Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Pg. 352

Reul Wiliam, miller, 621 W Gray

Reuse Edward, laborer, h 116 S Second

Reutlenger Charles, driver 118 College av

Rew James, tailor, h 56 Orchard

Rew James W., compositor Advertiser, bds 56 Orchard

Rew Samuel, barber, bds 56 Orchard

Rewolinski Thomas, shoemaker Lake cor Market, h 766 E Fifth

Reynolds Alice T., bds 246 Lake

Reynolds Anna E., bds 246 Lake

Reynolds Arthur G., h 389 W Water

Reynolds Augusta Mrs., cook and laundress, bds 734 Harper

Reynolds Charles K., night clerk postoffice, h 120 Caldwell av

Reynolds Cornelius F., carpenter, h 412 Herrick

Reynolds Delavan W., bookkeeper O D Goodrich & Co., h 426 W Clinton

Reynolds Edwin, gardener, h E s Southport n limits

Reynolds Emma S., dressmaking 111 W Water, h do

Reynolds Emma M. Mrs., bds 506 W Third

Reynolds Fred B., electrician, bds 389 W Water

Reynolds Fred P., physician, bds 318 William

Reynolds Gardner, farmer, bds Homestead hotel

Reynolds George W., student, bds 426 W Clinton

Reynolds Harriet A., widow Absalom G., bds 120 Caldwell av

Reynolds Jane, widow William, bds 223 Baldwin

Reynolds Jennie S., bds 451 W First

Reynolds John A., (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin) h 312 Lake

Reynolds Julia S. Mrs., real estate, 246 Lake

Reynolds Lena, bds E s Southport n limits

Reynolds Olive B., widow Eugene, h 122 Brand

Reynolds Olive B., h 317 W Third

Reynolds Peter, laborer, h 116 E Fifth

Reynolds Roswell A., tinsmith, bds 412 Herrick

Reynolds Samuel N., contractor 451 W First

Reynolds Sophia Mrs., h 610 Main

Reynolds S. T., bds Rathbun house

REYNOLDS, STANCHFIELD & COLLIN, (J A Reynolds, J B Stanchfield, F Collin and R H Thurston) Chemung Canal bank bldng

Reynolds Spurgeon A., brakeman N C R R, h 225 Brand

Reynolds Miriam A., bds 389 W Water

Reynolds William D., (O D Goodrich & Co) h 366 W Gray

Reynolds William B., engineer chemical fire department h 504 E Church

Rheutan Minnie, bds 362 Diven av

Rhinesmith Mary A., bds 320 E Water

Rhoades Anna E., widow Nathaniel, h 422 S Broadway

Pg. 353

Rhoades Cornelius, carpenter, h 729 Casey

Rhoades Eliza C. Mrs., h 8 Burdick

Rhoades Erastus B., butcher, bds 422 S Broadway

Rhoades Isaac, emp N C R R shops, bds 8 Burdick

Rhoades Minetta, dressmaker, bds 8 Burdick

Rhoades Nathaniel, teamster, h 262 Partridge

Rhoan Martin, laborer, bds 411 S Main

Rhode Christian, tanner, h 913 E Church

Rhode Gotleib, laborer Weyer's brick yd h 705 Sullivan

Rhodes Bert, student, bds 804 W First

Rhodes Christian, laborer, h 906 E Clinton

Rhodes Christian G., drayman, h 915 E Church

Rhodes G. Dana, gen insurance 335 E Water cor Lake, h 613 Walnut

Rhodes Ed, polisher, h 716 Baldwin

Rhodes Eugene, laborer, h 729 Casey

Rhodes Frank, mgr Chemung Valley Beef Co., h 804 W First

Rhodes Lena, student, bds 804 W First

Rhodes Silas R., h 633 W Water

Rhodes William D., driver 116 E Water, bds 100 Fulton

Rhymer Henry T., expressman, h 157 Harriet

Rhymer Hiram B., letter carrier, h 253 Baldwin

Ribble Eugene H., engineer N C R R, h 354 Franklin

RICE ALFRED T., seedman and florist 163 Baldwin h river rd bel Arnots mill

Rice Charles, clerk 305 Division, h 1307 Maxwell av

Rice Charles J., trav salesman, bds 357 W Gray

Rice Daniel E., (D O Rice & Son), h 312 Columbia

Rice Daniel O., (D O Rice & Son), h 112 W Church

RICE D. O. & SON, (D O and D E Rice), groceries, flour etc 101 E Church cor Railroad av

Rice Daniel T., doormaker Fitch & Aldrich, h 615 E Second

Rice Edward, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1307 Maxwell av

Rice Edward C., train agt N C R R, bds 119 Penna av

Eice Elijah J., asst foreman N C R R shops, h 530 Perine

Rice Fannie L., 112 W Church

Rice Irving F., bottler 317 Sullivan, h 405 High

Rice John C., carpenter, h 402 S Broadway

Rice John J., clerk 201 E Water, bds 765 do

Rice Lawrence, shoemaker also grocer 765 E Water, h do

Rice Lewis E., car repairer N C R R, h 513 Perine

Rice William C., doormaker, h 379 S Main

Rich Frank C., baker 160 W Clinton

Rich Richard H., carpenter, h 743 W Church

Richard Augustus, stone cutter, h 702 Dickinson

Richard E. J., emp J Richardson & Co, bds 113 High

Pg. 354

RICHARDS GEORGE A., surgeon dentist 54 S Main, h do

Richards Hattie L., h 414 College av

Richards Richard, tallyman fgt house, h 414 W First

Richards William A., yard master Erie R R, h 607 Walnut

Richardson Caroline O., widow William, bds 395 W Water

Richardson Charles A., clerk 104, 106 E Water, bds 666 Magee

Richardson Daniel, (Sheehan, Dean & Co.) h 368 Fulton

Richardson Daniel, boot and shoemaker and repairer 100 E Water, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Fred H., shipping clerk, h 308 E Church

Richardson Jackson, pres Elmira National bank, and pres Elmira savings bank, h 309 W Church

Richardson James, salesman, bds Magee

RICHARDSON J. & CO., ( J Richardson, A M Westlake and C H Hawkes), boot and shoe manuf Railroad av cor W Market

Richardson J. Delos, gardener, h 451 South av

Richardson John, mason, h 372 Fulton

Richardson J., bds 110 Lake

Richardson Margaret, widow Charles, h 666 Magee

Richardson Thenia, bds 451 South av

Richter Edward H., machinist, h 903 E Market

Richardson William J., trav salesman, h 104 Elm

Richford John, shipping clerk J W Carroll, bds W Water outside city

Rickard Daniel P., carpenter, h 400 W Clinton

Rickard Ellen R., h 237 W Water

Rickard George, laborer, h ft Luce

Ricker William H., carpenter, h 515 W Clinton

Richert Robert, brakeman L V R R, bds Blyley house

Rickay Philetus O., overseer reformatory, h 1005 Lincoln

Richter William, brakeman, bds 546 S Main

Riddell Charles, tailor, bds 154 Fox

Riddle Charles F., clerk Tioga div Erie, bds 250 W Chemung pl

Reider Geo., teamster reformatory, bds do

Rider Sarah A., bds 614 Lewis

Rider Sarah E., widow Nelson, h 614 Lewis

Ridge Hattie, domestic 206 Columbia

Ridgeway James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 926 Maxwell av

Ridgeway Oscar F., carpenter, bds 156 W Third

Riebel Anna, widow Jacob, h 459 Spaulding

Riebel Charles H., grocer, 450 Spaulding

Riebel Jacob, printer Star office, bds 459 Spaulding

Riebel Mary A., clerk 450 Spaulding, bds do

Riedinger Anna, widow Jacob, bds 605 E Water

Reidinger Philip F., com trav, h 603 W Church

Pg. 355

Riegertd George, farmer, h N s Luce n river

Riegertd William, shoemaker, bds Luce n river

Rielly Margaret, widow William, h 118 Spring

Rielly Michael, mason, h 150 S Second

Rielly Thomas, moulder, h 710 Junction

Rietmann Albert J., barber, h 53 First av

Rife Charles, painter, bds 377 W Water

Rife H. B., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 306 W Water

Rife John M., salesman 305 E Water, h 415 Main

Rife Ruth, widow William, h 377 W Water

Riffe Ellen, emp Richardson & Co., h 320 Hine

Riffe Henry, emp J Richardson & Co., h 320 Hine

Riffe James, h 320 Hine

Riffe John, shoemaker J Richardson & Co., h 320 Hine

Riffe Patrick H., laborer, bds 320 Hine

Riford Andrew, stone mason, bds 113 Fox

Rigan Richard, laborer, h 200 Park

Riggs Charles H., carpenter Erie shops, h 504 E Church

Riggs Cora G. Mrs., h 413 W Water

Riggs Edith T., teacher Riverside sch, bds 113 Partridge

Riggs Edward H., engineer N C R R, h 113 Partridge

Riggs Libbie, domestic 856 Magee

Riggs Lewis J., bookkeeper 109, 111 and 113 Lake, bds 113 Partridge

Riggs Louis J., bookkeeper 119 Lake, bds 113 Partridge

Riggs Sarah, nurse 326 Baldwin

Riggs William H., blacksmith, bds 321 E Washington av

Rigney James H., driver, bds 160 Baldwin

Rikeldifer Lewis, brakeman Tioga div, h 444 W Fifth

Riker Andrew J., carpenter and builder, h 619 Lake

Riker Edward, painter, h 700 E Church

Riker Eleanor M., h 308 Baldwin

Riker Emma, bds 508 E Clinton

Riker George H., molding sticker Fitch & Aldrich, 508 E Clinton

Riker John K., laborer, h 760 Day

Riley Andrew, telegraph operator, h 150 W Fifth

Riley Catharine Mrs., grocer 401 Fulton, h do

Riley Elizabeth Mrs., h 50 Harmon

Riley Ellen, domestic 313 Lake

Riley Frank, brakeman L V R R, bds Blyley house

Riley J. Edward, mgr N Y L E & W R R tel office, h 250 W Chemung pl

Riley John, carpenter, h 52 Harmon

Riley John, fireman, bds Elmira house

Riley John J., propr City hotel 507 Railroad av, h do

Pg. 356

Riley Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, h 204 E Washington av

Riley Thomas, laborer, N C R R shops, h 716 Junction

Riley William, grocery 150 Washington av, h do

Riley William E., machinist, bds 52 Harmon

Rillinger Theresa, cook 509 Railroad av

Rineher John, laborer, h 720 Dickinson

Rinhard Mary, milliner, bds 217 1-2 Lormore

Rinker Frank, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Rinterher Charles, coachman 188 College av

Rippier Arthur S., clerk Wells, Fargo & Co Ex, h 152 W Clinton

Rippley Phoebe Mrs., h Park church

Rising Elmer S., tel operator, 308 1-2 S Main

Ritchie Carrie A., bds 510 Logan

Ritchie Charles H., foreman finishing room J Richardson & Co, h 510 Logan

Richie Jennie, bds 510 Logan

Richie Nellie A., bds 510 Logan

Ritz Julia, widow Adam, bds 857 E Water

Roach Charles H., (Roach & Fishler), h 208 Columbia

ROACH & FISHLER, (C. H. R. and Viola Fishler Barber), general insurance 305 Carroll

Roach Kate, dressmaker, bds 314 High

Roach Mamie, bds 314 High

Roach Margaret, bds 632 Lewis

Roach Mary, widow John, h 314 High

Roach Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 302 Diven av

Roach William, section boss E C & N R R, h 321 Norton

Roan Ernest, bookkeeper Elmira Portrait Co., bds 613 Grove

Robbins Clinton, night watchman N C R R shops, bds 209 W Miller

Robbins Frank E., apprentice 138 W Water, bds 512 Madison av

Robbins George E., flagman Water street crossing, h 518 Penna av

Robbins Harriet, widow Russell, h 357 Columbia

Robbins Jennie, teacher, Southport corners

Robbins Sarah, Mrs., h 518 Penna av

Robbins William, hostler, h 356 Walnut

Roberts Abram B., h 609 W Water

Roberts Abram B. Mrs., dressmaker 609 W Water, h do

Pg. 357

Roberts Adeline, domestic 311 Orchard

Roberts Albert C., clerk 216 W Water, h 159 Orchard

Roberts Alice J., bds 500 E Union

Roberts Alpha, domestic Home for Aged

Roberts Amaziah, fireman, bds 440 E Water

Roberts Annie S., bds 105 E Washington av

Roberts Benjamin F., clerk 105 E Washington av, bds do

Roberts Catharine E., h 518 Baldwin

Roberts Ceil, laborer, bds 716 Benjamin

Roberts Charles V., blacksmith, bds 518 Baldwin

Roberts Edward, brewer, h 505 E Third

Roberts Eli, flagman N C R R, h 478 S av

Roberts Eliza J., widow S. F., h 500 E Union

Roberts Ethan V., mason, h 53 Orchard

Roberts Ezra M., h 564 Diven av

Roberts Frank G., clerk Conklin's bakery, h 159 Orchard

Roberts Floyd H., h 609 W Water

Roberts George L., tinsmith 307 E Water, bds 105 Main

ROBERTS H. A., MRS., grocer 105 E Washington av, also 717 Walnut, h 105 E Washington av

Roberts Hannah, widow Henry L., h 159 Orchard

Roberts Henry Mrs., h 217 S Main

Roberts Henry S., drayman, h 105 Harriet

Roberts Herald, drayman, h 909 E Church

Roberts Ira C., blacksmith, h 1203 Hall

Roberts Isaac, laborer, h 1004 1-2 Oak

Roberts John I., (Huntley & Roberts) h 700 E Second

ROBERTS JOHN W., prop Elmira Shorthand college opera house blk, h 314 Madison av

Roberts Joseph, wholesale dry goods and jewelry 800 John, h do

Roberts Kate, bds 657 E Market

Roberts Leon A., sashmaker, bds 507 E Water

Roberts Lydia A., h 507 E Water

Roberts Lyman, farmer, h 556 John

Roberts Margaret Mrs., domestic 372 W Water

Roberts Martha E., widow Silas B., h 220 E Water

Roberts Mary, widow, h 104 W Second

Roberts Orcelous B., carpenter, 716 Baldwin

Roberts Sarah E., widow James, h 311 Orchard

Roberts Shadrack, laborer, h 504 E Third

Roberts Stephen T., laborer, bds 705 E Church

Roberts Thomas C., clerk 105 E Washington av, bds do

Roberts William, coachman 403 William

Roberts William, steam dye and cleaning works 436 E Water, h do

Robertshaw John, cook Rathbun house, bds do

Pg. 358

Robertshaw Clement, messenger U S Express Co., h Maple av cor Home

Robertson Andrew J., (Robertson, Smith & Bull), h 505 Lake

Robertson Arthur, laborer, bds 623 Mt Zoar

Robertson Edward, hostler, h 106 Ferris

Robertson Henry B., carpenter, h 104 S Walnut

ROBERTSON HOLLIS C., lawyer 202 E Water, h W First n limits

Robertson Martha D., widow Archibald, bds 817 W Church

Robertson Newton P., com trav 116 Railroad av, h 452 W Church

Robertson Samuel S., shoemaker 137 E Water, bds Madison av

ROBERTSON, SMITH & BULL, (A J R, D W S and J B jr) lawyers 124 Lake

Robertson W. B., real estate, h 393 W Water

Robertson W. B. Mrs., bds 393 W Water

Robeson George W., clerk 606 N Main, bds do

Robeson Irving S., clerk, bds 606 N Main

Robeson Millard F., dealer in cutlery 606 N Main, h do

Robinson Abbie W., widow N H, h 401 Lake

Robinson Addie M., teacher Elmira business college, bds 262 Baldwin

Robinson Aurelia A., widow John, h 702 E Water

Robinson Chauncey, carpenter, h 121 Judson

ROBINSON DAVID C., lawyer 159 Lake Robinson building, president Elmira & Horseheads Street Railway Co., h Maple av n Horner

Robinson Edward, clerk 158 W Third, h do

Robinson Eleanor, bds Maple av n Horner

Robinson Frank, clerk 153 Lake, bds 374 W Third

Robinson Frank, laborer, bds 507 E Clinton

ROBINSON FRANK P., agt Union News Co., under Delavan house, also alderman sixth ward, h 420 W Clinton

Robinson George M., (J M Robinson, Sons & Co) Lake, h 302 William sec'y Inter-State Fair

Robinson Harriet R., h 410 Lake

ROBINSON HARRY D., meat market 203 Penna av, h 123 Caldwell av

Robinson James R. Rev., pastor Southport Presbyterian church, h Southport corners

ROBINSON J. M., SONS & CO., (George M, L D and N W) mfrs of and dealers in furniture 159, 161 and 163 Lake

Robinson John A., carpenter, bds 121 Judson

Robinson John B., h 410 Lake

Robinson John R., clerk N C shops, bds 374 W Third

Robinson John S., emp Erie coal yard, h Elm cor James pl

Robinson Joseph, bookkeeper, bds 419 W Fourth

Robinson Joseph, laborer, h 917 John

Pg. 359

Robinson Lottie C., student, bds 369 W Water

Robinson Lucius D., (J M Robinson, Sons & Co) h 302 William

Robinson Martha, widow John, h 374 W Third

Robinson Mary, bds 302 William

Robinson Nancy, widow of J. M., h 302 William

Robinson Nelson, barber, h 360 E Fifth

Robinson Newell D., painter, h 409 W Second

Robinson Norman H., fireman N C R R, h 410 Jefferson

Robinson Philip, laborer, bds 507 Clinton pl

Robinson Richard W., bds 404 Lake

Robinson Samuel, shoemaker 137 E Water, h 204 Madison av

Robinson Walter H., clerk Barton & Wheadon, h 100 Fulton

Robinson William A., (Meyer & Robinson) h 121 Judson

Robinson William G., brakeman D L & W R R, h 213 Thurston

Roblier Charles, com trav, bds 218 William

Robskie Patrick, laborer, h 832 Canal

Roby Arthur B., fireman N C R R, h N s Sutton n S Main

Roby Clarence R., bds N s Sutton n S Main

Roby R. K., fireman M C R R, h 709 1-2 Kenyon

Roche M. E., Mrs., saloon 351 Railroad av, h do

Rock Spring Brewery, Charles Gerber prop, River rd S E limits

Rockwell Albert E., brakeman N C R R, h 517 Fulton

Rockwell Abram B., asst surveyor, h 438 W Fifth

Rockwell Abram B., baggage master E C & N R R, h 1021 1-2 Oak

Rockwell Arthur, brakeman, h 227 Franklin

Rockwell Arthur J., brakeman N C R R, bds 517 Fulton

Rockwell Clara B., stenographer 159 Lake, bds 123 Caldwell av

Rockwell Edmund S., blacksmith LaFrance shops, bds Maple av n limits

Rockwell Fred M., machinist bridge works, h E Miller n Erie

Rockwell Hosea H., (Rockwell & McDowell) h 364 W Clinton

Rockwell Ida M., clerk 301, 303 E Water

Rockwell John B., expressman, h 1021 Oak

Rockwell Julia, widow Andrew J., bds 373 Penna av

Rockwell Mary E., milliner, bds 315 Orchard

ROCKWELL & McDOWELL, (H H Rockwell and J G McDowell) lawyers 100 Lake

Rockwell Silas B., h 315 Orchard

Rockwell William, printer, bds 438 W Fifth

Rockwell William, tobacco worker Brand's, h John cor High

Rockwell William H., baggage master E C & N R R, h 404 Division

Rode Carist, laborer, h 960 E Clinton

Rode Joseph, laborer, h 960 1-2 E Clinton

Rodgers John, laborer, bds 109 Fulton

Pg. 360

Rodgers Maggie, teacher school No. 3, bds 109 Fulton

Rodgers Maria, laundress, h 109 Fulton

Rodgers Nellie, laundress, bds 109 Fulton

Rodgers see also Rogers

Rodie Mary, domestic 119 Madison av

Rody John, laborer, h 711 E Fifth

Roe Charles F., h 305 College av

Roe Edward D., farmer, h 1151 College av

Roe Frank Mrs., widow George W., h 516 Spaulding

Roe John, farmer Hoffman n limits

Roe John C., farmer, h Hoffman

Roe John M., gardener Sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Roe Joseph M., h 401 N Main

Roe Lucinda A., widow James M., h 605 W First

Roherer Joseph, tailor 111, 113 E Water, h 121 1-2 Sullivan

Roemmelt Fred, bar tender E Clinton cor Lake

Roemmelt Michael G., (Roemmelt & Hunt), h 715 Washington av

Roemmelt & Hunt, (M C Roemmelt and J H Hunt), meat market 1206 Benton

ROEMMELT SOPHIA, saloon and bottling works, East Clinton cor Lake

Roening John, blacksmith, bds 112 E Hudson

Roesel Casper, florest, bds 707 Winsor av

Roff Charles C., telegrapher, h Reformatory av

Roger Alfred, emp N C R R shops, h 609 S Main

Rogers Ardell, domestic 351 W Church

Rogers Charles A., stenographer Erie fgt house bds 301 E Church

Rogers Edgar D., (H H Rogers & Co.) h Buffalo N Y

Rogers Edward B., dist supt N Y and Pa Telephone & Telegraph Co, h 711 Main

Rogers Edwin, photographer Railroad cor E Water, bds 368 W First

Rogers Ellen, widow Stephen, h 423 W Fourth

Rogers Fayette E., clerk 102 W Water, h 105 Elm

Rogers Frederick H., bds 1021 1-2 Oak

Rogers George H., clerk, h 216 W Gray

Rogers George W., artist Telegram, h 607 W Water

Rogers Grace, housekeeper 711 N Main

Rogers Herbert H. & Co., (H H and E D Rogers) gloves 138 E Water

Rogers Jennie, dressmaker 423 W Fourth, h do

Rogers John, laborer, h 603 Hoffman

Rogers John B., clerk 1128 Lake, h 1021 1-2 Oak

Rogers Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 1024 College av

Rogers Michael, shoemaker, h 805 Magee

Rogers Nathaniel C., bookkeeper Durland & Pratt's, h 310 DeWitt

Rogers Sylvester B., grocer 1128 Lake, h do

Rogers Theresa, dressmaker 423 W Fourth, h do

Pg. 361

Rogers William, clerk 600 Penna av, bds do

Rogers William B., law student 124 Lake, h 310 DeWitt

Rogers William J., machinist D L & W R R, h 1024 College av

Rogers William J., jr., clerk E Water, bds 1024 College av

Rogers see also Rodgers

Rohan Bridget, widow Martin, bds 381 Penna av

Rohan John J., tinsmith, h 381 Railroad av

Rohan Martin, straw peddler, bds 411 S Main

Rohda Augustus, bartender 140 E Water, bds do

Rohn Ella, domestic Buckbee house

Roll Edward M., bookkeeper 158 Baldwin, bds 454 W Third

ROLL MANNING R., paints, oils and artist's materials, 158 Baldwin, h 455 W Third

Roll Martin L., h 218 William

Rollett Arthur W., coachman 351 Main, h 150 Washington

Rollett Thomas, hostler, h 310 E Water

Rollett William H., clerk 311 E Water, bds 310 do

Rollin Henry H., whitewasher, h 750 E Fifth

Rollins Ed, engraver, h 308 Spaulding

Rollison Frances, dressmaker, h 154 W Clinton

ROMER ANTOINE., clothing 216 E Water, h 115 College av

Romer Charles B., clerk 216 E Water, bds 115 College av

Romer Harriet S., bds 115 College av

Ronan John J., excise clerk, bds 569 E Water

Ronan Mary A., widow Patrick, grocer 569 E Water, h do

Ronan Michael, conductor street car, bds 113 E Miller

Ronan Roger, locomotive engineer, h 113 E Miller

Ronan William H., lawyer also clerk of board of supervisors, also clerk county treasurer's office 336 E Water, bds 569 E Water

Ronan William J., blindmaker, bds 502 Columbia

Rone Earnest J., bookkeeper, 159 Baldwin

Roody Christian, laborer, h 906 E Clinton

Roof John (Friend Metzger & Co.), h 566 E Water

Roof John W., manager 166 Lake, bds 566 E Water

Rook Andrew, mason, h 1117 N Elm

Rook Lewis, laborer, bds 1117 Elm

Rooney Annie, cook 314 Carroll, bds do

Rooney Charles, machinist, bds 1104 Lake

Rooney James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 302 Washington av

Roosa Augustus P., glazier Fitch & Aldrich, h 391 W Water

Roosa Charles C., com trav, h 712 W Water

Roosa Frances E., music teacher, h 391 W Water

Roosa John K., student, bds 119 Catharine

Roosa John H., shoemaker Richardson's shoe shop, h 714 Davis

Pg. 362

Roosa William P., letter carrier, h 119 Catharine

Root Charles, brakeman D L & W R R, h 919 Benton

ROOT CHARLES H., mgr Singer Machine Co., 104 Lake, bds 105 Columbia

Root Charles J., h 352 W Clinton

ROOT EUGENE, livery 208 Mt Zoar, h 210 do

Root Julia, widow Solomon, h 654 E Church

ROOT JULIUS S., dentist 328 E Water

Root Mary L., dress and cloak maker, h 210 Mt Zoar

ROPER EDWIN K., attorney and counsellor at law, 436 E Water, h 357 W Second

Roper Merrick J., clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, h 104 Brand

Rorick Charles E., teamster, h 518 W First

Rorick Charles J., tobacco sweatter, h 624 W Gray

Rorick Eliza, domestic 517 W Gray

Rorrick Mary A., h 227 W Water

Rosar Peter, teamster, h driving park Grand Central av

Roscoe Phillip, carpenter, h 110 College av

Rose Alice L., dressmaking, 126 W Water

Rose Clark P., conductor D L & W R R., bds 630 Lake

Rose Ella A., bds 327 Baldwin

Rose Eliza M., widow James, boarding house, 616 Lake

Rose Fannie E., bds 866 Magee

Rose Florence, student, 353 W Church

Rose George W., blacksmith 450 E Water, h 156 Orchard

Rose James, machinist, bds 408 Baldwin

Rose Lee E., machinist, h 320 Penna av

Rose Mable C., 866 Magee

Rose Philotte, widow Jonas, h 129 W Water

Rose Susan A., teacher, 866 Magee

Rose Stephen (Barker, Rose & Gray) h 866 Magee

ROSE THEODORE C., lawyer and court stenographer, Robinson building 163 Lake, h 353 W Church

Rosebury Nathan G., wagonmaker, h 515 Spaulding

Pg. 363

Roseman Abram (Roseman & Levy) h N Y city

Roseman & Levy (Abram R and M G L) wholesale jewelers 105 W Water

Rosenbaum Henry L., ( L Rosenbaum & Sons) h 224 W First

ROSENBAUM L. & SONS, (Martin & Henry L) millinery and cloaks and dry goods 201 E Water

Rosenbaum Martin (L Rosenbaum & Sons), h 215 W Church

Rosenbaum Mary, dressmaker, bds 113 Harriet

Rosenbaum Max G., peddler, h 113 Harriet

Rosenbeck Fannie grocer 713 E Market cor Orchard, h do

Rosenbeck Hattie, dressmaker 504 E Market, bds 713 E Market

Rosenbeck Louis, bds 713 E Market

Rosenbeck Moses, grocery 713 E Market cor Orchard, h do

Rosenbeck Rosa, milliner 201 E Water, bds 713 E Market

Rosenbloon Charles A., trav optician, h 810 John

Rosencrance Gussie, stenographer, bds 319 Carroll

Rosencrans Theodore, laborer, h 165 Sullivan

Rosencrans Eugene, collector 434 E Water, bds 825 E Second

Rosenkrans Melissa, widow Alva B., bds 150 S Second

Rosenkranz Augusta, stenographer, bds 301 E Church

Rosenthal Alexander, student, bds 119 Harriet

Roser Anna, domestic 319 William

Rosicki Antony, laborer, h Reformatory av n N Y L & W R R

ROSINSKI ANDREW, hotel and saloon 620 Baldwin, h do

Rosinski Andrew, shoemaker and saloon, h 612 Baldwin

Rosinski August, laborer, h 600 E Clinton

Ross Alonzo D., grocer 458 Franklin, h do

Ross Annie, bds 925 E Church

Ross Beverly W., painter and paper hanger, h 760 Spaulding

Ross Daniel W., clerk 206 E Water, h 158 Madison av

Ross Daniel Webster, clerk 111 and 113 E Water, bds Chestnut cor Elm

Ross Frank M., real estate, h 230 Chestnut

ROSS FRANK W., physician and surgeon, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m 326 Baldwin, h do

Ross George, laborer, 804 Hatch

Ross George W., h 925 E Church

Ross Juett M., switchman, N C R R, h 422 Pleasant

Ross Joseph, bookkeeper 407 Railroad av

Ross Joseph W., laborer, h 318 Orchard

Ross & Kline (W H R and Charles Kline), groceries 419 and 421 N Main

Ross Lena, clerk 305 Carroll, bds cor Chestnut and Elm

Ross Lizzie Mrs., h 715 Erie

Ross Nellie, domestic 370 W Water

Ross M. H. Rev., h 417 Columbia

Ross S. F. Mrs., dressmaker, h 417 Columbia

Ross Thomas, laborer, h 804 Hatch