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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Sullivan Charles C., clerk, bds 103 DeWitt

Sullivan Cornelius, propr D L & W hotel 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Cornelius, printer Telegram, h 372 W Fifth

Sullivan Cornelius, stoves and tinware, 512 Main, h do

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, bds 101 Broadway

Sullivan Cornelius C., h 156 Washington av

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 370 W Third

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 403 S Elm

Sullivan Daniel W., machinist, bds 719 Kenyon

Sullivan Dennis, hostler N C R R shops, h 101 Franklin

Sullivan Dennis, mason, h 830 W Washington av

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 913 E Market

Sullivan Dennis, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Dennis, elevator operator female college, bds 865 Davis

SULLIVAN DENNIS & CO., cigar muaufs 654 n Main, h do

Sullivan Dennis, jr., blacksmith, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Ellen, widow John, h 463 W Third

Sullivan Ellen, seamstress, bds 463 W Third

Sullivan Ellen, domestic 511 Baldwin

Sullivan Ellen, domestic, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan Ellen T., domestic 112 Lormore

Sullivan Ettie, tailoress, bds 906 Main
Go to the Empire Laundry for Fine Work

Sullivan Eugene, track foreman, bds 427 Railroad av

Sullivan Florence, brakeman, D L & W R R bds 1315 Lake

Sullivan Florence, bookseller, newsdealer and wall paper 321 W Water and 216 E Water, h 710 E Church

Sullivan Florence, jr., clerk 321 E Water, bds 710 E Church

Sullivan George, printer Advertiser, bds 103 DeWitt

Sullivan Hannah, domestic 322 W Clinton

Sullivan Honora, widow Michael, h 111 Fulton

Sullivan Humphrey, printer Telegram, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan James, shoemaker, bds 463 W Third

Sullivan James, laborer, h 414 DeWitt

Sullivan James jr., laborer, bds 614 DeWitt

Sullivan Jane, widow Mortimer, h 719 Kenyon

Sullivan Jeremiah, section boss N Y L E & W R R, h E s Railroad av n W Miller

Sullivan Jeremiah, bartender 315 Railroad av, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan Jerry, laborer, h 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan Jerry J., driller, h 729 Walnut

Sullivan Joanna, domestic 357 N Main

Sullivan Jahanna, domestic 221 Lake

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h 50 Fulton

Sullivan John, barber, h 500 Elizabeth

Sullivan John, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

FIRMAN & MOORE D E N T I S T S 300 E Water-St.


Sullivan John, moulder, bds 202 E Gray

Sullivan John, cigarmaker, bds 507 Oak

Sullivan John , fireman, h 217 E Seventh

Sullivan John, tailor, bds 103 DeWitt

Sullivan John, mason, h 717 E Oak

Sullivan John, laborer, h 865 Davis

Sullivan John B., carpenter, bds 657 Columbia

SULLIVAN JOHN C., hardware, tinware, etc, 221 W Water, h 910 N Main See adv

Sullivan John H., machinist, bds 719 Kenyon

Sullivan John H., tailor, h DeWitt

Sullivan John J., clerk 201 E Water, h 403 W S Elm

Sullivan John J., emp Rosenbuam’s, bds 403 S Elm

Sullivan John L., fireman D L & W R R, bds 311 E Washington

Sullivan John M., yardmaster N Y L E & W R R, h 519 Baldwin

Sullivan Joseph, bartender D L & W house

Sullivan Joseph L., bds 861 Dickinson

Sullivan Joseph P., clerk 139 E Water, bds 719 Kenyon

Sullivan Julia, domestic Buckbee house

Sullivan Julia, dressmaker, bds 865 Davis

Sullivan Julia, widow Thomas, h 200 Fulton

Sullivan Julia M., domestic 119 E Henry
Consult H. O. SMITH , ARCHITECT, 108 Lake-St.

Sullivan Kate, domestic 522 W Clinton

Sullivan Katie, tailoress, bds 505 College av

Sullivan Kate, Mrs., widow Timothy, h 1006 Oak

Sullivan Katie, domestic 666 Park pl

Sullivan Kate, bds 864 Davis

Sullivan Kate, milliner 201 E Water, bds 403 S Elm

Sullivan Libbie L., clerk 301, 303 E Water, bds 719 Kenyon

Sullivan Lizzie, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Maggie, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Maggie, bds 200 Fulton

Second-Hand Clothing Bought and Sold at 231 W Water-st.


Sullivan Maggie domestic, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan Maggie T., dressmaker, bds 311 E Washington

Sullivan Margaret, widow Michael, boarding 311 E Washington av

Sullivan Mark, saloon 1412 Baldwin, h do

Sullivan Mark L., engineer N C R R, bds 719 Kenyon

Sullivan Mary, domestic 303 N Main

Sullivan Mary, widow Michael, h 505 College av

Sullivan Mary, bds 403 S Elm

Sullivan Mary, bds 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Mary, domestic Sherman house

Sullivan Mary A., clerk 301, 303 E Water, bds 719 Kenyon

Suullivan Mary E., bds 462 W Second

Sullivan Matthew, cigarmaker, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan Michael, machinist, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h 109 E Second

Sullivan Michael, printer, bds 857 E Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, switchman D L & W R R, bds 928 Maxwell av

Sullivan Michael, (Elmira Ice Co,) h 553 W Hudson

Sullivan Michael, laborer, bds 414 DeWitt

Sullivan Michael, machinist, h 370 W Third

Sullivan Michael, laborer gas works, h 500 E Clinton cor Madison av

Sullivan Michael, moulder, h 520 Perine
HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 112 Baldwin Street.

Sullivan Michael jr., heater, bds 606 Sullivan

Sullivan Michael L., h 1415 Benton

Sullivan Michael L., h Diven av

Sullivan Michael T., machinist, h 218 South av

Sullivan Minnie, student, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan Minnie, domestic 360 W Water

Sullivan Minnie, domestic, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan Nellie, domestic 129 N Main

Sullivan Nellie, housekeeper, 103 Dewitt

Sullivan Nellie, operator, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan Nora, widow Michael, h 111 Fulton

Sullivan Nora, laundress 235 Lake

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, tinsmith, bds 463 W Third

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 327 River

Sullivan Patrick, track supervisor Erie R R, h 370 W Third

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 657 Columbia

Sullivan Patrick, moulder, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, bds 310 W Seventh

Sullivan Patrick, shoemaker, bds 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Patrick C., cigarmaker, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Patrick H., drayman 501 S Broadway, h do

Sullivan Patrick K., mason, h 408 Mt Zoar

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Sullivan Roger, bds 117 Lake

Sullivan Thomas, foreman Erie yard, h 411 High

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, bds Sherman house

Sullivan Thomas, machinist, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, bds 114 W Miller

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, bds 414 DeWitt

Sullivan Theresa, dressmaker, h 403 S Elm

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 507 Oak

SULLIVAN TIMOTHY J., saloon and restaurant 413 Railroad av, bds Sherman house

Sullivan Walter, laborer, bds E s Railroad av n W Miller

Sullivan Winnie domestic 62 Penna av

Sullivan William, blacksmith, bds 327 River

Sullivan William, carriagemaker 448 E Water, h 103 DeWitt

Sullivan William A., carpenter, bds 851 Dickinson

Sumberg Louis, peddler, h 129 Judson

Sumberg Simon, peddler, h 118 Harriett

Summers Carl, student, bds 858 N Main

Summers Louis, com trav, h 763 E Market

Sunderlin Charles D., carpenter, h 202 S Lake av

Sunderlin Frank E., printer Advertiser, bds 202 S Lake av

Sunderlin Viola, bds 202 S Lake av
Architect, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Sunganty Frederick C., painter, h 209 Brand

SURGANTY WILLIAM J., barber and hair dresser 70 1-2 Lake, h 362 E Fifth

Suter John J., barber, h 651 E Church

Sutliff Harriet, widow Lucius, Home for Aged

Suttner Emma, widow, h 307 E Clinton

Sutton Arnold, Engineer N C R R, h N s Sutton n S Main

Sutton Caroline M., widow A N, bds 106 Fox

Sutton Henry, boilermaker Erie shops, h 408 W Fourth

Sutton John, engineer N C R R, 604 S Main

Sutton Maria S., widow T W, bds 218 Washington

Sutton William W., milkman Horseheads, h 359 W Second

Sutton Wallace W., cabinetmaker, h 413 Walnut

Swailes Johanna, widow Peter, h 610 Jay

Swainson George B., engraver Telegram, bds 401 Grove

Swainson George N., h 401 Grove

Swan E. Albert, contractor and builder 613 Baldwin, h 921 Lake

Swan Alice h 309 S Main

Swan Charles, (Charles Swan & Sons) h 463 W Church

Swan Charles C., assistant cashier Elmira National bank and see Elmira Savings bank, h 370 W Gray

Swan Charles jr., (Charles Swan & Sons) bds 463 W Church

Swan Clara A., bds 463 W Church

The Helpmate Sewing Machine, Best on Earth, 116 & 118 N. Main-s.t


SWAN CHARLES & SONS, (Charles jr. and F W) fire insurance and real estate cor Lake and Water (See back cover)

Swan Emma F., teacher school No. 3, h 107 Main

Swan Erastus F., carpenter, bds 921 Lake

Swan Fred W., (Charles Swan & Sons) bds 463 W Church

Swan Florence R., bds 463 W Church

Swan Margaret J., h 309 S Main

Swan Mary Mrs., housekeeper Elmira College, bds do

Swan Matthew N., boarding house 309 S Main

Swan Sarah M., student, bds 463 W Church

Swanick David F., com trav, bds Buckbee house

Swanick John H., com trav, bds Buckbee house

Swarthout Charles D., brakeman N C R R, bds 137 E Hudson

Swarthout Coe, h 137 E Hudson

Swarthout Isabel, h 459 Lake av

Swarthout James E., watchmaker and engraver 142 W Water, h 458 Riverside av

Swarthout J. Bradley, engineer N C R R, h 527 W Water

Swarthout Maria B., widow Milton M., h 527 W Water

Swarthout Clara, dressmaker 705 E Church, bds do

Swartout Eva, nurse sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Swartout Mary, bathmaid sanitarium 1019 East av bds do

Swartout Sylvester, laborer, h 458 Lake av
EMPIRE LAUNDRY, 110 West Water Street.

Swarts Fred, conductor N Y L E & W R R, h 516 Main

Swartwood Dorr M., salesman 153 Baldwin

Swartwood D. M., guard reformatory, bds do

Swartwood, Elizabeth W., teacher Riverside school, bds 204 Caldwell av

Swartwood Erasmus D., carpenter, h 354 Hoffman

Swartwood Frank L., carpenter, h 427 S Elm

SWARTWOOD LEROY W., insurance agt 153 Baldwin, h do See back cover

Swartwood W. Caldwell, insurance, bds 153 Baldwin

Swartz Frank M., engineer D L & W R R, h 1313 Benton

Swartz Benjamin M., engineer D L & W R R, h 1015 Lake

Swartz see also Schwartz

Swayne Murray, streetcar driver, bds 406 Standish

Swayze Emma, bds 1011 Oak

Swayze Gershom H., yardmaster E C & N R R, h 1011 Oak

Sweeney Annie, domestic 412 W Clinton

Sweeney Daniel, laborer, h 967 Magee

Sweeney Daniel, car repairer D L & W R R, h 366 Thurston

Sweeney Daniel J., upholsterer, bds 908 Main

Sweeney Dennis, laborer, h 306 W First

Sweeney Dennis, laborer, h 213 Park

Sweeney Ella, h 967 Magee

Sweeney Fannie, widow Eugene, h 908 Main

C. R. MATHER Coal Dealer, 104 Partridge Street. Telephone Connection


Sweeney George P., policeman, h 965 E Clinton

Sweeney Josephine, domestic 534 W Church

Sweeney Libbie, widow Joseph, h 224 W Water

Sweeney Maggie, dressmaker 111 W Water, bds do

Sweeney Matie L., cashier Telegram, bds 2 Main St bridge

Sweeney Mary, domestic 312 Dewitt

Sweeney Nellie, laundress, bds 908 Main

Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h 753 S Main

Sweeney -------- Mrs., helper 157 Baldwin

Sweeney Edward, pressman, h 602 Church

Sweeney Edward, laborer Elmira woolen mill, h 602 E Church

Sweeney Eugene, plasterer, bds 759 Jay

Sweeney Owen, laborer, h 759 Jay

Sweet Charles H., bds 262 Baldwin

Sweet Edward P., carpenter, h 638 Winsor av

Sweet Frank B., painter, h 441 W Fourth

Sweet Willifred A., brakeman D L & W R R, h 714 1-2 Day

Swetriski John, laborer, h 758 E Fifth

SWIFT ALLEN W., mgr Swift Lubricating Co, 730 W First, h 725 do See page 16

Swift David, h 607 W Church

Swift Edwin A., machinist 730 W First, bds 725 do

Swift Frank G., machinist 730 W First, bds 725 do
Plans, Elevations and Specifications by H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake Street.

Swift George W., emp J Richardson & Co, h 171 Baldwin

Swift George W. Mrs., dressmaking, 171 Baldwin

SWIFT LUBRICATOR CO., A W Swift mgr 730 W First

Swinko B. Rev., pastor Polish catholic church, h cor Rose av and Davis

Switzer George H., electrician, bds 510 E Church

Sydney Mary C., widow George, bds 970 East av

Sykes Alpha O., shoemaker Richardsons, bds 209 Orchard

Sykes Brayton, laborer, h 505 Clinton pl

Sykes Jesse F., harnessmaker h 209 Orchard

Sykes John bds 422 E Market

Sykes John F., printer Telegram h 360 W Gray

Sykes Orin N., shoemaker Richardsons, h 211 DeWitt

Sykes William, mason, h 700 Benjamin

Sylvan John C, artist, bds 615 Grove

Sylvester Charles H., photographer 159 1-2 Railroad av, h do

Sylvester Ettie, bds 1312 Baldwin

Sylvester Mary A., widow Stephen, boarding 1312 Baldwin

Sylvester Martha, bds 1312 Baldwin

Symonds Alonzo D., stone dealer, h 402 Tuttle av

Symonds Eugene, asst civil engineer Erie R R, bd 356 W Clinton

Symonds A., Mrs., widow Ebenezer, bds 402 Tuttle av

Syracuse Laundry, W H Cotton propr 376 Railroad av

No Finer Portraits made than those by the Elmira Portrait Co., 159 Baldwin-St.


Szafranski Enoch, laborer, h 211 Maple av


Taber Alfred B., nervous adjusting physician 424 W Gray, h do

Taber Dorman A., flagman N C R R, h 704 Giltanan

Taber James R., clerk Sheehan & Dean, h 315 Baldwin

Taber LeRoy, machinist, h 315 Mt Zoar

Taber Samuel C., lawyer 164 Lake, h 452 Church

Tabor George M., moulder, h 400 Pleasant

Tabor Helen M., widow LeRoy, h 517 Fulton

Tack Anthony, trav salesman, h 375 W Clinton

Tackman Caroline, widow Frederick, h 813 East

Tacy Lenora A., h 240 W Water

Taft Charles, door maker, h 718 Day

Taft Emma, domestic 760 E Second

Taft Elvira L., bds 303 Lake

Taggart Harry F., boatbuilder, h 351 W Sixth

Tait Harriet, bds 611 W Church

Talbert LaFayette, farmer, h 814 W Gray

Talmadge Samuel H., cutter 304 E Water, h 517 W Gray

Tanner Alonzo Mrs., h 333 Carroll
Ink and Mucilage Billings’ "Popular" Bookstore at 112 Baldwin-St.

Tanner Anna M., bds 100 E Hudson

Tanner Beach, student, bds 113 Fox

TANNER & ELLIS, (Jane T and Rhoda Ellis) dressmakers 308 W Church

Tanner Frank A., clerk 409 Railroad av, h 106 W Water

Tanner Ida M., student bds 113 Fox

Tanner Jane, (Tanner & Ellis) h 308 W Church

Tanner John C., trav salesman Barker, Rose & Gray, h Harford, Pa

Tanner Lydia, dressmaker, bds 207 S Elm

Tanner Robert, leather cutter, h 358 Hoffman

Tarbell Joseph, bd 117 Lake

Tarbox Bruce S., fireman N C R R, h 476 South av

Tarry Mary, domestic Elmira college, bds do

Tashjian B. M., night foreman reformatory, h 467 W Sixth

Tattersall Arthur L., laborer, h 629 W Gray

Tate J. Edward, music teacher, h 703 E Second

Tate Joshua bookkeeper 323 E Water, bds 703 E Second

Tate Richard, gardener, h 703 E Second

Taylor Alfred J., gardener, h N s Jones bel Robinson

Taylor Anna, h 104 W Second

Taylor Benjamin T., fireman N C R R, bds 209 W Miller

Taylor Charles, clerk 611 Railroad av, bds 114 W Hudson

Taylor C. I. Mrs., mind reader, h 1350 Benton



Taylor Edson F., telegrapher, bd 509 1-2 Fulton

Taylor Elias W., fish culture, h 320 W Fifth

Taylor Frank M., tinner Barker, Rose & Gray , h 935 College av

Taylor Fred, printer Gazette, bd 159 Madison av

Taylor Fred J., clerk E C & N R R, bds 527 William

Taylor Godfred, tailor 109 Washington

Taylor Henry L., clerk 313 E Water, h 421 W Water

Taylor I. Rood, practical hatter 118 W Water, h 357 W Fifth

Taylor James, driver, h 105 E Third

Taylor James A., brakeman N C R R., h 509 1-2 Fulton

Taylor J. Fred, stenographer, bds 525 William

Taylor John R., harnessmaker 214 E Water, bds Buckbee house

Taylor John R., emp Elmira Roofing Co., bds Buckee house

Taylor John W., bds 358 Norton

Taylor J. Wells, second-hand dealer 307 William, h do

Taylor J. W. Mrs., boarding 307 William

Taylor J. Wesley, carpenter, h 439 W Fourth

Taylor Julia, widow William C., Home for Aged

Taylor Lewis P., ironworker, h 713 Magee

Taylor Lizzie, music teacher, bds 713 Magee

Taylor Lewis J., brakeman, 713 Magee

TAYLOR MANSEL, mgr 163 Baldwin, h River road bel Arnot mill
ARCHITECHT, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Taylor Nathaniel A., farmer, h 366 Penna av

Taylor Rollan N., farmer, bds 366 Penna av

Taylor Russell I., tinner, h 365 1-2 Norton

Taylor Samuel O., laborer, h 969 East av

Taylor, Sylvester S., county judge and surrogate, h 425 E Market

Taylor Willie, machinist, bds 713 Magee

Taylor William, parlor car porter, h 360 E Fifth

Taylor William D., carpenter, h 1320 Benton

Taynton James E., fireman N C R R, h 403 Franklin

Taynton James W., telegrapher, bds 456 South av

Taynton John, machinist, h 414 S Main

Taynton Mary, widow William, h 456 South av

Teal Martha L., widow William, bds 505 Fulton

Teed Arthur E., clerk, h 508 Roe av

Teed Carrie N., cler, bds 203 W Henry

Teed Charles F., clerk 154 Baldwin, h 255 W Water

Teed Charles W., jeweler 59 W Forty-second, NY city, h 203 W Henry

Teed Etta, widow Colby F., h 508 Roe av

Teed Julia A., widow Thorn, h 371 Fulton

Teed Leora, bookkeeper, bds 203 W Henry

Tegart H. F., foreman reformatory, h Sixth n Columbia

Temple E., bds 156 W Third

Temple Mary A., bds 375 W Gray

Steam Dying, Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing at 231 W Water-St.


TELEGRAM CO., (The) (H.s. Brooks, Chas Hazard and James Hill) E Market cor Exchange pl

Telephone Exchange, F Eugene Smith mgr, State cor Nicks, 3d floor

Temple Shoe Store, 105 W Water, John Dixon mgr

Templer Marshall E., engineer D L & W R R, h 359 Norton

Templer Victor, helper D L & W round house, bds 359 Norton

Templer Wayne, clerk D L & W yard office, bds 359 Norton

TenBroeck Alonzo P., engineer brush factory, h 160 Washington

TenBroeck Floyd G., musician, bds 119 Caldwell av

TenBroeck Harriet L., teacher sch No 1, bds 510 E Church

TenBroeck William R., bookkeeper 120-122 Lake, h 119 Caldwell av

Teneyck Elmer E., carpenter, bds 156 W Third

Teneyck George F., carpenter, h 519 Penna av

Terbury Franklin, carpenter, h 102 S Elm

Terrell Grant T., hostler, h r 507 E Water

Terrill George, moulder, h W s Keefe n W Miller

Terrill Mary, cook 150 Main

Terrill Thomas, boilermaker, bds 710 Giltanan

Terry Charles, brakeman, bds 306 Norton

Terry Charles A., laborer, h 406 Walnut

Terry William H., fireman N C R R, h 533 Balsam

Terry Charles S., dentist 100 W Water, bds 630 do
Go to the Empire Laundry for Fine Work.

Terry Ezra C., dentist 100 W Water, h 630 do

TERRY LOUISE, milliner 107 S Main, h do

Terry Rhoda, dressmaker, bds 332 E Water

Terry William E., mgr Lowman creamery, h 107 S Main

Terwilliger Arthur B., conductor D L & W, h 426 Standish

Terwilliger Belle, bds 210 W Water

Terwilliger Carr, engineer sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Terwilliger Carrie, laundress, bds 1319 Lake

Terwilliger Edgar B., h 1319 Lake

Terwilliger Edith, clerk 108 1-2 N Main, bds 165 W Gray

Terwilliger Fred A., emp Electric Light Co, h 670 East av

Terwilliger Horace K., laborer bridge works, h 719 Erie

Terwilliger H. K., carpenter, h 503 Spaulding

Terwilliger John L., carpenter, h 210 W Water

Terwilliger Lewis A., fireman D L & W, h 384 Norton

Tesch Annie, domestic 704 N Main

Teters Henry, h 1004 Walnut

TEWKSBURY ANDERSON D., specialist eye ear and throat 122 N Main, h do

TEWKSBURY, CHARLES L., mgr W C T U coffee house 157 Baldwin, h do

Thacher Caroline L., bds 468 E Church

Thacher Charles C., asst secy inter-state fair, h 468 E Church

Thacher Nellie M., bds 468 E Church

What Does G R I S W O L D Do? Consult Directory


Thrall Lydia, widow Corydon W., h 301 W Clinton

Thayer Charles E., car repairer N C R R, h 255 South av

Thayer James, farmer, Silsby farm Lake n limits

Thayer Richard M., farmer, Lake n limits

Theetge Fred, baker, h 362 W Third

Theetge Julius S., fireman E R R, h 310 W Fourth

Theetge Mary, widow John H., h 664 Lake

Theetge Oliver, baker h 362 W Third

The Elmira Roofing Co., E B Youmans secy and treas 312 Carroll

The Frenchman’s Café, Dolphis Bourgeois propr 135 W Water

Thiele Godfried, tailor 109 Washington, h do

Thomas Ada A., student, bds 320 Suth av

Thomas Alice M., operative, bds 907 Stowell

Thomas Augusta, cook 117 Lake, bds do

Thomas Barbara, widow Fred, h 814 W First

Thomas Berniece E., student, bds 211 Homer

Thomas Burton, train agt N C R R, h 500 W Clinton

THOMAS CHARLES, machinist, 215 W Second, h 211 Horner, See adv p 6

Thomas David, h 513 William

Thomas Della Mrs., matron Water Cure 1019 East av

Thomas Delos L., clerk Wyckoff house
Get your Plans and Specifications of H. O. Smith, The Architect, 108 Lake Street

Thomas D. S. Mrs., matron sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Thomas George, (George Thomas & Co,) h at Chicago

Thomas George & Co., (George Thomas and Richard L Boyd,) grain dealers W Third n Railroad av

Thomas Hannah, widow N Spencer, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Herbert S, machinist, also draughtsman, h 461 South av

Thomas Horace E., machinist, h 122 Caldwell

Thomas James L., clerk, h 216 W Third

Thomas John P., laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Thomas Joseph, fireman N C R R., h 320 South av

Thomas Luke, coachman Sanitarium, 1019 East av, bds do

Thomas Mary, widow Dandridge, h 615 Dickinson

Thomas Mary Mrs., h 907 Stowell

Thomas Napolean, carpenter h 814 W First

Thomas Octavius, laborer, h 302 E Washington av

Thomas Owen G, carpenter, h 814 East av

Thomas Percival W., engineer Payne shops, bds 766 S Main

Thomas Reba I., bds 368 W Clinton

Thomas Robert W., foreman Bessey’s laundry, h 266 W Chemung

Thomas Thomas G., emp rolling mill, bds 907 Stowell

Thomas T. W., h Railroad av cor Stowell

Thomas W. M. P., engineer, bds 766 S Main

Thomas William, laborer, h 607 E Clinton pl

Ask any Business Man in Elmira concerning the portrait work of the Elmira Portrait Co., 159 Baldwin St.,


Thomas William, h 223 Franklin

Thomas William E., roller, h 724 Hatch

Thompson Bert emp N C R R round house, h 514 Herrick

Thompson Caroline E. Mrs., bds 711 College av

Thompson Charles E., teamster, h 104 W First

Thompson Charles F., bookkeeper S H Laney, h 114 Orchard

Thompson Delia, widow James H., h 212 College av

Thompson Deverne, telegrapher, h 379 S Main

Thompson Eliza, widow Z., h 1204 Maxwell av

Thompson Ella, clerk 305 E Water, bds 806 E Market

Thompson Emma, widow Charles A., h 215 S Walnut

Thompson Eugene C., student, bds 619 W Gray

Thompson Fannie J., bds 380 W Gray

Thompson Frank, clerk 159 Railroad av, bds 106 W Gray

Thompson Fred, switchman, h 730 Hatch

Thompson George E., emp Sheely’s tannery, bds 215 Walnut

Thompson George W., brakeman N Y L E & W R R, h 209 W Henry

Thompson Harry R., elevator Rathbun house

Thompson Harry R., clerk, bds 154 W Third

Thompson Headley, trav salesman, h 531 Mt Zoar

Thompson Henry, bds 311 Mt Zoar
Bargains, - Books, - Billings, - Baldwin - Street.

Thompson Henry, nurse, bds 302 William

THOMPSON HOWARD S., groceries, feed and hay 202, 204 S Main, h do

Thompson, Ira N., (Marim & Thompson,) h 410 Locust

Thompson I. E., com trav, h 502 E Union

Thompson Jessie M., bds 380 W Gray

Thompson J. Fred, drug clerk, bds 154 W Third

Thompson George, machinist, h 510 Balsam

Thompson John, engineer D L & W R R, bds 857 Dickinson

Thompson J. A. Mrs., h 154 W Third

Thompson John M., h 380 W Gray

Thompson Lillian E., bds 531 W Church

Thompson Maggie, bds 817 Canal

Thompson Martha O., widow George, bds 505 Lake

Thompson Mary, emp Richardson’s, bds 817 Canal

Thompson Mary A. Mrs., h 154 W Third

Thompson Mary C., widow Samuel, bds 502 Penna av

Thompson Minnie E., bds 531 W Church

Thompson Norman J., (N J Thompson & Co, h 458 W Water

THOMPSON N. J. & CO., wholesale hats and caps 178, 180, 182 State

Thompson Orpha W., teacher sch No 4, bds 2 Irvine pl

Thompson Oscar, emp reformatory, h 531 W Church

Thompson S. A., widow Daniel J., h 317 DeWitt



Thompson Patrick, laborer, bds 100 Park

Thompson Rollin S., clerk N Y L E & W R R fgt office, bds 154 W Third

Thompson Samuel J., telegrapher, h 311 Mt Zoar

Thompson Susan A., teacher, bds 212 College av

Thompson Thomas, shoe cutter, bds 817 Canal

Thompson William, laborer, bds 817 Canal

Thompson William C., blacksmith, bds 107 W Second

Thompson William J., laborer, bds 817 Canal

Thompson William L., brakeman N C R R, bds W s Sutton n S Main

Thompson William W., student, bds 531 W Clinton

Thompson W. Miss, bds 531 W Clinton

Thorn Mittie, C., teacher, bds 500 William

Thorn May M., teacher school No. 5, bds 501 Baldwin

Thorndell John, mason, 321 Roe av

Thornton Ada, domestic 409 N Main

THORNTON ELLISON E., real estate E Water cor Baldwin, h 551 Franklin

Thornton Frank, laborer, h 971 E Clinton

Thornton Harvey A., broommaker 430 Pleasant, h do

Thornton James, blacksmith, bds 523 Penna av

Thornton Kate, waitress Rathbun house

Thorton William, laborer, h 709 Dickinson

Thornton William, porter Rathbun house
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Thorpe Frank, laborer, h 652 Lake

Thorpe Iradell D., clerk 311 E Water, bds 110 College av

Thro Francis J., h 650 Lake

Thro Isabel Mrs., nurse, h 311 South av

Thro Mary E., widow David, bds 501 E Water

Thro Sam W., clerk 317 E Water, bds 650 Lake

Thurston Ariel S., lawyer Lake cor Water, h 413 N Main

Thurber Burr N., emp Payne’s shop, h 314 S av

Thurston Catherine J., widow William, h 1053 Walnut

Thurston Charles P., lawyer 100 Lake, h 363 College av

THURSTON & HASKELL, (R Thurston and M C Haskell) carpenters and builders 362 and 364 State (See adv)

Thurston Louie, bds 1053 Walnut

Thurston Moses W, barber and hair dresser 301 Railroad av R Y M C A bulding, h 102 W Gray

Thurston Reuben (Thurston & Haskell) h 1056 Walnut

Thurston Richard H., (Reynolds, Stanchfield, & Collin) h 413 Main

Tice B. W., teacher, bds 518 Penna av

Tice Elizabeth, widow Joseph S., h 307 W Clinton

Tice Etta, dressmaker bds Maple av cor Horner

Tice Fanny, teacher school No. 2, bds 422 W Gray

Tice Florence, teacher school No. 5, bds 127 W Market

Tice John, h Fifth cor Dickinson

Second-Hand Clothing - Bought and Sold - at 231 W Water-St.