Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Carey see Cary

Cargill Roswell G., organist and artist, h 129 Main

Cariss George H., yard master N C R R, h 464 Franklin

Carlisle George, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Carlisle John, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Carlson Agnes, domestic 458 W First

Carman Frank, laborer, bds 458 Lake av

Carman Ga

briel S., carpenter, h 214 Harmon

Carman George E., laborer, h 420 College av

Carman Stephen A., expressman, h 814 Walnut

Carman William H., carriagemaker E Washington av., h 511 W Second

Carmer Henry W., carpenter, h 342 S. Broadway

Carmody Anna, widow Michael, saloon 912 Johnson, h do

Carmody Charles, bds 912 Johnson

Carmody Edward, carpenter, h 433 W Fifth

Carmody Kate, widow Thomas, h 710 Magee

Carmody Mary, domestic 117 College av

Carmody Mary, domestic 409 Hoffman

Carmody Simon, laborer, h 314 Washington

Carner William, mason, h 314 S. Main

Carney Edward, student, bds 858 N Main

Carney Martin, laborer, bds 257 W Henry

Carnrike John, laborer h 707 E Church

Carns Dennis, brakeman D L & W R R ., bds 1207 Maxwell av

Carpenter Alma, clerk 200 S Main, bds do

Carpenter Amos J., fireman Erie R R., h 428 W Fourth

Carpenter Andrew J., carpenter, h 509 Fulton

Carpenter Edward A., photographer, Elmira Portrait Co., h 809 Johnson

Carpenter E G., laborer, 527 E Union

Carpenter Frank, guard Reformatory, bds do

Carpenter Fred C., printer, bds 212 W Chemung pl

Carpenter George C., engineer 254 and 256 State, h 210 Sullvan

Carpenter George D., carpenter, bds 512 Erie

Carpenter George E., h 611 Grove

Carpenter George H., woodturner, h 307 Franklin

Carpenter George M., ticket agt Erie R R Southport. h 203 Penna av

Carpenter George W., commission dealer, h 1306 Pratt

Carpenter Hannah, artist, bds 430 Pleasant

Carpenter Harry A., h 169 Baldwin

Carpenter James E., night watch La France, h 808 Davis

Carpenter John B., fireman D L & W R R., h 714 E Oak

Carpenter John M., livery 238 W Water, h 230 W Water

Carpenter John Y., h 657 Pearl pl

Carpenter Lena, works Turnbull’s shoe factory, bds 740 Harper

Carpenter Lewis F., carpenter, h 403 Madison av



Carpenter Luella bds 428 W Fourth

Carpenter Lydia, widow James, h 740 Harper

Carpenter Minie Mrs., asst supt carriers postoffice, h 121 Sullivan

Carpenter Nelson E., hay press, bds 203 Penna av

Carpenter Silas, bds 121 Sullivan

Carpenter Smith Mrs., clerk, h W Chemung pl

Carpenter Smith F., clerk 122 Lake, h 254 W Hudson

Carpenter William, printer Telegram, bds 121 Sullivan

Carpenter Z R., woodturner Harris & McHenry, h 510 W First

Carr Austin A., bedspring maker, bds 319 Baldwin

Carr Barney brakeman N Y L E & W R R., h 726 Hatch

Carr Betsey widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin

Carr Bernard, blacksmith, h 726 Hatch

Carr Charles A., fireman D L & W R R, h 362 Norton

Carr Ella, dressmaker, h 726 Hatch

Carr Esther J., h 705 Jay cor Oak

Carr Ezra, drayman, 958 Lake

Carr Isaac W., brakeman D L & W R R ., h 758 Pattinson

Carr John, cigarmaker, bds 351 Railroad av

Carr Kate, clerk 504 Main, bds 378 W Fifth

Carr LaGrand, lamplighter, h 1159 Hoffman

Carr Mary A., bds 378 W Fifth

Carr Samuel M., farmer, h West Hill n Carrs Corners

Carr Silas T., carriagemaker, h 705 Jay cor Oak

Carr Stephen H., laborer, h 378 W Fifth

Carr Thomas, Elmira Tea Store 504 N Main, h 378 W. Fifth

Carr William S., bookkeeper Chemung Canal bank, h 909 W. Water

Carrier Charles W., laborer B. W. Payne & Co., h 755 Harper

Carrier Cortland F., manuf of hardware, h 511 E Union

Carrier Joseph, h 719 College av

Carrier Julia N., bds 719 College av

Carrier Lovina, widow Philo, bds 511 E Union

Carrigan James, laborer, h 924 Maxwell av

Carrigan Mary, dressmaker, bds 924 Maxwell av

Carrigan Thomas, puddler, h 1015 Main

Carrigg Frank, train dispatcher Erie depot, bds 110 W Market

Carroll Bridget, widow Patrick, h 259 W Hudson

Carroll Charles H., h 312 Euclid pl

Carroll Frank T., manager J. W. Carroll, h W Water outside city

Carroll Hannah E. Mrs., hair dresser, h 459 Mt Zoar

Carroll Hannah E., hair dresser, h 459 Mt Zoar

Carroll James, plumber, bds 259 W Hudson

Carroll James, cigarmaker, bds 461 Mt Zoar

Carroll James, emp N C R R shops, h 206 Vine



Carroll James, jr., clerk, bds 206 Vine

Carroll James E., salesman J. W. Carroll, h W Water outside city

Carroll John, laborer, h 210 O’Gorman

Carroll John, cigarmaker, bds 461 Mt Zoar

CARROLL, JOHN W., clother and merchant tailor 111, 113 and 115 Railraod av, h W Water outside limits

Carroll John W., jr., cutter J. W. Carroll, h W Water outside city

Carroll Mary, waitress Wyckoff House

Carroll Mary B., dressmaker, bds 259 W Hudson

Carroll Mattie B., student, bds 123 Caldwell av

Carroll Nora, waitress Wyckoff House

Carry Daniel, salesman 301 E Water, bds 107 Main

Carter Alvah S., painter, h 112 College av

Carter Dick, laborer, bds 617 Lake

Carter Frank D., mason, h E Hudson cor Penna av

Carter George, emp Reformatory, Bancroft r n Rerormatory

Carter James, laborer, h 654 State

Carter John A. L., hostler, 108 E Chemung pl

Carter Joseph F., Telegram photo-engraver, h 950 Walnut

Carter Thomas, moulder, bds 766 S Main

Carter Thornton, laborer, h 608 Dickinson

Carter Mrs., widow h 654 State
HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer 112 Baldwin Street

Cartledge Frank C., conductor street car, bds 222 Lormore

Cartledge James C., marble cutter, h 222 Lormore

Cartman Jennie, bds 115 E First

Cartledge Joseph, foreman and designer A. W. Ayers & Son 446 E Water, h 402 1-2 Sullivan

Cartledge William C., bookkeeper and designer 304 and 312 State bds 412 1-2 Sullivan

CARTRIGHT STEPHEN, ex-manager rolling mill, h 367 Diven av

Cary David, clerk 301 E Water, bds Main cor W Water

Cary Ella, dressmaker, h 363 W Third

Cary George, painter, h 115 E First

Cary Mary J., domestic 374 W Church

Cary Michael J., carpenter, h 363 W Third See also Carey

Casada Maggie, bds 240 W Water

Casady Charles, blacksmith, h 555 E Church

Casady George B., musician, h 240 W Water

Casady see also Cassada

Case George, fireman, h 864 Magee

Case Rose, domestic 317 W Clinton

Case Schuyler S., com trav, h 105 Hoffman

Casey Anna, milliner, bds 802 Sullivan

Casey Daniel, livery and hack rear 210 S Main, bds 411 S Main

Casey Kate, teacher school Big Flats, bds 802 Sullivan

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Casey Frank, student, bds 356 Maple av

CASEY JAMES S., manager Erie depot restaurant, h 656 Park pl

Casey Lizzie T., bds 356 Maple av

Casey Maggie, student, bds 802 Sullivan

Casey Mary, widow Daniel, h 802 Sullivan

Casey Michael, waiter, bds 411 S Main

Casey Michael, saloon, 222 W Henry, h do

Casey Michael G., contractor and builder, h 356 Maple av

Casey Morgan, laborer, bds 854 N Main

Casey Sarah G., bds 356 Maple av

CASSADA FRANK J., sheriff chemung Co, h 211 William

Cassan Lizzie, domestic, 360 Franklin

CASSAL CHARLES M., watchmaker manuf jeweler and engraver 105 E Water, h 110 W Gray

Cassal Charlotte, widow Henry M, h 110 W Gray

Cassal Emma H., 110 W Gray

Cassal Lena J., 110 W Gray

Cassell George W., carpenter, h 562 Beach

Cassell John L., bds 562 Beach

Cassin Julia, widow Martin, h 465 Powell

Casterline Anna M., stenographer, bds 212 Gregg

Casterline Cyrus S., h 361 Grove

Caster George E., foreman Reformatory, h Bancroft rd n Reformatory
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St, 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Casterline Horace, tobacconist, h 754 John

Casterline Ira, carpenter, h 1006 Walnut

Casterline Isaac, manager 119 Baldwin

Casterline M. A., lock and gun smith 119 Baldwin, h do See adv page 12

Casterline Mattie, student, bds 754 John

Casterline Samuel M., engineer N C R R, h 521 Perine

Castle George E., carpenter, h 454 1-2 Spaulding

Castle John H., machinist, h 318 Baty

Castner Jennie, dressmaker bds 1202 Maxwell

Castner John P., engineer, D L & W R R, h 1202 Maxwell av

Caswell Frederic M., telegrapher bds 104 Fox

Catchpole Edward, carpenter, bds 122 S Main

Cathers George, bds 110 Ferris

Catlin Jane W., Mrs., h 506 Columbia

Catln Louis, clerk 301, 303 E Water, bds 1302 Hall

Catlin Theodore, laborer h 307 E Clinton

Caulking Carrie, widow Thomas B, bds 220 Thurston

Caulking Hiram L., printer, bds 202 E Gray

Caulking Isadore, 202 E Gray

Caulking Mollie, widow Willard, boarding 202 E Gray

Causer James A., clerk State cor E Market, bds Elmira Houss

Causer John H., clerk Elmira house

PIANOS and ORGANS at the Leading Music Store 116 and 118 N Main-St.


CAUSER, JOSEPH, propr. Elmira House 105, 107 Railroad av

Causer, Joseph jr., bar tender Elmira house

Cavanaugh James, bar tender, bds 604 Magee

Cavanaugh Julia, student, bds 108 E Hudson

Cavanaugh Joseph, mason, h 108 E Hudson

Cavanaugh Maud, dressmaker, bds 108 E Hudson

Caverly Carrie, domestic Elmira College, bds do

Caverly Kate, housekeeper 517 Railroad av

Caverly Mary, housekeeper 517 Railroad av

Cavelly Hannah, bds 319 Roe av

Cavelly John, puddler, h 319 Roe av

Cavanaugh Mary J., dressmaker, bds Jones bel Robinson

Caverly Richard, (Hogan & Caverly,) h 517 Railroad av

CENTRAL HOUSE, John Gilmore propr 114 E Waer

Century Club, Robinson bldng 167 Lake

Chabanne John B., shipping clerk, h 520 William

Chadbourne Sarah, widow Paul S, bds 210 Maple av

Chadbourne William T., clerk Rathbun house, h 158 Clinton

Chadman Sarah, domestic 524 W Gray

Chalmers Julia E., propr St. Ursula school 402 W Church, h do

Chamberlain Ettie Mrs., bds 413 Herrick

Chamberlain William, canvasser h 332 W Seventh

Chamberlain William A., brakeman D L & W R R , h 332 W Seventh
Go to the Empire Launry for Fine Work

Chamberlain William Mrs., corset agent, h 332 W Seventh

CHAMBERLIN ASAHEL B., land agent D L & W R R, h 713 Park pl

CHAMBERLIN BURTON S., lawyer 206 E Water, h 308 W Gray

Chamberlin David W., coachman, bds 722 W Water

Chamberlin Kate, widow Wright, bds 722 W Water

Chamberland Charles C., farmer, h 159 Madison av

Chambers Edward, carpet weaver, h 503 S Broadway

Chambers Harmon O., miller, h 418 Jefferson

Chambers, James H., laborer, bds College av n Reformatory

Chambers Salem, farmer, h College av n Reformatory

Champlain Charles, flagman Erie R R, bds 105 N Main

Champlain ---------, brakeman, h 154 W Fourth

Chancello Josephine, bds 360 E Fifth

Chancler Joseph M., bill poster, bds 666 Dickinson

Chappell --------, painter, bds 864 Magee

Chaple Harriett, widow Leonard, bds 529 Harper

CHAPMAN ANDREW F., grocer also wood, coal, hay, straw and feed 355 E Washington av, h 858 Lake

Chapman Alice M., teacher No 5, bds 403 W Church

Chapman Benjamin, machinist, bds 724 S Main

Chapman Bert O., dentist 310 E Water, bds 701 E Church

C. R. Mather Coal Dealer, 104 Partridge Street.


Chapman Charles E., (Mosher & Chapman), h 118 N Main

Chapman Herbert, conductor D L & W R R, h 160 W Fifth cor N Main

Chapman Isaac R., (Chapman, Plowman & McCann) h 330 1-2 S Broadway

Chapman James J., machinist, h 110 W Henry

Chapman Louise Mrs., seamstress, h 404 W Third

Chapman Maggie, widow George, h 418 Carroll

Chapman Mary, widow Orrin, h 160 W Fifth cor N Main

Chapman Philinda, widow George, bds 330 1-2 S Broadway

Chapman, Plowman & McCann, (I R Chapman, W H Plowman and M D McCann), hardware 206 S Main

Chapman Sarah L., A. M., prin Elmira college, bds do

Chapman Wilbur N., foreman Fitch & Aldrich, h 701 E Church cor Orchard

Chase Carrie B., bds 609 Lewis

Chase Cornelius B., foreman N C R R machine shops, h 609 Lewis

Chase Earlie S., bds 502 W First

Chase Fred M., com trav, h 502 W First

Chase Helen M., bds 502 W First

CHASE HIBBARD MILLING CO., (J H Chase, H D Stone, Geo Wilson, M Hibbard and Whitney Williams), merchant millers 301-307 W Water
Plans, Elevations and Specifications by 

H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake St.

Chase John H., (Chase Hibbard Milling Co.), h Rochester, N Y

Chase Walter P., clerk 307 E Water, h 523 W Water

Chase Zalmon F., physician, 760 E Church, h do

Chatfield Henry S., mason, bds 400 Pleasant

Chatham Sarah C., stenographer Robinson bldg, h 163 Court

CHEMUNG CANAL BANK, M H Arnot pres, J C Greves asst cashier, E Water n Lake

CHEMUNG COAL CO., retail coal and wood 849 Railroad av See Adv

Chemung county jail, 211 William

CHEMUNG HOUSE, Isaac Garrbrant propr 315 and 317 E Market

CHEMUNG OIL CO., H M Wells and M J Finch, 821 Hatch

No Finer Portraits made than those by the Elmira Portrait Co.

159 Baldwin st.


Chemung Valley Beef Co., Frank Rhodes manager, cor Gray and Railroad av

Chemung Valley Mutual Loan Association, James N Ward sec,y

Chemung Valley Spice Mills, (T B Winfield and M E Helton) Oak cor Pattison

CHENEY FREDERICK A., secy, treas and genl mangr Elmira Illuminating Co., bds Rathbun house


Dr. N. Cheney, Elmira, N. Y.

Specialist of diseases of blood, skin and mucous membranes; cures the worst forms and conditions of cancers, lupus and scirrhus, skin diseases, epilepsy, throat and lung affections; removes moles and facial blemishes without the aid of kife or cautery and stops itching of scalp and "falling out" of hair instantly, thus preventing baldness.


Cherry Charles K., baker, bds 406 Standish

Cherry Clarence, bookbinder 104 Lake, bds 154 High
Ink and Mucilage Billings’ "Popular" Bookstore at 112 Baldwin-St.

Cherry Dennis, laborer, h 757 E Washington av

Cherry Dennis B., laborer, bds 757 E Washington av

Cherry Electa, widow William, h 218 E Market

Cherry Irene, music teacher 154 High

Cherry John, laborer, 805 Canal

Cherry John jr., brakeman D L & W R R, h 709 Railroad av

Cherry John J., laborer, bds 757 E Washington av

Cherry Mary, widow John, saloon 361 Railroad av

Cherry Patrick S., mason, 154 High

Cherry Thomas, laborer, h 763 E Washington av

Cherry Thomas, brakeman D L & W R R ., h 914 Main

Cheseman William H., harnessmaker, bds 302 W First

Chesley Frank A., brakeman N C R R., h 227 O’Gorman

Chidester Adolphus, h 327 E Centre

Chidsey George W., clerk Keaton’s fruit store Baldwin, h 404 W Second

CHILSON RUFUS R., physician and surgeon, office hours until 9 a m, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m, 610 W Church

Chilvers, Horace E., clerk 103 W Water, h 79 Walnut

Chrisler Hiram, carriagemaking and blacksmithing 233 W Water, h 378 W Water

Chrisler Monroe R., blacksmith with Hiram 233 W Water, h 378 W Water

Christ William, clockmaker, bds 708 E Water

CHRISTEN CHARLES, shaving and haircutting parlors 120 E Water, h 459 E Second



Christen Edward (Winston & Christen) h 217 W Hudson

Christen George, upholsterer, State cor Water, bds 51 Orchard

Christen, Joseph, restaurant and saloon 151 Baldwin, h do

Christen Joseph, tailor 51 Orchard, h do

Christen Josephine, dressmaker 108 Orchard, bds 51 Orchard

Christen Elsie domestic 218 Madison av

Christen Jane, nurse, bds 860 E Church

Christen Schmidt, clerk 216 E Water, h 115 High

Christen Peter, retired, h 201 W Hudson

Chubb Eda bookkeeper O D Goodrich & Co., bds 316 W First

Chubb Harriet M., bds 317 W First

Chubbuck Charlotte L., teacher, bds 713 E Church

Chubbuck Lucy A Mrs, widow Rev. Austin E., bds 713 E Church

Chubbuck Manly T., com trav., h 713 E Church cor Orchard

Churchill Enoch, mason bds r 422 Fulton

Churhill Minnie N., bds’807 W First

Churchill William jr., fireman bds r 422 Fulton

Cilly Joseph G., machinist, h 705 Kinyon

City Assessors’ office, Masonic Temple, Lake

City Chamberlain’s office, Masonic Temple, Lake

City Club, 403 Lake

City Clerk’s office, Masonic Temple, Lake
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St., 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Civil Service com office, Masonic Temple, Lake

Claflin E Jane, domestic 555 Grove

Clair Daniel, laborer, h 959 Main

Clair, Kate (Murphy & Clair) h 135 E Water

Clair Maggie, dressmaker, bds 714 Spaulding

Clancy Bridget, h 508 E Third

Clancy Celia, domestic 118 E Chemung pl

Clancy George T., blacksmith, bds 372 W First

Clancy James, cigarmaker, h 372 W First

Clancy James jr., cigarmaker, h 372 W First

Clancy Kate A., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 508 E Third

Clancy Maggie, domestic 322 Wchurch

Clancy Martin, mason, bds 372 W First

Clancy Susan, widow Patrick, h 369 W Second

Clapp George M., shoemaker, h 116 Orchard

Clare Fannie, nurse Arnot-Ogden hospital

Clark Alfred E., driver, h Penna av

Clark, Anna, domestic 313 Penna av

Clar Anna M., widow Joseph, h 1019 College ave

Clark Allen, clerk 131 E Water, bds 221 Franklin

Clark Bernard, clerk 324 E Water, bds 703 do

Clark Catherine, widow Charles W., bds 300 DeWitt cor Market

Clark Charles W., teamster, h 901 Benton

Steam Dying, Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing at 231 W. Water St.


Clark Charles, bds West End hotel

Clark Charles D., agt Weston Electric Co., 200 DeWitt cor Market

Clark Clara, widow William Bds 754 John

Clark Clara Mrs., dressmaker bds 543 S Main

Clark Della, net maker Plumb & Sheldon, bds 505 DeWitt

Clark Dora J., stenographer 210 E Water, bds 722 W Gray

Clark Earl, barber, bds 703 E Water

Clark Edward, teamster, h 1304 Maxwell av

Clark Edward E., bds 722 W Gray

Clark Edward L., clerk, bds 373 Penna av

Clark Edwin, com trav, bds 373 Penna av

Clark Esther M., bds 110 W Second

Clark Emma K., teacher Elmira College, bds do

Clark Emma Mrs., seamstress, h 212 Harmon

Clark Eugene B., brakeman E R R, h 404 E Water

Clark Fred C., operator D L & W R R, bds next armory

Clark Fred L., tel operator D L & W R R freight office, bds 305 E Church

Clark Frederick F., telephone insp, bds 715 College av

Clark George H., (Chemung Valley Spice Mills), h 109 W Second

Clark George W. Mrs., h 655 College av

Clark Grace, bds 338 Diven av
Go to the Empire Laundry for Fine Work.

Clark Harriet D., 505 Magee

Clark Helen, student, bds 704 E Clinton

Clark Henry A., clergyman, h 221 Franklin

Clark Henry L., manager (George Clark & Co.), h 408 W Clinton

Clark Henry S., car builder Erie R R shops, h 505 DeWitt

Clark Horace S., teamster, h 753 Day

Clark Isabella, widow William h 221 DeWitt

Clark Isabella, h 450 Sullivan

Clark Jacob, teamster, h 1309 Hall

Clark James, foreman 304-312 State, h 751 E Market

Clark James J., mason, h 715 Casey

Clark James H., contractor and lumber dealer 308 E Water, h 354 Maple av

Clark Jasper supt E Market cor Fox, h 722 W Gray

Clark Jennie L., teacher school No.5, bds 707 John

Clark John, engineer 312 State, h 707 John

Clark John, carpenter and builder College av, h 712 Park pl

Clark John D., cigar manuf 110 W Second, h do

Clark John S., mason, h 504 Elizabeth

Clark John M., hostler, h 151 Franklin

Clark John W. S., agt and supt Elmira Woolen Mill Co., East av h 450 Sullivan

Clark J. G., building mover, h 212 Harmon

CLARK JOEL N., cooper manuf, cisterns and hot water tanks, 704 E Clinton, h do

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Clark Joseph, h r 423 W Fourth

Clark Joseph A., telegrapher, bds 1019 College av

Clark Josephine, h 655 College av

Clark Josie, h 311 W Church

CLARK J. HENRY, contractor and dealer in lumber and ties, 308 E Water, h 354 Maple av

Clark Judson H., prop Genesee Valley stock farm, h Maple av n E Miller

Clark Lewis R., clerk 205 W Clinton, h 654 Pearl pl

Clark Mary A., grocer, 603 E Water, h do

Clark Mary C., 505 Magee

Clark Mary E., widow Stephen W., h 423 Standish

Clark Mary H., 450 Sullivan

Clark Samuel J., conductor N C R R , h 213 Caldwell av

Clark Samuel W., grain dealer, Nicks n Exchange pl, h 352 Maple av

Clark Sarah M. Mrs., boarding 505 Magee, h do

Clark Silas, bds 611 W Gray

Clark Stephen A., laborer, h 652 Baldwin

Clark Susan Mrs., bds 810 Oak

Clark William, laborer, h 751 E Second cor Oak

Clark William, farmer, h S s Soper n S Main

Clark William, hackman, h 406 DeWitt
Get your Plans and Specifications of H. O. Smith, The Architect, 108 Lake Street.

Clark William G., bookkeeper, bds 505 Magee

Clark William M., bookkeeper, h 378 W Fifth

Clark William W., blacksmith Payne shops, h 810 Oak

Clarke C. Watkins, student, bds 200 DeWitt

Clarke E. Romaine, clerk First Natinal Bank, bds 210 Lormore

Clarke Fannie G., widow Morris E., bds 323 Sullivan

Clarke Francis, confectionery 360 W Second, h do

CLARKE HARRY M., lawyer Robinson Building 157, 167 Lake, h 210 Lormore

Clarke Mary, domestic 357 Columbia

Clatworthy James H., h W Water

Claver Mary, sister lady superior academy of our lady of angels E Market cor High

Clear James, laborer, bds 919 Stowell

Clearwater William F., laborer, h E s Penna av n limits

Cleary George W., gardener Reformatory, h Davis ft Reformatory Hill

Cleary Michael, h 355 E Centre

Cleator William, brakeman L V R R, bds Blyley house

Clemens Jacob, gigger Elmira woolen mill, h 408 High

Clemens William H., brakeman Erie R R, h 413 W Fourth

Clements William W., student, bds N s Luce n Robinson

Clendenin Eliza J., bds 700 Giltanann

Clendenin Harry J., clerk N C R R, freight office, bds 700 Giltanann

Ask any Business Man in Elmira concerning the Portrait Work of

the Elmira Portrait Co., 159 Baldwin Street.


Clendenin Henry H., bridge foreman N C R R, h 700 Giltanann

Clendenin Robert H., bridge builder N C R R, bds 700 Giltanann

Clendenney Harriet A., widow Theodore, bds 720 Walnut

Cleveland Arthur I., clerk 316 Carroll, bds 406 Oak

Cleveland Arthur S., trav salesman 316 Carroll, bds 406 Oak

Cleveland Chauncy, gardner, h 827 W Second

Cleveland Eddie D., emp Farrington’s brick works bds 850 E Market

Cleveland Edward, salesman 316 Carroll, h 406 Oak

Cleveland Franklin E., station baggage agt N Y L E & W R R, h 152 W Third

Cleveland George W., bds W Second ab Euclid pl

Cleveland Harry B., stenographer, bds 152 W Third

Cleveland Hurbert E., shipping clerk, h 814 E Church

Cleveland James H., h 708 E Market

Cleveland Mary S., bds 505 Penna av

Cleveland Morgan, engineer stone quarry, h 850 E Market

Cleveland Philo P., emp Fitch & Aldrich h r 663 College av

Cleveland Reuben D., clerk 316 Carroll, bds 406 Oak

Cleveland Stanley H., trav agt, h 314 S Broadway

CLEVELAND THURLOW W., wholesale fruits, oysters and produce, 316 Carroll, h 114 Lormore

Cleveland William M., sash maker, n 320 Orchard
Bargains, - Books, - Billings, -Baldwin – Street.

Clifford Jeremiah C., barber 1351 Baldwin, bds 336 Diven av

Clifford Joseph C., barber and bath rooms 1351 Baldwin, h 356 Diven av

Clifford LeRoy S., conductor D L & W R R, h 1325 Maxwell av

Cline Alonzo S., farmer, h 120 Lemon

Cline John, laborer James pl n W Hudson

CLIPPER CHILLED PLOW CO., (William G. Strait, H. G. Mix and estate of E. B. Smith) William cor Clinton

Cloak Annie, telephone girl, Elmira college, bds do

Cloak Bridget, widow John, h 956 Magee

Cloak Kate, domestic Elmira college, bds do

Cloak Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 956 Magee

Cloak Margaret, dressmaker, bds 956 Magee

Cloak Nellie, milliner, bds 756 Magee

Cloak Thomas, laborer, bds 756 Magee

Clock Mary E., seamstress, h 374 Railroad av

Clohessy Alick, clerk 465 Railroad av, bds 716 Columbia

Clohessy Alice B., bds 716 Columbia

Clohessy Michael, grocery 405 Railroad av, h 716 Columbia

Close Reuben H., retired clergyman, h 371 Fulton

Closson Jessie F., teacher, bds 424 W Gray

Closson Oliver, clerk 201 E Water, h 110 N Main

Cluery George H, clerk, bds 614 S Main



Cluery John, boilermaker, h 614 S Main

Cluery Mary, dressmaker, bds 614 S Main

Clyne Irving, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 302 Diven av

Cloake Adam, boilermaker, h 768 S Main

Coakley Mggie, bds 910 Oak

Coakley Timothy, laborer, bds 906 Oak

Coats William A., carpenter, h 417 Balsam

Cobb George H., engineer pipe line, h 307 W Fourth

Cobb Marietta S., teacher school No. 5, bds 1001 College av

Coble Mary A., domestic 109 E Henry

Coburn A. Monroe, contractor Spaulding’s mill, cor Fifth and State, h 404 Sullivan

COBURN PARLEY, principal school No. 3, also sec’y Century Club, h 207 Spaulding

Coburn Wilhemina, bds 404 Sullivan

Cochran Blanche, dressmaker, h 655 Columbia

Cochrane John, bds 119 W Chemung pl

Cocoman Bridget, h 268 W Hudson

Cocoman Mary, widow Alexander, h 268 W Hudson

Cockerill Abram, spinner Elmira woolen mill, h 505 1-2 Sullivan

Cody Joseph, coachman J. M. Diven, h 710 Winsor av

Coe Emily, h 605 W First

Coe Newton, h 605 W First
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St., 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Coe Walter, painter, h West Hill

Coe William D., baggageman E C & N, h 1005 Oak

Coffee Jeremiah, carriage ironer, bds 218 William

Coffee John, bds 517 Railroad av

Coffee John J., grocer, 600 Jay cor High, h do

Coffin Mary, widow James B., bds 657 Park pl

Cogan Michael, clerk Dey Bros., bds 660 N Main

Cohen Abraham H., jeweler 102 Lake, h 119 Sullivan

Cohen Harry, peddler, bds 115 Orchard

Cohen Hyman, laborer, h 767 John

Cohen Hyman, peddler, h 116 Harriet

Cohen Isaac, peddler, h 113 Harriet

Cohen Joseph, peddler, bds 115 Orchard

Cohen Joseph, peddler, 107 Washington

Cohen Julius, peddler, 115 Washington

Cohen Levi, peddler, John

Cohen Louis, brickmaker, h 716 John

Cohn Emanuel, peddler, h 164 DeWitt

COKE CHARLES L., star and Crescent printing house, 156 Baldwin, h 467 W Second

COKE E. M., baker and confectioner, 156 Baldwin, h 467 W Second

Coke Elizabeth Mrs., treasurer of Anchorage, 955 College av, h Second n Walnut

Second Hand Clothing Bought and Sold at 231 W. Water-St.