilbert Manning, A. Sweazy

Auditors-- J.W. Douglass, Frank Hess, S.M. Ellis

Covington Boro Officers

Burgess-- C.S. Harding

Councilmen-- John Kendrick, Pres., C.C. Robinson, sec’y.; W.W. Robinson, Sol. Blanchard, Capsar L. Herrmann, C.F. Lutes, H.G. LeValley, S.O. Putnam.

Assessor-- John Kendrick

Collector-- John D. Green


Auditors-- Samuel Mitchell, A.U. Demming, J.E. Richards,

High Constable-- Fred Copp

Constable-- John D. Green

Justices of the Peace-- John E. Browne, Augustus Redfield

President of the Board of Health-- Dr. S.A. Gaskell

Treasurer-- George A. Spring

School Directors-- Samuel O. Putnam, William A. Morris, Geo. Ridge, John Kendrick, E.G. Stickler, Solomon Blanchard, J.E. Richards.

Auditors-- Samuel Mitchell, A.N. Dunning, C.E. Richards.

Covington Township officers.

Supervisor-- Frank Frost

Town Clerk-- Lyman Goodspeed

Assessor-- Francis Kelley

Justices of the Peace-- Jerome B. Ford, Delos H. Walker

Auditors--H. Clemons, J.M. Haverly, G.H. Coe

School Directors-- Lewis R. Walker, E.O. Conley, Lewis McIntosh, Floyd Harverly, Edgar Cowan, John Cleveland.

Deerfield Township Officers

Supervisors- Edwin G. Kelts, Charles T. Merrick

Town Clerk-- Lyman J. Purple

Collector--Daniel P. Ingham

Assessor--E.A. Freeman

Constable-- Henry C. Jackson

Justices of the Peace-- Frank H. Daniels, Daniel H. Lee

Treasurer-- Charles R. Price

Auditors-- Allen Baker, Frank H. Daniels

School Directors-- Joseph Wood, C.M. Woodbury, Eugene Sprague, C.K. Knox, John Misner.

Judge of Election-- D.P. Metcalf

Inspectors of Election-- Samuel Luddon, S.C. Doan

Delmar Township Officers

Supervisors-- Charles Walker, Thomas J. Heath

Town Clerk-- R.H. Stradley

Justices of the Peace--H.S. Christian, Charles Houghton

Treasurer-- R.H. Stradley

School Directors-- Charles Orr, Charles Copestick, Charles Hotchkiss, E.J. Tuttle, W.W. English, R.A. Evans

Auditors-- Charles Steele, William Green, E.E. Benjamin

Collector-- Charles Sabin

Constable-- Charles Sabin

Assessor-- Edgar Willard

Assistant Assessor-- William Steele

Duncan Township Officers

Supervisors-- James Pollock, E.S. Harrower

School Directors-- James B. Howell, C.E. Burgess, Daniel Estep, Thomas Dalkin, Eleazer Jones

Treasurer-- Matthew Donlon

Tax Collector-- William Howell

Assessor-- William Owens

Town Clerk-- J.F. Lynch

Auditors-- George W. Balfour, William Coumbe

Constable-- A.C. Dudgeon

Justices of the Peace-- George W. Balfour, Eleazer Jones

Elk Township Officers

Supervisor--Gustave Gross

Town Clerk-- Joseph Gordon

Justice of the Peace--William McD. Snyder

Assessor-- W.T. Schanbacher

School Directors-- Joseph Grimm, Gustave Gross, William T. Schanbacher, James Bailey, J.L. Snyder, C.M. Shaut.

Collector-- Arthur Lorenz

Auditors--Edgar R. Freligh, M. S. Ogden

Elkland Borough Officers

Burgess--J.C. Edwards

Councilmen--D.W. Stull, Pres., A.E. Jones, Clerk, John S. Ryon, F.M. Cornelius, Wm. Martindill, G.G. Dorrence, C.B. Bailey, G.C. Signor

Justices of the Peace-- Windsor Gleason, Henry E. Rockwell,

Collector--Windsor Gleason

Treasurer--E.B. Campbell

Constable--R.W. Fenton

Judge of Election--J.W. Bergin

Inspectors of Election-- H.M. Kemp, Joseph Smith

Auditors-- A.E. Jones, H.M. Kemp, S.A. Weeks

Board of Health--E.H. Gleason, Pres., A.E. Jones. Sec’y., A.B. Cole, W.A. Ellison

Physician-- H.Z. Frisbie

Board of Education-- F.W. Edwards, President, W.A. Ellison, Secretary, F.M. Cornelius, C.L. Kenyon, B.H. Parkhurst.

Fall Brook Boro Officers

Burgess--Robert Russell

Councilmen-- Robert Martin, Thomas Walker, Robert Somerville, George Darling, Murray B. Rowe, S.S. Bland

School Directors--John Hatherill, M.B. Rowe, D.F. Hurley, Robert Russell, D.L. Keefe, Samuel Heron

Assessor--William B. Nicol

Auditors--James Clarkson, James Cook

Justice of the Peace--L.C. Shepard

Treasurer-- Samuel Heron

Clerk--John M. Dwyer

Tax Collector-- Rowland W. Davis

Farmington Township Officers

Supervisor00 Lock Hoyt, Charles H. Starr

Town Clerk-- Harry C. Kemp

Justice of the Peace-- Josiah H. Merritt, Justus Leonard

Collector-- Charles L. Reiver

School Directors-- Thomas E. Hills, Miron L. Whitman, Albert D. Kemp, Edgar M. Stevens, Nelson P. Rowley

Treasurer-- Edward W. Close

Assessor-- Edwin J. Close

Auditor--Chester H. Blanchard, Clement D. Northrup

Gaines Township Officers

Supervisors-- James H. Ruggles, Delos Rexford

Town Clerk-- Charles D. Paddock

Justices of the Peace--Marvin W. Atwell, Russell M. Smith

Assessor-- George Ogden

School Directors-- Herman Bookmiller, Charles E. Dimmick, N.L. Hanscom, H.R. Whittaker, Patrick Smith, E.M. Atwell

Collector-- Gelston R. Black

Constable--Gelston R. Black

Auditors-- William H. Larrison, O. Augustus Smith

Hamilton Township Officers

Supervisors-- Homer E. Treat, Gus Highland

School Directors-- W.S. Nearing, Joseph Johnson, Felix Labuski, James Woodhouse, James C. Haley, Dennis Sullivan

Assessor-- John Hayes

Town Clerk-- W.F. O’Donnell

Treasurer-- William Tipton

Collector-- J.F. O’Donnell

Judge of Election-- Robert McBlane

Inspectors of Election-- W.J. Whalen, Michael Wetuchki

Auditors-- Thomas Wetsel, John Kelly, Wm. G. Hayes

Constable-- James F. Husted

Justice of the Peace-- Samuel Woodhouse

Jackson Township Officers

Supervisors--W.K. Harris, W.H. Andrews

School Directors-- Floyd Adams, J.A. Seeley, Fred Smith, Jesse W. Miller

Assessor- F.F. Hogaboom

Treasurer--M.M. Friends

Judge of Election--Jasper Woodford

Inspectors of Election-- Sheff S. McClure, Cyrus Jewell

Auditors--E.B. Gaige, Walter Updike, Walter Friends

Town Clerk-- Jay D. McClure

Constable and Collector--W.E. Sedinger

Justice of the Peace-- J.D. Garrison

Knoxville Boro Officers

Burgess--J.M. Edgcomb

Councilmen--Charles E. Lawrence, Pres., John H. Kuhl, John E. Fitch, Felix Kelsey, Charles H. VanDusen, E.J. Dearman, Dr. A. Kibbe, deceased.

Clerk and Attorney--Henry A. Ashton

Auditors--D.L. Freeborn, C.G. Dearman, H.W. Colegrove

High Constable and Policeman--A.M. Bruce

Constable--A.M. Dunham

Street Commissioner-- L.C. Smith

Justices of the Peace-- Giles Roberts, A.B. Hitchcock

School Directors--T.C. Campbell, L.A. Johnson, F.L. Gilbert, W.H. Edgcomb, W.G. Fitch, Fred Brown

Lawrence Township Officers

Supervisors--Charles Cleveland, Frank J. Lee

School Directors-- M.S. Baldwin, A.C. Tilford, F.J. Lee, W.F. , G.G. Close, John Case.

Justices of the Peace--Charles Baker, Willis Reep

Assessor--E.E. Rockwell

Treasurer--George Woodhouse

Judge of Election-- A.C. Tilford

Inspector of Election--Delos Colegrove

Auditors--M.B. Brown,2d, Charles Shulenburg, B.N. Brant

Constable and Collector--J. Wesley Green

Town Clerk--J.W. Rockwell

School Directors--G.G. Close, Willis Reep, M.S. Baldwin, Frank Lee, A.C. Tilford, John Case

Lawrenceville Boro Officers

Burgess--Louis Darling

Councilmen--George T. Losey, N. Eaton, C.B. Wing, E.D. Bostwick, J.N. Hill, H. Matteson, W.C. Meade

Treasurer--F. Phippen

Assessor--F. Phippen

Clerk-- L.A. Church

Constable-- P.L. Califf

Collector-- P.L. Califf

Auditors-- H.B. Pritchard, F.W. Eaton, L.E. Crane

Judge of Election-- George E. Harris

Inspectors of Election-- J. Phippen, A.F. Walz

Board of Education--J.H. Putnam, W.C. Lewis, W.W. Hutchinson, William E. Brown, Geo. B. Colby, W.J. Horton

Liberty Boro Officers

Burgess-- Charles U. Maneval

Justice of the Peace--Isaac F. Wheeland

Clerk--G. Frank Brown

Councilmen-- John W. Brion, David R. Werline, Isaac B. Werline, George McCracken, W.S. Hartsock

Assessor--William H. Woodruff

School Directors--Grant Sebring, George A. Smith, William H. Woodruff, Abram B. Keagle

Collector-- Charles A. Miller

Auditors-- Marion M. Werline, William Foulkrod, D.B. Lau

High Constable-- Henry Freer

Constable-- W.W. Bastian

Health Officers-- John J. Sheffer, Daniel Schartle, Albert Frick, George A. Smith, Daniel Schartle, Sec’y.

Street Commissioner-- William Woodruff

School Directors-- A.B. Keagle, G.A. Smith, Grant Sebring, W.W. Woodruff, G.W. McCracken

Liberty Township Officers

Supervisors- Jacob Baker, Joseph B. Roupp

Town Clerk--Levi L. Hartsock

Justice of the Peace--John Haggerty

Assessor--William Maneval

School Directors-- Peter Gmeiner, Murray J. Neal, Ellis Messner, John J. Messner, John Gloeckner, Gustavus Schanbacher

Auditors--Robert S. Heyler, Richard A. De Cousey

Treasurer--Lewis Krise

Collector--Charles H. De Cousey

Constable--John E. Ault

Mansfield Boro Officers

Burgess--Silas J. Shepard

Councilmen-- Byron Bartlett, pres., W.W. Allen, E.N. Bentley, C.S. Lewis, Edwin Passmore, W.N. Barton, Richard E. Longbothum; secretary and attorney, Leon S. Channell

Treasurer--W.D. Husted

Street Commissioner--J.F. Howe

High Constable--James Edwards

Constable--Orlando T. Haight

Justices of the Peace--J.A. Moody, R.R. Bailey

Assessor-- George Davis

Collector--Orlando Haight

School Directors--M.L. Clark, Edward Doane, Charles Kingsley, H.B. Taylor, R.W. Rose, S.E. Coles

Middlebury Township Officers

Supervisors--O.D. West, Clark Gee

School Directors--Jesse Compton, Lemuel Smart, Jud Stevens, W.J. Ramsdell, James Shaff, P.E. Brown

Collector-- L.N. Green

Justice of the Peace--Lemuel F. Smart

Treasurer-- Bert Potter

Clerk-- F.W. Starkey

Judge of Election--H.D. Tator

Inspectors of Election-- A.L. White, C.E. Carpenter

Auditors--M.N. Smith, Orville Combs, James Shaff

Morris Township Officers


Town Clerk--J.W. Blakely

Justices of the Peace--Edward G. Comstock, David W. Reymond

Assessor--J. Emick Webster

Auditors-- Miles Blackwell, J.T. Lamb, Edgar Houghton

School Directors--James Blackwell, Willis L. English, John F. Linck, William Plank, R.F. Robinson, E.S. Merrick

Treasurer-- Abial Leonard

Collector-- L.W. Hart

Constable-- L.W. Hart

Nelson Boro Officers

Burgess-- M.D. Seely

Councilmen--J.D. Campbell, B. Shaw, A.M. Harris, W. Heysham, Samuel Tubbs, C.S. Baxter, Clerk of Council, J.T. Losey

Assessor-- C.F. Merritt

Justices of the Peace--J.T. Losey, Byron Shaw

Collector-- W. Pepper

High Constable--C. Loop

Constable-- J.R. Mack

Auditors-- B. Shaw, N. Rice, D.Z. Goodrich

School Directors-- J. E. Hazlett, W.B. Stevens, W.A. Newcomb, C.H. Finch, Edward Elliott, Luther Rice.

Nelson Township Officers

Supervisors-- O.P. Babcock, F.B. Brown

Assessor-- L.B. Brown

Auditors--L.W. Brown, George Daily, Lowell Egleston

Collector--F.B. Brown

Constable-- F.B. Brown

School Directors--O.P. Babcock, L.B. Brown, Miles Egleston, D.M. King, W.H. Rice, W.N. Mattison

Osceola Boro Officers

Burgess--DeWitt Baxter

Councilmen--Vine Crandall, F.C. Torrey, E.R. Tubbs, M.P. Carr, George Tubbs, Jacob D. Seely, R.C. Baker, Charles Tubbs, Secretary.

Justices of the Peace-- C.R. Taylor, E.R. Hazlett

Assessor--Allan Seely

Auditors--Vine Crandall, E.E. Clark, A.S. Crandall

Constable--F.E. Edwards

Collector-- L.P. Davis

School Directors-- M.L. Bonham, C. Tubbs, Grant Seely, J.M.R. Works, F.J. Seely, E.R. Tubbs

Richmond Township officers

Supervisors-- H.B. Osgood, H.E. Metcalf

Town Clerk-- J.F. Ripley

Constable-- J.L. Moore

Assessor-- J.L. Moore

Collector-- E.B. Dorsett

Judge of Election-- Clarence Smith

Inspectors-- Clarence Moore, P.H. Whittaker

Auditors-- O.R. Sumner, Clark Kingsley, Volney Goodall

Justice of the Peace-- G.R. Fuller

School Directors--W.W. Inscho, Volney Ripley, J.L. Hagar, S.D. Shaw, J.O. Rice, H.P. Van Ness

Roseville Boro Officers

Burgess-- J.F. Wilcox

Justice of the Peace--C.W. Kelly, J.F. Stout

Clerk-- C.W. Kelly

Assessor--J.F. Stout

Councilmen-- C.W. Kelly, L.M. Canedy, H.L. Blood, F.W. Argetsinger, L.D. Vedder, L.D. Pierce, F.C. Avery

School Directors--J.F. Wilcox, pres.; C.W. Kelley, sec’y; O. S. Kyle, treas; H.L. Blood , J.T. Stout

High Constable--C. Wheeler

Constable and Collector--L. Hall

Treas-- F.W. Argetsinger

Judge of Election--M.B. Ten Eycke

Rutland Township Officers

Supervisors--Samuel Frost, Oscar F. James

Town Clerk-- Peter Stout

Justice of the Peace--Nelson E. Brace

Assessor-- Damon D. Putsman

Auditors-- Selah Frost, Henry J. French, Nathaniel Hilfiger, Otis B. Clark, H. Garrison

School Directors-- Frank M. Lawrence, Clark J. Colby, George R. Crippin, Lyman C. Benson, Osmer Crippin, William H. Reynolds

Treasurer--James M. Frost

Collector--William H. Hatfield

Constable--Earl E. Wood

Judge of Election--Jacob Williams

Shippen Township Officers

Supervisors--Edward H. Butler, Eugene English

Town Clerk--Leon Butler

Justice of the Peace--Clayton Butler, Nelson Swope

Assessor-- Eugene Wilson

Treasurer-- Leon Butler

Auditors-- Henry Shanbacker, Uri S. Taylor

School Directors--Samuel Scranton, Daniel Plumley, David Louden, Eli Bartle

Collector--Arthur Sherman

Constable-- Arthur Sherman

Sullivan Township Officers

Supervisors--V.B. O’Dell, Ira Smith

School Directors--Homer B. Card, Samuel Jackson, J.G. Leiby, O.P. Doud, John Clark, J.W. Styres

Justices of the Peace--W.J. Squires, J.N. Tears

Assessor--Rueben Squires

Town Clerk--G.E. Robbins

Treasurer--J.B. Woodard

Judge of Election--Elmer Welch

Inspectors of Election-- Elmer Updike, O.W. Tears

Auditors--G.W. Smith, E.J. Rumsey. Menzo Mudge

Tioga Boro Officers

Burgess-- Philo Tuller

Councilmen--Robert Bishop, C.H. Newing, C.E. Smith, J.M. Peck, E.B. Smith, Thomas Meddaugh, R.B. Smith

Treasurer--H.L. Baldwin

Secretary-- F.B. Smith

Justice of the Peace--H.L. Baldwin

High Constable and Collector--J.M. Jack

Constable--G.W. Brigham

Assessor--H.L. Baldwin

School Directors--President, Dan Perry, Secretary, H.S. Alford, Treasurer, H.L. Baldwin, J.M. Peck, T.A. Wickham, H.C. Wheeler

Tioga Township Officers

Supervisors-- V.B. Dailey, Stephen Andrus

Town Clerk--V.D. McAllaster

Justices of the Peace-- D.W. Lewis, D.C. Kimball

Assessor-- C.O. Lovelass

Treasurer-- H. G. Lloyd

Auditors-- A.S. Rhodes, C.L. Miller, F.L. Aiken

Judge of Election--Jerome Burke

Tax Collector--G.E. Greene

Constable--W. Redner

School Directors--G.M. Meaker, S.S. McKinney, E.P. Bradshaw, S.N. Woodward, R. Camp

Union Township Officers

Supervisor-- Anthony McDermott

Town Clerk--Ira Campbell

Justices of the Peace--Lawrence Riley, Thomas DeCoursey

Assessors--Erastus G. Newell, Thomas Groover

Auditors--Matthew McCormick, Daniel Preston, Franklin Newell

Scholl Directors-- Frank P. Preston, Elmer Groover, George J. Smith, Thomas Ward, Alfred J. Newell

Treasurer-- George W. Dibble

Collector-- C.M. Washburn

Constable--C.M. Washburn

Ward Township Officers

Supervisors-- Isaac Payne, Burton Kiff

Auditors--P.L. Boyd, H.J. Hill

School Board--A.P. Coons, pres.; Wallace Chase, Sec’y.; F.B. Furman, treas.; William Wolverton, J.H. Lyon, Campbell Lowry

Constable-- A.W. Furman

Treasurer-- A.H. Furman

Clerk--Wallace Chase

Justice of the Peace--Wallace Chase

Collector--T.C. Thomas

Assessor--Andrew Teeter

Wellsboro Boro Officers

Burgess--S.F. Channell

Councilmen--1st ward, WA. Hammond, Walter Sherwood; 2nd Ward, Geo. O. Derby, P.E. Jackson, A.A. Truman

Borough Clerk--Alfred J. Shattuck

School Directors--Anton Hardt, L. Harrison, F.H. Rockwell, sec’y.; M.L. Klock; E.H. Owlett, R.E. Gambell.

Collector-- Thomas T. Reese

Assessors--First ward, M.L. Klock; Second ward, William Stewart

Constables-First ward, Daniel C. Hughes; Second ward, J.S. English

Policeman and Nightwatch--Arch Wilcox

Westfield Boro Officers

Burgess John R. Dengle

Councilmen--J. Matteson, H. Plank, Charles E. Krusen, Charles B. Simmons, G.H. Tremain

Clerk--Charles C. Williams

Attorney--D.W. Baldwin

Assessor--Stephen Martin

Collector--W.H. Fuller

Justices of the Peace--Artemas Edwards, W.H. Parsons

High Constable--Robert Ayers

Constable--W.C. Clark

Street Commissioner--John E. Harvey

Chief of Police-- George Trim

Auditors--L.E. Knapp, F.B. Holcomb

School Directors--G.H. Tremain, Charles Horton, A.L. Bottum, N.W. McNaughton, C.B. Simmons, Miss F.D. Strang, Secretary.

Westfield Township Officers

Supervisors--Charles Weeks and Wm. Swimley

Constable--Lewis Sprague

Collector--W.E. Westcott

Treasurer--L.H. Knapp

Clerk--R.H. Buck

Justices of the Peace--J.H. Metcalf, H. Seeley

Auditors--M.F. Inscho, Wm. G. Seely, A.J. Perry

School Directors--V. Labar, president; E.A. Buck, secretary; J.G. Bowman, treasurer; C.A. Pierce, E. Whitaker, David Tremain


Miners’ National Bank. Main cor Carpenter Street, Blossburg. Incorporated June, 1895. A. Lee Smith, President, Joel M. Davis, Cashier. Capital$50,000.

Pattison National Bank, of Elkland, organized June 2, 1896. O. Pattison, president; Jerome Bottom, vice-president; W. Burton Foote, cashier; S.A. Weeks, teller. Capital $50,000. Surplus $7,000.

Ross & Williams Bank, 63 Main Street, Mansfield. Charles S. Ross, proprietor.

Cowanesque Valley Bank , Cowanesque Street, Osceola. Morgan Seely, president; F.J. Seely, vice-president; Ed. M. Seely, cashier.

First National Bank, of Wellsboro, Main Street, W.D. Van Horn, president, W.W. Miller, Vice-president and cashier, Resources $1,076,699.21. Capital $125,000. Surplus and profits $162,112.55. Circulation $ 33,750.00. Deposits $755,836.66.

Farmers’ and Traders’ Bank of Westfield, Main Street. E.M. Tucker, president, F.J. Seely, cashier.