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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Michael Little

1899 - Elkland Borough Directory

Adams J, miller, h Parkhurst

Albee Daniel S, commercial traveler, h 18 First

Aldrich Augustus M, laborer, bds E. Main

Aldrich James H, laborer h E. Main

Alexander Perry, tanner, h Coates ave

Allen Burt E, bds 69 Parkhurst

Allen Charles H, farmer, 35, 69 Parkhurst

Allen Henry D, mason and contractor, h 20 First

American Express Co, W A Ellison agent, Fall Brook Depot

Avery DeWitt C, emp toy works, h N Buffalo

Bailey Carl E, meat market cold storage and ice dealer, 20 W Market, h Do

Bailey Clark B, agriculture implements, Pattison ave, h 34 Second

Baker Andrew O, h N Buffalo

BAKER OLIVER A, supt National Advertisement Co, Pattison Collector, farmer in Woodhull, NY, 57, h N Buffalo

BARNHART FRANK L, jeweler and dealer of watches, jewelry, tobacco and cigars, groceries and confectionery, 1 N Buffalo, h do

Barnhart Harry, h 7 Coates

Barnhart Jarvis, laborer, h N Buffalo

Bartrand William, general blacksmithing, Parkhurst, h N Buffalo

Beard Jay W, lumberman, h 101 W. Main

BEDELL ANDREW S, foundry and machine shop, manuf of steel land rollers, reversible plows, gear wheels, kitchen sinks, blacksmith drilling machines, wood machines and tread powers, opp A&P depot, bds N Buffalo

Bender H Porter, emp toy factory, h Pattison ave

BENNETT WILLIAM, dealer in bicycles, bicycle supplies, sundries and repair shop,  also engineer in fire department, 5 E Main, h 145 N Buffalo

Berg John, leases of Mrs W G Humphrey 140, tobacco grower 6 acres, W Main

Berg Otto A, laborer, W Main

Bergin Jerry W, laborer, h 25 E Main

Bonham Fuller, bds N Buffalo

Boom George, farmer died since canvass

Boss Edith, domestic Hotel Signor

Bost Alvers, laborer, h S Buffalo

Bost Charles, laborer, bds S Buffalo

Bost William, emp toy factory, h 129 N Buffalo

BOTTOM JEROME, vice president The Pattison National Bank, real estate office, Pattison Bank Bldg, h W Main

Brimmer Sarah M, deputy postmaster, res Osceola

BROCK ALICE E, meat market and dealer in fruit, confectionery, canned goods and bakestuffs, J H Brock mgr, N Buffalo opp F B Depot, h Coates ave

Brock William, emp toy factory, h Coates ave

Brown Anna S, stenographer The Pattison National Bank, h S Buffalo

Brown Bessie M, stenographer, h N Buffalo

Brown Frank, tanner, bds 11 Campbell

BROWN JOHN, farmer, works C L Pattison estate 150, tobacco grower 8 acres, h S Buffalo

Brockelsby James S, laborer, h W Main

Buckbee George, mechanic, h 65 Parkhurst

Buckbee Jared H, general merchant, h 78 N Buffalo

Bullin Frank, green house, dealer in tobacco and garden plants, bds 99 E Main

Burr Ralph B, bookkeeper, bds Signor House

Burrell Lewis, tanner, bds 11 Campbell

Burwer Frank, tanner, h 33 Second

Butler George, h River

Butler William, tinsmith, plumber and furnace work, h W Main

Button Marion, laborer, h S Buffalo

Britzke John, tanner, h S Buffalo

Cadogan Frank H, bookkeeper Elkland Roller Mills, h N Buffalo

Cady Erastus, blacksmith Parkhurst, h N Buffalo

Cady Marcus M, farmer in Farmington 22, h W Main

Campbell Elizabeth, widow Robert, h W Main

Campbell Enoch B, farmer in Nelson 120

CAMPBELL JOHN C, manuf spring beds, diamond spring a specialty, 21 Second h do

Carr Lewis N, tanner, h Tannery yard

Casbeer Daniel, farmer in Farmington 130, h Parkhurst

CASS MARION F, principal Elkland high school, breeder of Jersey cattle and farmer in Farmington 300, h 46 E Main

Chamberlain Alonzo G, tanner, h 61 Parkhurst

Chamberlain Maria, widow Henry E, h 76 W Main

Cilley Lewis L, emp toy factory, 123 W Main

Clark Henry S, manager Postal Telegraph Cable Co W Main, h do

Clark Marcus, laborer, bds E Main

Clark Otis E, engineer Elkland mill, h E Main

Clark Sarah, widow Oscar, h E Main

Clark Walter E, clerk Proctor, Ellison & Co, h W Main

Coates Almira B, widow Timothy, h E Main, cor Coates ave

Coates Edwin W (E & L Coates) h E Main cor Coates ave

Coates E & L (Edwin W and Lintsford M) hardware, N Buffalo

Coates Lintsford M (E & L Coates) h Coates ave

Cole Alpheus B, emp planing mill, h Parkhurst

Cole Grant, teamster, bds Pattison ave

Cole Lewis S, laborer, h Pattison ave

Coloney James, laborer, h 33 E Main

Conway Timothy, tanner, h Pattison ave Died since canvass

Cook Ella, emp toy factory, bds N Buffalo

Cooley Eugene, emp toy works, h 135 N Buffalo

Cooper O Daniel, tanner, h N Buffalo

CORNELIUS FRANK M, supt Proctor, Ellison & Co and dealer in real estate N Buffalo, h 55 Parkhurst

Cornelius George S, foreman tannery, h River

Cornelius Mary J, widow, h River

Cornelius Thorne, outside foreman Proctor, Ellison & Co, h 70 W Main

Cornelius William T, foreman Proctor, Ellison & Co, h 45 N Buffalo

Costley Albert, tanner, h S Buffalo

CRANDALL FRED W, supt manuf of toys, novelties and games Buffalo, h W Main

Cravath E Austin, bookkeeper toy works, h N Buffalo

Cravath Lewis G, clerk The Pattison National Bank, bds N Buffalo

Culver Erbon, farmer in Nelson 65, h First

Cummings George, section hand A & P R R, h Parkhurst

Dailey Frank, emp planing mill, h Campbell

Dailey James, tanner, h Pattison ave

Dailey William (Elkland) r 2, tanner

Davis Boardman, porter Signor House, bds do

Davis Cora, waitress Hotel Signor

Dinehart John, laborer, h 66 E Main

Dollmetsh Fred, tanner, h 24 N Buffalo

Dorrance Charles, farmer, h 99 E Main

DORRANCE GEORGE G, breeder and dealer of sheep and cattle, dealer in farm produce, farmer, 120, and in NY state 364, timber lands, 112, h 82 E Main

Dorrance Mary, h 99 E Main

Dorrance Sarah, h 99 E Main

DONOVAN JAMES, agt Singer Manuf Co, h Pattison ave

Donovan John, clerk, bds First

Dubert John, tanner, bds 64 Parkhurst

DULSO JOSEPH C, barber and bathrooms, manuf and wholesale and retail dealer in

cigars and tobacco 11 W Main, h 13 do

Dye Edwin W, r 6, manager Elkland cheese facrory

Easson Thomas C, pastor Presbyterian church, h Main

Edwards Arthur, agent, h E Main

EDWARDS JACOB C, planing mill, dealer and munuf of lumber and furniture, planing, turning, matching and scroll sawing to order, Buffalo and Coates ave, h 87 N Buffalo

Edwards Lee, farm laborer

Edwards Luke, teamster, h E Main

Edwards Peter, clerk Sandbach house, bds do

Eggleston Abram, tanner, h N Buffalo

Eggleston Kittie, dressmaker N Buffalo, bds do

Elkland Cheese Factory, r 6, T J Carmody & Co, proprs, E W Dye, mgr

ELKLAND GAS AND OIL COMPANY, (The) F W Crandall pres, Robt McCann
treas, capital stock $30,000

Elkland Hand Laundry, E F Perry propr, 116 N Buffalo

ELKLAND JOURNAL, Frank B Orser editor and publisher, W Main (see adv page

ELKLAND MANUFACTURING CO, F W Crandall supt, manufrs and wholesale dealers in hard wood and hemlock lumber, Buffalo

ELKLAND PURE OIL AND GAS CO, F W Crandall pres, G S Walker sect

Elkland Roller Mills, John W Ryon Jr mgr, n Railroad

Elliot Frank B, clerk Signor house, bds do

Ellison Will A, station agt and American Ex agt, dealer in coal, lime, brick, salt, etc, Fall Brook Depot, h 28 Second

English James E, emp tannery, h 79 Parkhurst

Evans Curtis P, carpenter, h W Main

Evans Curtis P Jr, compositor, bds W Main

Fairbanks Frank G, tanner, h 30 Second

Fenton Amos, liver W Main, h do

Fenton Claude, laborer bds Main

Fenton Frank, laborer h Main

FENTON LEWIS W, constable, drayman and dealer in fertilizers, horse and cattle food and veterinary medicine 25 Pattison ave

Fenton Wilson, laborer, h N Buffalo

FESSLER T ADDISON, drugs and druggists’ sundries, stationery, periodicals, confectionery, cutlery, etc, W Main, h E Main

Fields Thomas H, r 3, farmer on shares for Anna S Pattison, dairy 25 cows, tobacco grower 10 acres, farm 250

Fillman Andrew J, laborer, h 33 N Buffalo

Fillman Hattie M Mrs, millinery 33 N Buffalo, h do

Fisk Andrew, laborer, bds 43 Second

Fly Martin, tanner, h Tannery yard

Foote Rebecca, widow Truman, h N Buffalo

FOOTE TRUMAN B, pension attorney, general agent Vitae-Ore, a magnetic material, also manuf of washing machines 25 N Buffalo, h do

FOOTE W BURTON, cashier The Pattison National Bank, h N Buffalo

Foreman Fred A, barber 9 N Buffalo

Foreman Lina (Mrs Fred A) millinery, N Buffalo, h do

Francisco Lydia A, widow Hiram, bds N Buffalo

French John, laborer, h 76 Coates ave

Frisbie Hiram Z, physician and surgeon 10 W Main, h do

Garnet Minnie, waitress Hotel Signor

Gleason Eugene, painter and paper hanger, h N Buffalo

GLEASON FRED D, tinsmith, plumbing, roofing and eavtroughing &c N Buffalo, h Coates ave

GLEASON WINDSOR, justice of the peace N Buffalo, h 35 do

Goodrich George, tanner, h N Buffalo

Graves Nathan, cabinet maker, h 61 N Buffalo

Green Luke, laborer, h S Buffalo

Greene Vernon, carpenter, h Parkhurst

Griffin Walter, tanner, h Pattison ave

Griswold Charles, painter, h 203 Pattison ave

Groves Libbie, cook Sandbach house

Grow Millard, tanner, h 50 Parkhurst

Hall Hannah A Mrs, h N Buffalo

Hammond Frank L, student, h W Main

Hammond Fred, farmer works with Reuben H 247, for I G Hammond, served in Co K 5th Pa vols, h W Main

Hammond John G, tobacco grower 6 acres, farmer, 247, h W Main

Hammond John W, clerk, h W Main

Hammond Reuben H, farmer with Fred for J G Hammond, 247, h W Main

Heckman Charles H, laborer, h 40 Second

Holmes Lewis, tanner, h Coates ave

Howe Joseph B, farmer in Nelson, h 140 N Buffalo

Howland Ray, bookkeeper Proctor, Ellison & Co, h 72 E Main

Hoyt Charles, laborer, h 14 First

Hull Emma, waitress Sandbach house

Humphrey Wilmot G, physician and surgeon, office hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm, office over bank, h 46 N Buffalo

Hunt William, night watch tannery, h 29 Second

Irons Chris E, miller, h 9 Campbell

JACOBS LOUIS D, station and express agt, Addison & Penn R R, dealer in coal, bds Signor House

Jacobson Charles, laborer, h W Main

Jewell Monroe, emp toy works, h Tannery yard

Johnson Raymond, tanner, bds S Buffalo

Jones Arthur E (L M Jones & Son) h 9 First

JONES LLEWELLYN M (L M Jones & Son) manuf and dealer in woven wire and coil bed springs, mattresses &c 9 First, h do (see adv page 210)

Jones L M & Son (L M & A E) wholesale lumber merchants First

Jones Morgan B, bds E Main

Keeney Ira, cigar manuf W Main, h do

Keeney Milton, student, h W Main

Keeney Richard, cigarmaker, bds W Main

Kelippel Fred, tanner, h 147 N Buffalo

Kelippel George F, emp sash and blind factory, Knoxville, h 147 N Buffalo

Kelley Earl E, emp Elkland laundry, bds 116 N Buffalo

Kelley Gershom G, cheese maker, bds First

Kemp Herman M, clerk Proctor, Ellison & Co, h Parkhurst

KENYON ABRAM B (Kenyon Bros) h 38 W Main

KENYON BROS (C L and A B) furniture, wall papers and funeral directors, 38 W Main

KENYON CHARLES L (Kenyon Bros) florist, h 38 W Main

KNAPP FREDRICK F, dentist 11 W Main, h do

Koiski John, tanner, h 74 Coates ave

LaBar George, foreman toy works, h N Buffalo

LaBar James, emp toy works, h N Buffalo

Leffler Clara, widow Bert, bds 56 Parkhurst

Lewis Porter N, oil well driller, h 12 First

Lindstron John, tanner, h Pattison ave

Long Gilbert G, laborer, h Pattison ave

Longwell Edward, blacksmith, h 108 N Buffalo

LONGWELL EDGAR, carriage repairing, ironing and painting N Buffalo, h 108 do

Longwell Edward, blacksmith, h 108 N Buffalo

LONGWELL FREDRICK E, jeweler, 108 N Buffalo

Lynch John, section foreman, h 72 W Main


Mack C Delbert, sawyer, h N Buffalo

MACK ELIZA (Mrs B F) agent for the A P McGraw skirts and corsets, h 15 First

Magee Hugh J, tanner, Coates ave

Martindell William, miller, h N Buffalo cor Second

Maxwell Samuel, laborer, h E Main

McCANN ROBERT P, postmaster and general insurance agent, Main cor Parkhurst, h 63 Parkhurst

McDonel Thomas, emp novelty works, h 17 First

McTannery Daniel, tanner, h N Buffalo

McGuire John, harnessmaker, h E Main

Merrich James, tanner, h N Buffalo

Miner Arthur B (H Miner & Son) h 59 W Main

Miller George H, shoemaker N Buffalo, h do

Miner Henry (H Miner & Son) h 59 W Main

Miner H & Son (H M & A B M) general merchants, 7 W Main

Mooney John, tanner, h Parkhurst

Mooney Kiernan J, tanner, h Pattison ave

Moore Miller, moulder, h N Buffalo

Mosher Allen, tanner, h 11 Campbell

Mosher Frank, tanner, h N Tannery

Mosher Grant, printer, h Coates ave

Mowcomber Thomas, tanner, h N Buffalo

Mowcomber William, tanner, bds N Buffalo

Murray Owen, tanner, h Coates ave cor Coates

Myers William G, tanner, h 127 N Buffalo

NATIONAL ADVERTISING CO, O A Baker supt, manuf of novelties, Pattison ave

Nelson Alfred, laborer, h 130 E Main

Nelson John, tanner, h E Main

Newcomb Henry R, telegrapher, bds Second

Newman Charles, tanner, h Tannery Yard

Ordway George, laborer, h Pattison ave

ORSER FRANK B, editor and publisher The Elkland Journal, h Parkhurst cor First

Ouderkirk Morgan, laborer, h N Buffalo

Parkhurst Benjamin H, h E Main cor S Buffalo

Pattison Anna S, widow C L, h E Main cor S Buffalo

Pattison Charles L 2d , clerk The Pattison National Bank, h Main

PATTISON NATIONAL BANK (The) O Pattison pres, Jerome Bottom vice pres, W

Burton Foote cashier, W Main cor S Buffalo (See adv page 212)

PATTISON ORVILLE, pres First National Bank and executor of estate of C L Pattison, h W Main cor Pattison ave

Pennsylvania Hardwood Co (The) manufs kiln dried hardwood flooring, moulding, casting and dimension stock, Parkhurst

Perry Edwin F, prop of Elkland hand laundry 116 N Buffalo, h do

Perry Leon H, tanner, bds Pattison ave

Perry Sebran E, tanner, h Pattison ave

Pierce Helen Mrs, h 59 Parkhurst

Pierce Willard E, harnessmaker and dealer in horse furnishing goods, 13 Parkhurst, h do

Postal Telegraph Cable Co, H S Clark mgr, W Main

Preston Annie, widow Aaron O, h E Main

Preston William A, carpenter, h E Main

PROCTOR, ELLISON & CO, F M Cornelius supt, manufs of hemlock sole leather and dealers in general merchandise N Buffalo

Public Telephone Pay Station, F B Depot

Radeker Eliza J, widow William J, h E Main

Rathbun Job, h 18 First

Resue Nelson, emp toy factory, h r 127 N Buffalo

Resue William, carriagemaker, bds r 127 N Buffalo

Reynolds James, tool dresser, bds 12 First

Riley James E, emp toy factory, h 31 Second

Riley Louisa A Mrs, h 31 Second

ROCKWELL HENRY E, justice of the piece, janitor Elkland Presbyterian Church and Elkland graded school N Buffalo, h N Buffalo cor Coates

Rogers John S, machinist, h N Buffalo

Rogers William G, tanner, bds N Buffalo

Runyon Harley, tanner, bds Parkhurst

Ruyan Alfred, tanner, h E Main

Ryon John S, attorney at law, W Main, h W Main

Ryon John W Jr, manager Elkland Roller Mills and farmer, 400, res Osceola

Sallin Charles, bookkeeper, h Parkhurst

SANDBACH HOUSE, R E Sandbach proprietor, Main cor Buffalo

SANDBACH RICHARD E, propr Sandbach House, Main cor Buffalo

Scott Joseph, section foreman F B R R, rear 76 Coates ave

Seamans William, laborer, S Buffalo

Selph Frank D, attorney at law, office over bank, W Main, bds Signor House

Sheehan Margaret, widow James, h N Buffalo cor Second

SIGNOR GEORGE C, propr Signor House, Main cor Parkhurst (see adv page 210)

SIGNOR HOUSE, George C Signor propr, Main cor Parkhurst (see adv page 210)

Simons Eugene, foreman tannery, h N Buffalo

Smith Frank E, h S Buffalo

Smith Fred T (The Pennsylvania Hard Wood Co) dealer in Hemlock lumber, Parkhurst, h 64 N Buffalo

SMITH MARCELLUS R, dealer in clothes, hats and caps, boots and shoes and gents furnishing goods, Keeny Bldg, Main, bds Signor House (see adv page 214)

Smith John W, tanner, bds N Buffalo cor Second

Smith Joseph, r 3, tobacco grower, h and lot

Smith Milton, tanner, h 5 Coates

Smith Preston, h N Buffalo cor Second

Snyder Alice Mrs, millinery, Main, h do

Snyder William, emp toy works, h Main

Spoor Eliza, widow of Charles, dressmaker, S Buffalo

Stedge James E, laborer, h 43 Second

Stewart Margaret, dressmaker, bds Parkhurst

Stewart Alice, dressmaker, Parkhurst, h do

Stratton Henry C, foreman novelty works, h Coates ave

Strong John W, h S Buffalo

Strong Lewis V, laborer, h 16 First

Strum Charles, laborer, bds N Buffalo

Stuart Albert H, stationary engineer, h Second

STULL DAVID W, tobacco grower 5 acres, farmer, 130, and in NY state 147, apiarist 80 colonies, h W Main

STULL EDWARD D, photographer, h W Main

Stull Frances Mrs, h 129 W Main

Stull Ray T, farmer, h W Main

Thomas Edward, tanner, h Tannery yard

Townsend George, tanner, h Campbell

Trim Ben F, laborer, bds W Main

Trim Jane H, widow George W, h N Buffalo

Trim Sarah A, widow William, h 70 N Buffalo

Tripp James D, house and carriage painting and paper hanging, h Parkhurst

Utter Albert, carpenter, h N Buffalo

Utter Egbert, laborer, h S Buffalo

Utter Charles H, painter, h First

Van Cise Edgar H, general blacksmithing, Campbell, h do

Van Cise Irvine, tanner, h 66 Parkhurst

Van Dusen Oscar A, farmer in Farmington, 200, h Pattison ave

Van Gorder Mark, hostler Sandbach House, h do

Van Zile James, tanner, h 68 Parkhurst

Wakely Oscar, agt agriculture implements, h 19 First

Walch Gus, laborer, h E Main

Walch John H, laborer, h Pattison ave

Walker George S, agt for J B Grier real estate W Main, h E Main

Wallin Fred, tanner, h N Buffalo

Warren Roy, clerk, h N Buffalo

Webster Daniel A, carpenter, h 19 Second

Webster Fred, tanner, h 62 Coates ave

Webster L Ray, emp tannery, bds 19 Second

Weeks Sherman A, teller The Pattison Nat Bank, h N Buffalo

WELLS FARGO & CO’S EXPRESS, L D Jacobs agt Addison & Penn depot


White Anna, waitress, Signor House

White Bert, laborer, bds River

White Eli, h N Buffalo

White John W, engineer F B R R, h 56 E Main

White Truman, laborer, h W Main

White William, laborer, h River

Whiteside Delia A, widow Rev John C, bds 45 N Buffalo

Whiteside Milford J, physician 45 N Buffalo, h do

Whitten William, carpenter, h 25 Second

Wilhelm Martha, cook Signor House

Williams Bertha L, stenographer Proctor, Ellison & Co, h Coates

Wise Charles, tanner, h Tannery yard

Wood Robert T, attorney and counselor at law 56 N Buffalo, h do

Woodard Joseph L, tanner, h Parkhurst cor Second

Woodcock Daniel, tanner, h Parkhurst

Woodcock Milton B, tanner, bds Parkhurst

Wolverton Judson L, miller, h Parkhurst cor Second

WRIGHT WILLIAM W, physician and surgeon, hours 10 am to 4 pm Parkhurst, bds do

Yossi John, clerk 20 W Main, h do

Young Louis D, bakery 44 Parkhurst, h do