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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 256

KUSTER, AUGUST, meat market hotel 801 Lake and 724 Lake, h do

Kuster, Frederick, saloon 805 Lake, h 724 do

Kuster, Frederick J., foreman 50 Penna a, h 216 Maple av

Kuster, John, laborer, h 814 Sullivan


LaBarr, Freeman D., carpenter, h 210 DeWitt

LaBar, Freeman, h 210 DeWitt

LaBar, Lizzie, D L & W depot restaurant

Labuck, Patrick, h 833 Canal

LaBurt, Theresa, widow Jacob, barber shop 414 E Water, h do

LaCharme, August, florist, h 707 Windsor av

LaCharme, Louis A., florist, h 707 Windsor av

Lacox, Mary, widow Charles, bds 853 E Market

LaCreque, Orlando W., fireman N C R R, h 323 South av

Ladieu, Berton J., teamster, bds N s Coburn n Pine

Ladieu, Edward F., mason, h 569 Coburn

Laduew, Edward W., teamster, bds 505 Sullivan

Laduew, James W., cooper, 704 E Clinton, h 505 Sullivan

Ladue, Hiram W., carpenter, 907 E Church

LaFever, Eugene S., carriage painter cor William and Church, h 211 W Gray

LaFrance, Alice Mrs., widow Lemuel L., h 115 Catharine

LaFrance, Asa W., trav agt, h 116 Caldwell av

LaFrance, Clarissa A., widow Willis, bds 50 Spaulding

LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE CO., (The) G M Diven president, William Falck treas and gen manager, manufrs of steam fire engines, Junction cor LaFrance

LaFrance, Fred, laborer, rooms 228 S Main

LaFrance, Peter A., painter and paper hanger, h 209 W Hudson

LaFrance, Roy S., student, bds 115 Catharine

LaFrance, T. Everett, watchmaker 315 E Water, h 204 Lormore

LaFrance, Theresa, widow Willis, bds 508 Spaulding

LaFrance, Truckson S., master mechanic LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 508 Spaulding

LaFrance, Willis B., carpenter, bds 914 Benton

LaFrance, W. A., road master N Y L E & W R R, h 367 W Clinton

Lahman, J. E., solicitor, h 153 Lake

Laidlaw, John, clerk, h 217 W Hudson

LAIDLAW, JOHN F., plumbing and steam fitting 202 Lake, h 117 Horner

Laidlaw, Joseph E., plumber 102 Lake, bds 117 Horner

Laidlaw, Will W., bookkeeper, h 505 Spaulding

Laing, Eugene, foreman painters N C R R shops, h 452 South av

PAGE 257

Laing, William H., clerk 102 W Water, bds 452 South av

Laizelere, Charles F., machinist, bds 217 Mt Zoar

Lake, Judson N., supt and draughtsman E Market cor Fox, h 728 W Gray

Lamb, Harvey, conductor E R R, h 353 1-2 W Clinton

Lambert, Charles F., carpenter, 438 1-2 W Clinton

Lambert, Mary, widow Harvey, h 1203 Hall

Lambert, Sarah B., bds 1203 Hall

Lambert, Walter C., student, h 438 1-2 W Clinton

L'Amoreaux, George, farmer, h 359 E Center

Lamphere, Dillon, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1216 Baldwin

Lamppus, George, driver, bds T S Flood's farm E Miller n Maple av

Lamson, David, foreman, h 417 1-2 Madison av

Lande, Theodore, watchmaker and jeweler 402 E Water h 801 do

Landers, Garrett, merchant tailor 109 W Water, h 256 W Hudson

Landers, Margaret, grocer 256 W Hudson, h do

Landon, Adelia C., widow Stephen, bds 1210 Maxwell av

Landon, Bion W., conductor N C R R, h 468 South av

Landon, Cecila E., widow Warren, h 218 Caldwell av

Landon, Eldaah H., teacher School of Commerce, bds 218 Caldwell av

Landon, Elisha, carpenter, h 667 Columbia

Landon, Harriett M., bds 218 Caldwell av

Landon, Ida, dressmaker, bds Fifth cor Columbia

Landon, Joseph I., laborer, bds 218 Caldwell av

Landon, Samuel, laborer, W Washington av cor Grove

Landy, Catharine, widow Peter, h 102 E Henry

Lane, Bartholomew W., 115 Railroad av, h 1007 College av

Lane, Betsey, widow Harvey, h 1104 1-2 Oak

Lane, Catharine, widow Patrick, h 764 Day

Lane, Clara A., widow George, h 204 Brand

Lane, Edward, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 764 Day

Lane, E. K., bds Park church

Lane, George, laborer, h 258 S Elm

Lane, George Mrs., dressmaker, h 258 S Elm

Lane, James B., janitor Park church, h do

Lane, Mary, bds 764 Day

Lane, Mary, domestic 307 William

Lane, Melville H., teamster, h 1320 Pratt

Lane, Michael, saloon 501 Erie, h do

Lane, Patrick J., conductor D L & W R R, h 317 Hathaway

Lane, Thomas, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 764 Day

Lane, Thomas H., carpenter, h 527 W Church

Lane, Vina, domestic, 530 Penna av

Laney, Richard P., trav salesman S H Laney, bds 522 William

PAGE 258

LANEY, SAMUEL H., manf and wholesale dealer in tinware and paper of every description, stamped and Japanned ware, granite and agate ironware, glassware, crockery, etc, rags, rubber, old iron and metals, Market cor William, also propr Elmira Crockery Store, h 522 William

Lang, Andrew, butcher, bds 429 Railroad av

Langdon, Burt, buss driver Wyckoff house

LANGDON, CHARLES J., prest J Langdon incorporated, h 303 Main

LANGDON, J. & CO., incorporated (C J Langdon prest, J D F Slee vice-prest, C L Stillman treas, C M Underhill western manager, W L Sampson secy coal mines and shippers), 110 Baldwin

Langdon, Julia, 308 N Main

Langford, George A., drug clerk, bds 260 Baldwin

Langford, James, contractor and builder, 358 W Water h do

Langford, Walter A. Mrs., elecutionist, bds 260 Baldwin

Langford, Sarah, widow Prentice, h 358 W Water

Langstine, Charles H., baggageman Erie R R, bds 520 W First

Langstine, Jacob C., drayman, h 520 W First

Langstine, Jacob C. jr., plumber, bds 520 W First

Langstine, Rosa, bds 520 W First

Laning, Arthur E., adv agt, bds 127 W Market

Lannahan, John J., saloon 106 W Fifth, h do

PAGE 259

Lanphier, Ambrose, tobacco cutter, h 968 Magee

Lantaff, Charles, clerk 309 E Water, bds Wyckoff house

Lantaff, William, 99 cent and variety store 309 E Water, bds 2 Main

Lapham, Lottie, widow Abraham, h 153 Fox

LaPorte, John M., baggagemaster L V R R, h 718 College av

Lappe, Charles G., bookkeeper 105-125 Tuttle av, h 408 Oak

LARIEW, JOHN R., manuf of spring beds and mattresses also star spring cot, feather renovating and upholstering, 405 Baldwin, h 1124 Lake

Larkin, Helen S., bds 319 William

Larkin, John E., photographer 317 E Water, h 319 William

Larkin, M. Belle, bds 319 William

Larkins, James, hostler D L & W R R round house, bds 1216 Baldwin

Larnard, Charles H., carpenter, h 514 W First

Larnard, George, clerk 323 E Water, bds 214 Lormore

Larnard, Eugene, clerk 311 E Water, bds 527 W Gray

Larrison, Alfred, student, bds 511 Harper

Larrison, Earnest, fireman D L & W R R, h 1016 Lake

Larrison, Levi, foreman D L & W R R, water works, h 511 Harper

Larsen, Lena, domestic, 318 W Gray

Larson, Augusta, domestic 303 W Clinton

Larson, Elmer, cigar maker, bds 758 Spaulding

Larson, Johanna, domestic 210 William

Larson, John, plumber, bds 858 Spaulding

Larson, Alexander, plumber, bds 104 E Henry

LaRue, Charles, porter, bds 708 Lake

Larzelerd, Charles F., machinist, h 611 Lewis

Lasher, Charles D., fireman D L & W R R, h 314 Reformatory

Laskaris, George (P Laskaris & Bros.), bds 144 E Water

Laskaris, James (P Laskaris & Bros.), h Corning

Laskaris, Louis (P Laskaris & Bros.), h Corning

Laskaris, Pedro (P Laskaris & Bros.), bds 144 E Water

Laskaris, Peter (P Laskaris & Bros.), h 144 E Water

Larkaris, P. & Bos. (J G L and P), fruits and confectionery, 144 E Water

Laskowski, Jacob, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Lass, Robert, fireman D L & W, h 628 William

Lasser, Isadore, bookkeeper 130 E Water, h 106 DeWitt

Lathrop, Anna M., widow John, h 410 Elm

Lathrop, Harry E., bds 309 1-2 Hine

Lathrop, Susie F., domestic 601 Coburn

Latterman, Charles, cigarmaker, bds 416 Locust

Latterman, Charles J., cigarmaker, bds 420 W Third

Latterman, George W., barber, bds 420 W Third

Latterman, William, cigar manuf, h 420 W Third

Latterman, William, cigarmaker, 72 Penna av, bds 420 W Third

PAGE 260

Latterman, William S., cigarmaker, bds 420 W Third

Lattimer, John, car inspector D L & W R R, h 416 Standish

Lattimor, Thomas, car inspector D L & W R R, h 620 Oak

Laws, Harry L., laborer, h 615 Hart

Laws, John L., carpenter, h 609 Hart

Laws, Robert, fireman D L & W R R, h 1315 Benton

Laws, Lillie Mrs., cook, h 360 E Fifth

Lawler, Thomas H., trav agt, h 600 W Clinton

Lawrence, Edward F., asst mgr Advertiser, h 360 Walnut

Lawrence, Eurania, bookkeeper, bds 207 W Hudson

Lawrence, Fred M., conductor D L & W R R, h 1321 Lake

Lawrence, Georgia, teacher, bds 311 Washington

Lawrence, Huldah A., widow Wynkoop, h 2 Irvine pl

Lawrence, Julia, widow Warren, h 207 W Hudson

Lawrence, Leroy A., clerk 140 W Water, bds 108 Elm

Lawrence, L. E., clerk R. G. Dunn & Co., bds 2 Irvine pl

Lawrence, Lewis, h 311 Washington

Lawrence, Mary B., bds 311 Washington

Lawrence, Stella M., teacher school No. 4, bds 2 Irvine pl

Lawrence, Thomas, confectionary 140 W Water, h 108 Elm

Lawrence, William, painter, h 307 High

Lawson, Alexis, plumber 336 E Water, h 104 Henry

Lawson, Alice, domestic 652 Park pl

Lawson, David, foreman woolen mill, bds 425 Railroad av

Lawson, John, plumber 336 E Water, h 120 W Third

Laycox, Mary, widow Charles, operative, h 858 E Market

Layden, Kate, tailoress, bds 807 Magee

Layden, Michael, policeman, h 807 Magee

Layden, Thomas J., student, bds 807 Magee

Lazenby, James W., night watchman reformatory bds do

Lazenby, William L., guard reformatory, h 705 Davis

Lazarus, Abraham, peddler, h 506 DeWitt

Lazarus, Bertha, domestic, bds 506 DeWitt

Lazarus, Elijah, fireman, bds 506 DeWitt

Leach, Burt, guard reformatory, bds do

Leach, Clinton, machinist, bds 776 S Main

Leach, Eugene B., clerk 157 Lake, bds do

Leach, Fred, civil engineer, bds 159 Madison av

Leach, George K., laborer, bds 112 Lake

Leach, Mary Mrs., h 164 Exchange pl

Lecle, August, painter, bds 217 Galatian

Leader, John, polisher bridge works, bds Rathbun bet Erie and South

Leahy, Daniel, shoemaker, h 104 W First

Leahy, Nora, domestic, 311 Columbia

Leahy, Patrick, porter, Homestead hotel

PAGE 261

Leak, Margaret, widow Rev. Robert N., bds 308 W Fifth

Leak, Rose, student, bds 308 W Fifth

Learned, Daniel V., clerk 117 E Water, h 527 W Gray

Learned, Edna E., widow Eugene N., h 527 W Gray

Learned, Eugene, clerk 311 E Water, bds 357 Spaulding

Leary, Arthur, grocer, 56 Penna, h 221 do

Leary, C. O., laborer, h 804 Oak

Leary, Dennis, mason, h 100 S Walnut

Leary, Edward, laborer, h 313 W Fourth

Leary, Ella, dressmaker 218 Orchard, bds do

Leary, Finton, laborer, h 103 S Walnut

Leary, John, saloon 150 High, bds Jay

Leary, John, conductor E & H R R, bds 414 1-2 DeWitt

Leary, John P., machinist State cor Church, bds 414 1-2 DeWitt

Leary, Julia, bds 368 W Fifth

Leary, Julia V., stenographer 524 E Water, bds 218 Orchard

Leary, Maggie, dressmaker 218 Orchard h do

Leary, Mary, domestic, 303 N Main

Leary, Mary Mrs., laundress, h 414 1-2 DeWitt

Leary, Patrick, cigarmaker 654 Main, h 617 Jay

Leasner, Charles, laborer, h 708 E Oak

Leasner, Edward, laborer, h 953 Sullivan

Leavitt, Alvin H., machinist, h 202 s Lake av

Leavitt, Charles, clerk Erie yard office, h 212 Lormore

Leavitt, Fannie D., clerk county clerk's office, bds 307 DeWitt

Leavitt, Kate T., stenographer 159 Lake, bds 307 DeWitt

Leavitt, Louise B., bds 353 Columbia

Leavitt, Martha M., widow Milton T., h 353 Columbia

Leavitt, Mary J., widow John H., h 307 DeWitt

Leavitt, Nettie, stenographer Telegram, bds 353 Columbia

Leavitt, Roberr M., florist, bds 307 DeWitt

LeBorron, Allen, brakeman, h 723 Casey

LEE, CHARLES M., proprietor Elmira Sewer Pipe and Fire Brick Co., 161 Railroad ave., h 963 Davis. (See front cover)

Lee, Ella J., clerk 305 E Water, bds Lake cor Gipsey lane

Lee, Harry T., bartender 671 Baldwin bds do

Lee, John M., butcher Lake cor Gipsey lane h do

Lee, Lina, h 651 Baldwin

Lee, Maude, bds 206 W Fifth

Lee, Mary A., 206 W Fifth

Lee, Mary E., domestic 410 Lake

LEE, PARICK, J., groceries, wines and liquors 701 and 703 Railroad av, h 206 W Fifth

Lee, Thomas, hostler 306 Lake

Lee, Thomas H., hostler, bds 700 Tuttle av

PAGE 262

Lee, Thomas F., clerk 701 and 703 Railroad av, bds 206 W Fifth

Lee, William E., manager Elmira Sewer Pipe and Fire Brick Co., h 963 Davis

Lee, William F., restaurant Dickinson cor Fifth, h do

Lee, William H., postal clerk, bds 206 W Fifth

Lee, Yee, Chinese laundry 155 Baldwin

Lees, James L., com trav, h 207 W Sixth

Leese, Henry A., sec D L & W Railway Y M C A, h 357 Lake

LeFever, Sophia, seamstress, h 559 E Second

Leffak, Soel, merchant tailor 200 East Water

Legg, Frank L., U S express messenger, h 811 E Second

Legg, Meranda, widow Leroy, bds 811 E Second

LEHIGH VALLEY FREIGHT OFFICE, J S Sheafe agt, State cor E Second

Lehigh Valley R R passenger depot Railroad av cor W Third

Lehman, Harry P., emp Elmira wire works, h 405 W First

Lehman, John, carpenter and builder, h 730 Harper

Lehnleitener, Clara, widow Marcus, bds 717 Benjamin

Leiby, Charles S., teamster, h 536 W Hudson

Leigh, Mirven H., barber, bds 410 Main

Leininger, Anna, nurse, 717 Benjamin

Leininger, Casper, florist, h 717 Benjamin

Leishair, Francis M., bricklayer h 458 1-2 W First

Lemon, Lelora, dressmaker, h 203 S Elm

Lemon, William, clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds brdg restaurant

Lemunyan, Arthur M., stonecutter, h 1314 Pratt

Lemunyan, Edward, clerk 852 Lake, h 653 E Fourth

Lemunyan, Henry J., laborer, h Robinson n Esty

Lemunyan, Jay, street car driver, h Robinson

Lemunyan, Phillip E., peddler, h 1314 Pratt

Lenhart, John H., blacksmith LaFrance shops, h 217 Lormore

Lenningan, Daniel, brewer, bds 309 S Main

Lennihan, Dennis, fireman, h 478 S Broadway

Lennon, Francis, machinist, bds 511 Penna av

Lennon, James, foreman blacksmith shop N C R R, h 511 Penna av

Lennon, James jr., machinist, h 107 South av

Lennon, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 384 Norton

Lennon, John, clerk S Broadway cor Franklin

Lennon, John, machinist, bds 511 Penn av

Lennon, Maggie M., bds 511 Penna av

Lennon, Thomas, saloon 478 S Broadway, h do

Lenox, John, bartender, h 518 Baldwin

Leonard, Curtis H., engineer N C R R, h 511 Perine

Leonard, Ellen, cook 359 Main

Leonard, George, blindmaker Fitch & Aldrich, h 111 1-2 Orchard

PAGE 263

Leonard, Mary J., widow Valorous C., bds 511 Perine

Leonard, Rose, domestic 371 Thurston

Leonard, Pallie A., widow Solomon, h 279 Mt Zoar

Leonard, _____ , laborer, h 792 E Clinton

Lepkowski, Frank, laborer, h 806 Canal

Lepkowski, Martin, laborer, h 948 Johnson

Lesser, Isadore, manager 130 E Water, h 106 DeWitt

LeValley, Fred, (LeValley & Jenkins) h 412 W Second

LeVALLEY & JENKINS, (F LeV and C F J) plumbers and gas fitters 124 Lake (See front cover)

LeValley, May, clerk 101 Henry, bds do

LeValley, Nathaniel L., grocery 101 E Henry, h do

Levegood, Melva G., meat market 452 Spaulding, bds 205 Horner

Levegood, Nelson M., carpenter, h 205 Horner

Levenbeck, Herman, glasscutter, h 156 Orchard

Levenberg, Hermon, glazier, h 755 E Market

Lever, Alice, widow Simeon, h 456 Franklin

Lever, Alice M., teacher school No. 6, bds 456 Franklin

Lever, Anna, operator Tel Ex., bds 456 Franklin

Lever, George A., machinist, bds 456 Franklin

Levergood, Laura, domestic 361 W First

Levi, Harrison, student, bds 124 Harriet

Levi, Isaac, peddler, h 124 Harriet

Levi, Susie, bds 124 Harriet

Levi, Mary, domestic 413 High

Livingston, Charles, painter, h 767 John

Levinson, Jacob, grocer 659 E Water, h do

Levy, Albert, cigarmaker 655 E Water, h do

Levy, Alexander, (Alex & John Levy), h 515 Spaulding

Levy, Jacob H., cigarmaker, h 112 Washington

Levy, Alex & John, cigar manufacturers 72 Penna av

Levy, Anna, bds 112 Washington

Levy, Bertha, widow David, h 112 Washington

Levy, Frances, bds 106 Penna av

Levy, Harry H., cigarmaker Mercereau & Relyea, h 210 DeWitt

Levy, John (Alex & John), h 106 Penna av

Levy, Joseph, cigar mfr 614 E Water, h do

Levy, Marks G., clothing (also Roseman & Levy) 134 E Water, h 112 Washington

Levy, Moses, manager 134 E Water, h 208 High

Levy, Simon, peddler, h 154 Orchard

Lewald, Leon, student, bds 317 Baldwin

Lewald, Leslie S., trav salesman, bds 385 W Water

Lewald, Minnie, music teacher, bds 327 Baldwin

Lewald, Phillip A., com trav, bds 327 Baldwin

Lewis, Abram B., clerk 148 W Water, bds 1 Brady

PAGE 264

Lewis, Alfred, teamster, bds 711 Harper

LEWIS, ARNOLD, fine groceries 353 Davis, h 402 W First

Lewis, California, confectionery 155 Lake, h 103 Penna av

Lewis, Cornelia E., h 105 W Gray

Lewis, David T., emp Barker, Rose & Gray, h 358 Elm

Lewis, David W., carpenter, h 722 Spaulding

Lewis, Edward L., machinist, h 713 Walnut

Lewis, Edwin P., farmer, h 105 W Gray

Lewis, Enoch J., grocer Benton cor Division

Lewis, Eugene T., student, bds 509 W Third
Lewis, Evan J., mason, h 910 Magee

Lewis, Fred, clerk 204 Penna av, bds 128 S Main

Lewis, Harry, peddler, h 751 John

Lewis, Harry R., carpenter, bds 509 W Third

Lewis, Horace, teamster, h 711 1-2 Harper

Lewis, Horace S., farmer, h 103 Penna av

Lewis, Horace S. jr., flagman S Main street crossing N C R R, bds 103 Penna av

Lewis House, Robert J. Murray prop., 171 Railroad av

Lewis, Jake, peddler, h 751 John

Lewis, James T., farmer Hoffman n limits

Lewis, Jay B., student, bds 459 W Water

Lewis, Joel, teamster, h 801 W Church

Lewis, John, puddler, h 713 Walnut
Lewis, Joseph, peddler, h 769 John

Lewis, Joseph, baker 651 Lake, h 508 1-2 DeWitt

Lewis, Lorenzo D., carpenter, 509 W Third

Lewis, Maggie Mrs., h 128 S Main

Lewis, Mary, clerk 717 Walnut, bds 713 do

Lewis, Mary I., widow Obadiah, h 372 W Clinton

Lewis, Nelson, carpenter, h 711 Harper

Lewis, Obadiah, drayman, h Carrs crs

Lewis, Phoebe, bds 60 Penna av

Lewis, Phoebe, widow Simon, bds 829 E Second

Lewis, Ruth, bds 713 Walnut

Lewis, Stella, clerk 305 E Water

Lewis, Thomas, clerk 105 W Water, bds 1 Brady

Lewis, Thomas L., clerk 105 W Water, bds 1 Brady

Lewis, Valentine, grocer Southport corners

Lewis, William A., carpenter, h 952 Oak

Lewis, William J., carpenter, bds 411 S Main

Lewis, William J., teamster, h 753 Harper

Lewis, William, laborer, h Carrs corners

Libolt, Abraham M., cabinet maker State cor E Water, h 855 E Market

Libolt, Elma, binder Advertiser

PAGE 265

Libolt, Eva, binder Advertiser

Libolt, George H., painter 116 Partridge, bds 118 Ferris

Libolt, William S., cabinet maker, h 118 Ferris

Lichtman, Samuel, peddler, h 752 E Water

Liddington, Charles, machinist, bds r 124 E Hudson

Liddington, Frank, carpenter, bds 316 W Centre

Liddy, Harry, laundryman, bds 110 E Water

Liddy, Martin, painter, bds 214 Fulton

Liddy, Kate, cook 414 Lake

Liddy, Michael, saloon 131 S Main, h 214 Fulton

Liddy, Michael, engineer electric street car, h 806 Lake

Liddy, Michael jr., bar tender, bds 214 Fulton

Liddy, Timothy, driver, h 157 Washington

Liddy, Michael, laborer, h 215 Fulton

Liddy, Timothy, driver 151 Washington, h 608 John

Lieck, Lena, cook sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Lieen, Michael, mason, h 439 W Fourth

Lieen, Patrick C., mason, h 439 W Fourth

Light, Anna, bookkeeper 201 E Water, bds 117 Caldwell av

Lihss, Ambrose, laborer, h E s Robinson n Esty

Lilley, Augusta, laborer, h E s Robinson n Esty

Lilley, John, carpenter, h 704 Hatch

LILLEY, CHARLES F., manuf spring beds aud mattresses 620 State, h 113 W Second

Lillie, Ronald McDonald, clerk 301-303 E Water, bds 357 Elm

Lillis, Ann, operative, bds 672 Magee

Lillis, John, shoemaker 667 Magee

Lillis, Maggie, nurse 221 Penna av

Limner, Edward H., barber 167 Lake, h 217 Maple av

Limberger, Adolph, butcher, h 624 Mt Zoar

Lincoln, Fred J., confectionery, fruits, ice cream, etc 663 Lake, h do

Lincoln, Nellie, widow Robert, bds 665 Lake

Lindley, Frank C., brakeman N C R R, h 518 Jefferson

PAGE 266

Lindsey, Elizabeth, widow E. S., h 663 Baldwin

Lindsey, E. N., supt postal messenger service, bds Elmira house

Lindsey, Lewis L., saloon 331 Railroad av, h do

Lindsey, William, teamster, bds 663 Baldwin

Linfoot, Elizabeth, widow John, bds 464 Franklin

Lingle, Joseph F., machinist, h 451 Penna av

Lingle, Lorenzo, emp N C R R shops, h 217 South av

Lingenfetter, Adonigajh, switchman N C R R, h 16 Pine

Linker, Elias, tailor, 753 E Market h do

Lippincott, Charles T., conductor D L & W R R, h 706 1-2 Day

LITCH, BENJAMIN, Domestic Laundry Co., 144-146 W Water, h do

Litey, Clara, widow John A., h 220 W Third

Listman, Jacob, proprietor Elmira Box Co., h 353 Spaulding

Little, Elizabeth, widow Davis, bds 115 Madison av

Little, Ella, nurse Buckbee house

Little, Ellen, widow Wilson, h 131 W Water

Little, Enoch M., park police, h casino Eldridge park

Little, George H., porter Buckbee house

Little, Helen, widow Monroe, h 224 Sullivan

Little, Helen M., music teacher, bds 721 Columbia

Little, Henry, brakeman, h Lake cor E Fifth

Little, John H., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1110 Lake

Little, Levi D., chief of policy city hall, h 115 Madison av

Little, Smith, grocer N Chemung, h 121 Columbia

Little, Thomas, coachman 316 Lake

Little, Walter, painter, h 127 W Water

Little, Walter Mrs., helper 127 Baldwin, h 127 W Water

Livens, John, city expressman, h 419 S Broadway

Livingston, Theola, shoemaker, h 515 Madison av

Lloyd, James, laborer, bds 252 W Hudson

Lloyd, John, cigarmaker, bds 252 W Hudson

Lloyd, Thomas, laborer, bds 252 W Hudson

Lobdell, Edward, student, bds 313 Orchard

Lobdell, Phillip, butcher, h 313 Orchard

Lockard, Edward, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1505 Lake

Lockart, Daniel W., road clerk, N Y L E & W R R, bds 367 W Clinton

Locke, Emily Mrs., h 405 Lake

Locke, Hiram B., bds 106 W Second

Locke, John B., forrest com at Albany, h 305 Lake

Lockwood, Abbie, seamstress, bds 630 Lake

Lockwood, Electa, widow John, h 630 William

Lockwood, George L., brakeman D L & W R R, h 315 E Center

Lockwood, George W., tinsmith, bds 413 Davis

PAGE 267

Lockwood, Gideon, laborer, bds 402 E Market

Lockwood, James E., foreman, h 411 Standish

Lockwood, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 122 Horner

Lockwood, Jennie P., seamstress, bds 630 Lake

Lockwood, John, laborer, bds W Third n limits

Lockwood, John Mrs., h 630 Lake

Lockwood, Louisa, widow Nathaniel, h 357 W Second

Lockwood, Louisa W., saleslady 128 W Water, bds 122 Horner

Lockwood, Louisa, widow Nathaniel, h 413 Davis

LOCKWOOD, MATT, costumer and property maker, (theaters) room 23 Opera house blk, h 630 William

Lockwood, Nellie, bds 108 Lormore

Lockwood, Sarah J. Mrs., bds 122 Horner

Lockwood, Jarah J. Mrs., h 108 Lormore

Lodine, George, laborer, h 712 E Oak

Logan, John S., engineer N C R R, h 420 Jefferson

Loggie, John H., engineer N Y L E & W R R, h 209 W Third

Loghry, Harvey W., ( I Loghry & Co.,) h 106 W Fourth

Loghry, Isaac, coal and wood 627 Railroad av, h 511 W First

LOGHRY & CO., (Isaac Loghry and Harvy W Loghry), coal dealers, 627 Railroad av

Logue, Frank N., fireman N C R R, bds 422 Pleasant

Logue, John T., flagman N C R R, bds 710 Kenyon

Loid, Daniel, officer reformatory, h College av n Reformatory

Loman, Charles W., engineer N C R R, h 624 Penna av

Lombard, Azro, teamster, bds 801 W Gray

Lombard, May L., dressmaker, bds 112 E Henry

Londergan, Agnes, bds 221 W Water

Londergan, Daniel, laborer, h 244 W Water

Londergan, Ellen, bds 244 W Water

Lonergan, Annie, music teacher, 112 E Water

Lonergan, Ann, widow Jay, h 307 Division

Lonergan, Edward N., brushmaker, bds 217 Park

Lonergan, James, master mechanic D L & W R R, h 1101 Benton

Lonergan, James E., fireman D L & W R R, bds 1101 Benton

Lonergan, John W., machinist, bds 217 Park

Lonergan, John, barber, bds 456 W Second

Lonergan, Kate, operative, bds 456 W Second

Lonergan, Mary, widow John, h 209 Park

Lonergan, Mary, operative, bds 456 W Second

Lonergan, Morris, gardener, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Lonergan, Nellie, bds 456 W Second

Lonergan, Nora, operative, bds 456 W Second

Lonergan, Patrick, emp Erie car shops, h 456 W Second

Lonergan, Peter F., painter, bds 217 Park