Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 328

O'Neil, Annie, bds 101 Chestnut

O'Neil, Bartholomew, boilermaker, bds 606 S Main

O'Neil, Daniel, laborer, h 467 W Hudson

O'Neil, Jeremiah, engineer N C R R, h 109 S Second

O'Neil, John S., telegrapher D L & W R R yard office, h 708 1-2 Day

O'Neil, Julia, operative, bds 606 S Main

O'Neil, Kate, bds 101 Chestnut

O'Neil, Mary, bds 101 Chestnut

O'Neil, Mary, widow Michael, h 606 S Main

O'Neil, Michael, car inspector N C R R, h 471 South av

O'Neil, Owen, saloon 705 Railroad av

O'Neil, Patrick, laborer, bds 467 W Hudson

O'Neil, Thomas, laborer, h 101 Chestnut

O'Neil, Thomas, laborer, h 460 W Second

O'Neil, Thomas jr., engineer, h W Sixth cor Magee

O'Neill, Daniel, laborer, h 727 Lake

O'Neill, John, emp Wells, Fargo & Co, bds 403 W Water

O'Neill, Lizzie, bds 727 Lake

O'Neill, Owen, laborer, h 509 High

Ones, Charles, laborer, bds 23 Grant

Ones, Helen, widow John, h 23 Grant

Ones, Joseph, student, bds 23 Grant

Onzay, John, tailor, h 118 Washington

Opelt, Lizzie, chambermaid Homestead hotel

Opera House, W C Smith mgr 154 Lake

Oppenheim, Bessie, bds 805 E Water

Oppenheim, Jacob, peddler, h 901 John

Oppenheim, Louis, clerk 112 E Water

Oppenheim, Sarah, saleslady 112 E Water, bds 805 do

Oppenheim, Simeon, peddler, h 805 E Water

Orcutt, Fred R., student, bds W Clinton cor Euclid pl

Orcutt, Henry F., salesman H C Spaulding & Co, h W Clinton cor Euclid pl

O'Reilly, Dennis, stone cutter, h 961 Oak

O'Reily, Mary Ann, widow T., bds 853 E Market

O'Reily, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, h 759 Carpenter

O'Reily, William, grocer 150 E Washington av, h do

ORMAY, JULIUS, concert pianist and teacher of music 154 W Third, h do

Ormiston, James M., supt E Market cor Fox, h at Horseheads

Ormiston, William G., supt E Market cor Fox h at Horseheads

Orms, Frank, laborer, 750 Maple av

Ormsby, Bert W., student, bds 517 W Third

Ormsby, Helen M., widow William A., h 517 W Third

Orpha, Mackey, widow Benjamin, bds 1313 Pratt

PAGE 329

Orphans' Home, Franklin, cor Fulton

Orr, Fred, telegrapher D L & W R R yard office, bds 1122 Lake

Orr, Levi J., sash maker, h 307 E Clinton

ORTON, GEORGE E., M. D., eye, ear and throat specialist, 126 E Water

Orvis, Emerson, gardener, h 602 Perine

Osborn, Benjamin C., bds 306 Penna av

Osborn, Belle, widow Sylvester, h 1314 Benton

Osborn, Harriet E., widow Edward, h 774 S Main

Osborn, Henry B., laborer, h 432 S Broadway

Osborn, Oscar, h 110 N Main cor W Market

Osborne, Addie, widow John, bds 331 Norton

Osborne, Cora, domestic 314 Baty

Osborne, David M., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 350 Center

Osborne, Eliza, widow John, h 350 Center

Osborne, J. E., painter, bds 106 W Second

Osborne, Junius G., practical painter and decorator 456 1-2 Spaulding, h do

Osborne, William J., harnessmaker 214 E Water, h Horseheads

Osborne, Woodbury S., engineer D L & W R R, h 373 Diven av

Osgood, Charles E., brakeman, bds 511 Perine

Osgood, Philip H., blacksmith, h 505 S Broadway

O'Shea, Cornelius W., clerk 329 E Water, bds 461 Franklin

O'Shea, John, grocer also saloon, 737 S Main, h do

O'Shea, John B., letter carrier, h 461 Franklin

O'Shea, Mary, domestic Wyckoff house

O'Shea, Mary E., bds 461 Franklin

O'Shea, Timothy, carpenter, h 461 Franklin

Osman, James K. P., blacksmith, h 404 E Water

Osman, Maria, widow John, bds 401 Franklin

Ostrander, Edwin C., conductor D L & W R R, bds 1122 Lake

Ostrander, Frank L., laborer, bds 203 DeWitt

Ostrander, George L., laborer, h 203 DeWitt

Ostrander, Oscar O., emp J Richardson & Co., h 214 W Water

PAGE 330

Ostrander, William, shoe cutter, h 120 Brand

O'Sullivan, James W., lineman, bds 419 Railroad av

Ottman, Henry A., pastor St Luke's Congregational church, h 1008 Lake

Otto, Fred, painter, bds 552 Coburn

Outt, John S., switchman West Shore R R, h 557 E Second

Outt, Theorde T., fireman D L & W R R, h 707 1-2 Benjamin

Ovenshire, Henry C., h 214 W Water

Ovenshire, Herman L., clerk 222 W Water, bds 214 W Water

Overhiser, Martin, hostler West End hotel

Owen, Anna, milliner 301 E Water, bds 400 Penna av

Owen, Carrie G. Mrs., boarding 368 W First

Owen, Ella M., milliner, bds 400 Penna av

Owen, George H., farmer, h 316 Lake

Owen, Imogene, clerk 110 W Water, bds 400 Penna av

Owen, Jesse, farmer, h 410 W Church

Owen, Lucinda, widow William, h 418 Carroll

Owen, Maggie T., bds 418 Carroll

Owen, Richard G., wagon maker, h 400 Penna av

Owen, William, farmer, h S s S Main n N Y L E & W R R

OWEN, WILMOT H., mgr W U Tel office 150 Baldwin, h 411 W Gray

Owens, Alice, seamstress, bds 604 Penna av

Owens, Charles B., student, bds 665 Davis

Owens, George H., peddler, h 307 High

Owens, George M., peddler, bds 307 High

Owens, Griswold M., butcher Railroad av W Fifth, h 655 Davis

Owens, James, emp rolling mill, bds 212 Park

Owens, Johanna, bds 212 Park

Owens, John E., emp rolling mill, h 212 Park

Owens, Henrietta, h 604 Dickinson

Oxford, Moses, laborer, h 706 Dickinson


Pack, Elizabeth C., bds 1306 Baldwin

Pack, John, emp blast furnace, h 1306 Baldwin

Pack, Robert, laborer, bds 1306 Baldwin

Packard, Elizabeth, stenographer Op house blk, bds 501 William

Packard, Helen R., bds 452 W Church

Packard, J. Lenora, widow Hobart H., h 452 W Church

Packard, P. L., laborer, h 501 William

Packard, Romaine D., bds 452 W Church

Packard, Stephen G., carpenter, bds 1122 Lake

Padden, Edward, emp Sheeley's tannery, h Tuttle av n Sheeley tannery

Padden, Edward H., bookbinder 104 Lake, h Tuttle av ft E Water

PAGE 331

Padden, Edward H., printer Gazette, bds Tuttle av n Sheely tannery

Padden, Katie, domestic Maple av n E Miller

PAGETT, THOMAS A., real estate, 108 1-2 N Main, h 407 W Water

Paige, Charles S., h 406 Maxwell pl

Paine, Charles, coachman, h 604 Dickinson

Paine, Cora, cook, h 519 Madison av

Paine, Henry, h 666 Dickinson

Paine, Henry, laborer, h 652 Baldwin

Paine, John, laborer, h 855 Dickinson

Paine, John, boot black, h 622 Baldwin

Paine, Lizzie, caterer, 604 Dickinson

Paine, Maragurite, artist, bds 54 Hoffman

Paine, Samuel A., Telegram editorial staff, h 54 Hoffman

Paine, Samuel H., shoemaker 662 Baldwin, h do

Paine, Thomas, bartender, bds 862 Day

Paine, William, porter Delevan house, h 353 E Fifth

Painton, Clara, clerk S Main, bds do

Painton, George, bakery 203 E Water, h 200 S Main

Painton, George jr., clerk 200 S Main, bds do

Painton, William E., engineer, h 1206 Hall

Palmer, Archie, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1312 Baldwin

Palmer, Charles E., transfer clerk Adams Ex Co., 603 Railroad av, h 312 W Gray

Palmer, Charles H., asst postmaster, h 360 W Clinton

Palmer, Charles M., bartender, 422 E Water, bds do

Palmer, Charles W., laborer, h 122 Catharine

Palmer & Decker (E H Palmer and C S Decker), tanners, Penna av cor Maple av

Palmer, Edward H., (Palmer & Decker also F D Nelson & Co.), h 360 W Water

Palmer, Fred C., bds 259 Baldwin

Palmer, George A., paper hanger, h 818 W Church

PALMER, GEORGE E., prop Elmira steam tin works and manuf and dealer in tin ware, 601 Baldwin cor Church, bds 655 do

Palmer, Harry B., butcher 120 N Main, bds 312 W Water

Palmer, Helen C., widow Martin W., h 239 W Water

Palmer, Henry T., h 818 W Church

Palmer, John A., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1310 Baldwin

Palmer, Mary J., widow Ezra, saloon, 452 E Water

Palmer, Minnie Mrs., clerk 211 W Water, bds 224 W Water

Palmer, Morris W., machinist, h 239 W Water

Palmer, O. W., special agt Franklin Ins Co., 126 E Water, h 509 Lake

Palmer, Rebecca, widow Benjamin, bds 1306 Pratt

Palmer, William A., drug clerk 116 S Main, bds do

PAGE 332

PALMER, S. E., M. D., physician and surgeon and dealer in drugs and medicines, 116 S Main, h do

Palmer, Susan M., widow George N., bds 450 Carroll

PALMER, M. DWIGHT, blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty 311 W Water, h 312 do

PALTROWITZ, ABRAHAM, merchant tailor, clothier and jeweler, 101 W Water, bds 558 John

Paltrowitz, Levi, installment house, 106 E Water, h 505 Madison av

PALTROWITZ, PHILLIP, collector 101 W Water, bds 660 Columbia

Pangburn, William, carpenter, h 401 Railroad av

PANIMO, JOSEPH, broker, also dealer in second hand furniture, 160 Lake, h 711 E Market

Panimo, Philip, clerk 160 Lake, bds 711 E Market

Pannito, Lurgi, laborer, h 812 Hatch

Papineau, John, shoemaker, 509 E Market cor Gregg, bds 408 Oak

Pardoe, Thomas, gardener, h 904 Lake

Park Coal Yard ( H F Frisbie), college av cor Reformatory

Park Commissioners office at Masonic temple, Lake

Park, Edwin, city editor Elmira Gazette, h 306 S Main

Park, Mary, h 524 W Water

Park, Manly J., bds Maple av club house

Park, Reuben T., carpenter, h 463 W Second

Park, R. T. Mrs., dressmaker 463 W Second

PARK, THOMAS R., manager Maple av club house

Park, Watt, manuf spring beds and mattresses and feather renovating 203 E Church, h 116 Fox

Parke, Alexander H., h 657 E Market

Parke, Floyd B., (Elmira Drug Co.), also physician, h 555 E Church

Parker, A. B., engineer, h 110 E Second

Parker, Clarence O., com trav, h 607 N Main

Parker, C. O. Mrs., dressmaker 607 N Main

Parker, Delora N., widow Richard T., h 402 Hoffman

Parker, E. J., h 607 N Main

Parker, Edmund Vandoran, trav salesman, h 604 W Gray

Parker, Fred, collarmaker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 851 Lake

Parker, George E., brakeman N C R R, h 316 Baty

Parker, Harriett E., bds 402 Hoffman

Parker, James H., laborer bridge works, bds 2 Home

Parker, Jesse, fireman D L & W R R, bds 866 N Main

Parker, John, laborer r 560 E Clinton

Parker, John C., engineer D L & W R R, bds 866 N Main

Parker, Libbie, domestic, h 118 W Hudson

Parker, Richard T., carriagemaker, h 402 Hoffman

Parker, Sarah, widow Edgar, h 866 N Main

PAGE 333

Parker, S. H., painter, h 1318 Lake

Parker, Winifred Mrs., bds 441 E Water

Parkhurst, Benjamin H., ( H L Armstrong & Co.) res Elkland Pa

Parkhurst, Edwin, brakeman, h Southport corners

PARKHURST, LEWIS D., physician 332 E Water, bds 110 Lake

Parkinson, Alexander C., h 508 W Second

Parkinson, Thomas, watchman fgt office, h 407 W Third

Parks, Genpher, conductor L V R R, bds 413 W Clinton

Parks, Sanford H., butcher, h r 801 Lake

Parmenter, Charles, sashmaker Fitch & Aldrich, h 703 E Market

Parmenter, Charles H., real estate, h 313 Penna av

Parmenter, Helen C., teacher school No. 5, h West hill

Parmenter, Nellie, teacher school No. 5, h West hill

Parmenter, Robert N., hatter and furnisher 118 W Water, h 458 W First

Parott, Peter, farmer, Bulkhead rd

Parry, Anna D., dressmaker, h 415 Grove

Parsells, Sarah J., widow Edward A., bds 417 W Second

Parsons, Anna S., asst matron Elmira college, bds do

Parsons, Charles F., supt of agts retail merchants protection association, bds Rathbun house

Parsons, Emma, student, h 351 Columbia

Parsons, Emma G., clerk, bds 521 Baldwin

Parsons, Emma, widow Hezekiah, dressmaker, h 521 Baldwin

Parsons, Fred W., supt Payne shops, h 351 Columbia

Parsons, Granville D., U S Express Co, cashier 152 Baldwin h 321 W Fourth

Parsons, James U., ( J U Parsons & Son), h 363 College av

Parsons, Janett, widow George W., h 667 Park pl

PARSONS, J. U. & SON, ( J U and J B Parsons), hack livery and boarding stable 307 W Second

Parsons, J. Louise, stenographer J Swartz, bds 667 Park pl

Parsons, Marie A., widow Hiram, h 609 W Water

PAGE 334

Parsons, Mary, widow James A., h 351 Columbia

Parsons, Nina A., clerk Doolittle's, bds 521 Baldwin

Parsons, Will C., clerk 126 Lake, bds 713 E Church

Partridge, Charles R., ( H M Partridge & Son), h 95 W 93rd st N Y

Partridge, Emily, widow W H, h 716 Walnut

Partridge, Emma G., widow Samuel, h W s Maple av, bet Horner and Home

Partridge, Henry M., ( H M Partridge & Son) h 311 Lake

PARTRIDGE, H. M. & SON, ( H M and Charles R Patridge) lumber and planing mill and coal 117, 119 E Church also cor Eleventh and Twentieth street N Y

Passmore, James B., laborer, h 203 S Main

Pathsitka, Fred, currier Sheelys tannery, h 858 E Market

Paton, Ada B., widow Alexander, h 655 E Church

Patterson, Arthur M., laborer, h 411 W Fourth

Patterson, Bert, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 717 Walnut

Patterson, Francis, h 724 W First

Patterson, Fred, plumber 408 E Market, h 717 Walnut

Patterson, George W., machinist Payne's, h 717 Walnut

Patterson, Grace, student, bds 422 W Gray

Patterson, Henry L., bookkeeper H. C. Spaulding & Co., h 113 Brand

Patterson, James L., teamster, h 717 Walnut

PATTINSON HOUSE, L. T. Connolly prop, Baldwin cor E Market

Patterson, J. H. Mrs., dressmaker, 623 W Gray

Patterson, John, teamster, h 127 Partridge

Patterson, Joseph H., carpenter, h 623 W Gray

Patterson, Minnie, teacher school No. 2, bds 422 W Gray

Patterson, Nettie, dressmaker, h 321 W First

Patterson, Thomas W., boots and shoes 100 East Water, h 422 W Gray

Patterson, William E., gateman E R R, h 503 Columbia

Pattinson, Emma L., bds 222 Baldwin

Pattinson, Thomas E., bds 222 Baldwin

Pattinson, Thomas S., h 222 Baldwin

Pattinson, William B., bds 222 Baldwin

Paul, Clinton M., D L & W R R, bds 1219 Hall

Paul, Florence M., dressmaker, bds 1219 Hall

Paul, Henry C., carpenter, h 1219 Hall

Paul, Louis A., printer Telegram, bds 719 Columbia

Paul, Martha, domestic, 364 W First

Paul, Matthew, saloon 863 Dickinson

Paul, William, oil worker, h 719 Columbia

Paulman, Charles, printer Telegram, h 415 Powell

Paulman, Charles jr., moulder, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, Christina, brushmaker, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, Dennis, shoemaker, h 400 Powell

PAGE 335

Pautz, Albert F., clerk 112 W Water, bds 400 Fulton

Pautz, August, h 400 Fulton

Pautz, George A., butcher 358 S Main, bds 400 Fulton

Pautz, Louis, tinsmith, h 1126 Oak

Pautz, Louise A., dressmaker, bds 400 Fulton

PAUTZ, WILLIAM, tin and sheet metal worker E Market, h do

Payne, Alexander O., physician 453 Maple av, h do

Payne, Benjamin N., ( B W Payne & Sons) h 129 E Chemung pl

PAYNE B. W. & SONS., ( B N and D W Payne) engine and boiler manufacturers S Main

Payne, David W., ( B W Payne & Sons) bds 453 Maple av

Payne, George, mason, h 905 Benton

Payne, Henry, porter Delavan house

Payne, Henry W., tinsmith, h 410 High

Payne, Helen A., bds 453 Maple av

Payne, Kate S., bds 453 Maple av

Payne, Matilda, widow James, h 610 E Clinton

Payne, Sandy, porter Wyckoff House

Payne, Sarah R., widow Benjamin W., h 453 Maple av

Payne, Thomas, laborer, h 831 Day

Payne, William E., carpet layer, h 611 Dickinson

Paynton, William E., engineer D. L. & W R R, h 1208 Hall

Pealer, Archie A., clerk Parmenter's W Water, bds 350 Euclid pl

Pealer, Frank A., emp Reid & Cooper, bds 350 Euclid pl

Pearce, Ellen Etta, bds 318 W Church

Pearce, Liston H. Rev., pastor Hedding M E church, h 318 W Church

Pearce, Robert H., engineer D L & W R R, h 711 1-2 Lake

Pearce, Walter C., printer 156 Baldwin, h 318 W Church

Pearsall, Ella B., widow George T., dressmaker 215 Baldwin, h do

Pease, Irving M., painter, bds 509 Balsam

Pease, Malinda, widow Samuel, bds 515 W Second

Pease, Robert D., machinist, bds 521 W Fourth

Pease, Salmon C., farmer, 521 W Fourth

PAGE 336

Pease, Willis A., brakeman N. C. R R, h 459 South av

Pease, Williston, painter, h 509 Balsam

Peck, Anna, h 698 Tuttle av

Peck, Caid H., master mechanic Bridge Co., h 214 Lormore

Peck, Edward, emp Wells, Fargo Express Co., h r 659 College av

Peck, Frank H., machinist, h 372 Penna av

Peck, Herdick, machinist, bds 372 Penna av

Peck, Ida, bds 153 Fox

Peck, Jesse A., machinist, bds 372 Penna av

Peckham, Edward W., carpenter, h 762 1-2 Day

Peckham, George M., laborer, bds 707 E Church

Pedrick, Hiram, laborer, h 511 N Main

Peebles, William C., managing editor Gazette, bds 403 W Water

Peel, Patrick H., conductor D L & W R R, h 151 E Washington

Peeler, Archie A., clerk 118 W Water, h 350 Euclid pl

Peerless Dye Works ( N Spencer Thomas Co., Geo Pickering, mgr.), W Second ab Hoffman

Peester, Ira, butcher, h 806 W Gray

Pelbrough, Gaymer S., clerk 309 W Fourth, bds 311 do

Pelbrough, Thomas G., grocer 309 W Fourth, h 311 do

Pelham, A. C., carpenter, bds 803 Magee

Pelham, F. Harvey, electrician, h 813 W Church

Pelham, Henry, carpenter, bds 813 W Church

Pelham, Isaac, real estate agt., h 606 Walnut

Pellet, Frances, A. B., teacher Elmira college, bds do

Pendleton, Wallace L., com agt Elmira Oil Co., bds 661 Davis

Pengently, Alexander, machinist, h 414 Powell

Pennsylvania Railroad ticket office, Erie depot

Percell, E. P. Rev., asst pastor St Mary's Roman Catholic, h 224 Franklin

Percival, Alexander W., blacksmith, h 662 N Main

Perhamus, Charles C., brakeman, bds 727 Casey

Perkins, Charles M., laborer, h 900 Oak

Perkins, Jacob D., carpenter, h 369 W Water

Perkins, Margurite, widow Richard, h 408 Walnut

Perkins, Stephen M., machinist, h 620 Lewis

Perkins, Susan, widow William, h 412 S Broadway

Perrin, Alfred L., laborer, h 419 Pleasant

Perrin, Ira M., carpenter, h 408 Locust

Perrault, Mitchell, hotel and restaurant 329 Carroll, h 219 E Water

Perry, Andrew J., carpenter, h 504 Erie

Perry, Anna K., bds 160 High

Perry, David K., car inspector N C R R, h 710 Spaulding

Perry, Delilah Mrs., widow Simeon, bds 710 Spaulding

Perry, Edward M., teamster, h 107 E Second

PAGE 337

Perry, Guy W., (Thomas Perry & Co.), h 160 High

Perry, Helen J., teacher, bds 405 N Main

Perry, Henry, laborer, h 714 Walnut

Perry, Hiram, carpenter, h 616 Grove

Perry, John K., bds 307 William

Perry, Joseph R., shoecutter, h 115 Caldwell av

Perry, Mary Mrs., boarding, h 630 Lewis

Perry, Nathan, horse trainer, bds 714 Walnut

Perry, Robert, bds 160 Fox

Perry, Thomas (Thomas Perry & Co.), h 160 High

PERRY, THOMAS & CO. ( G W Perry and Fred D Herrick) gen insurance 164 and 166 Lake

Perry, Vesta D., widow William, h 959 College av

Perry, William W., music teacher, bds 959 College av

Perse, Frank, polisher, bds Buckbee house

Personeus, Elmer E., laborer, h W Third n limits

Personius, Ella, bds 215 E Gray

Personius, Elnathan, h 215 E Gray

Personius, Horace W., clerk 305 E Water, bds 215 E Gray

Pertic, Sarah, domestic 252 Maple av, bds 510 DeWitt

Peterman, Benjamin F., draughtsman, bds 521 Penna av

Peterman, Grace J., bds 521 Penna av

Peterman, Hiram M., clerk 600 Penna av, bds 521 do

Peterman, James C., h 521 Penna av

Peterman, James C. jr., yard master, h 379 S Main

Peterman, Minnie V., bds 521 Penna av

Peterman, Wiliiam W., clerk board of trade rooms, bds 521 Penna av

Peterman, Samuel, cigarmaker, h 128 S Main

Peters, Alice, widow George, h 223 W Water

Peters, Charles E., cashier D L & W freight office, h 501 W Fourth

Peters, Electa, widow George W., h 1209 Benton

Peters, Franc L., dressmaker, bds 459 W Second

Peters, George C., clerk 200 W Water, h 430 W Clinton

Peters, George W., engineer D L & W R R, h 369 Norton

Peters, Horace H., mason, h 407 Madison av

Peters, John J., laborer, bds 429 Railroad av

Peters, Lotta, h 312 E Water

Peters, Pauline R., h 501 W Fourth

Peters, Rosetta, widow Alphonso, bds 459 W Second

Peters, Shubal R., teamster Fitch & Aldrich, h 508 E Clinton

PETERS, WILLIAM H., ( W H Peters & Co.), also station agt D L & W R R, h 1001 Lake

PETERS, W. H. & CO. ( W H P and S Covert), coal and wood, 299 E Washington av

Peterson, Ada, bds 77 Penna av

PAGE 338

Peterson, George A., truckman L V R R, h 634 W Gray

Peterson, Jane, widow Robert, h 77 Penna av

Peterson, Katie, 2 Main St bridge

Peterson, Samuel, laborer, h 408 Herrick

Peterson, William, laborer, bds 739 Dickinson

Peterson, William H., bds 77 Penna av

Petrie, Charles A., bds 315 Franklin

Petrie, Clara A., bds 315 Franklin

Petrie, Edward C., student, bds 315 Franklin

Petrie, J. Rev., h 315 Franklin

Petrie, William S., clerk Erie Fgt house, h 510 DeWitt

Petroski, Joe, laborer, h 832 Canal

Pettengill, John G., teleprapher, bds 458 South av

Pettengill, Milton E., clerk, bds 209 W Third

Pettengill, Philander L., conductor N C R R, h 458 South av

PETTIT, CHARLES P., druggist 317 E Water, h 104 W Chemung pl

Pettit, Paris C., druggist, bds 104 W Chemung pl

Pettit, S. J. Mrs., healer and writer, h 263 W Clinton

Petty, James, call tender, bds 724 Benjamin

Phelps, Edwin J., emp Elmira bridge works, h 731 Casey

Phelps, Frank B., carpenter, h 350 Diven av

Phelps, Frederick, sash and blind maker, bds 420 College av

Phesay, John R., florist, h 705 Winsor av

Philbin, Onnie, cook 615 Columbia

Philips, Amelia Mrs., bds 813 Gray

Philips, Barney, peddler, h 110 Sullivan

Philips, James L., h 409 W Fifth

Philips, Joseph, peddler, h 812 John
Philips, Joseph, bds 110 Sullivan

Phillips, Althea M., widow H A, nurse, bds 557 Columbia

Phillips, Arthur, student, bds 858 N Main

Phillips, Cassius A., lawyer 218 E Water, h 220 Mt Zoar

Phillips, Edward H., clerk 305 E Water, bds 415 W Third

Phillips, Harrison, (Durant & Phillips), bds 411 Penna av

Phillips, Lillie, seamstress, h 108 W First

Phillips, S. R., conductor N C R R, h 208 W Miller

Phillips, William H., harness maker 426 E Water, h 305 Penna av

Phinx, Mary, widow John, bds 700 Tuttle av

Piatt, Catharine, widow Daniel, bds 506 Erie

Piatt, Charles, laborer, h 206 Mt Zoar

Pickering, Adel E., widow James W., h 358 Columbia

Pickering, Edmund B., carpenter 500 E Church cor Madison av h do

Pickering, Frank, bartender 329 Carroll bds do

Pickering, George, ( N Spencer Thomas Co.), 368 W Clinton, bds do

PAGE 339

Pickering, Julius A., boot cutter Richardsons, h 143 W Water

Pickering, Mary E., widow Daniel F., bds 116 Sullivan

Pickle, George, janitor Jewish temple High, h do

Pfiffer, Charles, mason, h 714 Baldwin

PIERCE & BICKFORD, ( J H Pierce and H H Bickford), architects 118, 120 Lake (See front cover)

Pierce, Charles, baker 210 E Water, h 311 Madison av

Pierce, Crawford H., foreman 104 E Water, bds do

Pierce, Eli, teamster, bds 752 Spaulding

Pierce, Floyd, laborer, bds 857 E Water

Pierce, Howard E., painter, h 509 Jefferson

PIERCE, JOHN C., pension claims 317 E Water, h 374 W Fifth

Pierce, Joseph H., (Pierce & Bickford), h 308 W Clinton

Pierce, Joseph R., hat and bonnet bleacher 104 E Water, h do

Pierce, Rebecca, vestmaker, h 102 W Hudson

Pierce, Robert C., foreman, h 752 Spaulding

Pierce, Robert H., fireman D L & W R R, h 711 1-2 Lake

Pierce, Sarah, widow Michael, 605 W First

Pierce, S. A. Mrs., bds 351 W Church

Pierce, S. N., undertaker asst 418 Carroll, h 505 E Water

Pierce, Susan Mrs., dressmaker, h 227 W Water

Pierson, Amanda, widow Cyrus h 554 E Church

Pierson, Ellen C., teacher Elmira college, bds do

Pierson, Joe B., engineer J Richardson & Co, h 513 S Elm

Pierson, Nettie, domestic 401 Maple av

PIERSON, S. J. (Empire Laundry Co, ) h 387 W Water

Pike, Nathaniel A., emp J Richardson & Co, h 363 1-2 Second

Pike, William R., machinist, h 515 Balsam

Pilkington, John, supt National Transit Co, h 317 W Clinton

Pinckney, Alfred, farmer, h Tuttle av ft E Water

Pinckney, Charlie J., farmer, bds Tuttle av ft E Water

Pinckney, George V., clerk 116 Baldwin, bds E Water cor Tuttle av

Pinder, Ann, domestic, h 806 Magee

Pinder, Sarah, widow John, h 806 Magee

Pines, Charles O., machinist, bds 414 S Main

Pines, Squire, musician, h 414 S Main

Piper, Ella Mrs., h 321 S Broadway

Pirki, John, tailor, bds 356 E Fifth

Pitcher, Washington I., peddler, h 363 Railroad av

Pitt, Charles, brakeman, bds 620 W Gray

Pitt, Charles A., farmer, h W s Penna av S limits

Pitt, Dan C., bookkeeper Chemung Oil Co., bds 167 Baldwin

Pitt, Frank, driver, h 661 Columbia

Pitt, Mary, widow John, Home for Aged

Potts, Mary, M. D., physician 616 Columbia, h do