Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Blake, Selwyn N., electrical contractor, h 657 Park pl

Blake, Susie, cook Arnot-Ogden hospital

Blake, Woren J., brakeman D L & W R R, h 405 E Thurston

Blampied, Benjamin, trav salesman, h 526 W Church

Blampied, William T., clerk 135 E Water, bds 391 W Water

Blanchard, Adner, bds 630 Winsor av

Blanchard, Anna E., cashier 301-303 E Water, bds 215 High

Blanchard, Celia, dressmaker, h 204 W Water

Blanchard, Edward G., h r 1311 Hall

Blanchard, Edward S., switchman, h 659 Lake

Blanchard, Edward M., laborer, h 407 Railroad av

Blanchard, Miles F., laborer, h 107 E Second

Blanchard, Porter H., trav salesman, h 215 High

Blanchard, Ralph H., painter, h Main cor W Centre

Blanchard, Stanton, mason, bds 803 Magee

Blanchard, Vert A., laborer, h Main cor W Ceuter

Blanford, L., painter, h 305 Fulton

Blauvelt, Albert, carpenter, h 460 Spaulding

Bleecher, Alios, butcher, bds 1001 Davis

Blight, William H., (Blight & Worrall), h 124 N Main

BLIGHT & WORRALL, (W. H. Blight and J. L. Worrall), wholesale and retail dealers in anthracite, loyal sock and bituminous coal 109 E Second and 504 Erie

Bliss, Charles W., switchman, bds 365 W Gray

Bliss, George W., shoe upper mfg 208 W Water, h 365 W Gray

Bliss, Harriet A., German teacher, bds 324 W Gray

Bliven, Charles H., machinist, h 707 E Market

Bliven, George G., machinist, h 422 E Washington av

Bliven, Hattie E., operator, bds 707 E Market

Bliven, Jennette, widow Asa, bds 422 E Washington ave

Bliven, Mary G., carpet maker, h 318 High

Blobel, Christine, bds 709 1-2 Magee

Bloch, John, rag shop 117 Orchard, h do

Bloch, Max, clerk 105 W Water, h 117 Orchard

Blodgett, Charles G., blind maker Fitch & Aldrich, h 709 E Market

Blodgett, Gardiner A., h 419 Standish

Blodgett, Dana W., blind maker, bds 419 Standish

Bloom, Alice M., dressmaker, bds 210 Horner

Bloomer, Erastus R., engineer N C R R, h 659 N Main

Bloomer, James J., pastor St. Particks R. C. church h W Clinton cor Park pl

Bloom, Joseph, guard Reformatory, bds do

Bloomer, Joseph, printer, h 502 Columbia

Bloss, A. LaFayette, emp King Organ Factory 208 College av h 516 W Second

Bloss, Fred, puddler, h 209 Park


Bloss, Louisa, widow George, h 704 John

Blossburg, Coal Co., Saml. Hines mgr, 110 W Third

Blossom, Frank M., City Chamberlain Masonic Temple also teller Chemung Canal bank, 120 W Second

Blue __________emp J. Richardson & Co, h 215 E Gray

Bluden, Susan C., widow Henry D., 657 Park pl

Blyley, Frank J., barber 1 Main St bridge, bds 400 Railroad av

BLYLEY HOUSE, Stephen Blyley prop, 400 Railroad av cor E Second

Blyley, Ida E., bds Blyly house

BLYLEY, STEPHEN, propr Blyley house 400 Railroad av cor E Second

Boak, James C., h 222 W Second

Boak, James L., clerk, bds 222 W Second

Boag, Agnes, domestic 521 W Water

Board of Education, 110 Baldwin

Board of Excise, office masonic temple Lake

Board of Health, office masonic temple Lake

Board of Trade rooms, Robinson building 161 Lake

Boardman, Irving, physician, bds 325 Lake

Boardman, John, emp Fitch & Aldrich planing mill, h 804 John

Boardman, Martha D., nurse, h 804 John

Bocarde, Caroline H., widow Joseph, h 718 W Church

Bochnewetch, Annie M. Mrs., h 128 Hudson

Bochnewetch, Anthony, tailor, bds Sixth n Davis

Bochnewetch, Clara, dressmaker 131 S Main, h do

Bochnewetch, Jacob S., upholsterer, h 138 E Chemung pl

Bochnewetch, Joseph, tailor 129 S Main, h do

Bock, George, fireman, h 217 Thurston

BODDER, JACOB S., flour jobber 605 Erie, h 208 S Main

Bodle, Byron B., chief clerk Erie freight office, bds 510 Baldwin

Bodle, Jay S., veterinary surgeon, h 501 Baldwin

Bodnek, Francis, brickmaker I. Phillip Weyer, h 713 Oak

Boehlke, William, clerk 50 Penna av, h 803 John

Boerem, Catharine, widow Townsend, h 214 W Henry

Boes, Mary E., domestic Buckbee house

Bogardus, Alice A., dressmaker, bds 400 Union

Bogardus, Almond A., clerk, bds 513 W Second

Bogardus, Calvin J., foreman painter N Y L E & W R R, h 513 W Second

Bogardus, Charles J., clerk 311 E Water, bds 1013 Benton

Bogardus, Eliza A., widow Charles, h 400 E Union

Bogardus, Fred W., fireman E C & N R R, h 765 E Washington av

Bogardus, James H., painter, bds 112 S Main

Bogardus, John C., h r 307 W Clinton

Bogardus, Mary L., housekeeper 400 E Union

Bogardus, William N., engineer E C & N R R, h 1013 Benton


Bogart, Clara J., widow Hoyt M., boarding house 1200 Maxwell av

Bogart, George, carpenter, h 407 Railroad av

Bogart, George W., bar tender 108 Lake, h 100 Fox

Bogart, Harry L., asst ed Star, bds 100 Fox

Bogart, Ida May, bds 100 Fox

Bohlke, August, laborer, h 857 John

Bohlke, Ferdinand, hostler 115 College av, bds do

Boice, Charles M., brakeman D L & W R R, h 702 Carpenter

Bois, Eugene, laborer, Tuttle av n N Y Glue Co

Bois, Harmon, teamster, h 422 Tuttle av

Boland, John, guard Reformatory, bds do

Boland, Mary, cook 235 Lake

Boland, Patrick, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1216 Baldwin

Bolden, John, laborer, h 658 Baldwin

Bolt, Martin S., box maker 209 Gregg, h do

Bolton, Angeline Mrs., h 315 E Church

Bolton, John, operator Postal Tel Cable Co, bds 326 Webber pl

Bolton, John J., telegrapher 116 Baldwin, bds 326 Webber pl

Bolton, John, emp N C R R shop, h 83 Keefe

Bolton, Patrick, laborer, h 326 Webber pl

Bolton, Thomas, cigarmaker, bds 459 E Water

Bomburger, Louis, baker 200 S Main, bds do

Bond, Carrie Z., bds 470 W First

Bond, Washington B., evergreen trimmer, h 470 W First

Bonham, Eloisia M., bds 501 Lake

Bonham, Louie A., employment agency 208 Baldwin, h do

Bonham, Perry T., carpet cleaner 206 Baldwin, bds do

Bonham, Sarah G., widow David H., h 501 Lake

Bonnell, Alice Mrs., laundress, bds 436 Carroll

Bonnett, Lewis, laborer, h 812 Hatch

Bonney, James, engineer Tioga branch, h 409 Walnut

Bonney, Roy, student, bds 409 Walnut

Boone, George B., painter, h 755 Spaulding

Booth, Abigail, pension agent, h 118 Fox

Booth, Elijah S., fireman E F D, h 708 W Gray ab Hoffman

Booth, Henry D., toolmaker, h 915 Davis

BOOTH, HIBBARD W., upholsterer and furniture repairer 121 E Church, h 206 High (See adv)

BOOTH, IRVING D., wholesale hardware 611 and 613 Railroad av also fire commissioner, h 463 W Gray

Booth, Wilfred I., h 463 W Gray

Boothe, William, moulder, bds 703 S Main

Bopp, Rosa, bds 118 W Market

Borck, Albert, J., farmer, bds Luce cor Robinson

Borck, Julius, farmer, h Luce cor Robinson


Borck, Marie, domestic, 115 Madison av

Borcket, Marguerite, domestic, 510 W Clinton

Borckwedde, George H., clerk N Y L & W R R tel office, bds 609 Walnut

Borgonia, John, 834 Canal

Borland, Mary, cook, 235 Lake

Borthwick, Hubert C., clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 868 Magee

Borthwick, Orlando R., watchman, h 868 Magee

Bosard, Jennie, widow John M., h 759 E Second

Bosh, William, foreman net maker Plum & Sheldon, bds 504 1-2 E Church

Bostleman, John C., teacher Elmira College, bds 152 W Fourth

Bosworth, Ada E., bds 432 Balsam

Bosworth, Hattie E., music teacher, bds 432 Balsam

Bosworth, Mary S., artist, bds 432 Balsam

Bosworth, Nathan Rev., pastor Presbyterian church, Carlton, h 432 Balsam

Bothick, Lena M., 870 Magee

Bothick, Orrin H., truckman, h 870 Magee

Botsford, Josiah W., drayman, h 1113 N Elm

Botsford, William, foreman J. Allington & Sons, 7th cor Railroad av, bds Clinton cor Magee

Boughton, Boardman, farmer, w s Penna av bey limits

Boughton, Louis, laborer, h 339 S Broadway

Bouille, Andrew, stonecutter, h 901 E Market

Boutelle, Harriet, room 501 William

Bourgerois, Dolphis, propr The Frenchman's Cafe, 135 W Water h do

Bovier, Archie M., clerk N C freight office, bds 660 N Main

Bovier, Asa P., civil engineer, h 308 Spaulding

Bowder, Joseph, peddler, h 771 John

Bowen, Horace E., student, bds 203 Brand

Bowen, Horace W., carpenter, h 505 Spaulding

BOWEN, S., prop Wyckoff House, 115-123 W Water

Bower, Charles, plumber, bds f 853 Dickinson

Bower, Edwin J., clerk 300 E Water, bds 763 E Second

Bower, Eugene, tobacco sorter, h 78 Penna av


Bower, Frank L., tobacco grower, h Maple av n city limits

BOWER, GEORGE, merchant tailor, 300 E Water, h 763 E Second

Bower, George B., farmer, tobacco grower, h Maple av n E Miller

Bowles, Frederick T., trav salesman, h 629 W Church

Bowers, Kittie, operative, bds 321 W Washington av

Bowles, Susan, widow Solomon, h 381 W Church

Bowes, Peter J., bus porter Rathbun House, h 410 S Magee

Bowman, Adah, laborer, h 957 Sullivan

Bowman, Charles, shoemaker and saloon, h 556 E Clinton

Bowman, Charles A., bookkeeper Chemung Canal bank, h 128 E Chemung pl

Bowman, Charles L., saloon, Water, h 209 W Chemung pl

Bowman, Charles M., conductor N C R R, h 223 Mt Zoar

Bowman, Delia J., widow, bds 209 W Chemung pl

Bowman, Edward, laborer, h 957 Sullivan

Bowman, Emily L., widow Henry, h W 1st n limits

Bowman, Fred A., guard Reformatory, h cor Davis and Brancroft r

Bowman, George H., farmer, bds W First n limits

Bowman, George R., boot and shoe manuf., 201 E Church, h 507 Park pl

Bowman, James C., laborer, bds W First n limits

Bowman, Louis W., h 509 Park pl

Bowman, Nathan, laborer, 5 Jones pl

Bowman, R. A. Mrs., clerk 311 E Water, h 112 Orchard

Bowman, Wallace E., shoe cutter, h 209 W Chemung pl

Bowman, Walter, laborer, bds 268 W Henry

Bowman, William, bookkeeper, h 763 E Fifth

Bowman, William, tanner, h W First n limits

Bowman, William H., clerk Hine cor W Hudson, h 1002 W First

Bowman, William J., brakeman N C R R bds 209 W Chemung pl

Bowne, Frank C., planer, Fifth cor State, h Sullivan cor Jay

Bowne, Mary, widow Isaac, bds Jay cor Sullivan

Boyd, Elizabeth E., bds 609 William

Boyd, James, guard reformatory, bds do

Boyd, Richard L., (George Thomas & Co.) h at Chicago

Boyer, Joseph H., engineer N C R R., h 530 Penna av

Boyer, William D., mechanic, bds William

Boyle, Daniel, clerk 220 E Water, bds do

Boylen, George C., barber 428 1-2 Penna, h 421 Herrick

Boyle, John, cigarmaker, bds 459 E Water

Boyle, Lizzie, domestic 303 N Main

Boyle, Richard F., tailor 504 E Market, h do

Boyle, Stephen, blacksmith 357 E Washington av., bds 807 Lake

Boynton, Charles, butcher, h 305 S Broadway

Boynton, A. H., bds 159 Madison av


Boynton, Sarah, bds 611 Grove

Brace, Charles M., engineer Turner's mill, h W s Grand Central av., n E C & N R R

Bracey, James, student, bds 218 Caldwell av

Bradbury, Daniel, machinist, bds 107 W Second

Braddock, John W., conductor N C R R., h 322 South av

Bradford, Louise M., seamstress, h 304 Washington

Bradford, J. Parsons, contractor, h 207 Caldwell av

Bradford, J. Parsons, clerk, 452 Spaulding, h 456 do

Bradford, Louise M., 304 Washington

Bradford, Edwin W., gardner, h 623 Mt Zoar

Bradford, Ella A., bds 623 Mt Zoar

Bradley, Frank C., brakeman E R R., h 508 College av

Bradley, Fred P., machinist, bds 623 Mt Zoar

Bradley, Mary, h 605 E Second

Bradley, Minnie, domestic 509 Lake

Bradley, William, roller, bds 857 Magee

Bradshaw, Alfred, driver, 713 Sullivan

Bradshaw, Eunice, widow Henry, h 531 Penna av

Bradshaw, Floyd M., machinist, h 531 Penna av

Bradshaw, George, engineer, h 101 E Chemung pl

Bradshaw, John W., laborer Sheeley's tannery, h 764 E Fifth

Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency, 216 E Water

Brady, James E., clerk 205 E Water, h 550 E Water

Brady, Mary A., widow James, h 118 W Hudson

Brady, Mary C., teacher school No. 3, bds 191 W Chemung pl

Brady, William, laborer, h 118 W Hudson

Brady, Peter, laborer, h 101 W Chemung pl

Brady, Rose, milliner 126 S Main, bds 118 W Hudson

Braise, Mary, domestic 308 E Church

Brand, Anthony, farmer, bds 335 Maple av

Brand, George, (J. Brand & Co) (Griswold, Maloney & Co) h 335 Maple av

BRAND, JOHN & CO., (George Brand and Andrew Curtin) importers and packers of leaf tobacco, 50 to 54 Penna av

Brand, John (J. Brand and Co) (F M Howell & Co), h 504 Maple av

Brand, Margaret, widow John, h 335 Maple av

Brand, Sophia, bds 335 Maple av

Brando, Judd S., sashmaker Fitch & Aldrich, h 605 E Second

Brant, Jennie, bds 260 Baldwin

Brant, Luella, dressmaker, bds 111 W Market

Brass, Simeon, peddler, h 156 Orchard

Brasted, John, real estate, 111 E Hudson

Braun, August, (Vollbrecht & Braun) h 306 Orchard

Brazee, Peter, laborer, h 766 S Main

Breathwate, Alice A., warper Elmira woolen mill, bds 704 Oak

Breathwate, Elizabeth, finisher Elmira woolen mill, bds 704 Oak


Breathwate, Jacob, saloon, 704 Oak, h do

Breathwate, Libbie, bds 704 Oak

Breckwidde, Charles P., clerk 116 Lake, bds 650 E Market

Breen, Marguerite, widow Thomas, h 208

Brees, Carrie E., teacher school No. 1, bds 421 E Washington av

Brees, May, student, bds 734 W First

Breese, Ophelia, dressmaker, 508 Main, h do

Breese, Otis C., baggage master Erie depot, bds 734 W First

Breese, Alexander M., carpenter, h 1207 Maxwell av

Breese, Alice M., bookkeeper Barton & Wheadon, bds 421 E Washington av

Breese, Caroline, widow William H., bds 906 East av

Breese, Clifford P., boxmaker, bds 421 E Washington av

Breese, Coral, clerk Blight & Worrall, bds 154 W Fourth

BREESE, DENISON & CO., (Harry W. Breese, Charles M. Dennison, and Walter M. Dennison,) manf of brooms and brushes, 617 Railroad av, (See adv)

Breese, Fletcher, brakeman E C & N R R, bds Blyley house

Breese, Frank M., emp Rawson's Green house, h 734 W First

Breese, Fred A., billing clerk Erie freight office, bds 734 W First

Breese, Fred A., laborer, h 906 East av

Breese, Jessie M., dressmaker, bds 404 Division

Breese, Gillett F., laborer, h 421 E Washington av

Breese, Harry W., (Breese, Dennison & Co,) bds 421 E Washington av

Breese, John E., clerk 301, 303 E Water, h 108 W Chemung pl

Breese, John P., laborer, bds 507 Railroad av

Breese, Lemoyne, h 108 W Chemung pl

Breese, Matilda, widow Thomas, dressmaker h 154 W Fourth

Breese, Mary R., clerk Doolittle W. Water bds 421 E Washington av

Breese, Thadaus W., deliveryman Backer Sullivan, h 604 Beach

Breese, Wallace W., salesman, h 714 Day

Brehaney, Annie, cook Wyckoff house


Breitung, Annie S., domestic 108 E Chemung pl

Breiting, Emil, cabinetmaker h 408 Tompkins

Breitung, Katie, domestic 108 E Chemung bl

Brennan, John, guard Reformatory, bds do

Brennen, William, bar tender 203 E Market, h 369 Railroad av

Brenner, Herman, mason, 1120 N Elm

Bresnan, Daniel, emp Erie car shop, bds 530 Elizabeth

Bresnan, James, emp Hoffman nursery, bds 530 Elizabeth

Bresnan, John, blacksmith, h 530 Elizabeth

Bresnan, John Jr., messenger W T U Co, bds 530 Elizabeth

Bresingham, Honora, widow Timothy, h 525 W Hudson

Bresingham, Kate, cigarmaker, bds 252 W Hudson

Bresingham, Nora, cigarmaker, bds 252 W Hudson

Bretstien, Harris, painter, h r 812 John

Bretstien, Ezekiel, peddler, h r 812 John

Breswick, Amelia J. Mrs., h 308 Washington

Breswick, Jennie, teacher school No. 1, bds 308 Washington

Brew, Frank H., foreman D L & W R R round house h 966 Magee

Brewer, Benjamin F., drug clerk 100 W Water, bds 410 N Main

Brewer, French, drug clerk, bds 410 N Main

Brewer, Harry M., drug clerk, 100 W Water, h 410 N Main

Brewer, Nathan, teamster, h 452 Herrick

Brewer, Lewis M., asst electrician N Y & Pa T & T Co, bds 400 N Main

Brewer, Reuben, laborer, h 422 Tuttle av

Brewer, Susan, widow French, boarding 410 Main

Brewer, Willis, carpenter and builder, h 406 Locust

Brewer, Willis G., teamster, bds 452 Herrick

Brewster, Horace I., h 409 N Main

Brewster, Newton C., penman Elmira Business College, h 116 Fox

Bricker, Charles W., emp J. Richardson & Co, h 373 W Water

Bricker, Fancher H., edge burner, bds 373 W Water

Brickwedde, Charles P., clerk 116 Lake, bds 650 E Market

Brickwedde, Eugene F., bds 650 Lake

Brickwedde, George, operator Erie office bds 609 Walnut

Brickwedde, Joseph J., tinner Barker, Rose & Gray, h 609 Walnut

Brickwedde, Joseph J. Jr., clerk W U Tel Co, bds 609 Walnut

Bridenbecker, Jacob, (Bridenbecker & Meyer,) h 465 Sullivan

BRIDENBECKER & MEYER, (Jacob Bridenbecker and J. J.Meyer,) flour and feed Lake cor William

Bridge Dining Hall, G. F. Webb propr, 2 Main street bridge

Bridgeman, Angelia, widow Louis H., h 615 W Water

Bridgeman, Charles F., salesman Main cor W Water, h 641 do

Bridgeman, Edward P., farmer, h 909 Hoffman

Bridgeman, Ella A., fancy goods, 150 W Water and 104 N Main, h 615 W Water


Bridgeman, Guy W., tinsmith, bds 305 S Main

Bridgeman, Henry S., carpenter, h 305 S Main

Bridgeman, John, farmer, h 909 Hoffman

Bridgeman, Louise M., bds 615 W Water

Bridgewater, Frank E., clerk 326 W Water, bds 357 W Second

Brieckmann, Charles, sash and blinds, bds 120 Horner

Briesler, Frederick E., broom maker, bds 703 Jay

Briester, George F., painter, h 703 Jay

Briggs, Benjamin F., coffee roaster, h 409 E Fourth

Briggs, B. F., nurse, h 409 W Fourth

Briggs, Charles T., wood finisher, h 423 W Third

Bright, Fred, bridge inspector, bds 211 Lormore

Briggs, Hannah R., widow I. P., bds 312 W Water

Briggs, Joseph J., nurse 121 W Chemung pl

BRIGGS, T. A. & CO., malsters and brewers, 121 E Second

Briggs, William G., carpenter, h 237 W Water

Briggs, William G. Mrs., h 237 W Water

Briggs, William J., driver National and American Express company, bds 450 Carroll

Brink, Alfred C., trav salesman, h 514 W Gray

Brink, Andrew R., engineer N C R R, h 508 Jeflerson

Brink, Augusta M., bds 113 Brand

Brink, Charles M., brakeman D L & W R R, 720 Oak

Brink, Elizabeth J., widow James H., bds 753 Spaulding

Brink, Franklin H., carpenter, h 357 E Centre

Brink, F. Harrison, carpenter, h 357 E Centre

BRINK, JEROME W., restaurant and saloon 157 Lake, h do

Brink, J. carpenter, h 238 Mt Zoar

Brink, Mary, A., seamstress and pension agt., h 116 Washington

Brink, Mira A., bds 358 W Water

Brink, Stephen, farmer, h 753 Spaulding

Brink, William, bds 755 Day

Brink, William A., laborer, bds 502 Matthews

Brinkhauft, Jake, car inspector D L & W R R, h Reformatory av n Davis

Brinton, Frank H., bridge inspector, bds 211 Lormore

Brisbois, D., installment dealer, 204 DeWitt, h do

Brison, Stephen, laborer, h 856 E Market

Bristol, Nathan, clerk Erie yard, h 508 John

Britenbaker, F. D., harness maker, h Lincoln

Britenbaker, George F., coal dealer Railroad av, h 409 W Clinton

Britton, Frederick, sign writer, 148 W Water, h do

Brock, Andrew M., brakeman N C R R, bds 158 S Elm

Brock, Thomas, malster Briggs & Co., bds Sherman House

Brockman, Nicholas, laborer, h 754 E Fifth

Brockway, Hugh B., transfer officer Reformatory, bds do


BROCKWAY, JOHN R., grocer also boarding house Bancroft r op Reformatory, h do

BROCKWAY, Z REED, gen supt N Y S Reformatory, h do

Brocious, George, printer, bds 1149 Hoffman

Broder, Honora, widow John, h 418 Walnut

Broderick, Nora, widow John, h 418 Walnut

Brodie, Anna, domestic, 409 W Church

Brodie, Anna F., clerk, bds 417 High

Brodie, Anna, domestic 411 W Church

Brodie, Bridget M. (B. M. and M. E. B.), teacher, bds 419 High

Brodie, B. M. & M. E., grocers, 419 High

Brodie, Elizabeth, laundress Besseys, bds 757 1-2 Harper

Brodie, Emma, cloth inspector Elmira woolen mill, bds 757 1-2 Harper

Brodie, John, carder Elmira woolen mill, bds 757 1-2 Harper

Brodie, Mary, domestic, 957 Lake

Brodie, Mary, widow Patrick, h 757 1-2 Harper

Brodie, Mary, widow Thomas, h 417 High

Brodie, Mary E. (B. M. & M. E. B.), milliner, bds 417 High

Brodman, Frank, puddler, bds 658 E Clinton

Broick, Cornelius H., machinist, h 1007 Pratt

Brokaw, James, student, bds 261 Baldwin

Brokaw, William W., messenger U. S. Express Co., h 555 Grove

Bromberg, Aaron, peddler, h 123 Harriet

Bromley, Charles F., bookkeeper, bds 155 Madison av

Bronson, Mary A., widow Henry L., h 316 W Gray

Brook, Hattie R., h 518 W Gray

Brook, Jennie B., principal No. 4 school, h 518 W Gray

Brook, Margaret, widow John, h 518 W Gray

Brook, William W., telephone expressman, h 315 Hine

Brooker, John, porter Rathbun house, h 355 W. Fifth

Brookman, William A., carpenter, 803 E Water

Brookman, Edwin S., laborer, bds 114 Brand

Brookman, Judith J., widow Samuel M., h 114 Brand

Brookman, Matthias A., brakeman Erie R R., bds 114 Brand

Brooks, Addison H., doormaker, bds 958 Main

Brooks, Amanda S., widow William A., bds 681 W Clinton

Brooks, Ambrose G., brakeman N C R R., bds 370 Baty

Brooks, Andrew, carpenter Fitch & Aldrich, h 802 Oak

Brooks, Eliza, widow Jerome, h 413 Columbia

Brooks, Fred E., 124 W Water, h 274 W Chemung pl

Brooks, Frank H., doormaker, bds 958 Main

Brooks, George, janitor Robinson building, h 515 Clinton pl

Brooks, Harry, clerk E Water, h 413 Columbia

Brooks, Harry, meat carver, h 713 Dickinson


BROOKS, HARRY S., (Telegram company) h 501 E Union

Brooks, Henry, laborer, bds 516 Perry

Brooks, Herbert H., supt., E Market cor Fox, h 738 W Gray

Brooks, Homer, carpenter, h 741 W Church

Brooks, James, packer bds 112 E Water

Brooks, James R., clerk 322 Carroll, h 123 Catharine

Brooks, Margaret, h 7 Jones pl

Brooks, M Allie, bds 681 W Clinton

Brooks, Mrs., 517 Clinton pl

Brooks, Nelson C., carpenter Erie shops, h rear 429 Standish

Brooks, Oscar, emp Sheeley's tannery, h 909 John

Brooks, Phoebe L., widow Henry, bds 310 Lake

Brooks, Porter D., carpenter, h 658 Main

Brooks, Sarah E., dressmaker, bds 373 Thurston

Brooks, Selah, laborer, h 719 Madison av

Brooks, Solon H., carpenter, h 1216 Maxwell av

Brooks, Tracy B., bds 815 College av

Brooks, William T., bookkeeper 163 Lake, h 518 W Gray

Brophy, John (Brophy & MacMahon) h 361 W Church

Brophy & MacMahon (John Brophy and M J MacMahon) clothiers, 101 and 103 E Water

Brophey, Patrick H., h 666 Columbia

Brosnan, Eugene, laborer, h 554 E Third

Brosnan, Eugene jr., printer Telegram, bds 554 E Third

Brosnan, Katie, tailoress, bds 554 E Third

Brougham, Frank Mrs., cook 157 Baldwin

Brown, Aaron J., steward Rathburn house, h 125 W Market

Brown, Adda V., operator tel exchange, bds 311 Davis

Brown, Albert, laborer, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Albert A., brakeman N C R R., bds 370 S Main

Brown, Albert N., carpenter, h r 556 E Clinton

Brown, Andrew J., clerk 102 E Market, h 217 Maple av

Brown, Amanda, widow Oscar Z., h 667 College av

Brown, Anna, domestic 368 W Clinton

Brown, Anna B., widow David B., h 122 E Water

Brown, Anna, domestic 318 W Clinton

Brown, Antoinette M., widow J. L., h 422 W Church

Brown, Arthur G., (A. G. Brown & Co) h 365 W Clinton

Brown, A. G. & Co., (A. G. and M. M. Brown,) manuf chemists

239 W Water

Brown, A. J. Mrs., dressmaker, 125 W Market

Brown, Augusta Mrs., bds Esty n Robinson

Brown, Benjamin F., oil merchant, h 365 W Fourth

Brown, C. Edgar, livery stables Railroad av, h 417 Madison av

Brown, Charles, machinist, h 211 W Water


Brown, Charles F., clerk 700 E Oak cor Fifth bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Charles G., emp Armstrong's Tobacco shop bds 125 Judson

Brown, Charles H., barber 373 Railroad av, h 501 Madison av

Brown, Charles J., engineer, h 131 W Market

Brown, Charles M. Rev., h 380 W Fifth

Brown, Charles R., machinist, 211 W Miller

Brown, Charles W., carpenter, h 256 South av

BROWN, CHARLES W. M., physician and surgeon, office hours 1 to 3 and 6:30 to 8 p.m. 311 Baldwin, h do

Brown, Clarence M., laborer, h 957 E Clinton

Brown, Clara E., widow Joseph, Home for Aged

Brown, Cora M., teacher school No. 4, bds 555 E Church

Brown, DeWitt C., cigarmaker, janitor Masonic temple, h 555 E Water

Brown, Edward, roller, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Edward J., laborer, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Edward, rooms Fire Dept

Brown, Elizabeth Mrs., h 311 Davis

Brown, Elizabeth B., widow William A, h 1213 Hall

Brown, E. S., clerk bds 212 W Gray

Brown, Frank E., carpenter, h 404 Pine

Brown, Franklin G., harness maker 204 E Water, h r 309 W Clinton

Brown, Fred, clerk, bds 956 Lake

Brown, Gardner, engineer 334 E Water, h 306 DeWitt

Brown, George, laborer, h 653 Dickinson

Brown, George, carpenter, h 804 W Church

Brown, Guy P., butcher, h 407 DeWitt

Brown, Guy P. jr., clerk, bds 407 DeWitt

Brown, Gilbert C., shoemaker, bds 311 Davis

Brown, Harriet M., student, bds 217 Maple av

Brown, Hattie L., bookkeeper, bds 312 College av

Brown, Harry C., plumber, bds 217 Maple av

Brown, Henry, net maker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Henry, farmer, h 601 West Hill

Brown, Herman U., laborer, h 914 Benton

Brown, Horaee H., mason, h 162 Orchard

Brown, Ida A., clerk 142 W Water, bds 122 E Water

Brown, Isaac, clerk, h 52 Harmon

Brown, Isora, widow Theodore, h 125 Judson

Brown, Jacob, yardman Delevan house, bds do

Brown, Jabob C., carpenter, 204 High, h do

Brown, James, moulder, bds E Miller n Spaulding

Brown, James, laborer, h 716 Baldwin

Brown, James T., switchman D L & W R R h 805 Madison av

Brown, Jane M., widow William, bds 414 1-2 W Second