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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 196

Golden, Charles, h 465 W Church

Golden, Ella, chambermaid Delevan house

Golden, Frederick H., truckman E C & N fgt house, h 717 E Oak

Golden, James, car repairer, bds 613 S Main

Goldsburg, Harriet, domestic, 712 E Oak

Goldsmith, Archie, bus driver Rathbun house, bds do

Goldsmith, Franklin, carpenter, h Erie n Lake av

Goldsmith, John J., clerk 100 Lake, h 702 E Water

Goldsmith, Mary A., widow Rev Benjamin M., h 301 W Clinton

Goldsmith, Mary H., h 301 W Clinton

Goldsmith, Richard H., blacksmith N C R R shops, h 103 E Henry

Goldsmith, Thomas J., laborer, bds 103 E Henry

Goldstein, Hyman, peddler, h 753 John

Goldstein, Louis, peddler, bds 107 Washington

Goldstein, Max, tailor 115 Railroad av, h 108 DeWitt

Goldstein, S., h 108 Dewitt

Gonware, Harry T., engineer, h 1317 1-2 Lake

Gonzales, Jessey, stenographer Masonic temple bds 550 E Market

Gonzales, Oliver W., collector 165 Lake, h 550 E Market

Goodell, Devolson, machinist, bds 521 E Union

Goodenough, Edmund, peddler, h 1026 Oak

Gooding, Lucien F., conductor N C R R, h 516 Herrick

Goodman, David, blacksmith, h 667 Dickinson

Goodman, Francis, widow William F., h 750 E Fifth

Goodno, Albert, h 350 Euclid pl

Goodno, Sherman W., bookkeeper Reid and Cooper, h 422 S Broadway

Goodrich, Chauncy S., toolmaker, 374 W Gray, h do

Goodrich, Dwight A., 55 Fulton St N Y City, h 416 W First

Goodrich, Frank M., salesman 400 Baldwin, h 403 DeWitt

GOODRICH, J. D., livery and boarding stables, 317 E Market h 157 Lake (See adv)

PAGE 197

GOODRICH, O. D. & CO., (O D Goodrich and W D Reynolds) wholesale and retail grocers 200 and 202 W Water and 105 and 109 Main

GOODRICH, O. D. & CO., (W D Reynolds and H F Gilbert) grocers 121 Lake

Goodrich, O'Meara D., (O D Goodrich & Co.) h 357 College av

Goodspeed, James, mechanic, h 413 W Third

Goodspeed, Newton H., emp J Richardson & Co, h 466 W Second

Goodwin, Clarence B., miller ft E Water, h 1020 E Water

Goodwin, Frank R., watchman, bds 709 Canal

Goodwin, Hattie, bds 1020 E Water

Goodwin, Hovey A., teamster, h 1020 E Water

Goodwin, John R., mill wright, h 112 W Miller

Goodwin, William C., carpenter h N s Coburn n Pine

Gordon, Bertha, dressmaker, bds 618 S Main

Gordon, Charles, baker, bds 618 S Main

Gordon, Charles F., baker, bds 618 S Main

Gordon, Ellen, teacher school No. 4, bds 402 William

GORDON, JOHN, blacksmith, Madison av, h 402 William

Gordon, Matthew, emp N C R R shops, h 618 S Main

Gordon, Samuel J., emp Elmira bridge works, h 707 Casey

Gorham, William, com trav, h 316 W Gray

Gorman, Frances H., bds 408 S Magee

Gorman, Frank J., insurance agt, bds 257 Baldwin

Gorman, James, laborer, bds 207 E South av

Gorman, James, emp rolling mill, h 956 Main

Gorman, James, laborer, bds 207 E Miller

Gorman, John, hostler, 1553 Lake, bds do

Gorman, John, student, bds 519 Oak cor Clinton

Gorman, John K., gate tender D L & W R R, h 371 E Center

Gorman, Kate, domestic 500 Lake

Gorman, Maria, domestic 269 Baldwin

Gorman, Mary, domestic 114 W Chemung pl

Gorman, Mary Mrs., h 956 Main

Gorman, Mary Agnes, domestic 325 Lake

Gorman, Michael, mason, h College av n Reformatory

Gorman, Patrick, laborer, h 451 W Sixth

Gorman, Patrick, puddler, h 915 John

Gorman, Patrick, saloon Main n W Clinton, bds 600 Baldwin

Gorman, Simon, laborer, h 207 E Miller

Gorman, Thomas, bds 451 W Sixth

Gorman, Thomas, conductor, h 109 W Gray

GORMAN, THOMAS, grocer, h 519 Oak cor Clinton

Gornee, Caroline E., widow W H, h 238 Mt Zoar

Gornee, Charles W., conductor street car bds 507 Spaulding

Gornee, Elliott, mason, h 562 Coburn

PAGE 198

Gornee, Emmett, mason, bds 562 Coburn

Gornee, Judd S., broker, bds 238 Mt Zoar

Gorski, Samuel, tailor, h 308 Harmon

Gorski, William, laborer, h 952 Johnson

GOSPER, CLARK W., grocer 1051 Walnut, h do

Gospodarky, Bertha, domestic 710 E Market

Gough, Patrick, fireman D L & W R R, h 714 Dickinson

Gould, Albert H., clerk 214 E Water, bds 510 W Second

Gould, Lafayette, laborer, h 219 W Water

Gould, Lee, bookkeeper Elmira roofing Co., bds Buckbee house

Gould, Orange P., manuf clothes wringers 510 W Second, h do

Gould, Robert H., clerk 214 E Water, bds 510 W Second

Gould, Theron A., supt Elmira Roofing Co., bds Buckbee house

Gould, Thomas W., clerk 510 W Second, bds do

Goulden, James, laborer, bds 523 Penna av

Goulden, Joseph, cabinet maker, h 408 Baldwin

Goulden, Maggie, domestic, 217 W Gray

Gowley, John, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av

Grace, Daniel W., box maker, bds 108 Penna av

Gradwell, Bridget, widow Thomas, h 606 E Third

Gradwell, Charles F., policeman, bds 606 E Third

Gradwell, James (Gradwell & Fitzgerald), bds 606 E Third

GRADWELL & FITZGERALD (James Gradwell and Thomas Fitzgerald) cigar manufs and dealers in cigars and tobacco 369 Railroad av

Gradwell, Thomas D., boiler washer N C R R, h 510 Perine

Grady, Edwin E., clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 1311 Benton

Grady, Frank, com trav, bds Buckbee house

Grady, John, weaver, bds 814 East av

Grady, Joseph, letter carrier, bds American hotel

Grady, Mary, nurse, h 406 Main

Grady, Michael, saloon 319 Railroad av, h do

Grady, Nellie L., emp Elmira Woolen Mill Co., bds 807 East av

Grady, Thomas, supt city park, h 1311 Benton

Graham, Anna C., bds 704 E Second

Graham, Edward, candy maker 321 Carroll, h 310 1-2 W Fourth

Graham, Isabella, domestic 106 Madison av

Graham, John, machinist, h 360 Diven av

Graham, Joseph, moulder, h 704 E Second

Graham, Lyman E., driver, bds 816 W Gray

Graham, Maude, dressmaker, bds 360 Diven av

Graham, Mary A., milliner, bds 360 Diven av

Graham, Thomas, h 214 College av

Graham, Thomas W., bds 214 College av

GRAND UNION TEA CO., Milton T. Knight, manager, 146 W Water

PAGE 199

Graner, Charles H., upholsterer 161 Lake, h 815 E Market

GRANT & DE WATERS, (I P G and estate W DeWaters) carriage repository and agricultural implements 112-120 State

Grant, Fred D., electrician, bds 450 Maple av

Grant, Israel P., (Grant & DeWaters) h 450 Maple av

Grantier, George W., conductor N C R R, h 460 South av

Graser, Blanche I., dressmaker 106 Main, h 511 W Gray

Graser, Edward, tailor, h 511 W Gray

Graser, Hally, dressmaker Main, bds 511 W Gray

GRAVES, ADDIE E., bakery and ice cream parlor, 405 E Union h do

Graves, C. O. Mrs., matron industrial school E Church cor Madison av, h do

Graves, Frederick A., decorative art designer, bds E Church cor Madison av

Graves, Mary M., dressmaker, bds 73 Penna av

Graves, Nancy, widow George, bds 1210 Baldwin

Graves, Scott W., carpenter, bds W Fourth n Walnut

Gray, Bradley W., carriagemaker, h 713 Lake

Gray, Carrie, laundress, h 119 Exchange pl

Gray, Emma, widow John, h 54 Orchard

Gray, Ellinor E., bds 324 W Gray

Gray, George L., coppersmith LaFrance shops, h 216 Horner

Grayling, John, tinsmith 116 Lake, h E Henry

Gray, John B., marble polisher, h 224 Chestnut

Gray, Mary C., teacher St Ursula, h 371 W Church

Gray, Seymour S., clerk 201 E Water, bds 54 Orchard

GRAY, STEPHEN C., (Barker, Rose & Gray) also real estate, h 615 Columbia

Gray, Truman D., asst master carpenter N C R R, h 311 W Sixth

Grcit, Adolph, h 358 Davis

GREAT ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TEA CO., Thomas J. McMahon manager, 117 E Water

Greatsinger, Christen M., milk peddler, h Southport cors

Greatsinger, John G., brakeman, bds Southport cors

Greatsinger, Louisa, widow William, h 751 E Second cor Oak

Greatsinger, Smith G., brakeman D L & W R R, h Reformatory

Greek, Charles, laborer, bds 713 Sullivan

Greek, William, laborer, bds 713 Sullivan

Green, Bridget, widow of Martin, h 723 Lake

Green, Calvin, laborer, h N s Sutton n S Main

Green, Emeline, widow Augustus, h 150 W Fifth

Green, Francis, h 150 W Fifth

Green, Fred, laborer, h 1409 Sullivan

Green, Fred A., machinist, bds 527 S Broadway

Green, Fred E., fireman N C R R, h 407 Powell

Green, Foster M., clerk 350 State, h 511 Second

PAGE 200

Green, George, laborer, h 524 Baldwin

Green, George G., carbuilder, h 150 W Fifth

Green, Hannah J., 164 Jones pl

Green, James, laborer, bds 603 Hoffman

Green, Jane A., h 150 W Fifth

Green, Jay, carpenter, h 232 LaFrance n Erie

Green, Maud, waitress Rathbun house, bds do

Green, Mamie, bds 723 Lake

Green, Michael, teamster, bds 702 E Market

Green, Smith H., general drug agent, h 142 E Chemung pl

Green, Theodore T., emp N Y L E & W R R, h W Clinton cor Main

Green, Thomas A., laborer, h S s Holdridge n limits

Greene, Everet, car inspector Erie R R, h 507 W Clinton

Greene, Frank, laborer, h 505 E Third

Greene, Hattie O., bds 113 Caldwell av

Greene, Hattie C., nurse, 311 William

GREENE, HORATIO N., pharmacist 667 Lake, h 658 Dickinson

Greene, Ira S., janitor 110 Baldwin, bds 524 Baldwin

Greene, Jennie M., seamstress, bds 505 E Third

Greene, Mary A., widow Daniel, bds 514 Euclid pl

Greene, Merrill Mrs., domestic 209 W Third

Greene, Patrick J., shoemaker J Richardson & Co., h 430 W Fourth

GREENE, WARNER S., watchmaker and jeweler 669 Lake, h 524 Baldwin

Greener, Sophia, bds 200 E Church

Greenman, Harry C., trav salesman, bds 510 E Church

Greener, Augustus, piano tuner, h E Church

Greener, Charles, bds 209 E Church

GREENER, JACOB, piano manf and dealer in music and musical instruments 209 E Church, h do (See adv)

PAGE 201

Greenman, Lewis, bar tender 151 Baldwin, h do

Greenman, Orlando S., physician, bds Chemung house

Greenman, Percy, carpenter, bds 56 First av

Greenwood, Fred W., bookkeeper 216 Baldwin, bds 159 Madison av

GREGG, A. EUGENE, propr Gregg house 315 Carroll (See adv p 7)

Gregg, Ellen, cook Delevan house

GREGG HOUSE, A. Eugene Gregg propr, (See page 7)

Gregg, Jane E., widow John, h 155 Madison av

Gregg, Peter, laborer, h Magee cor W Centre

Gregory, Alfred, clerk, h 452 E Clinton

Gregory, Bruce L., mason, h 523 W Clinton

Gregory, Caroline T., widow George W., Home for Aged

Gregory, Edwin, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1314 Lake

Gregory, Fred N., com trav, h 111 W Market

Gregory, George H., shipping clerk S H Laney, h 610 E Water

Gregory, Julia Mrs., dressmaker 111 W Market

Gregory, Orson A., carpenter, h 409 Baldwin

Gregory, Theodore M., carpenter, h 469 1-2 Franklin

Gressor, Joseph, carpenter, h 718 E Oak

Greves, Ann M., widow John, h 357 Columbia

Greves, John C., teller Chemung Bank, h 357 Columbia

Gridley, Charles H., (C H Gridley & Co, G A Gridley & Son), h 108 E Chemung pl

GRIDLEY, C. H. & CO., (G A Gridley), plumbing steam and gas fitting, 336 E Water

Gridley, Grandison A., (C H Gridley & Co, also G A Gridley & Son), h 108 E Chemung pl

GRIDLEY, G. A. & SON, (G A and C H) hardware stoves, etc 119 E Water (See adv page 4)

Gridley, Leonard C., salesman, 119 E Water, h 351 Spaulding

Gridley, William G., salesman, 119 E Water, h 111 Horner

Griemsman, Henry P., boiler maker, h 322 W Seventh

Griff, John, butcher Chemung Valley Beef Co, h 809 E Market

Griffes, Ettie, h 461 Mt Zoar

Griffes, Wilber G., shirt cutter 135 E Water, h 422 W First

Griffin, Bartholomew, teamster, h 108 W Fourth

Griffin, Dennis, laborer, h 652 Baldwin

Griffin, Edward, horsedealer, 563 E Water

Griffin, George H., engineer tannery Breesport, bds 604 Beach

Griffin, Margaret, widow Michael, bds 435 W Fourth

Griffin, Mary, widow Thomas, bds 378 S Main

Griffin, Michael, laborer, h 131 W Henry

Griffin, Sarah, laundress, bds 322 E Water

Griffith, Anna M., stenographer 302 E Water, bds 810 Walnut

Griffith, David H., blacksmith, h 810 Walnut

PAGE 202

Griffith, Lizzie J., dressmaker, bds 810 Walnut

Griggs, Elliot, gardener, h 1057 Walnut

Grimes, Robert, vice-pres Elmira Bridge Co, h 306 Lake

Grinnell, Stowell E., carpenter, bds 407 Locust

Griswold, Aaron, shoeburnisher, h Hoffman n limits

Griswold, A.T., div clerk N Y L E & W R R, bds Delevan house

GRISWOLD, CARL S., upholstering, repairing and all work on furniture 205 E Church, h 308 Madison av (See bottom lines)

Griswold, Erastus, carpenter, h 427 Balsam

Griswold, Fletcher, clerk Lake, bds 308 Spaulding

Griswold, Guy S., bookkeeper 119 Lake, h 123 Brand

Griswold, Judd, (Griswold, Maloney & Co), h Southport cor

Griswold, L. Dewitt, trav salesman, h 661 Davis

GRISWOLD, MALONEY & CO., (J Griswold, T Maloney, J and G Brand), hardware 323 E Water

Griswold, Mary E. Mrs., h 162 Sullivan

Griswold, Mary S., widow Edward, h 569 E Water

Griswold, Timothy, bar tender, 132 E Water, bds do

Griswold, Tracy B., bds Maple av

Griswold, William C., emp J Richardson & Co, h 218 Baldwin

Griswold, ________ bds 113 W Second

Groesbeck, Cornelius B., freight handler Erie depot, bds 261 Baldwin

Groesbeck, George S., draughtsman Elmira bridge Co., bds 417 E Market

Groesbeck, William, W F & Co Ex messenger, h 355 W Sixth

Grover, Alfred, restaurant 853 Dickinson, h do

Grover, Anna M. Mrs., spinner Elmira woolen mill, h 620 E Third

Grover, Earl B., farmer and milkman, h 409 Hoffman

Grover, Henry, laborer, h 908 Sullivan

Groom, Andrew, laborer, h 320 Baty

Groom, Bradley, farmer 419 Balsam

Groom, William L., lumber inspector, h 320 Baty

Grube, August, tailor room 7 opera house blk, h 118 Partridge

Grube, Max, tailor, bds 118 Partridge

Gruber, Annie C., bds 514 W Second

Gruber, Edward E. P., shoemaker, bds 514 W Second

Gruber, Minnie I., teacher, bds 514 W Second

Gruber, Philip, shoecutter, bds 514 W Second

GRUMME, EMILE, furniture warerooms 114-116 W Water, h 812 W Water (See top lines)

Grumme, Henry, clerk, h 121 1-2 W Hudson

Grumme, Joseph, bookkeeper 114-116 W Water, h 412 Spaulding

Gucker, Albert G., student, bds 410 Spaulding

Gucker, Emma, bds 410 Spaulding

PAGE 203

Gucker, Sophia, bds 410 Spaulding

Guernsey, Edward S., foreman E round house, h 401 Columbia

Guild, Emma, domestic 414 Fulton

Guilford, James B., associate editor Advertiser, h 312 William

Guilford, Franklin P., foreman D. Sullivan cigar manuf 654 N Main h 504 Columbia

Gulick, James, laborer bridge works, bds 214 Lormore

Gulick, Mary L., dressmaker 655 1-2 Lake

Guinan, John, laborer, bds 616 S Main

Guinan, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 801 John

Guinnip & Co., (R. H. and M. A.), dry goods and millinery 115 E Water

Guinnip, Guin, (Guinnip & Co.), h 621 W Water

Guinnip, Morgan A., (Guinnip & Co.,) h 621 W Water

Guinnip, Ransom H., (Guinnip & Co.) h 902 W Water

Guion, Frances D., teacher, bds 563 Grove

Guion, Gertrude F., stenographer Telegram, bds 563 Grove

Guion, Richard E., electrician 214 W Water, h 563 Grove

Guiwitz, Ella L., operator, bds 121 W Hudson

Guiwitz, Fred, cigarmaker, bds 121 W Hudson

Guiwitz, Uriah, cabinet maker, h 121 W Hudson

Gundel, Dora, widow Morris, h r 553 E Second

Gunderman, Clayton, driver, bds 209 Brand

Gunderman, Edith, clerk, bds 607 W Gray

Gunderman, Hattie, dressmaker, bds 305 S Main

Gunderman, Sarah Mrs., h 655 Park pl

Gunewicz, Joseph, saloon E Fifth cor Dickinson, h do

Gunn, Norman E., laborer, h 967 E Clinton

Gunn, Stephen J., bds 107 Madison av

Gunser, Louis, bartender 117 Lake, bds do

Gunstine, Irene, bds 514 W Gray

Guswald, Fletcher, bds 308 Spaulding

Guthrie, Andrew, laborer, 328 Webber pl

Guthrie, John, laborer, 162 Washington av

Guthrie, Sarah, bds 724 Benjamin

Guthrie, Sarah A. Mrs., boarding 724 Boarding

Guy, Charles, coachman 500 Lake

Gyles, W. R., shoemaker, bds 608 Park pl


Haas, Ama, bds 201 Columbia

Haas, Frank J., cutter 216 E Water, h 201 Columbia

Haas, Magdalen, widow John, h 201 Columbia

Haas, Sate, bds 201 Columbia

Haase, Ferdinand, grocer and saloon 600 E Church cor High, h do

PAGE 204

Haase, Ferdinand I., clerk N Y L E & W R R

Haase, Henry J., bookkeeper 413 and 415 Carroll, bds 600 E Church

Habek, August, laborer, 713 E Fifth

Habek, Charles, laborer, h 713 E Fifth

Habel, Albert, laborer, h 509 Oak

Habroheriski, Wawozyn, laborer, 823 Canal

Hackett, Joseph, painter, h 213 Mt Zoar

Hackett, Joseph, painter, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Maggie, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Margaret, domestic, 118 W Hudson

Hackett, Mary, bookkeeper 101 E Gray, h 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Mary A. Mrs., widow Matthew, h 759 E Church

Hackett, Mollie, bookkeeper, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Sadie, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, William F., machinist, h 115 W Hudson

HACKLEY, FRED D., gen insurance, 126 E Water, bds 509 Lake

Hackley, Mary J., widow Henry D., h 807 W Church

Hadden, Arthur, restaurant 671 Baldwin, h 669 do

Hade, Charles S., bartender 1132 Lake, bds 1128 Oak

Hade, George W., painter, h 1130 Lake

Hade, Justus, saloon keeper 1132 Lake, h 1128 Oak

Hadley, Benjamin, blind maker Fitch & Aldrich, h 111 1-2 Orchard

Hadley, Charles B., shoemaker, bds 411 Balsam

Hadley, Judson A., baggagemaster D L & W R R, h 411 Balsam

Hadley, Mary A., widow John J., h 1118 Walnut

Hadlock, Harry L., clerk, bds 232 W Miller

Hadlock, Nellie B., bds 232 W Miller

Hadlock, Putman J., emp Elmira bridge works, h 232 W Miller

Hadlock, Willis E., emp Elmira bridge works, h 707 1-2 Kinyon

Hagadorn, M. B. Mrs., millinery 306 E Water, h 128 E Chemung pl

Hagen, Alice, domestic 135 W Water

Hagen, Edith, bds 1124 Davis

Hagen, Frederick (Hagen & Owens), h 1121 Elm

HAGEN, GEORGE MRS., saloon 1124 Davis, h do n Woodlawn

Hagen & Owens (G. M. Owen and Frederick Hagen), meat market 703 Railroad av

Hagendorn, Charles W., school secretary Reformatory, bds do

Hager, Afton H., brakeman D L & W R R, h 405 E Thurston

Hager, Arnold, musician, bds 109 Madison av

Hager, Emma A., clerk 115 E Water, bds 109 Madison av

Hager, Fred, music teacher 109 Madison av, h do

Hager, Hiram A., brakeman, h 405 Thurston

Hager, Ida, bds 109 Madison av

Haggerton, Maggie, domestic 109 Columbia

PAGE 205

Haggerty, Celia, domestic 410 Main

Haggerty, Edward, engineer, h 123 Partridge

Haggerty, Frank, car repairer, bds 2 Main St bridge

Haggerty, Hattie, 123 Partridge

Haggerty, Heath J., trav agt, h 214 Caldwell av

Haggerty, Nellie, domestic 660 Park pl

Haggerty, Nora, domestic Elmira College, bds do

Haight, Charles E., carpenter, h 72 Penna av

Haight, Emma S., bds 119 W Chemung pl

Haight, Fannie, bds 119 W Chemung pl

Haight, George H., clerk N C R R yard office, h 472 1-2 South av

HAIGHT, I. & CO., hair dealers and manfrs of the celebrated hair grower 128 W Water

Haight, Ira ( I Haight & Co) h 128 W Water

Haight, Joanna, widow Silas, 119 W Chemung pl

Haight, Joseph K., conductor, h 113 W Chemung pl

Haight, Maxwell, h 107 W Hudson

Haight, William, butcher, bds 756 Spaulding

Haight, William L., bds 706 Spaulding

Hailstock, David, mason, h 518 High

Haines, Addie, dressmaker, h 311 DeWitt

Haines, Anna, dressmaker, 512 W Second, h do

Haines, Sanford S., upholsterer N Y L E & W R R, h 205 W Hudson

Hakes, Samuel B., shoemaker, h 415 Madison av

Halbert, Henry, jeweler, bds 2 Main street bridge

Hale, Emery C., carpenter, h 360 W Third

Hale, Lydia, bds 114 W Chemung pl

Haley, Maggie, domestic 204 Home

Haley, Mary, laundress Delavan house

Haley, M., currier Sheeley's tannery, h 905 John

Haley, Thomas, saloon, 111 W Miller

Hall, Adelaide, h 315 W Church

Hall, Andrew, cooper, h 154 S Elm

Hall, Andrus P., cabinetmaker, h 627 W Gray

Hall, Benjamin F., printer Star, h 802 E Market

Hall, Blanche, dressmaker, bds 151 W Clinton

Hall, Bray D., farmer, h cor Sullivan and Matthews

Hall, Charles, h 151 W Clinton

Halls contractor, h Penna av cor Kinyon

Hall, Charles F., draughtman 163 Lake, h 315 W Church

Hall, Charles L., salesman Robinson furniture store, h 415 Grove

Hall, Charles L., sexton 1st Baptist church, h 206 W Hudson

Hall, Charles W., contractor, h Kinyon cor Penna av

Hall, Clarinda J. Mrs., boarding 151 W Clinton, h do

Hall, Eliza, widow, Samuel D., h 1201 Lake

PAGE 206

Hall, Emmet A., train agent, N C R R, h 359 W Second

Hall, Etta, teacher, Riverside school, bds 160 S Elm

Hall, Fannie F., widow Henry M., h 1201 Lake

Hall, Frank, laborer, h 658 Baldwin

Hall, Francis, h 213 College av

Hall, Fred J., clerk D L & W R R, freight office, h 206 W Hudson

Hall, Frederick, h 213 College av

Hall, Frederick Mrs., pres Southern Tier Orphans' home cor Franklin and Fulton, h 213 College av

Hall, George, messenger Wells, Fargo & Co's Ex, h 714 W First

Hall, George A., clerk, bds 440 W Clinton

Hall, Hannah Mrs., 262 Jones Lane

Hall, James A., laborer, 804 E Market

Hall, LeRoy, teamster, h 303 Tuttle av

Hall, Lucinda, widow Hermon, nurse, h 440 W Fourth

Hall, Mary, 509 Madison av

Hall, Reuben, men's furnishing goods 136 W Water, h 383 do

Hall, Richard N., h 55 S Main

Hall, Robert A., (Morse, Baker & Hall) h 315 W Church

Hall, Sam J., h 1300 Lake

Hall, Sarah, widow A. P., h 213 W Third

Hall, Sylvester W., civil engineer and real estate, h Maple av, bet Horner and Home

Hall, William C., teamster Elmira Beef Co., h 517 Clinton pl

Hall, William H., engineer, h 713 Harper

Hall, William L., dyer, h 713 Harper

Hallenbeck, George G., h 206 Orchard

Hallenbeck, May, bds 804 John

Haller, Anna, widow Albert, h 608 Magee

Hallett, LeRoy W., teacher of penmanship Elmira school of Commerce, h at Millerton

Halliday, Frederick, clerk, bds 809 Davis

Halliday, Harry, clerk 126 Lake, bds 165 Sullivan

Halliday, Jesse J., polisher, bds 809 Davis

Halliday, Martha, widow Charles, h 116 W First

Halliday, Rinaldo, polisher, bds 909 Davis

Halliday, Sarah, widow William, h 211 High

Halliday, Selah, mason, h 165 Sullivan

Halliday, William H. jr., polisher, h 521 Mt Zoar

Hallinan, Catherine, widow Michael, h S Main cor Miller

Hallo, Leah, bookkeeper, 141 E Water, bds 461 E Water

Hallock, Alice, widow Horace, h 314 W Clinton

Hallock, Charles R., musician, bds 314 W Clinton

Hallock, Emma A. Mrs., tailoress 151 Lake

Hallock, Howard H., (W B Hallock & Bros) h 521 W Water

Hallock, Margaret, teacher room, 501 William

PAGE 207

Hallock, M. S. Mrs., teacher academy, bds 505 Lake

Hallock, Wallace B., (W B Hallock & Bro), h Binghamton

HALLOCK, W. B. & BRO., (W B and H H Hallock), clothiers merchant tailors and furnishers 111, 113 E Water

Hallock, William, h 415 W Water

Halloran, Anna, brush maker, bds 719 E Washington av

Halloran, Frank, printer, bds 717 E Washington av

Halloran, John, teamster, h 717 E Washington av

Halloran, Mary, domestic, bds 719 E Washington av

Halloran, Patrick, laborer, h 719 E Washington av

Hallsey, Edward J., insurance agt, bds Elmira house

Halpin, Christopher, conductor Erie R R, bds 156 W Third

Halpin, Lawrence E., com trav 413, 415, Carroll, bds 121 Madison av

Halpin, Luke, overseer Reformatory, bds do

Halpin, May, helper 157 Baldwin, bds do

Halstead, Mathias O., (Bessey & Halstead), h 714 Park pl

Ham, Bert, laborer, bds 727 Casey

Ham, Chauncey, laborer, bds 712 Junction st

Ham, Lorinda M., widow Jacob, h 727 Casey

Ham, William, laborer, h 500 W Hudson

Hamberger, Adolph, cigars and tobacco 430 E Water, h do

Hamer, Charles S., music teacher, bds 512 Madison av

Hamer, Louisa W., widow William F., h 361 Cresent

Hamer, Mary L., widow Howard S., h 512 Madison av

HAMILTON, ADELBERT T., druggist 155 W Third h do

Hamilton, Briggs, blacksmith 450 E Water, h 111 1-2 Orchard

Hamilton, Capitola E., milliner 306 E Water, bds 362 Fulton

Hamilton, Charles, laborer, h 228 Chestnut

Hamilton, Charles jr., h 228 Chestnut

Hamilton, Frederick, painter, h 554 John

Hamilton, George M., laborer, h 617 Magee

Hamilton, Herbert O., fireman D L & W R R, h 1205 Hall

Hamilton, Hiram B., machinist, h 554 John

Hamilton, James W., bds 1122 Lake

Hamilton, Joseph W., wholesale dry goods and notions, 156, 158 Lake, h 511 E Church

Hamilton, Louise, widow Andrew, dressmaker, h 507 Harper

Hamilton, Mary, widow Charles, bds 164 Sullivan

Hamilton, Oliver, foreman Doane & Jones, h 382 Fulton

Hamilton, Peter, h 222 Harriet

Hamilton, Phillip, painter, h 417 W Second

Hamilton, Robert, printer Gazette, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton, Samuel, brick maker 900 E Church, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton, Susan, widow Walter, bds 707 E Water

Hamilton, William, bookkeeper, bds 310 E Church

Hamilton, William S., mgr 109 E Second, bds 319 Carroll